The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 21, 1947 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1947
Page 2
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r f AGE TWO THE MALVERN LEADER, MAJLVERN, IOWA, AUGUST 21, 1M7 Imogene • S. E. Mills Imogens Man to Wwl in CV)lnmbn«i, O. Thp marriaee vt Joseph T. Mal- Iny. son of Mrs. William F. Mai- Joy, and Miss Mary Ruth Peeler of Columbus, o.. will take place there in the Phrinp of Little Flowrr rhurch Saturday morning. Aug. 23. Rev. Father Connally performing- thp ceremony. Russell Malloy, a brother of the groom, and a niece, Mrs. A. J. Clark, will Ro to Columbus as groomsman and ' of honor. Joseph served nearly four years In the army and while in service met his bride. Patrick Brennan left Saturday for New York City after spending his vacation with his nnclc and cousin. Ed Martin and Miss Madge. He is a brother of James Brennan who worked In the Mar- O1<1 Landmark Go*"* l"p in Smokr Tuesday afternoon the Wabash railroad work train was burning we>'d.= alonp the right-of-way and tho old Imoeene ptorkyards took fire but a? they have not been usfd for years no attention was given them and they burned. Workmen watched the elevator and prevented anything there taking fire. Further tip the road the section men were called to keep the fire from doing any damage at Henry Muster/nan's home where the fire began to come In off the right-of-way. A corn crib wag reported burned. Vacation School Here KM* W«*k For the children of St. Patricks parish who are unable to attend St. Patricks Parochial school, vacation school will open Monday, Aug. 26, la St. Patricks and con- tlooe all week. Mrs. Kate McGlnni* (>1«-brat*-* JMth Birthday Aug. n Mr<>. Kate McOinnis celebrated hc-r 94'.h birthday at her home here. Open house was held in the afternoon and eve- nine and a laree number of relatives and old neichbors and friends called to congratulate her. Fruit punch, cookies and mints were served. Miss Betty McGln- nis, a granddaughter, had charge of the guest book. A post card shower was also given Mrs. Mc- Glnnls and she received over 100 bautiful cards. Many letters and a nice purse and some personal gifts were received. McGlnnls SILVER CITY Misses Josephine and Frances Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Deitch- service. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Davenport are here from near Missouri Val- lev Mlss Edna Lam and aunts, Miss Edna Frey and Miss Elva Lane have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kellenbarger and family. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Berryhlli went to Weeping Water, Neb., Mrs. Alta Pullman. Announcements have been . f -_ „ Announcement nave open re- Mr. ana Mrs. Bob Chllds and nthVTi. Vl^M celvpd of the birth of a daughter family returned Friday from a re- day. Mr. and t, n ~.. .. vi ji v » iwisses josepnme ana f ranees ,-vir. ana Mrs. narvey ueui.ii- -- - -- .,•...i home after his discharge fr.m Lew|§ of Omaha vWted MTera , , er Kenncth Bnd Lee vlsltea M|89 went to Weeping Water, Neb.. days In the home of their sister. Cora Deitchler at Clarinda Sun- Friday for an over night visit ..— - •• • with friends. Their son and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Berryhlli, of Lincoln brought them home Saturday. Mrs. Ronald Bryant Mr and MrB G]en Kellenbar . — - - F P ent the week e " d ger and family. Miss Edna Lane with the former's parents at Gil- and Mlsg Edna Frey vigtled re]a _ r. h, , i .. """™- «. ._., ,,,_ T „ Juiy 21 to Mr. ana sirs, men- eM tb.™lnV^f ^ e n±^"r -rd Bad* of East San Dlego. C.I. 21 to Mr. and Mrs. Rich- two weeks trip to the Ozarks. are the parents of a 10 pound son, Joseph Ronald, born in Murphy Memorial hospital in Red Oak This makes a boy and girl in the household. Mr. and and family Mr. and Mrs. Ardath Long left man City, Mo. Mrs. McGlnnls was born in Lt.