The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 4, 1947 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Mar.-[e Ellis of Emrr?on ,1 roorn in fh.-- home of Mrs. Mian, he \Vji.,-,:i r.r.d i.j at- '••n,l;i!f Mnlv.rn Inch school this ear . . Sa-iir.iny f.-. r Minnesota a -,v.. t -k va- and Mr. ;,,,r| '" 1 •>"••'M r..|i,, ''""" ••' '" THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN. IOWA, SEPTEMBER 4, 1947 I IIP \ O'Keefe & Merritt GAS RANGE ("•fore you buy. WESTERN HOLLY Gas Ranges with To,, (Jrjfhllf $249,95 COOLERATOR REFRIGERATOR Ruy Now and Sar« J78 • M.I "nl in Km- r~..n •' !: : ".'l Mi s F;,.. ,,,,-., ,... 'in:.,| Friday from Torrincton. \Vy>. wiun ih<--y have lieqn for -••..! a! -.-.....K- Mr. Caudell. who v l"' n! soi'i- tin,,. i n :1 hospital :h<-re. lias made rapid tain and ••*»•< aide to r-'turn hv car. Mr. and Mrs. Ihvuhr Morris dpi'.v- ,, r , .-•atunfay f rr , rn [<an=as f 'i'y for a week end visit in the Hathawa.v H, \\'. Sn!yfrs home. Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Palmer and fa fair at Linen Mr. and Mr?. (,;!en ' liams and daughter Carol of Gothenburg. Xeb., were over nicht quest's Friday of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hitchey. The gentlemen are stepbrothers and it was their first run:':. ! Mr, '•'•:• They t -.|:i r at Wntjh,, ns j :u:d Maar.. ..ruploy. d •.. i end .-it th- ho.-.. f-:i'< in iv.-i, •r.vjjj .Mr and Mi-- Marion Wilh-lm and I'ai-iilv sp.-nr Sunday at the |I..;IK of Mr. and Mr--, ('has. Parker in Macedonia. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Parkc-T of Columhia. P. C. who have |,f. Pn visitinc with them as far as Hastings where they went as far a» Hastings where 'her will visit in the home of Ed nff ' r ^' president HAMBSCH REUNION AT FAIR GROUNDS SUNDAY Mrs. Lavonne Melton Elected President for Ccminij Year Tii- d«s. • tidants of Ferdinand Cat'i. |- 1J: .. icimhs.-h in. t at h" Man.-.,-:! fair rrour.ds Sunday "'• their ,,nnual re-union. ic the Irotuififdl dinner ::i.-ftinir was ronduct- !'!•• -id-:-nt. Mrs. Eiinire i". Thirty-six answer- Church Societies Resume Meetings Church soriftics will resume thrir roeiilar schedule of meet- inc.* Thursday. Sept. 11. nt 2:.".n F' m. The F'reshvtft inn I'nlon will meet with Mrs. H. F. Clark. riap- ti = t Kensinrton with Mrs. Vanuhn Hoavc- and Ruth Cjrrle of the Women's Society for Christian Srrvil f 'he Methodist rhurch with .Mrs Kay Hilton. Martha Circle W j|| mp( . ( Tuej.daj. n , s p Presbyterian Westminster Guild 1 Ice Cream i-'l'ortfd. The oldest member !'.'•• sdit was Mrs. Rosa Chamber- Callril M. I { ,b, knll of s' held i,. """'• for next year are: Mrs. Lavonne Melton. vice president. Miss Ilambsch. Galesburg. •y and treasurer, Mrs. ap- ,h Ihe convention this Miss Clara Wise. Sunday ~ Winsome • Handsome • Gladsome • • . That's how make you look! Malvern Beauty Shop Malvern •st YVeidner leaves tonight s. H. T. Palmer and ! " r } '" rf '"^- Kan., where he will r riil "' ps Jlambsch. G the .v..|,raska state ? ''' r ' ;!fi Cf:> e ' ! ' :>1 """"hs in the home „ ' per ' refar - v and trea'su In Sunday. (lf llis a "nt. Mrs. Minnie Shan- He!en L,imbaugh, Ames. '« cion Ho^,- -_j "on. The reunion next year will be Mrs. Xelma Fletcher returned hP ' d '" R '°' 1M Sunday frotn a two weeks vara- «,• , ,~, ~~ 'Pent in Des Molne. "n"l ' H lnm>r " l Alfrwl rnlon. Mr. and Mrs. Fred ^" "°T ^T'^ II and son Dickie of Lan- ^ « dinner hon orlng Rev. Mich.. Joined her at the a " d . Mrs ' Martin Bemer of Phlla- * Alexander home In w«" delphla '- - Pa " was held at the part '" Eleven Presbyterian Church Lawn t.6 • Serving starts at 7 p. m. Plenty of Homemade Ice Cream and Coke repular meeting will held Sept. 3. Betty Mao Fishor, reporter. get-together In 11 years. •-'"*, .men., joined her at the j t~ " ""*'"" "«?mer 01 ffllla- Mrs. John Wise O f Glenwood Claude Alexander home In West delphla - Pa - wa s held at the s a guest of her sister-in-law I'nlon for n visit home of Mr - a °d Mrs. Alfred Leu ss Clara u-i« «:....,.... Miss Mary Ethel Wilson of Los A "f:, 24 : Angles. Cal.. «•.