The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 11, 1947 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1947
Page 7
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MALVERN, IOWA. SEPTEM R pp „ 1947 hM - °' Rri " n a< their ruests Snndav their rhil — - «•"* **my A gronp of Reformed chnrrh t . ~, members met at the horn, of Mr Al, ar . nT , h "" day «'««»"oon the Wllllnc Worker,! n/cS SuVa 150 many thlnw ° f " * r "plans for expansion and is expect -t™£,nr^h^[v h s Ev* •- - Sent ie ~. o.o/i _ De nplf l for the coming year- Mr?. Bill O'Brien Mr. and Mrs, Youis* O'P.rll^' Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Moles, Mr. and Mrs. Gpore* fJntsrhen- n?tor and nephew. Ffaymond Ma- hf-r. and Mr. and Mr*. \. E Cntschf-nriuer went to Ewx Sunday to attend the funeral of -"'•s. Victor Bergston. O. J. HiRKlns who was In Oma„*. ov y last w «k end on busi- down and spent Sun- PAGE SEVEN committee - " - ... in. HI lr f Mrs. Nettie Septka. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moles Owen* \fr= n - ». -. r-ntertained Mr. and Mrs. Ever! "fir,"laieh.f "I, 5 !" 1 "' ' Mrs ' HtMo,c 8 and daughter Monv aof Gutschenrme" "" *'"' L " E ' ,,,,. , Tiueison is Mra. OHrfen's B.ster and will b« r* m "~ l "-ed hr ' r * as Marceiia Ken- former resident. Mr. aTid 1 ———«^—«D^..__ Mnrlr AVIIIInms Kntort«|n«i 4-H Frirndi Ml?.. Rose .Mario Williams rn- frtalned a K ro U p of 4-ff friPrM.s at a party at her home last Wednesday even in p. Runro was the evenine's diversion after whlrh refreshments *'""- " erVPd ETAOIN KS ES ES aner sr Mrs. Carmalita Collins and Aler ,,i n hen * ndoah have gone on a HE. Your Hair «*> s.V , nMr , and Mrs. Everett Moles ,1,, ^ r Monya who h «d re- eft here for their home in . Conn., a little over a ago. were called back bf the death of her mother. Mr? Victor Henrston. who resides four miles east of Imogene. She died Ian Thursday at Mnrphv Memorial hospital in Red Oel ahe suffered from diabetes and passed into a coma Mr and Mrs. Moles will leave Tuesday for their home as he Is 0 student in Union Seminary in "" York City. will be headed for fall SUCCCS3 when treated by us. Phone 3661. ^ j \ Freshman Initiation at Fnrrafftit Friday Friday was initiation day for the freshmen in the Farragut Consolidated school and several from here were among the can- •N'eb.. have been ,,^,.- , lsulng ni , mother. Mrs. Wright, and his brother. Mr. and Mrs. Hap n right. Terry, infant «on of Mr. and -Mrs. W. E. Kammerer, has been very ill f or the past week with Kland trouble. He is in the Hand hospital and his mother Is with him. Saturday he underwent an operation in hope of relief latest reports are that he is improving. Elmer Kammerer has gone to Julesburg, Colo., to build a house for his nephew, son of Mrs. Mary "uston, formerly of here, who lost his home in a cyclone that struck then!; several weeks ago Mrs. Ben Maher B pent last Thursday and Friday In Omaha the guest of Mrs. Ida Cassel Mr. and Mrs. Bin Daly of bhenandoah spent Sunday here with her mother, Mrs. Hiram Septka. , • ~.. inrvfHIln iomonade were served to the following guests: James Kfllev Honald and Verilee Brucp. Kir-hard anrt Jovce M]f]y HaRtlnK<) . Richard Blackburn. Carlos Ifarril *on Clifford Cheney and Darreli Frederlckson, Tabor; Velma and Eva Chamberlain. Malvern; Rlrhard Harold. Glenwoort; Loran and Betty noyer. Catherine Sker- rltt. Harold Skerritt. Frances Mlpson. Robert Sr-hoening. Rober and Bonnie Kruse. Sheldon \\illiams. Mr. and Mrs Vinson (,oo*. the hostess and her parents. Mr. anf , Mrs „ Hams. .Mrs. Edith Williams of Sacra m-nto. Cal.. and Mr*. H»nrv 1 lumer of riluffs wen- visitors in tho Harold William* homr this week. Mr. and Mr*, fluy C tl ste r were dinner cue<=is at the home of Mr and Mrs. Hans Schornlng in < ouni-il H luffs Sunday. Mrs. (JPorco Hf-w ',-ind sister •Mrs. Olive Wi«e. O f Clenwno,! were called to Eiieene Ore Monday by the serious illness of their si>te r .in-law-. Mrs. Frank Alexander. Teachers going elsewhere for their teachine positions include- Mrs. Christa Hendrix. Earlv; Miss PhvllU Turner. Exira; Mis, Marjorie Hurgoln I),-s Molnes- Miss Ona Mc.Vny. Mineolk- MrV Turner. Kxrrlsh.r S( . noo ,. Miss Ruth Adams. I'rairie Vallerand Miss Ileno Williams. Eureka •No. 2 school. Mr an.I Mrs. n. F S<h«"l Mr •'"id Mrs Allr,, s.hor). M r and Mrs. r K .„„.„ art and Mr ^ Mrs Cliff s;..