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The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas • Page 5

Amarillo, Texas
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MARCH 5, J9SS. THE AMARILLO GLOBE. AMAK1LLO. TEXAS IMPERIAL FLAG OVER GERMANY; 'REPUBLIC 'OUT THREE AMERICANS COMPIMN OP MISTREATMENTS AT HANDS OF NAZIS March 1 tti-The war Republican colors of Qernisny ceased, to exist today an1 the cqn Etltutlonal provision concenilner them became a dead letter. The hoisting of the former Imperial flag over the Berlin City Hall for the first time since symbolized what hw happened throughout the Relcli.

Many lie buildings controlled by cellor Adolf Hitler's National Bo. ciallsts, such as the official dence of Hermann Qoerlns, Hie Nazi Swastika emblem- In. many localtles both the Imperial flag and the Swastika were shown, while the colprq of the republlo were taboo, Americans In Protest Three Americans complained ai (lie American embassy th'at trie; had been mistreated by NiUJnna Socialist police wearing uniforms Nathaniel Wolff, Rochester, said he had been beaten andj taker to an apartment where he was heir prisoner 8 Nazi leader appeared and ordered his release. He asserted he had been forced to sign a statement absolving the NaEla, U. 5.

Embassy Active Henry Saltier, New York alty and Edwin Dakin, Hannibal, Mo complained armed Nazis forcef their way into their apartment! and demanded explanation of theli "anti-Nazi attitudes." United States Ambassador Frederic M. Backet sal( the embassy was taking every pre cauitfon to protect Americans. The Prussia Ministry of Interio barred nude culture Boriettes agalns which the Nationalists and Nazi have Inveighed. KAISER'S HOPE TO RESUME TIJRQNE FADES LONDON, March 8 ((P)-- Any pros poet of Former Kaiser VVDhelm I seeking to regain the throne of Im porlal Germany as a result of re cent events there was stated toda to have vanished through the for mer sovereign's own act. If the London Dally Mail's cor respondent at Doom, Holland, accurately 'Informed, Wllhelm Hoh enzollern has completely and volun tarlly abandoned the aim wit which he has often been credlte --of again wielding power over hi.

qvin people, he Is reported seekin permission to spend bis rjsrjinin In the privacy of his cast: at Homburg Vor Der Hohe, tn famous mineral spring resort Hs'was 74 years oi ljL.January. request to return to Qer rrlany was said to be the speola mission undertaken by bis secon wife, Princess Hermine, when sh recently went to Berlin from the residence In Exile, Doom. She reported seeking sanction of th scheme from the new powers 1 Germany. Meanwhile, the Ex-Kaiser wax ported threatened with the neoesslt of cutting hts household expense because of the financial situation I the United States. Just how or what extent his Income might affected WHS not disclosed.

YOUR INCOME TAX PROBLEM WO. 0 EXEMPTION ALLOWED HEAD A FAMILY A head ot a family is defined Income-tax regulations as "an Ind vidual who actually supports an maintains In one household one moro persons who are closely con necled with him by blood relation ship, relationship by -marriage, by adoption, and whose right to ex erclse family control and provli for these dependent Individuals based upon some moral or legal obi gallon." The exemption allowed head of a family Tl phrase "In meaning householc may be Interpreted as meaning th taxpayer's personal residence, a. apartment, huoms In a boardln house. hotBl, etc. Under certain circumstances It not necessary that the taxpayer an hla dependents live under one ro during the entire taxable year order that the taxpayer may ctal the exemption.

If. the common horn helnK maintained, the parent la on business, or a child away school or on a visit, the exemptto in allowed. Moreover, If a parent obliged to maintain his dependei children with relatves or in a boar Ing house, while he lives e'sswher the exemoton still applies. If, how ever, without necessity, thfl depem ent makes his home elsewhere, th benefactor not the heart of family. The same rullni? applies to hu.

band and wife "living together." occasional? and temporarily husband away on business or t' wife on a vfslt, the common horn being maintained, the BOO exem tlon still applies. The nnavoldab absence of husband or wife at Fanatorlum does not preclude tl exemption. But If the husband con tlnuoujly rnakes his home at.op place and the wife another, th are not living within meaning; of the revenue act. X. 8CCH ADVANTAGES AN FRANCISCO, March Tames Raster and -Thomas Phi lip, admitted burglars, asked th superior court (o sentence them San Quenlln prison it once.

