The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 2, 1943
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS ~i f VOLUMK 1— NO. 30<(, THK BLTTHBVILU AKMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published d«Uy except Suatm •n the interest of the personal -. oi Ihe Army Air ybrcct Advanced TWO Engine Hjini School of Blythemie, by th« Blytheville Courier Newt. It contains the ce«i of UM Air Grissom Scheduled To Pitch Against Blytheville Tonight Lee Grissom, former ace of the Cincimmti Rods' pitching staff, will : lake Ihe mound for the Second Army nine against.tUe BAAP baseball team In the'first game of Hie Mid South Camp Tournament, al 0::tp o'clock tonight' at Memphis. 'Mils is a change of pitching assignments, as Scrgt. Hugh Mutcahy, former . Philadelphia hurler, was slated to open against the BAAF. The 'change of pitchers was made, according i 0 Sergeant Mulcahy, who manages the Second Army loam, because Grissom is a southpaw and might therefore be more effective against, the Post Team. Foe Is Favorite The basis for tills opinion was a mystery here this morning'. Left handed pitchers arc sonietlines tough . customers for their fellqw southpaws, but .there Is little likelihood that the Post Team will liave more than three j>oit side sluggers In the stsirting lineup. This doesn't seem t'o justify Mulcahy's : change of heart, but local, fans'-.aren't kicking, if the S:conri Army's team boss lias made an error In strategy, pthcre'll be no complaints from ' Blyiheville. •Members of the Post Team, want, to lick (he Second Army more.than; they want to win the. tournament, (hough they'd like to do both: They are primed for Ilieir first game because practically everyone hns already handed Hie yainc lo the Mcmphlans. Few funs concede Hie Post Team much of a chance to defeat the favorites, 'jlic locals are a little peeved over the sHuatloi and will be gunning for bear tonight. Youn/f and Willing They will, however,. ex]>crlcnce rough going-, There seems to he no doubt of that. Cirissom, a has- been so far as the majors are concerned, Is still a better than fair Pitcher with years of experience behind him. He also has Hie backing of a milling good team, one that can field and hit. Pfc. Mclvin Parnell, BAAP pitcher, shouldn't he sold short. He is a southpaw and a good one. Youngei than Grissom in jears as well in Ii) experience, he has a cool head a blazing ball, and plenty of change of pace. He hasn't lost a game al season, if i|j c game develops into a pitchers' battle, members of Ihe Post Team think Parnell cancan.) a heavier load than can the more renowned Grissom. The local athletes left for Mem- ;phte- parly Oils morning and w | scheduled to spend the day in rest -• ns preparation for tonight's fray Laugh It Off Two may be company, but .two oltt n is a crowd. Larry Shapera, Red Cross field director nl the Miami Training Base, knows that now. : Shaper'a phoned the railroad ticket office to make reservation lo Henderson. N. C., for a certain corporal who was going 'home on furlough. Said Shapera: "Hello,, I wan\ to reserve a single seat for Tew. "Sorry," replied Ihe ticket agent, "but I can't <to it. Two are; too many for one seat." "Only one person .will sit in the seat.- I want a seat'.for Tew." i, J'lMIn, finally .$!)'apera .saw : the lroublc.,ahd said: ".." " ' "I want a ticket-; for Tew. Corporal William E. Tew. T-e-w.'> Did you ever see a dream walking? Well, Corporal .Edward'Dick- crson did. The story, as the corporal laid It to Los Angeles Detective Lieutenant P. A. Davis, was this: r ) He got a hotel room, laid $15 on the dresser, lay down and went to sleep. During the night he dreamed he saw a man walking off with his £15. : Wlicri lie awoke the dream—if 11 was n dream—was gone. So were the 15 dollars. '. ,• Great are the wonders of modern science. Skippy was the white Spitz pet of Frances Clary of Athen, Oa. But when Frances joined the WAAcs, Ihe dog moped and refused to eat. . Then Lieutenant Clary hit on an idea. She phones regularly from Corpus