The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1934
Page 4
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MM TWO JLTTHEVILIB. (ABK.) COURIER NEWS ** G. Trtewhitian harlns W«troni clufc. PDNfcSDAYB EVENTS Mrs.' Joe' Craig's rrc-Schuo! class having Hallowe'en party Bible- study,. -Church. o( Christ, meeting with Mrs-D.- 6. Shellon, a-W) F. M Sudbury school to Iwc : Hallo- wc'ei) 'carnival. Music dupertmi'Ul Woman's club mcetlnc at club 3 p. m. ., :' THURtuJAY'S fcVENTS A'Mre. R. p, Ktrsclinor Ujvlne •ThuiwUy Truncheon club. • Thurw»y Bridge club me«l-lnE with Mrs. Joel Ch»nd!cr. .lire. J. Erneijt Hasson luring Thursday Contract dub. t'RUJArS LVENTS Democratic Women's club meeting i(6t«l'. Noble, 10 », m. The • Thamajo of ' MUs Blllyc Loflln, daughter of 'Mr. und. Mrs B I 1 , ixjflln, tOjTvft., Dyer Garner, son of ,Mr *»t)d "N&f P R- Gllr - ncr, ,flWEo)m«4llwa v yf«t*rday. The Rev. Brajtvon aiH'Wrlonncd liie ceremony , ' ' The maid ,'of lipnor na's Miss Clara Garner, sister of the bridegroom, and Mr'Elc-uc Tyrone' was best mail. fir. Gainer and h|:> bride have gone to; Chicago lor their, honey- mooi) aid" upon Ihcli Return will «, ai home at Ara'.orol. Mrs. Gamer is a graduate of (lip ijHy ;.l)isl.'- -"school and later attended Unhersity ot Tennessee at Knoxvule where 5ht uns an oulr standing student She was-pfeet- dent of her tororily and last year \\ dk selected ni> one bl the most >l>opula) students foi the coiifBc annual ,TJ)p- bridegroom -went -to .urhool here before going to Shawncc, from Kherc he graduated He later attended the College of Ozarks, Clarksi ule.^jM-k Ha^ Hallowe'en Tally The Hallowe'en mo^ll was t|- ie?tlvely ' earned out in the party given at (fte coupiry club Saturday afternoon 1 when Mrs J Neitl Geso[I and Mrs J S r.ibc-11 entertained 02 cuesti al bridge wul rook Tlio liny room leEctnbJeU mi autumj} fe*t)\al swnc uith Die fire pl,icc b,inked wilt) pumpkins, urns, corn stalks nnti boughs of Icaics as the back ground for the lighted Jack O' Lantern on the inantcl.Hiicl: branches of leaves suspended from the lights uncl mezzanine floorb In the Mm room, tit, ihc other end, oulmnii flowers ivcro-arrariecd: in 'floor baskets -MX! urns. ' fho tjllici, hand nmite ftmv (lads And refreshment bct.s were oi the j-aniD design aim ihe prizes ncre wrnppcd fn orange Wiper with Halkrac'm stickers Jjidiridual pumpUn pies lopped with whipped crewn, suited nuts coffer In the bridge games Mrs. lilvcs Allen won first and Mrs Ssmucl P Korris, second Thc\ received bridge luncheon sets, The high . TOOK pnzs, plljow Mips, wcnl to *'*? > Mri W 'S Lungdon and the cm Dontlx prize, plV|oft shps, was won by Mrs Marvin Kobinson Included ui the guests was Miss 5islcr ' Ml '- s - E - MartJia b\n tijinngi Arl uiW Mi Norrib of Eureka Jiris. Hare Benefit Tittles 1 ctilato Conception Pnzeo -Rent, to Mines _ Km?, A H Wallace, c C. Wood Paul Greemvcll. Joe Dillahunty' Walker H Baker, Don SammonV, MSA ,-Vfejcrs W .A Grace, Rolwrl Grimes and Pal OBrjont and Miss Ernestine. Jarboc. 1 pickles, oUunli'j .candy-and coffee.' T t'v.m,., "*' "*" ffc ! stl 'n"r I f,.NO\\ I »tm|| l« londj In ^iJXti^.,^ J«SSKK'ffi r ;,^^" "^S ^ ^n ^Mj\ J^/r 1 i*, -^TI // i ', l^r T '-^' • ^ •'?'