News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio on November 15, 1965 · 2
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News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio · 2

Mansfield, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, November 15, 1965
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2 Nrwi Journal, Mansfield, 0. Monday, November 15, IMS Liquor Raid Flares Into Near Riot In Clevelan d. Howell's Trip CLEVELAND (AP) - A free-for-all in which, a; liquor agent said, "we fought for our lives" flared during a routine raid Sunday at Eugene V. Debs Hall. J Thirty of the 70 persons attending a dance at the hall early Sunday were arrested 2t on charges of HicnrHnrK Qccitmhlir trmr rfn Wira linlH fiiv itivneti. UIVI I MOVItllIJ i A ItlVII nvtV 1IVIV . tl,VOVt gation. Ralph E. Krciser, state liquor agent in charge of the Cleveland area, said he would submit to the prosecutor today liquor law violation charges against three of those arrested. Debs Hall, on the second floor of a business and apartment building, is the Cleveland head quarters of the Socialist Workers Party and the Young Socialist Alliance, the party's youth movement. PREVIEW OF U.S. WEATHER BUREAU FORECAST TO 7;00A.M.EST -4-J5 On The Ntrorih Mansfield Hospital Notes tox, Shiloh, RD 2; Brian Brew-I Prion, 141 Mendota St.; Mrs. er, 313 Fifth Ave.; Myrtle Looney. Bellville; Mrs. Mrs. Arlyn Rameh, 67 Ram-iKelsoy Rose, 1103 Lantz St ; Clifford bieside Dr.; Harry Sites. 223 1 Harry Morr. Fleming Falls Shirley I South Mulberry St.: Mrs. Jesse Rd.; Mrs. Emil Tangea, 330 sunn TORONTO ri son To P Delayed SAW ILLEGAL SALES Jerrell Ray Howell's trip to i the stale penitentiary in Co'um-! bus where he will begin serving two life sentences will be de-l ilayed for a short time, the! county prosecutor's office said A Cleveland detective and a today. liquor agent, who bought tick- j Howell was sentenced to serve ets and entered the dance short- j life for the murder of two small! ly before the raid, said they j Mansfield girls near North Like1 witnessed illegal liquor sales. iJark on June 23, 12 The officers said the hall has e was sentenced on two no liouor Dermit and no dance 'counts after pleading guilty to cermit was issued. i second - degree murder lasi Turn rrnirtk 4utastttmc on A tixta I P, more liquor agents entered the , ' I'Zv" ' . u t. hall fnr Ih. r.frf 1 hU Kroiaor the delaV SCnding Howell to Officers said a free-for-all start! ! lJ'f 7 ,Xe '5ut j ...u j.:.. nt . .r.. because it will take some time CU Mill UCICI-U YC3 II d I US',. ,L, .:, . Vaughn and Edward Sullivan 1 PrePare ,he commitn,ent Pa" were attacked by a young man after Vaughn asked the crowd to disperse because the group had no dance permit. "For the next half hour, we fought for our lives until enough police arrived to quiet the mob," Kreiger said. "It was one big mass of human bodies in battle." pers Before these papers are redy all of the court costs in the lengthy and involved murder trial must be figured by the county clerk of cmrts. Frir nilly To Man Dr. Vilhjalmur Stefansson, the explorer, was the first to call the Arctic a self-sustaining re- rv, VV (xT--n--. -v rZ-r- ll W" xS::XCf 7r sNmwci$co .. ? . I kinsiscitv JyJy -. rr.wonTM r Lw3f LOWEST TEMPERATURES ...S- l and CLOUD FORECAST fYllLU AMI WEATHER FOTOCAST SHOWERS FREEZING RAIN OR SLEET ll Will Be Showery; Warmer SNOW RAIN Sublctt, 362 Pomerene Rd.; Mrs. Robert Johnston, 943 Ux-dale Lane: Henry Seiler, 102 Hospital JVoten GENERAL HOSPITAL Admissions Mrs Burton, 497 King St. Riggs, 509 Parry Ave.; Robert Dormaier, Mansfield, RD 3; Mrs. Atha Ludwig, 100 Blymyer Ave.; Mrs. Fred Partin, Bellville, RD 3; Mrs. Lloyd Prosser, 2H6 Bowland Rd.; Robert Hard ing, Lexington; Mrs. Royal Martin, 505 Woodward Ave.; Mrs. Robert Jordan, 77 Lee Lane; Mrs. Carl Robart, Birmingham, O.; Leonard Brodzenski, Shelby; Val Harris, Edison, RD 1; Wil-lard Patterson, Martel, RD 1; Mrs. Charles Croy. 263 Harker St.; Mrs. Conrad Hamilton, 129 Boughton Ave.; John Dale, 593 1 Sunset Blvd.; i Mrs. W. Clifford Stafford. 