The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1950
Page 17
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THDHflDAT. TTTT,T W. W (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams CAT WEWT OUT HB TRieP TO HEAP nee TO TAKE A SHORT CUT IN ATUMUeL AIN'T SGIN' A Our Boord ing House with Moj. Hopple MEAN/EMS.'DOTMeseotDEARS <5LftDSTOME-S WORDS ARl^T STEAL le'ASflrJS ME IW THe'LORCHr I^JHo ^, i, rivesa. HME LftV 'SHED UPOMTHeM, RlVlERA^^y, OCeftHS OF klWDLY CITY/ CAWT 1 - TAKG MA30R.' _ "A UTTL& BIRD TOLD ME.' Political Announcement The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8. j^ FOR COUNT? JUDGE ^E^ RoUnd Green f Ok STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. H AUtry Re-election Post No. 2 John ,l Cowan Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A, Banks post NO 2 E, C. "Gene" Fleeman (For re-election Post No. *) W. R Wells Tor State Senator W R Nicholson J. Lee Bearden SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR Osee Nunnally William Berryman 15%OFF On Your (joleman FLOOR FURNACE ,You install It Before July 31st H Nowl Sov« money, be ready for winter before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat See A Demonstration Today Chas. S. Lemons Furniture Here's One Way To Save Money Expert Service Hfl LT€ QUPLITY SHOC SHO 121 W. M a I N ST. SAVE NOW On Used Cars & Trucks SPECIAL 1949 Shirietwker Land Cruiser t>emonstr.itor, very low mile- ape, radio, healer, overdrive, white side wall tires, nylon ap- holsl^ry . . Bermuda Green $1795 Copyright 1950 A NOTHER envelope was in my key rack »t Ihe Shelby Square, the apartment house honored by my residence. It I was 12 noon on the dot as 1 crossed (lie apartment foyer, trying to decide if the envelope was like the others.. it was. Miss Crofl, who was on duly at the desk, reached for tile envelope and placed it he- fore me. "Well, Mr. Corbclt! This is getting to be quite a hnbit, your coming home at noon for your mail! Must be very special mail—from a very special girlJ" Miss Croft tittered. At 47 she was still wailing for the right man, .and the bubbling radio beneath ithe desk emitted a daily diet of ;soap opera goo. She tittered again '•as I leered and even tried to blush 'as I picked up 'the envelope. I carried it to the elevator and rode upstairs. Not until I was inside my apartment did I open the envelope. I (did so with trembling fingers. I ; trembled not because I was ; swain in love but because 1 was a '.very much worried guy. The contents of the envelope slipped from :iny nervous fingers and fell to the .carpet. I stared down at the crisp .new $1000 bill | I picked it up and felt of it. It was genuine, like the other three that had come on the three preceding days. I removed my bill•fold, took out the three bills anc placed the fourth with them. Four grand. It was the first time in rny life I had ever had that much money in my possession. Note that I'm not saying it was the first time in my life I ever hat that much money. I didn't feel that this was my money. I had no idea whence it had come. I knew no more about why it had been mailed to me. That's what was giving me the jitters. The first bill bad been In the only envelop* in my mail pigeonhole downstairs four days ago. I 1 had come home late in the evening l and found the envelope awaiting me. I had been a little curious about It from the start, tor ordinarily my mail is addressed In care of the state attorney general's office. The mail .service is quicker there and more frequent 1 had opened the letler at once and pulled the first tlCOO bil) right out. I had quickly thrust it back, looked to see if the clerk on the job had observed it. But the clerk was absorbed in a book. 1 had taken the contents up to my apartment and examined it with fear ; and trepidation. I The envelope had been carefully scaled so that the bil) could not be worked out with a needle. There nad been no note with It, no explanation as to why the anonymous donor had senl it to me. But I had feared the worst. • • • AS chief investigator in the office of the state attorney general 1 nad been offered many > bribe in the few years Perhaps the late Oscar Wilde was correct in NEA Service, Inc Nol until I was in my aparlmenl did I open the envelope. ... I .stared it a crisp new $1B04 bilL 1950 Dodge '/ z -Ton I'ickup . . .only 7,700 actual miles, like new. . .