The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1932
Page 4
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FAGJ5FOUR BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS O. R. HABCOCK, Editor H. V. HA1NEB, Advertising Manager flock. National Advertising »» Dallies, Inc., Kcv York, Ch'cago St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas Clly, Little Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. -Entered as Mctnn class matter at the post office at Blytlievliie, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 8. 1»17. Servea by the Unli^ p rcss SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of Blythcvlllc, 15c per *-ccfc or ffi.50 per year In advance. By mail within n radius of 50 nillca. $3.00 per year, $1.60 for six months, 85c for three months; by' moll In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, $10 00 per year, payable Jti ndvance. Both Parties Dodging Keprintir.'g ;i recent (.'(nirii'r-NVws editorial charging Uio Hoover mlniin- istvatioii with political cowardice in refusing to tackle the war debt pn>l>- Icm until after the Novombor i-lccliini, the Times-Leader of West Point, Miss., makes the proper comment iluU "Mr. Hoover's reluctance to meet this iVir_' squarely and honestly is not more apparent thnn is (lie inclination of Mr. Roosevelt and his campaign associates to dodge the issue." Responsibility for delay in attacking a problem thai'has a vital hearing upon American prosperity rests with, the Hoover administration, bin it is lamentably true thai llisw is nothing in flic UomruTjilic platform or in the attitude of its presklentiiil candidate to indicate tliat a Democratic administration would make any better record on tin's issue. A 1932 Hero Add lo the list of imam^ lioiws (he name of Motonnaii Willinni Ung, a JBfiiy-hairal veteran of lliu jfloatniiiK mils who for Hie past ^3 ytars lias been employed by an electric inlcriir- ban line opcniling bclwecn tik-vc-land ;mcl ToJcdo. Slaybo .\-oti read the story oi' what lie did, and maybe you (Iitlii'l_r 0r such items have a habit of jjettiiifr bnriwl j in Hie mass of daily news about revolti"-' tions in some fur-off country, endtii'- ance flyers, diannul siviinmoi-! and ihings like (haf. Tiicrcfore, we'll re- li' your memni-y ;l . s to what Molor- man Lan b ' did: l : he fast Cleveland-Toledo limiicd,' which Jloloniuin Lanjj was piloting rounded a curve at 55 miles an hour near Lorain, Ohio. I,, t i,u middle of the track, with the onrushing ck-clrii' car bearing down on it, | j(lng s . lw ., small child. Leila Smith, 2 yoar.s old had loddled away from her nearby liomc and chosen the track as a nice place to play with her dolly. Instantly, ] jilllg .,l ;lp|H , (i ' OI1 , |is ,,;,. brakes, gave sand to (l, c gvinditi;; wheels, threw the mnlor inln revm-sc. But, as he realized, even dial w :,sifl enough to stop the heavy intoriirban car in time. Lang left the cab 01 his M , C( .;ti,, r car and climbed out in front. Cli'W- »ur with one liami, he readied down OUT OUR WAY with thu oilier. Two baby arms .raised above a luiTilicd 'child's face, readied up to him. He Ki'asjieil |l:c cliilil and smilHiod lior inlo liis arms, Md licr there safely until the big intcnirbaii car linally came to a (ifnp a hundred feet further on . . , l.cila was uiu-uii- scious from the shuck of the impact but, thank C!u:l, she uas *UII alive. 'Ihe world will foiyet, as the world has a luibk of (loin},', tin: IMIM: <ii U'il- liiini Lang . . . but I'oi- liltle I.eila Smith, if .slm lives In be Km, IID .s[:>ry- buuk liero can e\i-r lake the place of William LUMJJ, whu risked his life to save heiv — Bruce Cation. Manic Goes Wet Nn Irss inlnc.stlr.i;. ],:c.'b.ib;v inoiv in. than the piophci:y c! coming i:i-:iiuv.ill.