The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 10, 1947 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1947
Page 2
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THE Tr T "AI.VERN. ^TNEWS OF EMERSON * r ~ ^^^ _t._ J ..n.TIT I* rlBTOtfVl tO __A»_ fl ,. of ,n«,-t «lf« e of Emerson and it. commit? *ctlTitt* Sntirlay flirisfinn .i <1»-- >'•'' •'"'>' 3 The Workers Sunday c( !u,r,t class Ti.-t at the Champion Hill' church la<t Thursday for its Mr? II L Power? entertained thiWtab'.rs at bride^ Tuesday nleht in honor of Mr. birthday anniversary. jlics Minn!" Woodmanry Council Bluffc returned to her home in Council Bluffs after a two weeks with Mrs. Joanna McGrcw and Mrs. Mattle Rober- of :i- Tli*' K\-n'» Knt«-rt;iin Hi'«*!,!- :,l tbr M'-tlir"li-t Dinr<li I •, ,• Til' --rtav af'rt:.";" Kw-tl --id.-. wr:" I"- 1 ' ln "•" '"<•• ,,.,-. .;«>•.• with th" Odd ?M' '-^. tniri'-d "th* Odd fide at 'Si'- M oili-t rhimh ba«<-rit. Th- room via? b«-autif<iHy d*-r- ,,ra""l «ith flower* for the rvra- Plon and ali report a fin" n:nc. Mr*. Dal" Jones of thr- Wai"? Yi'i'iiiy reviewed th" hook. "Mr". {•ippr ; ' Marion Harb'.r fani: a M .lo and a few contffU w Mis. Mari- Paul «nd It. 1'hiilip* pourr-d. !<• . ak". n»«« and randy The with •"• l'.i\. ' ( him li . H. Sh.infclin. I'n-n.r ' ,u to our r-re h-:/!d. Mi?. T. • (ream f- " -rvM Marvin ar.d Norrna Nr-1«on re- t .,r.','«d Thursdav nieht from a two w. «-M i-jMr.f" and pleasure trip ;,, W w.<.*rni Nehra=ka. Wyomine rii.d De:ner. Colo. Mr and Mrs. Raymond Alle* and =on iam» from Fairfieid Pun- rjT.- f" r a vi?it with the forint-r's . Mrs. Krma Allen, and o:h«-r McKee - Parker Nuptials Sunday Single Ring Ceremony Performed in Baptist Church Thr- Baptist rhurrh was the c f ene of 8 beautiful weddins Sun- div at 2-3" P- m- when Mlss (i'l * ** ^ i,." 1" j-Alw Mildred MrKee. dauehter of Mr. and Mrs. P. P- M''K"* anfi fia " Franri, Parker, son of Mr. and Mr, Charles Parker of Mecedoma were united in marriage by RPV. C. H. Shanklln. pastor of tne ' '-rVie' bride, civfn in mamacr? ,. v „;., father, was lovely In a wh ite brocaded .own with a train the" j,resident, called the , 4 to r rri.-r. Mrs. E. E. Ber- ,-vhlll was in charge of the devotion" A l<-" f -r was read from »" <• « '«"- "'.iX U - Ol^nU^nTthe week end at '"),-. and Mrs. C. Harman of Mr and Mr?. Edwin Amhro-p ,nd Blrl- -vc-re visiting at thMr old* place Thursday at Bnrt- Mt. Thr-y reported the town tin- ^Mr'^and Mrs. I,. E. Bramml« and Twila and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ambrose and Rlrl? «"^• <• Rf .d Oak Sunday evening sliming. Jcihr.son and Don Terry: ^^ gupsts of the « y.nnaurfale family near ' "° r ' M Aenes Johnson and Red ^ kR;dTrOak vm a , so caliers in this home. to Whi' r - , de-idrd to «nd thf articles ask- c .:l for In thi= work. Clothing i« being collected to be «ent dlre-tly to Boh Hammond for the Chines- people PI ewe 1,-avp them «ith Mrs. Dean Mc[ ain on or b.-fore thp nest meet- Inp day. the first Thursday of next month. Two articles concerning China were read Mr? F I) Sawyers had charge of the lesson study book. The -la« studied th^ nrst chapter of •Practical Christian Living," the I rftf'tirai < H i i^i •«" *--" —T _ open Bibl. ?«udy series sponsored Tuesday. the home of Dr. and Mrs. A. Stokes. Sunday, they all visited Mrs. Stokes' mother, Mrs. Ous Schulte at Earling. Mr and Mrs. John Carson returned Tuesday from Omah.a where they had been visiting in the home of their son Paul and family for several days. Their daughter, Mrs. I. M. Kodel, and daughters, Susan and Joanne, or Western Springs. 111., were also guests In the Paul Carson home and returned to Western Springs Mr and Mr?. L. E. Karen Johnson. and Mr. and Mr*. I. w. <-**M with ^veral others were pi«u dinner and supper guests at th, Harrv Kkhornsetter home on the Mr. ana a .r». John Sleford «nd pirls were visitors in Griswold on Sunday. J.H.BECKWITH Insurance Phone 2111 36tf. EME B RSSN F STATE 'BANK by the "Bark to the Bible Broadcast." „,.