The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 21, 1947 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1947
Page 3
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THE MALVERN LEADER. MALVERN, IOWA, AUGUST 21, 1947 PAGE THREE Hill-dale fhnrch Rf-v. Bay Myers, p^tor Sunday school. 10 a m Preachingr. 11:15 a.' m Come and worship with us. munity and friends are,invited. Oall Dean Mayberry of New spent Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Tom White tertalned at'dlnner "sund'a'^ Mr! near Cha PP e11 ' a»S3:rJ±: 5 E Grudle last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Seeger of " •—'•» nv»_liil JaSt Tllfio z-s;^-;-«^f r -^ «— »-. « the good. * 15 to ST-ICO Evans. In the afternoon MI- Jeanne see*, came f "»•"* ""' Er " eRt Wh ' t6 ^ Des Molnes rrld^n??. 9 vLT in? her parents. Mr. farm were looking Interests (here last Leonard when "id Mrs. Sept. 1. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Seeger and family, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fulton and Sunday at Me " Ut ^f, ch - at the home of Mr.' and Mrs E Miss Billy Ordman and Miss L Gilbert Mary Moran of Omaha were Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Judah. Jlmmle and June were visitors near Hastings Sunday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs Ell Judah. Mrs. Elton Clay returned last Wednesday from Excelsior Springs, Mo., where she had been In a hospital for about three weeks for an operation and treatment. Mrs. Wayne Hilton. Kathleen and Gene were afternoon guests — .......c.u ounua/. Friday at the Ernest Klsby home Mrs. Anna Hammers' daughter in Malvern when Mrs. Klsby en • ptt a n*4 ****** T*v» %f _ ^ i ** t>Hw*Ml_ A J i_ t _ * A* » ..... Mr. and Mrs. Junior Elchelber- ger and Mr. and Mrs. Orvan Grudle were callers Friday evening In the Paul Tackett home. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bryant and children attended the Lemonds As Elusive as a Ghost •What is this thing called happiness that most of us nnd as elusive as a ghost. We don't profess to know all the answers but we think we can supply some of the com- ponents of happiness. Let us give you re- laxation, enjoyment and a friendly place in which to meet with friends. PARENTI COFFEE SHOP Malv49rn Clara and son Lou, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Asmussen and Keith and Mr. and Mrs. Arno Asmnssen and children were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Asmussen. Marlon Folkerts, Lee Shepard and Randall Sawyers return«dt Monday from a weeks trip to Colorado. Nebraska and South Dakota. 'Mrs. Olen Jackson and Mrs. Mary Sawyers were Council Bluffs and Omaha visitors Tuesday. Laverne Lemonds and sister. Mrs. Doyle Raynle, and son Byron of Hawarden were overnight guests Sunday In the Ross Bryant home. Mr. and Mrs. Olen Lemonds and son of Paullina were dinner guests Monday in the Ross Bry ant home. Larry and Mary Ann Bryant were overnight visitors in the Ralph Miller home Monday. tertalned in honor of their little daughter Sharon on her birthday. The Paul Benedicts were much surprised one morning last week to find that one of their best milk cows had presented them -with nice twin calves. Mrs. Frank DuVal. