The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio on November 1, 1981 · 13
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The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio · 13

Marion, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 1, 1981
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'h V"- Presentation Plays Vital Role In Meaning The Marion Star Sunday November 1, 1981 13 By BARBARA MAYER AP Newsfeatures At least since a sociologist declared that the medium is the message, ordinary folks have realized that presentation the way something is conveyed plays an important role in meaning. This concept explains the notion that a beautiful wrap is as much a part of the gift as the object given. It may still be the thought that counts, but Jane Cornell, co-author of a book on gift wrapping, says that your friends and family will judge a gift by its package. It's easy, inexpensive and fun to wrap presents imaginatively, she said in a recent interview, backing up her statement with some elementary and advanced tips on wrapping and em-' bellishing packages. In gift wrapping, the first step is to get the paper on neatly. From this procedure, all the rest follows. . Since' virtually all objects you'll be wrapping are cubes, cylinders or spheres, it's a question of simply measuring the package (a piece of string around the circumference is the easiest way to accomplish this with bulky packages) and cutting the paper correctly. Neatness is achieved by having the right amount of paper, pressing seams flat and using double-faced tape to adhere the paper to itself. The elementary concepts have been mastered by most adults, acknowledged the author, but many people do not know how to tackle fragile, odd-sized and extra-large packages. A good method for wrapping fragile items is to surround the present with air trapped between loose pleats of tissue paper or newspaper. These pleated rolls should be placed all around the item in a box so that it is cushioned on all four sides. Excelsior corrugated paper or polyurethane beads can be CLASSIFIED WORKS FOR YOU! used in place of the folded paper, if you have them. But for originality, try home-made popcorn hold the butter and salt as insulation for . something fragile. Remember to wrap your present in colored paper if it is tiny so it does not get lost in all the packaging. Something large can be wrapped easily if a paper party tablecloth is purchased, said Ms. Cornell. The tablecloth provides plenty of seamless covering and can usually be coordinated to the theme of the gift. Lack of purchased trimmings and paper need deter no one from creating a beautiful package. Among available and sometimes free "gift paper" are newspaper sections (the sports or business section for some recipients, the comics for a child), old road maps, discarded sheet music, extra shelf paper, wallpaper remnants, and foreign language newspapers (Chinese papers are particularly effective). A potato, onion or apple and some ink or acrylic paints can be fashioned into a home-made stenciling kit to decorate brown paper grocery bags or inexpensive white shelf paper. A simple pattern is cut into the vegetable, which is then dipped into ink or paint and applied to the paper. v Other materials for hand-decorated paper include small sponges and sheets of acetate (available in office supply stores). The home craftsman cuts a pattern in the acetate sheet with a craft knife, lays it over the paper and swabs the paint on.) Jane Cornell also applies nature's freebies to packages. She has used leaves pressed and dried between sheets of a book, dried weeds, roots and flowers to embellish packages. ' "Giving them a spritz of hair spray keeps them looking shiny and in good condition," she said. Her kitchen cabinets have also yielded materials to decorate packages. Macaroni, cinnamon sticks, pot scrubbers and disposable wipes are charming flourfshes, particularly on a gift destined for the homemaker. Even the all-thumbs individual can produce an attractive package, she said. Bags are the greatest invention for clumsy types. You can make your own with paste and scissors. Then just gather the bag at the top and tie it with a ribbon or fold it down neatly. Pieces of leftover fabric, or a dish towel are easy to use. Just tie them around the gift, hobo-fashion. "If you can't tie a good bow, use a greeting card without the envelopes as the decoration, or tape a candy bar or a bookmark to the top of the package," she suggested If you're stuck for a durable covering for a package that must be mailed, bring home a carton in good condition from the supermarket. Unfold it and cut, if necessary, so the carton lies flat. Then reassemble it inside .out, taping the box closed, for a free, sturdy box without advertising in which to wrap your gift, concluded the author. "The Art of Gift Wrapping" is published by Warner Books. Body Found NEWBURGH HEIGHTS, Ohio (AP) Police in this Cleveland suburb are investigating the death of a 17-year-old boy whose body was found behind a warehouse. The body of Kurt Sova, a high school junior, was found Wednesday night. Police said he had been missing since last Friday. i " V V I . C ""I i f f 1 1 " K mart ADVRmET? J r- 1 J A MERCHANDISE policy p m mmm B M A I 1 a , a ' i Our firm intention is to have every adver- ',' 4 a a ' . V I I I I ' e 1 a mwammmammmmW 'Ss "se ,,ern ln 5t0cl 001 sne,ves. " an '4' W-m A em - Ik I a I i J a l;3 advertised item is not available tor pur- m-md I 1 W 1 ' fx m J ' a i 1 chase due to any unforeseen reason, J II If ' ammmmA - I X W a k 1 K mart will issue a Rain Check on request mmmmmmmmmlmmmS mmmmm9 1 T b IJ a ' ' m I '-''' 'or the merchandise (one item or reason- mmmm maaaaw m' 'mmmmw -mmmmmw mmmmmmmmmm- X. X a a 1 I , ;i? able family quantity) to be purchased at the mm HMk mmmmmm ygaaaeaBBk ihwm a I sale price whenever available or will sell ; X I Lf a . I a BMeMeaBaae ' you a comparable quality item at a compa- s f -. 