The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, October 29, 1934
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Served by the United Press VOl.. XXXI—NO. 192 rHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THK DOMINANT «EWBPAV TO Or KWWAff AHKANBAB ^±,^.f^- *" "^ •*-* ?.T kj BlythevllJ* Diily New. BlythertilB Ocurfcr Mississippi Valley LeMer Blythertll* HtrUd •G, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, OCTOISKU 29 19JM SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTg- ^^ — — ____1 wv/rias it iv$ tiriNTS' RD-SMITH SAFE IN HONOLULU All Citizens of Blylhcville Invited to Cily Auditorium s The relief problem for the coming winter and steps that must be taken locally to meet it effectively will be the subject of. a community mass meeting at the city auditorium tonight at 1:30. City police, cooperating with the native method of raising the mon- 98,305 Bales CirinrrJ 'Prt'nv ey necessary to rone <vii), fi,» =:» •" J '^ <JJ "d(c8> (jlilfiea riior to October !8, C. C. Danhovver 'Reports „ — „. i^vui ^UIK. Mississippi county \vj]| gin HO- relief projects since the end of 0(ra uales of cotton this season, in Dlythevillc Relief committee, served summonses today, calling upon business arid professional men and the citizenship generally to be present. The city council of Parent-Teacher associations is cooperating to bring out a large attendance of women. Now life for the scrip stamp program or, falling- that, an alternative method of raising the money necessary to cope with the situation, is the goal of thc meet- Ing. L. E. Tuil. city engineer, who has helped in the development nnd carrying out of local work f projects since the end of the CWA program, will tell what has been accomplished with the money which the scrip program ha.s already, produced. Community Must Help B. N. Wilson, FERA administrator for Mississippi county, will outline the situation with respect to relief a.s present indications are it will be next winter. While details of the new federal relief program, now being formulated, hove not been officially an- Jimmccd, it appears certain that It, will call for an increasing measure of local cooperation, in line with., the administration's determination to reduce- the cost, of relief. It is the hope of llie : 'iedi lief to those" capable of 'working The CWA will not be revived, but the federal government will cbn- £ lb r£ ij?*A e *"» 5 ° *•• ;--• ^nsurance for Jobless Predicted WASHINGTON, Oct. 29 (UW — rossage of unemployment Insurance ; legislation by the next congress was i>rec!i'tcd today by Senator Pat Harrison, chairman of the senate finance committee, alter » ui'ifcrjice with President Koosevclt "I believe some kind ol legislation along cc-cperalive lines \vlll> participation hy the states and fcdinil government will be enacted," Harrison said in", explaining that his committee late next mon- ih would jcif.ii a study of nu- subject. . "-1-J .H_ilOUI(, 111 Ihe opinion of C. c. Dauehower Luxora, census bureau represenla- Ivc in this county, who announced way tliat the county had ginned 8,30;i bales prior to October 18 ' Tins county ginned 66.614 bales prior to October 18 last year Favorable conditions in Septem- >er and October and a late frost lave greatly improved this county s crop prospect. At one time last summer it did not seem probable that production would exceed 100000 bates. . A crop of 140,000 bales, which Mr. Danehower expects, will mean that Bank-head law"-tax will have to be, paid on' approximately one bale jn every;.three produced Una tjfcmnt.y. . '-. • n thus appears that the relief program for the winter will be S Jarge degree dependent, upon the m f ?" wi " £l "" le a of the com ? Inuilt 5! to Provide its share of tie cost of materials for work project? Inasmuch as neither the city• of Blytheviil,, the local schoo ^i^ SSLTi county is in finan ^ i P.osition to make any substantial expenditures for such rcl m ? tenab the res^nsibility for ing relief needs falls largely sucl, ,v 0 ,un,ary oigantoUm, «s operation which the public gen local relief committee mid the co- era y ,s willing to give