The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 31, 1947 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE SIX EDITORIALS THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, JULY 31, 1947 THE MALVERN LEADER Mills Comity's Home Newspaper Since 187." Stops When Vonr Time I* Ont F. A. Wortman, Editor and Publisher E. D. Hering, Managing Editor nrdin iry prod T. th.v ail rr.llt; ho pastrur- a? prfvldine Entered in the Tost Office at Matvorn, Iowa, aa second class mall mattpr. «frp ir, ' safer milk r who punhflsc. vr. pnst t">r.ri: pnst. i|ii!fi'ilv r-lit.v.r.ftl a i from ihr «tnridpoint of IM:: c! !.iin> (I troTTi infer- com tra r«rro ii r.; OFFICIAL PAPER FOR MILLS COUNTY AH of the Official procpodlncs of th«? Hoard of Supervisors are prlnte,! in full in The Leader a? are aleo the minutes of the Malvr-rn tmvn munnl. The Lender also ?rrrps as official paper for the school districts and other towns of Mills county •which do not have a local newspaper. '.no ; n 11 .- tichi dtfi'tion -is fnr -•-- Ho^ovrr. consumers A iv,111; new and in the 'H«;v1..-TaV>ly richer milk, r:f:it content, than milk dairies Thp p\of, iiPii.illy from 1 to 3 t healthier milk i when it ws.« safe a. teris count '• and the additional rroJi.iHv iifTse; the dancer from Mr. and Mrs. YVrc-rrn Rowrn. .lack arid Jim. Mr and Mrs. Merle ifevrrn and family of Randolph and Morris Smith of Ewrson. Wash., were Sunday dinner ptirsts In the Ray Beal? home near Red Oak. Mr. and Mr?. AVeeren Bowen are having- their home insulated. Mr. and Mrs Floyd Owens of N-ews from the hospital pa- food handler and his meals are H. Window going to taste like It — or else! tlents Is as follows: Is sllehtly improved at this time. Roy Lathrnp was not so well the past week. Mrs. Ethel Parker and Mrs. Velma South attended Auxiliary meeting flt the. home of Mrs. Ralph Smith of Macedonia Tuesday. Twenty-two members were Yaklma. Wash' are spending ^v- present Including as special guests home of their the county president. Mrs. August And what's more — the National Gnard Is ready. Drilling and ahle to pay for men -who know their business. For the competent steward there'll be more coin at the end of the month and ratings as Tech Serjreant and Master Sergeant to po with it. ernl days In the daughter. Mrs. H arold Scott, and family. Pan. of Oakland and president, Mrs. Frank qu :hnp« it fu: lire to hf> U it l«. te iinportaf.t t r po«sit.!e to cot richer milk tr,.>sf pa«tetirt7pd milk now- it «<-ems to U5 that i! would ^ ti.alth ar.d nlett dairies district Floerch- There will be no fellowship inser of Neola. Installation of of- meeting or W. P. r. S. during fleers for the new year was part, of Auclist. Sare Waste Taper DRS. KLINE & KLINE Oltaepathle Phyiteltnt Office hourt: 1 «o 5 p. m. and 7 te 9 p. m. on Siturd«y. Oth«r Heuri by Appointment Office hi Kune* A Nelton ButMIng X-R*y Olaonoilt Phone*: Office 2S31 Houi«: Or. 0. M. Kllnj S881 Dr. J. A. Kline 4M1 the month Rev. and Mrs. Boos and I.a- of the program. Mrs. Ralph Smith, retiring president, was Advertising Rates Display Advertising: 4"c per column inch: 5 cent) an inch additional for composition. Resolutions ac a line Classified Ads 1 Oca line Loral Reader Ads lOcaline Obituary Poetry ?r. a line Card of Thanks ?.0e mlcht tain EDITORIALS "We think i;' by titht f ( ono:uy we ran inanaee tn arrive at ln<iep»'-n<l"ive ttvn indeed we will becin to ).*• ten-Ton" without stay. We s.vritiie n',1 no- blcn"?s ti- a Httl<? present meanness." — Thore'ati. Health • re re- Frnrn the lowa state ]H-p.irtin«-nt of tomes the n p Tt that some :;o.(>i'»> births cord- '1 durit;- the sir-month p- riod from rvcem- ber. lIMiI. throuch May. 1JM7. I'lirirur the --atiie time til- re were only lii.K.r! .]rath«. The state i? ge-ttitiu" to be reni.ii kably he.-iithy. If you've taken note of <iinem meat prii e>. you may b" ir.t'-r- MI '! in a statement from (bo I'nited l-.