The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 26, 1938
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BLYTHEVULE COURIER NEWS ™ E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOBTIffiAST ARKANRAa ANr, Df -,n-,.,,™»„„ .„„„„ ^""^ VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 206. HI-,--,. 111 < £ uri ?'' Blythevllle D»lly News Blytlievllie Herald Mississippi Valley Leader ST ARKANSAS AND BOOTHEAST MISSOURI BLYTI1EV1LLE, AKKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, JAMMKY~2G, I!W ERCURY WILL DRO SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT* Meim-his C. of C. Head to '•'•Ik Mere Tomorrow NiVht W. i?. Jnsspon. president or the Memphis chamber of commerce, will hs the principal speaker at the 'annual Chamber of Commerce •Jli'tipi la lie siven nt Hie Hotel Noble Thursday night,, 7:30 o'clock, •vhi'ii :i final report of Ibe member£hi|> drive will be made. "'iv man or woman in Blylhc- ville who Is Interested In (lie'work or (his group may ntteml the nrfair. ••linthev or not tickets are purchased l-p'-re tomorrow night. B. A. Lynch, cliali-mfin of the commliipp in charge of Che pro- i'1-rn has announced that the entertainment will be informi-.l. ire will serve as toaslmnstcr an<l clar- ence TI. Wilson, rellrln« m-csident and Charles S. Lemons, the newly "•"••lent, will speak briefly. J. Well Brooks, secretary, will t-ive a ''eno-t. of the yfur's activities nnd sketch the outline of the work for W8. ...iilch has already started., Millie for the occasion will be I furnished by Mrs. H. J. Kleindienst as soloist and the voice Irlo of Mrs. Paul L. Tialon, Mrs. Russell Parr 'nnd Mrs. George M Lee, with Mrs. Murray smart as accompanies!. Mr. Jasspon. who was recently reelected to another term as president of the Memphis group, is widely known for his studies of business conditions. He has traveled extensively, making surveys along these lines, linvfn<> spent three months in Europe alst summer. He is president of the Perkins Oil company of Memphis. There'were 123 memberships en', •--""•? •'••• *he' drive, which started<!. It Is lipped to have ..aU leait 209 by tomorrow night • • •- •--.,.- ii,,, num ber obtained in 1D37, In addition to the 55 farmers enrolled in the farm division, whose m-—biy<j)iDS will not be obtained until later in the spring. The notary and Lions clubs u-hi-ii are sponsoring the annual rKimb"'- of Commerce membership drive •Jlii'-ted this morning, held n ir-:..t in n r.v, eDn meeting at the Hotel Wcliln to:lay when reports of the morning's work were given. E. D. )" ••"i«-n-v ^resident of the Rotnry ' " '"sided nt the meeting which look the ptace of the regular ivufkly meetings lield separate!}*. J Mell Brooks. Rupert Craftoii. B. f> l.vnch. W. J. Wundei'lich, and Chnvles s. Lemons made short talks praising the chamber of commerce !»td work done by this organization. The Rev. Henry Goodloe, brother- in-l-"' of Jeff Roland urn! a teacher in the training school belns- con- (lurlp.,1 here now at the First Methodist Church, was a visiting Ro- tnrlnn from the Rogers, Ark., club. Explosion At Paris Kills 14 Soldiers PARIS. Jan. 2(1. (UP)—A case ol hand grenades seized al u secret Jieadcma--t,}rs of Hi,. Terrorist Hooded men" organiMitlon exuloil- r-1-| , • o ed today in the midst of n group I'lliIJUSteVing O e II a I O V s of sckllers, ^ ' • • Police i.'stiiunU-d that Rash Breaks Om. On Sun . M men were killed but searched for furihfr Bailey's Illness May Delay Announcement For Several Days Scornful I v Dr-nomm Clolure Rule Throat WASHINGTON, Jan, 20. (UP)•'•-••• F»n:iiors today denounced attempts (o K ag Chclv filibuster against the anti-lynchim. bill as a threat, to the senate's historic forum of Tree speech. I Assured of suftldent votes to I block n petition to Invoke .-iolnrc ! m the senate, the ministers scornfully denounced the B aj, LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 20. (UP) — Atlaclies of Gov. Carl E. Bailey's office today said they hull received no word from the executive. ill in Hot Springs, concerning the possible naming of a supreme court justice (o nil the vacancy :e!t by the death of the late Jus- hid ticc Turner Butler. Gov. Bailey, it wns said, .,_„* c'ccidect who he would name Co the place late last week but de- lived making public the appointment until this week. Due to the ract that the eover- nor iioiv is confined to his fiuel rrom in Hot, Biirin.,-, with a co!ri Jumes L. Bland, executive secretary to tlv! irovi-.?