- :,nc< :•:.:, is lliv HIIIII i:f I-.™ -ucf sj.,1., in (;,-!i4::v; funi UK •••lull- llnil .slan;ls as Hi- u!-L;iiiiil inhibition commonwealth. Two ">u-;' I), i:m:-i .!!.•, have di- lr,'i!«l tiro "dry" Hc|,alillcaii, !:i ;i Ma:,, upim \iliitli the "drys"'Imc heiitalun' held vitiiial- ly :i .',lraii[;lchulil. In Hie urlginni i)ralii!;i:inii Mair uf the union 11 Iwo-third.s major)!;, li:is l;:-.-ji lollnl HJI :ir:ii!i>i prohibition, n iln., ri ni,) is mamtsiliirl In the cciigi-1-s.-iiunnl r;L-::ioi^ in Nnviminr. it will mean Unit :i Mnil-ilu oiii ivMihiiioii of iv- 1 «.'.•>! of lliu Eighteenth Amendment ran lie put UiroiiBli Congress at its next sc-sikui. It must appear us if the nemocrals s'.rensth- cncii intlicr tlinii weakened tliclr I-MSP l:y their straight-forward nncl cunr.iijLoiis demand far rejieal of the UlBhtcenlh Amendment. Nut only Republican control of l!:c nation but alw (In; nf prohibition appear to Ire doomed. If «p accept the slogan [hut: "As Maine gor:; M fans the niKion." —Memphis Commercial Appeal. Ihc S;ilcsTa,\ Tin Arkamawyer b to the m'o- poscel sales lax to be uilcil on at tile coming election. Any saics las, except on luxuries. Is esscnllnlly u poor man's (ax. And this tax win not only transfer the tn;r<lcn of taxn- lion from t:ic icnl i\U:re cwnors (if It works on! hi puictlei; as it il::rs In iliejryj but it will IK a coiisiiiiiiiiutc nufs.iiR-e to every retailer in Aikansiis. The sixmsors of the <nc;isurc make many Slewing promises, including an niuicipatecl Mir- jilus uvcr the prpsriu tax receipts. JJut tin- state Is not in nuod of inn- surpluses, which will simply ciieoiiraiji; Hie Incroaseil «|iiiunli.T- Inj of public funds. Expenditures should he cut In Ihr Iwne mid revenues reduced all niong the lliu.. And \vc bclk've Hut this v.ltl 'hu (ioni- III-C!IT (lie iu-\v jtnlc uclininloir.uloii. In addition to plnchvj greitcr bnrilcn on llinsr Ai-kansus rltl/i-ns least ;ib!p i a brar II tlie inojioscd sales tax wlli iti'iiioralixc buying' at homo. It can be easily elided by semllHS culsidc- Hie slate for ir.ei-diamlisc mid the for- cisn innil order concerns will renp a gr,-at harvpjt at. the: expense of the Arkansas merchants should It become a law. The sales tux Is unc- of the incst vicious ra- aniplcs of clnss legislation that lias ever been piopcst'ti in .ArJiarsas. —Sliilnjavt Arkansawyer. 'llio r.overiiincnt us six'iuliiii; niillions ol cloliai-j enfmviin j:rr;hibllio:i jinrl Iniiiiina Jiiillions In E>'«P= ptoaers su niorv v,ort : can be provided lo;- prohaniiui a-^in.-;. -phil s. iiunna. i-i.T;or ChiciiKo Jiniriial of Crriiiiierrc. SclMitilic charily ;; oes aroini:! by lictoui ol invcsti:;.ition":ni(l Hi,- picsm-aiion of scll-ms|;rc;. but the n:ob (!rn::in(!s immediate dole and pushes over 111-- ijrdkcn lilyhway of P.IIIIK-II-:II. -Jud-jt Carl V. \v--ygant ol CIcvMaml. It's nil a mistake: I know , :0 v: tint I v.i.s a Hllle fool t:i even think of a rtivoice. -Mr.- nuily Vallt-e.' -i, I'M OM' 1 -^ \/ "Bi-tow MC. „-, ^, cor A '(o-f PAPER; LEAD - TO . . _ IT-lt Ulr-JC OSE. OKJ ROOFS WOU OFTE.M CALL.- Si-\OO\_D Bt. CiJ iOT^i; I; >/ f. } I r J .' ,' -- 1, I \ .