„ an over night Pa , ,1", d !" K were Rev - an <l Mrs. visitor Tuesday at the home of f,"' °' ahn and fam »r. Mr. and her brother and sister-in-law Dr , Menschel and daugh- nnd Mrs. F. E. Wilson Miss \Vil' * Amelia Menschel, Mrs *on flew from Los Angeles to '» 3 ^ L ,* U ' Mr and Mrs - "ert Omaha and will return to Lo° " ow ' ard> Mr - a "d Mrs. Gerald Ma- Anpelep in a few days. With Mrs , a " d Gary> Mrs ' All >ert Pon- Wilson. she spent Wednesday 1°^''v. [' Qnd Mrs - Eldon 1'ontow visiting friends in St. Joseph. Mo " nrd ba ,^- v ' Emil I'ontow, Mr. and •Miss Fannie Clark of Tho Mrs - ""bert S»e B emeyer and leader staff ls takfnK „ t ^ dau B hter of Higginsville, Mo. weeks varation. Mr - an d Mrs. Ralph Leu and fam- Mrs. Harry i' aco and dau ^ h . '- v ' """aid. Kudenp and Wanda ters, Hctiy j o ar)d |, e ,. erly w( ,, M>u of Omaha and the honorees leave Monday for I'almdale,' Cal M ~ "here, they will reside for the , V' a "^ Thomas W. Old- cominK year and the girls will JF ' and Miss Grpt fhen Gidley. attend school. They w|]| be near I" compan >' w "h Mr. and Mrs -Mrs. r-ure's brother. Hudson PI , mes Summ '' r s of Glenwood' att and family who reside there l MVe Frlday for a *eek end Jark will remain ,„ Ma , n le - houge p«,rty. «ue s t s of Mr. and continue his work with the o, WelfloQ Gearhart of Silver Bright Co. of Des Moines S" y '. at the ranch °f Mrs. Gear- Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Suhr of SfJ' * grandfa ther. Nelson Up- Staplehurst. Neb., were Sunday n' ™ ar North Platte - Neb. Kuests of Mr. and Mrs Louis \v nnd Mra ' Harr y -Moore of Kn«.p The J oe Copperstone fam- rom""'"^, C "? ie w " h Mrs ' E ' c 1> of north of Hastings Joined h - Monfla >' a « she returned them for Sunday dinner Mr 2^* " a two weeks v 'slt In Suhr is a brother of Mrs 'KHOD «r . , home ' They returned to and Mr.,. Copperstone Waterloo Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wilson and nt ^ f ' and Mrs - Fred Robinson Jr. children came Friday from Mm. . Cou » cl1 "Juffs spent the week neapolls, Minn., for a week end \ nls Parents, Mr and visit in the Fred Newell and Mrs fl",' F- C ' Roblns on. and with J. L. Wilson homes. thelr sma " daughter who is MLS. Dave Moore departed last ^^ f few weeks *«th the 'fk for Alabama where slie win senior n«l<insons. several weeks with a sis- u-un' an '' Mr8 ' J ' W ' Iiaer a "'I is William n-turned Monday from a ' " r,L a .L c: '' s . I ' er -.. w >: o --.*''hthoiP Honor Guests at Family Dinner Sunday CompllmentlnK their guests. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wilson of Minneapolis, Minn., Mr. and Mrs Fred Newell entertained at a cooperative family dinner Sunday at their home. Others besides the honor guests and hosts were Mr and Mrs. Frederic Newell and daughters, Mrs. Jesse Wilson, Mr and Mrs. Clarence Nagel and Dwisht. Mrs. Susie Nagel and ""-, Dorothy Johnson and two children of Council Bluffs. well done for the rural used. . — —.. UM , men-ling vi me Uon'^Su^io^r^anr:: 8 : "f..