The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS ' ( I' JLUME 1—NO. 233. THE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR COIJl'S NEWS Published dally except Sundays In the interest of the personnel of the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Blylhovlllc, by the Blytheville Courier News. It contains the news of the Air Base. , , j.ii! The WAACs Pass In Review KY rK'I'KK KDSON Courier News Wan\i'mgloit Correspondent It was nl Port Oglclhorpe, On. Tir thousand WAACs passed in lew, and not u slip showed. The ins of their ti9-ccnl government le hose were all straight — tighter, in all ir ranks. honest} 1 , than t u'ns an ull-WAA'J band, even the cute little number who tied the big bass ilrtiin, even to color bearer and the color ird, and to First Officer Aloise mkus of Worcester, Muss., :in .designer who has just graduat- from tlic Command School in t Lcavcnworlh, if yon please. sang out her "Officers, front 1 center— MARCH!" in a voice it all could hear on the 40-aci'C 'ade ground. L leathery old colonel of cavalry, hart B. Brown of the old rcg- r Army, booted and spurred, aring service medals Uiat showed hail -chased Villa in Mexico, and Croix do Guerre with Palm In »ncc, took the salute. He used to In MP's (o be tough in the ivost" Marshal School here. He :d lo be considered hard-boil- hnnsclf. Now he commands the >t which is the Third WAAC ining center, just over the Oeor- lihe, south of Chattanooga. XRVITING FALLS OFF Jplonel Brown now beams with dc over his soft-boiled WAACs. thinks they're wonderful. They ink he's an old dear. There yon vc an idea of what's happen! to what they used to call, "this in's army." It's this woman's ny now, here at Oglethotpe, at y 'rate. Ror some- reason or other, rc- ittlng of the WAAUs lias fallen lately, and the Army brass hats int something done about it. The st fine flush of enthusiasm wilh ilch the first volunteers enlisted snl'fallowed through. A recruit- campaign is to be launched an to build the CO.fl<JO force to e authorized 150,000. but the real maud for WAACs is closer to i.'OOO. There's a 1)111 before Con- ess now lo^liicrensc.jhc force to at number 'and "Make' it"a".Y>'irt ; the regular Army, instead of called just an auxiliary. The WAACs have found 120 jobs they can do-from cooking and linking lu driving a truck. Tlte WAACs cliilm ihcy do ihese jobs better than men can do them, and (hey learn to do them faster. The dope is that, the men have to be taught a thing nine times before they get it. The gals claim Ihcy e.iii ratch on after being shown twice. Surprisingly, about half of them are joined up mnrricd, women ivlio after their husbands. . Ninety per cent of the women have volunteered for overseas service STILL FKMIN'INU That's the way it is wilh them. If the WAACs arc changing the Army, the Army doesn't seem to be changing tl lc women, much. They wear uniforms, yes and they learn lo march. They learn Army traditions ami talk knowingly of general orders and converse in military jargon, But for all their military ways, the WAACs brag (hat they are still feminine. "On hot days," says one officer, "we dou'l, serve boiled beef and dumplings just because it's on Hie menu. Instead we serve a light salad." "We're in uniform," says another, "but, we can still go in for smart tailoring, and fine underwear." "We have coveralls for fatigue duty, but we don't want slacks as our uniforms," says a third. "We still prefer skirts." 