*-.r said Unit, : , , ••«». b"g jii ujju;-illl and described It as an admission of defeat on the part of sponsors of Ihe bill. Senator Richard B. Russell (Dem , fir. i -oiilinulns: n speech that begun Inst night, led tlic filibuster nt- l«ck after announcement that no further night sessions were contemplated at oresent bv senate leaders Saved by -.fmorily Russell attacked attempts to im- •'ose n "f-a-r rule" on discussion of the anti-lvnchhiz bill "especinlly In view of the fact that sponsors of the bill never have risen to defend "I predict that the sponsors of this colture will have a great deal of difficulty In even getting n majority for the ga ? rule and never will they be able to obtain the necessary two-thirds majority." Russell snid. "This country has been saved on some occasions from dct- measures by the minority. --• - HI--V... ... uuivi uiiiL ,n .--" -"--"ji-i to ijy -,,ii|j lUllKjriLy oplnio.-i (lie apiiolntmcnt .wunW He praised Minority. Leader Case School of Applied Science. l)r Nnssau "• the extreme right lo be 10,000 miles | n -llnmcler. larger than taring In a cycle of about 11 ycins. sun .siiol.s are gigantic (orniulow- In -shich musses of while-hot (jases as iole cnrtli are blown about with terrific velocity. Rot be nnnmir.ccd t-ntil the q.-iv- emor returnert lo iris .statehouse office. Roper Announces Date of Roosevelt's "Recovery Confer WASHINGTON, Jan. us. <UP)_ Secretary of Commerce Daniel c Hoper announced today that the administration's recovery conference with 500 small business men would be held February 2. The business men will confer on Charles L. McNnry (Rep., Ore )..for ^ts am-ounced intention to oppose the cloture move. "I appreciate that action," he said, "I appreciate it just as much as a man whose home Is on fire would appreciate the helo of "a neighbor,;. 1 *-'!)^ whonr li<>; i-ui- U[ ,(. been on good"tefms but'who came to bis assistance in lime of need." Two Held In St-Tele Service Station Theft . STEELE. Mo.-Hcnrr Byrd, 10, /ncli and Reidman Will Reconstruct Bui 1 cl i n g Razed By Fire Work will begin within the next •lay or two on the clearing O r the and Allen Johnson, both or st'eele which occurred on the niornln» oi DM. 20. Byi-d has made n compietu confession. He waived preliminary liearitig and is awaiting sentence "'hile Johnson is to have his pro----- ....... ,, ,,i -.unit: i uti --tiJi*- L"JI it L--.LH i is iu tJuVC JUs lirf methods of obtainim- business re- limlnary trial before Mn°*isti-a(e H covery ami will select represent!-- ! Ballentine nl Steele on Mo,, ( l"y lives to meet wilh President Roose- | morning of next week. "* veil-. It was expected thnt they would •~-""tder Mr. Roosevelt's statement opposing wage reductions and sus-- • <'"" mass nroduction and indns- trial price cuts. The president accompanied his Dur" <Yson Post To Open Members' Drive A membership drive will be launched Friday by the American 1 cgion in on effort to obtain their quota of 250 members for 1838. it was decided Tuesday night nt a business meeting at which 18 legionnaires were present. j Two teams will work on this drive. E. A. Rice will captain one of the teams and diaries Cory will act as chairman ot the other. bWELI.7 " I believe one reason why they have so many divorces out here in Hollywood Is because one of their past lives keeps comln' up in front of the oilier one. I heard two girls Inlkin' the other day on the Eiovln' picture set and one of 'em told the other one that she was gonna get married to a fella and she says "Before I marry him, I'm gonna tell him the whole story of ray past life." The other girl says "Well, when you do. you'd better sit on his lap and stroke his hair while you tell him." The prospective bride says "Well, why should I stroke his hair when I tell him about my pasl life?" and the other girl says "It'll keep his Jinlr from slandlii' On end." statement with nn intimation that new pump priming expenditures would be necessary If business ciits wagcs this winter nnd spring. He declared that the administration ivould be forced lo adopt policies to Increase national pureliasin? (lower if wage cuts become general. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Jan. 26. (UP) — Stocks broke one to more than six points today lo new lows for the year. Bonds lost similar amounts wilh U. 8. governments weak. Wheat closed more Ifinn two cent*; n bushel lower. Commodities generally were weak. A. T. & T 144 1-2 Anaconda Cop 301-8 Assoc. D. 0 7 Beth. Steel 5K j_ 2 Boeing Air Chrysler . Cities Serv. Coca Cola Gen. Elec. . B > TcJ . *'»o was the oiling station nttendant at the time, claimed that he was robbed, then kidnaped and carried to Mnplewood. which is about four miles from steele. From Burke Hardware slore. nnd Henry Rcuimnn, owner ot the room occupied u\- the Liberty Grocery, to begin work as soon as the Insurance nrliiislors liin-e completed tlielr work. The roof of the Ross D. Hughes store building, also owned by Mr. Lynch, will also have to be repaired and the room decorated. Miss Whitsitt's ready to wear shop, \vhich lias some damage to + !,„,.„ u M , ~—~.... i tvj,,j .».u^, \*mvii uu:> AUIIIU damage there he called officers of Steele j Its slock, remained closed today who ^already ^ had been notified of in the morning and was discovered 1>I when a customer could not arouse anyone. The manager. Mr. Rober- WMI, wns called and was al the station when Byri) returned will his story. IV ew York Cotton NEW yORK, Jan. 26. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. Mississippi Planter Accused Of Crime la Federal Court Case CLADKSDALE. Miss,. Jan 2(i (UPl-clmrged with chaining n ne- gro to her .sick bed In n sharecropper's cabin and holding n ne-ro man in Dondajre, J: s. Decker. Tnl- ahatclile county planter, went mi trial In federal district court today on charges of peonage. J. W. Wiggins, negro leimnt, salj nn-lfo,. threatened to chain him to ft tractor but did not do so when '- 'iromisnd to work out a debt, ol $175. Ethel Lee Davis, negro woman tenant, said n chain was placed around her neck and she war, lied to the bed in her cnliln. Former Governor Earl Brewer of Jackson was one or the defense attorneys for Decker. The defendant has been nt liberty under SI 500 '•nnd since lie waived preliminary hearing before u. S. Commissioner Henry Fitzgerald last Aiisust. IV}' l)y mi mil ing To reak MUJH- Jam IVIow Fiills NIAC1AKA I'ALia, Jan. 20 (W>> --KnsliK't'i's of (lie IiilmmUoi-i-1 Itfillway oomnuny niuiinmml imlny llH-ywwi! I'oiisldifrlni* ilyniiiiiltln" a huije ice Jam below the Nliijjiini '•'"s !•• mi (.|f«n („ sav« hlslorlc Hills View l]rlil«r from di'slnit-ll.:ii. Two Die In .Plane Crash In Illinois lil-H.l.'yn.l.-.;, ul, Jan. ze. ilfl'l • -A nav-il oilioer anil M cmli'l «i-ri' killed ul Ht-oll Fd'UI, ntiw rnllM wist of Delli'vllle, today wlu-ii their i;)nn« i-iiiiRht In 11 dirigible mooring iimsl and ct-nsliwl U> (he j-roiiiid. ' 'i n« di-iitl svci-i> Idi'iniiU'd us I,I. Coinmiindi'r Kiullii Chiiuirc. Inspt-r- lor of naviil iilrui-uft nt (hn coiisoll- dnlixi AlrcruU corpwiilluii of ji'in UltiBO. Call, and Avlullun C'nili'l Mli'liiicl ,1. Din nt tin' I!, a. naviil ii'M'iiv, MiilliniHl ai Sun nii'i',0. li'f I'ncli 70 Vfd nlgb NIAOAHA FALLS, N, Y., Jan. a«. (UI'l—Tlu- Mills View bridge sp:in- ))liii[ Die Nlnmmi river. 1,000 fnct below Hie mlghly calaracts bcxnn brcuklng up today under Ihe jires- mrc of (he worst lci> )um In history. | 'Ihi- Ice jam c,ir,lc<| (he siruetuie 'Dl'IVCr of Car Thai Stnirlf slowly dovvnstrenin. TUB brldxi.-liml ' OtHICK been closes! to truffle enrllcr wlwn It bp-jnii lo buckle In the center. As thi> jinn J-KUV Inrffor the steel nrclU's of (lie bvldgi: brunn to give uwny. The leu .pack reached a or approximately 70 feel. Mar. May Jul. . Oct. Dec. open 84G 852 857 8G6 873 8T5b high 816 853 858 868 873 low 841 847 853 863 867 close 814 852 858 BfiS 873 Sustains Brain Concussion, Fractured Rib In Traffic Accident 30 53 1-2| , 1 3-4 118 4Q Gen. -\fot 33 3-B Int. Harvest CO 1-2 Montgomery Ward 31 3.