&.''i -\-*. .:. -, K|A^:¥7^'^'A>. ^J'-ij.'^^''--^^-^.!!'; t (tvv r knock uill liave iax,\ y, dear lic.irl, an Luxora Society — Personal Movies Illustrate Revival Sermons At Baptist Clnu-ch '('liur&diiy afternoon Mrs. p. o. LangEtdn was hwteas to Ihe two- lablc contract club of which Mio. Is a member. High score prize WHS won by MR;. Thos. K. Hudson. The only 'guest who was not a member ol the i:lub was Mrs. f/lit EdjuJsloi), of Louise, Mfcs., who is' the guest ol her slsler, Mrs. Wattle, Willlimis. tli.iireday nisht Mesdaincs Taylor und EdwHi'd Hcgraves wuro hos- 'Ei-s to a lirldse purly und linen shower, cumpllimuidng Miss Aann Miir(jnrel Wood, whose miir- riuBc to Mr. Hen! Duller, of Hope, Ark., will ijo solemnized i No- venibcr Jhst. The Hariy' was given in Hie nev,- toniminilly -liul on lire echool eumpus. Tire BiieM of honor received «> lovely nssortiucnt of linen presented by the fifty giicsls who were prcwtit. lligh wore prize wns won by Mrs. Mutlic Wlliiums, rvcanil high by Mrs. C. -w. Mlflltn.. Miss Sin-ji Slocks, of Mississippi, visiting her ' aunt, Mrs. Mn..-li|izttbclli Urnslcy ui Lex- . - ington, Tcnn., is Hie guest or her ,\. Molfitl. lodli's went uiim \ji -liiui'jvu ' "V ILUJIMVII)^ JUUl|\] \\ t lit iiouioijucst of Mr. Memphis .Bofunlny lo utleiul tM v «„..... . ' to Tlic Rev, Alfred . Carpeiilcr, new iwslor uf Ihe First Baptist churtli, who Is ninducliiiK ,a scries of il- Iiulnileil acniious (his ireck. '1'lui Loyally KcriTal.-iil ilie.First Unptisl' church starlcU yi'slcrday vvilli a large audience at the nighi service. The ' Min'itcs a're to : con- i; r j(i EC 'glvwi by Mrs. . Alvtu Wimdcrlicti, Mrs. J. N. Hunt and Mlso Evelyn Scott, compliiuenlint' -ailss - Ralltla ! Nichols. Mrs. , n .on, M 5 Bern, A daughter was bum aundiiv morning to Mr ahd Mrs. Malt M ,°. n ? E l" n at the Memphis Methodist hospHa) The baby 'weighs «ven pounds and t»o ouiiiss. i • • • - . ^ : - '• Has Birlhdajr P»rlj, Pesp Jean, Van WinMe, 'riaugh- ° ^-'"^ Mrs A M., Van ' > S ° U1 Mar& old ' , r^— a t oma to at the'may or is a mlguty sin licrc. Aiulln Zubll- lugH was senlcnccil I 0 one ycnr hi prison wid nued for ilirowlng one "t the mayor uurlu c u city t-omi- nieethig. v' > v ar& old Sat urday so she had =15 of her friends A" line < Bcrpss "the room held .Ufa fcr- ? !i the.'gutsts and. games ^rrc phycd before Dixie cups WC MlEd b cclc- ' . Mrs. Jits, C. 13. Wood. ami Put Away Dighity For Hallowe'en Party 1-1 "''--"-• ---•* ",'•'' J MONPAY, , OCTOBER ^, " ? ^g.| I. Bits of Mostly Personal Mrs. W. <?. Utggvof Hollywood, Cg|., spent last week \vllli her cousin, iirf. I'aui Jj. Tipton, unil lainlly. She is' now in seiiuth, Mo., having driven over with Mmes, Herbert \Vl6e, A. D. Mriyfleld, A. T. Douglas, Witt Douglas, Tom Douglas, J. D. Hughes, and A. s. McUanlels, also cousins of Mra. TlpUjn, who over for u duy. Billy Wilson spent Ihc week-end In Memphis wllh relatives. Miss Lots Hooper was In Mem- |.'!ils over the wrek-end.'