The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 25, 1937
Page 2
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PA<3fc TWO 6LYTI&V1LLE, (ARK) COURifeR NEWS JJIOK'D.AY, JANUARY 2(5;; 1937 FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia — y e* uu scRYKf, inc. -, T. M. ntc. y, s. PAT. err.. Social Calendar TUESDAY S EVENTS Mrs W , r Higginson having Yoling Matron? Bridge club Intcrnienlate G A meeting First Baptist church, 4pm Junior O A meeting First Baptist church, •! j> m, Mrs M A Isiacs having lues day Bridge club WBUNPhDAYS EVENTS Yarbro Missionary toclctj incet- ine ulth Mrs Don Holmnn Mra C A Punnlnghnm having Wedncsdav Bridge, club Sunbeams meeting Fv:,t Baptist church 4pm Church Night, nrst Baptist church 7pm Business meeting Woman's club 2 30 P M at home Mrs E F Blomcxer, followed bj piogiam of Utcrvo denarlmcul iTHURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs Ross D, Hughes having Thursday Luncheon club Presidents Ball, cltj auditorium Mrs A B Fuirfteld entertaining Mid-Week Bridge club, Mrs F B Jo^ier having TMurs An Contract club Mrs Lay Welch having Thurs- dav Bridge club Town and Countrv Biidgc club meeting with Mrs Junes B Clail. Bids and Makes Grand Slam Despite Repealed Sign-Ofis Bj WM ^ MeKhNM-i Secretary, Aincriean Ilrldgc league S Gallon Churchijl of Brooklyn is 'recognized by tournament bridge plajcrs not only as a veij fine player but as one ol the few who Invs done original research work in bridge, , His man) friends will be &*•& to learn that with Di B rtrgu- Dancing l*ariy Ftfts gills. and bojs vveie guests ot Beth Brboks Isaacs and Saia Lou McCufchcn for a dancing puts Friday nighl, in their ait null celebntion Sira Lou x and Betty Brooks ha\e theli bhlhdajs in Januaij and rebiuarj and so they hiVe i birthdttj pnrtv eabh jeai la between the^c dites Tills time it was in honor of their entering the 'teen age The affair was at the club where the large open flip in the ball room made a coloiful setting foi the bo\s urd girls Sandwiches and cold drinks were seiv- ed ^ Betty Brooks received with Hoi old Rosenlhal and her p-ucnts Mr -uid ilrs, M A Isaacs and Sara Lou with her pirenls iti pud M\s ,O W McCutchen, and Llovd Honhan * C » CU,b His Guests Mre George R ^Calhmm of Nashville Tcnn, guest of Mi and Mr Russell Phillios" Mrs W A Aflllck, Mrs Hairj Klrbj and Mrs C A Cunningham v\cie en i*-rtained by Mi's Everett 'B Gee when she had the Thursday Luncheon £lub Inithe bridge ramcs wliich fol lowed iuncl) Mrs Bjion Moise Lnd Mrs Cilhoun won prices ¥A87C » 0 5 3 + A K ti Duplicate—F ^ .South '.+ 1N.T. 3N 'i •I* Wesl, Pa*s 1'ais Pass Pass Priss 7 1 nine lead— 1 Norlli 1 » J » •I * Mil .East Pats 1'lSb Pass I'JSS Pass 25 sou ho has written the fiisl book on duplicate strateg> and tactics Contract Bidding Tactics al Matcl Point Play v Ihe book with a brief lisnllse on the underlj ing bidding prlnci plus, Is devoted fQ i large mimlio: of interesting hands lilkcii fion duplicate and accompanied , bj Churchill's clever unnljscii Todays hand ^K onc_ In «hlcl mo'tern bidding methods are lal strikliiiily illustrated,. Fittingly ii vas played by Hie co-authors of th? vork In a championship'event,' ,As clmrrfiill expounds bidding, nny wilt over suit bid is forclns Irunip is a limit' 01 'red fla" >ld warning ot danger and this- vho know Ohuich 1 will dpprccl- atc the keen ]il°i5ure he got out oj jutting )ils" partner, who sat South >h the hot scat with.his.scries bl forcing Mi*" nfWr that pirtner hat opened on a hnnd ilch In hlgl cards, but having littls'else lo. recommend it, Ihc opening bid is illuslnlive ol the great-change In hiddtng meth. ocls. A few years ago It would havi been op ned bj most piaycis n no trump, with here'and .there'ft daring choice of a heat oil a nbn WddaWc suit. Bul todnj most of Ihc expert would bid a club, with the'Soul holding. e/Aii many of them, Ilk Clnirchil! and Fcrgiisoh, .wp'uli have reached tlie'laydowii grani slnin. lochv s Contract 1'rolilem Smitti (i"- 1 "' 1 II|L b'd'lini; vvilli I)IK di invoiid UK' v\hu» Noilli Kiiicin led willi one no linmp he bid lliriL cliimoilds Should Noith 110^ show Ins \M. ik he lit 5inl i llsi thr di i nioiulb 01 lln. no tuiinp hid' ' NOKTir *') I V Q J r > I I * 1004 • * Q 4 I ,CU Mil 1 -Solution iti next isbiic 25 Bits of News Mostly Peisonal Mis Wilbm Stevvait, of H-vytl, 11 lived yciteiday foi » Mslt with Mr and Mrs C Mfwls Walson Mrs. C. F. Tucker Is vislllng datives in Memphis foi sevcia days j Mis George Catnej, who has been 111 for more'than a week/-la nbvv better. Mrs. Richard Dicklnsoiv and fain 111, of Dyesi aro guesU of Ml snd Mrs. V. E. Hammock. Mrs. U. L. Nichols and leis Dorolhy and Doris of Kclscsi aril\ed Saturday for a visit will Mr and Mrs Hany Weldmin Mrs E L Hnnlci of Dysss, 1 Ihc'. guest of her daughter, Mts Dixie Crawford, and family, Mr and Mrs L L Wird -Jnd fcon, Lloyd left Saturday for loit M)crs anil othei points of Florida for ft two months st*\> Because of the floo<! they went by train att<!' shipped their'car. Pat O'Bryaiit has.recovered froin several days illness.from Induc'ife. Gcoige Moore of Memphis spent yesterday here He formerly lived in this .city. Mis Marvin Nunn and dnugh ing to hate to wait for hei sliaio of Imnro'cd roads? It W KYLE Cottonwool! -Point, Mo. Inoininu at tho Blvlhoville hbs.- pllal lo Ml and Mis 0. 'Havlb Wnfcou The babj, who weigh 1 !) eight pounds, lins jbccn named Baitpra ' \\lll be v calle<l Ljnu Befcie hei muiiiftge Mis Wat s on was Miss Doiolhv Don hi Breaks Ankle in Fail Club Meets Mis George M; Lee had the Town ind Countrj Biidgc club Tlmrsdas when Mrs C G Redman and Mis W M Stnnton vveie guests Mrs. James'Hill won first honor and Mrs C C Langston second high. A (nut sJlnd course was sencd IHcrvrj Dcpaitmcnl lo Ha\eSludj Book Kcvicws Members ot the litcrars department of thfc Woman s club are Binctjing How to Give Book Re \iews" and In continuing this itudj they wiH use 'Gone With the Wind Margaret Mitchell as the model m a meeting to be held Wednesday afternoon rhls studj will Immedlatelv follow a generil meeting of the entire club to b° held at 2 30 o clock at the home of the president Mrs E F Blomeyer. ; .Mrs. James Hill'is •arranging, the program and.Mr'S; C. G. Redman will be the prirtpipsir speaker. • ' ' :; .'- -.:• ':-',-!*; ' * " *•' Yarbro'Society'.Mc'cls. The Yarbro Missionary society met at the home' oJ XIrs. W." M. LaFerney Wednesday afternoon •with'Mrs'. W., R.. Moore ana Mrs. Louie Caraway as ._ assistant - hostesses. ; ' - ' . .The devotional was given by Mrs. Cariray, in which:Mrs. Moore bfr fercd : prayers.... Several members gave parts from" the 1 pamphlet'"Ouf Dollars at wbrti.V " ,-:'•: '.