The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 26, 1938
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 1938 BUTTLES JERSEY CITY War of "Reds" vs. "Fas- cisl" Wages As United States Watches ' !V WA1.TKK C. l-AHKKS V ' Ce S<arf '-•""'•s BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Old Line Political Boss CITY, N . j.. ,, an . The eyes of politicians iiixl ,,1 mid .•tt.uiunarii.s e, Choppers and unionists arc focm-l | «» Frank Hus-nu, .'ii'vim-lli,,,; mayor V r Jersey cit. - (e :i- Jersey city. They sec |,lm with his ta oral coat off, ;Mn-. tolled. ealluses hitched a-,d i,i a palms spit upon for the battle of battlles hi a Kilkenny career ....... a nsht whose outcome will nir<vt ! tli em all. For Hngiio, ever Hip In-oth of fi >».v in a shindy, has taken on the Blanl CIO. no less. The casus belli Is simple: the do wants In and Frank Hague says "Stay Out!" And for enough years to form a. Jiablt, Prank Hague. undisputed Doss of the stair of New jcrscv, potent 1n national allnirs lias been able to say "Stay Out!" and make it stick. Tf he can make the CIO conform to his habits, it may affect tlie whole nascent labor movement. Last of "Bosses" Energetic. 02-year-okl Hngiic. with nglng- Tom pondcrgnst of Kansas City, Is the last of the old-time. two-fisted, up-from-the-wnrd political bosses who were as commonplace as horse-cars at the turn of the cent ui-y. He is proud of his self- propelled ascension from Jersey lily's poverty-stricken 2nd ward, f proud of his prowess as an out- vmaiiin "smoothie" as well us a •\No quarter!" slam-banger. A sickly child, his first vear was fight, fieht, n?hU-to keep alive. The Infant Hague won, with the stamp of ruthless combat on his life pattern. He wasn't much for schooling, going to' work as soon us lie achieved the 12-year "working age," and to this day his lack of formal education crops out in his speech, which, though fluent, takes greiv- ous toll of grammar and syntax. Youn» Frank was weaned on Uilk of political phuiis, what with his dad and older brother active in 2d Ward affairs. At )9 he held his first elective office, "Constable" of the Ward, no salary, after which the record is onc-dlrectlonni—up "P. tip. Avoids Others' Errors The frail_child, grew into pliis.sjx feet of lusty man, but. more., 'iuir. Rising out of the welter of Jersey City's local politics like a Colossus, Prank Hague is the last of the East's old-time, I wo-fisted, up-from- lhe-\vard political bosses of national stature. jver the county line rather than :•( '">h-hoiisc them into martyrs. Lib- '•rals protested against such "kid- ixipliigs" and "deportations." A Federal suit has been filed by 1h« CIO and the American civil liberties Union against Hague and other Jersey City ollicials, claiming denial of constitutional right*. Organizers regularly try lo run the frontier blockade "and are as regularly turned tack. Looks (o 10 Terms Following his election last year. x»ue said: "This is the seventh lime I've been elected. 1911 will be In eighth. 1945 the ninth and IOIQ will be the tenth—then I'll retire." Pride in his attitude of St. George "Fiinst the Red Dragon was shown 'vlicn he recently declined the honor "f appointment lo the uiiexpired u. "•. Senate term of Governor-elect 'V Harry Moore rather than quit the fight' on "the Red grouo alto invade not only Jersey he has. "No Vice. No Crime, No Racketeering" has liecn his slogan, and he has made it stick. An PBt investigation indexed Jersey citv wtih le^s crime than any other citv over 100,000. and there hasn't been a San? there since 1910. stenifiranlly before national prohibition. Continuously has the Hague machine overpowered or