« ar t attended the .NV-hraska stat- fair Inst \Vodne«- d a \ A Bon was born to Mr. and Mrs-, rjl.-nn R.thertson at the Ed- miindson hospital in Council flluffs last Wednesday N'-il Clay arrived last Thursday In Omaha by plane from Red fluff. Cal.. and Is ,-.t the home ,,f his parents. Mr. and Mrs Wilev Clay. I>r. and Mrs. C. o. Johnson attended the Carr and Harlr-s family picnic Sunday at fiU-n wood. Arthur Hendrlx of s an Dieco Cat , son of Mr. and Mrs J R' Hemlrlx of silver city, a marine corps veteran of 21 years servim. has been chosen as a military escort for returning war dead. Notice of Expiration for <'oit)lnK Vfar The Loyal Lassies held their <-H meeting last Thursday eve- nlng at the home of Irene Maddocks. The president. Bonnie Mr. and Mr.s. R. }.. ( ; al , am , grandchildren, ni|| v and Sa ,, v Sue Gait, Mr. and Mrs. Rew n,ir- K<'in and Margerite and J If Kruse attended a bankers picnic nt Waubonie park last Thursday __„„_. .. ---around their necks were band Mr ••«! *«i . . found he had . His Bister and bus- Malvern Beauty Shop Ph. 3661 .. . Malvern bare i the bee and was severely She Is out of school and Mrs. der with six members and the leader present at 8:30. Roll call was answered by "Mv Favorite Subject In School." ' " Uorltc An award was made to Charlene Bryant for perfect attendance at all the meetigns held this >ear and to "--- • Following the summer vacation el,?. fir n,T etlnK ° f tlle w "<nan' B club will be held at the home of Airs. \eda Myers Tuesday -n^i" ' '" J wf I ^ *•'/,/ v, I^ucretla, little daughter of Mr and Mrs. Bernard Pardee, wh« has been with her parents in California on a vacation, enrolled In the public school Monday. She Is In second grade, taught by Mrs Anson Williamson. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Gutsche»- rittfir and his mother, Mrs. Mary Gutschenritter, drove to Nebraska City last Thursday to see Mr and Mrs. Jeremiah Maher and become acquainted with the new granddaughter and niece. A son weighing seven pounds, 13 ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ludlngton of near Climax last Thursday in Municipal hospital at Clarlnda. This is their first child and he will an- C. R. I'arUee, In and his sister, Mrs. Sacramento, Cal. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Struble and family o" spent was coming year: president, "char- lene Bryant; vice president, Lois Ske'rH ; 8eCretary> C a t h e r In e Ron- ' ranees Clip- Boyer. and Mrs. s imlly and Mr. and Mrs Hoyd Derby and family of Red Oak were Sunday visitors in the i- J. Prnzier and Roy Derby homes. Walter Johnson of fnl., Is visiting nt the his brother and sister-in-law Dr and Mrs. C. O. Johnson. HP is enroutp to his homo after visit ing relatives at Minneapolis Minn., and Ames. TO. f. T. and E. V. Smith; John Hunter and Minnio Hunter Parties j,, possession: and Hoard of Social Welfare of the Stat" of Iowa. YOr ARE HKRKHY NOTIFIED that the following described real estate, situated ) n Mills County. Iowa, to-wit: Lot No. ,113 in the Original Town of Emerson, Iowa, was sold for taxes of 1941, 1942 1943, 1944. and 1945, ou the- spc- Edd Moore, and that the right of redemption will expire, and a Treasurer's Deed for said land will be made, unless redemption from such sale bo made within ninety days from tho date of completed servicp of this notice Bussard and family. n. H. Butcher, Estel Bussard and Murtin Anderson went on a fishing and pleasure trip to Fullerton, Net,., i a8 t Thursday. They returned home Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Virg Bolton and •Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johnson and three children of Bowling Oreen, Ky., and Kelly Bolton of Afton spent last Wednesday here the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Musterman. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mitchell of Burlington and Mrs. Homer Hockman of Ft. Wayne, Ind., who ""•"- to Omaha to see their fath- '. W. Mitchell, who is a pa- — ,....,,,, lur mystery - ». A delicious lunch was served by the hostess and her mother 'was decided that the next : s the evening of Oct. 15. Mr and Mrs. Dale Halnes of Hastings, accompanied by his mother. Mrs. D. Haines, and sis'- ter, Mrs Mary Conger, returned HniJ By a trip to the Dlack Bert Bada of Eugene, Ore., is visiting relatives and friends nJ Wl \f n '! Mrs ' Harol <l Williams, fh. wim' e a " d Shcldon att ^ded the Williams reunion Aug 31 f. el S.S.S? nalph Wllson ho - Mr. and J great grandmother. Mrs. Lading" IS IT YOUR RING? On farm telephone lines, you can't be surt the call is for you unless you wait until you hear the complete ring. If you answer before the ring is completed, you may interrupt it so that th* call, meant for some one else, doesn't get through. Farm lin* service is best when all on Hie line share ft thoughtfully. NORTHWISTEIN I ILL TILEPHONI COMMNY r " " M Mr " Mrs - Don Holland of three miles east of here last Wednesday It caught fire from a pile aarta: - as Walker Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Addy Jr arrived Sunday from a weeks vacation spent in Chicago and Indiana. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jordan are the parents of a boy born In Mercy hospital at Council Bluffs Friday. He will answer to the name Joseph Matthew. They have two other children, Eddie and Frank, who are staying with their grandparents. Mr. and Mrs E P Laughlin, while their mother is in the hospital. Emmett Moles is putting a new cement floor in the warhouse that is to be used by his nephew Lawrence Collins, for a garage' * * ORDER YOUR " Certified " CLINTON Seed Oats NOW i^^__^___^^_ . ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^•^^^^^^•^WBBIBBBBBI Supplies Limited o« Early Orders ... ^^riHs^ A j^^E^k. •• .^^ ^MiWI \3HTWiW \iOi .'eldon Wallace and children were visiting relatives and friends in Silver City Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Winchester and boys and Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Bowen visited in the Marvin Bowen home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Noel Bowen left Tuesday for a business trip through Uta, Colorado, Texas fsew Mexico and Oklahoma. They will return soon. Jennie Winchester is on the sick list with a cold and throat trouble. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Marsden were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Marsden. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Marsden were dinner guests in the Lester Marsden home Sunday. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hicks and family. The young married people had a party Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Woods and Mr and Mrs. Terry served. Mr. and Mrs t-arl Rutledge entertained Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Williams and family returned from California last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. George Jones and family and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hicks and family attended the Nebraska state fuir last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Marsden and lauuiy visited, in the I. W. Castor home Monday evening. Karen Johnson, Don Terry and his mother went to the Nebraska state fair Friday. Mr. and Mrs. John SeifurU and children visited Mr. aiui Mrs LouU- UramiueU'r Suudav .we- uiug. Kareu Johnson sueut Suuilav evening with her mother. •Mr. uuj Mis Ctti-1 Muuktni of \huuwwu vlsiu-a Mr. uuu Mrs. lAtuU* Urttmiui'k'r lust vvtnik •Mr. uuU Mi'a. Ktiu wvu» «uvsts MouUtt\ Mr. aua Mm. t,. K. and Mrs. A. P. Jones ™> Ance , «"H ,vl., and ., Mrs : Cliff s 'ewart sup- lawn. chicken wit-Tan' tSTlrlmaSlS Pinocle! 1 ' 118 W8S BP6nt I>ia >-' n S i- M i so^am^ --S etT^r^rs r- Josephine Meyer anVsrS W?i ., S Were guests last Wednesday and Thursday of Miss Alice Burgoin at the home of her goin em Th Mr ' aDd MrS " Jam " Bur! Tom Ester's laT din 8 fn"^ 16 York. ' lo " to New £;Hr '"-- -= Mr. and Mrs. Iva Bridges of £r er /, Mo " we ^e guestss? °' week with >»mses ot ts several with Mrs. *i e, Mr. j|. An Electric Blanket Will keep you warm Enjoy comfortable, relaxing warmth under a General Electric automatic blanket or a \\estinghouse electric comforter. Safe and reliable. Easy to clean. Will last a lifetime. Buy yours, at your dealer's, or at our store Or ask any employee for complete informal tion about prices and easy terms now available. Get the facts. Sleep better flext Win- IOWA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY MeJvern, Iowa "Electricity U Cheap in Malvern" SHOW and DANCE Hastings Community Building Frida, Si H.HU pt. 12 • :ainers STARTS *iOO P. M. ADMISSION Me . -- ' .I'

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