Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 4, 1964 · Page 20
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 20

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1964
Page 20
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20 J UNE 4, 1964, Lake Charles American Press ffi SHBCT 1 (PfflT POUCY KEEPS SuperRiqhf If Your 'Burgers Shrink In The Pan-READ THIS: How often have you seen hamburger shrink, shrink; sferndrin the fryh^ part? That happens because there's too nraeh fat ground in wifti the beef. In this case you're paying good money only to have heat sbrink away a big part of your hamburgers. That excessive shrinkage wart happen •when you buy "Snpep-Rigbt? Gfotmd Beef. A&P's policy keeps the balance of pure beef and fat in your favor. You get plenty of lean beef - with, just enough fat to make your "burgers" temptingly juicy. And you'll find only one quality—one price for "Super-Eight". You'll never find two or three grades afc A&P. And it isn't just by accident that there's always plenty of BAT in "Super- Right" Quality MEAT. Constant care assures it Thafs why A&P maintains its own staff' of experts. Under their watchful eyes passes the meat destined for your family. This care of "Super-Eight" meat continues right up to the minute your purchase is made. Thafs because we care about YOU. This week, try A&P. Remember, every purchase you make is guaranteed to fully please you — or money back. You just can't make a mistake. I GROUND BEEF meat! CUP THESE COUPONS : FROZEN! POUNDCAKE 1J ~;79c Al YOUR A.1P SUPERMARKET « *, 1964 _ mw tM PLATO STAMPS With Thil Coupon and Purchat* ol fK A&.P INSTANT MIX FOR '" CHOCOUTE DRINK 'X 33c M *T YOUt AS.P SUPEtHASKSl PS Dot. PLAID STAMPS With Tim Coupon ond Purcho ANN PACE CIDER VINEGAR AT YOUt AiP SUPEtMAtm With Thii Coupon o"d ANN PAGE FfEMCrl DRESSING PLAID STAMPS ct 'i!: 35c CHUCK ROASTSE .35* 'SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF 4TH, 5TH 4 6TH RIB SEVEN STEAK "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF RIB ROAST "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEP BONELESS RIB STEAK "SUPER-RIGHT" ALL GOOD BRAND SLICED Ib. ..Ib. Ib. 49* BACON "SUPER-RIGHT" 59* BACON s £ 45* "SUPER-RIGHT" 99* BACON "SUPER-RIGHT" OLD FASHION PRICES GOOD THRU JUNE 6, 1964 as, FRANKFURTERS 2 89< NO COUPONS NEEDED GET tOQ EXTRA PUID STAMPS WITH ARMOUR'S STAR CANNED BARWOJEO ARMOUR'S STAR CANNED BARWOJEO P11H111 It A PITiM P i *%ft PORK RIBS ! S $2.19 Sf,^ 0 ^ rJ? S c ....._ T U/UITIlun Headloi end IK-b. OA« GET 50 EXTRA PUID STAMPS WITH WHITINft H HI I II1U Gu«,d 70* £31* ••Wtl.IIWir-KNEliKIIIAVTKIF ............. . CHUCK ,59c CATFISH FILLETS „ 49c HALIBUT STEAK , lk ^79c ! GET 30 EXTRA PUIO STAMPS WITH •SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY IEEF SHOUIDEH ROAST rk 59c GIF iO EXTRA PLAID STAMPS WITH JANE PARKER URGE ANGEL FOOD 1!b ''::49c GET 50 EXTRA PUIO STAMPS WITH JANE FARMER J.lly Topped GET SO EXTRA NAIO STAMH WITH CHEF'S PRIDE CHARCOAL Pkg. CAP'N JOHN FROZEN SOUTH AFRICAN LOBSTER TAILS X 99c JANE PARKER ASSORTED SANDWICH CREME COOKIES 3 IONA Sweet Peas 4 - $ °° l Milky Way, 15-01. Cant ban in Pkg. 39* 8-01. BOLOGNA, PICKLE LOAF, UVER LOAF, COOKED SALAMI OR Pkg. SPICED LUNCHEON 29 BOLOGNA J&r- I CHOPPED HAM &' :..( E Q . A&P FROZEN I K JANE FAm* (BUNS GET SO EXTtA CHEF'S PRIDE C .. ._ . BRIQUETS GET 1i EXTEA PUIO JTAMPJ WIT) N All SCO COOKIES CHOC. CHIPS GET 31 EXTtA PLAID STAMPS Win N All SCO COOKIES CASHEW NUT *S| 89C ! A&P FROZEN CUT 49c GREEN BEANS 49c wi * cMAMMoiHo!6ENcHcu|iE D i t i i 2 Margarine NESTEA 49<i SYRUP TUNA Bluebonnet "2c off" Whipped Mb. Insfanr I'/j-oz. Tea Jar Aun Page 1 Lb. 8 Oz. Pancake Bottle Waffle PIUSftUlY Ol IXlUtO 6 OZ. CANS l a /« LB. PKG. :31c 95c 39c V" $ 1°° ~ «_ • •+* • »• t LT. MOOT ^nunk \J Cans JL 45° FRENCH'S at .- £ 29c PL7DDL7D 0 CO 111 It li I I* ^ un '° r / i i/^ VJL.I \LJL.|\ Meah L, J a , s \J\J\J LYSOLsr 9 "' .. .&98c Chicken O' lh« Sea . Meat Chunk TOILET 1I3$U£ WHITE HOUSE HANDY CASKf CARION A NW PAGE PORK AND Sco£t^ iwnti (IjSLJt M m 0 pkg> 'vlCd •••••••• m °* •• «• I "' *-"""• %.^^iw« Ann rnuc rwrtK Mr*u ,, SB!! ,,o"r e *• -7' EVAP. MILK .6's77« BEANS «£ 29e pi IDCV CA«l4lAAIIA 0 H "-J100 WHITE HOUM NON FAT INSTANT A/JN PAG£ SAUD ' U I V L A ttOttlSSUe 0 /.',. I Dry Mi | k ..,^79, DRES$ | NG s45 ,. Aouniin A * •*»• H JAz F *«' TOWEIS ANN PAGE TOMATO niVlflVLHX Cut-Rite Z ;:,:; 49* Scottowels .a 33* KETCHUP 2';r33« BEANSs R T STRAWBERRIES Liquid Bleach COFFEE M »'«" VVI I Lk | B , iofl , COFFEE Jr,; 1 COMET RICE • FRENCH'S . '1i$1.14 *• figi, v3C 2 *c 35c S™ 59 * HS» 6 -** TREND ssu a 69c Mayonnaise z4S« TWATOES 7 sr $1.00 TDCMn D ,,.,^ a jq r * I 111 111 V n....J.. Sil9 TV/V '/;-g a l. AnP PUsiic TJU 2 s? 23c L cS Liu 3 S£ 89c \/LTI B«,, V o R , oq r L, Bars vJs/V PoHed Meat BLUEBERRIES IT ' ESH Beauty Bar TASTY MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE 'J\89c ORANGES CAUF - SWE " SNOWDRIFT " VHHnuta TbU Coupon Good For IQOExiru $9.00 OR MORE A/ Yewr Om Couaoii Per Dal. Coupon &K4 Thru juoc t, IH4 HI-C-DRINKS CAT FOOD "^10e 2 *ar 29e LEMONS JUICY VALENCIAS CALIF. LARGE FRESH JUICY Pint Each CAHACU FRESH TENDER WyUHOn BABY YELLOW 2 5C 39C 25c TEA famout Sine* 1IJ9I OUR OWN TU » LB. PKQ, b* «^ X lamiiMMkiviiit^ \ aim * m ^ "8c Off' 51< BALL REG. MOUTH Pint Jars of J2 HOT SHOT Bug Bomb - 95>c TOILET SOAP Palmolive O Kwj. ^j Eon TOILET SOAP Palmolive TOILET SOAP CASHMERE BOUQUET TOILET SOAP CASHMERE BOUQUET

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