The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 21, 1947 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, AUGUST 21, 1947 Olrls vegetable exhibit: blue Mae Bu,*hnell; red ribbon, Jilt ••••••••^•^^^•^^ _ii__ _ "" ••— !-_: -^.T^rm „ — -~—— • ^^^^ ^^_ ^« (/Iris ve^tfini'ic tr»«i«»'-* "IT"• •• Ji VI 1 M •» • JI •» ffil ribbon*. Janice Cnwden. Retha fowd-n. , Record Year lor Exhbibjo:IJM* _ ossified Ads Pay Tl\f> 1-H Achievement show, lir-M in conjunction with the Mill* County Fair last week, had one of its most successful exhibitions as return? indicate that In it h finality nn'I quantity were extremely bich. Although the biiby beef r-liow stole most of the Achievement show's thunder (judges ra1«-d this year's hahy beef exhibit to be on» of the finest they bad ever seen) eauallv ourstanding. 1 .^ \nn Fellows Allely blue, Ann Fellows blue, ral; white ribbons, Dorothy Jean Marilyn Elva "chamberlain CM blue. Na- Stewart. Charlene Bryant, Elea- Milis orni Chamberlain (2) blue. Joyre nor Batoman. Elva Chamberlain. \llely f *> i r"d Jovce Craig (3) Drop rookies: blu? ribbons. ' ni'dv f'nir ••M.rbinc ron»e,t Calves red. Alice ConaVay" (2) red. Ann Virginia Kahl, Elva Chamberlain, award Hi*' Ubbon- Richard Black- Fellows red. Joyce Craig white. Naomi Chamberlain. Bonnie Clif- hum (Uchard Ilaiman, Richard .Naomi Chnmberlain white. Kruse. Virginia Kahl; red rib- r n Viev Champion market cockerels: bons: Elizabeth Leu, Armlna Elli- L °'' in ' jack Bowen. Rob- Elva Chamberlain. lison. Charlene Bryant. Maid Fox. Iain Klva Chamberlain. Joy.',. Al- after July I. 1 lelv. Dick All.-ly. James Hover, 1st. Paul Fell ,,. . ,. ( ,. \- (Il((lll Del,Sf-limutt ^nd, Joanne ior And 1 rsiiii. Bow>. Kline. Bruce Blackburn, Jackson. Mill Jm-kson ( 'ford Ilnyer !'"l' U'yant. "" y " r fc/uTd 11 jSrMK ,. r , Re lSr :S hri d "on'";. ^Champion market pallet,: Etr. Evelyn^ Bryan. Frances _ Clipson. Ronald Curtis. Donald Moore. Chamberlain. Vel- Jof? stock farm special: Elva Sliorlborn Heavy weight Dora Mae Johnson; white rib- Poultry judging contest: Joyce bons, Betty Roenfeld. Virginia Hunflr-rt* of Mills CoMntlans read Your Want Ad every week. RATES Per line, on* Insertion *Jc Kach .«ut'S' i r|ii''nt insfrtlon.... jo Jtlnlmum rharre We An aclrlltiorinl service chsrp? ef J5c will be mnde for cnch blind n-l which must be answered •' The Leader office. ticularly surpassed previous exhibits with quality of products exhibited and number of exhibits Aid Untterlrs: Buy by mftil from the largest distributor. Fresh stock, nil makes and kinds. I'rornpt delivery. Auk for order blank. Omaha Hearing Center, Sunderland Bid*.. Omaha, Neb. p.2-10. I,n<!le«i: A Spencer Support of open airy fabric will rid you of biilKos. Rive you fine posture, protect you against tired back and warm wenther fatigue. Call Mrs. For m»!e: Grade A Paint. Out- Myrtle RorkaWlow, ph. FOR SALE . , * . t* it r> .,«« Klva Chamber a,n, erilee Bruce. Poland China: Charles Kayton, berlaln; fryers cockerels, blue ribbon, — _.... fryers Elva Chamberlain, Roberta Was- side white, 38% Titanium. Barn 36,1. }! " e " UP '' ^- •»* ...... - — • ---- - lit* i mm. ijveio », w *\t»^ja, »i/t*^ *-..