*»» C ^ ^tectlve i ous- Y adopted to convey a hearty ^. ° f <thanks to Chief F. R. Chatitry and his entire "Irthclaj , Sharon Perkins, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Carroll Perkins, celebrated her B | xtn birthday last Thursday with a party. Five young friends were asked for the afternoon and they played cro- \\Tn? nd ° thpr Oliul oo'' Barnes. Birthday cake and Ice cream wero Borved to complete the after- nnnn of fun. wen? Joe Dale Coons Mason, Patsy Oearhart, Delline Lybarger and Kathryn Dul- News o/ t/ie Churches • : reNb >' t 7i'"' Church J : M " « fron «Sunday echool, 10 a. m. Regular church services at 1 a. m.. starting Sept. 14. The Social Union will mee Sept. 11 with Mrs. Harry Clark INTERDENOMINATIONAL Fellowship Meeting FrL Night Sept. 5 On my lawn located two blocks St. East of the Community Building in Hastings. Everyone- from anywhere in the country is Welcome U. T. Hamilton ^"••"^ I •'•—^^^^^—^— with Joe Copper- ,!„,. i . , • •••"" a "," K '»" '-". *|..-nr Men- f. a "n' tel ;;., Ml ' s - 1>al " w «'«on. and ' " fair at !,•„„„,„ amil >- Hi--y enjoyed the scenic I Km it t f r-. *' . t. i.. . _ ( . ••»«K ilills on their II.H s.a., • No, you can't phy the oU tune parlor Barnes with the new, convenient ROBERTS paper milk carton! But you can be sure of the old ROBERTS tradition for the "nest in dairy products. Over fortv Years of ROBERTS know-how Lsur's . . . homogenized for your taste Reach for HOMO MILK AT YOUR FOOD STORE Mrs. "'1 Mr,. I'anl v,., T, V , , t: '" 1 "'"' ri(k voi u.v i. inniw| lu,,,!,. j.-i-jdav , M'-s. C. (•. Harman. MrH Kdw. Harmai, and Vivian »•-• Mr:'v,i? Shh:; 1 r ™f^**£ -- r -- "'-law and daughter Mr .I' ' " h °" le m ' ar Tal -or, celebrat- ?.7; Minn" 11 UaUey> '"' Alb "' l «-™-n ""**'* ° f K ' tChl ° Ernest I. Hassel- A w eek end guest in the Fran b" .".I 1 ! 1 H t aiUrda> " from Mead - r' 8 Pace home waa Mrs. Kenneth ..b c-alled by the serious illness Jones of Milwaukee. Her son Tim of h s mother, Mrs . Uura „„.* who had spent the summer h^ Dr" Jo Pa386d EWay T ^ esday - returned hom e with her. Spirit Lake **«.. . .. »«om & llaplisi •Sunday school, 9:45 a . ]n MoniiiiK worship, coinmunioi service. I j. Uihhv study and pr ay( - r scrv . K'''. Wednesday, 7:;;o p m 1! - V. F. will nifct Sunday ev... ninir at tlu: O. H. Hydi- homi! foi •» 1'ii'iiic .supp.-r ;il ,a ft-iiowshii) hour. ' Nobrl |{. Blackmail, Pastor Hilton Trillium, Sii|>crlnu>mlriit «>l C. hurcli School Sunday school, 10 a. in. Morning worship, 11. Communion meditations and communion. „ . .„„. week fr eCh °° 1 ' returned l^t , MfB8 "arbara Chamberlain ar- - THUS5? ™^^^^^ BLAZE OF NOON MY BROTHER TALKS TO wth Pe»cr Lawfo Butch Butch WOMAN ON THE BEACH I Joan H»*rkrt A ft* »„._! *^i ^_. * w-»».| MTf-^ | ^ A Technicolor picture HOMESTRETCH Cont»l Wild* grocery ' Me is w °"d before returning. The RIGHT fit, •t a RIGHT price _B*«I«M(I by CHARJ5 Sjtt«i«Uu,^4tCj frfin inyeur ttmt frit offbarii ^* * MINNIE WILSON Phone 2171' ^ '/ THE GANG'S ALL HERE! Every day after school you'll find them at our counter ordering delicious ice cream sodas and sundaes. PARENTI COFFEE SHOP i*h. 3561 Malvern Miss Mary Margaret Stevesson who has attended the summer session at Iowa State college, IB enjoying two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Stevenson, before returning for the new year's work. Monday where RoberV'T.'enroUed Tor the year at Wentworth Mill- tary academy. SAT. NITE- NIK GRACES Tt«M TiioU f iW f, M i«K«* at |iQO f, ME. William Reid wag taken Mony to the veterans facility at Lincoln for treatment and observation, , lr **r. and Mr«. Jack Herlng canto Wednesday from Iowa City for a week's vlatt with their parent*. Mr. and Mrs. E. D. tiering and Mr. and Mra. Ivan Jackton. They came by P u U e to Omaha whero they wore met by the Jackaon*. l>r. Alice Mickey of Omaha is UfsisUuK at the o«lee of Ur. T. B. Shonka h«re for 10 day* or more. Curd o W«» \vlsh «« ttittuk our mauy tt'iiUinl >0 much klnduuMi uiul *yu»iuniiy lu our time of Mis !„ M S6T YCLX? CAB. BUT TO ACVIgg TAK\H6 IT TO Mi* Mi» Umtly dray c.r Lubrication ..... b. luhriMtod ., „.„. SALYERSAUTOCO 'N IOWA

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