$1195. in 19 Chevrolet Vi-Ton Pickup. . .an exceptionally clean truck. ..§305. 1919 Sludebaker Vz-Ton I'ickup. . .very low mileage, like new . .§1095. 19.'!S Ford '/j-Ton Pickup.. 8,000 miles on new motor, a good truck. . .$295. 1938 International V 2 -Ton I'ickup. . .has lots of good miles yet.. .§195. AND MANY MORE! Chamblin Sales Co. "Toar Friend)} Stxtetuker Dealer 1 * R.R. & Ash I'hone 6H88 to receive before I learned the nature oC the sine qua 11011 expected of me? I had already nicked my brain urc trying to guess who the anony- for mous donor could he. Several routine mutters wore hanging fire in the office, and a fn\v of them might be OL enough importance to make such bribery worthwhile. As chief investigator J was in a position to splash a lot o£ whitewash... My boss, the Hon. Hurlon H, Keever, trusted me farther than ic would admit to himself. Many j limes he had gambled his career on my judgment and upon my reports. If I gave a clean bill of health to someone under investigation, Keever accepted my report as final. Such a case had happened during the past week. Keever had considered criminal prosecution of a bankrupt accident insurance company president named McGregor, but my report had caused him to abandon all thought of prosecution. • • * r PHE only conceivable answer to the riddle of the four $1000 bills was that someone wanted me to return another clean bill of health. Whoever that someone was, he could not stand investigation. Ho knew that investigation was inevitable, and he was anticipating it with a bribe. Perhaps the morrow would bring another installment. Of course one way out would have been to go directly to my boss upon receipt of the first $1000 bill and to have gone to him with e.Tch succeeding installment. That was the obvious, the ingenuous course But, in my years of working as investigator for the Hon. Burton H. Keever 1 had grown wary of the obvious and ingenuous. I doubt that KCCVCT Is diflcrcni away by the sand-blast of K«- COfH. t»W BY NTA MRYICC H»C- T M. «G. O. S. fAT- Off. Steady, New WORMS HAVE EATtN THEM--/ —RUT T OKAY. L ADMIT T .' I TELL FOR SHEILA AMD HE PIAYEO FOR A ASAIW ! £M CHUMP/ \ CURED! "My wife says I'm lucky I stayed home—no place in Europa to buy • fresh peach sundae like Tom Perkins serves at hi* drugstore!" CURES U5VE.1 APE ABOUT f& REUABUE THose toQ The §\ Pii^lft^" 0 "^ [>KISCII.l,A'S I'OI- Slop Kighl There BY AL VEUMEER ver's ambition. It was true that 1 could not figure out how he could crucify me a clean brenst of the mutter of the $1000 bills. But I was taking no chances. I had been rudely awakened many times before;-! had drunk many a bitter cup of naivete. The thing to do was to get the thing under control, learn all the angles before I unburdened my soul to Keever. I thnist the four bills into mj billfold, went to the writing desk and placed the envelope with the first three which 1 had received. I had checked those three envelopes for fingerprints, found onl.v smudges probably left by postal employes and Miss Croft The envelopes had been postmarked at Capital City at an early hour In the morning. They had all been addressed on a typewriter. I was certain that they had been addressed to my apartment house because the sender had feared that they might be inadvertently opened in front of curious eyes if they had been directed to the attorney general's office. That (ad indicated either that the sender knew thr office staff very well or was merel> guided by a general cynicism. AT any rate I was glnd that I had been given no chance to pull that firs: $1000 bill from its envelop in plain sight of the office help. • • • TT wns agonizing not to b« able to guess who the sender was. j could not even guess the sender^ motive. I couldn't imagine anyonr haling m* enough to spend that kind of money to frame me, but I