The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 14, 1947 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA. AUGUST 14, 1947 HASTINGS HAPPENINGS .A <U-pnrttm-nt rtovotod to nom of Hn.«tJn R «. nnd Hnrtln** citizens nn<l to th» promo(Ion of the Ki-nprnl Interests of the Hastings community. 2,000 Champs at 'Junior Ha-1itm- Metis P.. \. < lare H. t Miiii'<li -, MlnMiT T! . r-'n-id.v.' ' !'"'d " ii' Hi'-'''' li <iiv..|.iy during An 1 -' u • t. .'i f , ,, , ;i |-;. ;,. , i:,.ti .< iii" ' haiiv.-.' i: -;,,.. 'i i..... v. ill t>" un ;>[••;'. li. i i i , ,!,. v,.-. ( ,f ;!i" iiii.Mti K. •. -M \l,-. i:,.,,. '.Mil !'" < ; ,v o-i '. .'• ,ii i":: 'I !:• H' r.t . .,. 'liir' ...:-, i. • > \\ :ll I-.' .-'•••!!' T GLASSES COMPLETE (ilas*e<i Mmle and Hopnlrwl In our own Shop Ull, \,. n. 1'KTKH.SKN Optometrist !{<•(! Oak, loira Kurrcssor to n>do II. CliHK O.I). Klrst Door \orlh of Fnunt'es, ' ',, !•. Mi" I I! !' !!.. '•'• -' '. .•' l'1'.l " .1 I I I] ' 1 I -: If 1 1 ' ' " ;,1 :i. !i :• \< :n> I.' I;. 1 ! odi: i i hup !i la-i w u ;i-. \ <-r v sii' - N• hi \I;.| t |i;. |||. l'i t HI Hi ll t" ! l'= '•' HI k •^' nv " Mi.iid.iy )ii"i niim. Harold itli 1 -; \ii'-;ili'iii in Host- "•If- Ku'ii I'-ow'n. Mv. V' ni on and other .-.-i^ti ru points. Hall. Mr.-. K'!i"l I'arH-r. Mis. Th. v 'r. I'nfl.-il .'I "underfill trip. S'.li.i 1'lndps and Mi- l.orraln" Mr .i,.,l Mi-y. We.Ten I!mv<-n. i:m>« in' i :it tli' 1 In""" " f H'len .!;,, I, and Jim and Mr. and Mrs. liru,-- Wednesilay to plan th" C |; |!oos a.t.nded th" reunion . lull prmram for (h. following of ihi' ,f. II. 1'arker r.-iinily held year. A w,dl-lulan<.-d rducatioii- iil ihf. fair un Is in Malvern al program was planned. S, ln ,lay lc " v ''""' Mr> - """" U ' fl A "~' 1 :i for their trip to Kstr-s F'ark. Mr. and .Mrs, Mark Itowen ,.,,,,, •[•[,, } . u j[ ),,, ^u,,. for the •AIM i' urn .-Is of Mr. and Mrs. Mar- , l , n ,;,j r , c l< r of Auuust. old S> oil :u ili>' :'• t siipp«r 'dub } lr .,„,] M, S Kalpli Hall and cast of town Saturday "Veniim. [i..,, )n y spent Friday afternoon Th" or,a-ion «a-i in tumor of , 1M ,| ,. v >.niiii: in tli" home of Mr. Mrs. s. oil's hirt Inlay. Mrs. Bessie Marshall and Mrs. .Max Marshall and children have returned to Randolph after having spent the summer in Tulsa. Okln. Max is nn a road trip with a ball Hub at pv?ent. Ills family will join him later at Los An- Miss Th'dmn Tfho returned to her work at Omrihn last week foN i lowing a two wi'fks Natation ! \\\\\<-\\ sh" *p-"'»' with her pan-alp. Mr. r>nd .Airs. II. A. Tet.o. Mrs. |i. IV V.'iHiainsou rind Mr. and Mi s. l'.'l> WiMiaiii-nii ai 1 " vi••it iiiir ;•'dat iv"- ;;' in. .Mo- Mr, and Mi- i'.oli Mai tin !•-''' la.-r \\ filii. -day for a v;:. aivm \ i«it w iih friends at Clinton. I:i.. , Cliira^n and Aurora, III. Tin if son Joiinn' i= siavinu- with hi-; ; urimdpan -nt.«. Mt. ami Mrs. Fred , Adams, whil" his parents are , trotlO. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Browning of Omaha entertained at a birthday dinner recently in honor of thp'ir nephew. Gene Palter's birthday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. H" .A. Teho. Miss Thelma Tfho mid fiene Snlter. Mr and Mrs. Kalph Pm"" 1 " f l,inn>n, Colo., anived Tuesday for ., ii-it with his parent s-. Mr. and Mrs, KOS? Sinitl). 'online from Kansas City wlierf th"V had b-''n .•Vn-sts of l"s >=isi"i- and family. Mr and Mrs. I,e=lk> Whitney and '.-,,,'.. -|",ii>v !