Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on September 12, 1952 · Page 10
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 10

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1952
Page 10
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f iiii^tWi -IWi I J TO THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, tLLINOIS .,'11 'iniiMMk FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1952 SURGEONS MAY TRY TO DIVIDE SIAMESE TWINS Several Preliminory Operations Necetiary for Ycor-Old lllinoisons. By Aiteelsltd »re»s CHICAGO.—Surgeons probably will make an attempt to separate one -year-old Siamese twins this fall. TTie date has not been set. The Journal of the American Mejlical Association, in reporting this today, said medical scientists have decided that an opftration to part the baby boys is feasible. The twins, joined at the tops of their heads, are Roger and Rodney Brodie. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Royt Brodie of East Moline, III. The AMA article said only two such operations have been attempted in earlier cases. Both, it added, resulted in death, Roger and Rodney were bom Sept. 16, 1951. When they were a month old, they were brought to the University of Illinois Ilesearch and Educational Hospital in Chicago. They have been under observation there ever since. Doctors found the twins have separate brains and separate nervous and circulatory systems. Some preparatory surgery al ready has been performed. It included plastic, bone and nerve surgery; Several other preparatory operations will be necessary before separation can be attempted. DENIES PAYING BARTENDER TO KILL HUSBAND •y Asseclatcri Prass WICKLIFFE. Ky. — A woman charged with paying a Cairo, III, bartender $1,800 to kill her veterinarian husband denied the charge in court Thursday, but admitted, giving the bartender the money. , Mrs. Cleatie Coffee explained she gave Jim Hall, the bartender, the money to be used to identify two nien who kidnaped and beat her in 1949 and again in 1950. Hall was killed and Dr. W. M. Coffee, former president of the * American Veterinary Association, wiswounded in an exchange of sHotJB at his clinic at La Center in Mirch, 1950. More than $1,800 was found on Hall's body. Mrfe. Coffee also is charged with shooting at her husband in November, 1950. She testified she did so after her husband accused her of "chasing after" a man in his employ^ The veterinarian said A bullet grazed his knee. The 41-year-old woman testified her married life was "a life of work." After their honeymoon, she said. Dr. Coffee told her: "Nothing stays on this farm that doesn 't lay eggs, give milk or work. You don 't lay eggs and England to Ask U.S. for More Money Next Year 'mg/^gigi^g^^B^mKB^^tismm^ssis^>v :w:^.^'i^^^*» w.vvy..««..— FnnTR ALL'S PLACE IN THE SUN Miami backs pitch passes &to °I fish nft-at ^&lson H^^^ Beach. Fla. Holding the target and decorating the scenery are Diane Caswell, left, and Virginia DuPont- Whitey Rouviere carries as the freshmen scrmi- mage in the water. (NEA) WRONG MAN IS RELEASED FROM JAIL By Asieeiatt4 ?r«ss EASTON, Pa. — A switch in clothes, a switch in prison cells and a switch in jail guards resulted in the wrong man getting his freedom from Northampton County prison here. Here's the story as Warden E. C. Gackenback tells it: State police arrested Lewis Rosico, 19, of Detroit, his wife, Irene, 18, and a friend, Robert Van Valen, 21, Scranton, Pa., in nearby Portland Tuesday on charges of stealing $30 from a gas station cash drawer while the attendant filled their car with gasoline. ~ After a hearing. Justice of the Peace Clifford Sebring' said he'd free the trio, if they reimbursed the gas station and paid court costs. However, he added that Rosico would have to remain in custody because he was reported AWOL from the Lackland (Tex.) Air Force Base. I The $30 and costsi were paid Wednesday night and one man and Mrs. Rosico were released. The warden disclosed that the Iwo men had changed clothes and switched cells shortly after they were placed in the jail Wednesday afternoon. Guards who came on in the evening, did not know which was Van Valen and released Rosico who wore Van Valen's clothing. Vail Valen is being held without bail on a charge of aiding and abetting a prison break. —• r\ you don't give milk, so go to ^ work." : SPECIAL SATURDAY ONLY REG. $129.95 (5 Room Size) HORGE OIL HEATER CONSUMf RS APPLIANCE . 