« u ,.*. t .. u ^.. .»..., ------- — — ---- _._. ._ boarg lst and , let ,; Owe ' ndo , yn A . mRn . brown ge rman (2). Betty Boyer; red Red. ettra high gr»*. See Ralph ribbons. Lois Moore. Betty Mae Hall, Hastings. la. or Kenneth „.,- 2nd. litters 1st. Harold Skerritt, pgps N aonll chamberlain. Richard Bass, Richard AllMy .'"'7. "JZ'^itt' j'i^m'i'e KeMy' fiHts 1st and 2nd, boars 1st and Display and record bookB: Fisher Vonda Belt. Joyce Allely; Shaw. Shenandoah. U. and Dick Smith were ranked In Ca ' hfillne Kke !! 1, orlr T vinton 2nd - litters 2nd and 3rd ' J° vre A" 61 ?- white rlbbon> Frances Clipson. that order In the selection Rat- *™ *™P; wavn" Anderwn' Spotted PDland Chi " a: ^ Champion cockerel: Joyce Al- Drop or spread cookies using For ' Allely, gilts 1st and 2nd. boars ]e i y urday morning of the best showmanship displayed during the fair. The Silver Hreek f!o-(je'ters "won first and the Hastlnirs Feeders second and tl sugar substitute: Scot , llrrofortl Blue group: Frederick Vinton, Catherine Skerritt. Eldon Har- 1st. 2nd. and 2nd. Darrell Bayes. gilt 1st, boars 2nd. • WANTED * 1-8. Wanted: Spray gun painting. —— Free Mtlmfttes. Porter Alley, . several dozen March Shenandcah. Ph. 1029J. p.7-6. blue ribbons, hatched hybrid pullets. Mrs. Rob- WA >- TK t>: Sewing Machine re- red Gibbons ert Stroud. Ph. 5828. 8-1. p , !rlng> any make, any model. Champion pen: Joyce Allely. Ruth Baker, Darlene Rohrberg.' Fw »le: Olrls clothing: wln«« j*V* Shone "jll^Oden sSg Tray brown eggs: Naomi Cham- Junior IHvUIon coats, dresses and tklrta. sites 12 "J^;^"^,,"^ "J^^Jed Chamberlain Muffin variations: blue rib- to 15 years. Ph. 6231, Mrs. H. L. Machine Co. All work guaranteed. : Naom, Cham- bons, Nadlne Jones. Jill Cowden; Oearhart. We buy old machines. 37tf. club groups of calves. jor McKep. In the group of five, calves Red group: Bob Reed, Bob }«; J«f« ftf Duroc Jersey: Bob White Rock pen: Joyce Allely - . - ._,,,., uuru.- jvi»c>. i.u« Wilson, 1st. Elva Chamberlain 2nd, Ann white ribbon, Rachel Niday, shown and fed by one Individual, SchoeniiiK. Roger Scheel, Harold ^ Richard Harman'won a blue rib- skerritt. Joyce Craig, Loran Boy- ^;r an " j,,'^ 1 ,. 7 r T,'"gilts'3id, boars White Rock cockerels: Joyce Janet Lee Martin, Caryl Ann Syl- 2nd. litter 2nd. Allely 1st, Naomi Chamberlain vester. Kathryn Dalrymple; white Hampshire*: Bob Wilson, gilt 2nd. Elva Chamberlain 3rd. ribbons, Jill Cowden, Barbara 2nd and P.rd. boar 1st and 2nd. Pullets: Elva Chamberlain 1st, Hpewer. Utter 2nd. Jimmy Bower), gilt 1st Joyce Allely 2nd. Naomi Cham- and llrd. boar 2nd and 3rd, litter berlain 3rd. ,',rd. Paul Fellows, gilt 1st and For sale: A wardrobe trunk Wanted: Custom baling Ph. with hangers and drawers. Call 296, Lowell Moonoy, 4392. 