1150 North Main St.; Lauren Van- Seminole Ave.: Mrs. Norma ausdle, Mansfield General Ilos Dale Ave.; Mrs. Winona Brio-ley, 343 West Fourth St.; Ar thur Krannich. Mansfield, RD 3; West Dickson Ave; Nancy I Mrs. Joseph Cooper, Mansfield, Foee, 46 Lexington Ave.; Mr. Bruce Workman, Mansfield. RD 4; Brian Kibler, 137 Sycamore St.; Paul Shields, 564 North Trimble Rd.; Mrs. Dale Claypool, 338 Poplar St.; Deme-tra Bonner, 446 Lily St.; Anto nio Davis, 239 Herman Ave Mrs. Perry Hilligoss, 258 Elm- wood Dr.; Albert Kopina, 222 Abbeyfeale Rd.; Maude Mathis. 589 Grant St.; Mrs. William Workman, 1544 AGENTS BEATEN Police said the agents and de- gion friendly to man tectives were beaten, knocked , down and kicked during the melee. Sullivan was treated for minor injuries. Among those charged with disorderly assembly were Lewis G. Robinson. 36, and his wife, Beth, 27, and James Warmer and showery weather is in store for this area tonight and tomorrow. Rainfall is expected to be light. High temperatures today and tomorrow will reach into the fifties. Lows tonight will be in the upper thirties and low forties. Temperatures will average near normal for the next five days. Rainfall will be light, occurring as showers tonight or tomorrow and again at the end of the week. During Monday night rain will extend from portions of California into the Great Basin Region. Snow flurries are likely over the Northern Plains and Plateau Region into the Lakes Region. Milder temperatures will extend from the Southern Plains eastward into the Mid and South Atlantic states. Over the remainder of the nation little change in temperature is expected. Minimum temperature forecast includes: Seattle 42; San Francisco 47; Los Angeles 55; Denver 37; Phoenix 50; Ft. Worth 63; Little Rock 52, Kansas City 42; St. Louis 43; Duluth 29; Chicago 33; Detroit 36; Cleveland 36; Boston 37; New York 44; Washington 40; Atlanta 44; Jacksonville 62; and Miami 70. Weather Th TEMPERATURES RPort.d by Mn$fiid Witthtr Station fu:jv a.m. 40 Frietchen. 191 Poplar St.; Mrs. Richard Creps, 346 Davis Rd.; Mrs. Glenn Kauf, 1040 North Trimble Rd.; Mrs. Cecil Flynn, Mansfield, RD 7; Charles Pen ny witt, 824 Dresden Dr.: Mrs. Earl G. Davis Jr., 949 Kentland Dr.; Mrs. Carrie Beauford, 27 South Willis St.; John Odell, Mansfield, RD 2; Mrs. John Odell, Mansfield, RD 2; 1559 Virginia Lane; Mary Price. 166 Vale Ave.; Claus Juch, 152 Esley Lane; Daryl Prosser, 192 East Third St.; Mrs. Richard Bly, 930 South Diamond St.; James Pugh, Lucas, RD 1; Mrs. Gene Grogg. 1138 Mari-anna Dr.; Dennis Nelson, Pa-vonia; Mrs. Marion Roberts, Butler; Harlan Budd, Ashland; Mrs. Laura Beal, 129 Washing ton Ave.; Mrs. George Pappas, Yeierdav'i hioh in t,w. :353 West Third St.: Mrs. Wl - KPinCn' 54 h0ur tnat" " 1 ,m !liam Cowell, Mansfield, RD 6; Mrs. Elizabeth Koroknay, 339, le and daughter, 476 South Main Ohio St.; Mrs. Frances Vian, Mrs. John bisaman jr. ana RD 3: Donna Howdyshell, Lu cas; Mrs. Larry Ferguson, 29 Bradford Ave.; Grover Hart, Danville; Arthur Laishley, Crestline. Mirlhs GENERAL HOSPITAL Saturday Daughter to . Mr. and Mrs. George Boyd, 2044 Middle-Bcll-ville Rd. Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stratton, 988 Belmont Ave. Son to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bly, 930 South Diamond St. Son to Mr. and Mrs. Gene Grogg, 1138 Marianna Dr. Sunday Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sasler. 253 South Diamond St. Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Windsor, 125 Ford St. Son to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rice, 62 East Raleigh Ave. rtmirtMnt it Hit onrl Mie son, 220 Larry Ave.; Mrs. David . r nrf,h,r(1 Sf Son to Mr. and Mrs. Larry pital Nursing Home; Mrs. Azle Guill, Shelby, RD 1; Mrs. Man-ford Pursley, 215 Sturges Ave.; William Berry, 130 Blymyer Ave.; Mrs. Albert Leitenberger and son, 1340 Park Avenue East; Mrs. Robert Bates and son. 146 West Third St.; Mrs. Curtis Gun-tharp and son, 645 Koogle Rd.; Mrs. Dean Fighter and daugh ter, Bellville; Mrs. Gordon Wink- Mrs. Jack Goodfellow. Bell- WANSFIELD FORECAST: ClOlldW JlnH Ulrmaf fu4u ulM m high around 50. Tonight, cloudy with a, ville. RD 3; Mrs. Carl Butter- cnance 01 mowers, low of 37. Tuasday,:. u 0Qn Rriat'umnrl RH partly cloudy, a few afternoon lhowen.i DaUgh, 990 BriarwOOO KQ., ntgn arojna si degrees. Sun rises 7:11 a.m. Sun tell 5:12 p.m. Mail, 22, Charged In Girl's Death (Continued From Page 1) Rirhland tTniinlv fnrnnpr smallpr rhanon A handful f I bv Euhanks. nolire said i n II 01 tl r y-M , y " b " uuiiuiu. wi v , r iwonroe n, . ... o. vC- Dr. Robert Wolford said today dimes and nickels were found land. that Marv Pllpn haH tuon shnf! " . i " r ;! Deside her body. The three are organizers of the Freedom Fighters of Ohio, a civil rights group active re cently in promoting rent strikes , in the hea(j with a brick on the East same. twice, once in the right chest and once in the abdomen with a .32 caliber pistol, then struck quarters when she left to get 1 on the gun reported purchased, near Johns Ave., on Oct. 29, 1959 after a high school dance. liar oifooma tv,n4, k.m 1a4 kn. lilJ lUIICllLjy 13 U1IUC1 grand jury indictment for as- When she failed to return, sault with intent to rape. He Brenda became alarmed and; now is awaiting a trial date in went to the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Love Williams. 446 11 u.e r-dhi sdiuc. Dr Wolford said the eirl wasin ' , . "'. Meanwhile, the Cleveland j Ss of to"! & LiL Sheraton Corp. was charged; whon ei,ntr K tho Krinl, qHH with possession of gambling de- that eith;r th shol vices as the result of a week-! ...r..j j u.. end raid by liquor agents atiT "r, " '"""s for Mary Ellen. from the laundromat, and call ed her mother. Mrs. Deener re quested the grandmother to look Hotel Sheraton-Cleveland. FIND DEVICES Agents said the equipment ' tal. He placed the time of death at approximately midnight, j Richland County Prosecutor Mrs. Williams then walked to ward the laundromat on Mulberry St., but stopped short of her destination when she no- was found Friday night in the ",,d"u ' J rZi I d police and a crowd near hotel's Cleveland Room, where LSl SpwMthe vacant house j"st north of a fund-raising party was being Blri uon a ,dw,k al the laundromat. When she told SZAJ One arm was o the room under the hotels per- stretchd gnd & handfu, of 1 ' 'IS nf th, nhJdimes and nickels was found A regulation of the Ohio ; , . . . . Liquor Control Commission bans ne" h""L r cai, tho 2. ,. , Mary Ellen s mother sa d the gambling devices on liquor per- jr, ad hpr n d siste mit premises. j Brenda Sue took a taxj FIND DEVICES i from their home on West Dick- ... . . , . . 