118 N. 9th— T«l. 222 WI'VE OOT IT! ii FAIMPOWEI ^ aid ITIUTT SPECIAL For Thr$ Week FRESH BANANA CAKE DAINTY MAID PASTRY SHOP By Aiseciated Presi WASHINGTON — A new "dollar cVisis" conference between Britain and the United States appears to be shaping up for early next spring. Prime Minister Churchill himself may fiy to the United States then to talk with the next American Presdient about Britain's ideas for new moves to strengthen the Western world's finances. The backstage study now going on in American goveriment agt<n- cies seems to stem from a growing belief that America's allies may have to halt their rearmament drive unless new financial props are found for their shaky economies. Both Britain and France announced Thui-sday they are going further in the red in their foreign trade. Britain and France already have cut back their rearmament schedules and American defense experts fear any fui-thcr cuts may seriously hurt the West's master plan for defense against Communism. What new steps can be adopted to bolster Western finances is not yet certain. Congress appropriated a total of $6,447,730,750 for mili- tary-ficonomic and technical aid to nearly 40 countries during Liie 12-month period ending next July Altogether, nearly 26 billion dollars has been provided by the United States to friendly countries during the past four years. The_ present thinking is that the foreign aid program must be continued for several more years. Two Minor Fires In City Thursday Mt. Vernon firemen made two runs yesterday and last night. At 4:10 p. m. they extinguished a grass fire on the Liberty Road, inside the city, and at 8:45 p. m. they controlled a grass and old lumber fire on the L. & N. tracks, at Ninth street. POLIO STRIKES 8 CHILDREN IN ' FAMILY; 1 DIES By Assoeiatod Prass MORRILL, Neb. — Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogers remained in virtual seclusion on their farm today, burdened with grief over the death of their eldest son and anxiety over their seven other children, all stricken with polio. Their son, Robert Eugene, 11, died Wednesday less than 24 hours after he had joined his 5-year-old sister, Janet, in the polio ward of a Scottsbluff, Neb., hospital. Private funeral services for Robert were to be held this afternoon. "Everyone is just wonderful" said the 41-year-old father as he told how neighbors and civic organizations had moved to share the financial burden upon the income of his 120-acre farm and his work as a part-time laborer. Few Outside Contacts Dr. E. E. Andei-son of Lyman, the family doctor, said he had not had time to analyze the case histories of the stricken family, but he pointed out that they lived in a sparsely settled area with few outside contacts and that the children had not yet started to school. The seven children in the hospital still did not know today that their brother was dead. They are in an isolation ward. A hospital i-eport last night said all seven children are improving. 11 of 14 Stricken At Mapleton, la.. 11 of the 14 children of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tliiel have had polio this summer. Only one of the 12 children still at home escaped the disease. Two still are hospitalized. NEW ZEALAND GROWING By Associated -rcss AUCKLAND N. Z. — New Zealand's population passed the two million mark this month with the arrival of 588 migrants from Scotland. Tlie population has '(doubled in the last 44 years. Year Might Be Worst for Polio By ^ssaolaled >ress NEW YORK — The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis said Thursday night that 1952 may be this country's worst polio year. The foundation said the incidence rate so far was 76 per cent above last year and 4 per cent above that for the same period in 1949, the year of this country's worst polio epidemic. By the end of last week, the foundation said, the number of cases this year had climbed to 27,359, the highest ever reached by this date. The foundation said the 15 states hit hardest are: Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, South Dakota, New Mexico, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, EAT All I WANT UWUNCEVIUE UDY REDUCES "Before taking Rennel Concentrate I had so much gas on my stom- acn I was in misery all the time and I bloated so bad that 1 could not rest at night. 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WITH TUNER Yours in the Philco 2228, shown above, plus 245 square inch "No Glare" picture on a 21" tube. Easy Terms! High Fidelity 17-inch console with 150 sq.. inch screen. It's the greatest console value in television today. Philco 1863. "Before you buy any television, ask them to let you try it in a side-by-side dembnstration and you will find out as hundreds of other people have that Philco will out perform them all— , PHILCO FACTORY SUPERVISED SERVICE Gaunt's Television Service 903 S. lOth St.. — Phone 860

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