The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1932
Page 7
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VTHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER is, 1932' HL7T11EVH,1,K, (AUK,) COU1WM MttVS CLASSIFIED ADS r»o cento « word for flm Inwrtion tad one eeat • ward for wob nbM«u*nt uwirtte No MmtilVDeBt UttO Icr !*• t He. Count tbt vccdi Ml d th* etch. Phoie IM FOR SALE TRUCKS FOR SALE 1930 FORD TRUCK. 1J4 ' Toll, Dual Wheels; Closed Cab, Llifcnsc. Runs Good. A Bart>in .. .............. PAGE SEVEN i«9 FORD Ckscd Cub, StfclBudy, Lii-ensf. Good Tires. Kuns Fine .......... IMO t'HEVROI.KI THUCK ,' C'lcscd Cab, Body, A-l \ Tires, Ucerst. rn First Class Condi- lion ................ L'SKU CARTER TRAILER 2!4 Ton, 3Zx6 II. I). Tires, I.Ucnse, 16 ft. Body «th Sidtljoarth. Ideal for haul- ine Seed, Cotlon, Hay, lomber. Etc. A Real Bar- lain. OnJy- See These Trucks and Our Late Model Used Cars At Once. Terms To Suit PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Aulhuri^cd FOR SALE—Household furniture. Call 8119. FOR SALE—15 milch cows and heifers. Sianlon A. Pepper, Hult- raari, Ark. • 13P-K20 USjD .TOUck For Sale Chenp— Duaj , wheel, 1930 model. Jimmlc Ropcrt's'rQaniije, Osccbla, Ark. , • •'•'• "• 15P-K18 AUCTION :'s ALB— Ten ,">r$ey cows with- calf es and springer heifers Sale at bain soutli of canning factory at 1 o'clock Saturday aftcr- n, Sept.' 17. R. M. Beck. 15p-kio s t'OK BESI FOR R5^T— Furnished n'partmpnt. J35'a-n)bntli: Thomas Lai\ei'.Co. ;! _ ^ :;' Uc-k'lS FOR 'SAiE: Used Uurant coupe, cheap. Will trade for hogs, cow, cotton. E. E. Decn, Route 1, Box 112. -. 14p-kl7 LOS'Jt 1 AND LOST:—yellow Peraian kitten, hall grown, reward for return to Mrs. Ottb Kochtitzky, 1111 West Ash. FOR RENT — Unfurnished apartment., Ingram Apartments. Inquire Parkhurst Co. I3C-K19 PERSONALS CUSTOM HATCHING — Beginning S::pt. 12th. Baby Chicks. Oct 3cd. .Marilyn Hatchery, BIythevllle EC-KTF SFIAHON. Pa. (UP) -- Albert Beck. Sharon, drove from the filth tec at the Lecland Golf course, here. A moment later, a bird, smick uy the ball while in flight, Ml to the ground. It \vns dead. BEGIN IIERK TODAY STA> B.11,1,, >• mat t»t tut- He l»Urr»li, Ittrm AKl-EK I IK 1.1) •ft-hU «Mre In ike tHj. Aiycr U •fcnii:* kr Ike mile «.<•» ul lo- 'rl«cl«v u» (krlr r»cr wll» kf> llMWr cDltl&^. DiU acrUKft Del* •t kHvInc mrm iko( Hk*i try ta rkr<k u» o> kla>. Hall •»!• ke 1> • oluc My u Mike • ekrck kl«- • flf. l>rlo rclutli Ikn kc nlll Vrr«OMnflr M^ fhnt Kill tfoc* ••<* 6l»dlnr Iwfort Ike oMcc kmlli- )>I Slim Hull >rri kllaaiien «Hp II Jllrl IHIO a ear. He eatcbei Ike enr BMA «avei 1>ONA DKLO, A>- VtT'B 4n«(htrr. >Vkea ke lenrjiM irko «ke (• ke Mli|i* aw«r afcer lellliii: kcr te l> STANLEY BLACK. NOW CO ON WITH TUB STORY 'CHAPTER II riUTILEY WINTERS tapi>cil tlio cork tin ot his clgarct on the arm of his chair and smiled. Ho Jiail just delivered himself of nn order and he was cxneclim; it to Le taken with some weight. Tho person to whom (liis mandate had hecn directed wns curled up In n deep cliair, gazing meditatively out the nearest window. "Don't bo antique, Dud! Engaged men don't rush around telling their fiancees what to do in this ate." Dona l)elo turned impatiently nnd Turned lior lips In a most tanlallt- )ng manner. Winters arose and strode across the room. JIo bent over tho easy chair and scowled at ils occupant in a mock fit ot auger. "Want mo to drag you out ot Hint chair by jour hair, woman?" Tic bc-nt over and tried to steal a kiss but Dona tvaded his lips and pushed htm aside. "Pull your cave in after yon," sho