The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1934
Page 2
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MUM TWO •MfTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Trfetcrunim M»troB6 club WEDNESDAY'S EVPNTB Mrs: Joe' Craig's Prc-Sthoo) doss liavthg Hallowe'en party. Bible ttudy, Church of Ohrisl, n*etlng wllh Mrs.-a S. Sbellon, 2'30 P. M Sudbury 'school' to liavc Hallo- W«i carnival. Music dcperUni'iit Woman's clul) ineelLne al club 3 p. in. , THURbDAY'b EVENTS ^ Mrs R. y. Klii>clin<!] lujvitiG •Thured»y Lwchwn club. Tiumtey Bridge club mwllliB with Mrs. Jo?! Chandler. .Mrs. J. Ernest HaMOll having Thursday contract dub. FRIDAY'S LVENTS 'Democratic Women's cluh meeting Hotel Noble, 10 a. m. The • marriaje of MlfS Dillyc Loflln, daughter'.of--Mr. and Mrs. B F Uilln to % Py" Garner, son ot Mr^arjd ^4ff P B. Garner, w^s Eo)meiiWa Sfptnday. Thc Rev Bfaxton Gjll' porlonncd Ihe ceremony. / > The majd of honor uas Miss Clara Garner, slsler of tho bridegroom,' and' Mr;' Elcnc •• Tyrone was best mim. Mr Gainer apd h|s bride liavc gone to>,"6hiC8BO. for -thdr. honey- mooi) and upon Ihclr return will In; at, home at'Arriiorel. Mrs. Garner is a graduate of the city; high''school and later attended Onlierslty of Tennessee at KnuxviUe -where she »'as rui o»t- s'anding student She was presi- dont- of; her sorority mid last year was sele'cleet' as "one ol Uic most jxipula) students loi Ihe college annual. Tho bridegroom vent to irhool here before going to bhawiice, frc-nrwhere he-graduated. He l«l«r attended the'-College of Ozarks, Clarks\llle, Ark H»vp llalloWT'cn-rariy The Hallowe'en motii was ej. fectlvely earned oi)t in the psrty -'• — at th,o country club Saturday uftcrhoon' W'hcii'Mrs. J. Ncnl Ges- c|l and hjrs J S enler- taxied 52 BMeili ut brldsc wd Ttie ball room ihvc JUKI VoTl'l \Mt- .>oi lluitk of you y lo me : " 'l iiu urt. W)ndtr Iratv yn u ou.. lli«| islmul ludo Ml ),<,«• | H rcm • rl^tv as lliow I MUST for K el-an.| l I or you /iic jwrt a! if 1 1,!!!", 51 """< " fP W »):!! kcpl Met. lo M,n: i 8 i.iii s ul tincf llic iminory of all yon tv ' To imt niv books! mv cu'pC^'onkTnrroH"" I't.vouiJ Hie i;Iio»l n( your nnmntenil dm. SOMEBODY fist will |, r f, 1? ., tln ]| ,;,,., , r»kf up new llircaJs of Jifc, love, hour iov m'in Iream hy lir liix-.-and nuybc uv Koodlv ' II, rn^rorjdl will, ,,|| C |( t| . f n)||| -foft | loiitd you «rer ml< nic d»«n || K , -j hc.-irs your knock will liave lo ' iav« packed my Irophies loau ic -"-'-- iknr l,r.i f |, and "o '• 'I Mostly Personal • I\U P S. W. C. UlBgs, of Hollywood, Co|., spent last week \vllll lier cousin, Mrs. I'niii i>. Tipion, and Inmlly. 6hc is' now in Senaih Mo,, liuving driven over, wllh Mm". llcrborl Wise, A, D. Muyfield, A. T. DoiifjIaB, Witt Douglas, Tom Douglas, J. B. Hughes apd A. B, MeUutilels, also cpu,sins of Mrs. T(pt«!, w)io came over far a duy. Billy Wilton spent thc week-end hi Memphis with rejatives. Miss Lois Hooper was in Mem- l.'Jils over the week-end,' Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Tiplon hud ds Ihclr guests for Uic (jama Friday night, Mr. and Mrs. Bond. Miss Dorothy McDajiiel, Miw J3ai-- bara Bond ond James storey t/l Bonath, Mo. Mve. p. N. Millrell IK'S rulurncd from u week's ttay hi Memphis and Covlnglon, Tenn, Mrc. J. C. Webb, who has'been at (he St. Bernard hospital ol