8-1. —————————— Wnntrtl: Home Hastings. 2-tf. in Malvern hoti and Hlchard Bass. Richard «>r jr. (2), Ronald Curtis, Dick Allely ami Sheldon Williams won Blackmail, Velma Chamberlain, red ribbons. Naomi Chamberlain, Judson Mc- Hf-re are the complete list ot Mnnlgiil. Junior 4-H club winners in all the com- llwfonl Sleeping Room for rent. Ph. where a high school junior can 2622. Mrs. B. E. Bayes. 8-1, work for board. Write Mrs. jietltive ilivlsions offeft-il by tln> Avlileveiiu'iit show; llfin-j wrtulit Blue group: Joy" Craig. Joyce Allely, Klva Chnmberlaln. Rich- Blue group: Jack Bowon. Marilyn Pht-lps, Richard Bass, Robert Kmse, Joyce All'-lv, Max Asman. Reel group: Sheldon Williams, Dan Phelpi, Blackburn. Janet Hath For sale: Three 10 gallon milk pj a j n ca k e w j tri f a t: blue rib- cans. Ph. 2782. Jim Watson, p. 8-2 bons. Delores Bell. Kathryn Dal- Lloyd Ellis. Emerson. p.8-1. rymple; red ribbons. Janice Cow- '•' or 7A Bearcat Hammer- mill, nearly new. Ph. 4019, W. B. Illue eroiip: Xnonii Chamber- aid Blackburn. Marvin Atteberry. Hol ,. |1( , c UT t\*, Kir gene Anderson. Sheldon Williams. Dick Allely, ,,.,„ i, hP i j>Pf i )lt . lt Allt-ly, Janet lib-hard Harman, Jimmie Bowen. i[ a( [,, n Ue.l group: Alice Conavvay, Al- |, lin .,, r( , (1 H(M . r ||<-ifer vin Conaway, Bonnie Kriifn. Jim shorlborn: Naomi Chamber- Kelly. Kdwiird Jackson. Bill ,. 1JM , s| ,,,,„ ],,„,],,.. 2 , ld _ ij olm | f i Jackson, Hob Wilson. Roger | !nll . (> ; !r( j Sdieel (2), Marvin Atteberry. shorthorn 2 years old: Donna Harold .Skerritt, Vclma Chamber- U;lf , U(nMli , 11; , Kt , I)vle Downing >»"'• 2nd. (irand cliampion purebred heifer: Naomi Chitiiiherlain. Reserve grand chumpiun purebred heifer: Hiirold Skerritt. (irand cluuiipion baby beef group: Klva Chamberlain, Gwendolyn Asman. Donald Bruce. Reserve grand champion baby beef group: Joyce Craig, Richard Bass, Jack Bowen. Hereford: Harold Skerritt 1st, 3rd, Darlt-nc Hevern 2nd. Angus: Lloyd Stille 1st. Holfor Ellen Kay CERTIFIED — INSURED PERFECT DIAMONDS an insurance policy with every ring. THE LARGEST SELECTION Men's and Women's WATCHES In Southwestern Iowa. Use Our Lay Away Plan and your Credit Haroff. Carrots: Louis Miller, Aistrope, Billle Haroff. Beets: Billle Haroff, David Aistrope. Cabbage: David Aistrope, Bil- lle Haroff. Potatoes: BiltUr Haroff. David Kldon liar- -"strop.