retorted. "I have things on my wind.'' Dudley straishteneil and a deilant Irowu clouded lus handsome face. His inoutli drooped a littlo at the corners when he frowned and Dona fancied ho could readily pout. "You're thinking about that washout. Black, when you sliculd lie Its tcning to me." Dudley could not help but speak the thoughts in his mind. "Tho way he vanished shows what bo thinks of you." Dona uncurled ami let lier little heels click on the floor. "He certainly took a great deal of pains not to make hlmselt unpleasant." Her eyes showed tliat she had not liked that remark of Dudloy's. Sensing a quarrd, the young man - Hianed and changed his taciica. . Afte'r all, why worry about Ihis fellow niack? He was plainly a one- day viultor to tlic 'city anil already punching cows back in the hills hundreds of miles away. He drew Dona down among the cushions and pin'clied Her arm. ".Mr. Black la u true knlfiht ;md I shall thank him for saving you when you find liim." "Dad will locate, him when he gets back," Dona Unshed moodily. "Your Dad must IK out for big jarno on this trfp," Dudley said, Beating himself upon the arm of her chalf. Tie sent a thin spiral of tmoko ceilingwtvrt before he continued. "He had his rifle and one ot those portcilo cannons com-.,anly known as six gunj out on his desk and'all oiled up." • • • fTHK girl stirred and straightened. x This was news to her. She had been so tmsy checking up on the whereabouts of a certain Stanley been li::k|ii.; In Use linrk ot uitiiil. "Vom ii !:s BI-..I, laj Mill,- J:uly" H,. ,-;mi ; ,'ii a:ul Ir.'M IIM llslitly Off.110.,1'; sliovcil i i-l"M' K.llllrmil'." I'lai fully Kilt; s jinay 113 hr ivii'il in sii-iul •• shoulders in A -.i-.-. "Yum- riv.iuil, Sir nl «-;iil ii|>.->u jmii sfle I'Kil! i sli.-iil; tier lightly ami u .. ha:»>i! :,,;. "Ynu sin- n lurcl Us-k- IVJI!..-s.i." )),, a Will.- :lf . l.n lulu 1 1,:,your W.lin;: " "A< -' and In am KI ;.:« in Tli:,v sir," "Nil i.-ii iluirt! raso'if !,'„- lyl.],; v ami i' l|.|i!i:- him |.;i,-u liy Tills : a man's J.ili anil I r, fii nllun ''.... fnlui.- Mis Whirls luviih,.,'. hi 11. Vmi nill nit here .-i»l i; 11 nil (lie i, l>} - | r ,, ni , MO U'U>Bi.;.li inllu'. One' evi'iy or Oflcih r ho ulll ilellvrr a rpanrl ( ui, -.< at Three UUcrs." Ihe | "Cciii'l you sec »c must jo iomcth'ing la stop him?" [livers. "Guns?" sho echoed. ."Sure. A young arsenal nnil whole nlle. of cartridges.. He had oil tho accessories, too. A sleeping bag find a pile ot regular western lilack that- she Imd forgotten all about her father's trip to Tiireo to slop him from doing Fomc- tliius— ?" She liiiHcil and gripped his hand tightly. CTA:\HIX<! li^fnre lir-r In his kji f:iiilik-«]y t:ill,iivcl suil. lils liali comix 1 li.nli smnjtlih ami lib lie knot!..! niih enrelra ii/rf.eiloii. iDmlloy Winters lonkrtl nmrr i-.lnri- |l)!o ot l.ravliiK lt,e ihnnni o[ a |lirW(v p-rty :tli:<i.ii; il:rans,'iH ilinii cinba.klnt; Hiioii ;l (hum-mHs nn ,i ronsli nii^io'i. "Jiif". ll-.e !':iino I'm polnq. at:iy ii! Hie roin]i:my ]ia;el ii ncric-. tly y;i(c :unt | ,| 1: ,y lieln. Hin'i yon \v;iu[ inu (Tin si • in- i very ibvV Klii- aiosu ami nearer v, itli Inn "V.v.i K,,, l;i(ly," nudity rrimml. Scon Sly he w; i s K | ri ,i f i, c It slli' ilinril slic ini«|.i Im-ji^ t ],j : , Klvan-.-i r, |!),u-k. ;,,M| sli:il was fur from liis ik'iirc. lie w:is ;, nervous ami a urenl deal !r:ilu::s llm ilaslilnf cowmnn uho lustl rc:i- ciK'fl Dor.a. Of conrM U bail lic.n liifflf 1 ''" lui'k lo tie |i!xyhii; i:nlf nt tilt- 1'1,,'ho l:finr v.