The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 31, 1947 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE SIX EDITORIALS 'I 1 f AO£ EIGHT THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, JULY 31, If47 moffene - S. E. Mills Kenneth Grlndle -was dinner goest c-t Eileen Ragland and girl Shower for Son at Michael Martin Home. Mr. and Mrs. .T. K Shilling Move to Runnetls station i-h agent Mrs. Herman Septka Entertains IV and T dub L*st Thursday July 24 Mrs. Herman Septka McGarglll accompanied her back several to Omaha for the day. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bntler and family moved from the Matt Frederickson property to the Joe Shenandoah Satnrday to take the Jng Jn t})e Sorengon home. She is Hastings examination for rural mall car- Mr gorgngoa'g gjgter. guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hayes and *«ests of Mr. and Mrs. Joe away and famlTj. Mr . and Mrs. Vletor Norton . . . Mr. and Mrs. Oran German chudren Bpent { agt Wednesday In ftnd family were Sniday dinner vacated by Joe Saner. and son and Mrs. Mary German • t,c» tuu t/ j w w t^vf^m , —— — — — .am* — Mr and Mrs Guy Grlndle and and son of Kansas City and Max Mr. and Mrs. Harold Orlndle Irvin were Sunday guests at the Omaha and Conncll Blnffs. guests ot Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bryand Mrs. J. L. Shilling »nt of Glenwood. Mr. here at 9 a. m. Wednesday, Aug. 6. Rev. F. W. Doyle officiated. About 200 relatives, friends and neighbors attended and the couple received many handsome gifts. Ice cream, angelfood and devil food cake and coffee Out of Mr. from Des ... _. ... place Mr. ly all their immediate family re- ling were raised and where nearside. president; Mrs. Cloy Ayres, treasurer; Mrs. Howard Custer acting as secretary; Mrs. Groothefus. Mrs. David Mr ana Mrs tiaroia urjnuie ITTIU wcio ouuvi-/ a-*.-— — . v—.1 .» Tpent the week end at Elmwood, home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brown spent Monday In Sidney on bnsl- M r. ness. Clara Frye. Mrs. L. E. E. Ramsey, Mrs. Mr. Shilling is now on his two Mra Ray Huffer Cecil Vaughn, Mrs. Gene La„*<:„«, vacation and he and Mrs. B arron of Shenandoah, Mrs. Jack Shilling went to Runnells a few Dornald. Farragut and the hos- days last week where they se- t p SS we re the members present, cured a house and are moving Guests were Mrs. John Gates, there this week. They sold their Mayme McGinnls, Mrs. B. L, Sla- A° V^Ander' home here to Kenneth Moles who teri Mrs . Tom Conners, Mrs. Roy ^[•••i" ^" •—g—= .,. ., ., -. —i -.— I., -i • •• • Strahan News Notes of tho bride to ui n . u - at present is Ed V Martin and house in his father's yard. r'amllVcoi^Mr. and Mrs. Louis The Moles' have two children, ramny. uom.^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ MO]M fg emplo3red at the air . . living in a trailer Bartles, Mrs. L. E. Gutschenritter and Martha Parker. Hostess «t Birthday Pinner l«st Wednesday Mrs. Marvin Woodfill was hostess at a birthday supper last Wednesday evening in honor of her husband's birthday. Invited BECKETT-CLARK VOWS IN GRAVITY Letak, . Helen Morton, Omaha, Mrs. Men James and Kaymond, Blanchard, Mra. Verna Peterson and Parline, Northboro. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Johnson. Clarinda, Joe McDer- niott. Newton. Mrs. Tommle Martin hurt charge of th« guest hook. Delmar Rea clrovn in from Norfolk. Neb.. Sunday and surprised his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Rea. HP returned to his home in the rvmlng. Sharon and Bobble Ekley of South Omaha are here visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. }). L. Slater. Mrs. Hiram Septka Is the new clerk In the Addy store. Shll- aml ohlldrpn of Elkhorn, N'eo., spent Sunday here with his parents. Oeorgo Laurence of Moberly, Mo., is acting aa station relief ag^nt until a new ngent Is appointed hero. They conducted their business guests were Mr. and Mrs. Morris meeting at this time. They make Woodfill; Mr. nrtd Mrs. Jared hi money to help the work in the veterans hospitals, sending money for films, stamps and stationery material. Woodfill and baby and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hathaway. Cudgel who was nearly 100 years old when he passed away, gave a very Interesting talk on veterans' hospital needs. Mr. and Mrs. Cloy Ayres and son, C. W. Ayres. and wife moved hero from Shenandoah last able to ho brought to his home wee |{ ) O the Kalkus property he here Monday. L. Slater went Kmmr-tt Moles who has been a patient in Hand hospital for several days for a hand Injury was Co-Op Co. GIFTS For All Occasions purchased some time ago. H L Slater went to Shenan- «._ an( j Mrs. Clyde Addy jr. H. n. UIWI i»ll. »IIU **»t>. J doah Monday morning to help In- and her sister-in-law, Mrs. John stall furnaces for the Farmers Tighe, of Omaha were dinner guests at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Addy sr. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Abbott returned to their home here Sunday. They have been at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Martin Hentsch, In Vllllsca where Mrs. Abbott was recuperating from Illness following her return from the Municipal hospital In Clar- Onrtlen Club to Meet a Jack Dornald, son of the late Week Earlier " The Strahan Garden club will meet Aug. 6 which will be one week earlier than the regular date. The regular date would have been on a day of the Mills County Fair, therefore It has been changed. Mrs. Retha Bayes will he hostess. The meeting will be in the form of a picnic to be held at the John Bayes farm home for the members and their families. It will be at 7:30 p. m. L. S. ROBINSON 10-Day Watch Repair Serrice Glenwood, Iowa inda. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steele and Mrs. Maude Achenbach were in Council Bluffs Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steele made a business trip to Omaha Friday. Leo Smith of Farragut and Mrs. Dale Nlms and Shirley Lee were Monday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom White and Mable. Thirty-three Pupils H»Te Perfect Attendance »t School Thirty-three pupils had a perfect attendance at Bible school of the 49 enrolled. Forty-three „,.. and Mrs. Zeno Bass and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bass attended the horse show in Glenwood Sunday where the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bass rode her pony In the show. Mrs. Zeno Bass made a business trip to Omaha Monday. The two weeks Bible school closed Sunday evening with a program and exhibit at the church. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Witherbee, Mrs. Blanche Petersen, Iva Pat- have attended each day. Four pu- terson and Ivan Sllkett of Coun- plls. Larry Glpe, Joselle and ell Bluffs, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Han- Jackie Isom and Barbara Bolton, kins and daughter and soa or have had a perfect attendance for Randolph; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sll- Paul Young of Gris- four years of Bible school. The . chlldren brought In $25 for mis- wold; Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Young slonary work, $5 of which will go and family and Mr. and Mrs. Less on new church. hymn books for the Mrs. Opal Bayes, Mrs. Roy Bayes and Mr .and Mrs. Victor Norton made a business trip to Glenwood last Thursday. Irvln and sons of Strahan enjoyed fried chicken and all the trimmings at a picnic at Glenwood lake park Sunday. Gammed tape la rolls for mle. 36c per roll, 1 in. z 600 ft. The Malvern Leaver. Miss Marjorle Clark, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. "Wilson Clark, and Richard Beckett, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Beckett of Gravity, were Joined in marriage Sunday at a 1 o'clock ceremony by the Methodist minister at the Gravity parsonage. They were attended by Dorothy Beckett, sister of the groom, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bronw and Mrs. Leo Smith Is assisting In the . Lewis cafe at Malvern during the ana LOUIS waixer. »ne Illness of her father. Pearl Lewis. Jackie Belknap was a dinner and supper guest of Geraldine Glpe Tuesday. Mrs. Donald Conrad and three children and Mrs. Dale Nims made a business trip to Malvern last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nlms made three children of Chicago have been visiting her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nebel. Barbara Ann Addy spent last week in Omaha with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Arry, was attired in a grey suit and the bride was dressed in white with brown accessories. A wedding dinner was served at the home of the groom's parents In Gravity. After dinner the couple left for Des Molnes to have pictures taken. They will then honeymoon In the Black Hills, A Statement To Our Customers About Resale PRICES of PRODUCTS Built by International Harvester Company a business trip to Malvern Friday They will be at.home In Shenan- where Mr. Nlms had some dental work done. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Clark and Marjorle made a business trip to Red Oak last Wednesday. Odette Bruce stayed with the smaller Clark children while they were gone. Supt. and Mrs. Hudluff and children moved Into the superintendent's house across the street from the school house Friday. Mrs. doah where Mr. Beckett is em-> ployed at the Phillips 66 station. Mrs. Beckett graduated from Strahan high school in 1947 and Mr. Beckett graduated from Gravity high school. Mrs. Lily Walker of Des Moines spent last week with Mrs. Alice Glpe. Monday Mrs. Emmett Glpe took Geraldine and Donald Gipe, Joan Isom and Polly Wilson to Donald Conrad and chll- Tarklo, Mo., where they will at- r 2 ~—i.— F Here at Harvester we are concerned over the fact that a growing number of our products are appearing on the resale market at greatly inflated prices. As manufacturers-, we try to produce at the lowest possible coat. We cannot set the prices at which our products—tractors, motor trucks, farm implements, refrigeration, and industrial power equipment—are sold. We can and do suggest list prices which the great majority of our dealers adopt as their retail prices. 