> ft en Thursday for M:|v.aiil:i'i-. \\ '--• v - 1 "' 1 '" t!l< y v '''" ! i,,.,,,! a i'. •'. ('.-!> s \\ itli a tnnldy of Mr. .-'i-iiiir •; '•• Mil '- 1 i' 1 " 1 ! h>' ..,,, ,.• iiun-li tini" (infill- livf years i,, ,i,, s,-i\i" . Tn f V » ! - ; " i' 1:l " '" vi ,i, the f.l-i.U Mills l.f-foro tlif-y rriiirti to their home. ^li^.-, ^ Fat raven and Marllvn For.l of Oiutilifi sp-nt the «,-...U end with home folk?. McKEE FUNERAL HOME Lloyd W. (line) MrKre CARSON, IOWA Ambulance Service THONK 100 Carson MARKWELL STAPLERS ARE GUARANTEED Model Shown $1,60 Other sizes to fit your needs. THE MALVERN LEADER Phone 5551 Malvern and Mrs. K'-a Sln-pard ill (il'-n- WOOll. A fair si/.ed rroud attended th" danif held in the Community l.iiililinu- Friday fvcninu. Ih" home of Mr. and Mr?. FI-I d l.o'ikalilll has been pain!"d tan on the outside. Mr. and Mrs. William .liidah have |i""ii I'lijoyinu a vi-il from th'dr ^oii and family from California. Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Hall a,i ompunietl Mr. aud Mrs. Harold Miirlndl to Omaha Thursday cvi'iiiiii; where Mr. Mitrhell took the train to Hi Ilinyham. Wash., where he will visit his mother and other relatives. Mrs. MitfU- tll and I'auh'ttt' will visit In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles I'ratt in Red Oak until Mr. Mitchell return*. The North Grove cemetery association will meet at the home of Mrs. C. E. Hoos in HastlnRS AUK. 1!2. Members are urged to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Parker of Columbia, S. C. -were callers in the Ed Hathaway home laat week. The Parkers are former Hastings residents. Several families from here attended the Rodeo held at Henderson last week. Jack Bowen received first in the judging contest held at Ames last Saturday. SALESMAN WANTED Immediate opening available for representative in Mills and Fremont counties. Must have car, be between the ages of 28 and 55 and a knowledge of selling will be valuable but not essential. Salary and expenses paid while training then salary and commission paid against business produced during the month. Acceptance for the job will lead to a permanent position with Iowa's fastest growing organization, the Motor Club of Iowa, affiliated with the American Automobile Association. Iowa's new Financial Responsibility law, goes into effect October 1st. The Motor Club of Iowa has uuto insurance for its members. Don't miss this opportunity. Write immediately for it personal interview. Win. RatnMll) S«t«« SuporvUor 218 Ewt Third Str**t Davmport, Iowa Des Molnes, la., Special: Mor« than 2,000 Iowa farm boys and girt* | will compete for $23,000 in cash prizes at the Junior Livestock Show , and 4-H Club Congress at the 1&47 Iowa State Fair here Aug. 22-29. i Besides exhibiting the finest of livestock and farm products, 4-H Club ; members will compete for honors In judging-, home economics project* j and farm demonstrations. For thousands of farm youngsters, the State Fair \* the big event of the year. In addition, this year's State FaJr headHnes ever 0,000 animals in a National Stock Show, grain exhibits. ; larm •quipmcnt, and over 100 acres of other farm features. f. T. Himiltnii Invites i-very- 011'^ tO HttflUl JlViUlT KIM 1 VlCC lit him liniiit 1 (in Kriiiuy and Sunday ovciiin ~s at 7:30. Itoii.