Christi, Texas, and her mother holds the receiver to Sicip- py's car. HE'S!eating fine now, thank you. Instructors' School Subject Of Article Colonel Edward H. Underbill, director of training for the .Central instructors' School at Randolph Field, writes in the July issue of AIR FORCES that the school was established to produce competent, thoroughly qualified flying in- struclors and to standardize the instruction of students throughout all the pilot training schools. A complete picture of how the school 's set up and what its aims arc I" (lie AAP training program Is outlined in Colonel Underbill's article. Captain Deavours To Command Guard* _;Capt. John B. Deavours, formerly with the Alabama Extension service, has been transferred from Memphis to the Blythcvillc Army Air Field and assigned to dutv a." commanding officer of the Oirard Squadron, replacing Lieut. Byron W: Stituson, who becomes adjutant •' Captain Deavours was commissioned in the Field Artillery Reserve in 1935 and called to active duty in 1.941. He is a 1935 graduate of Alabama Polytechnic Institute and before entering the service lived at Bankston. Ala. Mrs. Deavours, the former Miss Ruby Lee Houston of Coffecvill Ala., accompanied the, captain to Blytheville and will remain with him while he Is stationed here. They are the parents of a daughter, charlecn, 14 months. Lechleiter Named Commander of 700th f Major Edward A. Lechlcitcr formerly a reserve officer of the Coast Artillery, -has reported for duty at the BAAP and has been assigned as commanding officer of the 700th Squadron. ..On active duty since .ID41, he was; a battalion commander at pamp Stewart, Ga., nnd took part in 'thc'Carolinn maneuvers. Transferred to the Army Air Forces, he was stationed at Moody Field, Ca Fort EusUi, Va., and Washington] p. C. Since last March he has been on duty at Camp Upton, N. Y. He was - commissioned in 1023. The major was a consular consultant in New York Oily. His wife and two sons. Edward Jr.. 12, and Gerard, 9, continue to reside there, at 2436 Gates Place. Osceola Plans Dance Osceola 'will hold a Fourth ol July dance tomorrow night at the Cbuntry Club for the men of the Blj'theville Army Air Held. The soldiers will make the trip in Army trucks. The trucks will leave from the Post Exchange at a o'clock. Dancing At 0. C. An Informix! dance will be held tomorrow night at the Officers' Club, with music by an orchestra of tho 351st AAF Band. Read Courier News want ad> FUNNY BUSINESS "TJicy'd like to see their father and (111 ILL BE(WED ID 1IHS1M8 Young Guests Will Be Taken On Tour Of Restricted Areas Here er, Up In Hie glass-enclosed radio •lenhone iootn of the Control Tow. where nobody ever goes but military personnel on duty, boys n and 18 years old will gel n panoramic view of the , vast landing field, the 'miles of "concrete runway, and Ilic acres of barracks and admlnlslnulvc buildings.' The boys will be permitted to climb the sleep slops of the tower from which radio telephone men direct Ihe truffle of the air, gnld- 'ng ships in and out of the Itinritne ield and giving instructions lo pilots as much as. 50 miles away. This will be a feature of the Fourth of July afternoon Sunday. In which boys in the 17-18 year old group will be guests of the Blythcvillc Army Air Held, Link Trainer buildings, also n restricted urea, will be open to Ihe boys so that they may see how student pilots get practice in Instrument flying without leaving the ground, by operating.the controls in dwarf-like, nonflying ships •hicli simulate nil conditions of flight in clouds, foe or darkness. Weather -office dispatcher's department, class rooms and the light line feelf lire the places where the visitors will spend the a/ternoon, with full opportunity lo visit with aviation cadets and fly- Ing officers, for first hand Information as to whnl goes on In the life of the yoniiu men who arc learning to fly the ships of the Unllcd Stales Army Air Forces. The gates will be thrown open lo the bays of pre-soldler age at 1 o'clock and pilot