The Santa Fe Reporter from Santa Fe, New Mexico on August 16, 1995 · Page 186
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The Santa Fe Reporter from Santa Fe, New Mexico · Page 186

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1995
Page 186
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Continued From Previous Page Quintono, Evelyn, Son Juon, Weaving, 611 Roddiffe, Sylvia, Begny, Navajo, Jewelry, 711 Romoh Novojo Weavers, Navajo, Weoving, 430 Roinone, Dennis, Novijo, Jewelry, 713 Romone, Nellie, San Felipe, Jewelry, 713 Real Rider, Austin, Pawnee, Sdpfofe, 1450 Reona, Angie, P, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 525 Reano, Avelino, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 522 Reano, (harlene, San Felipe, Jewelry, 526 Reono, Chorlene, L, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 816 Reano, Charlotte, San Felipe, Jewelry, 625 Reono, Daisy, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 522 Reano, Dove, C, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 525 Reano, Deno, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 625 Reono, Denise, Sonlo Domingo, Jewelry, 625 Reano, Dwoyne, Avelino, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 522 Reano, Frank, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 526 Reono, Jonie, M, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 526 Reano, Joe, B, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 816 Reano, Joe, L, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 525 Reano, Jolene, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 816 Reono, Percy, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 625 Reano, Rose, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 526 Reano, Russell, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 522 Reono, Terry, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 816 Reeves, Daniel, Sunshine, Novojo, Jewelry, 1802 Reyna, Sharon, Dry Flower, Taos, Sculpture, 1607 Richards, Rueben, Navajo, Paintings, 716 Rodriguez, D., Andrew, laguna, Sculpture, 1714 Rogers, Alto Paiule/Yiirok, Baskets, 1301 Rogers, Kay, Begay, Navajo, Jewelry, 711 Rogers, liza, Sanchez, San lldefonso, Painting, 820 Rogers, Michael, Poiute, Jewelry, 1301 Roller, Clifford, Santa 0oro, Pottery, 215 Roller, Jeff, Santo flora, Pottery, 215 ' Roller, Toni, Santa flora, Pottery, 215 Romero, Anita, P, Jemez,Potlery, 1115 Romero, Annette, Son lldefonso, Pottery, 1606 Romero, Diego, Cochiti, Sculpture, 520 Romero, Edna, Santa flora, Pottery, 914 Romero, Marie, G, Jemez, Pottery, 1101 Romero, Mary Eunice, Cochiti, Pottery, 1323 Romero, Mateo, Cochiti, Painting, 1606 Romero, Prisdlla, Cochiti, Pottery, 1323 Rosetta, Dillon, M, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 1112 Rosetta, Jessie, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 1007 Rosetta, Johnny, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 1112 Roserto, Joseph, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 1861 Rosetta, Marlene, Hopi, Jewelry, 1112 Rosetta, Mary, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 905 