"I need a haircut," Phllltp. I "My leelh de Hauler. "My oufht to comi; Phillip, sentenced to from ynn. HONOR ROLL In Amarillo Schools Honor rolls and for the tst eemeslw In Sanborn school ere gfven to; "All L. E.

King, Junior. Ruth Rowe. "A Md Arthur Anderson, Egbert- Balling' Pauline Bosworth, Qersldlne osworlh, LaVtilie Boyd. tpwlse Palsy Dotson, Lqnltn Edmonson. Lorraine Flint, Billy Fort.

Arthur Garland, A na Lawra 'lies, Margie Qreen, Richard rooms. Earl Oruver, p. R. Harwell, Floy Howard. B.

King. Light, Mabel Lindsay, Jack Margaret Flcke, Lorraine Flint, H. H. Freeman. Anna Laura Oilet, R.

D. Harwell, Mary Helen eath, Clarice Thelma ojdfln, Floy Howard. Annalee, Jackson, Lillian Jackson. Amps McDowell, Dorothy Morris. glpqlse Nollner.

Helen Palmer. Margaret Ray. Mildred elurch. Elaine Tyler. Donald Vaphooser.

Horman Jean Walker, Silly Joe Vamecke, George Weaver, W. C. Vpqten. Hpnprable Mention Anna Low Armstrong, Kenneth ttlerbury. Maxine Beeman, Pearl Mario 3ranum, Jack Bullock.

Billy Ray Caldweli, C. j. B. Differ, Jackie Dodson. Clifton Edmonson.

Helen Flcke. Ralph Qrooms. Clailce Hogan, Earl Holcomb, Thelma Holden, Gilbert Howard. J. L.

Kellum. Imogene Martin, Truett Martin, Bobby Maxwell, Orvllla Miller, Blanche Mitchell. Carrol Lee Shaw, Elmer Sinclair, Sinclair, Nina Lee Sturch, Lee EJudderth. Otis Wyatt. Awards of Honor Helen Armstrong, Kenneth Alter? berry, Pelbert Ballengee, Maulne Beeman, Jack Branum, Alene Bryan, Jim Brown, T.

O. Bunch. Campbell. A. V.

Day, Jackie Doon, PrecJ Dorbrlta. Dorothy Edmondson. Bobby Jack; Kemp. Louise Ray Oebert Love, Imogens Martin, Bobby Maxwell, Billy McKlnney, Janus Miller, Jack Morley, Thomas Eloutfie Nollner, Juwanlta North 1 Betty NorvllL Alma Mae Pierce, Evelyn How. Bobby Lee Simmons, J.

O. Sinclair, Kenneth Sinclair, Jo Lee Suffc derth. Bstty Tharp, Qrace Turner, TurnBT- Luther Walton, Billy Joe War- necka. Pupils listed on the hppor roll and attaining honor awards for the first semester In the Alice Landerein School were I A And Betty Jo Barton, Prances Cox, Bobbie Outttag, Mavis Cutting, Msx- Ine Dale, Charles Ethrldge, Anita Ruth Hale, Mary Jane Houcje, Qerie Howard, Martha Key, Nell Ma thewt, Virginia McDonald, Rosabel shlnn, Robert Skaggs and Jack Riishmer. Honorable Mention Lewis Davis, Helen Dutton and Anna Grace Rudelson.

Awards of Honor Mona Bowman, Robert Bowman Jack Carr. Robert Chtlders, Bobble Cutting, RAy Daniel, Rex Daniel Charles Davis, Donald Dutton, Barbara Eastum, Margaret Ethrldge Wanda Jean Fowler, Dorothy MTl Pulton, Anita Ruth Hale, Billy Haje Gene Howard, Jane Howard, Billy Keith Martha Key, Charlie Malone, Nell Matthews, James Nlch- eUon, Joe Nicholson, Blllie Qulpn Robert Rlchey, Jack Rushmer, Ro pjiepa Sandage, Elton' Simmons Mell Singleton, Jeanne Stengel Betty Jo Stockton, Ross Wayne TU llnghast, Hudson Vaughn, Nevi Marie Walker and BUlle Wheeler. 1 GUIDING YOUR CHILD NO1.8V (JHILDHfN 3y MRS. When your children become too olsy, what do you dn? Here are ronjfi wiys of meeting tho situation: Bpsak to the children quietly. If on beglri to scold, the tension arid hrlllnesa In your voice and rn'wvner 111 causa a heightened tension and hrlUness In the children.