such a Plan as that under which relief Cash Donations (be Alternative Max B. Reid, chairman of the relief committee, will preside at M_S U S. 8 «\F? elude a number of men familiar with relief needs and with the op- eralion of the scrip plan Inasmuch as the only apparent of the scrip plan is a city wide campaign for the raising O f thousands of dollars in direct cash donations tonight's mectm* Is of importance'to all citizens, and all are Invited to attend. Dairy Team Ranks High in National Competition hc "oya, uvJ^k r S tul^ Kansiis Cilj, MO, )ast ivoek The icftm, composed of Gordon namcy, H. L. Halsell and Garret" was accompanied by G. I. Gibnore' vocational auricuitiiral instructor at the local school. The trl- state honors at spring and placed fair. SHIS FIIIUM 0 " 7,000-Mile Pacific H 0| , Mrs. Prank J. Gould, when sh« landed In New Vork, erafletl with pleasure In contemplation of tlie task before her—buying furnishings tor a new home at Ardsley- on-tbe-Hudson. Her wealthy husband, who has not been in (sort America since 1914, expects to reside here: frequently hereafter. Reconstructive Needed to 1 Avert Future' Collapse, Flyrin Declares UmliT tin: watchful c.vo of IJn- t'li- Sam, .Wall Street nmrchcs 'forth —to whit? John T. Flyini, in this last uf «i\ articles on "Wall Street and llic Depression—The Storj of Our Fast Flee Years," ventures a fuwast of liie .slutk market's fu- lure. In past''articles lie lias gnen (he (.'nurlcr News readers reveal- ins glimpses of ihc causes (hat lay behind the crash and the con-, 'muance of l| l( : depression, and lias reviewed t| le srowiji'r sovern mental .supiTvision of the marl of trade. KY ,r«]f,V T. FLVNN CHI DtJtCTS PLEJII p oison Slayer of Four Brought Closer to Death Electric Chair II. S. BESTS III Testimony Against Fallen Utility Czar Comes to Sudden Close CHICAGO, Oct. 29 CUP) — The government unexpectedly rested its case against Samuel 'insull and 16 others iji federal court today Insull, one time $2,000,000,000 utility his former associates n federal court on charges of engineering a S143.000.0CO mail fraud It had been expected the gov- nment would require another ek, its fifth, ip gi ve ,„ tho jul " evidence that Insull defrauded nousands of investors through the operations of his Corporation Se' n LITTLE ROCK,'' Oct. 2? (UP) — Mark H. Shank, Akron, q, attorney, cqncfemned to 'die iii ' connection with the grape 1 ' juice poisoning of four, lost another battle for his life today when the Arkansas supreme court denied a plea for a sanity hearing. The defense has 17 days in which to file motion for a re- hearmg. should such a motion be denied only executive clemencv could save the condemned man. A new date 'for execution ivould ue set by Oov. j. M. Putrell The defense petition contended Shank was insane at the time of ihe poisoning and that members of Ins family had- been adjudged mrane. The state's rebuttal petition contended Shank's sanity hail ruler of a empire, and arc o'l trial trust compony> D " ""'cstment Following completion of the gov- e . niment ' s care arguments were inrtcd on a motion for a directed •erchct of acquittal for Stanley •elcl, prominent broker and head of Natllr al It. was-.argued by defense al- orneys that there was "no con- gous, conspiracy to defraud" on s part and that he did not " " SrOS " ly misre l >r « any ConvriBht, 19:14, NBA <3 ervice In e NEW YORK. Oct. 20.—What' Is lo be the future of Wall Street? In New York you can lieai any of i.Yopbecy you desire. Men in Ihe Street will tell you that the pi-cat days of the old Strecl are over forever. Still others Insist that with Ihe first real lift in business it will come buck blggei and "better"' than ever. I have beep peering into the crystal and -'I must confess it Is very obscure and murky. For one thine those who sup nose that Americans have learned their lesson and will hence be protected from anv further smillni disasters are ,. sadly mistaken In March. 