Rosetta, Melissa, A, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 1112 Roserto, Paul, F, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 1007 Rosetto, Phyllis, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 111 Rosetta, Ray, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 905 Rosetto, Raymond, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 111 Roy-Keene, Adrianne, Acorno/Navajo, Pottery, 710 Roybol, Gory, A, Son lldefonso, Painting, 1212 Sohmie, Ida, Navajo, Pottery, 1445 Sokeva, Alfonso, Hopi, Kachino Dolls, 1725 Sakiestewa, Ramona, Hopi, Weaving, 1304 Salvador, lilly, Acoma, Pottery, 616 Sanchez, Belry,R, Navajo, Clothing, 1436 Sanchez, Cordelia, Sonlo Domingo, Jewelry, 1001 Sanchez, Corrine, San lldefonso, Miniature, 915 Sanchez, Donna, Son lldefonso, Painting, 820 Sanchez, Jason, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 1001 Sanchez, Joe, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 1001 Sanchez, Kathleen, Won Povi, San lldefonso, Pottery, 915 Sanchez, Russell, A, San lldefonso, Pottery, 820 Sanchez, Sodrick, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 1001 Sanchez, Steven, R, Santa Ana, Pottery, 205 Sanchez, Vivian, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 1001 Sandio, Geraldine, Jemez/Acomo, Pottery, 628 Sandia, Natalie, Jemez, Pottery, 628 Sondio, Rodieol, A, Jemez, Pottery, 628 Sandio, Wilbert, Jemez/Acoma, Pottery, 628 Sando, Caroline, Jemez, Pottery, 1429 Sandoval, Carol, San Juan, Beadwork, 413 Sandovol, Lester, Novajo, Jewelry, 1316 Sondoval, Ramondta, C, Son Juan, Weaving, 413 Saufkie,Griselda, Hopi, Baskets, 917 Soufkie, Lawrence, Hopi, Jewelry, 917 SchulMorilou, Novojo, Weaving, 1416 Schullz, Martha, Navajo, Weoving, 1416 Scott, Katie, (reek/Cherokee, flolhing, 1214 Scott, Knokovtee, Creek/Cherokee, Jewelry, 1214 Secatero, Wilbert, Novojo, Jewelry, 1749 Sekakuku, Gloria, Hopi, Boskets, 630 Sekokuku, Myron, Hopi, Jewelry, 630 Sekoquaptewo, Phillip, Hopi, Jewelry, 1753 Selestewa, Eunice, J, Sorrto Domingo, Jewelry, 306 Selina, Weaver, Hopi, Jewelry, 1862 Sequaptewo, Raymond, Nopi, Jewelry, 1413 Services, Inc., American Indian, Non-profit, /CO-OP Sevier, Jackie, K, Aropoho, Painting, 1818 Seymour, Mary, Acomo, Pottery, 1723 Shay, Timothy, J, Penobscot, Sculpture, 11 DEMO Shelton, Henry, Hopi, Kachina Dofls, 1519 Shelton III, Peter, H, Hopi, Pointing, 411 Shields, Ethel, Acoma, Pottery, 101 Shields, Judy, Acoma, Pottery, 1717 Shije, flora, C, Santa flora, Pottery, 204 Shije, Eusebia, Zia,Pottery, 605 Shorty, Eddie, Novojo, Sculpture, 1856 Shorty, Perry, Novajo, Jewelry, FELLOW Shutiva, Regino, Leno, Acoma, Pottery, 202 Sice, Howard, J, Laguna/Hopi, Jewelry, 1438 Silva, Dennis, Santa flora, Painting, 204 Silva, Randy, Santo flara, Pointing, 204 Silversmith, Deborah, Navajo, Jewelry, 07DEMO Silversmith, Mark, Navajo, Painting, 426 Simplido,Noreen,Zuni, Pottery, 1727 Simpson, Melody, Acomo, Pottery, 1019 Sine, Duke, Apache, Pointing, 1411 Singer, Mary, Santa flara, Pottery, 1424 Sisneros, Ramona, Santa flara, Pottery, 812 Skenandore, Joseph, Oneida/Luiseno, Sculpture, 1431 Skenandore, Olivia, Oglala Sioux, Dolls, 1431 Small, Mary, Jemez/San Felipe, Pottery, 1221 Small, Simon, Son Felipe, Pottery, 1221 Smith, Nellie, Navajo, Weoving, 1347 Smith, Patrida, Pima/Seneca, Clothing, 1349 Smith, Patrick, Gene, Novajo, Jewelry, 1347 Smokey.Zuni, Jewelry, 1325 Snowfloke Flower,Cochili, Pottery, 1809 Solomon, Reba, flieyenne/Kiowa, Dolls, 1735 Solomon, Vema, Laguna, Masks, 1340 Somics, Sandra, Pima/Seneco, flaming,.! 