-. I umiitoes: BETTER WATCH REPAIRING at A.W Underbrink J K W K L E It SHK.NANDOAU I rid. Market Pig: Darrell Parker, blue 2; Charles Kayton. rod 1; Kldon Harman. blue 2; Harold Skerritt. blue 2; Dick Allely, blue 2; Donnlo Bruce, white 2; Max Asman. red 2; Randall Moore, rt-d 2. Market Litter of Four Pigs: Dairell Parker 1st, man 1st. Roger Seeder Urd, Don- rile Bruce 3rd, .Max Asman 2nd. Pen of Threi- Pigs: Harold Skerritt 1st. Dick Allely 2nd. Doiinie Bruci' Jlrd, Max 2nd. Cliampion .Market Pig: Kldon Hiirmuu. Cliampioti Market Litter: Eldon 11.11 man. Champion Pen ot Three: Harold Skerritt. Market I.iunh*. Iniliviilual -I-II .Slu-ep Blue ribbon: John Scott, Loran Boyer (21. lain. Red ribbon: Charles H. Kay- Display of five or more varleShortliorn: Jlmmie Bowen 1st, ton, Naomi Chamberlain (2), tics of flowers: Elva Chamber(2). John Scott, Roger Smith (2). lain. Hereford: Chavies Kayton (2), White ribbon: Charles H. Kay- Richard Karr 2nd. ton. Angus: Richard Harman 1st. ivn of Tliivc Market Lambs Fwt Heifer Blue ribbon: Loran Boyer, Blue group: Bob Wilson (J), John Scott. David Yellow spon * e cake: blue ril) - MILLS roi'XTY KA11M bon. Patty Weak. N.\LK: 240 acres. Ancel food cake: blue ribbons, grave i road r,^ miles Dixie Zanders, Velma Shannon; Henderson.'210 acres tillable, 30 \Vnntofl: Custom combining Red Clover. Ph. 9 on 6. Bill Zanders, Emerson. p.S-2. HALKHMAN WITH CAH wanted by well known oil company. Steady income for man over 35. Write Sales Mgr., 5S2 Standard Bldg., Cleveland 13, Ohio. p.S-1. red ribbon, Carol Patton. Drop Patty Barbara Brewer; red ribbon. }unlfe acres pasture and lots. 8 room API'LKS — Ounllt.v rrir«-(l Jx>\v! 25.000 bushels 'from our own orchards. None finer In 25 years. rookies: blue ribbon?, , 1OUB( , dou|) , e gnrage , 2 barns, Kathryn Dalrymple, oorn ( , rlh , 10(? hollBe and David Aistrope, Louis Miller. Apples: Blllie Haroff. David Aistrope. Pears: David Aistrope 2nd. Crapes: Billie Haroff, David Aist vope. Comb honey: Carroll Kirlin 1st and 2nd. Display of agricultural products and eight varietlts: Billle Haroff, David Aistrope. Janet Lee Martin; white ribbons, Delores Bell, Janice Cowden. Spread cookies: blue ribbons, j,, wa Nadine Jones, Jill Cowden. Dixie '— Zanders, Delores Bell. Club booth: blue ribbons. Jolly Juniors, Hastings Hustlers; red ribbons, Silverettes, WRITE C. E. RIEDE, Big, worm-free, good to the core. FARM FIELD SUPERVISOR, very little loss In cooking. Buy 112 Ottumwu Street, Ottumwa, early. Prices will be 1 reasonable 8-2. at harvest time but sure to go ~V — •••i. VIMIIUM • ''' Rl1 later - I'.S.D.A. says Mid- LOST AND rOUND West mid Eastern crop Is off r from 194(> Iowa will pro»">*<: White fomale rat terrier (]llco ,,„, 7 n ,„„ „ ,,„„ .oval pup with long tall. Name Corkey. Missouri onlv V, bushel uer Lassies. Silver Cloud; white rib- Ph. 4522, Cal Ritchey. 8-2. ),«.";„"", our bons. Lucky Circle, Willing Work- harvest-time. ers. Set of K>st; Brown billfold at Fair carry-away prices will be rock- cluh nutrition rerorH Rrounds Thursday. Finder keep bottom! Haul back a 1 truck load, club nutritlon^r^cord ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ,, poo , llp .