-ild Ik'iison bnupht the dfl'irc IjuildniK formerly owned by I.. I., (ir Moli and Max Shepard who are employed lit Sigounu-y, spent the •week end with home folks and returned to their work Monday. Mrs. C. E. Boos hus been elected to teai-h the Goldt-n Hill school north and west of town. Mr. Vern Hall was in Red Oak Thursday. Don Benson is employed at Largent's Grocery. Mr. and Mrs. Benson have opened a cafe In the east part of the post office building. They have a most attractive place and are open for business. Otha Bryan is employed as a truck driver for A. V. elites. Mr. and Mrs. Weeren Bowen called In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bowen near Malvern Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Fltzwater and Jimmy drove to New Market, la.. Sunday where they were pu> sts of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thiirmnn. The two men were buddies during the late war. Mr. and Mrs. Hob Williamson drove to (iallatln, Mo., Saturday bringing Mrs. H. I). Williamson homo with them on Sunday. She had been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stokosberry. Mr. Stokesberry who lias been in very poor health for some time, was quite seriously ill last week but was improved when Mrs. Williamson came home. Ralph Dalton became ill from the heat while working in a corn field Saturday. He was given first aid treatment and after a rest of a few days Is feeling quite well again. Cardinal Rule When having plumbing installed, always remember one thing. It takes — Correct Ensta.Eaticn to make a good plumbing job. To get CORRECT INSTALLATION, you need a licensed plumber. It stands to reason that a man who has been trained as a plumber is the man to get to do a job well, and at the greatest long time economy to you. Remember the two words go together. LICENSED PLUMBER—CORRECT INSTALLATION J. R. Cardwell State Licensed Muter Plumber Phone 2671 Malvern Lockers operation RANDOLPH* Mr. and Mrs. Jack Connor and Dr. aud Mrs. Wm. Kerr drove daughter Patricia were recent to Omaha Tuesday afternoon, callers in the home of Mr. and staying all night and returning Mrs. Everett Bliss. home Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wederqulst Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Brannian sr. were guests in the George We- and Rosa were Omaha shoppers rierquist home at Malvern Sun- Monday. day. Other guests were Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kllpatrlck Mrs. Geo. Mori of Valley, Neb., and daughter Marie returned and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haine home Sunday morning from Minand two children of California, nesota where they have been re- Mr, arid Mrs. Lewis Fichter of cently. Marie will return to Calt- Shenandoah spent Sunday with fornla In September where she his mother, Mrs. Julia Fichter. will teach again this year. Everett Bliss and Bobby Kll- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brinkman Patrick were Malvern business and Delia Ann of Stafford, Kan., visitors Tuesday morning. are spending a few days this week Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fichter with Mr. and Mri. Lyle Dodd and and family were Sunday guesU L-yla Fae and Mrs. Fletcher, of Mr. and Mrs. Elza Bowers of C. C. Garber and Supt. James Shenandoah. Donna Sue remained R*«d were business visitors In for a longer visit. Des Moines Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Perkins Mrs. Howard Glasgow, Donna are looking forward to a visit and Larry of Anderson spent last from their daughter and family, Thursday at