•. ReirDShments were served during the social hour. -, • Bingo Parly Postponed The Bingo party, planned by Chapter -"W/_ol "thd'-P.E.'O. for) Tuesday night, ^has . been postponed because" of;'Ijic vvcatlier, it was announced today; ' ' "-. ' V DaughicrjBorn - -v ; •<~-~--^*v A- daughter was born yesterday Bail Sullivan, elnpiojL of> the Rile Price Orocerj broke Ills ankle Sahmtai night when he slip! pcd oli'the ice while walking along LAko street He was laken to tha BlylhpvUlc hospital and Inter re- mo vc<l to his home 0:1 North CliirK street, when Ihc condition of 1 the ankle made It 'tmpos' Me to be placed In a cnst before WedncSdaj 01 Thursday James Wilson of Steele Found Dead by Employe STEELE,: Moraines Wilson, CO, died at his home in this citj Thmsday HD had been dead MV cral hours when found by ah'cm- l>loy'e <l 'Tiie death certificate stated that he died of natural causes although at nist it vas believed that he hatl committed' suicide, as he had not been sick. Mr Wilson cimc to SleejL scv eral years-ago from Memphis. His wife,-Mrs. Annie Young Wilson, an employe of the Bank of Commerce . and • Trust ccmpauy, ol Mc-mjihts.' did not move here bul her husband spent quite a bit of lime in Memphis .with her.; Mr Wilson.:came here as manager of the Earls Motor company a position he held for t-n jears and was later managei of the llolly Gaiage roi foui jcm he Ins owned . a garage and parts shop of his own .and lie lived in some rooms adjoining the garage. Mrs. Wilson-arrived; Friday ant! accompanied the body back to Memphis. . Funeral services were field Saturday willi burial at Ripley, Tenh. Zephyr Type Trains Up Pikes Peak Favored COLORADO SPRINGS, Col. (U P)—Smoke, soot and chugging.Will be c-lifoinated on the Pikes ; Peak cog 'railway'under plans of Manei Eail E Evving to suvp! ml am traini with a fleet of modernized' 42-toot 'zephyr-lyiM ••. cars. ExpcrimiiMlal runs'.with ,a ; com- pleled train Indicated- the scenic tup could l,c imde in lulf thp lime with .oiiMduable saving in onpration ctist- .1 SANDUSK.Y...O. (UP). — There may Ire gold in them tha'r' hills! A hunter near 'Castalia is reported to have shot a wild duck, In the craw of which he found 14 small miggoU of gold The blid Is believed lo ha\e flown here from Canadian gold mining country '1 i it)ouha\cgotal i rcnch gostrness^^Our cook is givms m« trucking lessons"^ , niid Mrs. O C In Memphis Sat- Lei Miss San Liiii'uslon were tiirtaj to attend ; both atteihoon Hid c.ening peifoimanccs ot opqa * Miss Vcllu Hawkins Is quite 111 at hei hbme 101 W Sjcnmoic St The Editor's Letter Box Dyeses Youth Brought to Hospital Here Ojiie Kemp/,18 siibtalned a liac tilted knecMn n motor accident near Osceola list niiEht He Is at the Plvihmine hpsplHl ivjunt Kemp! who lives it Uy with his widowed mother, Mis Mamie Kemp'lnd gone lo the home of^JCarthal Page to make nrranj" inents for him and his mothei lo stay theic during the flood as their house was standing in v,atci Upon teaching the Pv^e house ho decided to accompany Page lo Osccola for provisions.'Their car'skid- tied on the icy road and struck a -trcciin alyard. was bailly ,damage<l<biit'j'oimg-Kcmp was tin only person Injured. Missouri Roads' (To the rxiiloi-;) I see in the big si Lamb pipeis thai Missouri s highway ^jst"!!! \i no« ccmplctc—arguing perhaps tor a corilimied;iow gas tax in this state. But I am wondering Just where it is