•' I il . . ' rum! //HI" A PltCE. PAPE.R, is ALL. ** T^^*^^*^- 1 ^'. SIDEGLANCES By George Clark That Kuy is a (,,,,g h cuglomer, chief. I ] e t hi Uiuleraclive Thyroid Gland May Result in Easy Tiring KDITOH'S NOTE; This is the tcoiiil of a series of Jive !j;cclal idilts by Dr. rishbein on tlic art MIC elands play j u the. hii- naii boily. — .IIOKKIS nsimn\ :ilit»r, .Iimrnal <n ||, F American Mullttil .Uiucialimi, , M]| | , |f „ cri:i, the limit), Macazini- ' Cf all the- glntuls of Internal se- rcilon in [lie liimiim body more nr; been learnc:! about the tliyroid «m ils functions than of any llier. The thyroid glands lie in the ii'O.u, one portion on cacii .si i Ihc - windpipe, flic giving of nail amounts of the active i>rin- <'iP'- of the thyroid Bland rnls»s the activity of the clicniiciil interchange,, in the budy ami for ilia' niisc.n it is much usrd for rncour- '•siiiE 'reduction of weight. In undcr-iicllvity ot tli c thyroid i'.laiul [iractically all of the ex- nnd ;?crclions of Hit •.'.i'.h the complete absence of thyroid secretion which brings about l.'.e tyiw of dwnrfism and idiocv I seen in cretinism and inyxcdema- I mil also lessened degrees with a • icudcncy to accumulation of woi-lit, •.ick of perspiration, falling" ° of she han- and similar symptoms Over-aclivity of the thyroid S-aml. however, brings about just ••te opposite condition. The cells of the body change ,. a|)Wly nll( , an of tli e activities speed up. in- cairtms the activities of the other Clauds. Therefore, there is n tcn- •ale: rapid growth i n the lenstf, : - the legs, arms anil finders- and | '" fncl a general appearance of elcncatton. Moderate ri<e in the Iciipraturc, an increased appnite «M similar symptoms are assocl- ':<i.uj,.-) Him .'.^crcuons of Ihe body arc diminished. There is slnw bjciUhlni: and heart rate .a lack Ur. Walter Tlmme. in consid- • -.."it; these cases, says, "Both (mind niirt body are everlastingly i Busy And not only with present 'Problems, but antlciiiaiorv or ,„- I'M wul to be s lug R i.,h with | ,"," ^ ul * *"»•=«•»« In chilli,,, nlaniceot thyroid .sccrclion. Such toes hi m ih " a .P° raon " *' . ixople become easily tired both t c I, niontally nm , „,,«.. iollecl • '' °" Fortunately. Ihr- condition cm, : tvo'fnf a™' of cnllrsc ' - ° ' mid l-otii regular and social con- giesslonal elections during Mr Hoovers term of office have given '••'« comfort (o the Democrats and none to the Republicans. The parly hi ixjwor has leaned very heavily on the possibility of a businpss upturn. Muny [jo'.itical experts have believed that nnly substantial pickup could have - .B Hoover administration from trie effects of a nation's half- fchnd bitterness In lime of economic distress. ! lately there have bc?n cornc small encouraging Improvements, but election time har. drawn very »enr and tl-o nearer it' lias come ine- lesj has been the likllhsod j tnat the election would b? dceld- ed by an Important change for tin holt/x ctfcntlou Is being paid lo the O.is3r|iicnlly, more and more (lucsuon whetlier the mass of anti-Hoover voters among the sub- "'•'rscd olccto:a(e Is urea', enoueh to russur c a RooMvclt-Garner vi:- lory. The recent stock market rls? and oilier fnvorablr developments hive .uicourafcd nrpnhlicans, but "it to anything Ilk,- n point of confident, enthusiasm. Maine probably would have staved Itcpitjllran (he Democrats not had the wrt i.w,i» 10 help them. But Main? is r.n old piohibitlon stalf and an old Re- canilkliitcs stayed dry Ijpcausc IHiblic.