out-smarted opposition. Republican opponents hollered "No cricket!" when he entered his henchmen in strictly Republican primaries and got away with it. and they've been hollering "ballot-box stuffing." "thuggery" and "dictator" right along. Hague flaunts booming laughter, doesn't deny, but sneers: "Cry-babies!" Defies CIO's "nights" So his power, waxing from ward, lo county lo state lo national scope via the National Democratic Committee, has bred the habit of hear- j'ntr "Yes." W The obstreperous CIO was some* thing of a shock. Unafraid of old- time unions. Hague had been trying to wangle lax-potential New York industries across the Hudson Into his billin-ick. nromisinc fair treat- Ti" v it n"<\ "nro'ectoi " Jersey Citv was pretty much open shop until the CIO decided to organize there. His Honor immediatc-lv saw a Red invasion, declared he would decide whether CIO entrance was justifiable despite shop elections. "I decide," he desk-thumped. "I do. Me. Right here!" He decided "No." The CIO cited constitutional rights of free speech, lawful assem- •bly. New Deal rights of collective bargaining, peaceful picketing. The flrst defiance Hague had had in years .spurred him to action. His police escorted CIO organizers lance of his challenge to "this un- American movement," declaring that "the eyes of the nation arc on . erscy City and me." i ost Outboard Motor Is Found On Sand Bar IfAYTr. Mn.—Ward J. Dovis, Hay(i sportsman, was on (he mighty "'sissinvji river Dec. 24 with his < utboard motor boat. On this (rip Ir. Don-is lost his outboard molor Special Prices Are Now Being Offered on All Winter Auto Accessories Visil our nioilern parts & accessories store. Here you 'vill find everything on display to enable you to make easy selections (if your particular needs. when he ran into a log and for 23 days a search for the molor was made but to no avail. in Die course of time (he river receded and the motor lodged on a sand bar near Old Cnyso liend. Two young men from Caruthcrsvillc found the motor Sunday and received n 525 reward and Mr. Don-Is was made happy. Aviator-Farmer Makes Land Serve Dual Purpose "Proper Uuid Use" might well bo the name for a combination project ns conducted by liamoiul Uointir, fimner and avlntor <if nonr Hlythevllle. lj\sl spring lie mnde n landing field on his larm nboul 1100 feet long and ISO feet wide. Ho said that for (he "land's sake" he nrriiixl n sod crop on it, and for his "economic sake" he also needed on It a cash crop. Alfalfa seemed to best meet both needs and on March 5 tic sowed 1(10 pounds of alfalfa ) I he four acres. A (Krrfoel stand was secured in splli" of the free™ which imine- followed, Mr. Bonmr pointed PAGE THREE 'ul >c Welfare Commissary Averages 500 Fnm- il«'s Monthly In 1937 of BlniH'fnih Jula'. n,:ui;i nuviwlK of' I'viiiKirnlcil ininies, i.(inu p;)inu!.« of ilrlt 1 :! |ic:is. O.IITO pounds of dry skimmed milk. 5,2110 pounds of rice, 5,!>UO pounds ol fresh onions find 2.HW til cereal. With the first month ot 11KI8 ul- masl (.iHii. n fi cMtnirilc'd dint liniillii's will ui' njdrtl in Haul womls live obtained from I n <". of (he dlctolylcikin (jump, Mich us Ou' o;ik. i)7vN?iTrniHTs (!<• served monthly dnrlii|. lo.iv'liy commissary depiirtnu'nl'of p ivclfai-i", w i,|,.