The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1943
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Veach Made Himself Fine Fielder, And Always Took Full Cut At Ball By HARRY GRAYSON , NEA' Sports Miter ^Robert H Veach »as the thlid member of Detioll's famous lefl- ha»d«t batting outfield, the others beljig gfntlemen who could also cmack the sphere — Tjrus Raymond iCobb-snd Sam 'Crawford, the hardest; hitting barbel who ever cmnc from Walioo, Neb Bobby Veacli '.'performed in the •righr oulficld from 1912 to '23 He had i to bo u truly, great hitter to click'- In' 1 ; there with Ty'Cobb nnrt Cfa»ford" , He ended his major jea#uc oaten In (lie Washington- Pittsburgh World Seiies of V5 Detroit . released him to Boston firiS'thc' Red Sox traded him to NC* Yorl, The;,Seiiators obtained Veaeli on vjujyers ylien he hnd a 13-\car American League batting n\ciage QfA',310, Ihc bulk of it compiled Evyattlrig the old meal bug. ; Veach .was one of the most ef- fecuve hitters with men oil bases who' ever stepped to the plate. He led' lii jrtms-lMltcd-ln for several wrripaigrYsT ' rivalled. Crawford In that lespcct Ifarry 6 Siilslngcr, famous sports - editor of The Detroit Netys,: recalls how Vencli's nmbl- tion'wns to become one of the top hit-and-run batters, which was something he never realized. Harry; -SalEingcr says -.that no ball player, was less -able to work a hit-and-run play > than Veach. His method. of. 'tattling made It Impassible for, him to shift his position, Sal points out Veach took, a full cut every time lic,-ofTered at a pitch Ho swung frfm the giound' He was the exception among big time hilteis Hfc could never change, much as he, tried at times .VEACH KNEW ONLY ONE WAY Veach never tried dlrteient methods to shake a slum]) He slmpls kept plugging alone In the onfy'stjle lie would— or could— accept He •continued plodding until he 'freed hlrnsclt of the slump Perhaps that Is whs he vound upT «ith an all-time tueragc ot 3lj>, the best part of It compiled in" years when n tr'jfcted attention 300 He hitter at knew the one way only, had It down pat H<* -swatted" a ' long ball yeach's fielding, was limited wfieh he came to the Tiger? He WB$' extremely awkwaid uncer- tajn^in going aftei fl> balls Ho practiced and developed until his de£ensl\e skill matched lih savagery at the hlate He became onfr of the more skillful defensive outfielders, could thro* like M.izes Veach . . . defensive II mulched savaeerv at bat. Belting Bobby, a handsome, dark- coin plexloned youngster, was a native of Si Charles Ky He voikcd in a coal mine with his fnlhcr, slood 5 feet 11 and weighed 115 pounds at his peak. Veach trle"d out in the Eastern Illinois. Trolley - League in '08, went to Peprla'in '11 as a pitcher He then batted cither left or right, bt|t preferred the-portsule. Even (hen he was;.a ; power hitter, and when he played the outfield his throws to - the buses and plule were deadly. STRIKES FROM OUTFIKI.l). •He', had the urso to pitch, but wanted to work every oilier day in order to get hi the batting order .for a sock nt the sphere. It was the Pcqriu manager who persuaded him to swltcli'lo the outfield because of his hitting, and he went to Detroit from, that club via Indianapolis. Fred W. Tucrk, veteran sports editor of the Pcorla Star, recalls Veach's slny In Hint city. "Time and again baserunners trying to score from third following H catch 'were nailed at the plate by accurate pegs from deep right," testifies 1'rccl Tuerk. "Others fell victims at second and third. Nick Ellen Only Yankee To Gel On Base As .White Sox Win 3-0 By United Fret* The door lo tlie Hall of Fame was left, ajar yesterday afternoon, but someone kicked It shut from the inside .is Ihe Chicago White Sox' Buck Ross lilted the latch, . ; The mighty New York Yankees managed to gel only one scratch single off the White Sox right handcr, as he won three to nothing. In (he second