The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1932
Page 3
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'I'HL'KSDAY. SEPTKJIBEKlo, 1932 Lti:. (AUK.) couniw; As Legionnaires Convened for Bonus Pavment Fight i^ J O jAGE $160,000,000 Channel Would Bring South f Closer to East, Europe, j Tlie fate of iho proposed "shor.-j cm" cannl across Florida, lor which • the soi-th hns been asking since (tie ' project "bccam? (Ksslble from an en- • fineainsj standpoint, now lies with I Oie Reconstruction Finance Corpsr- I fltion \vliich l)ns been asked lo a<l- ! vnncc Ihe $11)0,000.000 needed. | The Gulf-Atlantic Shi]> Canal Grows in Services At Na/aiene Cluircl! ' l.c ivvlvnl meet Ins, which be- fai! nt Ihe Church of the Nuzii- i ..<', Second mid Vine strops. 8«n- 'fiy. Is gaining III IniTiist wilb c.'.'h M-ivlce. according to Ihc y.n- tor, tho Rev. R. H. Hus!l1i>B. Tlie llev. Mrs, Kuphu H, Uraslcy :s in rlinrtjr of Hie sen let*. Wril- Mivuhu 1 ru'iihiK her Mt'iJ'.^l ivits "Tin 1 Unu-eisallty of lli» Alone- int'iil". Tliufi! who he.inl U sim- ul thai it v\.\s n poweifu! .•cimm ^houlnu i hi- iwwer of Chrlr.' In •:<«• (o du' udrrinosi nil who i mild vi me to Him. '1 !iU evcnlni! her snbjof. will l» "Two Ways the World Has Tiled :o Kid itself of Jeans Christ". Tin- liev. mill Mrs. 11'i.ikf't I.OH- on. who me \ n ch:u-",i! ol Ihe '.<:. are le:u|ni|i (5 ITU I soiia. Sfr- Ifi-s with spcclnl numbers tacli The imr-llng will cfiiilln'M iKiiiKli this week vvllli wi vices iic-li fV<'iitn<; ni 7:30 o'clock. The lie i* i-crdially Invited, Corporation, headed by General Charles P. Summerall," has filed with tlie fcdera! bureau a request for that sum. This monjy woiild be repaid through earnings, estimated at $20.000,000 a year, and Hie canal Chen '.votild revert to the government. The entire south wou!d be:ie(i' by the project, proponents ol Mere than 5MIO World War veterans arc- gathered in Pcrtlaml, Ore. for tlie annual American U-uion coiiM' 1113 as Ihc convention opened. The issue of immediate [»yinuii ot fcomis ccrlilicalcs Is exjicctcd lo m:i',.- one in 'hi' legion's annals. tiitlie:-- hlsimjr School Authorities Act Against Hazing (JOODLAND. Kan. (UP)—School authorities here have ama Canal, but Its traffic would be 35 per cent greater than that passing through Culebra Cul. U is estimated. Sandy Ridge and Yarbro D| . i rv i C J • "en against hazing as (lie result nay at Usceola Sunday i O r two damaec suits for $40.000 • ! filed by Miss Georgia Hill. Moiine. Sandy Ridge find Yarbro will play j 111. at Osceolii Sun-Jay in tlie final! Miss Kill claims ten high school game of (he Mississippi county, cirls spanked her with a siif.jisf league s?a5on. ! bc?casise she violated a .scLtxil iri- The Yarbro team won (he first tllilsn against "dating" lo a ba.-.- half of the lea«ue race and Sandy : kctball game. canal claim, since it would cut b;- j second half. The Ridgo appears the winner of the I In suit Miss Hill askeJ years work In Algebra, said he Director Is reached his solution alter nine PHIMDEU'HIA, 1'i-iin. Dr. Cyril N. II. LO !)E O f Montreal. Caiiaila. has bqon nppalnlcil dl- rer'.oi- of the OGcorgc S. Cox Metli- ... . ., . Inslltiitc of Ihe University ol U ^ V . 0 :::;?::.l tC i''«'"^™»la. offlrlab of the col- l«s;c I:five niiiioimced. The Insll- l-.i'.e was eslabllshcd for Ihe sliuly ol dlabotcs. nmndis work. Macknick said IK believed his I .solution was simpler llian that of j the Very Uev. J. J. Callahmi. prc- MdMll Of lilinis lo submit H lo mathema- '• til-inns for verlllmlon. Blanchard Fights on I game rk , rv i n • I ' Afaihnan Wrrps fur Horse Dexter i-ard rndayj TAXF.wi-:r.L. v n . IUP> - wii ' A 1!. White's Kii-yi-ar-okl hu: UE.XTKR. MO.