1933. this nation sank down n the most complete collapse of Its history. Yet within three months, these chastened" people ivcrc in the throes of another bull market, built on inflation aiid ihe return of alcohol. ,'Oiere were/ more «oo!s;< rumors,- options, :crazyVehi^ dren fresh from the fire than I lave ever seen in Wall Street. And it cracked on July ig in n disns . ^rous day almost as bad as October Incredible? Yes; But'while -this California Is Australian's Next Goal HONOLULU, T. II.. oca. '-9 .(UP) -Sir Chnrles ICIn^ford-Smlth n nil Captain p. n. Taylor landed-'their Lady Southern Cross n( Wheel"!Meld hpre lonay to cmnpleli: tin- cramn phase of their Irims-Paclne High) from UrLsbniK', Australia, 10 California. When ihc wliecls of tin? plane tenoned earth hero the two Alls- tiilliui ilycrs luid niKollaled sal.-- y » 3100-mile water • Jump from the Fiji islands. The plune locik 011 from the islands at, 10;10 A. M., Sunday U>. s. T.) U landed here nt io:5S A. M. -iiclfic coast HIIIU. 24 hour., nnd •> m uutci after leaving tin- FIJI tiead plane above., landed at Honolulu, T. H, this morning, after „ night froln Sum, Fiji Islands. Tile limp Indicates llic course which Klngsford- Smltli Is following. uwle -this mil market was in progress everv- 'ocly-ivas satisfied from the White House tloivn. It was only when it racked that been established his trial - .. u »L.*.i t \i, ins) iriaj The defense petition was in the nature of an appeal from county circuit t_ ull , had refused to order Wart' flir™" 1 " 11 "" ° f " 1C St<UC us. The warden lias authority to authorize such a h-o in- '»«"cr an old Arkansas statute! nic warden, confronted _ appeal one week after he took ftl-nl. 1 • , , "•*<-! Ill: IUUK 0"r i,,s duties. ra r,, sc d to ornl , t t on grounds h s had not observed 0 '' 8 °" ough to -f u should te Shank, who not. a sanity hearing ordered. h ns in •! cell at the prison arm in « emi-stupor since conviction commission was charged with >t NoveinlHT putting stryc vWel, the Alvin-ConVf^ili" rue drank at a picnic near Mi S m SMne roiinl ^ *«*™ Colley his wife, and their - , er wo ' Clar , c ""' 1. ami Clement, 5 t! cJinrl »».U:T_ ,. _ ' . ' University of Oklahoma Makes Own Gasoline cliild. ,. Whllc " flcr the grape juice. The third - NORMAN, _The Unl- ™ - last judging at tlie Memphis Tri-sta'n power house. The University's petroleum engineering school Is regarded as the Peer of any in the world. Nockne Phonographic Pep Talk Aroused Gonzaga W,,p A er Will Run Agai . r 3-year-old Clyde Colley, recovered because he drank so r-e niaoe himself sick. an Wash. (UP)—Gonza- JEFPEnsoN CITY >ity's starting upset of Sen. Bennett, Champ \fn U-t;__. .. . * r. T — "v.^iuj o &uuui]g upset oi \\ashlngion Slate College, 13 to 6 " n football game was attributed 10 n phonograph record by Assls- t«n Coacl) sam Dagley. The record was a "pep" talk by Knute Rocknc. Coach the laic e hnlf an hollr record —».1.1^1,1, vjiiii[np umrk n Mo believes that Herbert Hoover ff^ra 8 " nomi ^ Campaigning for Harry s. Tni man. Democratic senatorial candl date opposing Sen. Roscoe c Pat" terson, Republican. Clark sa'ld '"a vote for Patterson in 1931 w j|] b ' a vote for Hoover hi 1936." Jordan Absolved in Memphis Robbery Case i™!« tlrCT [ , HaIon Jordan ' 21 > iocni joutn, picked up as a suspect in a Memphis cigar store safe robbery last week, has been released uy Memphis authorities after he,,% returnsd to the Tennessee city to give officers on S " ly to cllDck hls SMK M,i "? .'K hls wllerefl t»uts the "Sht of thc robbery young Jordan Wi , s picked up by local ponce at the request of the Memphis detective bureau. He had - erly worked in the store where robbery occurred and it was •<". this reason apparently dial ™» W l S ,, Under s " s l )t<:i on- His re- MI f 9" owe<! further investigation will ,? bsolTCd h(ra of connccilon with the cose. the roar AAA i u ., • ^*»^ lumuiiisinuor told the Chicago Board of Trad- it must put grain prices up and f ™i 1Cm UP '"' Senator ThoinBS if Oklahoma wired the.Stock Exchange that If. it .didn't adopt a rule to limit declines in a single dav Congress would get after it = rE.backse ctaoin .shrciJu cmfwypru n, ™ V ° r !' " bC " t limitill B hoosLi. No! We learn and forget - — jivnu iuirj 11 olenty I have been reading ... icnsivcly lately