inning, Nick Ellen smacked a sharp hopper thal'lijt lio.w OK tlie bare liaml. He pounced on the ball and throw high |6 first. Kten was safe on a very close play. He also was .walked In tlie eighth. And he 'was the only Yankee to get on base. The Wlilte Sox themselves were held to one hit by Charlie Wensloff for six Innings bill, made four tills good for two runs In the seventh. Hard Hit. Hut Wins -bander Lumnn Han-Is, of the Philadelphia Athletics, was shelled for l(i hits In 12 innings but managed lo hold on and beat the Detroit Tigers, seven to six, I'cte Slider and John Welaq pulled seme fancy shennigans to work n perfect squeeze play and bring In the winning run for the A's In Ihe 12lh. The Washington Senators' were helpless against the Cleveland ^n- dians for eight innings put came up with a full licad of steam. In the ninth to win, three to one. Three singles an(l two walks given til) by Jim Dagby gave Uic Senators (luce runs. . ,...<•; The game between the ••Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Drowns was postponed. In Giants Finish Strong Ihe Nalional League, the "I saw him throw out a number at first on what ordinarily would have been singles to right. He wns n Cobb in that respect. In otic game I saw him nab two runners at third and another al the ptate." Veach purchased an interest In n Detroit coal company in 1933. Two years later he became sole owner. Bobby Vcaeh had vastly more than • baseball nullity. The revised card shows lhat the Big Ten was sincere when II pledged several months ago that 'It would fill! support to service alh- ConfefenceDecides To Pio- 'vi4e More Games ' Service Clubs With By United Press Service men stationed at tram, ing centers in the midwest arc going [p get their fill of football this Autumn—thanks to the Ten Conference Big Ten "officials have agreed to revise their schedule for 1943 to provide more games with smite clubs Bui better still Is the fact th*t a number of Uic games be played at army stations, where camps and ..-t ^. —. 1V .«, .,.._.„ the soldiers and sailors will be able to enjoy thp games ' Chief benefactors of tile re- • letlcs. ''Arrangements will be made so that the'Big Ten tennis .traveling lo service"-posts .receive .only tho barest traveling expenses. Tlie rest of the money Inken in could then be applied to equipment for •the service oulfits. '••Actually, die Big Ten will benefit from competition , with Army an'd Navy teams. InlErseclioiial games wilh olhcr colleges are out because of transportation dttflcul- 116.1." And there will ,bc less mid- western collegiale opposition tills Fall because some schools have dropped. football for the duration. Games' with service teams will giiarantec Big Ten members high- class, opjiosU-ton this year. The Big Ten's action- benefits everyone, but it benefits mostly the service men affected. It colleges In the rest ol the county followed suit, It would provide • plenty of stop. An Army injury caused Allen to turn to.n different phase of baseball—he managed the Boston Club of the National League which won liic pciuianl from the New York Giants. In 1041 he bought the Montgomery franchise of the Southern Association and moved It to Little nock, then he bought the Knox- vllle franchise and operated it with Ills son, Edgar C. Allen. Despite his Knoxvillc affiliations, he continued to make: his homo in Little Hock. |C;iiin(5 arc making a habit of hold- fug off their power'until the last minute. They licked the Cubs in Ihc ninth Inning for the second straight day, this time three lo two. Rookie Sid Gordon, Giant third baseman, poked a timely single with the bases loaded in 'the last stanza. 