the home ot her sis- Mr, and Mrs. Ted Graves, and ter, Mrs. C. C. Garber. two sons of Washington, D. C. Mr. and Mrs. Debs Clark and They are expected to arrive the daughter Jo-Ann of Papilllon, first of next week and will have Neb., were Sunday guests of Mr. a months vacation with relatives and Mrs. Ralph Walker, and friends in this area. Everett Lake of Nebraska City Mr. and Mrs. Albert Perkins, was a guest of the Ralph Walker Betty and Patty were Shenandoah family Thursday, shoppers Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Heaton, Mr. Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Varley and Mrs. Frank Snyder and Mr. and two children of Shenandoah and Mrs. Coy Churchman left were Sunday evening callers in Tuesday for a vacation and fish- the home of Mrs. Alice Brannian. ]ng trip to Minnesota. Many from Randolph attended Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Queen and the 4-H Achievement show which three children of Tabor spent was held at Sidney on Thursday Sunday evening in the home of and Friday of last week. Among Mr. and Mrs. Merle Ferrel. those present were the follow- j. s. Zdychneo spent the wee* ing: Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Fichter. end with his mother «t Hastings, Corby Jr.. and Rosemary. Mr. and Neb. She has been In ill health Mrs. R. A. Trively and family, tor the past few week. Mr. and Mrs. Verle Trively and Mrs. Harry Comitock and Ann family. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Kil- and Mrs. Cora McCord were Patrick and Kay, Mr. and Mrs. H. Shenandoah visitors Tuesday att- B. Brannian, Ross and Richard, ernoon. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Shirley and Mrs. Mildred Lundy and daugh- famlly, Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth UTB of KnoxvWe »re guests in Shrutn uud family aud Mr. and the homo of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Longloaker and family. Mr». Ace Fltzwater. Minn Edith Druunltui of Lin- Mr. aud Mrs. Walter Young coin in eujoying a uhort vacation and Mr, and Mri. Wilbur Youug from her duties at the veterans of Mason City are anjoytug a va- hospual. at th« homo of her calloa and fishing trip at Dau- inothrr. Mm, Alice Urnnnlan. bury, Wi»., which U located in MU« Mou» Ann 8nycU<r U « the northwvst part ot th» «iat«. gupitt of Miss Mary I.ouU« Trively They report tlu» ntblng M •*c*l- while hrr parvuu ttrv away no a U<ut, motion trip. Mr. uud Mrs. Clwwuce Inouu Cpt. and Mr». KranoU HvhwarU and Mr. and Mri. M. L-- A»»y toft of Ktuutttlv. Ky . »i>*nt thv **«k lam Saturday *v«oln« tar » vac*- *u4 wtttt fat* uioihwr, Mrs H»lU« ilnu trip Mli« il«*t?i«* Ford wilt tk-hw«ru. lt» will r«i>url back lu b»v« ch»r«» of in* Allely Vir«iul* fur r«-tul(eiu«nt. If you believe the only difference in gasolines is in the name . . . pull up at the next red E3 pump ... fill up with Conoco N-tane! Take off with a tanklul of power . , t quick, quick, and the extra MlL£S-ANO-MiL£S-ANO-MlL£S you've just got to brag about! All in the new- fey gasoline we've made for you ... for NOW! , CoatiaiaUl Oil CM** Goy Oil Company DISTRIBUTORS CONOCO Gasoline Lubricants, Fuel Oil Wt'll b« o»ly too |Ud to tali* caf* of your n*«d« no matttr what UM w«aUt«r. PkoiM 41U for TANK WAGON SKMVIC1 or C ol U fro» tko WlowU» f 4oalmi BEN 1RZ1DINC CO. C. A. SWANSON ft SONS SALVERS AUTO CO. HOUOIN SiRVICC STATION

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