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Buffon, Lois and Walter of near Red Oak were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Watson and Wayne. Mrs. Gerald Judah and June returned early Saturday from Bismark. N. D., where sne had been called the preceding week by the death of a cousin who had passed away suddenly following I a tonsilectomy. j Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Gilbert and her father, Mr. Longlnaker, drove to Glenwood lake park Sunday 1 the Longluaker family reunion, the occasion being especially In honor of Mrs. Gilberts father 1 his 86th birthday annlversai,. There were about 35 present to fnjoy the cooperative dinner and visit, coming from Randolph. Tabor, Omaha, Glenwood and Malvern. -.. »..-.. -j um of , fniVJI 'i credlt to the Maintenance J : runn, and I ' t™K%-&£ tK*VX\ Proceedings of Mill* County Board of Supervisors OFFICE MILLS COUNTY AUDITOR Olenwoodj Iowa On this 7th day of July, 1947, the Board of Supervisor* of Mills County, Iowa met pursuant to the adjournment of July 1, 1947 with Supervisor* Clark, Agan and Swarts present and The minutes of the previous EAST LIBERTY Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Shafer and Dorothy were guests Sunday at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Paul Benedict, and family. Frances Shafer, Darbara and Ronnie Abel who had spent a.week at the Benedict home returned home with them. Kathleen Hilton accompanied by her mother and brother, Mrs. Wayne Hilton and Gene, were among guests at the Walt Ling home last Tuesday afternoon when Mrs. Ling gave a birthday party for their little daughter Donna. W. O. Howard has been quite sick for several days at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Arch Halnes, and family. Miss Frances Shafer of near Henderson spent last week at the home of her sister, Mrs. Paul Benedict, and family and with them attended the fair. meeting were read and approved. The Board of Supervisors allowed the following claim*: COUNTT Vt. E. Agan, Mileage and P. Hattle' Brown.'' Rec.!' Rec:' Fee l'53 Boyer'g Hardware, Merchandise 5 «4 Burroughs Add. Mach. Co 8uppfie» ' •> rg Betty ButTlngton. Assist. Supt 3) 20 John H. Clark, Mil. & P. D... 109.50 S. M. Crttwell, Brd. Soc'l Welf. 27 00 Daniels Hardware, Merchandise •. 50 Fox Office Kqulp., Malnt. on Mach n 50 Frankiten and Johnson, Merchandise n 44 Fldlar and Chambers, Supplies 244 57 f Gamble Store. Merch. ... Film Trans. Co.. Freight Harley Johnson, Labor F. C. Klrkham. Pipe L. H. Katelman, Kqulp iu"rnond* S °"' Kepalr " -•-•" P. Melchlors 4 Son. Repairs.. 9^4 y?;.->A» e » > _*'»rh._Co.. Kqulp.. 271.65 . 6.52 .75 . 14.40 1,002.00 . 18.94 Kva Goy, Kxpense Olenwood Water Dept.. Service Glenwood Armory, Rent ...'": Amy Hammers, Kxpenxe . Kate Howser. Brd. Soc'l. Wolf. J. W. Hunter, Sanding Floors Jamison's Store, MerchamllHu. Kllpto Ix>ose Leaf Co., Sup- piles , ' Koch Brothers, Supplies frank Logan, Expense Robert Moore, Mileage J!?.-Kana. Chem. Co., Suppl'lra Mlntle Electric, Merchandise.. Mrs. Robt, Moore. Brd. & Lodg. AKTII'S Menschei',' 'Expense''".'.' Mills County Farm Bur., Quarterly Approp 1,00000 Malvern Leader, Printing .... 250 42 ft. i n,'L Tele -' Service 166.75 Opinion Tribune. Printing ... 