that It Ins been umi r liletcd Pcmiscot county for in Hire i« oiic.'of .the biggest rural coimties in the stale, hiving a population now of nounri 3D 000 and not one in hard rpad in a ln)r L mi!e of mj place There is i public roid b> m> pi ice—has becii a public road foi 70 jeais—nnd I cant get it grati , ed not one lick of work on it I have been trjm? for ihc jcirs, but the ciy Is no Muds Lei me say no\, Ihat the lima rnnl stand to build ipd nnhiHln all Ihcsc roitls It is burdened do\\n nilh too much othei tKxcs—-cltool ieice drainage aud others Mis Eimi has the highest or one of the hlglieit school ti\es of a.nv state jet It ranks 34th In educitiou Suppose we discuss thif \\omlei fill 2c gasoline ta\ lliere Is onlj one more stat° that Ins so low i rale Arkansas has 1 cents leii- ne^ce 1ms 7 aud others nculy rts intirh Just go o\ei iptp Tennessee —all crossroads and-niavkct roads are graveled: We iAte that our new Governor •=u a eesls a 3c gis ta\ but I siy 5- to ihake these iiecded roads. Let's £cc who uses the roads the most. Rocentlj I Iravlccl 2 1-2 miles on Read'Courier,-News Want Ads Everything For Your Entertainment and Comfort jeai and luuen't got one Inch ol"son City It'Is their ox that is be .V.,L...... ., „.. )ng golcd Gasjis just about ns cheap al Blj;the\ille as it is it Ciiultiers vllle, even if the ta< js 7 cents ther" Instead of 'o Tale li look it Missouri s H* 1 ; It his fh" loosest most amb °u- ovs worthless ( mttnlnglt"!'i h«s of nnj state in the union—i jokei in every one For imtanc' se" how some j)eoplc gel by the gas ti\ on Ihc pliH of luduslrnl ])iupos°s They areva)hop a rating their im chfnerv to mike money L"t pa\ the H\, too, thej ire running their businesses.=.:for. nothing but tlie cash How long is Pemisioi count} go- Un of Us iculs Ins am gi-vvcljNo 01 v,is on the ropd for 35 nun There aie fl^c icnds south of Stubb- j n'es with a tcim and wagon I met town going west to No 01 from the'. »ne wlgon and I couiued 42 cars Cottohwocd load nnd then, is nolJ and trucks in tnit distincc'which onoilglOgia\el on them to Icu! i gang of chicWns one \Uhld Om' Liltle Prainc mul {iishicl, ts bond wl to Ihe guards and tnxcd lo death aud the.cry of the commissioners is 'not one dollar, ol road '-.funds". I pay $12-to $18 lo the district each Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No matter how many medicines- you have tried for 5 our cough, chest cold : 6r bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulsion Serious trouble may be brewmg and \ou canhot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomul- sion, which goes right to the seat of the- trbubleiitb' aid nature to soothe' arid -heal ; the Inflamed mem- b'anes as the germ-laden phlegni is loosened and espoiled Even if other remedies have failed dont be discouraged, your druggist" is authorized'to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund jour money if you are not satisfied with .results -from ithe: very first bottle .'Get,Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) Last Time Today i Chatles Hovci and Mii'rlenc Dietrich in "The Garden of Allah" Filmed in a beautiful 'Technicolor A T sc r.uaincunt Nevis, Mickcj Mouse ind HForie Sni])-!nits —Admissicii— Matinee—10. : &'20(1 Night—16 A, JGr, uiet or passed me. No\y (he road^' ' % -Why do motorists kick on the higher gas tax? We kiiow who ife