Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 6, 1976 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1976
Page 5
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Erma Bombeok's AT WIT'S END .In Town and Country Calendar of Sotidl Events Hiring a Secretary '• This 1 thing with Congressman Hays, who allegedly hired a secretary 1 who couldn't type or answer the phone, has really opened up a 1 can of worms. Some men are so devious. One'guy told his wife'he hired a secretary. who was han- dicappfed. It turned out' she was-married. •••''. A grfiiip of Us were working on ari embroidered sampler the other afternoon and were (talking about our husbands' secretaries. <? C6me to tiiink of it," said with a good sense of hurfior," we nodded. "Ken's secretary is a real stitch," said Margaret, "I don't have to worry about her. She really keeps Ken loose all the time." "Like how?" "Like they assigned her to the. secretary pool and she reported wearing a bathing suit." "A man needs someone around who can relieve tensions once in a while," we nodded. "Well, I trust my husband MARY MARTHAS FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Installation of officers was conducted June 9 during the coffee meeting of Mary Marthas. New officers are Mrs. Hazel Miller, president; Mrs. Delia McCue, vice president; Mrs. Nealia Huckstadt, secretary; Mrs. Ina Huckstadt, treasurer; and Mrs. Berniece Rollins, We all worked in silence on <- reporter, our sampler which read, "NO recording my message on tape." "Maybe they're at lunch," we suggested. "She doesn't come in that early," said Judy. MAN STANDS SO TALL AS WHEN HE STOOPS TO HIRE A HOMELY SECRETARY." Hostess was Mrs. Hazel Miller, with Mrs. Delia McCue assisting. BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN Reports of activities during the state BPW convention in Wichita in May were heard during the June 9 meeting of Business and Professional Women's Club. Plans were made for four members to attend the national convention in Denver later this month, and the local organization served as hosts for the state PBW board meeting last month. Plans also were made to award four $200 scholarships, to girls attending Garden City PageS Garden City Telegram Tuesday, July 6,1976 Community College. ROYAL NEIGHBORS SOCIAL CLUB Bertha Gross, 409 5th, was hostess for 10 members of Royal Neighbors Social Club during the June 10 meeting. The group enjoyed a salad luncheon at noon, and played games instead of having a program. A report was heard that 112 calls were made on the ill and shut-ins. TUESDAY LINCOLN GOODWILL EHU - 9:30 a.m.. Mrs. Ella Rundell, 216 N. 6th ELKS COUPLES BRIDGE — 8pm Elks Lodge. THURSDAY ODD FELLOWS-203V4 N. Main PRENATAL CLASSES-7 to 9 p.m.. classroom 1. new north addition, St. Catherine Hospital. Expectant parents invited, no charge. See the Beef Empire pictures at Rintoul Photo & Framing, 422 N. Main.— Adv. Weight Watchers Luncheon. Every Wednesday, Warren Hotel Coffee Shop— Adv. ANN LANDERS Jan,- ' "John's • secretary implicitly,'" said Judy, dialing doesn't' type, take dictation, her husband's office number, answer the phone or file. "Why not?" we asked: "Don't be ridiculous!" she said: ; "She ; doesn't speak English. She's French." "That sounds reasonable. A man needs to expand his mind," We nodded. ' v . "Joe's '• secretary is bright enough," said Marci. "In fact I helped him select her." '-'That's smart," we said. "Only one thing bothers me. On her application under 'sex' she wrote in 'yes.'" "A man- needs a secretary Dedicated Service. Philip C. VieuX' fqr ' County Attorney. Paid for-by P.C. Vieux.—•Pol. Adv. .... Speaking into the phone she said, "Hello, darling. Miss you. Come home early. I'm at Erma's and we just had the most stimulating discussion, Why don't you call me at home at three?" "You got straight through to your husband without going through a secretary?" we asked. "Oh she doesn't answer the phone/' said Judy. "I was Philosophy of Education at Fault To insure publication of Social.ife items (club reports) please submit no later than three days tallowing the cluh meeting. Contents of reports wil^be used at thr discretion of the Women's PaRe Kditor. and none will !H> accepted over thr lelcphonr Printed forms are available at The TeleHram. and may be mailed or deposited through the drop- slot al Ihe [runt door of The Telenram Questions should be referred to the Womens' Pane Kditor between the hours of B a.m. and :i p.m DEAR ANN, LANDERS: I read with interest your comment, "The sooner we get back to basics in our schools the better." As one who has worked in education for 30 years I share your concern. The problem lies in the philosophy of education today. Instead of stressing academic achievement, the idea is to make the student "feel good about himself." A child is allowed to progress at his own rate, which means he can move ahead if he feels like it. Discipline is at the lowest ebb "SIMUN BLANUU GREGORIO Y SU ANGEL" ._ v ... Ends .l«:jvp Tonight.. ,,, OdeJb Bitty Joe iLjss*!