17269 J?.f rk s * art ». Mileage and Kxp. 146 OS SUver City & Mills Co. Times Printing MS 90 Donald Strand, ExpenseT.'.'.'.'. 2450 Joe Sltzman, Labor . . 75 Sprlng_ Handle Co.. Merch":: 1858 Co.,. Books.. 8.36 53.59 3.00 HI.91) 13.74 19.«0 202.7J 78.42 72.88 2.'43 66.59 8.36 arc? Fund and WHERKAS, said transfer Is to l.» pTrnnm'tu in accordance with section SO?. 15. Cod" of 1346. nnd TVHKKKAS. then- is surTli-lent money In thf Construction fund to munlclpalltltV hav.^ Vpen^o^plled . N( j w THEREFORE, he it resolved t>} th,. Lnard of .Siip.-rvisors of Mills < oiinty. Iowa, subject to the approval of the Stat.. Comptroller, that RS|<| sum of J75.non.oo he. and tho samp Is heri-bv transferred from the Construc- J JU nds . to the Malntenancf fund nnd the County Auditor Is directed ,£ £°!Tr ec .J 1 ' 8 books accordingly and to notify the treasurer of this transfer accompanying the notlflcntlon a copy of this resolution nnd the record of Its adoption. The vote there "" -" " follows: Ayes: John K I hereby c ft true »nd correct copy of resolution pawed by the Mills County B«»rd of Of July> 10 : 12 | 13 11 15 16 17 Cr*i-k 15 i pnter, 12 and 1.1 !,o(vil —Steel Brld«?» — Silver i' 1 """ 15 15 Inuraham. 6 I/oral — Steel llrirlpe — Silver Creek .... 7 Plattvlll*. !> Local'" — ' Steel Urlrtce — Fony Creek Lyons, 24 nnd 25 Local — Steel Bridge — Wau- tionslo Creek Kawles, 7 nnd 8 Local Steel nridce — Wau- bonsie Creek . White Cloud. 31 Local — Steel HrldR-o — Spring Valley Creek . White Cloud, 32 Local — Steel Bridge — Nish- nnhotna Hr White Cloud, 3 arid 2 Local — steel Bridge — Nlshnabotna Rr 2<i Inrt. Crk. & White C 35 and 2 Local — Steel Bridge — Nlshnabotna. .000.00 ,000.00 ,500 Oi) .000.00 000 00 000 00 IndIan' cire'ek, ' ?6 " and 35 Trunk — steel Bridge — Nlshnabotna Wnlte"cioud',"25 ind'ij Local — Steel Bridge — I>eer Creek ....... 20.000 00 S. 000. 00 n ..d Juni , It hu been and la nee epftlr and rebuild iml .» a j d a PP rt >ache8 thereto, an RKAS. after full and carefu ventlgatlon of Bald brldgeB by the r d ^hi S u", ervlgor " of M '"» County ^ M hl £ h In . v<1 " t l8*tlons were made ,t ,? oa , rd of Supervisors prior a " witlK f » ald claims, an' BS K, BK IT RRSOLVKD fh U a!' K it no 622 635 2676 347 97 «n 175'"-, N'. W Hell Teic., Service.'".'.' M'a; Pace Service Station, Repairs 4 61 frrt"plck?r l . ln J&p. r ,S" er "" 2 ' 25 H? iZffi n ^W$^ 0 ?$fa lM ™ print* ... Standard Oil Co"' Oil" ".'"".' Taylor Imp.' Co., C Equlji \W8tern In. Power. Service"'.'. JV heelers Super Serv., Repairs Western Auto Store, Merch \\ llhur Ilenscoter. Ijibor ' '' Ray Chapman. Labor ...'. Ray Boyil, Labor . . Lowell Wiles. Labor . Ivan Dusenberry, Labor ' ran ' ohaml) «Tlaln. Iiabor Ivan Shook. Labor ... Harry Potter, Labor .'.".' M. Straight, Labor -- H. \nndershule, Labor.. Herbert Smith, Labor Everett White, Labor .'.'.'. Robert Booth. Labor John Shannon. Labor ..'.'" Delbert Albee. Labor Glen Wilson. Labor Arell Bacon, Labor ... < obe Ivlllmon, Labor <;."»