^ wlth your ne ,g hb oni la. MISCELUHEOUS Loyal secretary bons, Silverettes, Hastings Hustlers; red ribbons. Jolly Juniors, Proft-sslonnl roofer for all il- types ot roofs. Ph. 201, W. E. ;r Cloud. Shenefield, Silver City. p.7-4. Personal expense book: blue ribbon, Jane Dalrymple; red rib- at Mo., and at ice Mo. 8-1. I Must Get a Man 4-H Girls Department ribbon, Jane Dalrymple; red rib- ot'U SALESMAN WILb BK * i ,hT Special feature: blue ribbons, bon - Joyce Craig; white ribbon, in your territory with a complete " ? „„,!'.. f, Silverettes; red Kathryn Dalrymple. n ne of Upholstering Fabric* for Juniors, ribbons, Sliver Cloud, Hagtinga Longtime record book, 1 year: the rebuilding and reupholsterlng Hustlers; white ribbons: Willing blue ribbon. Charlene Bryant. of your overstuffed furniture. Red ribbon- Charles H Kay- Workers, Loyal Lassies, Lucky Longtime record book, 3 years: Free estimates, no .obligation. Red group 7 Dick Smith Don- t°n. Naomi Chamberlain, Roger Circle. blue ribbon, Marilyn Phelps; red Send your inquiry to Reliable aid DeLuhmutt Robert Kruse Smith (2). Loaf of whole cereal yeast ribbon Mary Haroff; white rib- Furniture Co., 4923 So. 24, Oma- Whlte group- John Pltzer Champion Individual market bread: blue ribbons, Darlen* Don - Bonnie Kruse. ha, Neb. 7-2. 6.u U , . juuu i-nici. ... _ . „_.__..___ ^. it __,_. „, ,... Individual oven products ree- • *** °" r Must h » ve Manager, over 25 Eldon Harman, Junior Anderson. Robert Kruae. bred heifers)- Naomi Chamber- lambs: Loran Boyer jr. white ribbons, Evelyn Bryan, 'eld; red ribbon, Darlene Rohr- lain; 1st Harold SkerSu 2nS, ''"-"re,. ,,u,,h s Pauline Morrical. Ann Fellows. berg; white ribbon, Bonnie JOc aU 2-vo t batt.ri.J6c.Owi. Lloyd Siilie 3rd. Shropshire: Ewes producing Loaf of white yeast bread: Kr u«e. ble Store, Malvern. dbtr. Bii-f Itnlls lamb shown in 4-H: Roger Smith, blue ribbons: Elizabeth Leu, Vir- Demonstrations: blue ribbons, y or sa j,,. John Deere hay bal- have Plums to sell, drop us with the Greater Food Production Program. Permanent work, for man who has Write c/o this 8-1. AVANTKD TO 11UV for seed cooked. Pi per bushel of 50 pounds. If you a Shorthorn: Donna Rae Down- blue and red. Produce of ewe and ginla Kahl; red ribbons: Virginia Hastings Hustlers 1st, Willing ePi stationary. Ph. 812, Silver card. MOUNT ARBOR NURSER- ing 1st. Dyle Downing 2nd, Dar- her lamb: Roger Smith, blue and Kahl, Julian Decker, Jane Del- Workers 2nd; red ribbon, Silver C i ty . p.8-2. IBS, Shenandoah, Iowa. 8-3. red. Ram lambs: Roger Smith, rymple, Elva Chamberlain, Ell- Cloud 3rd. Jolly Juniors 4UK — _ — • Kwe lambs: Roser Smith, eene Jones; white ribbons, Betty rel Downing 3rd. Dairy Calf Jci->i>y Dropped between July 1, 194l> blue blue and red. Boyer, Lois Moore, Hampshire: ewe