Joncstoro for a week, 'was brought home yesterday. Mr. Webb and ciaughlcr, Miss Cliftic, and Mre. Lucy MoAdams, niotorcd-over lor her. She IB now better but will hi: conniiE'J lo her. bed for a wWJs. Mrs. Annie MoGarrily of osceoli, arrived today to lc wltli her. •'• Matt Monaglian IB in ' Jilpmphls with Mrs. Molia'yhon - and'- iniaiu [laughter, horn ycslerdn'y. Mrs. Howard Pi'octo'r last ' ' Put Away Dighityjr^ Hallowe'en Party liven the jiumpkin mail mittr l-ifcc for O.c Hallowe'en parly (able can bear (he Informal .narks of Iwiiifr hnmit-maifD MONfrAY, .OC'TQfeER 29,'j Biologuts By Queer Cretture —— '" '• - : '- ' .1 ,..,.. Oil. (VP)~i\ bio/; lojica] iMir|«lly In Ihe 'an-" imuls was discovered near, liho ; '- i'cceiUJy in the Kern river foot- ; loin. ;_•••;' The creature (it (list glance was ' thoiiBht to be n liU. Upon closer. 1 ' CMininntlou, reason seemed to ' have'fled, well furred, the Btiliniil possessed a long tall that" was hair un Inch wide and perfectly Oat, Nature had evidently played, (ricks wllh its head; drawing-the fare and jaws out Inlo n long cone that Imd. • the -nnpeariincc • o[' si beak, but vvilli no visible carp. Tlie feet weve idenlical w|lh ' those of any self-respecting rai," wllh the exception that they wcro webbed. The rodent-nifiminal * could bo comparcti with nothing—' except iwrhapa that blolosical mys-' f^i'y, Iho Australian duckbill, which to (he scientifically minded' Is tils Ornithorhynchus pamdoijus, j With such ;i genealogy, local cillMiB understood wily the unknown was found dead. •Luxora Society — Personal 'I'lmreday afternoon Mrs, ft. C. Langstdn was hostess to the two- table contract club of which tire. U n. member. High score prize WHS won by Mrs. Thos. K Hudson. The oiily guest who was not. c member ot the i:lub v:ns Mrs. i..v uui. ,u v ui iLcvmvjiu •>" ''I 1 ' Edintsloj], of Loulsi 1 , M|ss., who autunip'festival swne wild Uic'Is' (he Giir-bl ol • |icr sister. Mrs. fire place l>an)cc<i vith pumpkins, ""'"" wi " " uriu, copi stales mm boughs of leases as the tacK grounil for tho libhtcd Jack O' Lantcin manle! ami brunelics of Matlic. Williams. ii lg . Thursday night McKlmm's Tay- libhlcd Jack b' Lanlaii' on the lor and tidward acgravcs wore hos- inanle! mid brunches ot Icuvrs lcptl ' s !° « briilsc party and suspended frotn Ihe HEWS and llllcl1 - s 'i"«er, coiiipllinsiilina Miss mtrzarilnc. floors. In thc sun room, at. the [ other'oiid, autumn (lowers were arranged in flooi baslels - aud. urns. The lallirs lunri . pads'-arid refreshment fccls were oV thc t arne design and Hie prizes rs. Howard Proctor' c returned !> '? u '""W-'hat guests who start night from Miami, ' Flu , wh ire th . n c , vcni "5,,^ 1 " tt rcrnml ulnner she attended the natlonaltconTOi-iJI 11 ^ e « s "y ' Porsimcicd to slick ' hlr hcad5 Movies Illustrate Revival Sermons At Baptist Church Amui Margaret Wood, whose mar- rl^c to Mr. neiil Under, of Hope, '" lie solemnized : No- were wrapped in orange Hallow e'en fcticicrs Indmdusl pumpkin pics lopped mtli whipped crcaru, tilted nuts and coffee iverc served In the bridge games Mis. lllvcs Allen wou "first and Mrs. Samuel T 1 . Morris, second They received bridge uinclicou sets The high rook pnz», pillow sllpb went to Mrs w S Langdon und tlio cut J)nzo, pillow 5li(x>, was won by Mre. Marvin -Robinson. Included in the gucsls was Miss Martha Lyn Norris of Eureka Bpringi, Ark , housrgueil of Mr aiAl MIC- Samuel f ^follls. • '*-•'•'..