• Stranathan. Labor'':.' •V W. Price. Labor Henry Tlmmermnn. Sr., Labor ,•. ,' Kddle . ,, I^abor Hammers, Labor 151.64 167.3b 168.3J IS'J.74 173.57 198.12 , 169.74 131.27 124.03 131.28 141.55 112.37 66.09 184,64 157.67 1P5.92 174.64 97.84 Not ice! During the. recent floods many county bridges and culverts were washed out. Timbers and piling from these bridges and culverts were, in many instances carried down stream and deposited on private property. The timbers and piling, however, remain the property of Mills county and must be recovered by the County if bridges are to be restored in a reasonable time and costs of restoration reduced. Instances have been reported where these timbers and piling have been appropriated by individuals for their own use. The help of the public is needed in informing the County Engineer and County Board of the location of such material and in aiding its recovery by the county. The County intends to proceed against and to prosecute to the full extent of the law any person or persons who unlawfully appropriate to th«ir own use, sell or refuse to turn over to the county, any of this material. »*M v<v., 4 FVn«vi Pow f. r ,Feme Wallahan, Mileage ... Donald E. Strand. Misc. office Daniels. Freight " 291 W 2»:n 36.00 5.04 2.98 12.00 nos_ _ .._. . Homer Mitchell, Wages Burlington Transp. Co." FYelffht ,,4 Peoples N-at. Gas. Service .'.'." 3390 G. L. Flckel, Postage. .' 19.56 l - 1 "• * W. R. R., Glenwood .'°wa ' 40 41 8.<95 Gilbert B. _ "s Hanlware,"Slercha'ndi8e •1 s Hardware, Merchan" 3 75 IU10 U'.VIMI I 1 .65 3S.B9 .-,.(13 IT.S'.l 7.311 :!L'.:I 7 U'.7l' ifi.r.o jfi.r.n PLEASE LET US HAVE YOUR HELP Mills County Board of Supervisors Peep Rock Oil, Gasoline:"" -.amble Store, Merchandise '' ,'"'" c I- J .r. Co., Merchandise.' ;o>Io Kllirnon. Housework \i-lnia I>ualey, Housework " taymond Lincoln. Labor ''' J n"V !ir l ' K ' Merchandise llntlt. Klectrlc. Motor v' iv- i, le !! Tl ' U '- STvice":: N. \\ . Hell Ti'li-., Service enettn I'.-irkt-r, HUB r«l I'ickiT, Repairs afewiiy store, Uroceri.'S " " s j-zak c Unn-.. Orocerh-s . slix s Uexjill Driitf. liruirs " th Produce, Mash. .'" ' •i-fd Thk-schafer. Miiu-r.-ils J. R. Wllcox, Labor Lucy Wilcox. llousfwork i) t-at \|;. n , 'L l fower. Service ';: Hoy Wright, Gasc.lin,. ., POOH Mrs. Krvllle Alley. Care and Ch tl i' U M ^-J™"'"' 'Med'u-'ii'serv. v i?' Home ' dire un.I Keep ^i'Si^'an^lviVr 1 : S " ; ° 0 neijt. 'So'c-'l.'' WeVf.V 'Co '' Share.' Hdlnr and Chambers. Supplies Hamburg Hosp., Hosp. Serv •lennle Kdmundson HOSB Hosp. Serv J. A. Kline, Med. Serv..:.' *> ler and Wright, Groceries Marshall Stockton, Care & Keep . K. c. Magaret, Med. Serv It' «• J U>11 Tel ''-. Service.. A. R Newton. Rent Peoples Nat. Gas. lias Albert Roenfeld, Aid Safeway Store, Oroc 27'5 Mary Sawyers, Sec. Ceiue'r"" ,, 1)|st ; Sch., Tax Free Lands.. 1089 Mrs. Henry Schroeder. Care & *vt*cp Marshall Stockton, 'cure'' and T- K. Shonka, Med'.' 'Ser'v'.'.'. '.'. J. O. Sitzinan, Labor Sllx Rexall Drug, Drug Sup- Western I». Power. Servlco.! i.' r, INSTITUTION n W H' Clerk '" 1 *•>">••; W. U. Uruke. Attv'n Vee!!*.'.''' feSS?t th MSsri!' ^ y '« F *«- 141.83 136.53 Labor 120.B2 Gordon "Henscoter^L'ttbdr" :'.'.'.'. lolis « d S£\a^ r :JJ. A. Reynolds. Labor ''' <in'?« Koss Kephart, Labor sig? Roy Robinson, Labor ...'. issSS Clalr Jones, Labor 19335 uerala Hlndman. Labor " irooj Ir ^ Hayeii Labor '**•" O. Mayb . „.. 