-i, •Kinchoir-'e Work-rs (CIO) which stains that til- 1 presviit stiii price* ;ire mainly rausc'd by the current wholesale prices of meat. That is. packers huvo boosted their markups for beef .",1 per cent above that of the previous year when there was no prtco control, and 12 per cent more than the price increase charged by retailers to consumers. In spite of the record amount of beef now on feed and slaughtered, prices are so high that a good share- of the- population cannot afford to eat meat In the quantity which so high a production should permit. We have no doubt but that prices are reacting very unfavorably for retailers and certainly the public, In farming arras as we'll as in Industrial centers, Is greatly concerned about the situation. We have pointed out before that with current high wage levels and tho high basic commodity prices, we cannot expect any drastic reduction in prices. Yet we feel that our economic system -will not stand for long the vast inequities now existing In the prlco structure. It Is difficult, of course, to arbitrarily set prices or to say what profit margins should be. But we believe that good volume of consumption maintained by reasonable profit margins and as low prices as is possible under existing wage and commodity figures, is the best — and only — guarantee of a continuing prosperity. We hope our Industrial leaders, in the packing industry as well as in other major industries, will base their profit ambitions on this widely-held theory rather than on -the theory that now is the time to gouge the public for the last possible penny of profit. national Sunday school convention held at De= Moines Sunday. Mrs. Allle I»irpent has been visiting in the home of her daughter. Mrs. Ray Hickerson, and family of Elliott. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hlekerson and family of Elliott were Hast- WP'VP had a mo«t embarrassing time with the ings callprs Saturday. Bob Shepard is employed at Slgourney. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Baldozier and 'Donnie were Sunday callers In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Boldozler of Mal- vr-rn. David Kldwell was visiting with Jackie Xiday Sunday. t'. T. Hamilton wishes to urge everyone to attend prayer meetings held at hi? home on Friday and Sunday evenings at 7:30. Miss Rptty'Weak who has been visltlnp her grandmother nt Afton lias returned home. The Methodist church has pnr- i-haspd ~>0 chair* for use in the dining room. Tbi- addition will make it possible to Peat 150 people Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Weak nnd family were in lied Oak Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Durbin and girls were In lied Oak Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Boos wore supper guests, in the C. H. Boos home Saturday evening. Linda Lou How-en attended the Cole Ilros, circus In Council Bluffs Monday. She -went with Mr. and Mrs, Fred Pierce and May and Dorothy Paulson of Malvern. A group of cars advertising the Frontier Days to be held at Council Bluffs were In town Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Boh Harris and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Harris of Omaha and California called in the home of their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Harve Hall, one day last week. The 4-H girls met Monday on the church lawn to discuss plans additional trade by provldlnc such. C OMMEIN T H1BD0I S FOLLOWING THE LEADER • mmmmmmomtmiawMmmmm storms this summer First it was petttnt: conked by a larce hail stone and thtn July 12 when we took the precaution of putting on Old Hill's tin hat before venturinp forth in another hail storm to care for hl = pet rahMt. we ran into a stray tir.aiKh and sustained a Mack eye. Our experience i? that it's rouehly five times a? easy to explain satisfactorily a lunnp on the head a? It Is a black i ye rerehf'd on a Saturday nieht. We lost some six man-hour? tryjnc to convince well-wishers that tin s-hlfiev was due t" the above causes — with pi ;»< tii ally no success. • If you're a hr-rpr-tolcipi«t. try Glenwood some day. The other day liurlns the Cook-Mackanan wedilini: at th" Mi-tho'list church there, a friendly litill fu-dk: happened