• Have Bcntflt "Mrs Llojd V VHsi and 'Mrs Jrcd Child entertained 60 guests at card parties Friday alternoon and evening, at the Child home. lor tlie bcrfent of the building in Ihe Avk.. vcmbcr new comimmlly hut on Ilia school campus. with Tllc 8 l| csl of honor received a' lovely assortment of linen presented l)y Die fifly guests who were prcsonl. imnia- fund of the of culalc Conuption Pri-rn r, t i Kin A u , , ? King, A H Wallace, C C. Wood Paul Grecnwell Joe Dillnlmntv' Walker H Bakci. Don SammonV, Max Mcscrs. W A Grace, Robcrl . High fcorc prize wns »vn t>v Mrs. Mall-jo Williams, reeuuA liisii by Mrs. C'.-W. Mlltlln. * * 4 Miss Sara Stocks, ol Mississippi, is visitinf her itunl, Mrs. Dordio Bonds. Mi's. HJizabetli Bensley ol Le:i- inglon, Twin., is the guest or her sister, Mrs. E. A. Motfitt. The following Indit's \vcnt lo Memphis . Baluridly to ullciMt :i brltlge .'luncluoii- 'glvwi by Mrs. lAlvlu Wundcrlich, Mre. .1. N. limit I and Miss livclyii Scott, tpL-clnlly complimentiuB Mifs Anmi Mnvaiir- cl - Wood: Misses Wood. Ullilyn HoiYard. Klfcabelh Harrison, Max- Ine liultleud, Cherry May Hires, Mrs. Elizabeth Bliman Elins. Mrs. Randal Nichols. Mrs. T. D. Wil- Lion ol the American'Legion and auxiliary. Mrs. Proctor,' ^who is state president of (lie auxiliary was given Lhlc trip, by the state organization. 6he accompanied a number of outstanding women of Arkansas, headed by Mrs T P Glucomlnl. ot ClarksMlle, •.Tctlrln» department president. While (here. . Miss WJlrmi TrnnvfOn, Mrs. R. T. Bullcw, Mrs. EUzabcth ailli- Gtithric niun mul AUK, c. B. Wood. Grimes and P.U OBrjant Miss Ernestine Jarboc mid A chlcken'sAlad was'seivcd with Pickles, dJilnltj ,cindy;and coffee, » * « - Daothttr Bom. A daughter -was bum Sunday morning, lo Mr and Mrs. Malt Monaghiu at Ihe Memphis Metli- odlst hospltul The baby welihs «»en pounds and Uo ounces. » • • - Has Birlh<f»j- Purtj. Peggy Jean/Van VMnklc, daugh- wnvi Mr '* dll( J AIre A JI, Van Winkle, was four years old Saturday so Bhc had'lp of her friends hi lor i , pariy »t her Home on Cherry street , ,« I* 6 S^ thc room 11 oilL fa ^U the.'feufsls and. gamps plajcd before Dixie e 'School KW I'en C*rnlv3l r the custom ot cele-| -v-.-.-ri Hnllpaccn with a carnlvnl -eaclicrs and pujjtls of tlie'-Sudtiiry wliool'lwe,prepared an interest. ing group/of cntprtalmnent i ica- cpmg^' ° tmi °" W^'^V •1JK> pre^tationi Include intd- Bjti, a rofleo^Holl} wood, Japanese grouiJ (>1 .nd >Aycl! features \vllh the program; In • the 'auditorium •• to'' In- cjtidf'a^Hallowe'en.paiade, a song "Xtohl", a,, p«t}tomtne . "Coming th, thc^ Rje'V and -a; playlet • be .l«il«l fur Tossing Toiiiulo SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain IUP)- To&sing n tomato at the mayor is i nilglily sin licrc. Aiitlia kubll- ar<i was sentenced | 0 one ycnr In prison tuid fined for throwing one "t tlie mayor <uirln K „ cit ., ^. omi . meeting. lly MARIAN YOUNG NEA Service SlafT Writer Table decorations play nn important part in the success of any Hallowe'en parly. Along with decorative and appropriate food and a list of interesting games, the smart hostess will plan her table settings well in advance of October thirty-first. Remember, that any attempt at pretentiousness will