'Bob Elliott slapped out a two- run homer in tlio first inning to spark the PiUsburgh Pirates to an eventual five to two victory over tlie Brooklyn Dodgers. The come back attempt "of ancient Freddy Filzslmmons ended in failure. The Hues scored all their runs'against Freddy, who was sent lo the showers in (lie fourth. : In the St. Louis Cardinals-Boston Brave gniiic it was just like ybil read In the thrillers. The score was tied at three-all wilh ,two out in the ninth; diet. Ross' triple and Chuck Workman's single gave (be Braves a 4 to 3 victory over.the world champions. -.\ It was a pitchers' tiucl between Al Javery and Lefty Max Lanier, of tlie Cardinals until the sixth. The Cards put, one .'across In that Yesterday's Results SOUTHKKN LEAGUE Night names: New Orleans •!, Memphis 'J. game. Atlanta :il Chattanooga. Knoxvillc at Nashville. Birmingham at Little Rock. football cnUrtainmcnt when skin time rolls mount!. Pig- Prs-Flight School at the Unueraty of-Io»a, and Camp Grant at RocK- ford. 111 Last 5 ear these three sta- tiohs fielded excellent teams and they should h.ave even less trouble I SS3 Owner Of Smokies •:, Ends Long Career LITTLE ROCK. May 15. (UP) — Robert G. Allen, president and r of the Knoxville baseball advance fa\orlte to cop the national chatrlpionshlp this jear, .since the colleges will be drained of manpower. Under new Bi" Ten schedule Great Lakes, the Pre-Fllght School, Kock hospital. .'Allen,'dean of Soulhcm Association" baseball, began his baseball career early, .soon becoming one of the greatest lidding shortstops ol all time, Lalcr he established AMERICAN M:AGUE Washington 3, Cleveland 1. Chicago 3, New York 6. Philadelphia 7, Detroit C. 12 hi- liugs. Boston al St. Louis, postponed, vcalhcr. NATIONAL LKAGUE New York 3, Chicago 2. Hcslon •!, SI. I.oiii.s 3. 10 innings. I'ill.sburgh 5, Brooklyn 2. Cincinnati at Philadelphia, |>ost- ,ioncd, weather. and Camp Grant \\ill each play a Nnl '°" itl League record for flcld- fhe Western Conference clubs I '"6 cllan « accepted by a ' sliorl- Big League Lingo Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE ' Knoxvillc at Atlanta. Nashville n t Chattanooga; New Orleans at Little Rock. Only games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh at New York. Cincinnati at Boston. Chicago at Brooklyn. St. Louis at Philadelphia. AMERICAN LEAGUE Washington at Dstrolt. Philadelphia at Cleveland. Nc\v York nt St. Louis. Boston at, Chicago. SATURDAY; MAY 15, 19.13 |.13" Pony Rallet WMIi ..women raring overalls and taking men's jobs, these fair ones didn't consider it with lengths to spare by Flying Tiger. Mrs. 8, Uilc.s up. Left to right: Mrs. 1'clcr Ilr.grn . i Mcrryman,- Jr., Peggy Squires, Mrs. Idles, Mary rtae C.rolle niul Mrs. C. r' unusual In don silks and ride In Pimllco race, Mrs. Sidney Hirst, Jiirly Johnson, Mrs. orbes. Mrs. Riles Is wife of jockey. Newman To Wrestle Rpy Welch Monday; Faces Roberts Promoter Mike Wcroncy, whose wrestling pjilron.s li;ivc a more or less steady menu of tatf wrestling in rqcenl weeks, will be given a Monday .nielli In' stead of the lag matches usually hooked, Muro'ney has arranged two promising bouts featuring four of 'the most | Johnny Pesky and l/raldic Hulch- iiiscii. now or llic'Nuvy. and Rube Mollun, Uic h](. Brooklyn right- hander, are the more <Jisliii"ui5ie<l graduates ol ihe national semi-pro tourniinicnl. There arc to be 301) district, and •lit tournament-; leading Io Ulis rear's naliuial, so Wichita is virc- liasing lor the biggest sports show ever staged In (lie wide open .space'; PiTsic'onl l.'umnot r;Ui'le-l Ihc N;ilion;iJ Hcjni-1'ro Congress 10 years ago lo .spur the sale of base- bnll «[iiipmcul, rapidly ml)(!c Kan . sas conscious of what lie had. Originally seeking 1 0 !