—His Boy Ulan- " »• buried ic'cviul". w>'H- chard. Blylheville liulu h-'avy, will tween 800 and 1000 miles off (he I together two of the strongest teams voyages now made around the Plor-! in tlie circuit, ida Kcycs by cargo ships. Thai I They will probably nice; later in would mean, they believe, lower I a play-oft serifs for the league ti- pnces on articles brought into. tic if Sandy Ridge wins the second southern ports and a greater profit • half. on the goods and produce shipped 1 . Ollt - '. . ! PORTLAND, Ore. (UP) - The; FORD CITY Pi (UP)-A ,.,,.||< The canal «-ouU run from With- ! uatr-otic yea! of Hotel I Brown. } od oftri srctini!?' the ane'c i lacoochee Bay. in the Gulf of Mex- ' 10. is beyond reproach. He penned I pro blc-,n which has engaged ma- pom t north of Daytona a note lo Mayor Baker, asking fhematichns for 2,000 years — is' part of (his seciimi the grave nnd wept, bitterly bring' S20.CCO from the Board ol Educa- ] mri'i Ruel Bowdcn tit Poplar' lilulf >'•' was lor many y^nr.s i. m., lion and a like amount from the . In i), e fcnnlre bonl of n fislit card I [rl;i '' r - The hurst ivus one r (en girls, her former si-hoolmalt-s.j litre Friday night. Ilivii; 1 !. which worked tOBcther nil Blanchaid and Bawdeu have met! "' Olle die:l live years 1140. twice before will) b^tli fights re-' Eiilling In draws. Four other bums j l.ily Had 1ZO IlliKims and a battle roya! are on the card. I PORTLAND. Ore. IUP) — A III) frown In thr- garden of Geon:e W 19K t'ctlon Crop Snnill ; Mcthnnttle. I'orllntid, had 90 blooms MONTICELLO. Ark. (UP) — 0:1 (lie mala stalk, 17 blooms on Farmers from practically every u >.?i'oiid Maik. inu u LH n inn have broueht! st;:lk. The lily. S'-l- feet tall Student Claims Wet hod Of Trisecting an Angle ico. to __ _ Beach, on the Atlantic side, accord- the oflieial to "try and force the ; claimed by Ted Mncknick, 18 Ford reports In thai (he cotlon crop: produced the three stalks Iron mg to present surveys, a distance people lo display the American i City Hish School senior. j will yield less than one-half of'the same bulb « 1 DO miles. Not only would It be fiat' on their front stoops during Macknick. with a year's mslnic-' that produced lasc year. Picking) mree^tunes the length of the Pan- the American Lsgion convention." ' (Ion in plane geometry and Iwo's prosresshu; rapidly. Head Courier News Want Ads THE CALL OF THE WILD "Nnture in the Roiu"— as portrayed by Paul Bransotn, America's /urirjunsl aniiiint liaiuter... inspired by the savage struggle bcltrccn ihc ferocious wild dog and the i-icions scrihcd in Jacfc Landun's famous navel of combat aguinst crude nature in the frozen north. —and raw tobaccos have no place in cigarettes They are not present in Luckics ... the mildest cigarette you ever smoked W E buy the finest, the very finest tobaccos in all the world—but that does not explain why folks, everywhere regard Lucky Strike as the mildest cigarette. The fact is, we never overlook the truth that "Nature in the Raw is Seldom Mild"—so these fine tobaccos, after proper aging and mellowing, arc then given the benefit of that Lucky Strike purifying process, described by the words— "It's toasted". That's why folks in every city, town and hamlet say that luckies arc such mild cigarettes. "It's toasted" That package of mild