spoil Hallo- we'en parties. Half Ihe fun of them lies In (heir utter simplicity that makes everyone' feel strictly informal and eager to enter into the most ridiculous.sort of gitiucs. Can ' guests who start i)ol) for . e ere, they were, guests at a number ol UlU ° r »' aler lo f " "---• ,ifn ! ? . '' lolu 4l»B ' ?r ' at ll ? e Seminol C0 " nl 5?.,- c ^, And bob for apples they must. To leave out this little bit of rion- sftiibe would be as bad as lorg«l- tlng lo liang up uilfUcloc st a Christmas party. Make All Rooms Playrooms So forget about your best linen, china and silver, put a«av oricc- , - tlie lea vases and turn (he llring and Ar-, dining rooms into veritable- play ' party, at Miami -Beach Lce '° n ' sar ' Tlic Rev. Alfred Carpcnlei, new iwslor of Ihe. first Baptist church, ivlw is i-omlucliiif ,11 .serins of il- liuslralvil sennons lliis ueck. 'I'lU! Loyally Revival ul. the First Uaplist clmrch starlcd ycslcrtlay wllh n inrt'o audience at the nialit service. Thc ' services n're lo con- llnuu caeh night lliis vet. 1 !; from 7:30 k> S:30. The pi(6lor, Uic r<ev. Allved Carpnut'cr, will show motion piclure.s ol his recent trip to Europe and thv Holy Laud, 'followed iiy n lecture on current matters oi interest In Europe. Tonight's program will toiislbt ul iMiSs. then motion.piclurcs begin- iihie at the Avenue:01 Flags at the World's j-;iir, imosA the Atlnntic on the a. S. Europe, through Uin- flon and Ihe Slmkespearo connlry, across Holliind to Berlin, Gi-i- mnny. Following tills 'the paitor lecture oil ."Tlie Nazi Govern- ana dens " Kussellj Phillips ] las reumc from Chicago' where he attended a meeting of Ford agent* along: with other dealers in the .'•Memph'ti dis- ncl who made oufsta'hcllng gains In busmen over n certain period. Holland Child Dies , HOLLAND, Mo. — Pencv Inv,.,- N«»nory, M months -old "tab, ? of and Mrs. Kirk Nnnnoiy, 'died at the home of her gnmdparonts, Mr, and Mrs. W. Satiford, at 11-15 Suralay morning, following a seven days ntncss or colitis. Funeral services were held at 1:00 o'clock lo- iV',," 1C "^'""'I'lJiipllsl church n, n Ucv - hlr ' tX-Pi-'c't officl- 'I'liS. Uurial will be at the Caru- thci-svlllc cemetery.' . ; Tho baby is survived by > her parents and ihrcc brothers. '*R' the rooms. Introduce your guests by their first as well as lait names and it (juite obvious that sopliis- licalion and dignity arc taboo for tills one evening at least. Cover the (able with a gay cloth and use paper napkins and orange and black checked paper nut cups trimmed with wild looking witches, pumpkins and black cats. Make your own centerpieces. A pasteboard jack-o-lanlein, filled with apples, nuls and grapes is a nice Idea, ii j'ou want to go to a little more trouble, make a crej>c paper rnan with a silly high hat. lluiv lo Make Decorations Here are Ihe directions: Take seven heavy.wires, 36 inches long, one wire 15 inches, and one 20 inches. Wrap each -wire separately; with 'a -strip.'of light;• or- ango crepe ono ; balMnch wldc.lhat has teen cut across the grain'and slvctchc^ 1 . Mykc two rings with the shorter wb'CE. With spool wire, fasten six of the long wires to Ihe smaller ring at equal distances apart, and Oien fasten the larger circle about 6 inches below this, shaping the Jong wires to form the liead of the pumpkin man and then bringing diem together lo form