in the history ol Athens four hundred years before Christ, There was a depression hen which paralleled almost all Ihe factors in thh one. including all Ihc tollies. And cndhv as almost all depressions end, "i'n war. Will the Securities and Exchange Act raally bring Wall Street and ( '»e exchanges under control? I ! l wil1 hnvc to be conceded , the personcl of the is a good one. TT _ . " oWLi U1IU. Hcaly the able lawyer who conducted he brilliant power trust Investigation for the Federal Trade Commission; George Matthews of Wisconsin, an experienced practical economist, well versed In blue sky security operations: James Landis, <w> able lawyer who has made a study of corporate finance- Ferdinand Pccora. whose brilliant castl- Kation of Wall street speaks for itself. Joseph p Kennedy, chairman of the commission, was n Wall Street man and I opposed his IIOHI- nation. But he knows Wall Street, s aware of its sins nnd has shown himself, to be nt least as vigorous °s his colleagues in taming (he cx- "inngC; Hc ^ particularly inlcrcsl- e in forcing .corporations to mend lien- ways. If this commission is et. alone i bellevc'it will ultlmale- ^ io.ce a comprehensive nroarnm program i markels. inii extradition of Kidnaper's Father Refused by Nash, vijle Commissioner NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 29 ,(U P)—U. S. Commissioner Julian II. Campbell today ruled that Thomas H. Robinson, Sr., was not liable for removal to Louisville where lm was indicted'on charges of violating the Umlliergli kidnaping law In. coinitcllon with the- abduction pi Mrs. Ecrry V. Stoll. •Roblnscn, Er.. retired Nashville contractor, is the father of Thomas H. Robinson, Jr., accused of kid- ni.iJns the- Louisville society ma- :ron and holding her in an Indianapolis apartment until paid 550,000 ransran. Thc contractor was released from ?25.0D(: bond under which he hus bcoii fiet since his arrest October Wilv'; Trial Postponed LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 29 (UP) -Trial of Mrs. Thomas H. Robin- son,'.'r., on charges of implication m the Kidnaping for ransom ol Mrs. Alice Stoll today wtis re.'cl for December 3. U. S. nistrct Attorney Thomas today, .a.mouncedt tm 1 .. tentatively' let for when woul was receivui S. Commissioner J. H. — --~ --'w..iuiiojiuiu-| J, H Campbell at N.u.hville Te;ni., had ruled that Thonias i{ Robinson. or^-Vfis not 11.VJI,: 10 removal to Louisville. Robitjjoii, Sr., j;ncl M (f . Robin»."!, Jr., were nirticlc'l here under -i.a L.ndbergh kidnap l.iw. Sparks «M[ ,ic would not hi In? Mrs Kob- •ii5on, .Jr., to .. • tl „„-,,, , 10 ,, a( j • •">.i or un. , LIT youth- t*a is- ==J5 =.?t.:«s'tur: Judge Keck . „ : Jury..General Instruction On Election .Violations 1 No special charge was given tti^ grand Jury by Judge a. E. Keck at the opening of the fall term of circuit criminal court here today but the court did urge, as he said was usual following flec- tions, (he "Importance and neces- P,<ed°with"" 0n laWH •*"'* «"»"Wilful misconduct should be punished," Judge Keck declared n -a general charge on election' law requirements, j. A Leech president of Ihe Coca Cola Doltl- ing company of Blythevillc named was , foreman of the Jury oiif cases in which defend- have been bound over to await action of the grand jury is one involving an alleged violation of primary election Jaws, w s Storey, Democratic nominee for magls-rnie 'of Half Moon town- Mi]). Is accused of altering a ,, 0 ]| lax receipt by erasing „ name eil . - it-red loll nominated •ivrlto-lir (he receipt and for tlie office on ticket that swept an---- .,,„ tuuv owuiJt Ull- other cniididale for inaglslrat-j and candidate for constable to vie- The grand Jury 'retired to b»- iin its session about 10:30 o'clo-y- Among the first cases expected to be investigated by the iiirv were those of Prank Barnes, HaytJ Mo., and his Willie and Archie, charged will the l-aital murder of c A .Mar tiu li-ycar-old taxi driver.' Thei, trial. In die event of indict- IIIC-.