The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1950 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1950
Page 14
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FACE FOURTEEN BLYTHKVILLK, tAKK.) UUUKlKK r\t.W» THUKSUAY, JULY 18, IBM Fish Fry At River Or in Back Yard Is Easy Plan for Meal Warm Weather Time For Cottage Cheese Every fisherman kiiora how delicious small, freshly caught iish can be'when cooked in a frying pan over an open fire. But It Is not necessary to be a fisherman to iiave this treat. Smnll whole fish, fillcU and fish steaks may be purchased at the market. Kish, lor an out-of-door ILsh frv. Is best prepared for cooking nhcaP.' of time in the home kitchen. Wrap each piece separatley in waxed paper, and pack in ice In the picnic basket to keep it cold unlit time for cooking. Line the basket with n thick layer of newspaper, then put in a layer of ice, then the wrapped' fish. Put another layer of ice over the fish and cover it with more newspaper. Take along a paper bas containing a mixture of fine sifted corn flakes crumbs and white flour, half and half, and salt ami pepper to laste. Also take a pancake turner or spatula to turn the fish, a heavy cast-metal frying pau. and a goodly amount of cooking fat. A bed of hot coals provides the mast even heat for frying, so build the' fire long enough ahead to allow it to bum down to red embers. Heat the frying pan slowly and have In it about one-fourth inch of cooking fat. Have the fat hot but not smoking when the fish goes in. Dip each piece of fish first in cold water, then in the crumb and flour mixture until it is thoroughly coated on f.ll sides, bay it In the hot fat in the pan. Watch tile fire to keep the heat even and moderate. If the fat begins to smoke, remove the pan from the fire for a moment. When the fish is brown on one side, turn and brown on the other side. Serve Immediately on picnic plates. A pickle relish or homemade chill sauce makes an appetizing accompaniment for campfire fried fish. Supplies for Fish Fry for Four 1 pound fish fillets 2 cups corn flakes (crush finely to make about 1 2 cup crumbs) 1'2 cup flour unix with corn flake ' crumbs, and season with pepper and salt) 1 quart sliced raw potatoes Shortening or drippings for frying lisli and potatoes 1 small jar pickle relish medium sized tomatoes, stuffed with cole slaw 8 buttered buns 2 quarts coffee In thermos Ju? Cream and sugar Salt and pepper 1 miiskmelon On I 2 watermelon OR 8 ripe peaches STKAIVHEKRY CAKE Ingredients: Hi cups sifted cake flour, 1 teaspoon double-action baking powder. '.4 teaspoon salt, (4 cup butter, 1 cup sugar. 2 eggs, "j up milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla, sliced sweetened strawberries, sweetened whipped cream. Method: Sift flour, baking powder and salt together. Cream butter, add sugar, and cream thoroughly. If you are using an electric mixer, bent eggs in thoroughly, one at a time. If not, beat eggs together well before adding. Add dry Ingredients alternately with milk and vanilla In several additions, beginning and ending with flour. Bake In a bnltcreri 8-inch square pan In a moderate (375P.) oven until done —about 25 to 30 minutes. Allow to stand on cake rack about 5 minutes before turning out. When cold, cut into squares, slice each square through center in layer-cake fashion and spread bottom layer with strawberries. Replace top and garnish with whipped cream. Spread It On Try braunschwfiiger for sandwiches. Mash this ready-to-serve meat and (nix with finely chopped celery and green olives. Molstc with mayonnaise and spread on rye bread. Bv GAVN'OR MADDOX ' XKA Staff Writer Cottage cheese Is a warm-wea- her special. It's one of the many plentiful dairy foods, is versatile ml is high in protein, phosphorus and riboflavin. At our house we like cottage mixed with sour cream and reshly grated black pepper. H nakcs a perfect lunch on hot days, served with watercress and whole wheat crackers. Here me other suggestions from he united States Department of Agriculture food experts: Spiced Beets Add Zest To Summer Meats Spiced Rtfi* {.Makes 1-K servings) fl i cnp cider vinegar ^i cup water 1 teaspoons dry mustard \<- teaspoon salt '/t cnp granulated sugar "i teaspoon celery seed 2!j cups sliced cooked beets or 1 No. 2 can sliced beets, drained ?i cup onion, chopped Heat cidet vinegar and water to boiling. Hlcnd well mustard, salt ind sugar. Stir into cider vinegar solution. Heat again to Ijoillnij. r over beets, celery seed and onion. Cover and place in refrigerator to 'ate 6-8 hours. . When you're figuring' portions for dishes made with cottage cheese, count on, 1 pound to measure a little more than 2 cups. Ten ounces measure about l!i clips. Until you use Ihc cheese, keep it in a covered container, In a cold place. 