-in stntt; her RcimWican Ibey thought that was tl:; way to win i n ti, 0 i r ;o:rilo:-y. °n the otlicr hin;l. the irsulls do not me,™ liial Hoofevclt cm enrry || >C s t;,t c ^ainst Hoo\er. Seme of Al Smith's fr'::«ls won't vote for Roosevelt and if Hoove;' can run ns veil n< his tick-t ho oUDhl to hold Ma:r.o. Of course, tbc fact that the Maine defeat is ;i bad 0111:11 for the Republicans doesn't incai: that Ihev might m veil fold uu aid hegln to think about elrcliuy a president in 193C. T!ie r:sult seems more iiulicatise of ihc election of a Democratic Consress thin year than of a Demcrratic president. The, rosonfmrnl Al Smith's friends in certain eastern states hold for Roosevelt i-, still a very real factor and ii ir.ay make Just (he difference uol only in sons? of those states iui in ilie electoral college. The Republicans have that fact to comfort tliem-aiid others, such ft" that Roosevrlt hasn't arouserl any eiionnous ciKhuMiism fo:- himself, that the country is still relatively conservative and Its business clement lelatlvoly loyal to Republicanism aurl thnt any economic ' InUjTovomr'.it helps the cause Just so much even if il Isn't large enough in itsDlf to turn tl« tide. Bouquets of Flowers Lead to Divorce UETROIT. W mp,_ n ,,,, is, vorce trial here. Her employe-is argued that if hci . husband couW afford such cxn"ii Mvo tokens of his ancclta, M » « <l< not need (he position, Mrs "nlcrs counsel said. To her plea thaf her husband 1 (liiil his Jo!) us a railroad en'-hn..,.,. In ouler lo have her support hi,,, • coiuisjj for Milter salt! th? | 1U j. I h;uid had been discharged bi'cius^ ; lie had stopped the crack trahi he was running at a farm lions- I to uuiThnec a iwund of butler. i Mii. Miller was granted Hi.? decree. ! FORT MADISON., Iowa tUP) — j Mrs. A. W. Dlinviddie bca.sis a ; two-color dahlia ill her Kai'drn 1'cre. On a single slein tl-.ere alv : lwo blooms. o::c tf «liich is red and the ether white var '°"s CHURCH EXCUSES li.uv inadp ciiurcli innnas:; 1 ,!,?,,; a .s'«ci.i.' .'turfy an ; f ;t .i jujtifiert n snakiiii; the statement that th-rc is ii3liini^ about, tlic tminagenieni o: .1 chinch that I I'.o not know but l;iat could bo r>x|-;ri P( | „[ n m .,.. I my ability nnd knsivlcdgc. U'liTii I icki my soii-in-!a\v and hlnri u.m timt I have worked out .1 pis;* a::oreby all the churches ol t'i:',' i'.JrM cjii br combined under o- • l-.rart Jin.i .sti!! ra.ilt: tlie.'r :i:cii. >'i:iuali:y and operate as a f:p.<- a:c unit a:iti that my syslcni uoul.i :;i: narrating oxivn»cs aUoi:t hai: uirt when I ;olci thnr, it ,m; v cok me ten minm.n by an oi.-l s.Mli to lay th? foundation ol W. Barh;,rn 'tin-: :>lar. tl'ey co;:M hardly believe 1 it ami when \ asked them if ;bcy : bad ever hear.l of a thing called a loudspeaker, they Mid they had f-c.irri several, the last Evangelist that had b^en in their church was a loud speaker, t immediaicly taiv thai they did not know what I was talkin s about. Then to .yu the expression on Ireir faces I ex- pbhK'it in pa,-; my system, of conn.?, they did no; inulcrsian: when T began | 3 cxpl.iin my p ; 1n of sronpiiig a ;i the churches aucl llic use of radio's loud speakers ai-.rl violet r,iy.=. but they aie lik; moo. peopl? nnt accustomed to thinking of things in a big wav. BEHIND THE SCENES IN ^V.\S!,-[\GTO.\'-Right now tho ^!.r,r.-i-- of a PcinrriiUic victory In • •osv.::c : .r scom brighter lo most •oliu.-:,! ite-er\e:s than at anv lime thi< year. lie M.i ,'!•,(• "lections arc no ln- fallil>:e '-larolnclcr. bi'.t they do u-prtscr.i as definite an Indicator ns anyone thus far has to go on Dc:no::aiic success there astonish- o.1 Ir.iriors in both panics and just aboir. wiped out ihe growth of i hope thai had been apparent 1 ainorn Republicans In the precca- j :IK two or three months. | It can be .irsued plausib:y tilat ; ther^ : ''ally hasn't been any cs- :-'n'.;.il r!:ansr in tbr elements of ; ihr I'.flirlcni $:n<-p tlip i electicn ol 1930. which put the i i>:u-io:vats in coii'.ro) of the M3IQN miaiiQi^ET BULGARIANS DKFEATEO On Sept. 15. 