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Aluminum Shop and save at K-mart 4.97 Our Reg. 8.12 Workers' Lunch Kit Plastic, raised-lld lunch box with 1-qt. bottle. Durable. Doubleheader 1 Choice Tripleheader Our16.17-18.77 15.97 Ea. Electric Shavers For Men Norelco or Remington shaver. MITY OurReg.lO.88 1 m- 32k. n I S.BB Tri-fold Body Billfold Men's Amity Wallets Amity natural leather tri-fold Body Billfolds in brown or black leather. Open Daily 10-10 Sunday 11-6 On The House By ANDY LANG ; AP Newsfeatures At one time 01; another, it seems, Shakespeare said something , about everything. Even rust. Here is . a Shakespearean quote from a National fJureau of Standards booklet . about corrosion: "Keep up your bright swords, for the dew will rust them.1'- And it will. Moisture is the corrosion-promoting substance that invites and fosters rust. Some metals are more susceptible to corrosion than others, but the prevention and inhibition of- rust is the same. Something .' must be" placed between the metal and the environment. When this barrier paint, clear finishes, greases, oils, waxes, etc. is there, corrosion either cannot occur or is minimized. Simply put, you must keep air from reaching the metal, since it is the combination of air and moisture that causes the trouble. - Even though you may b&, putting paint or some other finish on metal, a primer isw essential. Since no finish is ever perfect apd no film remains unbroken forever, rust eventually develops even in pinholes. " . When . moisture penetrates even the; tinie crack, rust occurs and continues to spread under the finish. That's why, when rust&l present, you must wire brush, and scrape rusty ' areas to remove scaling and other Ipbsff. paint or other film. The next step is to use -a strong detergent solution. " or , special rust cleaner to get of-diist, grease and oil. After that comes a. rust-mhibitjhe, preparation, formulated so taat,. it will do its work even if all the ; rust has not been removed. It ig, essential, though, that there. i?e-. no rust flakes. The chemical is designed to neutralize further, corrosive action and Works weA,, when the directions on -the container are followed carefully. These days, the rust-inhibiting preparations come In- a variety of colors. One of the things that-can cause corrosion nm, placement of two metals alongside each other. 'For in-.; stance, if you combine copper, pipe with ordinary steel pipe? the chances are that the steel-pipe will corrode. This is called galvanic . , corrosion. . Some, 1 common galvanic corrosion-promoting . , combinations in-. elude steel bolts and washers used to . fasten brass sheets exposed to marine atmosphere; .' steel nails used - to install, aluminum gutters, or copper gutters installed with aluminum . -or galvanized downspouts; and,, copper wire er iron objects left in the bilge and bottom of an aluminum boat. " We all know that aluminum pots sometimes tarnish. This usually takes place when the pot is used to cook eggs or to heat certain types of tap water. Want to rempve, it? Use.the pot to-cook sour foods, . such as sauerkraut, tomatoes or even tart apples. Tarnish can be removed from copper, bronze or brass with salt, flour and vinegar, but first .you must remove any lacquer finish with . lacquer thinner ih an area where there is plenty of ventilation and no open, flame. When, the lacquer has been taken off, wash thoroughly with warm water and a detergent. Rinse, dry and make a mixture of equal parts of salt, flour and vinegar! Apply the mixture to the metal with a dry cloth. Another - methpd . .'that will usually work is 'to moisten the tarnished area with water and then spread salt on it. Take half a lemon and rub the area vigorously. ,., , If neither of these methods produces results, you will have to use a few ounces of oxalic acid with a quart of water. Wet a cleaning cloth with the solution,, then dip the .cloth in powdered pumice. Rub over the tarnished portion and wipe, clean with a dry cloth, Be very, very careful when using the acid. " .'. .' (Do-it-yourselfers will ' find much valuable materiat i) Andy Lang's . handbook, "Practical Home Repairs," which can be obtained, " by sending $1.50 to this, newspaper at Box 5, Teaneck, N J. 07666.) The horned lark of North America ot its name fronjjjjfi small tufts of feathers whisn look like - horns above and behind the bird's eye. . advertising: ADVICE...:. Slow lime ahead? No. TherW are more American warJJ! ing now than ever,bef ofa. , More women workings too, adding ' to family ' come. People still need and1 want goods ond "services and will spend (or them. There is plenty of business-out there. Your competitors' will be bidding for theirj share.. .ond yours. ' . PMRioisn D lflCKJIlCil fTheOnhid For Advertising Results. CalU" 387-0400 The Saving Place9

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