Luckie* "If a man term a titter hx>k, frtach a kltcr iirmon, c,r matt it bellir maai-trap than bit tuigbltr, t/x In build fcii bciae in the umds, tbt world mill matt ,t l*M» falb la bis door. "—RALPH WALDO EMERSON. Does not this explain the world-wide acceptance and approval cf Lucky Strike? I ml kin Skeletons I'nc.irllu-U SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. IUI')-Slx Indian skclclons, onp Hint of n child, ww imMirllied along (lie old Oregon Trail nesu' here. The sk?k'loii o( the clillu was found In [he ileljrls of nil open fireplace. SI'lllNUFIEIiU, Neb. (UP)— Roy Ilarkcrg lias o jjool of soWflsli In Ills yurd. lie cnlls Ihc rtsh nt fecd- liijj tliiif by lillliim n rock with a My swiltfr. The llsh come nj; '•c.' look for Hie <leiul llles. NKWTO.N-. lomi (Vi'l — Alec Anieii Is irasl his D3nl birllutay, bill Is laklng up avlntlon. Aiilen, 11 (luim-r, was lultlutnl lo Hying by Ills triindjcin. Wlnclscr Anlcn of Hi-ix'n. 0. Kor u liulf lioiir tlm »BCd than circled utnl bunked ovi-r Ins.liinn huine with tils grandson «t Ilii 1 rontrols. TOO I.ATK TO CLASSIFY Minister I* Imllclrd TAXEWK1.1.. Vll. (DPI—AmonK iidu-unc'iils niiiincd by Hie Tn/i 1 - i'1'll luiiiily gj-nnd Jury Is imc l!;ilnM ihe l!i>v. Unrold lloswell, inven. who Is chai'Ki-d with .sti'.il- i)S » nminllly of nu<nt from UK; •iiiRki-lioiise bi'ionyliisj to Mrs. Kiln nmls. ^^•^^^^•^ For lazy liyer, stomach »nrj kidiieyf, biliou»neti, indi- geition, coiutipaticn, hold, ache,' colds and fever. 10f«nd35#4t dealer*. link of all kinds, hides, Iron, copper, urass. aluminum and .cad. Wolf Allan. Phone 11G.' IOck-O;-l. Ill COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN,. R1TZ THEATER Thursday and Friday- Adm.—Matinee—10 and 25c N'ifjht—10 and 30e Sec KOI! SAI.K—SAVE on Goodyear I'irt's aiKl 'I'libi'^. scccsso- •les, new nml rebuili batteries, M-J- loilne Oil, lit <|imrt. Wolf Arlnn. Phone m. IGck-Oct. ID HOME THEATRE I.H-1 Time Today — "Kmlio I'iili'ul" with Holjui'l Avni- sti-onu anil Lila l.uu. Friday and Sahirdav Ailm.—ilnliniic anil Nitflit— 10 and 2&c 'Daring Danger' Tim McCoy Serin]—"Hum ol' the Flumes' And Cuuiuily. » > Th« Wing* cf tht Ang«lt Hav« Touched You... Th* Hoof of lh« Devil Hai Kicked You. TflLLULRH BflNKHEOD CBRYCOOPt CHAS. LAUGHTON GARY GRANT t>xt»d»l MctiM C«ilng (Juiloon and comedy—"It's H.. Cinch." - ' TH E RED& WHITE STORLs Red & White Quality Never Fails'' QUALITY RKIGNS SUI'UKMIO BEETS BEANS """• Ut(l * K - & W - Kanc - v Country (icntk-man. 2 Cans n Mi? AT u - & w 19 C iU lllftAll'urtvS.forli whitt '- Ear1 >' 1 C .lunc. Can Oni- Tall or 2 Small J PANCAKE FLOUR R i4 w In Heavy Syrup No. 2 1-2 Can COFFEE i Kor Milking Jelly 25c CERTO Dottle A* TO Ued & White. OYSTERS ,«..„ WESSON OIL ,.,„, 19c^ Yfllow or White l«tun- OJTC . ; dry. 7 Bars £3 '. CON CARNB H- K - & w - No - l Can l-'ancy Country (Uloitiiin MARSHMALLOWS U ,^ V 10 C Rctl & while - Tomato 3 C:ms FLOUR KKI) &• WHITE l'l,AI.\ .|,S-l>oiin(l Sack - - - 81.25- I'1,AIN 21-1'utind Sack - - - - G5c GKKKN & WH1TK SKM- 1 RISING IS-l'ound Sack Sl-05 SKI.I' RISING. 2.1-I'cmnd S:ick - 55c FI.OUR THAT SATISFIES SKI.K RISING -tS-1'ound Sack - 85c SKLF KISIi\<t 2-l-f'ound Sack - -I5u RED& WHiTE PORK CHOPS Nicc ' l T,12' c PORK SAUSAGE MP ZW BEEFSTEAK ,,„„,, 15c FRANKS ,o imds lOc STEW MEAT ,.,„,„„ lOc BACON 13c BACON S S,,, 15c NBCK BONES ^ 5c FRESH RIBS lOc HAMS Center Cut Pound 25c 2 Pnunris 25 C I'riccs Gond Friday and Saturday, September 16 and 17

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