'son at 10:30 p. m. to the Half- Gambling devices found in-1 Hour LaundroFmat at 434 Spring-cluded roulette wheels and , S Q do g washingF chuck-a-luck equipment, agents, said. I LARSON SAID the girls ran Allen J. Lowev general man- out of change. Leaving Brenda ager of the hotel, said he under-, in the laundromat, Mary Ellen common pleas court. Eubanks was indicted by the grand jury on Sept. 29, and when arraigned on Oct. 15 entered a plea of innocence. He was released on $5,000 bond. Eubanks pleaded innocent to stood the party was sponsored bv the Insurance Women of Cleveland to raise funds for the Cleveland Christian Home Children. walked to Springmill and Bow man St. and tried unsuccessfully to obtain change at a gas- forloline station. She then returned to the laundromat and told police that her granddaughter was missing, Mrs. Williams was requested to view the body. She identified the body as that of Mary Ellen, police said. POLICE began routine searching of the area, questioning of possible witnesses and later in the morning brought two men in for questioning, A break came in a check of recent purchases of guns. Po lice learned that Eubanks had lice said. Police seized a hunt- allegedly attacking an 18-year- iopartment fo old waitress in a north side re5-! im and arre. taurant on Aug. is. Eubanks was cited into juvenile court on Dec. 24, 1959, on a charge of assaulting a 12-year-old Mansfield girl on Miller St. on Dec. 21. He was 16 at the time. He admitted grabbing the girl and knocking her down. When she bit him on the hand he let her go and fled downtown. Then while walking on Bowman St. near Sixth St. sometime later, he was arrest ed by police. The girl's description of her attacker led to his capture, po go, he said. A spokesman in the prosecutor's office said today that Eubanks has the reputation of being a karate expert and that he is proud of the black belt he carries. In the Miller St. attack in 1959 Eubanks told police he hud" .his tyelt in his hand when he attacked the 12-year-old girl. LARSON prated the police eir prompt ac yesterday s case. Many of the officers and patrolmen worked through the night and late into Sunday night without relief or let-up, including one man who had been on duty since 2 p. m. Saturday afternoon. Larson said "You can't credit any one man alone. It was a team effort on the part of many members of the police depart-! ment. recently bought a .32 caliber pistol. He was called into the police station and reported volun- ing knife with a four and a half inch blade. He was placed on probation tarily at about 5:45 p. m. yester-;to his 18th birthday and turned day. Police said he confessed over to his father. He was not He said he also understood j Brenda that she would walk to that persons attending the party were given play money with each admission ticket to be used in the gambling games. The play money also was good for bidding on prizes later, Lowe said. the laundromat on North Mulberry St., a short distance away, to obtain change. Mary Ellen apparently got to the second laundromat. Her sister said the victim had four shortly after his arrival Ironically, after Eubanks arrived at headquarters, police still searching the area found a .32 caliber gun near the scene. The serial .number matched that ..7 allowed on the streets after dusk unless accompanied by an adult. When admitting the attack on the little girl, Eubanks also told police he grabbed a small girllsion here. Quakes Hit Denver DENVER (UPI) - Two small earthquakes caused mild tremors in the Debby-Commerce City area northeast of here Sunday, adding to the total of more than 1,000 quakes around this mile - high city during the past tnree years. 