r,eally. doing the kickilis. It is John D and ills big oil associates through their lobbyists at Jefter PHONE 180 FOR QUALITY WORK AND GOOD SERVICE NU-WA LAJLJNDflY'CLEANEkS TUESDAY IS $75 BANK NSGHT HIS ENEMY S A** i ONTROL BUSY SECRETARY. At- traccive Josctyii Ubby says: 'Camels.put more fun into eating and imoking too Why Laxatives Fail In Stubborn Consiipaiioix Twelve to V, htuhs Is loo long to wait when relief from closjaed bowels and constipation i* neecieu, for then enor- mcus qu^ntitiei of bacteria accumu- Istc, causing GAS r . Indiaestion and many reslle&s, sleepless nlahu. If JoU want PEAL, QUICK RELtEF. 1»ke a liQuid'compound such as Ad- Itrika. Adlenka conlains SEVEN ca- tnarllc and carminative Ingredients that act on this stomach and BOTH bowels. Most "overnight" laxatives contain one ingredient that acts on the lower bowel only. > Adler.ka's DOUBLE ACTION your system a thorough cTearfsir.q, brlnctno out eld polsortout waile mat. ter that may have caused OAS pains, «?ur sloriach. headaches and slecolcss merits tor months. '~~ Mlcrika relieves ciomach GAS at once and inu.'.lly romoVta botol con- Bet.ti.en In less thin, two lioUns. No -._., '--vi-i, ^v viK ufvi4ni.t&i or one nour before btdlime and In a short \Vhlli you will feel marveioutly rttrclhed Klrby Bros., Drug Col ' - Robinson Drug Co. "Skiihg Takes Good Digestion," says Skiing Wizard"AND A-HEALTHY set of nerves too," continues S/£ Biiciimaji, shown cxcctiting a jump turn (left), aiul pnjoying Camels (luring a hearty meal (right). "I smoke Camels a lot. I kh'ow they don't get on my nerves. And they,help my digestion. Camels set me right!" Vigorous people count 011 healthy nerves affl proper nutrition to sec them.tlirougli. Wheri you smoke Caniclsi.thc flow of digestive fluids—alkaline digestive fluids—speeds up. And you have a sense of digestive well-being Camels arc milder-.betlei: for sltacty smoking Also Lccii Ncvafrc's Orcheslra and Comedy —Admission— Matinee—ifl & 26c Night—1C & SG'c , r^\ 'JT. AS A SEA-GOING CHIEF ENGINEER, George Backing ham, sajs Camels keep my iOSE DrtVIS fltfi), champion rowEul, often rides ibuckirig 5ronc (iiicc i day. Shc_says: 'Tf-'c jolting puts a strain oh nj digestion. That's why I iinbkc Camels with my meals ind after. Camels nrc so mild." VETERAN TEST brtlVER, Clyde fncthaii (riflil), iliisotbs hours of punishmcDt in a tesc car. lie says: "Tor liigcstion s sake—smokcCameis'isagood itlc.i. Camel j set lito Hght.' digest ;ion on aa even keel." Adin.—Always 10 * ,2Sc—lo Tax Show Every Night Matinees Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday & Sunday iilalinccs—-2;15 Saturday Matiiicc — • Corilinljous Shovvliiff — 1:00 till 11:00 P. Si RADIO'S NEW SMASH HIT! "JackOak/e'sCoffege" Fon And excitement every minute wi<!i irrtprclsibtc Jick.Oatic at tiis.bcjt. Alsd Bcnny.Gooilnian's "Swing" IJjoJ, George Stoll iCoaccrtOfcbcs- trj.noUy^ootl corned ilnssiid sin gins Stars —anj —special college tal- cot. Every Tuesday night — 1>:30 pni E.S.T., 8:30 p m C S.T., 7:30 >m ;Xt.S.T.s G:3d r.n\ p!s.T.,bver WAB'C- ColoblbiJ Network With 1'ctcr Lorrc and ISrian Uonlcy Also Fox Jloviclonc News and Comedy Adults Adniiltcrl 'for Price., of 1 All Children—10c With .loan 'Marshy Hay Walk- '\ cr, Inez Courincy and John ,.., Marlowe.' .f, Au Ursula I'arrolt's story

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