„.,],, ))im _ C RAY SON'S agifrcssivc and.skillful grupplers. iu thus area. Top billing has been given the . : : . aialch scheduled between Roy Welch, wily; veteran, and Leo Newman, "sturdy performer who has appeared !)eiure local fans in many interesting matches. Welch, who fan be beaten but who usually Isn't,, will try 'all the artistry gained from umpteen years in- the cauliflower industry against Leo the. Lion, : in a 00-iniimtc time limit match of two'out.'of three 1 falls. This-match should prove highly satisfactory to Hie. folks who click the turnstile (there ain't one, but H sounds good) at the American Legion arena on North Second street, Welch Is Ihe peer of all Baseball Standings SOUTHKKN xNaslivilJc xChatlanoosa Miiuninxlinm xLillle Hock New Orleans xAtlaiita iVi mphis XKllC.Vl'lllu x—Night «ame. LUACUK VI. L. I'et • .... H S .'HI ....11 0 .047 : .... 12 8 1(1 8 .... ia a .... 8 11' .... a 13 .... •! H .000 ,f>5(i i .500; .121 i .267 f iimsclcmch who tread Ihc gray canvas in those parts, but once In a while he runs smack into SCOREBOARD Ky IIAIUIY NBA Spiiris Keillor CHICAGO.—Raymond Dumont is so pleased wilh allendance at the sandlot season throughout the nation that he now foresees his National .Semi-Pro Baseball Congress' annual championship tournament drawing 200,000 spectators in Wichita, Aug. 13-25. In Hint event It would pay com.,-... *n LIIUL L.VIUI it Nuuiu niiv ' ULn- somebody who upsets him, and )clUlg c)tlbs raorc lhlln ^ DCM . Leo the Lion is nobody's clunce • - when he's up. against another rasslcr. Lots of folks would agree thai the Welch-Newman go , alpue should be worth the price of admission, but fpr good measure Promolcr Meroney will- give the fans another spectacle. This will be a one-hour time limit battle between "Charlie Laye and Rough Red Roberts. This also will be a two out of three fall aftair, and (he devil take (he .hlmlermosl. •Monday nighl's program will begin 'at 8:30 o'clock instead of tlie former starling time ol 8:15. .This will give', fans a little more time, especially welcome' in view of the fact that daylight lasts these days and war. time 8:15 roll around a hit too Something new has been added, too. The Courier News has been informed that wrestling fans may leave their umbrellas at home on cloudy nights because they won't need thein since there's a new roof on the arena. longer makes >rizc money. First place money is expected to approach 10,000. The production attracted 110,GOO people last summer. The prize noney amounted to nearly $20,000. The/ winners, Hie • Boeing Bombers of Wichita, received $52CO. Wichita has nearly doubled in >opiiiatioii ivith the war boom. Admission prices will be nearly 20 per cent higher. A game in Wichita on National Semi-Pro Baseball Day this spring trew 0500 paying guests, which real the St. Louis Browns' oncn- ng rday attendance by somewhat f that Is any distinction. The New- York Yankees brought out a bnn; 500 more in unfavorable weather. With many more service and var industry learns* the national semi-pro tournament can't miss laving more important name ath- etcs this summer. Players like Cc"•il Travis, formerly with Washing- 'on, and Woody 'Jensen, who played .n the outfield for Pittsburgh, par- icipated last August. INTEUNAT10NAI, GAME London.—Baseball is going lo be more of an international game fol- Iqwhif thj war. Eight leagues are being formed In England and one in Northern Ireland. Read' courier Rews want ads inning; the Braves three. St. Louis tied It up with two runs in the top of the seventh. Cincinnati at Philadelphia ,was postponed. Thursday Night's Results SOUTHKIIN I.EACrlll-: New Orleans 6, Memphis •!. Chattanooga 5, Atlanta -I. Little Rock 8, Birmingham 3. Has 300 Relatives Serving DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (UP) — Auxiliary Olivia Eubanks\ of the 2nd Wanes' Training Center here :)as 3CO relatives In the armed services Including her collie dog, Bonnie. She said there are enough members of her family, counting ulaws and third cousins, to make two companies. CHICKASAW Main Nc ;l r 21sl SI. Sat. stalls 12:15; Sim. starts 1:43 Nislil slious 5:45 EM:CI>| Monday, oiicns 0:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. I/asl Time Today Double Feature "FUGIT1VK VALLEY" wild The Ilangc Busters "THK KLACK CAT" Ultll Rasil llallihnnc