The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1956
Page 5
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/WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4, 19W BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Eisenhower's Shadow Falls Across Opening of Congress By JAMES Associated Fre»s News Analyit WASHINGTON (AP) — The shadow of President Eisenhower fell across the opening of Congress just as vividly as if he had been there instead of in Florida recuperating from a heart attack. ' . Until he says whether he'll run again, the Republicans in Congress will be confused. They'll probably be more confused if he says he won't run. They have no other leader and none is in sight. .The Democrats are In & strange 1 position too. Eisenhower's answer on running ,may determine the spirit with which they fight in 1956. Their best chance, of winning the presidency is if he doesn't .run. So, in Congress, they cannot escape some uncertainty about themselves, their tactics arid their hopes until Eisenhower makes, his plans known. They have a program for themselves, and the best they can do,. whether or not Eisenehower tries again, is push for that and then go before the voters with the ,usual election year cry of "what good little boys are we." They'll-pot • shot at 'the party and the Elsenhower administration. But they're pretty longue-tied on the subject of Eisenhower himself and probably will continue to He's ; an Immensely popular president. Assaulting him might get a sour response. Gi/7, 77, Seeks Emancipation From'Cruel, Abus'we' Father LOS ANGELES l*t—lone Turner, 17, wants to be "emancipated" from her father. She says he's] "cruel and abusive." Miss Turner, who came to live with her father four months ago, asked yesterday in Superior Court for $500 a month support. .. The father, cafe owner Joseph Norman Turner, 47, denied he mistreated her or asked her to leave his Sierra Madre. home. Both Turner and his daughter said he gave her a JlOO-a-rnonth allowance. She.said a great deal of it went back to her father In fines. "He fined me for anything he thought I'd done wrong," she testified: "If I didn't-finish all the food from my plate it was lit If I left all the burners going on the Gooef Democrat STAFFORD, Va. (ft —. In every electon since 1«85 Am« Montieth ha* voted in Stafford county's White Omk precinct—and alwayi for Democrat*. ~ The 91-year-old man hopw to vote for the Democratic nominee for president in H66. gas range it was $5 or $10." Turner said he inaugurated a series of fines to combat her tendency to be wasteful and lazy. Superior Judge Elmer D. Doyle took the case under submission. Miss Turner said she had been reared by her mother's parents. Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Harold Wiener of Chicago, after her parents were divorced in 1938. Weiner died last May and' her mother, Mrs. Clarice Cavanaugh, 43, of Culver City, urged her to visit her .1 ather. Sues for Alimony LOS ANGELES </P)—The former wife of movie producer Howard Hawks, 58. has filed suit for unpaid alimony 'and child' support payments. Mrs. Nancy Gross Hayward, 38, now the wife;of Broadway theatrical producer Leland Haywara, stated in the suit filed yesterday that ,Hawte-did not llve'*up to a 1848 divorce agreement. She said he owes WO.OOO in installments and 1500 a month support of their child •Kitty, ». 8 National Risk And Whether OT> not he runs they'll have to be careful about gunning for a man recovering from a heart attack, although they'll probably find ways of suggesting, if he does run, that a second term for him would be a national risk. When Eisenhower sends Congress his State, of the Union mes- ;age tomorrow—outlining his and the party's, program lor iilbti—he" give his fellow Republicans a sense of direction- for the" rest of the year. Pushing for _ his program—if he runs—is the best. thing they can do for themselves because then they can hope to ride into office on his coattails. If he doesn't run? The Republicans shudder to think of it. But strangely enough the two parties are so close in their thinking that any program coming out of Congress this year ,will be a combination of both parties' doing. This is. going'to make it tough on the voters when the politicians of both parties, once the campaign begins, ,start making claims about their achievements in Congress in 1956. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Weasel Takes Man to Bar NICOLAC6, Calif. (If}— Riding in a tracked Army; weasel, ..George Champis 'was ablfc to return yesterday to his bar and grill for the first time since It was Hooded Cnristhias Eve. He'opened the place a rear ago, after. His bar "at Auburn burned to the ground in October 1994. Pushing through the wreckage to the door, Champis found stench and disorder. The top "of the pool table was covered with mud. High on the wall rack, alone and untouched, : was' the- 8-ball. Senate Probers Renew*Hunt For Reds in Press and Radio WASHINGTON Wl — The Senate Internal Security subcommittee called a New York copyreader today as it resumed its hunt for traces of Communist infiltration of the press, radio and television. Starting three days of public hearings, the subcommittee said several witnesses had been subpoenaed -but named only James Glaser. Subcommittee sources said he was expected to be a cooperative witness. . • ' Olaser was identified by the subcommittee as a former managing editor of the Communist Daily Worker. That reportedly was in the mid-1930s. He once was a copyreader for the New York Times and now holds a similar job with the New York Post. A number of past or present em- ployes of the Times reportedly have been called to testify in the subcommittee' inquiry. The Senate group held closed hearings in New York a month ago, but has not jrtrntlfM Liltucjjn It qnfitlnrrrt at that time. Chairman Eastland (D-Miss) told newsmen in advance of the new hearings: • "We are Investigating, communism. The investigation Is not aimed at any one newspaper or at newspapers, but Is aimed at communism." He said the current hearings are part of a series "designed to follow up information developed last summer during