officers will lake them on an escorted tour of hangars and the air field, where they ivill be able to give close inspection to the two-engine I raining snips, Dig thrill of the afternoon, pcr- iiaps, will rj c a special, flying review 1 of n big formation of ships directly over Ihe field for the benefit of the afternoon's guests. Of no less interest will be the review of a formal parade of ihc aviation cadets at retreat, to the music of the 35ist Army Air Forces Band. •.. . Col. Kun M Landon, commanding officer, will address the buys speaking for the commanding general of the Southeast' Training Center, and explaining • the purpose of the open Post program-to afford opportunity to boys who before many months will be called into tlie service of the Armed Forces, to get answers to the questions that are in their -minds about the Army Air Corps. It's your war, boys, and your Army. Here's the chance to see it in operation. GLIDER ATTACK: Silent Soldiers Take to the Sky * - *? >"-Vy>. (V\ ,*V"* £-l\ ^:t*\»Vi**JM-».rf* *•.*. vv Vi _• u. / SUBSCBIPTTONlRATES QN REQUEST i"n . i, . '''• '*>• Anny Air Corps [Viofos Front NKA. I'll- coil men on n deadly missum-llmi's Ihc "om'Ko" curried l,v cndi of Ilic Army's llvinu 'fix-liiM ours These I gluicrs, now nmss-produeoc :uu ci.Maged in consUinl (mining will .^nii'lu'ml lli« AJIicil m'bbrnen no n cm W | invasions. Here nmncuvcnnf. shock Iroops nimrh into ll.,ir «li,ler; „ iwi.M.ioloml bomk-f tows it off (ho Hi-ouulj llicn NIC {jliilm nrc cut lo swoop to wirlh us lln-y nenv lliu nltnek linnet. • GLIDER TROOPS CHARGE TO THE ATTACK AFTER LANDING^ The amount of aviation gasoline needed to carry 300 Liberator bombers from a British base to Bcrlm and return Is equivalent to the amount .of general purpose gasoline distributed .in the C jty O f Baltimore in 24 hours. Hold Everything "Silciil lecled Jjy ,,. ,?»'', ,. , , (U. S. AriHU.Air Corps'I'ltaias Froni'-NEA) soklici-s ivo longer, glider-borne Imops Imp inlo hulllc will) wiir cries on Ilicif lips niter liintliim . Pro-. ly smoke screens; 1 they clmrgc ;nul lire ;i( (lie "enemy" on llicsc innncnvcr.s in .Ihc snnie fnsliion they. Will employ when nlliicUintj rciil Axis uii'llclils nnd positions, ' : ..Lieutenant Transferred Here Second Lieut. James brigsby Darden, former Intelligence officer at Clarksdate. Miss., lias been transferred to Ilic Dlytlicvi!lo".-Arniy Air Field and assigned to duly as assistant post intelligence officer. Ihe ^ ___ i ,,'hile stationed at Kecslcr' Field, Miss.', was accepted ns a student' nt'the Army Air Forces Administrative Officer Candidate School. Miami Beach, graduating as a second lieutenant Dec. 9. He attended the Army Air Forces Air Intelligence School at Harrisburg, Pn. Lieutenant Darden practiced law at Lafayette, Ala., and ield •,-!»». 'prll^.oii.jMiiK instVuctors tire: ''Second Lieutenant D'arden entered service. May, 29, 1942, nnd .-.. • -..-.. -.,,.-.-.., -I-I---I-KI erti.tho se.rvlce.a year.ago, nnd was .The noiv instructors .tire: 'Second slaltor^d at UollltiK Held n C Lieuts. William M. Minefield, Nor- when lie entered Officer Candidate Jr., John „. ... Davidson, Hnrolcl [i. Vanclse. nobert. A. VVclr Jr., Byron- ,M. Buck, Richard E. Miller, Charles V. I'cltellc, William L. Phillips, Worth D, Holder and John M. Busey. ciated licitor of the trict Attorney. ., asso- the office of the so- United States Dis- lei you girls ij c netensc workers, but I won't pack lunches!" ' '' Try bur "Own Made" Ice Cream Ole Hickory Innl PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Resl Prices Kirby Drug Storeis Officers Complete Instructors' Course Fourteen officer* have reported to the Blythcvillc Army Air Field for assignment lo duly as flying Instructors, after having completed advanced^ courses nl Randolph All of ihcm received their wings SMALL LOANS O* 4nr1bl D( ^ V > IM Eart Main Loan Co. emt commissions at:Ilic lilythcvl'llc'nic of iStiinford University, cntur- :Ainiy. Ah' .Field •,. . , innn R. Wllllfitns Jr., Pmll W. Arnold, Richard P, Stokes