2-Car Collision DELAWARE (UPI) - Don aid Blevins, 55, Waverly, O., was killed in a two-car colli' Crawford Rooks. 337 Willow St.; John Stash. 88 Hillcrest Dr.; Robert Klink, 1945 Middle-Bell-ville Rd.; Charline Bowman, 138 Willow St.; Mrs. Walter Rice, 62 East Raleigh Ave. ; Hayward Burkhart, Abri Lane; Mrs. Robert Sharp, 2286 Crider Rd.; Mrs. Larry Salser, 253 South Diamond St.; Mrs. Clarence Windsor, 125 Ford St. ; Mrs. John Vesper, 253 Larry Ave.; Luke Gombosch, 509 Michigan Ave.; Mrs. Ralph Courter, 129 South Home Rd.; Donald Mathews, 188 Wood St.; Mrs. William Mackie, 161 Clare Rd.; Mrs. L. C. Hall, 21 Orchard St.; David Hibbard, 38 Helen Ave.; Gary Tolsty, 587 Shelby-Ontario Rd.; Mrs. Joseph Stumbo, 411 Charvid Ave.; Mrs. John Dowds, 11 West First St.; Mrs. Fred Stewart, 652 Johns Ave.; Mrs. Essie Baker, Marion; Mrs. Vernon Tolle, 1249 Walker St.; Diane Lake, Shelby; Bertha Decker, 291 Myers Av6. Releases - Charles Adams, 1294 Park Avenue East; Mrs. John Stanley, Frankfort, Ind.; Carl Blanken, 107 Curtis Dr.; Kenneth Fliger, 1236 Richard Court: Michelle Pitts. Lucas; ! Daryl Prosser, 192 East Third St.; Lynn Bieriy, Lucas, nu 1; J. L. Myers, Bellville; Barrv Cowen, Perrvsville, RD 1; Chloe Vance, 313 Harding Rd.; Mrs. Charles Withrow, 1209 North Trimble Rd.; Mrs. Leo Dilley. 2000 Fleming Falls Rd.; Mrs. Ensil McNabb, 1755 Lexington Ave.; Rachel Mat-i Contrascere and daughter, 120 Homewood Rd. ; Mrs. Billy Vance and son, 748 Laver Rd.; Mrs. George Dodds and son, 184 Cliffbrook Dr.; Mrs. Donald Kyle and son. 1038 Curtis Dr.; Mrs. Donald Waggoner and son, 316 Pomerene Rd.; Mrs. Michael Balnoschan and son, 251 Grace St.; Mrs. Robert Sharp, 2286 Crider Rd. MADISON HOSPITAL No admissions or releases PEOPLE'S HOSPITAL Admissions Harry Smith, 110 South McElroy Rd.; George Jones, 534 Oakenwaldt Ave Henry Wyre, Wooster; Mrs. Harold McKean, Ashland; Bob by Yates, 448 Ashland Rd.; Lew is uyster, 3bi Marion Ave.; Mrs. Ralph Bowman, 25 State St.; Daniel Fletcher, Ashland; Mrs. Anton Futterer, 475 South Diamond St.; Peter Petrovic, 913 Fleming Falls Rd.; Rich ard Schmahl, 47 West Prospect St. Releases Jessie Carpenter, Hull Rd.; Harry Clever, 26 Greenwood Ave.; Carlos Law-horn, 578 Dean Rd.; August Hawkins, 55 South Foster St.; David Crowl, 86 North McElroy Rd.; Mrs. Raymond Bottorf. 95 South Adams St.; Mrs. Jack Emery, Bellville; Howard Vesper, 253 Larry Ave. Reds Win In Court (Continued From Page II Troctor was a member of the Communist party's national committee and was on the New York State governing board. The Communist party of New York expelled Albertson on July 7, 1964, calling him a "police agent." He asked, however, that the Supreme Court rule in his case as well as that of Proctor. Albertson and Proctor appealed to the high tribunal after the U.S. Court of Appeals here upheld the board orders. They contended the individual registration requirement violates the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination and impinges on First Amendment rights of freedom of belief and association. The Supreme Court was told that outcome of the case would affect board orders against 34 other persons and seven similar cases pending at the board level. LJkr I 111 I I THE BIG DIFFERENCE Experience is the answer when it comes to buying insurance. 