-) N. Y. Central 165-8 Packard 5 Phillips Pet \ 37 7-8 Radio i. 6 i_ 8 Schenly Dist 22 3-4 Simmons 20 3-4 Socony Vac 55 Std. Oil N. J I.",' 48 Texas Corp ] 33 U. S. Smelt ' ' 63 u - s - S(cpl 54 5-8 Chicapo Wheat May July May July open high 94 1-4 95 89 5-8 90 low close 93 1-2 93 5-8 88 1-2 88 7-8 Chicago Corn open high low close CO 1-2 60 3-4 GO 1-C 60 1-4 «1 61 1-4 60 3-4 CO 3-4 Spots closed steady at 854, off 4. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 26 (UP)_ Liquidation and hedge selling brought n decline in cotton futures 10(11' and markets closed very steady, down three to six points open high low dose Mar EGO 860 853 858 May 868 866 859 863 J«l 870 870 864 869 Oct. 878 880 873 878 Dec 8S2 883 882 883 Spols closed steady at 809, off 3. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., Jan. 26. (UP)-Hogs: receipts, 9,500 Top, 8.75. Heavy weights, 8.50-B65 Light weights, 7.75-835 Bulk sows, 6.40-6.75 Cattle: receipts, 2500 Slccrs, 6.65-8.40. Slaughter steers. 5.75-1000 ^ Mixed yearlings, heifers,' 6.25- Slaughter heifers, 550-825 BCCf cows, 5.00-575 ' ' cullers and low ' cutters, 3.50- Joe S. Baker, 60 year old local representative of the Curtis Publishing company, was seriously injured when the car in which he was ridlne and a Livingston Grocer company tnick, driven by Herman ' Bonibolaskl, collided at the corner of Chlckasawba avenue and Division streets, at 4:40 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Mr. linker lias n concussion of the brain and a fractured right rib. He v,.is taken to a physician's office nnd later removed to the Blytlievillc hospital in a Cobb ambulance. Ills condition was improved today. According to reports, Mr. Baker was going north and Mr. Bomi bolaski was driving west when the accident occurred. The car wns seriously damaged while the front end of the truck was smashed. Visitor Briefly Welcome , PASADENA, Cal. (UP)-One Of the most regular attendants (n recent years at Pasadena's annual Tournament of Roses 1s Thomas J. Randolph, 81, alias "Ecarrace" McClusky, who served a term for flage coach robbery. He comes each year to the tournament, Is allowed to sec It, and thon Is invited by U)c police to leave town. ife departs promptly. Force Motorists To Have Cars Inspected If motorist.'!, apprehended for fnilure to hnve state safety lags on their cars, take their machines through Ihe safety Inue, they arc not being brought Into municipal court. Eddie B. Dnvld, state highway patrolman, said today. "We do nol want people arrested but we must enforce the law" he said. Since the "round up" drive started Monday of last week, he and his co-workers liave apprehended 132 who have then had their cars tested nnd received approval stamps. Several others apprehended, whose cars hnve not passed the test, will be given hearings In court within a few days. Rich Haul Overlooked CLEVELAND (UP) — Police arc convinced thai Cleveland is a city of cither honest or unobserving people. An automobile containing 51.500 worth of musical instruments was left over the week cud tlic keys in the car. Authorities sold the "bridge, one of Ihc first to link (ho Unlled Stales and Cnniuln, would be n total loss by the lime Ihc ice Jam broke up. The bridge afforded tourists their best view of the fulls. The Ice completely enveloped the hydro-electric power plant on the Cnimdlan (ildfi of the fulls nnd threatened to carry 11 nwjiy. All employes In the building escaped before llio ice shut otf all entrances. At II a.m. autliorlllcs cstlmnlcd Hint Ihc Ice jam linil risen 20 feet In three hours. U wns sllll rising. Bailey Confined To Bed At Hot Springs HOT apniMQs,- Aiu., Jun<-:i4, (UP)—Clov. Carl E. 'Bailey, who came here Ilircc days ngo lo nt- leiid nn oil cDiiferi-iM-o called by C.ov. E. w. Mnrland or Oklahoma, wns confined lo his hole! room todny with n severe cold. Friends of the governor here said that physicians attending him •lid not consider his condition serious but Hint steps were being lukt-ii lo pre-'cnl development of pneumonia. The governor, 11 was said, ro- tii'.ned to Ihc statehouse a week liefore comiiiB here after an nb- "cncc of seven weeks, resulllii"; Irom undergoing nn operation for i kidney ailment which left him susceptible lo colds. Allend!ii(- physicians said It would be several dnys before lie could return to his Little Hock home. llio accident unavoidable. Besides his fallicr, he