Discipline yourself tr use a olce no matter, hqw noisy Phlh ren may be and no matter how nuch this noisiness gets nn your erves. You cannot espect the chll 10 nmke an effort toward asU' onlrol unless you. set them a good xample In yqu own behavior. If possible, send them out of doors play, with the understandlnc rat tney may shout and play as lldly as they like out of doors, but hat they must be quiet when they onio In again. Invite theni to sit dqwn and listen 0 a story, to tlie phonograph or the Suggest a aeries of parlor gp.rnes whloh demand thoughtfulnesa and ulet in the players.

Interest the children in some miiwprk such as olay modeling, etytng and cutting and pasting plc- urei. Bflt tnam to work at some task In he kitchen. Children love to help rlth the sook.lng and when hands Te thus busy voice and manner be- 0m? cairn. II some one chlM prevents the est from becoming quiet, either an excuse to send this child rom thn lopm, on errnnrt or on some other special Job find pmafnlrig especially absqrhing for ilm to do on the spot. If children are very wild Indeed, 1 often helps to separate them for lalf an hour, finding something for iach child to do (n a different room.

CONFIDENCE- (CONTINUED FROM PAQE some ways they were unquestionably worse. Yet we survived them. We went completely off the gold standard between the Olvll War and the panic of '73; yet we survived. We had 156 rttllroads In the hands of receivers at one time In 1803; yet we survived. We were forced, In 1907, to use clearing bouse certificates In place of money; yet we survived.

We have seen the stock exchanges closed twice before, on September 18, 1813, and July 31, 1014; yet we survived. Unemployment, widespread and devastating, we have seen before, and bunk failures, and collapsed prices, and dlst on the farms, and debt defaults and soup lines; jet we survived. The special session of Congress will not bo the first called by tt President to cope with a threatened collapse of the monetary system. President Cleveland's Action Graver Cleveland hud hardly taken office, in 18D3, when the gold reserve was found to have fallen to MOS.OOQ.OOO. As a hundred millions was regarded as the "safety Hue," public and official constTM grew.

According to tha Sherman silver act in 1800. the treasury was forced to redeem both gold and sliver certificates In gold to keep the metals at a fixed parity. Public confidence in gold redemption began to waver when It was seen that Europe waa selling American clocks picked up cheap earlier In the panic, and demanding gold export In payment A moR'h later, gold fell below the hundred-million figure, and domestic hoarding and foreign export were slowly but relentlessly draining It dry. Demanded Repeal. Cleveland called Congress and presented a blunt demand for repeal of the Sherman act.

It met In an atmosphere like that of today. The National cordage Co. (which had paid a 100 per cent stock dividend five months before) the Erie Railroad failed. Indian de- monltlzed silver. Banks would cash depositors' checks tor only smal amounts.

Money wa-j so scarce thai currency waa at a premium and New York banks Issued clearing house certificates for use Instead of money Despite Presidential pressure. It took nearly three months to repeal the Sherman act In the face of bitter opposition by silver senators. But repeal was not enough. So depressed was business that bonds had to be sold to bolster up the gold reserve By February, 1836, It had fallen to $41,000,000 and the head of the New York sub-treasury reported that he could continue redemption in gold for only one more day. Saved by Morgan The situation was saved by J.

Morgan, who bought $63,000,000 of the government's gold bonds, turning ovor In exchange Imported told That revived confidence. Commodity prices rose, and financial stability and business recovery arrived hand In hand. Even 50 short a time SKO that you may remember It yourself, clearing house certificates were Issued In lieu of money. That was In 1007, The Snlckerbocjter Trust failure brough down the financial skies, and th credit expansion by New York bante for speculative enter arises was rudely halted by panic The depressed condition lasted onl, about a year however. A bumpe com and grain crop In tha fall things definitely on the up-grad 1908 with commodity prices much, higher that cartoonists pic Lured the farmer as the real capl tallst of the country.

Both In nature and extent, th financial panto and five-year de prcsslon that began in 1873 I startling parellel to what we ar going through today. It came In the confused perlo that followed a great and destruc tlve war. It was ushered jn by period of speculation, too-optlmlsti expansion, business fraud, and polf corruption, Anti it was starte rolling by an Impetus from abroad Mushroom Railroads Jay Cooke the banker who financed the Civil War, ha embflrkcc) on a coijrce of fljiancin western railroads. Many othe bankers did the same. The roods mushroomed out over the plains 311,000 miles of them at a cost (1,400,004,000 between 1B6S and 1873 Toward the close of aurnmer, 1873 bonds of the Northern Pacific bega to decline alarmingly, The Cook firm, deeply Involved, went unde September.