. Br. and Mrs. Paul U 'flplou hud iis their guests for llic (jama Friday night, Mr. ond Mrs. Bond, Miss Dorothy McDtuilel, Miss Barbara Doml aim James Storey, of fcnnlh. Mo. Mrs. p. N. Uilti'cll hos roturiiecl from n .week's stay In Memphis find Covlnglon, Tcnn. Mre. J, c, Webb, who has'been at the St. Bernard hospital of Joncstoro for a week, was brought home yesterday. Mr. Webb anil daughter, Miss Cliffic, and Mrs. Lucy McAilains, motored • over for her. She It now better but will on conflued to her bed ; for a while. Mrs, Annie McGiirrity of Osoeola, arrived Unlay to fcc wilh Her. Matt Monngjinn Is In: ,, 4 wilh Mrs. Monaghan a»u'- [laughter, born yesterday : " Mrs. Howard Proctor-!: .'returned last night, from Miami, .FIa,,-,whcre she attended the JifllJopattconi'eu- llon of the American' Legion ami auxiliary. Mrs. Proclor,'''who' Is titulo president of. (ho-"auxiliary was given Uiis trip, by the ;;lutc organlzalion. Bhe accompanied a number of outstanding wotiion of Arkansas, bended, by Mrs '•• T P Glacomlnl. of cinrksMlle, .rctlrin-j department prcBldent. While there they were gucstii nt a Dumber oi •Social functlont; JncludL'iB t(, c Statoi dinner, at the 'Sernlnoje Arbor. Biltmore country club the Cabuna party, n t Miami ! ijeach, ondj. dance at the Legion E ar- ^"cnlr™^ t" 1 ' ei '" n ' Cd Chicago where he attended 3 ng of Ford;agent* along'with other dealers'!,, the Memphb dis- rict who made outstanding gains m business over ,, certain piS Ho]Iand_Child Digs , HOLLAND r^oT'I p^ j .„, iHiinory, M iitontjis-oid baby of Mr. and Ate. Kirk Nunnery <1M «t the home of lu-r grandparents, Mr ,„„! Mrs . w . g.^ i . i Sunday morning,.following a seven days illness of colilis Puiicni scr vices were hold al l;oo o'clock lo- 'rith^Ve'nov 011 ' 1 "' 1 JU "" l - lsl> chuilt '" &,! u £*£'^^-^ : I'hc baby is survived by 5. her parents and three brothers. *N Hospital Aofes liven the fiumukin inun tenter pi Hy MARIAN YOUNG NEA Service Staff Wrller Table decorations play ail iinpor- lant j»rt in ihe success of any Hallowe'en parly. Along with dec- orali™ and appropriate food and n list of Interesting games, the smnrt liosless will plan her table settings ivell ju advance of Oc- (obc, thirty-first. neinejii'cer thai any attempt at pretentiousness will spoil Hallo- we'en parlies. Half the fun of them lies In [heir utter simplicity that makes everyone' feel strictly inior- mal and eager to enter Into the most ridiculous.earl of games. Can you lma»hi?'.that guests who start the evening jvjtji a formal dinner will bo . cnsiljv poj'iiiadcd io slick their heads hi-a tub of vulerMo bob ior ajiple't)? And bob for uppt'cs thoy must. To leave out this mile bit of non- cause would be at, bad as forgetting (o hang up inifiJeloe ul a Christmas party. Make AH Rooms Playrooms Bo forget about your best linen, china und silver, put away priceless vases and turn the living and dining' rooms into veritable playrooms. Introduce your guesls by Ihciv first as well us last names and te it tjiiitc obvious that sophis- ecc for (tie Hallow-e'en party lablc being: home-made ' lication and dignity are taboo for this one evening at least. Cover the (ab]e with a gay cloth and use paper napkins and orange and black checked paper nut, cups