la survived uy two brothers, Movvlu, a star nthlclo of DIP Oanilliersylllc.lilsli school, and Ilms-ihfl. ill's mother, Mrs poiuq lllCkctBon, died last Xfnrcli. •'*•!' •••* • - • 3 • Delay Deadline On fiiy Tag Purchases Warnings ijlvcn by city police have caused a number of motorists to pimiluise their city licenses this woek, Police Chief E. A. Rice said today. It was announced Monday that "if police would bcRin arrcslliiK Hint day but city cfllclals deckl- ^d to give the motorists n i;,s ir-portunity to oblntn the five dol .'ai tags without being brought into court. They s.iy they -viil begin arresting the las: o[ tlic week. Of the 1,000 cars ami trucks !n «! 'Uj, llcc!i'..?s l':ive only been 'Ciirr'l for C50. Second Semester School Enrollment Is Up 23 Ernesl Hickevson Is x- onerated CARIJTIIKIIHVILLE, Mo,, .Inn, 20.—Ernrsl Lorunm lllckcrson, fi-n your old son of Leonard Hlci.i:r- son. vvn.t killed ill 0:110 o'clock yesterday evnnlnu when tic was ".truck by u car driven by Albert. Man- gnuii. local bni'bcr. The Ind, who stepped into the street from between parked cars, bad tho collur of his overcoat, mound his fnco and neck, which preveiHod his sccl»(- the npproncli- Ing uuiomoblle, The right sldo of bis head wna crushed nnd he died Instantly. The driver o f was, exonerated without, quest us witnesses tho car an in- declnred Suffering Widespread Over Nation; Michigan Is Hardest Mil »y United Press Arknusns rcmnlncd In the gi'lp of 11 cold wave today with only the, northwest section netting promise or Inuiiftllnlc relief, accordlii" to the U, s. weather bureau in Uttlo Hock. The northwest corner of the state which registered n low of ten <le- Brcc.s last, night wns expected to have wiirmcr but still -mb-freezing' weather .(-might. Oilier sectlon-i were due to have slight drops in temperatures. Hastened by the extreme cold, tuaws from Ihc niglng slreams'of four dnys HBO lodny were retunilng lo Ihclr homes in Ihe contra) sec- lions, However. In Iho vicinity of Cninden and other points on tho Oimcliltii river, wnleli Is scheduled In reach n high of 43 (cot Friday, | lowland dwellers remained In their tcmporiiry imnrters on higher ground. Highways Ilc-mcn Most ol Iho highways which were Inundated by swollen streams ns a result of heavy rnlns last week were open for travel todny. Only a tew roads—Uiosc tn the lowest sections —were under wnlcr. Tlio northwest suffered most front low tempornlurcs last night when the mercury dropped to 10 at Een- lonvllle. Lows for other sections were: central 21, northeast 10, soiiluenst 24. southwest 15. For tonight slightly lower readings were forecast for nil but tho northwest. The drop was expected lo range between four nnd seven degrees. . . Funeral Bervice.s be held Tiiurs<)ny nflcrnooli nt th& Clnireii of thu Nazi-idle and burial will bo made at llio Little Prnlrlo cemd- (cry. The Hev. J. W. Sliorar will offlclnte. The total enrollment of the Blythevllle high school for the new semester, which began Monday, shows n gain of 23 students over the enrollment of the previous semester, lere today. It was aniiounccd Thirty freshmen entering from Junior htgli, pins 11 other entries, raised Hie total number of now student- 1 ; who inalrlculntcd nt the •i<?h school lo 41. whereas there were only 18 students who drop- County Gins 233,771 Bales Prior To Jan. 16 There were 233,771 bales of cotton from the 1937 crop ginned In Mississippi county prior to January 16, counting round bales ns half, bales, according lo C. C. Danchower ol Luxora, government census bureau representative. Last year, up to the same date, there had been 197,351 bales ginned. semester. WEATHER Arkansas—Fnlr, not so cold in northwest portion tonight; Thursday partly cloudy, warmer In west and central portions. Memphis nnd vicinity—Fair and continued co!d tonight; lowest temiicraturc 16 to 20; Thursday fair. Tlic maximum temperature here yesterday was 37, minimum 25, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- rls, official weather observer. Last night the temperature dropped to Fayetlcvitle Contractor Will Build Two Story Structure Here NEW YORK, Jan. 28. (UP)-A contrncl was awarded today to the E. V. fsirtl construction company of PnyclteviJIe. Ark., for a new building nt Hlythevlllc lo house Iho s. n. K ro ss store there. Cost wiis not revealed. The new structure will In- two stories with fcaspinciil awl will be of brick and lei-ra colln construction. The btiildliiB will be 140 by 70 feet nnd will te nlr comlllioncd. Work on Die iiciv home of (he 3. H. Kress store is expected lo begin within a short time. The buildings on the north side of West Main .