120,000,000 Price Reduction Our basic price policy was publicly stated in March, 1947, when we announced price reductions at the rate of approximately $20,000,000 per year on our products. At that time, Fowler McCormick, Chairman of the Board, said: "ANY PRICE IS TOO HIGH IF IT CAN BE REDUCED." Practically all of our dealers cooperated with this policy and passed on the savings to their customers. The objeotiye of the price reductions was to make it poe- sib'te for customers to buy our products, which^they need BO badly, at lower prices. Naturally, this purpose ia defeated when our products are sold by anybody at inflated prices. IH Production at Alt-Time Peak Inflated prices are caused by the difference between supply and demand. To increase supply, we now have the greatest number of employes in history on our payrolls—almost 90,000 hi the United States, as against about 60,000 prewar. Large newplantsaregettlngintopro- duction in Louisville, Evans- vllle, and Melrose Park. A fourth will soon be In operation in Memphis. The men and women now employed are turning out the greatest quantities of IH products of all kinds that we have ever made. These are also the finest products we have ever made, and recognition of that fact Is an Important contributing factor to the demand for them. Distribution to Dealers But even record-breaking production is not sufficient to give your dealer—and other IH dealers—enough products to meet today's demand. We have tried to make the fairest possible geographical allocation of our products so that every dealer would get a fair skare, and we know that dealers, in most cases, have tried earnestly to make the fairest possible distribution to their customers. ' But we also know that many of our products—far; too many —are being -resold at inflated prices. The public criticism and resentment of these resales are of real concern to us, as we know they must be to our deal- ore, because auch microns en- danger tho good will of both the dealer and the Company in any community. Distribution to Customers Experience shows that many IH new products are being resold by users who decide they can continue to make out with their old equipment after they have had an inflated offer for their new equipment. To eliminate this, many dealers are taking measures to be sure that equipment purchased is for their customers' own use and is not to be resold. Nearly all IH dealers, we believe, are now using the basis of PRESENT NEED as their primary guide for the sale of scarce products. The customer whose need is real and urgent is not likely to resell. What Price Should You Pay? While it may take a little more time to get delivery, we urge our customers to consider all of the factors mentioned here, before,.paying more than the list price for any IH product. Any IH dealer or branch can furnish the suggested lUt price for any IH product. We know (hut the overwhelming majority" of IH dealers are M much opposed to inflated price* aa we are. In the public Intereat, we have already a*ked th«lr cooperation —and are now asking th« co-operation of customers—4a cowectlng this situation. dren were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs..Harry Dunlap at Emerson. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shaw of Shenandoah and Mrs. Alvin Jordan of Chicago were last Thursday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nims. Jimmy Macponald and Tom White attended the sale at Tabor last Thursday. Mrs. Mary Johnson and son Philip and daughter Betty and three grandchildren of Macedonia were last Wednesday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Laughlln sr. and daughter, Judy Kae. tend the Iowa-Missouri Institute for one week. Mr. and Mrs. Opal Bayes and son and Henry Nlms were In Malvern Monday evening. Miss Charlene McCain, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Huey McCain, is seriously ill at the Mercy hospital. She underwent an appendectomy July 17 and then she had an operation for obstruction of the bowels last Wednesday. She is extremely ill and her brother, Junior McCain, has been called home from Korea where he Is stationed with the armed forces. He is expected to fly home and arrive here Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kayton REVOLUTIONARY DEVELOPMENT IN GENERAL-PURPOSE TRACTOR DESIGN ANNOUNCED BY BREEDING IMPLEMENT & MOTOR CO. Mrs. Henry Xims, Mr. and Mrs. aqd son and Mr, and Mrs. Howard Opal Bayes and son Darrell and Kayton were In Shenandoah Mon- Is'tms Dale Nims helped Henry celebrate big birthday last Thursday evening. Refreshments of ice cream and birthday cake were served. Mrs. Sarah Gee and Florence of Shenandoah, Mrs. Darrell Cos- 1 tello of Delaueld, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Costellq and children ot Randolph and Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Costello and Lynn were Sunday dinner guests at the home ot Mr. and Mrs. Charles Costello and son at Malvern. Mrs. Donald Conrad and children and Mrs. Dale Nlms and daughter were In Malvern Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grouse ot Strahan and Mr. and Mrs. Wood Vestal and Franklin ot fir ant day. Owen Hamaker made a business trip to Glenwood Saturday. Omer Cozad -went to work Monday at a cold storage plant in Shenandoah. Mrs. Henry* Nlms, returned to her work at the Swanson plant in Mulvern Monday after a short lay off during which she redecorated the interior of her home. Mrs. Opal Bayes assisted Mrs. Nims with her papering and painting. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Clark and MANY ADVANTAGES CLAIMED FOR NEW ROLL - O MATIC "KNEE - ACTION" FRONT WHEELS Farmers of this community will be interested to know that Breeding Implement Co.", John ' Peere Farm Equipment dealer, Is announcing a revolutionary .development in general-purpose tractor design — the new John Deere Roll-O-Matic "knee-action" Front Wheels. New driving ease . . . incre»»*d riding comfort . . . new smaoth- daughters were In Malvern Mon- ness and safety of operation, and longer tire life are among the ad- and Mrs. Roy Bayes and vantages claimed for this new de- day. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hicks were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Opal Bayes and son. Mr. and Mrs. Melvia Irvln velopment, according to Breeding. Engineered by John Deere, Roll-O-Matic is «.radical depart* , wv%»» *u\a riciujfckiu v* vi»sbfciv ^-~— . - ~ » . —. — ___ ._ _ were Sunday guests ol Mr. and daughter took DorU porter to ure from conventional design Mrs. Arthur Churchman »nd sons Nortbbbro, Mo., Sunday* Mrs. Ir- Instead of being rigidly mounted, Yin and daughter remained at the (root wheels are free to oscillate. „.. .. .. Art Wax went home of Mrs. Irvin's parents, Mr. The slightest np-or-down move- to OrUwold Sunday to visit Mr. *«d Mrs. Virgil Porter, at North, meat of either wheel is immedl- of Farragut. Mr. and Mrg. wlfr brottisr, Cecil Wax, and boro tor *<! wo weeks visit. ately transferred through gears The chUdjr*n of Mr. and Mrs. which automatically equalise th« Mn Jcaile Brute and dau*h- Harold Orindle spent the week load on both front tires wr.. yu».e ontff »w». «••»«»- /_ _ lit , „_ . ^ Mrg ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ulugtra . tern, tion above ot two John Deere of Om$ha Tractor*. One is equipped with ter and Richard Morrison vfclted end with Mr, and Mrs. Bill Bic* at H»ai- Hodges In last Sunday. - - Helen Tom White Jim MacEkmald »Pe»t the week end visiting her conventional rigid front wheels; YTime, ,!»» „ Md Mrs m ^ th<| other wuh RoU . 0 _ MaUc The rlfbt front tires of both are rest- Mr, and Mrs. Omer Co«d and ing on a rock five inches high and Henry Ntmt were 'among parents, Mr. those attending the big cow sale Laugblln sr at Malvern? Saturday evening. "" •*"' * INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Mra. T. M Cro»ie and d»ugb- children visited Mr. and Mrs. Ed ter of Mitchell. S. ».. and Mrg. Laughlln near Malvera Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Conrad and ton'and Mr. and Mrs. B»rl Conrjki) were itf BbeneMpah 'Saturday twinluK, Mr. uud Mm. Lawruucu Suhij}- uur uttO, Mr. aud Mrs. Vte«U Monk ol Muivura .Ver»> sua- tu« home •^Notice that the entire front end of the conventional tractor baa aeen forced to rise the full five nchea and that one tire Is taking the full load. Now, look at the tractor equipped with Roll-O- Matic. Here, the rise is only two and one-halt inches '— exactly halt that of the conventional tractor — and each front tire is taking its full share of the load. By minimizing the up-and- down movement of the front end, and equalizing the load between both front wheels, Roll-O-Matic offers a smoother, safer, more comfortable ride, and greatly increases front tire life. Steering, also, is greatly improved. Breeding claims the difference is immediately apparent upon driving one of these tracters — in the way It steers over rough ground ... on side-hills ... in furrows ... on top of- beds . . . aloag the eon- tour ... in almost any operating condition. There's no fighting the wheel, no creeping, no wearing from side to side. With just a guiding hand on the wheel, the tractor literally climbs out ot furrow*, "walks" right over obstructions, operates in rough fields with greater stability. Breeding says that Roll-0- Matlc is an exclusive John Beere feature and will <be made available for the new John Deere Models "A" an* "B" Tractors recently announced. Maude Churchill ot Malvern were Sunday dinner gueata of Mr. and Mn. Heury Nlias. Mr. uud Mrs.'Otto Johnson ot i'ucuuontu* aru vlelting the An- KU» tumult. - . , Mr. aud Mrs. ol BREEDS IMPIMENT PUMOUTH • oaatt 8uauu7 ainuw 8 ueatTot Mr. and of Mr. a«d Mr». L*»te*,8iiook and MM. KvsruU Ulu«.

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