1 Whether it's auto, homeowner's, personal or commercial, it pays to deal with experienced men. 21 'if I I Hi A Ralph Stanton, Sr. Mary Ellen Had Desire To Be Nun, Mother Says (Continued From Page 1) the Temple of Faith Church of phis, Tenn. July 27, 1951. Her God in Christ, father, Jessie Deener, lives in sne is survived, in addition Memphis She was brought to tQ her moth grandmother Mansfield as an infant and had, lived here for 13 years. She wasiand sister Brenda- her steP" a student at Creveling Elemen- father, A. J. Neat; three broth-tary School prior to attending ers, Henry Deener, at home; John Simpson. , George LaMar Deener and Ar- The victim was a member of ;thur Neal of Memphis, Tenn.; Timely Announcements mmmiimitsBmmit "- ' I wish to express my sinceie appreciation to those who voted for me in the election of Ontario Council. Jerry W. Rader. (Pol. Adv.) TUESDAY SPECIAL KENTUCKY Fried Chicken -$1.00. Circle Inn, 1422 Ashland Road. ORGAN and Piano lessons from professional teachers in our new studios. McCresdy's Suburban Furniture. Call 529-4444 now. TURKEYS, fresh dressed. H. W. Prosser, Steam Corners. Call 884-2793 or Johnsville 3G2-2840. GEORGIA Shaffer now associated with Modern Miss Beauty Salon. Old and new customers welcome. 524-3139. Avery and Mrs. Myrtle Carter of Mansfield; Miss Gayle Neal at home and Miss June Iris Coleman of Mansfield; another grandmother, Mrs. Rosie Neal of Memphis; grandfathers No-land King of Oakland, Tenn., and Ed Neal of Memphis, a great-grandmother, Mrs. Mary Williams of Mansfield. Funeral arrangements in charge of the Geiger-Herlihy Funeral Home are incomplete. Funds Sought For Canton Hospitals CANTON, O. (AP) - A drive starts today to raise $7 million for expanding Aultman and Timken Mercy hospitals. With $4 million already available, another $3 million to $6 million in federal grants, along with loans the program will involve about $21 million and is to be completed in 1970. fast, accurate and complete title service In the Manfield orea,. lawyers Title Insurance Corporation offers the property buyer, fast, accurate, complete title service through lawyers, bankers, mortgage brokers, real estate dealers and builders. Mortgage lenders generally banks, insurance companies, mortgage brokers-insist on title insurance for their protection. You can't offord to do lessl Especially when an owner's policy costs so little and you only pay the one, low premium. So, like the mortgage lenders do always specify Iaiuyers Title Insurance Corporation Ohio's First National Title Insurance Company 89 Tark Ave. West Mansfield, Ohio Thone: 522-2262 THE NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY WITH THE LOCAL TOUCH look for this Jr! i . j ' Symbol of h far' Service OUR SERVICES ARE NATIONWIDE If you're moving to another city or state, call us. We'll see that you get preferred attention through one of our other offices. I If You Want The Very lVst Sausage In Town That Contains No Preservatives, Then Be Sure To Get MITSCH'S FAMOUS SMOKED SAUSAGE -rrrrr' W.: ORDER HOLIDAY TURKEY But Be Sure It's An 11 791 ALBRIGHT TURKEY The Best You Can Cat MEATY FRESH SPARE RIBS 49 lb. Keal Meaty! Chopped Beef Mitsch's Own SIRLOIN SLICED STEAKS BACON 8-oz. each 89c, ,79c Fresh Ground 39 c ib Baked Ready-to-Eat RAIiVII wmrm WHOLE OC HAM Holmeg County SWISS CHEESE 59 c ib Andrews MILK . . . Vi Gal. Cartons Corner Orange and Central Open I to I Daily Close Sat. 7 Pest Office Sub. Sta. No. 4 0 R s1 V It

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