-iir-n and a pile ot regular western nra- riUOLEY cniblicil hid cicm-t In :.,,'-, ,, ," , T ' """ " vrl Pl.eri.alia." Dudley was glad la- ha,! U an ash tray and stood u,, He ,' ;•';,' ,', ! , , ' , „ n ^T'" struck upon a topic that had no W aa plainlv disturbed. "Your d;id 1 «i.' , li ,',7 , i ' firof "«- ido^u't need to get into hu,,,in B . . ' ' '" ' "' ''' "\Vheredld you see him?" Dona rlolhcn and lumberjack honis nuil '. .•'"'" l 1>:lt '- r liv: ' 1 " 1 ' '" UI1L ' ""«' demanded uneasily. l liai ] o(t to sncot a „,.,„ ,,,, ,,.„ j "'» I'M n;!dy. \\vii l-vc i,, ,•;„•! "I sleiipcd In upon him nt the - plenty o' lumberjacks 10 do lils lcl:rl> "' l!n;l:i l >:111 "' ' ' offlco when 1 was looki ng for yo«. , fighling for . Ilo told meall about the'mau huaticnll up ono ot his men Why didn't lie at Three, • C! "' i "'" ) ''-' f " ri> Is one uioriilu;-; v\-|n ; ;i I'll I have sciiiclliliig In set u|i for," I lull"That's it. Dad would not hire! 1 , 05 ' 5 '"' lcil ns ]la " 10Tcl1 l " w = ri1 anyoce. HoM do it himself. IVIitn i After ulekliiR up his lint from a. little clrl up 'in Hie camps I used to jump.into bed. ami cover t ... my head wlien ho went off on one ' ?. ["' allL ' r fo of his wnil fighting trips. The slr.-Ji. ot living with him shortened mother's days." ilona slood up anil eanclit Dudley by tlio arms. "You sec, we have to ilo sometliins! Dudley stared at lior for a full'' niiiiulc before ho spoke. 'Til likely mnko him mad and he'd tell me to So home ami play golf, but I'd do li.-r. "It \viv.i UK' In wan-li nulil i'.l:; v,-i:i|.im liki- (he your had wns oiling. I " lie ;:riuncil as ho slid liis Inn ilirraly over bis :.;iu;.Hh hair. j "It would no:. ;ivn lo p-,-n- you're on." I Rivers?" l)ona looked at Dudley apprnls- ingly. She saw a slender young man of nlhlctic typo. Square tlioul- tiers, nae head .and-dark eyes that Held a lurking nicker of amiiseiinjat. Then she. saw the mouth with Its tendency to droop a bit at tlie corners. Uuilley Winters was plainly capable Iml not accustomed to Icing called upon for any kiuil of action tlcmandim; effort. "Why don't you go up lo Three rtlvers and talk Dad out ot Ihis wild idea, tvhateyer it is?'' Dudley ermned and inhaled deeply. Ho let Hie smoke trickle o:it of Ills mouth before, he answered. "Aw. D. he'll make It by himself. I never shot a bear in my life." "Hut ho's^ not after hsar. He's eagerly near to hers now. I 1'oua, slipped tm-n-anl ami after a man," Dona spoke earnestly, j Dona smiled up at him. "What i 11 svv ' itl kiss'on liis lips. il:e:i tiir.:i-il You could talk him inlo coining j would you ask?" sbo parried. j'» tn e Elairs and tan 1:11 l.i her b»ek, giving up tbe wholo thins." I "Yon nsk UK" |(o imllerl I rnr ' m - l>uillry \VI;itn.-- uali.-id I!:HITI "A man?" Dudley hailed the her asainsl him. "Wlmt liavc 1 been !"'••> wl 'ite ?iouc st..]is nf MII; spiral Asmoke abruptly. "You're jasking for Ihc past Ibrec nionllis?" i tnwn lionsi; nn ihnu-h tho any ynurscli"." an I larnestly. "No dauber of me ^ anytliiiig for j-ou, D." lie pulled °""' her closer lo him. "If 1 drag your j Is Had hack from Three Ilivcra with- ' >ut his having killed anybody what j or;l cluh." He opened (lie hall door. ivill bo my reward';" His lips were I " ( '- Tt "he for a Km«i m'fhtV" crazy, D." "Von ilon't know Dad! He cnmcs' liavo lo make a lot fram a family ot hard fightcrf. Hou-. She estly, Dud, this is rcrious." Dona caught the young man's liaml ira- Uoua pushed him away. "Yoii'll of preparations." was smiling now. lludley harl eonio through with nioro credit .----.._ tiial. «iic haJ expected ami sho was nulslvcly. 