'Hicy slill slick lo powder and lipstick, though (hey don't use them as ostentatiously as in civilian lite. One officer confe.wicd (Hal in her smart, military-looking shoulder- strap handbag, she still carried a lace-edged white hanky. Just to remember. Tanfnran's International SAN PliANCISCO (UP) — San Francisco believes that Us famous Tnnforaii racetrack is the most International one in the world, it, was founded by n Polish nobleman, named for a Spanish pioneer and was used as a Japanese assembly center during the early part of the war. A number of European rivers are " ' An. JH.YTHlJiVIUiK. AltKANSASTSATUiilJAY, MAY. 16, tiMii iJV AERO QUIZ By AERonca . THE U.S. ARMY AIR FORCE MAS OVER 2 DOZEN JOBS TO 8E HAD.' CAN YOU OF S/X? 4.WHO ARE THE "PATHFINDERS OF THE RAF ? -3. WHAT NEW SPEEDY BRITISH BOMBER ."_ MADE OF WOOD, IS KNOCKING ON • WOOD FOR WONDERFUL RESULTS IN • BOMBING GERMANY? r_ ^^i i ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^» WENDEU. WIUKIE WAS THE FIRST' PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE '70 WIN5 U". 2. AIRCRAFT MECHANIC, AERIAL GUNNER, WEATHER OBSERVER. RADIO _ OPERATOR, NAVIGATOR, PILOT, ETC..' , ^ 3* THE DEHAVILLAND 'MOSOUITO'BOMBER'I ' FUNNY'BUSINESS _^^^ "Our .new ratiotiHticsign table—when your points gel low, , just pull up this end mirror and you sec twice as much ' ~^- i'ou_realIs_haVe!" ' Pocket Guides Available To Service Men Provide Valuable Tips The Kanakas of New Culcdonlii, believe a man sho'lud be allowed to sleep iinlill he iiwakcns naturally of his own accord, for K he is ivakencd xlmiiitly the spirit which Inhabits him may not have time to get bnck into Ihe man's Iwdy mid would gel even by going around and causing trouble. That's something to know, soldier, If you happen lo be golns there. And who knows. Now Caledonia Is a cigar shaped island In :> key position 750 miles across the Coral Sen from Australia. For Us slue it's the richest land In the world in such things as nickel, clJromite, cobalt and Iron. The Japs would just 'lovu lo have it. It would help solve some of their pressing problems. Lieut. Oscar H. Benson, special service officer, has just received a little pocket guide lo New Caledonia which is prepared by the Special Service Division of the Army Service Forces for Army and Nuvy men who may be on their way to that remote spot. It is described as one of those Pacific Island paradise places. Frenchmen have made it their home for more than n century. The. natives are friendly and happy go lucky. Some ot them wear medals won with the French fighting forces in World War No. 1, and many of lliem are at the front today. Some linve enrolled us auxiliaries to the American Army. They don't like Japs and have stuck with the Free French and against the Vichy leaders. There are other guides at the Speech Service Office, on Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Iraq, China, North Africa, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Australia. Maybe it's one o fthese places that will he YOUR next stop. Athletic Dep't. Loses First Game — at Die club rooms In the Glencoc Hotel. Music will be provided by Sergl. Doimlil L. Scrltmcr and lib electric organ, First Scrg-t. ttuil I,. Yotit, presl- dent of lhc Noncommissioned Officers Clul), Mid Ihnt n very Important iinnouiiccnicnt concerning the club will be nmde. Refining to st«te lhc nature of lhc announcement, Sergeant Yost simply .snld that all members will be greatly Interested In it, Jitterbug Contest Winners 1'vl. Tommle Halo of (he (HStii QM Dclachmcnt. and Mary Perkins of islylhcvillc. won the. st«f- ling silver Air Cori« rings In Ihc jUtcrliiig nl Tiiesdny night's dance for Negro (roops, at Ihe 1 " 11 ' '° "' c m " sl ° !