-(reel bct-vecn Rrvilrond nnd Second streets, which formerly housed the O. K. Barber shop Zoitncrs Shoe slore, city Shoe shop, Herrymnii's cafe and Mrs Josephine Wert's rooming will be dismantled to mtiko wny for the new builclln-", which is expected to cost approximately SIDC.OCO, according to reports. These properties were purchased uy the Kress company several months ago and a short time Inter the company announced that n_ new structure would lie erected there, which would be used for the store nfter Scptt-.nbcr 1. The store has occupied l»s present location in tlic Farmers Bank building since It was opened here '" years ago next September. M'rs. Beatrice Lovelace Gets Social Security Check What is believed lo be the first ocial SMiiriH- i-he'.!: sent to this c>ty has been received by Mrs Beatrice Blaii.kcn--i.i-i Lovelace- widow of the late "Buddy" Love-' !ace. ' The check, \vhlch was for S2I.28 represented $12.00 which Mr. Love- ace and his employer had paid from January l of last year until Julj- 21, when he died, and the- accumulated Mr. Lovelace was manager of .lie Lcacliville branch ot the By- IIM Implement comrt-mv when lie dioj. llllzz.-ml Grips Central Slates . A driving blizzard s-voeplii-- over the north central states from tho arctic- rcnioiis extended ils forco east nnd westward today and sheathed half tlic nation with crippling Ice and snow. Mishaps, caused by floods In tho middle west and near zero temperatures nnd drifts throughout the Circnt Lakes region, caused nt least six dentils in three states. The Wi/i-iml Centered across the. upper Mlclilgnn penliisula nnd spent its fury wcstwnrd Into Wisconsin, and lown. The biting whirls, sonie- Ijmes reaching n velocity of GO miles nn hour, piled 30 foot drifts across highways In Michkan and isolated hundreds of families. Crops Are Damaged Additional siifferintf was caused by freezing flood waters In Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. In the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles nnd western Kansas ragin-; dust 'orins uprooted winter wheat fields. Through the south frost and high winds threatened damage to or- dirmls and crops. Cltile-llke winds also endangered ••hipping on the Atlantic and many boats reached port Just Iiv-. timcv Miickny radio reported a .distress' call from tlic British freighter' Pcncarrow In the Atlantic about 60 miles off Halifax, Nova Scotia. All vessels In the vicinity were asked to stand by for further rr.-iorts. Children Given Agreed Judgment For v $2,500 A circuit court jury gave three children n verdict for $2,500 ana ' medical costs, previously agreed upon by counsel, against' the Lion Oil Refining company Monday afternoon. Velma Lee Ford was awarded $2,400,, Norma. Jean Ford S50 and Paul Edward Ford $50. They sustained injuries when an oil drum, near which they were playing, exr ploded. Netll Reed was attorney. for the children and C. A. Cunningham for the oil company. A quick verdict in favor of the defendant Orange Crush company was recorded Monday in the suit brought by Mrs. Eufala Lawrence, n-lic asked damages, charging that ••he suffered pain on swalloninj ."art of the contents of a Dot- Jed drink which she charged contained (lecomposeci ants. Reid and Evrard represented the Bottling company and Ed B. Cook was attorney for Mrs. Lawrence. A jury had not reported early .his afternoon In the ease of D. N. Norwood, negro, who se?ks damages for injuries allegedly sus- :alncd while working for the B!y- :hevlllo Cotton Oi! company. Zal B. Harrison and Bonnie McCourtney, the latter of Jonesboro, represent the negro, and Reid and Evrard the oil company. Botany Bay, New South Wales, Australia, was so named by Caplain Cook because of the wealth of strange plants (-rowing there.

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