'Can't you sco we have ashamed of the thoughts that had - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - \ VYERE THRoWM UP BV A SMOOTH AMERICAN VOLCANO, HE WATER AT' A TEMPERATURE 2IO' FAHRENHEIT. HbMBOLDT, IHE NATORAKST, THE AND POOR TOSX-FV3CT" (NCA9 PMCTlCED w PRi«i«»Ric . OPERATIONS WRE soocE Ghost Is Uncovered By a Flying Tackle • iin-js u-hile some cidei-baum. money to get cut of tonn." said' tend a letter hnme for ranhandfer. slntionctl near the' A " csp ' u iw ' imin " stands Ijy in l»st oilice r.Hrnnce. But when the paiihar.dirr ni- ' (enptcrl to "" more tlian I'jl three-cent s'.amps. police firres:- . cd him and s;nt him to fail for '• 30 days. ' i CLTFTC»r FORGE. Va. (UPI — Arthur Hall. 14, never has lx?licvcti very slroimly in ghosts. So v-.hc:i ;!ic' children in his .section of town became frightened at ihe ?i3hl of a spo^k-likc figure flitting aboui. Arthur prccecccd lo lie one night in tall weeds. When Ihc "lianl" npiwarcd, he made a flying tackli.'. After MJV- i eral minutes nf unsiiirilual fight-' ing. Ihe "spiri;" got irce, bill- il •• ' ' was noticed the next morning thnt j BHIDOKPORT. Cnn:i. iUPi — • man noted foi his practical I T ' vo youths, with an inventive jski.rg proclivities was suflcring! lurn c( minci hA " n'.'rlu:.-[. :>. > Iro.n brniccs ' v" ln " helmet from a discarded case of trouble. Boys Invent Diving ^ Helmet From Oil Can ! ^ r^r.i:: Panhandlers Now Beg j (lit ll«; helmet froi; ............... f five-gallon oil can. n piece of nib| r;r tubini; and a bicycle iiunip,. | which \vlll permit its uearn to UK OMicc E-,. P/.o»o~ Ct^mn. I main submc:2ert to;- more Ihan tor rostage JMamps ; i, ollr , vmio!lt Sli I effects. linrring MODESTO. Cal. (UP)-Bering |. Thp hp! .. lc , ,,.,,,, B ,., M ttin<lml . for postage stamps is the newest j al ,,, ru- , sl .. uly ovcr tho ^ 10;L i cirr= scheme bcir.? worked by iianliar.d-1 Hartan Cn!f;n. 1C. sveighicd (!o«n Icrs here. ; with a irj-pcund flat, rock placed "Say. rsd-'. can you stake me lo on t] :c lo;> or the ran, takes care Ihrce-ccnl stamp? I want to i of the submerging end of Ihe bus- . FRK<JM,KS AMr~li]s~KRTKJVI)S WAS A CA5TOGUIST, '.DID YOU? y£F?..l'M ] SOWS To Be A >RAVER OF DOSS... JUST TAKE A IX30K Ctf.CS. "j^-". ^^/^h'F/ i/ ~& r n foH Hllmto Wt, in Coutil Amcrlc:l a !hc tag , Bnlag J. the 19th century.'saw live n.h hurled from the mouth of a volcano along with boiling water. Appsrcnllv the fish were blown oul, of a -sublerranean chiin n? l,..ijiai «;os opened up by the /orce 1 of the piuplEon. ..... CoOLD DRAW PICTOnES...LETS SEE IT. 1 . 1 THAT'S A PICTUEE OF A DOG EATIrJG BoMES.'.' WO you V set THE I. NEVER "3A\M 5U4r\ HOTEL/— GVEN w'lT r \ PUTTER./- HE 'THE LAST LOQKI'MC-I AT M& AS u : L.WERE \ "' BUG UNP£ia GL^S/^" AMD TiAE OUD 3 BENGAL 2 HUNTS'' ^1 LEFTWHErj -^H? V v^-vv rf-fitj >' ND IIKU lUi 1)1)1 K 1'OOH SPOTS! , wore RUN KASY II.Al/rS SUURBNDIOU! FIGHT, BUvST VOV3, T? SOJR. VLKC6S. -\ O)ME. IT SS.E.MS j 'U,i--'^S^s5 ^ '- tttH ^JWK- TO MS MACHINE. GUM. V „ ^dfri'ii":^ .1 ' Y'DC-VJT Ti-!' STAy-THER6 "me BOUES AU_ EATEN on..:Tye i DCS ATE ] \ViHER£ IS ALL TW£ j '"Me DOS BONES / I / nn |>l:nu.Ji!i:ni. liuuiiliiP, out of my lino. If tlinv is :iuy Ptliu I'll h;ivc to ;i.-.' sLilis been cu^i lie- roked 111,"- s:<-(-;;i:i- (l.::uf, 111" car at the i-nrli :-,i:il t!; >:it<.<! ll:ipjiily, "H'.e]i on ] Toiu! We'vo litiidetl hoiijo." (To 1^ OPEN AT NIGHT Expti 1 ! Ford Repairs Wrecker Serricc PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'licinc 810-717 SECOND HAND FURNITURE Sec Us R. J. Dodson

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