1918. French am Serbian troops broke through tl'j Bulgarian line of defends in tr.i Balkan peninsula and advance: rapidly into Ihe second line ot lie tenses. The situation of the Unlgariai army was critical at the end ol Itx !*ay's fighting, a gap having bcei made between th? First nnd SccavJ Army groups. American troops on th; n;ul won front nD:th oi St. Miliicl continued to iaiprove their position and EucnL mcst ol the day in ? series of local attacks, desicncj to strengthen their paltlonj. British and French forces |,re?3ril forward in Picardy, making important, though slight, gain;. lor 4 Tires txpcrtly Mounted Free Deposit of Rare Dickite Is Found PO1TSVILLE. i-;-. irjPl— A tic- posit of dicl:i:c. cue of the world's rarest minerals, was found in the Pine Knot Colliery near here by a yarty cf miners driving a rod tunnel. Geologists said ihe deposit wa 1 . the eleventh known discovery of the mineral in prc.icnt scientific history In the world. The a glistening while crystalline E'.ibsianer- rcsemblir,-; fand. is one of Ihe kaolinit; nn..,. used in the manufjctiire of pro:?'- The miners canie u|ion tl-.c diik- i:c several hundred feet below i;-.: surfacc in a iwrket entirely lounded by hard rock. The P.:.i, was .'ix inches thick. It occur:'.i in the cong.'oaietale rock ten 1. : "3w :ho lowest, p.iri nf the mrry,- eth vein, [he Ihickca amhr.icr\ vein. Courier News Want Ads Pay. Hour.:—a dcneloiiment often taken as pres.»shv.- a presidential victory for the parly two .years lalor. * • » Over ninny i ol}f ,i, M1( i,s die . most common oxiservntlon ainons iwltltcians. including quite n few Republicans, uns that "11 the election were held lodny Hoover Would be licked." There Is as much Jiisti- flcatlon for thnt assertion now as there ever was. possibly B little more. Political prediction is far . from an exact science, but when more slgr.s point one way than the other no one can be blamed lor I Indulging in it. { Election results are concrete' signs, whether thpy point accurately or not. Thsy 'are likely to be relfatte, And (he results of stato Sweet Cream Jiuller 25c Lb. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 10c Qt. Delivered 1'honc 74 Uutlcrnjilk 15c Qi. Siniilav Of ihe Bis layers'(8 layers inO.OOand6!50 siics) of Supcrnvist CortinndertJje tread, (n-o do not rim from bend to bead —they arc really cord "breaker stripe" and that's.what.we rail them. ti y rC DeCaUSC Cood year, 'S more tircy and can therefore 'offer the world's greatest values . . . Come and see! This month Goodyear builds its 200 millionth tire YEAR Pathfinder SapertwJst Coed Tires Lifetime Guaranteed Lifetime Guaranteed GOODYEAR SPEEDWAY TRADE Full Ortulie 4.50-20 r *'" 4.50-21 4.75-19 4.75-20 5.00-19 5.00-20 5.00-21 ;.." 5-2i ' JS CASH PRICES Price n! Kach S3. 39 3.89 3.95 V70 4.8S 4.95 S.IS S.SS Each in Pair* $3.30 3.79 3.83 4.50 4.57 4.7J 4.80 4.98 5.3» Tubo S .8f> .91 .91 .94 .91 1. 00 1. 14 I.I* 1. 02 TUNE IN Wed., 7 C. M. (ionclyfiir Tire S,GOOD USED'TIRES $1 UP Guaranteed Tire Vsilcanizing Road Service REAL TIRE SERVICE! Your««. aM «p W t- I changed here. We clean and graphite your rims, check alignment, put in the correct air pressure, properly tighten the rim bolts. A first class fob I? men who know. how. SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Authorized TEXACO Station Featuring Fire Chief Gas

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