^Dorothy Ann Anderson left Kilkenney, Ireland, and came to America when a grown girl. She was married in Menhan Morris last Thursday for Omaha where she took a plane for her new assignment at the station hospital, county, N. J.. Oct. 6, 1881 to John Tinker Field. Okla. Her mother McGlnnlg and as accompanied her to Omaha. While Fremont county enroute from Randolph Field, bride Mme to . and she has sp«nt her entire married life In Mrs. Alex Rea and Mrs. Mlna Saxson who were visiting the past week in Nebraska arrived home Friday. Mrs. Rea'g son Delmar of Norfolk took them home, returning the same evening. A number of ladiei came in and gave St. Patricks school a thorough cleaning on Monday. School will open Monday, Sept. 1. Donald Kammerer of Chilli- tlves at Sioux City Friday and faced. It Is being oiled, tarred and graveled. John Moore returned home Saturday from the St. Joseph hospital In Omaha where he underwent a nasal operation. He ii feeling well and Is able to be about the yard. Mr. and MM. Floyd Hull and Mrs. Gretchen Carlin of Omaha Saturdav . Ml8B EIra j^e stayed spent a few days with her par- wlth Mr9 Roberta Rellenbarger In Emerson. Mr. and Mrs. Brlscoe of Atlan- road north of Silver City ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Good- to the county line Is being resur- man. Dr. and Mrs. C. O. Johnson at- .. ,. . „ . „ -„ tic, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hatfield, Florence and Larry of Red Oak were callers in the C. W. Bishop tended the Johnson family reunion Sunday at Glenwood lake park. eothe. Mo., came up to spend this family moved to a farm Dear Red — Save Wa«t* Paper! — Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Conrad and «•— • —-• -r — -~* *.-*.... u* n«^ ju OHM jMKrgaret uutcner and also »» family of Dubuque carae last Tex., to Imogene she took care of Mills and Fremont counties. The attended the rodeo Monday ther ' " d Mr *' R " W< 8t « w »'t Thursday for a vlstl with rela- Mrs. Nin. wni^r... n.t^ n ,. pMt e | Rnt Tearg bag been gpent an( , M Butcher went to y W * M Bund *' r dlnner tlT " "<I friends here and at I. T«_. _ . XJML^iiOI WCHl IO mn^t* ft* »1.A V*.«*_ .» ft. • *». week here vlalting his counln. Miss Margaret Butcher, and also TERRACING We are Available to do Terracing Work Call or S«e RUSSELL BIRD Phone 5071 Malvern Mrs. Nina Wlllgrass Delconre, British war bride, who is being taken home to Norwich, England with an Incurable disease. Lt. Anderson said they were a very nice couple with a four months old baby girl. She was with them on the plane from Texas to Kansas City. -i..» ™,m. D. i\. ouicner went TO »-._.. *, ,».- k » v r. 77 — Omaha and to Merritt beach near "?!" " < h « *!"! « f _ h « r _ »«£-• s ' rt »«- n Imogene. ^UJ.H» mua 10 osernu oeacn near .... ._ ,._ „..., .r.~~ ii — _7".V~~ She U the mother of five chil- Plattsmouth. Mrs. Tom Maxwell J£ i ™ ? ' Mr " d Mri> dren. Alice died whn qeuit yoang. and daughter Millie. Mr. and Mrs. ™. n.If.,?. n ', . , . . Edward passed away about two Clyde Addy Jr. and Joe Core of — _ _ _ . . . . _ Mr. Ensley, the new Wabash station agent, of Brunswick, Mo., was here last Wednesday looking for living quarters. He rented the Dernle Laughlln tenant house In the northeast part of Imogene. Imogene received only a light shower Wednesday when so many neighboring localities reported pood rnlns. Cooler temperatures followed. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Parker and daughter of Sallna, Kan., have been here visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Parker. Mrs. Joe Nebel and niece, Mrs. Francis Johnson, of Omaha have returned from Cleveland, O., where they were visiting relatives. Sunday Dinners * * * We are now Serving SUNDAY DINNERS EVERY SUNDAY Open SUNDAYS from 8 a. m. to 2 p. m. BROWN CAFE Malvern years ago. Tom resides In Bore- Omaha also joined them. man, Mont., and was unable to be present. A. J. lives near Hastings and he and his family were present. Miss Mamie resides with her mother. Mrs. McGlnnls is quite well except for rheumatism and enjoys callers every day. She has one sister 91 years old living In \Val- llngford, Conn. Some of her grandchildren were unable to help her celebrate as Artie, son of Mrs., Edward McGinnis, who Is * WESLEY CHAPEL employed in Red Oak, had the ~ misfortune to break a bone In hlg ankle Aug. 12 while playing baseball there. He was taken to the Mercy hospital in Council Bluffs where x-rays were taken to determine the extent of the injury. The- many friends and relatives calling were glad to find Mrs. McGinnis as well as she is and wish her many more happy birthdays. The Sunday school picnic was held at the Legion park in Red Oak last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Wiley and family and Mrs. Wiley's cousin «nd baby. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis 10 at the home of Mrs. J. Conrad and family, Mr. and Mrs. R. Hendrix with Mm. Helen Baa- Joe AI1 « n and family were Sunders, assistant hostess. This Is a dlk ' dinner guests of Mrs. Flora work meeting in charge of Mrs. K °chersperger. Baptist kenslcgton dar committee met at the home of Mrs. Etta Anderson Friday afternoon and the first meeting after the summer vacation will be held Cecelia Van Kirk, vorite Chapter. Roll call, Fa- Joyce I'ierson n..\. Di-frroo at Odnr Falls Miss Joyce Pierson of Henderson received the degree of bachelor of arts In kindergarten-primary education Thursday at the Iowa Slate Teachers college, Cedar Falls. Dr. Volgt, president of Simp- William Rountree, stationed at Key West, Fla., Is visiting relatives and friends here. Mrs. Delia Burrows is staying with Margaret Plunier while Mr. and Mrs. Paul Flammant are on a vacation trip. Florence and Wllma Cooper were Sunday dinner guests In the C. W. Bishop home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooper and family have spent a week visiting Mr. Cooper's sister and brother-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mellchar, and Suzanne at Dilworth, Minn., and at Carthage, Mrs. R, L. Knight was called s - D - visiting relatives of Mrs! to Lincoln Tuesday by the death Cooper. Sunday dinner guests in the L. of her father. guess n te L. Mr and Mrs. J. G. Vaughn of C. Bulllngton home were Mr and n fif\i M V**«i» ... ___ ____ i . * * -_ . «.. __ _ ~ •••«»••!* home Sunday afternoon. AUCTION IN ~ SEPTEMBER All 4-H members who do not wish to take their baby beeves to Ak-Sar-Ben can sell their calves at the F. A. Wellman A Sons 17th annual sale, Dick Goon, county youth assistant, said this week. Word received at the Farm Bureau office said that the annual Wellman sale will be held Saturday, Sept. 13, and will start at 8 a. m. The sale will be held In the South Omaha stock yards and all calves must be In the yards by 5 p. m., Friday, Sept. 12, so that they may be tagged. The calves will be sold In the order that they arrive. All those who are planning on selling at this auction should leave the namu and the number of calves they are going to sell at the Farm Bureau office by Aug. 19. This Information is Important as some indication is needed as to how many calves will bo sold at this sale. Lincoln. were week end Mrs. Wayne Bulllngton, Mr. and mother, Mrs. Cece- Mrs. B. F. Bulllngton and family -.........•«. «.-H.« and Mrs. Bertha Kellenbanrer of whlch flt under the eyelid. More than Saturday Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Red Oak and Mrs. Dale Shelley ~ ' Van New Invisible Eyes Contact lensei are Invisible lenses -'•-'••••- u> ' v -n*'»n***t-LiicciiuuicBoti Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gutschen- the summer graduating class. Ap ritter drove in from Kearney, proximately ISO students recelv. N'eb., Sunday and attended church ed diplomas, degrees and certlH. here and spent the day with his cates. son college, gave the address to And erson entertained at a family and boys. dinner. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. 10,000 people in the United States are wearing them, some for cosmetic reasons, others because they are the ger and Leroy Anderson. — .. „. J _ / . .,..„«, t , c ,o.i.i ID a. uir-iiiuer ui Holland Franke is visiting his Gutschenritter. They left Monday the Kappa PI Beta Alpha. She SWJdparents, Mr. and Mrs. Her'" r . Onl . aha . where the V spent the will teach the first grade in Glen- raan , Franke, near Council Bluffs. Work on the new cement floor in the basement of the Methodist Mrs. Betty Plumb Edmundson cn irch Is progressing and will be left by plane for Seattle, Wash., ^orap'-cted next week. Charlie D '" and his crew of workmen parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Misa Plerson Is a member of Gutschenritter. They left Monday for Omaha where they spent the day and returned to Kearney that wood this coming school year evening. Sept. 1 they and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sheen, Mrs. Gutchenritter's parents, will .„.,. ~, v ^ m lo , o«»i.iiu, »u 8n .. leave for a two weeks visit with Saturday for a weeks visit with . _ „ — -— —- •••••>• - and Mrs. Dean McLain and J. G. Vaughn, Mrs. Cecelia Van family were Sunday dinner guests only typ * ot len * which can Kirk, Mr. and Mrs. John Hettln- of Mrs. McLain's parents Mr and ** ctlvely u*«d In most cases of coni D»Ut* nvi*IT,._ *_.«__ *r ^-k »•• — **•»*•»( *!A* , CftUU - • Mrs. O. E. Davis, and Evelyn. cal cornea and some cases of corneal scars. STAirr another daughter in Los Angeles, Cal. Other guests who spent the day In the Gutschenritter home friends and relatives. are doing the work. Mr. and Mrs. Alden Fleming Telephone Company Making were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Maher and tool£ thelr > oun B son Lloyd to the Repairs at Silver City family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gutschenritter, Mrs. Mayme Hlg- wnere gins. Mike McKelvey of Red Oak 8 P |nal University hospital at Iowa City he will have his second operation this week. He Work is now going on at Silver City telephone office where a 17^x10% foot' extension is being added to the rear of the Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Goodnight has been afflicted with tubercu- ...„ .„ .„„ ,„. ul llle and family of Hastings, Donald los ' 8 ot tne bone for about five building. New equipment Is being CJutschf-nritter who arrived home y ears an d confined to a board " " from the harvest fields in Kansas support. H" will remain at the and Mr. and Mrs. George Gutsch- noa P |tal for an Indefinite time, enrittrr. Mrs. Fleming was formerly Leta Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Regan sr. slater of Wesley and Alden Is a Installed and the aerial cables will be replaced by conduit lines. received a letter from their son, John jr., of Los Angeles, Cal., saying he had purchased an oil station and was now in business for himself. He and his family spent their vacation here early in the summer. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Addy and Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Costello returned Sunday from a week's vacation in the Black Hills. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Sorenson and four children left Monday on the Wabash for Hood River, Ore where they will visit his brother,' cannr, canning factory there. They will also visit her sister and fam- m h LU ue AUTO RACIS 50 world famous drivers. August 22.24-29. eviRY NIGHT SHOW "State Fair Re- vu0"-gorgeouj gay music, show, dom's most beautiful musical re- vu«. Every famoua drome featui FIREWORK? Mrnaxing every niyi MIDWAY brother of Mrs. Russel Ascel. Mrs. Lucille Smith and nephew Roger visited recently with their mother-in-law and grandmother, Mrs. Emma Smith, at Albert Lea, Minn. They report she is not very well at this time. Mr. and Mrs. Eric N'yron, Barbara and Paul are visiting with his parents and relatives near Lanyon. Mrs. N'yron and her Sunday school class of primary folk called on Ezra Plumb last Sunday. The children sang several songs and gave Bible verses for him. Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Brooks and family of Newton visited friends and relatives here the past jveek. ^Mlss Beverly Dibel of Weeping Water, Neb., visited several days in the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Maddocks and Irene are on a 10 day vacation trip to Illinois and Arkansas. Miss Naomi Frailer left Sunday by train for Scranton to attend the Bible Institute for a week. Mr. and Mrs. Amos Meeks and HOGSUI ENT m 6<**e £>iuie verses lor mm. ..... uuu *mo, AIUUB wce&B ana The Anderson township Farm two daughters left Tuesday on a Bureau ice cream social which 10 day vacation trip. They plan at rial i n ------- «•»•«- uuieau ice cream social wnicn *" ""J »ni.-aiiun inp. jney plan t » n , y ex P ect wa » held recently at Wesley was to vlslt the Paul Menzel family e one tt ...... . -,*» ---- ... three months, from here > Saturday to _ „ ices at St. Marys Catholic church for Jim Gilmore, SI, who died ,in the Hand hospital. Burial was in Mt. Calvary i-emctory he-re. Mr. and M,-*. Kverett Moles and daughter Manya have arrived from Sanfurd. Conn., for a visit with his parents. Mr. and Mrs Kmmett Moles. Mr. Moles is a ."indent at I'niun Seminary in York City. Dituiar and sons, • •«»« u^« u » c\«cui,i^ «*L f v c»cicjr H Cia - wel1 at tended and a pleasant eve- at Janesville and relatives at l ° Shen - ning was 8 P ent - Thanks to the Knoxville before returning home. serv- work and plans of the president, Mr - a »d Mrs. H. A. McCoy and pas o e presen, - . . . coy an Marion Wilson, and Mrs. Wilson. Jud >" an< l Mr. McCoy's daughters, Mo., thfcir former home. S'rls choBvn for bunt . Jueub Schui'k of Mr. luiU Mr*. k-lbyvlllw, ..... _ .Huctj uaU huti- t'uuU, Mr, uiui Mr* Kdwurd Me. «)aiKlll. Kruluy. Tlu-y w vl - M «„, k IIIIU uiul Yi-l lutrk mi itu-li' vttt'Hiiuu. n ml Miu Jvi'iMiic IllUv vulif |o (1,,, linv lot « luhttij- s,n« »» I 1 * "' It.! 'Hnils.U> III i.tluiilu Two interesting movies were also shown. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Fickel and sons, Jack and Arthur, were Kuests to 23 friends at a fish supper in their yard last Tuesday. f'lmid Wilson came from DeKalb. III., for a days visit a weok ai?o with his Bister, Mrs. Mabel I'ierson. und Ray Lathrup. I>wight and Darrel Parker and several friends from Henderson Mrs. Burl Harold and »in of th* bowels. They found her Improved and chserful on their visit Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Allely mul I'hltdrtin tt^rtt KueuU ut the wi'iidluK of her utfpltpw, MaurK'tt lluxle. in Unity lltntril, both of rihi'iuniiluuU. The reremmiy and »'"l>tluii viui'ti hi'hi ul llu> Utk|»- Hut I'luirt-li, ItU'hard AlU-ly acled «* u»lit-r mid Mr* Allwly uutl IHKIllli lluv tUlUul ll( yy vltfttl t'umiit >>iiii btiru \u« tl lit tlu- |. lnn,!i,lniii |tua(iital III t'tiuiu'll Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Decker and Miss Phylls McCoy, are on a vacation trip to Kansas. • 4rr Raise Hogs ihe Easy Way Lots of folks are finding the easy way to raise hogs is the moat profitable way. Let your shoats run on summer pasture . . . have self-feeders handy, stocked with Staley PRO-LASS, and hogs will balance their own rations. On pasture or in the feed lot, shoats need Staley PROLASS for rapid, consistent, economical gains! BATES - COLLEN ELEVATORS Malvern, Iowa [MINNEAPOLIS - MOLINEi Farm Equipment MAM FORAGE HARVESTER with Motor MAM MANURE SPREADER MAM CULTIVATOR for Model R MAM TWO 14" PLOWS MAM LISTER MAM Ho*-»^Dr»wa CORN PLANTER »utt MALVERN FARM SUPPLY

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