* snld. al the risk of resurrect_ Mark Twsln's (line-worn unit decently burled aphorism, tlmt somebody is doing .something about the weather. And not Inlklng much about U, either. It's « I'olli'cllvo somebody culled the Army Air threes' Weather Directorate ivnd (he Navy Aeronautics Ihueau's Department O f Acro- ogy 'Hie members do tlicil' work behind a binder 'of armed guards and hliiuxspliero. Par In win-lime, clouds nud showers cease lo be subjects for casual conversation. They're mailers of vital Importance that may hold the key to victory or defeat. Tlie enemy knows IhLs, loo. So it. part of the present-day strategy consists of trying (o get the weather on your side, it's not an accident (hut most of he Pacific sea and air bailies have been' waged In weather favorable lo ihc Yanks, or Hint enemy warships, rode under storm clouds • from ' Japan lo Klska lust 1 summer. AM, POKUKS'USE ' UVI'A' 'And it was more than luck when - sc for INC runners-np almost ertuiiled the! approval Indicated for the winners. The couple that almost won was Corp. Lcan- dcr Wax of the 045lh, and Essie U. Pcar.s-on of rilytlicvUlc. The dance was a big success. Army trucks fltlrd ns buses brought no less than 160 'dance rmrthcrii from lhc Negro IJSO Soldier Ccti- 1 ter on Ash street. The girls were from Hlylhevlllc mid nearby communities. Sniidwichc.s niul cokes were provided In such abundance that there was enough lo last until the dance broke up-at 11:30, and even a little left over. • ' When time for the Jitterbug' contest-came, Cnpt. Waller V. Iiogaii, commanding officer of, the 309th Aviation. Squadron, sent his.first .sDTgeiint, Marion G. Bntcy .for ,the boxes or candy which were given as consolation prizes. , "Sir," said Sergeant Balcy, re- luming from liic mission,, "I am very sorry lo report Dial the candy already has been served. : It's nil eaten np." The Athletic Department softball (cam lost Its first game of the season when It dropped a close 7-8 decision to the Medics in an inler-sqiiaOron softball league gnme Thursday at the Blytheville Army Air Field. In other games played Thursday, the 326th nosed out the Band. 3-2; Quartermaster defeated Ihe Finance and Ordnance aggregation D-5, and the 701st Squadron beat the 700th Squadron 8-4. On. Wednesday,- the 326th set back (lie Meilics-QM by a score of 19-10 in a singled; Ihe 701st while- washed liie Guard Squadron 5-0; the '2(ith won against the 7001U 9-6, while Ihe 703rd could not score against the Flying and Administrative officers • and lost 6-0. Summaries: Quartermaster R H Howcll If o' 4 Huser rf i 3 Sonn Ib o i Nutter cf a 3 Stevens ss o ;| Lutes c 2 3 Frederick 3b i 3 McKain ss i 3 Ryder 2b , 3 3 McDiivell [i ...: .". : 0 -3 Totals ..]....... s 2!) Finance & Ord. "'" K, H. Colcman 2b o 3 Knodc ss ;• i 3 J. Fisher p . 13 Rltter cf T..'..'.'.'.'.'. i 3 Avon 31) ......I... 0 .3 T. Fisher sf .. •.'•...'.'.'..'. I • 3 Whinner " ...a . o FI. Hoag If ....... o 2 Sandier rf '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. I 2 Lipsky c '02 Totals ''.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 5 24 More Books Taken Out EUGENE, Ore. (UP)—Despite n decrease in enrollment, the number of library reserve books checked out overnight at the University of Oregon Is higher now than at any time In the ' past. Librarian Willis C. Warren announced. Wartime curtnilmcnt,o[ evening social activities is the cause, Warren sairi. : The Mortem Ic« Box COOLBRATOR For Economy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Keesler Graduates Given Transfers " Six alfcraft mechanics' .who .re- lumed recently from an Intensive (raining course al Kccslcr Field,' have been transferred to the Smyrna (Tenn.) Army Air Field to work on (he big four-engine Flying Fortresses and Liberators, the B-17 and B-24. 