|, provided f.xxl clotlunu, according to Mrs. out thiil nils thick stand not only! acn) .'W>. district retail clerk. wh<j ml 1 1 '^'" " TIITR fur tllii; just lo nmkc Ihii'ii 10 liiur cents more. Customers aic yniir bi-M usKits; lose ih,. u) llm t .mil I»'.v your d'fiu (•; wnrlli thin 1 or tour liincs JK u/m-Ii n.s ;i prevented DIP growl)) of weeds mid ] '") s ; "'inpiled n report for die' jv;Vr, | ^^""''I'l'rD'rK. volunteer soybeans, hut made the ^' lr ''ommlssary department di.s- 1 —"-'"" ~y ~"~ ',' '. allalfa .stems so small that nil of '"billed M>VCI> tn t tut shlpiiii'iil', i>| tin: hay was first quality This crop "''''''"I surplus commodities, u ],n•(>(• WHS cut four times lost year, mid '"""'"it ol mlitr foixls, and fiijTf to Mr. llomnr In; Inlr- ni'lli'li-; "1clnlhli: Kl vvhli'h \wiif nut piiljlir wi'lfuvi* clU'iil'i. 1,111 public Institutions and or- us. This clullilnjr wns nuuli. IK an vestod a total of l!2 tons or average of 2 tons per acre jif-r cutting, About 20 tons of tills is .surplus for which lie 1ms refused SIB )w Ion. hoping to get $'20 bu- forr Die new crop Is harvested. After the ground onco spilled it iis a fair landing Held. New Residence Near Steele Razed By Fire Mix. Jan. M— PI IT com- iilcloty :!(!slioYfd Hie new brick home of Mr. mid Mrs. W. Harney Ch'ccnwny. six miles of steelo on highway (il yesterday. The fire started when n negro plumber of Canithersvillc was trying to thntv some water pipes and hi some way the paper was caught afire and because of the strong wind the home was destroyed hardly anything was saved. Mr. and Mrs. Greetuvay, who were married about two \vecks ago, had been living in the home only n few days and part of the Interior was not completed. The home was valued at $12.000. to room here. Of nil Hie food un:l dolbln,, di s none cif this w us paid lor sci'pl the nnilnlul r,,,- Biumi'tiis disirllmted lit chrlsliiius Inrougli i)u> Ciooilfeilmv.s club whk-h wus imn-hasi'd | )v Klon and uuiti'rinl for iho |>i><ir fniin's articles, which paid fur by '.In' comity. It takes eigln minutes for tlie light' from the sun to reach the earth, so we never see the sun where it Is, but where It. was eight minutes ago. Call Tom Little Chevrolet Go. NOTICE All persons having personal property should assess it at once. I will be in my office or have proper Deputy at Blytheville every day and each Saturday at Manila and Leach- viile. Every store or business will be called on personally. Remember, everyone must be assessed for a poll tax. Assess today. It will only lake a few minutes and you can make sure of your value. R. L. (Billy) Gaines Mississippi County Assessor. loili'iit Toodi lislc Hubert Utley's Service Slaliou anil Cafe '-SIW NOUW IONIAN COD 1.1VKK Oil,' i'nti,i,ii's 'AX OKiAltr.TTliS '.'. hi:. •&(.• tir S'.ITi |ii'r Canon 24 Hour Service ll.W. Ill, HOLLAND, .HO. 'Ilii' nu lol.i of food rceetu'tl coti- slsled of 'M.'.m poimdi ,,r a;|.88» pounds of apples. poiuidN ol pours mid , puiinds of Irish pntutw:;. Otlier fowls distributed wore: 7.77« Nnjol 39c 69c LUDENS , ,,, FOR LOWEST . . Only $245 1935 Chevrolet Pick-Up A K<UH| Iniy . . . d'dcicl tire.s, nuitor and npp Sir ill!.'; |)it'l(-ti|i today. Only !?!)8.(l(l down iind SI0.00 PIT moiilli. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY & Waltml Razor Blades lOc Pack SLOAN'S UNI •1MKN Ooans 69c CHICOSOTKI) KMtll.SlON Calotabs 18c 19c Aspirin Tnb.s 1 Oi) for J'KKOXIOK in I'iiH IJJ i> Vils. Adhrsivc Tape Fitch Hair Tonit, Si/.c At the Fountain KAKY K,'K CltKAM SODA— i!IO (JJ.AS I.HX H.AKKS llalian Hnlm-Pitch Shnmpon CftC Deal Valentine Candy Order Now 30cto $3.00 ; Vicks Salve 25c Nose Drops 25c Electric Heat Pads $1.49 to $4.50 For Colds Use • PECTROL Internal External Guaranteed Radio Features TfDDFTT ANDRE KOSTELANETZ ,, PAUL WHITMAN i\ DERMS TAYLOR PAUL DOUGLAS PIPES Cobs 5c Briar 25c Value 19c R. J. R. ZforISc Velvet lOc Prince Albert lOc Half & Half lOc 5c Tobaccos 6 for 25p Federal Judge Cigars 10 for 20c Main at 2nd-4th-1Zth PLEASURE in Chesterfields milder letter taste

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