The nation was stunned. Whole sale failures tumbled over one an other. Stocks dropped 30, 40 polnl in a day, were offered at rulnou prices with no one to buy. Th exchanges closed for eight day Money was not to be had, an banks Issued clearing house cartlf cates to take Its place. People with drew money from banks, and run followed.

Banks ceased lo pay larg checks, but simply Indorsed the: 'good through the clearing house By the end of September, the mone panic had run Ita course, haviri affected mostly speculators and nanclers. People the worst was over. But the financial ttrlngeno dragged business and Industry dow with It. "Hard times" set In. Violence Flared Up Forty-seven thousand failures fo lowed rapidly.

Rents fell 30 pe cent. Business came nearly to standstill. Millions were deprive of work. There were not even accurate figures on unemploymen as we have now, but estimates we; made of not less than 3,000,000 un employed, and those In a country of 40,000,000 people. By 1877 the cltlu were describe as "A weary and aching mass of un employed." Federal troops had be called out to suppress disorder at Martinsburg and Cumbcrlan Md.

Other Parallrli There are many other parallc In our past which make It clea that what we are passing throug today Is nothing that need caui abject despair or loss of hope Ir the future. The panic of 1837 gave ou first organization of an Independen national treasury, a great stlmul to prcgresfve and humanltar)a movements, abolition of Imprison ment for debt, and the first aglta for the 10-hour day, then con sidered radical. This was largely money panic, and not a tingle ban In the Union met demands fi Tins IIEABACHE REMEIIY already difsolved! Therefore without Nothing give! such quick relief from headtcheB, neuralgic, rhcu- nutttc or periodic palm, or achei due to colds, Capudlni beeiuse it Is liquid and it: gradient! are already dissolved. Your lyitem can absorb them at once. No ncid to prolong your lufferfnf, waUIng for soHd remedy (o dinolvs.

Cipndini'i action Ii ImmldJitt, (tntli. and dellghlful. lOc, 30c, 60c. A DIN PAGE TEXACO BOOTH AT SHOW Music Memory Cop' Traps Hoodlum Car CHICAGO, March, 7 WV-Police Lieutenant Richard Lawler pas what lay be called a "camera ear," which elps him mftfee mental of unny noises. A witness to a robbery attempt three men told him their par had "queer toot" which sounded like cracked bugle note.

Tt-ree men were found In a car Toot your horn," the lieutenant ommanded, They tooted and were Immediately crested. Boys Who Broke 68 Windows Are Held Five boys averaging about 0 years old are investigated by County Judge M. Simpson In connection with the breaking of SB glasses In windows of Santa Fe rall- passenger cars of the sidings The boys threw rocks at the car windows and have besn under investigation since Monday afternoon lefore the judge. He plans to have -hem up for a Juvenile hearing Wednesday, 'FROZEN' ASSETS MILWAUKEE, March 8 (in--Police are seeking thieves who stole 1,500 pounds of molten tin from ai enameling company plant. TJiey the tin into molds and waited for the metal to cool before they trucked It away.

either gold or silver. Many states legalized suspension of monetar; redemption of state bank currency for a year. The factors causing worry ant fear today, while bad enough, are neither new nor unprecedented They ore enemies which we have met before, and worsted. NEXT: How we tot out of previous ileprtuMons. and how vre may get out of this one.

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FOB INSTANCE: trade, nn Salad of Dessert Forks, set of six Dessert Knives, set of six All Other Prices in Proportion. HUGH WH1TCOMB JEWELER KM Fan Pliolo by MrCornilek Co. One of the intemuni; features In the automobile hulldlni at the Slock Show Is tile booth of the (Jompany which Ii shovrn ajovs. The display of Teiaco products (lie interest of drcits of inrilorlils while the pictures of Ed U'ynn, (he wall-known Yin Ohlef, ntlracts Hit attention of nit. OFV GOLD STANPAltUl BATTLB, March.

8 narrie, It. filches, waa broke today. He waa forced ofj the gold alantfard, ha reported, by rv thlel who robbeil him of hlq tivo J2.5D gold pieces nnd one $5 yold plccu besides 120 In silver. Positive Relief For Itchy Skin Cooling and loolhlnf Illun Slur Ointment nicltp on tb toterl medicines deeply I pare! vticro quickly kill) Itch, tetter, raeli, eczema, foot llcli, ringworm, tic. Money buck if It TAXI PRICES WITHIN REACH OF ALL! PERSONS Each Three, Four or Five Persons to Same Deitinntion Bonded and Insured Drivers! PHONE 9811 A.A.

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