'Included in the group arc .Staff Sergt. John D. Wltzcll, Jr., 701st Squadron; Corp. William S. Felld, 25th Training Group; Corp. William J. McLaiighlln, 703rd Sjuad- ron; Pfc. James E. Glover, 26th Training Group; Pfc. Prentlss K Ruplc, 702nd Squadron, and Pfc James W. Saffcll, Jr., 702nd SqUad- TOII. War Scientists Make Weather A Secret Weapon • ' SUBSOIMPTIQN RATES*ON REQUEST,! nel, There were plenty of „..*„.-.„ aircraft lo cut off ships, nut Just us ihcy stealncd into Ihe Channel they were met by n low heavy overcast that shielded them completely."'. , ; Accurate; weather 'i forecasting, us Illustrated'In these examples, Is one of lhc youngest branches of mill-' tary science. Weather observations' have been taken In the' United States Aptly since 1814, but for many years they .wcro the respon- slblllty of Army surgeons who employed them in connection with fever epidemics.' Llitcr the Signal Ctyrps took, over the forecasting duties, awl It was iio't until 1037 that the Army ,tinned tiiem over to, the Air ; Forces.- Priictlciilly till ces hi the field now iisc the '.n iiddlllln to general weather Information, every 1 plane must bo briefed, by' a., foi'ecasler 'before' U takes off. Choice of largct, bomb ami,gasoline load, and other prime considerations lire dependent' on this •information. So the '"weather man" is on the seem," in-a new theater'almost as'soon a.\ thu. first plane arrives,'and he's among the last 16 leave! ' . ., N. Y. ikj looks as though the Nrivy look the' Army!' The way Staff Sci'Rt.'-Sol Llpschitv. lells It | )c! met .two. WAVES and took them to dinner'and the theater, while on pass -In Memphis. vVelt, sergeant, • not- knowing lu>w much 11 cost'you, It's dlfncult-to sny who look who. However, It was n gal- Iniil;gesture. you'.enjoyed (lie evening w j iv , s |, ou!( | lllly kl _ bllztr make a Crack about who got tooJc;by —i."..-" Policing The Grounds Maj. Daniel L. Hohman, Post denial surgeon, Is back from leave of absence, with his bride. She ^Station Mr Inspector! Why should j;ic air be hi.sjicclcd? Well,'anyway: ui]>t. -Johtr T. Rushlon Isn't Post ,,*,„ ••,, , llccl01 ' 'nnyniorc. His new title is Station Air.Inspector how's: (he air up there? more. They were married at Hag- crstown, near Baltimore. JVfnjor incl Mrs. Hohman have established residence at 1415 West Main St. "From now on : I'm not talking," iaiil; Stall .Scrgt. Edmund J. Smith "Every time '.I loll you guys from Ihe Public Hclallons Office any- Inliig. you, hurry back to your typewriter' iiici 'make a 'story out of It: 1 ' (Aside to Sergeant Smith: Is that so!. .You don't never say nothing worth priming, Some- ou wrong.) Pvt. Bcnnic N. Gary of the IVJcd- ical Detachment, has returned lo duty after hnving been at Ihc O'Reilly General Hospital since November for trcalmcrit of nn Injured knee. He brought his bride with him. He knew her since they were kids together, he living at SI Croix Palls, Wis., and she across the Mississippi River at Dallas Palls, Minn. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory lnn| Arrow (r*m Hlfh A blue flag ornaments the desk of Slaff Sergt. Arthur A. I>aplce, sick and wounded department clerk of the Base Hospital. It's for Rags, his Scotch terrier, who has joined Ihe Army as a member of the K-0 Corixs. "He got a better break lhan I did," says the sergeant. "Rags gora in as a lop sergeant. I had to start as a I buck private." Hogs enlisted from Sergeant Dupicc's home town. Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drnf 5t»r« Main A Uke Phone 2822 Auto Repairs Expert Mechanics on All Makes and Models. Also Truck arid Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales Th. 519 , Earl Stone, Shop Korcman S07 E. Main It Bccins that stair Scrgt. 