l>y and MS it was warm and tunny, lie , urU'd up in the ruth nt the side of the slab for n snooze. Just then the weddlnp service ended anil the- people camp out. The snake, probably dreuminp <>f a succulent meal of mice, stirred slinhtly nnd someone noticed him. After much tl'hate and dickering. .1. H. Hall took a pole and tossed the serpent into the middle of the street. There Co. Att'y 1)111 Drake dispatched him with a borrowed hoc — without trial. • If you have a copy of the History of Mills County (the 1SS5 one) it should be of Increasing value. We doubt If you'd want to sell it, however, for we've had an order for one for several months. Recently, Mrs. John Reimers wrote from Genoa, Neb., that slip purchased a copy In a second-hand book storo in Omaha several years ago. discovering It while browsing through. The price was $10 then. On the front page was a note In pencil: "John: keep this book in the family, they are hard to get." It was signed "Joe." She added: "H appears that John or his descendants did not keep the book. If Joe knew how much I appreciate the rare book, I am sure he would not feel badly about John having sold the book." Mrs. Reimers Verne Carson attended the Inter- presented with a pin. Lunch was .served by the hostess and her the daughter Rosalee. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Aliens- worth. Cherly and Sandra and Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Meadows and daughters attended the circus In Council Bluffs Sunday afternoon. Lee Summers came from Long Beach, Cal., several weeks ago for the summer vacation. He •will return to college In the fall. The Rohblns bridge over the N'ishna is being repaired. It Is passable for light traffic at this time but a great deal of work is yet to be done on both approaches. Remember the change in time for Sunday services. Sunday school at 10 n. m. Preaching at 11 a. m.. with \Vm. Uathke of Glenwood aa guest speaker. Ixjrance Lisle has been 111 the past week with asthma and hay fever. ICE CREAM SOCIAL on the Methodist Church Lawn HASTINGS Friday Evening, Aug. 1 Home Made Ice Cream and Cake Sponsored by the Junior Feeders 4-H Club was reared In Silver City, having come here with for a local Achievement day and her family from Illinois In 1883, only four years after the town was started. • We neglected to report several weeks ago about an accident to a former Mills county boy, Armond D. Smith, whose leg was broken in June In an accident In the G. M. Electro-Motive plant at LaGrange, 111., where he was running a press. for the fair. Verllee Bruce and Susan Lambert are on the demonstration team. Mrs. Ralph Hall and Dan went to Newburg Sunday and brought them home. The Shldlers are former Hastings resident*. Mr. and Mrs. Rea Shepard were It's No Longer Mess at National Guard Meals In the army, when mess is no longer a mess, It's a story — like the man that bit the dog. The Iowa National Guard's public relations ofllce here announced today that the word "mess" will be dropped from Iowa National Guard nomenclature. From now on, it's going to be Just breakfast, dinner and supper. Admitting the move was Just another one of the things It's do- Ing to make army life a Httl«j more palatable, National Guard Officers also waved directives straight from Washington ordering that the men who have charge •t food preparation be called "stewards" Instead of "sor- geants." But more Important, the Iowa National Guard Insisted, were the orders which made It pretty plain that garage mechanics are not going to wind up in kitchens — and vice, as the saying goes, versa. From now on a steward in the Iowa National Guard kitchen is going to know his business as a DANCE Hastings Community Building Hastings, Iowa Friday Aug. 8 Music by 0 Warren Darrah — S»TC Wute Paper! — A big wheel slipped off the crane hook that held It Hastings callers Sunday evening. Rural Iowa Is undergoing a major change in, its milk marketing policies and a bill passed last winter by the General Assembly is hastening this. The bill provided that after April 15, 