the body. Separata the wires again lor the legs, three for each, and shape these at the end into ovals tor the shape to thc feet, und cover with shiny black paper. Shape thc ends of (he remaining long wire Into ovrils for the hands, wrap Uic ovals with orange crepe, and fasten this wire to the body to make tlie arms. Cover Wires With Paper With 10-lnch-wide strips of light orange crcpc folded in hair Icnsth- wiso, cover the .wire. foundation for the head, working from fop to bottom, overlapping strips, and pasting in place. Make the features from black shiny paper, Now circss the pumpkin man in his smart party suit of duplex crc'pe —green wallow-tall coat, with tha darkeo--side.turned out for Iho cuffs end .pocket, orange (rouscrs with .'he Ijghter side- turned back fqr the c ufjs,,;iigrit orange vest., with collar, andlblack cellophane He. .Hjs tall hat IB:made from two thick- nesses of greon crepe, ami trimmed with'all .orange band. Tlie hit is just a tube of crepe ivjth the crepe folded and stretched slightly to make the brim, and a circle added for the top. His monocle is mado from wire wrapped with gold pa]»r. If j'ou ivont a very polished person, you can add some liner touches—ears cuUfrom. duplex oranW crepe, hair,-made.'from-shhiv.Wack crepe paper,-..'pnoy white for the For Your Coughf j Creoniulsion - may be a better help than you need. It combines • seven helps In one', It is made fo;f I quick relief, for safety. r „, „ , -.....»«,..-,.« i..,. t, C |«; j.ij,;j,..pna while for the feel. Paste cardboard ot the same whites o'r <lhe 'eyes and the teeth Hospital AdmlUed to Uic BIylhevillclhosiital: Clifford Autrcy. Stcclc; ;Mo.; iolu Mcacham. Dogwooil liltlgo; i. O. Cavenws, Cooler, Mo.;'Mrs p. M. JJaxl<ir,.r:l|.y. Dismissed:-Leo Kirr, Bra Bg city. Co.; R. T.. f Pot- Iprton, Lcachvlllc; Mrs.. Enln-Gor- don, Cimilhorsvillc, Mo. 1'liKA Bind rbrnw, ""'V °- <"f) :-- A 2 a :,,ie ce FERA band, drawn from the 'ranks of Allen comity's unemployed .-men, <c ' formed here. Scientists Believe Light Rays May Aid Farmers CINCINNATI. (UP) -Scientists envision Uic possibility ol improving Ihe farmer's economic condition by Jiidil rays, Dr. George Sper- II. director or the basic research | laboratory. University of Cincinnati, lisclosod here. Ui an inspection lour of me laboratory following :L meeting ol Ihe American Institute of Electrical Engineers, he demonstrated to members how yreiUz rays _ ihc waves between x-rays and ultraviolet rays-are used lo change tile form oi biological natter. Tlie IIOIK; of Micntists, he said is to use tile rays in creating new types of plants, thus giving the farmer non-compcling products for miivkct scale. Already Ihc cspc-riinrnt.s have been siiccessfiil in raiyntlng Uic eggs of fruit flics and John C. Fardou. associate of the laboratory, has been able lo produce (lies wllh deformed wings. or thai length of time, was shown at the Bcllalrc Centennial by Mrs. Minnie Anil, TOO 1,ATK TO incut and its Altitudes Christianity." ' LOST .Ful-vlcw passes with while cold Toward | frame. He-ward. Margaret Moore Phone H-l. ag|) k ," Jonsiipation » H consUpation ca uses you Qay, taitgestloa. Headaches, Btd Blap,-Piinprjr Skin, set quick ""-•f With ADl.EHIKA.Thor- i ajilon, yet gentle. Fate. AD1.ERIKA City Drug store atsS Kirby Bros. Drug Co. —Adv. , , he" Lemonade !,S(ancI. Appropriate -_ref resbmente ^ Cliilled By Frigldalic Safe • Sanitary Pint - tc Quart - I5c GRAIGS DAIRY Phone 74 vSee your Children in the Movies r Your Children in Baby • RoxyThcAitrc vH, no (lutibt.iycu Imvc wondered what -duldreii would, look lifc<i oir Hit screen. You now hayu the _oi)i)Qi;tiiiiily /: of : seeing them in motion pictures \yithqiit .paying, for the •filming. BrinK ;mv now ., •. child, Irciu 1 month to.. U ycurs, to the Kozv between 0 A; M. and MO P. M., cameramen will iiuike piclni-c.s .which .will !.u> shown ;it Uic Koxv J hciilrc. November &lh . and litii. ^Absolutely no cost TUUHSDAY IS I'OSlTlVEiA' TUK 1,\ST DAY, SO WK1NG YOUR CIULDUBN' IN TO )31i F1O1JJJ) NO\V. Also have nholuyruphs m;itle (lie Ilnllywooil wiv of ' ' faraily whilc lhc ' ' lliblc in Family 110 1'ears BELLAIRE, O. (UP)—A Bible -10 years old, In her family WASHINGTON (UI>)—The President of the American Public Health Association .states that in rural sections CO per rent of yi fire* start on' the root. BIGGEST BUY I Mild coughs often yield to lesser' helps. No one can tell. No one: knows which' factor, will tio'mo5l lor uny certain cough. So careful people, more and more, are using Crcomulsion for any cougJi starts. . . • !• The cost is a little more than a single liclp. But "your dnif is authorized to guarantee U, it cosls nothing if it, r a j| s ( C bring you quick relief. Coughs nil danger sig|ia|s. For safety's sake Ucal :with :them. in the -best waj known. SHOME 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DIPT. We VAKO OF THANKS wb5h to tliank our many friends anrt neighbors for the. kind- ncs.s and sympathy shown us during the illness and death of our „. ... duughtcr, Miss Sara McGregor, who departed this life, Sunday, October 21, 19IH. \Vi: lliank ciieh and every one for Hie heautlfnl floral designs and we especially; thank the licv. Mrs. Bcasly for her consoling words, a'Uo the Moss Underlnking Co., for their loyal service. May- God ble=s each and every, one. Mr. and Mrs. E. U. McGregor and Family, Brothers, Alvis and David, Aunt, Mrs. Lillic slsk. Thief Stole. Co|i's 1'istul NOIITH ANDOVER. Mnss. (UP) -For boldness, John Dilllngcr dfiln't have a thins on thc Ihtct who walked into Iho police station here and stole Patrolman Hough- Ion Famham's service revolver. For UEAL Protection ' Phone 191 CLAKK-WILSON AGliNCY General Insurance 'We 1'uy All. Losses Wllh a Smile" James B. Clark - Baker Wilson Loyalty Revival of i First Baptist Church ! . •*• eJi Niglu - - (This Week) 7:30 Motion Pictures of Europe, Egypt and floiy Land Lectures on current events m Bring Your Family and Friends Hubbard Furniture fe Sec our complete lelcclian isat PUILCOS Times Have Changed Since The Good Old Pays And So.Have Cleaning Methods When folks .rode Undems nti'd • .guy'• Lotharios hookwl their hut guards to their suit buttons the dry cleaning indiisiry was in its infancy. Totky those mutltoils arc obsolete . . ..replaced with new machinery, now cleaning soluticiis, new methods. For the pusl tb years Burnes |i,-Js been alert to this evolution of thc industry aiuUi«s kepl.'abrenlit of the limes by usinj-' new ideas as soon as they have proved successful. , That's why • Barnes' •cleaning is. Quulily Cleaning! Barnes NuWa Cleaners .'-.•' - I'hont'lSO '

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