the examination of Winston Burdett and other former members of a Communist cell in the Brooklyn Eagle." Burdett, a CBS newsman, testified last June that in 1937 he had joined a Communist unit at the now-closed Eagle. He named a dozen former employes of the newspaper whom he said he had known then as fellow Communists. He also named 10 other persons he said he had known or believed to be Communists in 1937-40. He said he broke with the Communists before joining the CBS staff. World's First One-Rail Railroad To Be Built This Year in Germany COLOGNE, Germany (&) — The world's first one-rail railroad will' be built near Cologne this yeai. . The city parliament has voted to accept an offer from Swedish multimillionaire Axel Wenner-Gren's Alweg Monorail Co. to construct a two-mile section free of charge ai suburban Flittard. It will cost the company nearly 1% million dollars. Company officials said 'they trust this test section will help 'win over the city fathers to approve funds for a projected monorail between Cologne and-the town of Qpladen— about 11 miles. ' Alweg officials say th$ monorail train can do 100 miles an hour and is as safe as a conventional train. They report construction costs p£ a monorail are only half those of a conventional railway. ' The'monorail-train runs on small Plenty ot,Choirs • BELTON, S.C. (IP) — The First Baptist Church-here has five choirs. There's the Cherub Choir for 6 to 8 year-olds, the Carol'Choir for children from 9 through IS, the Vesper Choir for young people 13 through 17, the tegular church choir for anyone over 18, and the Marshall choir, ; an »U«>ale group. STORE WIDE CLEA N£E ALL FALL AND WINTER GOODS MUST GO!! SALE REGARDLESS OF COST!! Children's HATS AND HAT SETS i PRICE Come Early for these! Gowns and PAJAMAS Sizes 2 to 8 Reg. $2.49 $466 Now I Cotton and Nylon SLIPS Sizes 1 to 8 Reg. $2.49 Reg. "$2.95 Now *1 49 Now H77 Infant DIAPERS COVER SETS fOFF Boys' Sport Shirts Snappy Designs Reg. 12.49 Coats-Snowsuits 9 months to 4. Reg. Price Sale Price $8.95 $5.88 $14.95 — $9.99 $17.95 -$11.99 $19.95 -$12.99 $22.50 - $14.88 Keep baby warm INFANTS DRESSES Hand Made Reg. Price Sale Price $1.29—77c $1.95 — $1.29 $2.95 — $1.88 $3.95 $2.49 Large Selection DRESSES Sizes Babe $2.49 to6x Safe Price - $2.49 -$2.99 - $3.88 -$4.88 - $5.49 Many more to choose from! Toddlers — to 3 Years Sizes 3 Reg. 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The Legislature repealed a section 'of law covering drunken driving and the governor signed the repeal into law March 2n although the substituting legislation did not take effect until .July 1. Judge Victor H. Fall confirmed the oversight in November by dismissing a charge of driving while intox- •icated filed in May. Long Time Coming PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. (ff)—After waiting four years, the Plattsmouth Post Office is going to get a ; new flag pole. The old flag pole was destroyed by a bolt of- lightning In 1951 and Postmaster Let Nlel requested a replacement. The Federal Government has just notified him the request hu been approved. Runaway Truck Kills Three LOS ANGELES U) — A lumber- laden trailer, tearing loose from a runaway truck, smashed into two cars Monday night and killed three men. One of them was Charles L. Hoffman, 43, of nearby Glendale. His father. Lawrence Hoffman, 70, was grief stricken when he learned of the son's death. Relatives said he became irrational. Last night the elder Hoffman's wife,' stepmother of the son, was talking on the telephone with a friend, who suddenly heard her say: ' "He's coming at me with a gun." There was the sound of shooting. Then silence. " Friends found Mrs. Hoffman dead and Hoffman dying. Sheriff's officers termed it murder-suicide. Police Probing Bird Murders— GREAT PALM, Mont. (IP)— Au-j thorities searched today for the 16- year-old girl friend of a young airman found shot in the head in a "lover's lane" west of here. She was feared kidnaped by the killer. The body of A.2.C. Lloyd Duane Bogle, 18, of Waco, Tex., was found face down beside his car. Pat Kalitzke was missing. Her father said the 5-foot-8, 112-pound giri and Bogle left the Kalitzke home Monday evening. She was last reported seen with the airman by drive - in restaurant attendants about 9 a.m. Monday. They told police the two were alone in Bogle's car. Officers discounted robbery as a motive. Five dollars were found in the airman's wallet. The ignition siwtch .radio and headlights of the car were on. There was no evidence of a struggle, investigators said. They theorized the airman was killed by HAGERSTOWN, Md. (ff)—Washington County police are probing the puzale of the murdered parakeets. Yesterday, a parakeet was found decapitated at the Fountain Dale elementary school, just north ot Hagerstown on U.S. 11. The bird, a pet of the second graders, was a replacement for another parakeet in the same classroom, which was drowned in an aquarium by someone who broke into the school last month. And that bird had*replaced another one, which was decapitated when the school was entered earlier. Forced Moving Divorce Grounds • DENVER (#).— Wives: If your mate has forced the family to move 17 times during four years of married life because he failed to pay the rent and if he has had 23 different Jobs during that period, you have grounds for divorce. So ruled Domestic Judge Josepn E. Cook yesterday upon hearing » petition presented by Mrs. Sandra M. Herdlne, 21. Judge Cook .ruled the alleged'ac- tions by her husband Marvin, 23, constituted "extreme and repeated acts of cruelty." He granted c her an interlocutory decree of divorce and custody of: their three children. Police Search for Girl Friend Of Young Airman Found Slain someone known to him and of whom he had no feur. HI* lundf were tied behind hit back, apparently with his own belt. Bogle had been udgned to nearby Malmstrom Air Force Bue rinee April 1«, IMS. It has been estimated that between 3,000,000 and 4,000,000 persons have lost their lives In earthquakes since the mh century. Baby's Colds i Reliwt SuffMtaf Fttt-EfftctiYtljJ WICKS V V/i'fc><-H*i. 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