1949. all milk and cream sold in Iowa from a vehicle or store must come from T. B. tested cows and must be pasteurized. Or If it is sold as raw milk it must be lalieloil "Grade A Haw" and must not have a higher than 50,000 bacteria count per miliiliter. That means, since the determination of such a county would be practically Impossible for the and this struck him, breaking his right leg above the knee. As he will be in the hospital several weeks yet he will appreciate hearing from friends In this vicinity. His address is: Room 216, MacNeil Memorial Hospital, 3249 Oak Park Ave., Ber- \vyn, 111. • J. R. Hall, the international traveler, thought he was clear away from the home folks when he was in Canada recently and remarked so to fvlrs. H. as they were crossing the border at Windsor on their way back to the States. But just then be saw an Iowa 65- car license and discovered Mr. and Mrs. H. J. McPherron of Glenwood in It. With characteristic neighborliness he Immediately advised the customs officer to make a thorough clu-ck of the Mcl'hr-rrori car and luggage. HASTINGS HAPPENINGS A (Icpartnifut devoted to news of Hastings and Hastings citizens and to the promo linn of the Kciu-riil lute-rests of the Hastings community. IliiMinx-.s Methodist Church JU>v. Chirr II., Minister Morniiiu' worship sci'vin-. lu. We will hiivi- rliureh win-ship services tlu- first two Sundays in Auvust airl ilu-ii \vill be ;i\\ay on vai-atin/i thi rest »( the niDiith. Sunday s. liool. 11 a. in. We need more p-.-iple cumins to Sunda) Sriliiii! il We are lu rejli-l; til- ^nal I'r.r an eiulaii.-e i,,r this year. Tlu» yiial io the m'eaiest aUeinl- itiu- in Tie liisini-y nl' the Suniiav Ki-liiml. ('uiiii! ami help us 1'eHrH tluit 1. Then will bi> mi Sunday tii^>it fellowship servi'V or \V. S. I'. S. ineeiinK during ihe nionih of August but these meetings be cotuiiHH'd in Septt-mbor. i 'emelery .\*.*'n .Met \\illi Ml*. Kdic The North Grove Cemetery association met July 25 with Mrs. Thursa Kdie and Mrs. Faye Winters In Malvern. Audrey Kt-arns ralle.l the meeting to order and a short husinf--:-; meeting was li"!d It was derided to trim the .'•pirea surrounding the cemetery. At the close of the afternoon the hostesses served a delicious i wo i nurse luncheon cif hum salad siiiulwii-he.s uiul ire i-reain, ungtl iuo,l i-nke ami in tea. There were iiboijt ;t>i present. '('lie- next meeting will be held Au:-. 1 ui the home of Clara s Kebfkulis Met July tu Kivt'i-view lU-bekaU lodge held its regular meeting ut the lodge ball July 10 with Is members present. The audidate, Mrs. Arno Miller, was initiated Into tlio lodge by I lie homu teiun. The secretary, Mina ('rouse, installed Grace Hathaway us treasurer and lit'ssie 1'urcell us outside nuard- iuti. After the mei'ting Mina ("rouso. Hetty Huldogiur unil litella Hall served refresh nteuta of fruit salad, cake ami leu tea. Milton Jolinsou spent the wi-ek i' ml in SlienauUoiih. lleujuuiiii Hurult who la very Ut has lie eii lukt'll tu thv l.ulli- itul iu Miu sv Miir.ili bus KOIIO lu Jln.-t to join her ilauKlitt-r. .Mi» UMili. uttii ftt'.ully for * ii inp t» (lit- liuinv ul 1 Mi'a. » MIII Kt Hh I'umilv Keiiiiioii llehi in lied Uak SuiuUiy A family jiiciiic was Ijeld at !'haiit;uiqua park in Ued Oak Sunday in honor of Mrs. Gladys Kislu-r Collins and elaughtur of i'lucervillf, Cal. 1'ies.ent' were Mr. and Mrs, Jim purbin, Frank iHir- bin, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fisher, Fred Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cole anil sons, Miss lluthe Fibber, Mrs. Nellie Fisher, Miss Hetty Fisbcrr utul the boiiorei's, Mrs. Collins ami l.or.-ttu. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin and l.awrem'i- leivinieil IHHIH- Sutur- Uuy ufter spemlluK un enjoyubly WeeUs ViH-iiliuu lu MU'hlKUU. I.UW- leuce led em ly Moujay murutiiK (or liia wink at Fi'vim.ut. Null Mr. utul Mr» Frs-ii l.ouKut,uU VM'le lllllller quests lu (tie u, ltV U> >'f Mi uiul Mr.i H u KUUwll ut Itfil tiak Tiie.sdav \-\, uluj; Mi an.) Mr- I.,, in, Wutt-uu iuut Ila.slin^s Hustlers Clear 8100 at Carnival The Hustings Hustlers girls 4- II club sponsored a carnival which was held July J4 .at the Community huil'ling. The building was gaily decorated in true carnival spirit with bright crepe paper streamers and curtained booths. Some of the booths in- chuled a photo booth, bean bag toss, dart game, a fun house, novelty booth, a fortune telling booth, a lish pond, a food booth and a bingo table. Also the crowd bad the good fortune to view the one and only red bat in captivity. Dancing was held in one end of the building. Dirk Allely won the door prize, a large angel food cake, which was donated by Mrs. tM llruce. The girls made over $100. Several Hastings ladles attended the Mills county women's chorus rehearal held at the home of Mrs. Bichel in Mineola, The next hehearsal will be Aug. 4 at the Hastings Methodist church. The practices begin at 8 p. m. and last until 10. All ladles wishing to sing should plan to attend this meeting. The Hastings Volunteer Firemen held their monthly meeting July 28 at the Community building, rialpb Hall was sworn in as re chief after the resignation of Willie Courtier, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Courtier spent the week end visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hall and son in northern Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson of Topeka, Kan., called in the Harold Scott home Monday evening. They brought John and Donna Scott home with them. They had been visiting iu Tq- peka for the past wetk. Mrs. lieu Haroff came from Omaha Sunday to spend a week at home. Mollie Brown spent the week end visiting in Council Bluffs Gerald .Mosier attended a Company "I" reunion July 26. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kelley called in Hit! \Veeren Bowen home Monday evening. The Hastings Junior Feeders will hold an Ice cream social on the church lawn Aug. 1. There will he plenty of home made ice cream for all. If you don't think a change of gasoline can make a mighty big change in your car's gct-up-and-go, pull up at the next red ^3 pump and fill up with Conoco! For here's power just rarin" to go ... starts. .. long, L-O^^ miles packed into the new-day N-tane gasoline that's made for you ... for NOW! the in Mrs. Cora (jaylord of Omaha spent the week end with her father, L. L. Ureenwalt. Mrs. Gladys Collins and daughter l.oretta of boa Angeles, Cal., are visiting with Mra. Nellie Klsher und Mettle Mae. Mrs. Collins was formerly Gludyn Fisher. Kyle I'utursou wua a huuau gut-si In the houiu of Mr. uud Mrs. lii'iijumln Huron uud finally luat week. Mr. uncl Mra. Uoocoo I'urkur, Mr. mi a Mrs Mulvlu I'urkur uud family on I'tiuiirll Ulufttt WITH Huiuluy KUuaU lu iho lumu- of Mr. uuU Mi B. durum Scott l>ur- ii>K luv ovoutnit tlu-y wurw joined l>y Mr. taut Mv». \\Voicn l»uw«» uiui Jim uud Mi*, ami Mra t'lur- viii-v lluuii uiul Mr. uud Mr* t-'U>>tl l>\\> u» *hu im« Uu v ivou'n v( • WESLEY CHAPEL Mrs. Itru IHttus H to \V. S. C. S. The W. S. C. S. met last Wednesday at the home of Mrs. lien Dittus with 16 members present. The lesson discussion was given by Mrs. Lroi Welgmuu, devo- tlonals by ::jv;i Nyrcm. Fifty dollars was the tsociety'i coiiimltiH' ;i on the Farm Journal sub:: riptions. Curd shower* were tu be given for the nick tula week. The next meeting will be Aug. 6 at the church. Luuch wsg served by the buKtem, uaaUted by her sister. Mra. Leou Wulgntun. Copyright 1047, CeuUauiUl Oil Co. I Goy Oil Company I DISTRIBUTORS », „,,„„,.,. CONOCO Caroline Lubricant., Fuel Oil suiirtuy Ku »»u la «ne FlcM I w « " I* ««"y Uw gl*4 to Uk« c*r* of your n«ed» no matter wh*t the weather, »»«">. • *»«»» «« tor TANK WAGON SERVICE or V *t it from the following d«ler. BEN BREEDING CO. C. A. SWANSON A SONS SALYERS AUTO CO. KaUiryn nud Robert Danley of lioWkt. Nob., were «ueiti the punt week ot taelr aunt, Mrs. Wuitl KU'kvI, ttud fuiuily, AUo l.uw ri-nce uud wlfu auti her nbtvr Mr (tit* uud Mr». itoy Hoiib!|v» one lo MUnuurl |ur u luw Hoy U tteUug butter at I P HOLDEN SERVICE STATION

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