'Edmund J. Smith got a ride from town with:a civilian. 'At 'the gale llic civilian lold the guard he uas-Just going to turn around. lu- slead of that he kept on going down lhc road. So , well, nl- ight, Sergeant; we won't tell Hint one 011 you. Just to show you tlmt we don't print everything we bear. " Officers Dance r> , ' Scheduled Tonigfo .Tonight's the night of the V«*k-' y dunce al the Officer*/ Olub. The, Jive Bombcis'witl play, iylth Pyt. Wa|ter N Ix;nkc at lhc clarlii«t, t conducting and givirg ' tlio vocal mmucr/,, Scrgt Franklin O. Sh»w operating tho piano Pvt Anthony* auwetta Is (luv tinp ,mummer, md Pvt Flunk Cenninara wujr Hay the big bass llddlo, i C«p( Joifpli c, Irons, cjialrman- 3f arfaiigemciils, promises a de-' Ightful evening for Oic ofllelfs and their paHncrs. . Mllll.-iry lakes rc (U. H. Army Air.Forces. IMioto,-from NKA) In (he miikliiB: Warrant OfTlur I rsliV Kulilnsoii from hydrc)(in|ih, tiu-rmi>((r»|)li itml u (Ouiile or iloih Army and Navy weather men have their own iiarliculur troubles In the Southwest Pacific theater. For one tiling, lliij \vealli- cr thcri! is imrtlciihirly turbulent. For. another, stations are fur apart, and the enemy holds vast len'llory (o the west, wlieru mmt wcii'llier changes originate. And one of the Nuvy's grc«{est ijrdblcm.s— 'nnlqiia' lo this wr.r—Is forecastliiB for voyages of, two mid three thousand miles. SOI.VK r.i.oiiAi, \vi:Aiin:ii Obviously Ihe services' weather- dcpiirlmciils need a lot of mm lo rail tho turn in a global war. Tho Aniiy Air Furees Technical Training' Command hus reserved Its loughcst cducullonal reiiulremcnts for weather -officer ciiiullilalcs. They must have had three .years o[ college \yllh a science or engineering major. Thirty-weeks courses are,given them In some o[ the country's lending technical 'schools, or In the Army's Weather Train-' Ing Center tit^Ornmj Rnplds, Mich. Al'HKJAV. AliT W (1OI> llui hi hplte of laioful linlnlug mid nietleuloas piepiinllon these scientific pioi,iK)stlrnloi's can't rjulle mnko flic c]piiic>nts boluue, Somutlmes Iff, a good thing, us in llic case of Hie Nmlh AfilLiin in- Vnslon pliihs, ttliloli liaikllrcd In our iavpr, , The time of Imaslou wim (IcUd- « monthi in advauu And one admitted loavm, foi (he choice of date was the fiat that stoum, are prevalent'Off Ihu N6ilh Afileun during Ntnembin If the enemy were taking foi nn Invasion of North Africa, 'they'wouldn't expect It when Ihe \ict\llicr was wOist ' Vet thu SCR Inul suiiuh n Up Pie on lha(, morning when the Anieilonii.'i !,loi tued ashore lo oiicn Ihe si!u)ixl front OLiieial Mmsbtii ciillcd It > nl net of Providence," And Ihfc. wuixlh- er trteii' In iinlfoim, foi all their linegial ciilculim and synoptic mctuoiologj, aiu minin,, to let It Co nt that MIND YOUR MANNERS , -Ml join knoKlcdtc of 001 reel y social usauc by ansv,erlrtg the to}-' °* "K nucsllons, thti) checking nmdust the nulhoillHtlvc nnsweis' )CloVi ' 1 When may ,\ housctucst give* its hostess ii gift? . 2 ShouJjl n liotis«guc!>t fee! ubllgBjcd |o keep his loom neat? ' i Should a liouscfciicst tiy to get '«l horn undi.i hh hoslcv; 1 feet' *" c " *'>i- !•> l)«»y ilging the house Is It wise foi u ho.s(,es,s ( 0 In- Uto guests foi n weekend who arc-, not especially congenial? 1 O If u iiauMgucjit iaiids out muudly, should he be suie that ho pajs foi It Instead of )euylnj; , the fill for the hostess? What would >oit do If— '^ Yflji Imve lioiisceuests who ivahl to Ibiuc ciily In (In. morning— , (a) Oot up nud get them bidakV ' fnsl| but don't botliei lo wake the wholu family? , (b) 1 eel that you must get thu'. Whole family up to sec them off? ' Answers 1. He may bilug It ft ltl, hlm.l «uy H dining his slay, O i bend it 1.0 liei uftei he ictuins homo, i J Yes ' 3. Yes. 4 No A weekend is too long u time to foic-o iicople who in cut, congenial t u s i,, llc cnUl otl|cr , a compiiny. 