trimmed win wild looking wilcjies, pumpkins and black cats. Make your own cenlcrpleccs. A pasteboard jack-o-lanip'n, filled witli apples, nuts and grapes is a nice Idea, If you want to go to a little more (rouble, make a crepe pjpcr man with a silly high hat. Hwv (o Make Decorations Here are the dirculions: , Take-seven heavy wires, jg inches long, one wire 15 inches, and'one 20 incnes. Wrap each .wire ile'pa- ratcly. with 'a -strip of. light, of- ango crepe ono-hiilMnoh Wide,,Hut lias been cut" across the grain and stretched;. Mjikc two rings with Ihe shorter wires, with spool wife, fasten six of the long wires to the smaller ring al equal disiaiscea apart, and then fasten the larger circle about 6 inches below Uiis, shaping the Jong wires lo form the head or the pumpkin man and then bringing them together to form the bady. Separate the wires again for the legs, fhree for each, and shape UICEC at the end into ovals for the feel. Paste cardboard of 'the same can bear the Informal marks of By Queer Cr«f(ure 1 . . . Oil. <UP)~A h|o- i ._,.„. eurioblty In 111? way/b[ im,;;. linyls u p as -discovered near. ht'n> ; '- receully In Hie Kern river hot- •*loin. ;. : Thp crcnturc at first glance was 1 ! thought lo be a rat. Upofi closer- f cxaiiiinatioi), reason seemed to have-fled. Well furred, 'the anlimil posscsjicd -A long tall Ihat'was ha||' an inch wide and perfectly i]at, Nnturo had evidently playtt}' irlcb ! with its head, drawln-j • the fiicc snti jaws out inlo a lona c'onc that hHd, (he iippcavunce uf a beak, but vvllh no vtsjblc vni'f, Tlio feet weve identical with those of any sclf-respecliug rat, willi the exception lhal they wcro webbed. The rodent-mammal could lie compared wilh nothing— except iwrhapa iliat I)lolo3ical uiys-' Irry, (ho Australian duckbill, which to Ihc scientifically minded Is Ilia Ornithorliynciius parado^'us. With such a genealogy, local' citizens understood why the un-' known wus fountl dead. to the feet, and cover with shiny black paper. Shape the ends of the remaining long wire Into ovals for the hands, wrap the ovals with orange erepc, and fasten this wire to the body to make the arms. Com Wires With l'a)ier With 10-lnch-wide strips or light orange crepe folded in half tooth- wise, cover the wire foundation for the head, working'from top to bottom, overlapping strips, aiid pasting in place. Make the features from black thiny paper. Now dress the pumpkin man in his smart parly suit of duplex creps —Brccn swallow-tail coat, with tha darker .side-turned out for the cuffs end .pocket, orange trousers wilb .Hie lighter sld» turned back for the eullsliiighb orange vest, with collar, 'and'black cellophane tie. .His t-all ^Ijal-'lB 'uiadc from two thick- UDsr-cji of •• green crepe, and trimmed with ail-orange-Wind. The hat is Just a lube of crepe with Iho creno folded and stretched slightly to make the brim, and a. circle added lor the top. His monocle is mado from wire wrapped with sold paper 'If you want, u very polished person, you can add tome Hirer touches—ears cut., from duplex oran°c orepe, hair,-made.'from shiny biack crepe paper,..'and' white for the - of