did wonder if some of Keever'i big-time enemies sought to ruin him through disgracing tne as the recipient of bribes. Perhaps the sender had a purely selfish motive and expected some LAST IVE FOUND WAV TO BUY THAT OUTBOARD MOTOR YOU'VE ALWAYS-WANTED! I CAN JUST ME SKIMMING OVER THE LAKE SUMMER PIRST, WE'LL HAVE TO GIVE UP OUR VACATION jjyo nr KEA SERVICC. VIC FLINT 1VE GOT FOUR SHOTS IEFT, MR. FLINT. TOK VOU — AND New Arrivals &eartwhile... RY MICHAEL O'iMAl.LKY and HALPH LAN! Wt MADE IT HEBE FROM IHE BAILBOAD STATION IN NO TIMS FIAT, BOBBY BUT WE MIGHT BE TOO IATE. :THE PIACE is LIKE A TOMB. LOOK, HEBE COMSS \ JED BREW5TSR.' OH, S ALEC, HE'S HUKT / ') •mr"" r ~ CAPTAIN KASY A Call for Help 15 Y I.KSLIE TURN EH BUGS I1UNNY . , — --—... uni^i uitii, m: ut uiiiy H nine saying that conscience is the trade more callous and a considerable name for cowardice, but. whatever more ambitious His political am- he reason for my purity of heart bil.ons are lofty lie rose from the the fact was thai I had never ac- ofllce of the district attorney ol centcd such bribe, as were ol- Capllal County to his present po- (cred me Perhaps 1 had never I silion as attorney general, and his been offered enough. en oiicrea enough. next Immediate goal Is the gov- But this matter of the Tour »1000 ernoi-s mansion. But he listen* bills was something new In my experience I suspected lhat the would-be briber was • shrewd psychologist who appreciated how difficult II is for any one to pan with » substantial sum once It has come Into his possession The feel ot the four bills In my hand convinced me thai losing a tooth would be less painful than parting with them. How lonB was Ihtp to go on? How many more $1000 bills was 1 from other men; he is only a trine , service from me after all. It thai was the case, sooner or later hp would conlart me. But that would not happen until the advance payment had bceo fully remitted. I had a hunch that there would b* just one more $1000 bUL Th»l would make an even five grand, i respectable retainer even to a fed- cral judge. t left my apartment and went downstairs. Miss Crofl slopped rm with: -There was a call (or yot this morning. About 10. I think I meant to tell you before." She leered knowingly. "You donl know who n was?" Miss Croft smirked. "Sh« didn't s-iy It didn't sound Hk« any o< the girls who havt called you la Hie pasl " seriously ir some fawning political hack assures him that his ultimate goal is an Imposing residence painted entirely in white. Such a man turns Ihe most casual occurrence to his advantage. He Is an opportunist capable of seeing thousands ol votes in an Incident a less Machiavellian man would Ignore. Working constantly for such a character I nad become cautious Any ingenuousness I nad ever possessed had been eroded FOR SALE Concrete evlverts. 12 Inch to i& Inch, plain *t reentorctd Alto Concrete nalldtng Rlork* cheaper than lambei tot barus chlrfcen hOBsea. pnrap h«»v* tenant houses fc*wt) shfd* Wt dcLlrer Call •» (*r free fttliute. OSCEOLA TILE & CUIVCRT CO [LCANS CARS, TRUCKS - Real Kst.ltD & Fiji [United Insurance Agency A. P. (Dee) Dietrich, Mirr. |l>l * Main—Rear Citj nrmt Rlythrvllle Ark FARM LOANS Unlimited Funds— Attractive Terms A Complete Mortgag* Servk* UNITED SERVICE & RESEARCH, INC. 81 Madlx>n RM(., Mtmphl», TenneiM* flKORGr. O. VATKS Key niytheTUIe, Arkanu* KEEP GOIHG SMLOEl Wg DOHT NEED HE AWVWAV' FASTER ill. SHOOT vou BOTH! NOW ST&E.T PULLING... I'M READY BAC< HERE ! SPIN,THEN TAKB HOLD IW THE SAMP. AS THE CftfcS MOKE FORWARD, SAINIUS SPEED,,,, .lust ii Little Snip WHAT'S TH' IDEA // Rt 01= P-PCJTTIN' r^ 60 tHAT S-SIGN ) \ VA SOME X ON MY ^ \ oouew/ / HOUSE ? ALI.KY OOP Later On—Maybe BY V. T. HAMLIN ._- T \ T HE ELEMENTS TOO, ACE ^ ^.NSCT SUMMER .YE5,I X AGAJNST y<Ju..A.NO /THEN THE \ PrZHARf IN =f VHA.T \ THE TEIZKMN is /TACTICS OF \ A MEASUE NOW.' ,/ UNSUITED TO CAESAK SHALL) BUT NOT VCUR. TYPE OF AGGRESSION.' HOOTS AND IIKR HOODIES Wonderful HY EDGAR MARTIN , woo - 6O COtAt oft' ? VVL 9\CW \\ v .\:M ORWvM bO ?ORTH AO ^f\CVK ONV. OCR

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