-U, svlnd, j s considered only u Voung Little Rock Man Killed in Auto Collision » f- h< ; f l °^ k " larkets - i NEWPORT. Ark., Oct. 29 ft .'s let alone. At pres-! -Robinson Camobell ' being ap- • --— o-i by business . poiticlans to frighten it, h.» c ° mn } lSRtr > n Is being warned hat drastic regulation will result .";.•?.?.?£!"!!. .«•• -hjwne.. of new blocking the revival goods Industries. In speculation I have! Rock, was killed In a head-on au;°™ bile collision 18 miles north of | oth . other term. excused by ^ mis morning but re- s oflernoon when the esses, involving misdemeanor convictions appealed from Blythevillc municipal court, were o -— — ••~* PeJil purors «-ere ? H ned trial Supreme Court Uphold by Treasurer Roy Leonard LITTLE HOCK, QCU 29 <UP>- Expciidlture of ?1,350,000 by Stale Ircasurer Roy \r. u.. om ivd t 0 rc . tire $2000,000 worlh of highway Mid loll bridge, uomjjj Wlls B| ,i H . m .. !cl by:thc state supreme coiin. lo- H " fflrn " ;(1 " PlUaSkl nty chancery court decision In yltig L. W. Ohcrry. taxpayer, ,ui mjinictlon restraining the treasurer from paying out the money. The rimu to use the money was questioned by Comptroller Griffin Smith, who claimed that the time to use certain appropriations In the bond refundinel net had ex- P red and. - thai,, ;inte}est...'' on b - .,., i j """< r '•"Viav s ,H!iniem on bonds iniut bo-paid before, th,. aiirnhu could he used ? to' retire When advised of the court's ac- -li_lortay s m i t h ^^ he , vns sn[ _ Jiut wanted the question settled before the money wns spent ltd not afterward," he said ^Under instructions of Attorney Scncral Walter L, Pope the treas* '' r >' I"" 1 l»ltl out $119.072 of the 81,350,000 up to Saturday nlgln The right over the St. Frauds circuit court was returned today with Instnic- . ."".-j w 11 u llJairilC- tlons to reinstate H complaint of Judge Charles Fleming against E A. Rolsc, certified by the election commission as thc Democratic lomlncc to succeed Fleming. ifilfll ° f thc Bnl « v i»« school number one to refund worth of bonds was de- ued in an opinion which reversed i"d remanded the independence county chancellor's action In dls- nlsslng the complaint of E c Arsons, seeking to enjoin ' th c ' chool board from Issuing the re uncling bonds. Sale of two lots belonging to Jesse M. White, at Blytheville, for delinquent taxes, vas held void vhen un opinion was handed down n thc case of 2, A. McCulslon vs Jesse M. wiiltc. • Consolidalion of two St. Francis evcc district cases, bavin" to do vith the district's' right °io pay •crtaln damages to p CC nn Point anriowncrs, was approved by the uprcme court, CLOSE!) STORES ? IRE HER TO STIE Boy Scout Organization g Is Postponed f CL -! SK ° ru " a "d Little Buy Campbell, young insurance man I «-neVroIe{ Co. BuildirtST as the so 1 B , was the son of Gordon Campbell, Tiic meeting for further orsan- zation of Boy Scout work here latcd for tonight at the city hall ias been Indefinitely postponed Ross Stevens, temporary chairman •H the giotip, announced this af- crncon. Mr. sieves said the meeting •ad been postponed because of o ia:s meeting; tonight at the city Ml and would probably be h-ld | KJjt week. Definite announcement will ba Icrmcoming later. Stroke Costs Life of W. M. Smith, Luxora the federal reserve bank building nl Walnut and at Little Rock. -Etrcc Injured were Joe Lcdbetter < Ehou W«r ERDEEN ' Wasl1 ' (W '~^ Williamson, 54. was drowned m m,. ° w 'l fishln S ™ l '" U«s Chchalis He apparently became en- ln Ihc web as he was put- _. . --- any new capital funds for industry. That, is an old fiction which 1ms Is pure bunk. But beine trotted out again to scare tho commission. There is some ground for believing lhal It has already scared tome of the exalted politl- (Contlnued on Pafre 3) ,?!!'i lch - Ilc and Cam P b ell were B from St. Louis; nnd , W. M. ,'de«t of Smith, Little Rock. The purchase Involved 69-year-old resl- . lied yesterday nl . P- M., at thc residence of hu son, B. B.. Smith . A secret society at Bougainville, in the South seas, places a curious jlhc erty with whom he Death resulted several (paralysis. made his" home! Big Gvoceij' Chain Dis- inisses Euiploye*s,^,Quits Business in Cleveland CI.EVKI.