ithe-eyes and the teeth For Your Cough! Crcomulsion • may be a help than you need. It co' seven lu-lps In one;, It is made for- quick relief, .for safety. ' ; Mild coughs often yield to lesser' helps. No one can tell. No one knows which: factor will do' most for uny' certain cough. So careful people, more and more, are using Crcomulsion for - any cough 'thai starts. . ;. The cost is a little more (Han I » single liclp. But 'your druggist is authorized to guarantee u sc it costs uoltilng if it fails Ic bring, you quick'relief. Coughs tt h ."?nser signals. For safety's sake «eal with .them-in Ihe best wii5 'own:;. .' . -' _ A(iv . .'iiiled for Tossing Tomalo SAN SEBASTIAN, iluut! cnch night, this M-ci.* from 7:30 lo 8:aO. 'fjic 1 pastor, Um fjcv Alfred Carpenter,-will show motion pictures of Ills rociiut, trip to Europe sum tlio IJolj' Land,'followed by n lecture on current niattM'G of mtciwt In linropc. 'I'onisht.'s .urugnim will constt ol songs, then iiiotioii.pichires beginning at the Avenue of'Flags at tlic World's Fifhy across Hie Allnulic on tin- i-,. s. Europe,'through Lmi- flon und the Slmkcspcuro eountrv, across Holland to Berlin, aei-- ,niany. Following tills '(lib pitstor will Icclurc on "Tlic JJnzl Govcrn- nicnl and its Attitudes Toward Christianity." . • . ' : nnr o sI: Cifforrt Autrcy, Slcclc. SMO.; Violu Mcaclmin, Dogwood Ridee- M. ; C. Caveiiess, Cooler,. Mo.: Utrs. O. - M. Da s tor, city. Dismissed : tro ^rr, Bragg City, Co.; R. T .lFat- OII, .Leaclivillc; Mrs. Eulu 'oor- don, Ciinilhcrsvlllc, Mo. l-'IiKA Band LIMA, O. (UP) — A 254piece FERA bund, drawn from Iho rnnks ' , of Allen county's unemployed -men ; ' Scienttsls Believe Light Rays May Aid Farmers CINCINNATI. (UP) -ScieJlfisLs envision (he possibility 01 improving (he farmer's economic tondi- llon by light rays, Dr. Gcorga Sperti, dU'ectw of the basic research Jubor.itory, University cf Clncinimtl, disclosed hero. In an inspection tour ol me lob- oralory following a incelinj; ol Hie Amencan Institute of Electrical Knglnccrs, he demonstrated to members ho«- yrentc, rays — the waves between x-iiiys and ultraviolet rnys-iirc used to cliangc the form or biological matter. Tiic lioiiu of .scientists, liu said, is lo use the rays in crcntln^ new types of plants, tlu,.s- B i 1 'ing tlie fanner noti-competing products for nnirkct scale. Already the experiments have been siicreNsfiil in r;i((ialiii g the CSB.S of fruit flics and Jolin C Kardon, associate ot the laboratory, has been able lo produce flies with deformed wings. t white gold frame. Reward. Mnrgaru Moore, | Phone Hi. 29|) kl Jbiistipation . II conEtlpatlon CBUKS you Oj*. Indtgestloiv Headaches Bad SlMp, PtasSj- Bkin.-get quick with.ADI^RiKA. Thor- -acllon, yet gentle, safe. , ieU« •ougb- ADLERIKA City Drug store aw Kirby Bros. Drug Co. —Adv. . the custom bralne W»JJo,tcn -.„--—••' pupils of theisiidbury inV groI? VC0P ^ WrC " H " ^ rc ^^^for, thb'oecystai 'wedncEday ~"*Hy> ^prcscutallons include : mltl- ^^ i ' tli *i l X fB ^ tur « 'V^Ui"tht program, m • Uie ?8udlU>nuin *to'In- cjjtde a^Halbwe'en-iparade, r n^5i4h t 'thejRiye"(, and ajp'laylct •T/w? Lemonade's S{and" :, / ' , Appropriate'refreshments^ will -be fcid^ -'» '. i -i -,-'.