2. For cottage chccxc sandwich fillings, consider suggestions from the Delaware Extension Service of the United States Department of Agriculture: oatmeal, graham and Boston brown bread ate all good Ideas for the cottage cheese sandwich. For the filling, combine the cheese with nuts, grated cheese, pimientos, or horseradish. Work in chopped or sliced olives, or whole chopiied nuts. Use sliced celery, chives, Spanish onions, raisins, dates, prunes softened by soaking. Blend in freshly crushed mint leaves, honey, jelly or marmalade. Scrambled Fees With Cottage Cheese (Serve! l| One tablespoon fat, 'i teaspoon salt, pepper, l i cup milk. 6 eggs, slightly beaten, % cnp cottage cheese, -I .slices toast. Heat fat in frying pan. Sllr .seasonlng a n d milk into cgt-s i j our into frying pan and cook slowly, stirring occasionally. When eggs are thickened, mix in the cottage cheese. Serve at once on toast. FOR A "REAL FIESTA , -MEXICAN SERVE THE DINNER T)EAL OF CHILL ANT) TAMALES RUTHERFORD FOOD CORPORATION PHONE 2011 ind enjoy (hi ease and convenience of shopping from your home. Luttrell's delivery service emphasizes careful attention to filling your order... tvery ear* >c taken to select the foods as yon would yourself. And, you save the cost of gas- nttn* used in driving your car. We are open from T A.M. ; to 7 P.M. . . wilh (he first delivery •4 8:00 In the morning. This week call 2011'. Home Dressed HENS - - Ib. Tender, Delicious Wonderfully Economical if' i-pro, No. ZVi Can PEARS - - - Home grown TOMATOES - - - 2 Ibs. 35? Oxydol TIDE-DUZ - - - Ige.box25? Hunt's halves. No. 2Yi can PEACHES 4 lor $1.00 PURE LARD 4 Ibs. -t- z"-"-*"^^ r " " _ - - <= ~Jr- Southern Daisy For canning, .Jelly FLOUR «, ta . T 9 GLASSES do/ 490 Minul* Maid frozen Swift's Crcsta O'GE JUICE 470 BUTTER 690 Minute Maid frozen In the I'icce LEM'ADE 470 BACON ,,,430 Maine, flat cans Mealy SARDINES 250 HAM HOCKS 330 Great Northern Best Grade BEANS 25 T BEEF R'ST,,, 590 I'efcr Pan, 12 oz. jar 1% 2 Ib. box P'NUTBTER350 VELVEETA 690 Del Haven I,pan VINEGAR ,330 PK CHOPS , 590 f LUTTRELL'S F1NE Corner of Sixth & Chickasawba Phon. 2011 FOODS And You'll Agree KROGER BREAD MORE TENDER CRUST MAKES Try this simple test for tenderness In toast: Make a slice of toast with the new soft Kroger Bread. Notice how the crisp golden-brown toast tears evenly, not raggedly—a sure sign it's tender. See how toast made with regular bread tears unevenly, is rubbery. Your new soft Kroger Bread makes more tender toast . . . the crumb is 20% softer, the crust is 50% more tender than the twisted type of regular bread. SAVE UP TO 7c ON 1 LOAVES 20-OZ. LOAVES 27' ' Regular Bread New Soft Kroger Toast tears un- Bread Toast tears evenly ... is tough! evenly ... is tender! THE SUPER-SOFT LOAF WITH THE TENDER-SOFT CRUST Hunt's Strawberry Fresh Every Day Kroger 3 r Fru. Cdckiiii 2 Kroger—Five Diced Fruits in Heavy Syrup 16-oz. Jar 10-oz. Glass Pkg. 46-oz. Cans No. 1 Cans Tall Can 25c PEACH Kroger Preserves O 12-oz. Jars 350 Harlex—Sliced or Crushed ICED TEA S 490 Kroner CRACKERS i 260 Sunshine—Krispy FLUFFY 4,o,,, 190 Toilet Tissue VINEGAR G a,290 Gold Dollar SARDINES 2 150 American in oil C FORK & BEANS 50 Royal (iem Pure Evaporated 2 Eatmore — Yellow l-Lb. Cartons No. 2 Can No. 303 Can FROZEN FOODS O'GE JUICE 2 470 Birds Eye — Fresh Fro/.en LEMONADE 2t o ;;490 Minute Maid — Fresh Frozen T'NIP GR'NS 2 ^ 350 A 4 n _ • UC Green and White Winter Garden—Fresh Frozen ICECREAM 2 590 Taft Moody SHERBET Taft Moody Qf. 390 Insist on Kroger Quality—Double Money Back Guaranteed • GROUND BEEF ib 49 Super Suds IS 260 AJAX 2 Cans 230 DREFT Valencia Oranges 5 £• 49c California Juicy and Seedless PEACHES 2 ", m Season's First Freestone FRESH CORN 4 - 15< Top Quality — Locally Grown, Sweet Yellow POTATOES 10 £'"£, 39? U. S. No. 1 Washed Red MACARONI or SPAGHETTI Ifi-oz. Pkg. 180 V E L So Kind to Hands CAMAY 100 Rath Har ALWAYS PLENTY OF FREE PARKING

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