8. D. Mayberry. Labor Mervln BoltonT LabS?' C. L. Emll Fred •;,-' "*••*, Labor .'.'..'.'." jjji'Tg .Mayberry, Labor 15520 Mayberry, Labor .... 12320 Humphrey. Labor .... iTs« CONSTRUCTION Argil Bacon, Labor ....... n gg Cobe klllrnon, Labor .... IOM ""v^Stranathan, Labor '....'.'.'. 10." Henry' T^mmerm&n!' Labor''.'.'.' }SJ9 (*' T' i?, ac ? n ' Labor 2425 L .-..{- Mayberry. Labor.. .. 3$ Kddle Hammers. Labor iS'an fleorge Urower, Labor ««» Pjverett White, Labor .. " ->1 -.435 Herbert Smith. Labor 535 ii«.> V y l" n- Sc , hnde 'Labor... :::: 5 o»5 11.6J \. L. Ilrindt, Uruvel .... i^'un 83.18 -:rvin Clark, Gravel '« ">, -» l "*» I MT Y b '- 1 ' 1!r ?»'n. RlBht'-of-way '•es'sn J^ipS-SFSES i^v^^nuxw a^lli l '^ "rr^H^ K,'blirs S( ; n 'V' ri ''l' »''''"»' a n.Tl'lum'Jnu - - -7-7 •-**«»• u vi ou|nrrviH- , •— the following hrklirfn huvp and" tlSf 1 *!^ Bnd ^"'^-d by Hood i £ .', the imount net opposite each bridge and fill Is the amount necessary for the rebuilding am! repairing of said bridges Mlll. by -, t .! > . e i I3oanl of •SupervlVors" of .Mills (.oiinty, lown, that all nf tlio expenditures hereinafter enumerated bHdU 1 " 1 ^ 0 1 nf>cl '? Bnry l>y r «»"on of HnXir 1 l<!»troyed and damaced by iiuoti, nnd tnat all of such expend!* r!?<?£, W / r t? "! ade ,' lrul allowed on ao- uaVtv Sn P°,°h , and 1e , xtr! "> r '"<i'"-y caa- lY ftn<1 that " ald claims rnverlnv suld expenditures be allowed a H »?:».; W;. ^ Ra.o'sr'" • J! Kr ', lh , nm '. ' anj 6 I-ocal .Steel lirldgo — silver „ ;- rpek » 15,000.00 • L n , sn , lllam ' • ""'I " Local Cn-".k ~ Sllver 3 JJigrahain,"V2"and "ii Trunk — steel llrldge — Silver Creek .... 4 {iBraham. 13 and 24 Local — Steel llrldge — Silver Creek . 5 Ingrahum. 25 anil' 3«''' c ^,', ~ • stt ' 1 ' 1 llrldso - Silver Creek 6 Center, 1 and 12 Local Hrldge — silver 15,000.00 15,000.00 15,000.00 15,000.00 Total ............. $223 SOO 00 . P" roll call the member* voted : Swlris R<lni J ' R CI * rkl Marlc t>, Th f, Board , 0< Supervisors approved Uf»J V"2"L' and E *««n»lon of Pen- "eVll K Mortgage of ' SALE —'"••> «•....» v^vuni./, JoWi, YlA8 ..j» the owner of Lot 45, Greenwood n addition to the Town of Silver City, Mlim County. Iowa by vlr- ' ue "' a tax deed Issued hy the Coun£y (| Treasurer of Mllla County. Iowa. f . W J ! R" EAS - J . K Anderaon ha« of- rt' n ^,. lh " 3 u ?._°. f l w :* n «5:- f( »T <»".«»> Tin B n,i' oh f n a M - n ", rk - Chairman of th J, 0 "^ °' Suporvlrom. nnd Donald K atrand, County Auditor, be directed :o rxpciitp a quit claim deed to Lot nf' mir nw ,°?, d " Addition to the Town of silver C Ity. Iowa, uiwn payment or the Burn of twenty-four (»24 09) •lollarB and nine cents by nail J K f'^M 0 ? 1 ii"? ',° 1>e l »"" ed ln 'nvor f Bald J. K. AnderBon. Mark Htt-nrtB presented the foreco- ng resolution and moved Its ndop- liin. Motion was seconded by \v. K. On roll call tho vote was ns fol- T? : ^ C8 , : Clark ,' ABUn ' H«-"rts Hit- < hiilrmiin di'Olan-d the resolu- lon duly nilopted The Hoard of Supervisors raised ne "'} l1 «ry of Clalr Davis. Co. Kngr.. uly 1 igj? 1 """ yPar to kc '" ertcc ' •riii' Hoard'of .Supervisors raised tho alarles of Murgaret Helen Hloomer. y County .Supt. of SchoolB. to .. per year, nnd Amy Hammers, County Supt. of .Schools, to S3 6nij 'I'year to be In effect July 1 1H47 1 here lieinir no further business to orne before the Hoard of .Supervisors t this time they now adjourn to 947 " " °" Ule 21l!t day ot July Attest: |«| Honnhl K. Strand Mills County Auditor Approved: Is John II. Clnrk chairman, Hoard of Supervisors 7f).00 55..W 44.1111 37.22 33.20 86.50 220.50 27.50 49.98 45.00 42.50 32.85 3U.OO 3.69 4.06 «!