• , . .•PURE Chilled By TOgldalre Safe - Sanitary ' Pfnl - 7c Qurl - - 12c CRAIGSDAIRY Phone 74 See your Children in thfe Movies Your Vhttdreti in llaby Keview at RvxyThcutre . '^: ; - rs,: no Houbl,i vcu' liiivci wondered what vour elultlreii wou|t! |ook likft on ; Uiu < screen. You ' J| ?\P'. the opijprtuiiity : of 'seeing them in ' - - - • . : em n mooii pii' m-es \vithqiit .paying, fqi- - Hip •filming. Brini? anv child, -Ircni J'nioiidi to. U, rears, to the Kozv Tlicntre between p.- A:. M; and; 10 P.- JL, caincn'tmt..:, will iiiakc inctiirc.s which will bo shown ;it Uic Roxv Ihcali-o November ami (Mli. • Aljsolulclv no ed^V to you. i' 1 ' 1 .- • THURSDAV IS I'OymVElA' TIIK 1,AST DAY, SO BRING YOUR CHILDREN !N TO HB'V- Also have pholujj-raplis made (he Hollywood iviv of - of/your family while' ihe pholojjrapher Bible in family 140 Tears BELLMKE. O. (UP)—A Bible MO years old, and in her family or lhat length of lime, wns shown it ihe Bcllnirc Centennial by Mrs. Minnie Alllt. WASHINQTO'N (UP)—The President of the American Public Health Association states that in Tliicf Stole Cop's I'islol NORTH AW30VER. M a5 s. (UP) --Vor boldness. John Dllllngor tlldul have u thing on the thief who walked into Iho police station Uerc nnd stole Patrolman Houghton Farnham's service revolver I'A1U> OF THANKS We wish to thank our many friends and neighbors for ilu\ kindness and sympathy shown us during the illness and death of our grand daughter. Miss Snra McGregor, who departed (his life, Sunday, October VI, 19M. \Vi; thank caeh and every one for the beautiful lloral designs and we especially, thank the Hcv. Airs. Betisly -for her consoling words, a the Moss Undertaking Co.. for their loyal service. May God bless eueh and every one. Mr. and Airs. E. D. McGregor and Family, Brothers, Alvis and David, Aunt, Mrs. Lillic Sisk. For REAL Protection 'Phone 191 CLAKK-\yiLSON AGENCY General Inaurancu '\Vc 1'ay All Losses With a Smile' James B. Clark - Baker Wilson Loyally Revival of First Baptist Church 7:30 Each JNiglu , , (Tins Week) Motion Pictures of Europe, Egypt and Holy Land Lectures on current events in Europe Bring Your Family and Friends rural sections CO per cent of fires slart ou. tlio roof. BIGGEST BUY FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DIPT. 120; EASIEST TIRMS ,. .. s police calls as iveU as regular bro*ii- g- Hubbard Furniture Co; Tbnes Have Chaugetl Since ; The Good Old Days And So Have Cleaning Methods \Vlioii folks rode landrais ;niil gjiy ' -. Lolharins liuokccl their h;it t'lumls to Ihoir stiiL buttons tliu dry cleaning industry was in its infancy. TqtUvy tluwc mothpils arc olisolclc . . . .rcjilaecd wjlh nu\v niacliinci-y, new cleaning solutions, new methods. : ' I''oi- Ihe pasl 18 years Burues jias been' idert- tu this evolution of the industry ami has kept, 'abreaiit . wl Ihu tinius by using new' idca.s as soon as tliuy liavc proved 'successful. '.'• . TlmL'H wliy Uat'itus' cluanintf is (Jualily. Cleaning! j|; Barnes NuWa Cleaners ''...'•.: I'honc'lb'U . •'/"

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