\ND, O, Oct.' 29 (vf\ — llopr that Kcttlfnwnt miglil bf reached In the controversy l»- Iwtfn thf (!r»»t Atlantic and r«i!lfl»> Tea c'inipany and orfaii- ize<l labor w»s raltrd today when both factions itrrrpltd a-call to appear before the 'uillnnali labor ifliillons IxMrd in WasJilnsloii tomorrow, CLEVELAND, 0, Oot 29 <UP> —The Great Atlantic and Piclflt; Ten company nppai-ently was mnli'- Inu guocl on Its threat "to quil business In Cleveland rather tlia'h submit to neinands of oiganUe'd labor for complete" unionization'b'r worlccra. AVhilc iKWildercd non-union workers sought fiaiiHcally for 11 way to get Iheh Jobs back, labor-! era began loading on trucks and freight, car, thousand^ of dollari, v.-nth of foodsLuas sto ed In llio vmijiiny's warehouses. The supplies will be moved to Pittsburgh, the ncaies{ dislrlbut Ing point ot thc company, one of Hit workers said. Ml) Siutcis Closed Menuwlille 300 A and P. slorea were closed Moic than 2,001) employes—aiost of Ihein not. be- lonclng lo any of tha seven ui,- lor.s involved In thc dispute—wcic "U' ol' jobs. Unmlrrfful oft the pi'Dbnblo widespread labor dlsliirbance'\\lnch would follow in th^ \\ake of die drnstlc action, the company nm \f- enlly was standing firm i, its ijaplye tp. go ^ntlrcli' out of i- jiess-herc rather-than fight-.ur- ther asuinst the Clevelar.d Federation .of Labor The company, contended (i,at it liad no dispute \v1th It? employes on wages oi working conditions; that it was quitting business mere- • ly because It could not copo with picketing which followed labors demand for a closed shop. A group of discharged employe^ sent :a 'telegram to President Roose-^gj veil asking that he personally at- -| tempt -to settle the coiitiover,y_c?< and persuade Ihe cOmpanv not lo leave the city. Strike in Milwaukee *' MILWAUKEE, Wls., Oct. 28 <U' P)—More than 100 chain grocery stores maintained business on an', almost normal basis today ; ih Mil- > ivniikeo and Rac'ne ricsr; to ' a * strike of union meat Pickets did not. appear at any 1 of the stores during the morning but union officials said picketing ivoiiltl he sCartcd later In the day.' The strike, affecting 100 stores' of the Great Atlanlic and Pacific Tea company and nine of the Kroger Grocery company in Milwaukee, was called In protest against closing of meat departments In 2C A. and P. stores: • Huey Long Is Planning New Legislative Session BATON DOUCE, La., Oct. 29:tU P)—Senator Huey p. Longr, fresh from a triumphant football invasion .of Tennessee, plunged Into affairs of state today with prospects of a special session of the Louisiana legislature -about the middle of November. • " First,, .however, the Khigfish plans to stage a whirlwind spealr^, ing campaign througliout thc state. in support of fourteen constllu- tional amendments to be 'voted on at the November general election, legislature, among other. _ . will receive' a "progress report" from ilia ,fppcJal committee appointed- at, ',!>e legular sesilon to investigate th? New Orleans city administration. It was reported that the Question of im- rv.ichment pro-.ccainss against two disliict judaes and a number o! - otnor municipal ofiirers will be de- clc-cci by (ha sj«clol session. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally fair to-night and Tuesday, frost in north: i to be made this The tiilldlns is a largo olio, occupying two lots and extend' l"J"" 1 ""^" " t"fuub s an exen- f each 'male In- ing the 'full distance to the alley t i 1 ;,,^ 0 , hat js, no .t "moved tmtll line. U has child Is: married, I Ihroughoul. a concrete floor was made at Bassctt. The L o Moss Undertaking company was in charge, of funeral arrangements. The deceased U survived by his widow, Mrs. Belie Smith, and two sons, B. B. and J. W. Smith. n ^*- I , *"!>" 1 *<'l« AUl^Qi a stroke of,portion' touts-lit, v-rr^ hnM M,--1 Mcm Pl'1s and VIclnlty-Fair lo(,-ere held thu- lligu(- i^ K ^ y ^^ dol]{iy nol much change in lemperature. The maxinlum temperature here 1 '- yestcrday .was 57;' minimum 3il clear;- according to Sauel p; .Nor- . ris, official weather observer. The minimum Saturday night w»s 33.

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