R. Eljcrhnrdt. C. A. Former Hotel Man 'Assigned To Duty Second Lieut. William E. Goy<l Jr,, a recent gradimlc of the Army Air itoccs Admlnlsti-iitlve OfflceV Candidate School at Miami Uciich, lias reported to the Dlyllieville Army Air Field and hns been assigned lo dtilv ns assistant post mess officer. Lieiilcnniit Soytl, a IO;)G gradu- KEEI»^ YOUR In place. Tamo llin( unruly look. Ait,! lnalrc.0 Keep linlr well (,-roorncil with || AID Morollne llnlr Tonic, (.nrgo n**llt'boltlc Me. Soli] everywhere. School In April. His father Is 1111111- nBliiB dlrcclor of Ihe Hotel Ilc-n- son, I'ortlnml, Ore. The llciitenanl was asslstiuit munngcr of the hotel. Main •WK PIIJ/ AM/ DOCTOKS 1 • PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVK YOU MONKY STEWART'S Drug Stor e Lake I'linnn Z822 I'h. 518 Every Afternoon And Night! GUY GEAN'S SKATING RINK Located on South Second SI Across Krnm Natl. Guard Armory SPECIAL RATES COOLEKATOIl For Kconomy anfl Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phonp III 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dn.j A Walnnl Ph. lit Repair Service That Is Fully Guaranteed! Kxpert Mechanics—Body Men Lee Motor Sales Our CHILDREN'S S1IOK IHI- TA1RINO U Ihc kind th»l slinds «P splendidly lo ih« loosft, li»M «•'• S£ft the active yonng.stcr Jilvcs his foolwear—wo rebuild Ihe rtoes 'olHly and honestly. L«l us pio»o H-flLTCRS QUflLITY SHO€-SHOP 111 W. M'fllN ST. i FI1TK1) HY Ooctori J. L mi J. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS C. IN BLYTIIEyiLLE SINCE IK2 Riillon Pnss, 'in New, .Mexico,. Is liG-lil£li-cM;iwlnt «n' tii'c : 6iiHtii!pi rnilroml.''p of the'pass Is- ''1, fi:io fed above,'sea level. The Buck Private,' By FVT. HARRY HANSO^, , 106^tji Guard b<jiudrod T/ ^* I'leasc Ixtfd In thy mercy, 1L$1 Thee to iiiy pledge, ,„ I'm only Just one, there are uioiisnnrii ahead, > Because we »re subject to' hteh wink nnd low, Wherever - they send ug we re oom- prlled there to go i> 1'lcwe make al! tin hardtack Just a little less hard A HUlc less K P a littl* J* M Bintid, A llttlo less drill nnd a JittJe more i>ny. A lllllo more lime In which we can piny. With shoes maul .to .shine ,«nd bunks made so nc/it, ' The floors sciubbcd so clean, »nd Ihe slosos, \uth no he»t Our shlrl.i ijiittoned up and our punts neatly pieced > Our shelves dusted off, but there s no place lo rest. we dont We get HUlc mall write; We spend nil our money; come to late nt night, In town vt'o'ro allowed, bui Just once n week,'- > i' And then \v t nrt (yid (0 s( off the -•---' ' We tmyo to wnlk guard In all kinds of wcnthor We clm|le%c O D mid O O to gclhcr, The Coriwinl of the Guard keeps us right on tf>e ball - / And If we're. In trouble we give, him n cull. '' duty we must We liiivc so much (to each dny We'd like less work, and to our own way 1 , And if thesoigcants would let the boys rest 'Iho Bucks in (ho iqiiKdrdii Wouldn't call ihcm a pest. , A fe«' less Inspections n little more' fiin, \ ^ A llttlo less crabbing and, n hiucli llnhtrr «uu ' ' And lct.,'11 he known Lord thoyd be out of luck ff they hadnl thc^Soldler, bctler • kii(»v|i ns the, Bl|GK Flowers fur Kvcry Occ» sirni... runcrnl dtelgne, wedding flowers^ 'cor- J THE FLOWER SHOP •V . ntj.ivhR ) . ULENCOE HOTEL BLDQ fhone 491 flPTICfll STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone Just Kcrctvcd Xcw Assortment CHROMIUM FOG LAMP SETS and DRIVING LIGHTS LOY EICH Sss Phone 77 Officers* } Uniforms Compare Die fabric and )rorkmamhf» ' «f line s«rmcnls before buying! Heller ... KlfiHliquc .Trousers , 1'inks ............ Summer Trousers • Summer Shirts <. . . 37.75 ,.. 13.75 790 ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no »ldnr wlectlon of shaving 'n«ds, cosmettta. nowl'tlM, etc.. In Blytheville th»n at RoblMon^ Latert t»ln Service Men! Meet Your Friend* it Robinwn's! HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations OF UNIFORM SHIRTS MADE SMALLER <| .75«; Tropic*) .|l; 3-day Swrk« | Garruon Capi — Accetioriei — WHO DUNNIT?

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