349 Sorrell, Robert, Novajo Jewelry, 314 Speckled Rock, Paul, Santa flora, Painting, 303 St. Catherine School, Students Of, Non-profit, 4CO-OP Standing Deer, Ken, Taylor, Cherokee, Beadwork, 1442 Star Flower, Cynthia, San lldefonso, Pottery, 1023 Stevens, Jacquie, Winnebago, Pottery, 1426 Stevens, Yolando, Maricopa/Quedian, Beadwork, 4DEMO Suozo, Anita, Santa flora, Pottery, 211 Suazo, Jason, White Eagle, Santa flara, Pottery, 211 Suazo, Marie, T, Santa flara, Pottery, 1335 Suazo-Naranjo, Bernicejaos, Pottery, 1124 Suina, Ado, Cochiti, Pottery, 313 Suino, Dena, Cochiti, Pottery, 116 Suino, Evangeline, F, Cothili, Pottery, 417 Suino, Joseph, E, Cochili, Drums, 116 Suina, Judith, Cochiti, Pottery, 1302 Suino, Lucy, R, Cochiti, Pottery, 417 Suinfl,Horie,C,Cochiti,Pottery,313 Suino, Mory,Vongie, Cochiti, Pottery, 1309 Suino, Theodore, Cochiti, Painting, 417 Suina, Tony, Cochili, Drums, 313 Sully, Lori, Yankton Sioux, Beadwork, 111 Susunkewo, Manfred, Hopi, Kachina Dolls, 608 Susunkewo, Normo, Hopi, Baskets, 608 Susunkewa, Sheryl, Hopi, Painting, 608 Swentzell, Roxanne, N, Santa flara, Sculpture, 1102 To-ma-ya Arts Crofts, Santa Ana, Pottery, 3CO-OP Tafoya, Art, Santa flora, Pottery, 818 Tofoyo, Celes, Santo flora, Pottery, 1008 Tafoya, Cresenda, Santa flara, Pottery, 1020 Tafoyo, Emily, Kiowa, Pottery, 603 Tafoya, Fronds, Santa Clara, Painting, 423 Tafoya, Harriet, Santa flora, Pottery, 1217 Tafoya, Juan, San lldefonso, Pottery, 1726 Tafoya, Kelli little Kachina, Santa Qaro/Pojooque, Pottery, 607 Tofoyo, Kenneth, A, Santa flora, Pottery, 603 Tafoya, Laura, Santa flara, Pottery, 1022 Tofoyo, Lorenzo, Santo Domingo, Jewelry, 1851 Tafoya, Luann, Pojooque, Pottery, 624 Tofoyo, Lucy, Year Hower, Pojooque/Sonlo flora, Pottery, 607 Tafoya, Madeline, N, Santo flaro, Pottery, 1022 Tafoyo, Myro, Little Snow, Santo flara/Pojooque, Pottery, 607 Tafoya, Pasquolito, Santo flara, Pottery, 812 Tofoyo, Solly, Santa flara, Pottery, 704 Tofoya, Shown,Sonlo flaro/Pojoaque, Pottery, 607 Tofoya, Shirley, Santa flaro, Pottery, 524 Tofoya, Starr, Santo flora, Pottery, 1006 Tohbo, Mark, Hop!, Pottery, 1511 Tahbo-Howolo, Dianno, Hopi, Pottery, 1852 Takola, Jason, Hopi, Jewelry, 1121 Continued On Next Page hot. tamale SANTA FE PLAZA MEBCADO exercise/casual clothing 135 W. Water Street • 820-0228 COLECTTVO 7000 square feet of ANTIQUES BOOKS COLLECTIBLES An eclectic collection of the uncommon Southwestern Furniture Cowboy Rugs Native American Jewelry Americana Pottery Folk Art Textiles Out-of-Print & New Books Hwy Monday-Thursday, 10-7 Friday, 10-9 Saturday, 10-5 Sunday, Noon-5 Inside DeVargas Center - 522 N. Guadalupe (505) 820-7205 ARTISTS OF THE SUN August 1995 41

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