5 Yes IJUter -wiinl Would You 13,)" so- Inton-(a) v Ulk uuisc less- con- fuslon-btit (b) Is all right If the mcmbcis of llu- fmnily icnliy want to get up (.•cur, nflcj- getting his new' wife on:lhc tclciihone. "I've got a Job for yoii. Can you «ow?...Well,-yon lold mi! you could before' you (parried nic..:No; .I'vii got llic ' button.. .Yes, I'll urinig the shirt, too; that'll''he me wearing It... Nope, you've got to furnish; your own needle and thrcnd,. .Tlien you'd beller get 'em, because I keep losing buttons all the lime... Hull? What do you' suppasu I got imirricil for. ..Aw. sure, 'i'loiicy; I know you can sew. I was Just kidding." Everything •Ecnle, mcniile;, inynlc, .mou. Do I gel to, be ti .sccoiid.lloiiteiiniH or a flight officer? Thill's what'the aviation eadet.s who will graduate here on May 28 me asking thcm- Mose, iifier sliHlylii(f-|lu' ten leave's of his Iriincc to wiy he thinks you'll'be n'second llciilcn- . Army -Teaches Uila.s PORT MONMounr, N. j. (u.P.) —A new type of 'judo known UK Udas—unnvmcd defense of Amcii- can .soldiers— Ls being Itiught officer candidates nl this eiistcrn signal Corps tniinlng center. Scrgl. Hobcrt Hallcy of West Newton, Muss., ft caching the tricks he learned im- Icr Army " *J! the observer we vjant just Marshal Wimls llon-ie SCIO, Ore (Ui>)-Aiter 40 yeai wltlKHil n J,ill, Ihe loy»n of Scio In Orcgons Willlnmettc Valley, Ih KO-, Ing to hiwe a hoOscBow, Tlie city. coimui Is sciinylng^ to' find suit,' able lodglnufi for wrongdoers, fol- owJnif the threat of City Marshal M Syrus tlmt hod rcsl B n mite*, a Jnll woro forthtoming • 'Ilie Alracalirn can ilo precision IljiiiB nt bettci (linn too milts an limn Arnmment (titlnrlef n deadly J7-mm citiinon which fires through t|io hub of the propeller "Hell," snid Sergl. Guy Ladoii- PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Just 4 Miles To The FITTED BY Doctor. J. L udl J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHEVJU.E SINCE I9ZZ State Line Service Station SAVE en Phillip* Qiulily Gaw- llne 4 oil Prtmpt, Courttous Strrlce. 6pcntH by Mrs. II. L. ReynoMf. OPERATING HOURS For Aife-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: 9 A.M. to 9 P.M/ ALL WEEK DAYS 9 A.M. to 12 Noon 1 P.M. to 8 P.M. BPTICflL STORE 209 w. Main St. Phone 2912 Does Your Car NEED THESE? Bitlrrj— Srnt Cirren 011f)ll<r-JUdto l-'og l,lgh(»— L«k GM €»p A complete line «f Pollshu LOY EICH Bi Read Courier rJew»:W»nt Ada. 24-HOUR SERVICE. Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY R'rlw*7 * Wdiilt n. Ul SMALLLOANS On tajiktai •* T»lM. Eart Main Lou C». 1N i- M«I« WK FILt ALL PRESCRIPTIONS AND 8AVK TOO MONK1 STEWART'^ Drat St»r| Miln tt Lake Phone tttt Any Shoe Can fie REPAIRED If the upper* *r»'aUH *o»4. Brlnpt thrjn to » for quality work. HALTER'S Quality Sh«t Sb«p W. Mahi Ph.-tTM Klcnvcrs For Kvcry Otca- sion ... Funeral <Iesi{{hs, wedding flowers, cor- THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVERY ANVWHCBI OlENCOE HOTEL BLDd. Phone 4D1 ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORED There's no wider »elecllori of thivlni ne^ds, cosmetics, norelUe*. etc., In BlythevlUe Ui«n' tt Robhuoo'*. Utat Utgirinct ftran Urn Mrvlce—saadwlchMl . ' Service Men! Meet Yoar Friends at Robiawn's! ' HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations Prompt, 'rriitttnt str\-Kt xt rtssonabre cosl!- Garrison Cajn —^ Accessories — Inufnit SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA

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