„: J?l-or B i V "-o r meri^ ll A l f""^S II !^^ r "|, 1 ^^^^;A-'-' i " th- !uVmrt r '' f « l " u '"-'*->rs approv,,! Com Hy "o'n'i.r.'s : Vfth-VlV, £'"'»;'."« °°T'hJ'' l^"rd"' r a -''' *'"'•'« ""nV'SV 1 * 1 J<'>''ln»on'. ' liSSf??-'"«i^ £Arr, 0 %F;VFr ? hn of Supervisors approved °H K\ ta " Cigarette iiSSa»?"'~''=s ./'KJSS %a''a'"".,,",°s"»-- 46.S 45.0 6.0 25.0 5 60 801 son W. P, * 'Ic. urtf- &' 3. •..•. Juror'» AU«« B»f»h»» H«rnv»u lohtt K. MftfVa T.40 ».48 6.70 mo 10.11 •407 ^Mft'Ti;-. 18500 S»rv., iii M" .. llu- *M , f.nulp ,, JtOS » Hvmii*::: ullt tfttv* Kiv* , K^Miu ::: 411 'IrttUwU iWt IV, Kuulu lAl B8^jS«iJ8;"::« 4vl\. msmx VHUU auJ .I'^toh^,. ^jrtrtJ^ l«^ v i '.., (V «**vt^ If^lfck » bl.*iila, ™ L^ "fiv^^^ ora^?:^ WHRrvT, T « A NSPER OK Fl"ns hind^ .,V ?h tl . u ' re ls " ow '» 'h? J5ft»Mi - 'he treusurer the sum o • a.i'il.lB. cred te<l to the'ii «.,.. 0 ' 1 W!?;MV?. l i 8 i ruc i lon '""I. «nd "HKIUOAS, there Is now In the IIMMJM 11 !" •i^ a i 1Urer J he •""'»' fton'Vu'nd 9 .' f5d" tca '° thB ^"""-uc- r^K^Iro" ^'S^^^ Jiry Construction Fund; for ihu fol iw. n ft 0 Sfff M1 V. To ^' SS'nw imy" WHi.Ti.'Alf e °"l ll "'» l e'l'>" Fund »m| »> «t hUKAn, tut Id truuMfor lu to he 109 1(t "«•* -• ?»Fi ir *. 'V* 1 ** with tfi'otloit 'W'HRURAB. nuiUollwIUItt* with, to muvl ull «U l«Uta Iwvu ' to rvnulviHi • v>f Mill* ' uinirov «... ufKoTiu K'TO"rtiu'SJul!*: 'vr»'l..v lr*i.i,|» r rvt« »?»„.. \ ,„ *a , v |il wumUpy CutHruvtUui luitd* "S llw U'vtjiuUrv Ouiimrui'iU-u Kiiui «,,a h> ;, l M HI> i ly f tu " u "- I? Ulr«tf»« U. ktr- TK A 1 ! ^f »»'vMfaU>«iy ana to i.;,. irx lliv UHBUU, t ,( mu i Household Furnishings AUCTION Having sold my farm, I will have a public sale at my home. 1 mile southwest of Malvern, in Peaceville known as the Wayne Hodge place, on Tuesday, Aug. 26 commencing at 1 o'clock 1 Electric Frigidaire, bought new last January. 2 piece Living Room Suite Library Table, Buffet, good, 3 Rocking Chairs 1 good Axminster Rug, 9x12 ft. End Table, Stand Table, Day Bed 1 Bed with Springs and Innerspring Mattress 1 Dresser Brunswick Sewing Machine in good shape 1 Hard Coal Heating Stove like new 1 Linoleum Rug, 9x12 ft. 1 Secretary Desk Dining Table, 7 Chairs, J. Oak Kitchen Cabinet 1 Wash Stand, 1 Cupboard 1 Airline Console Radio, battery set 1 Glow-Maid Cook Stove in good shape Wards Washing Machine with electric motor Dishes, Cooking Utensils, several small articles too numerous to mention 1 Garden Plow, 1 La wn Mower with rubber tires Canned Fruit and Vegetables 2 Hard Coal Brooder Stoves 1 Windmill, 4 pole 40 ft. tower 160 Wood and Steel Fence Posts ', , 100 rods Barb Wire 90 rods Woven Wire Some Lumber '• ;', . Electric Motor, $\ horse power, new Around 4 tons of hay in b»rn Few sucks of Potatoes 1 Stvt'l KuuU Draw C«»h Mrs. V*»*

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