Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 4, 1964 · Page 46
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 46

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1964
Page 46
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YOUR HEALTH Allergies Cause Asthma Attacks By Dr. Theodore II. Van Dellen (Copyright 1964: By The Chicago Tribune) Most children with aslhma are allergic to foods, medicines, or pollens or other inhalants. Now and then the attack follows a cold or bronchitis, suggesting that infection is respons i b 1 e. Wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath are easily controlled, but (he cause must be found and removed to bring permanent relief. A complete allergy survey may be necessary to uncover the culprit. This includes a detailed history of the child's problem, along with a reasonable number of skin tests. The tests should be confined to those having a bearing on his condition. There is no need to check a five-year- old for sensitivity to chewing tobacco, coffee, or tea. Avoidance of the offenders Js I he first recommendation. Pets have no place in the home of an allergic child, especially when he is sensitive to animal dander. Nonessential dust collectors should be removed, including wool blankets, stuffed toys, rugs, fabric draperies, and upholstered chairs. Molds are common allergens and are suspected when the child lives in an old damp house. Pollens come to mind if the attacks are seasonal. Industrial dusts also must be considered. The antibiotics are used when infection is the cause. In some cases, removal of diseased tonsils and adenoids is followed by improvement of asthma. When it is not possible to remove the causative agents, the physician usually gives the youngster a series of injections to make him less sensitive. In time the boy or girl may become sensitive to other inhalants, foods, or chemicals. Asthma returns unless prophylactic treatments are started as soon as this new allergy is discovered. Dr. Van Dellen wiU answer questions on medical topics if stamped, self - addressed envelope accompanies request. TOMORROW: Sweating Feet. SORE FEET _ G. M. A. writes: Every Sun- IN CALIFORNIA day 1 lake a C- lo 8-mile bike without tiring. But the balls of my feel become sore and tender and stay that way for a few days. What do you think is the cause? Heply The transverse (metatarsal) arch may be strained or you may have the same soreness that most sedentary workers get when they walk miles once a week. INFf ALED FUNGUS P. M. writes: I understand his- loplasmosis is caused by a fungus. How is it caught? Can it spread to other members of the household? Reply This fungus is found in dust and is inhaled when blown into the air. Chicken houses, areas contaminated by bat, or bird dung, and caves are more likely to harbor the organisms. BEDSORES 1. T. writes: What is the best treatment for infected bedsores? Reply Remove pressure from the sore by turning the patient frequently and placing around the inflamed area a doughnut air ring or a pad made of sheepskin or manmade fibers. The infection is controled with antiseptics and strict cleanliness. PRESSURE TAKING M. G. writes: In your article on high blood pressure, you said someone in the family should learn to take readings. Where does a layman go for such training? Reply To his physician. LEARNING TO READ E. M. writes: How do you learn to read a thermometer? Reply Ask your physician or druggist to show you. Directions sometimes are printed on the label. Today's Health Hint- Trim off visible fat before cooking meat. Address inquiries to: Dr. Theodore R. Van Dellen Tribune Syndicate Tribune Towers Chicago, 111. Change in Power Structure Likely SAN FRANCISCO (AP)-A reshuffle in the power structure of California's volatile politics shapes up in the aftermath of Tuesday's primary election. Sen. Barry Goldwater's victory over Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller, close as it was, put conservative Republicans in position to complete their takeover of the state GOP. Gov. Edmund G. Brown and Democratic elements who backed State Controller Alan Cranston in the U.S. Senate race faced a challenge by the sue- essful forces behind the winner of the Demoratic nomination, Pierre Salinger. The post • election motto in both parties was "united front" Prospects for achieving it, however, were uncertain. Goldwater upset not only the pollsters but California's middle- of-the road voting pattern in defeating Rockefeller, who styled himself a moderate and the Ari- First Report Of State Trade Unit Is Issued NEW ORLEANS (AP> - The report of the first Louisiana trade and good will mission to Latin America was issued Wednesday—the work of the late deLesseps S. Morrison. The 20-page report on the March 10-26 trip was addressed to