i- Hugh Herbert Comeily HKKIAL: ••])irk Tracy vs. Crime" Sunday & Mondav "HAM, OF FIRE" wilh Gary Cooprr * Barium Stanwyck Universal News Sclcclcd Shorts Cash for Your Gar Any Make — All Models WE NEED 50 USED CARS Scr, us at mice if you want Co sell ynur car FOR CASH, on delay—drive in or telephone and our representative will call a( once. Phillips Motor Co. Tel. ,153 5lh & Wal n ut WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, May 17, 8:30 p. m. lowest Admission ot »nj .WrefUmc Artn» In Anxrlcv NOTICE! ClfAKOE IN ADMISSION FRICE-AdnlU S«c, Ui Inc.; Rewrvtd M»I, i5c ; chlUnm We. . B«**rre Stat Tickfti on S«Ie «t Stlunotk'i SUndmrd OU SUtlon, Corner Main and TWO FAST MATCHES MAIN KVKiYI' (M min. Limit— 2 of 3 Kails) 'ROY WELCH LEO NEWMAN MATCH (1 hour I.imil— 2 of 3 Falls) CHAS. LAYE RED ROBERTS self, Hay Dumont lias done—and is doing — more for baseball than most |:ci>i>le imagine. They're called young mil f; ox ' s arm}' the Philing Phillies following their sweeping tlitd double- ! header wilh the Gyriillng Wauls . . . and 24.M! addicts turning out nl Sliibe Park to root for the Phillies, Willies, was . practically sensational ... A new broom etc ... Large sign in Yankee Stadium prohibits lite hurling, of foreign objects . . . one ' fan wondered If it worked both ways when Johnny Uiulcll's bat slipped mil of his hands and all the way into the third base box section . . . Don Cameron supposedly mil . From where every- NATIONA1, LUACJUli .'.. "WYL.Pci. l louklyn 13 7 .esc ..503 5 . has a secret plant lo keep Co fleet fit body else sits, il looks Ihoiigh Ihe only Ibing Trainer Cameron has lo worry about is a Break-Up- Counl Fleet movement for the good of the 3-year-old divsion . . .No one should laugh at the inability of the Hiilisli lo comprehend the American service fixilball gamp in London . . , American football is a bit intricate ... A good share of the sidewalk alumni and sheepskin holders, too, follow the 1 progress by the Scoreboard . . . And what do you know, about cricket? !imt Catcher Sets Record CINCINNATI, 'O. (O.P.) — Uay Mueller, Die Cincinnati' backstop, set what is believed to be a mod- cm record- for catchers 1st- year when he caught 101 gaims tor Sacramento in the Pacilic Coast League. Swearengen g Co. SPOT COTTON BICOKCKS niythcvillc, Ark. Sunset Gold No. 370193 1 I The Stallion of Perfect Conformation AT STUD Wilson Allen's Sunset Gold WORLD'S FINEST WALKING STALLION A Full Brother lo Grand Champion-Pride of Memphis Sired by the Famous Wilson Allen Wilson Allen's Siinsel Gold is :i Dark Clivsduil, two White Stockings lichind, Wln'tc filar and Snip, and is Five Years Old. A Limited Number of Selected , Registered Walking Marcs Will Be Accepted Several Real Walking Horses and Bred Mares for Sale Phone or Write J.H. GRAIN, Wilson, Ark. .St. Louis ..' 0 i f/'inoimtatl 10 9 Pittsburgh 80 Boston 8 8 Philadelphia n C New York On Chicago '. ;.•.• 7 12 .526 : .500' .500' .1711 .121 j .308 i AMKItlG'AM LKAGUE W. r. Pel. New York 13 « .me ^Icvchmtl 11 8 Washington 12 10 Detroit a a St. Louis 8-8 Philadelphia 1012 Chicago 7 10 Boston ' 7 13 .519 .515, .500' .50!) .155 .112; .350] Ki-ilii Won .I4:t, Lost :i20 CINCINNATI, O. (U. P.)—Until: :he piesEiit baseball season started.' the Cincinnati Heds hud won IM games and lost, 320 for n five-year' percentage of .561 under' Manager' 1 F.iil McKcchnie. •Oiicn 7:15 •'•' Shim" Starts 7:'15 Adm. Ahi-ays llii and Last Time Today ,.'West d ihe Latf with ' : Illicit Junes ,t Tim McCoy SIJItlAL: "IV.rils of Nyoka" Selected- Sliurts Saturday Midnight Show STARTS 11 I'. M. "Busses Roar' wilh liicliiiril Travis *. .Julie Jlishop Selected Shorts : Snmlay anrl Monday AT NO INCKEAtjU IN I'KICK! THE HILARIOUS STAGE HIT AT LAST HITS^HE SCREEN! SHIM JMFI AHERKE BLAIR and Jetoms C l • p.-xd t, MMGOIIM A COLUMBIA PICTURE i\c«s of the Day Sclcclcil Shorts

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