**^ Starts Tomorrow! WrftDfcneys a Never Land of spectacle.. and Held Over Moved Over 4 Extra Days ,"The Hound That Thought He Was A Racoon" in the history of the public school system. Teachers must spend valuable teaching time maintaining order in the classroom. Memorizing facts is considered, old hat. Competition and rivalry are said to be damaging because they "create pressure." Grades are "bad" because they can be hard on a child's ego. Our schools are geared to the non- achiever. The result is mediocrity. In our day we learned how'to compete and cope with the world. Now students are encouraged to "do their own thing." If they don't learn anything the world is supposed to cope with THEM. Teachers are no longer the focal point'for education. They have been replaced by a fanatical preoccupation with programs. So, Ann, what can be done to get schools back to teaching children? May I suggest that parents attend local school board meetings, 'and demand that their tax dollars be spent to educate their children? Thanks for the forum. — From The Athens Of The Midwest — Madison, Wis. Dear Athens: Several teachers and principals wrote to express a similar point of view, but you said it best. Thanks to all who wrote; I DON'T MISS IT! HIGHPOCKETS "For Guys & Gals" GREATEST SUMMER SALE EVER SHIRTS & TOPS For Guys & Gals Many More Items Too Numerous To Mention SAVE$$ In Every Department ALL SALES FINAL. PLEASE Over Ray Mayo's Downtown Garden City Tickets On Sale Now For "Nitty Gritty Dirt Band" Concert July 17th couldn't agree more. (Are you listening, parents?) * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: Please answer in the paper so our whole family can see it. We are split right down the middle on this one and you are going to settle the argument. Sis will be married sometime in August. My folks are going to give her a beautiful wedding. It will cost a lot of money. We want everything to be perfect. The problem is my mother's brother and his wife. This uncle has a very foul mouth. He tries to get personal with every woman he talks to, family or not. He also has a serious drinking problem. My aunt is under psychiatric care and there are times when she doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Between the two of them you can never be sure of what will happen next. Some of us think they should not be invited to the wedding. Others say we MUST invite them or they will be mad at us for the rest of their lives. Infant & Girls •DRESSES •SWIMSUITS •SLEEPWEAR Infant thru 14 Please say yes'or you. — The Tribe Dear Tribe: I'm saying yes — and with your kind permission I'd like to add a few more words. To exclude your uncle and aunt would be inexcusable. Invite them — but have a "rescue squad" on the alert. At the first sign of unacceptable' behavior, four individuals should quietly usher the two of them out and they should be driven home. * * * CONFIDENTIAL to Stuck On the Gossip Treadmill and Can't Get Off: Why don't you stop talking about it? The way to make a mountain out of a molehill is to keep adding the dirt. * * * Do you feel awkward, self- conscious — lonely? Welcome to the club. There's help for you in Ann Lander's booklet, "The Key to Popularity." Send 50 cents in coin with your request and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O.'Box 1400, Elgin, 111. 60120. 1/3 OFF Girls & Boys SPORTSWEAR OFF TEEN SPORTSWEAR Sizes 3-11 OFF One Group MATERNITY CLOTHES % OFF BARGAIN TABLE Assorted infants and childrens clothes (Children. & IA/ei 118 l /2 E Laurel iren 6 Wear Garden City, Kansas JOIN THE CROWD! LEARN THE WAY! IN GARDEN CITY IT'S NOW... The —• - — / Shop EARLIEST WITH THE LATEST! B I STARTS 9:30 A.I TUESDAY, JULY 6 Out They Go For Quick Clearance! All Famous Brand Merchandise including Sportswear Long Skirts Street Dresses Summer Handbags Long Dresses Lingerie Be here at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, July 6 for best selection! Listen To KIUL Radio For Specials

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