Gov. John J. McKeithen. It was dated May 22, and signed by Morrison, the head of the mission, who was among seven persons killed on that date on a flight to the Tampico area of Mexico. Morrison, former mayor of New Orleans who was defeated by McKeithen for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, was designated by McKeithen to head the mission of 70 Louisiana citizens who visited eight Latin American countries. Morrison listed 86 immediate results of the flight the possible development by Louuianans of the fishing industry in Argen line waters and possible sale of i/juisiana rice to Peru. A third development had to do with cotton and cattle industries near Tampico. An appendix to Morrison'i report contained photo copies of Latin American newspap e r s sfegwing publicity given the tour zona senator an extremist. Goldwater won by 59,433 on the basis of unofficial returns from all but two of the 32,861 precincts. He carried only 14 of 58 counties—but nine that went to him were in the big population area of Southern California. The Associated Press totals: Goldwater 1,091,291; Rockefeller 1,031,858. Goldwater made his most effective showing in Los Angeles County, where he outpolied Rockefeller by enough-158,150- to offset the governor's Northern California strength. A margin of nearly 50,000 in Orange County also contributed importantly. Early moves are expected by Goldwater supporters to solidify what they can cite as an election mandate for the conservative cause. There's little doubt that the Republican State Central Committee, only major party organization still not controlled by the Goldwater camp, will name a Goldwater backer as state chairman Aug. 1. He is Dr. Gaylord Parkinson of La Jolla, now vice chairman. In addition, under state law, the 86-member Goldwater delegation to the Republican National Convention will select California's two GOP national committeemen for the next four years. They'll replace Joseph Martin Jr., of San Francisco, who supported Rockefeller, and Patricia Hitt of Orange, who was neutral in the presidential primary. On the Democratic side, party chiefs acted quickly to mend the fences knocked down in the blistering Senate contest between Salinger and Cranston. ! Pledging to support Salinger, Gov. Brown said Wednesday, "We expect to present a united front in November from the top to the bottom of the ticket." THE NEW OWNER DIP IT,' 1 SOLO /> THAT PROPERTY TO "HARDENN "m IN17USTR.IES" LAST MONTH... AW 1 )# " ' AFRAIP^DU'RE REALLY UP / :•' AGAINST V /' IT, JOE///'/• THANKS, HERB/ I'M WORRIED ABOUTTHT 66E,1 NEIGHBORHOOD BOYS / WON'T JOilCOMfi \ BOTHER YOU... BUT NOT HAVIN'A PLACE 2 PlJTUPTHE RIGHT IN/ \ ITS KIND OF TO FLAY... SINCE THAT FENCE WAS PUT UPON YDLKLCrr/ GOOPTOSEE IMPORTANT... JOE PALQOKA OJHAT5 A JfTHAT* BASEBALL SOUPWl 5LAN£ FOR A MEHOU)TH£OL' SCUPWNE 1$, 00 YOU? ANITA ICEBERG" GO BACK TO HARVARD, FOR ACMCE.r TELL THEM IS PLENTV MONEY, NOW, IN SLOBBOV/A MS NO SLOB&OVIA. GET OFF SLOBBOVIA, SLOBBOVIANS.'/ VJE SOUGHT rr,ANDV TAKING LIL' ABNER <ON£ BinTHE BEAV6 STEVE CANYON THIS IS NICE, FLO. EXACTLY LIKE WHEN WE weRECOURTlN' WELL, NOT ANDY CAPP PA&WOOD" WHY DON'T WE SO OUT DANCING ' TONIGHT? IP UOVE TO, PEAR-BUT I'M APRAID WE CAN'T TONIGHT MY BACK JUST •i WENT OUT YOUR BACK CERTAINLY GOES OUT A LOT MORE THAN H WE DO VOU'RE A TRUE FRIEND, SNUFFY" HOW DID VOU KNOW I WUZ FIAT BROKE? BARNEV 600GUE AN'SPARK PLUS!.' HOLDTH' CHICKEN U A MESS OF CHICKEN!! SNUFFY SMITH YOU £VM COAVW& THE TWO-. Father Charged In Addiction Of Teenage Sons NASHVJLLE. Twin. <AP»-A father was arrestt-d Wednesday night and accused of addicting his two teen-age sons to an opium compound he r-xtiack-d from a drug purchased at drug stort>'. James B Yearein vas rharwH wiJh f'i;"'"'.N'-;:.if :)•;> '•->; ••••:<•'• «iid contributing ki UK- rH'n- qnencv of his S'>M> aw u am' 15 n was held M Jitu o' i Urn*) Tli- lyv- vuic- dc-d at Ju'.ciiM- Couil. BRENDA STARR MARY WORTH HULlOl-YOU'VE. GOT TO KHILOVS COU5IKI-..&OY! -W6LADYOUMA&E.1T! JAV Y;A5 REAby TO BLOW WHEN uni WORTH WILL THIMK SHE HAS FALLEN AKON6 THUftl, JUNE 4, 1$64, Lak« Charles American Pftti 27 GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES 11. GOREN t* 1)Mt 8r tM CMMja Trlbund feast-West vulnerable. West deals. NORTH *QJ <2 A K Q J 0 K 10 5 3 *AQ5 WEST EAST A A .10 7 S 4 K 9 S 3 <y G 942 OQJ98 6A7B2 + K982 4»1074 SOUTH 4642 <^ 10 9 8 7 5 3 The bidding: West North. East South Pass 2 NT Pass 3 <? Pass 4<? Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Queen o£ <> A flaw in declarer's technique led to the loss of a game contract which the blessing of a favorable distribution had placed within his grasp. North's two no trump opening is'a. shade unorthodox for, tho he has the required 22 points, his spade holding dfles not represent a true stopper in the suit. North understandably feared that a mere one bid might be passed out. South's decision to respond to two no trump—which is not a forcing bid—was dictated by the con- vie ti on that his hand was worthless except at a heart contract. It was his Intention to bid and rebid his suit in the hope that partner had the fitting values to make such a commitment plausible. West opened the queen of diamonds and South permitted him to hold the trick. West observed that a continuation was aot spt to be profitable, so he shifted to the -ace of spades. East signaled with the nine and, after winning the continuation with the king which completed the defensive book, he placed declarer in the dummy by shifting to a trump. South drew the remaining heart and ruffed himself in with a diamond so that he could trump out his last spade. He now led the ten of diamonds in the vague hope that the ace might fall establishing dummy's king for a discard. No honor came .up, however, and South tried the club finesse next. North's queen of clubs' held and declarer cashed the ace. \Vhett the king did not appear, he acknowledged that he was down one. Since the club finesse must succeed if declarer is to have any chance at all, he should mentally assign-• tie king of clubs to West, as well as the jack of diamonds with which he is pretty well marked from the opening lead. By removing the ace of djsmonds front East's tend, South can transfer protection of that suit as well as the club suit to West. After ruff tag out his 1 o s i n g spade, it is suggested that South cash the dummy's last trump and then lead the king of diamonds. East is obliged to cover with the ace as declarer ruffs in his hand. He now proceeds to lead out the rest of his hearts. As the last trump is played, West is down to the jack of diamonds and the king and two small clubs. He must keep his diamond to protect against North's ten. But when he gives up a club, South fi. nesses the dummy's queen, caches the ace which drops West's king, and declarer's jack takes the final trick. TO METHODISTS Appeal for Race Harmony Issued JACKSON, Miss. (AP)-Methodists of the North Mississippi l Conference have been told they j cannot sit on the sidelines on ! race issues. Delegates attending the annual conference in session here heard an address Wednesday by Dr. Grover C. Bagby of the Board of Christian Social Concerns and Economic Affairs of the Methodist Church. He said as long as Negroes are "denied their simple, fundamental rights as American citizens," unrest will continue to mount. "We cannot continue to is- quote the Bible and falsify science to justify our position" on segregation, he told his audience. Over 1,000 members of the conference are in session here through Friday. The American white race is sitting on a box which houses "an evil genie which grows larger and more dreadful every day," he said. The "genie" is made of "the fears and frustrations of the Negro 'because of the denial of his rights." He compared the white-Negro relationship to the Biblical parable of the Good Samaritan saying "the Negro has been robbed and beaten and left lying by the wayside; and the white man has done the robbing and beating in the first place." Methodists, he said, are "like the priest and Levite, who passed by on the other side." Dr. Bagby said, "for a long time, we churchmen have been Jiving in acquiescent silence in the midst of mass social evil. Our talk about love has been irresponsible." "We white churchmen would not think of doing harm to an individual Negro person," he said, "but at the same time have allowed an unjust racial situation to develop." He said the racial problem is among "the great issues that the church is concerned with, whether it wishes to be or not." He charged the civil rights bill before Congress has been subject of "severe misrepresentation." Retiring Bishop Marvin Frank lin of Jackson and his wife will be honored tonight. It marks the 16th conference for the bishop. He will retire from the active episcopacy when his successor is elected at the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference in Lake Junaluska in mid-July. Nobel Recipient Dies in Finland HELSINKI, Finland (AP)Frans Eemil Sfllanpaeae, 75, Finnish winner of the 1930 Nobel Prize for Literature, died Wednesday. JACKET CASUAL Crisp Seersucker Ruggedly good looking, yet so cooly comfortable! Cotton Seersucker Sportcoat In neat stripes, perfect for those warn) days. Traditional styling. Top Value 95 Sulphur Wutpolnl Shopping Ctnnr BROILED STUFFED LOBSTER TROUT ALMONDINE — SEAFOOD PLATTER SHRIMP BELMONT — **" STUFFED SHRIMP, FLOUNDER PRIME STEAKS * FRENCH CUISINE COCKTAILS-MIXED DRINKS OPEN 6 A.M. 'TIL 11 P.M. DAILY •\T D£U10Jrr TOUBIST MOTtt, 3730 B80AP UK 6-E484

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