producing Bread variations with yeast ! , , J; , , V - 1 ' J(J47 ' Jai ' kie Nldav - lamb shown in 4-H: Loran Boyer, and whole cereal: blue ribbons, blue. Produce of ewe and her Klva Chamberlain, Bonnie Kruse; lamb: Loran Boyer, blue. Ewe red ribbons, Catherine Skerritt, Boyer, blue. Bonnie Kruse; white ribbon, Oxford Down: Ram lamb: Joyce Craig. Bread variations with yeast and white (lour: blue ribbons, Ml Club Poultry Joyce Allely. Dora Mae Johnson, Fryers: Gwendolyn Asman Verileo Bruce, Rosalie Alberts; (2| blue, Kacliel Niday (2) red, re d ribbons, Jane Dalrymple, Lois Moore, Betty Roenfeld, ribbon. Dropped after July 1, 1940: Darrell Varkcr 1st, Bob Wilsoa | 2ml. Guernseys, dropped after July <.,,,„.,,.,, „. K avtoil, blue. 1. l'J4t!: Hob Heed 1st and two | L'mls. Hruci! Blackburn 1st. Brown riwiss: .Naomi Chamberlain 1st. Grand champion dairy heifer: Gwendolyn Asman white. Dun-el 1'arker. Roasters: Alvin Cor.away (3) Jackie Anderson, Fern Roenfeld, Milking Shorthorn, dropped blue, Alice C'oiiaway blue. Joyce Betty Boyer. Alice Conaway; white ribbons, Virginia Kahl, Twila Bell, Florence Wederqvist. Foreign bread: blue ribbons, Betty Boyer, Naomi Chamberlain, Elva Chamberlain; red ribbons, Mary Haroff, Betty Boyer. Whole wheat muffins: blue ribbon, Bonule Kruse; red ribbon, Betty Mae Fisher; white ribbon, Frances Clipson, Janet Lee. Muffin variations: blue ribbons, Betty Fern Dunbar, Eileene Jones, Shirley Johnson; red ribbons, Naomi Chamberlain, Ar- mlna Ellison, Marilyn DeLfash- rnutt, Charlene Bryant; white ribbons, Janet Lee (3), Marjorie Hopp. Quick bread: blue ribbons, Darlene Rohrberg, Elva Chamberlain; red ribbons, Vonda Bell, Catherine Skerritt, Betty Boyer, Janet Haden; white ribbons, Veri- leo Bruce, Pauline Morrical. Plain cake with (at: blue ribbons, Jano Dalrymple, Lois Moore, Murilyn Phelps; red ribbons: Mnldii Fox. Elva Merrltt, Bonnie Kiuae, Mary Haroff, Fredia VandeiHhute, Betty Roenfeld; white ribbons, Carola Jean Sim- moruU, Cuurluue, Virginia St<Ko, Vonda Bell. Yeltuv. Hpuiige cake: blue rib- hont*. Ai-itiluu KllUuii. Wrenle Hull, Cuthoiine Skorritt, Butty Iliieiifuld; i-ftl ribbuua, Keru Strouil, Diirli'iiw Hohrbwrg, lh>tty i'Viu lUiiiiuu-. Uetty Wcuk; whltw ilblioiiri: Nuuiul ('uttuiberlttiu, 34 Supper Club 3 MILES WEST OF EMERSON ON HIGHWAY 34 * STEAKS Chicken Dinner ^Dancing RESERVATIONS NOT NECESSARY FOR SMALL GROUPS Our now Chef will nU'uso you with his iwft'ctiun in preparing your steaks in the imumer you like bt'st. Spring Fried Chii-kun — prepared as every duy Suiultiy. ADDRESS! EMERSON, IOWA PRONE SOI, HASTINGS I,MK| Muiil>u vlbbuuti, CutUu>'iuu i suu, Joy I'D Ciuljt. Auu FAST EFFICIENT ECONOMICAL S-E-R-V-I-C-E for All Makes Of TRACTORS — AUTOMOBILES — TRUCKS FARM MACHINERY IN FACT ALMOST ANYTHING Cappel Machinery Co

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