„ F.STIMATK SCHOOL DISTRICT n) ,, r: _ The Hoard of Din-tors of Kmer.on Independent FUNDS -" ' i ^ " ~ £ "E 3 I % " -2 _' r~. i 7. ~' ^ - S. -* i - L, — ;, * i i ? r. • 11 <« s i ? = -= i III -Zlil\ "25H :-!; JlS.22G utid i $1S. 22 « tlS.i3S ; $19.uO j li8.»3S ! 119.500 None None *4,SOO $4.800 114.700 114,700 Secretary's Balancp July 1, 1947: .,. 1. OENEKAL FUND $s"l'27 Net Unencumbered Balance (O.K.* iiqs'oi SCHOOL HOUSE FUND 13S Number of persons of school age J416577 Taxable valuation, 1944 $1060S« Moneys and Credits, 1&4__ _-- 1— Carl«ondf Omaha. a.« matron oi hon/.r and Mrs. Vf.-non McKee as | ir idf--mald. wt-rp dressed in palf Fr 'Cv BH- Shaw, dressed in ,-ile vellow l,i<-'-. wap rinp bear'-r. The i.ildfs mother those for her d-iUBhfr'" weddinir. a drffs of ,,Lle treen with black accessories and 'a «hite rorfage. The Brooms mother wore a black dress with a white corsage. Wayne Parker served as best man 'for his brother and Sam McKee Jr. was Fecond attendant, i-shers were Vernon McKee. Gilbert Carlson. Wayne Spicer and Howard Welbusch. Mrs I N. Cheney, gowned In white" lace, sane "Because." "I I ove You Truly" and "Tne Lord f, Prayer" Mrs. Howard Welbusch dressi-d in light blue, server as pianist. Immediately following the ceremony, the reception was held In the parlors of the church which had also been beautifully decorated for the occasion. Mrs. H. E. Greenwood cut the cake after the first piece had been cut by the bride and groom. Mrs. July is Sports Wear Month. Fmerson Metliorli-t <1inrrli H,. v . <1«ro H. »<>"•*• P«."t«r Sunday school 10 a. m. Every member "should Invite someone else to attend the Sunday school We have classes for each one, voung or old arid the church has need of the families of the community who do not attend elsewhere We a=k you to attend and help the Sunday school reach the K »al for attendance set for this >l Morning worship service 11:15 a m This i? an hour of worship to help the individual find rest und help and faith with God and go forth to boost the Christian faith in the community where you live. Come and bring someone with you and help boost the worship service each Sunday. Wednesday July 16 the W. S. C. S. regular monthly meeting at 2:30 p. m. A part of the work and program of the W. S. C. b. this year will be to visit in the home's of the community and Invite and urge people to attend a Sunday school and church service Sunday nicht July 13 Is the time for the monthly fellowship meeting at S p. m. at the church. The pastor will have charge of the devotions, there will be pro- Mr and Mrs. Earl Shook of Avoca were guests Sunday In the home of their daughter, Mrs. Cal Shapcott. IOWA. •• ASSETS ,..~ , „,,.,,, " OAKS NEWS July 10: Mr. and Mrs. Klb&rt Winchester and boys were the Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Veldon Wallace and family. Mr. and Mrs. Veldon Wallace and children were Friday dinner guests of Acle McVay and family. Mr. and Mrs.- E. P. Lewis of Drynop. Mo., are visiting here in the Guy Osborn home. Mr. und Mrs. Lewis are Mrs. Osborn'B father and mother. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Lewis and children of Oakland were Thursday evening callers in the Guy Osborn home. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Winchester and boys, Norma Allensworth, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Osborn and Darlene had a picnic supper in the Legion park in Red Oak Friday evening. Jimmle, Kenney and Joe Marsden attended a birthday party for Shirley Ann Marsden Monday afternoon. It was her tenth birthday. drafts) --------- rVi"-"nnnn furniture Bank premise* owned $1,00.00. turnnur 11. and ( uanK prciiii" c:5 ' . None liens not assumed by bank) Other assets 6020 . rj s . „„.,.„ 4.H7.50 12. TOTAL ASSETS " LIABILITIES ,3. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships. 1,687.13 $1.159,299.S2 14. 15. 1C. 19. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 29. 30 TOTAL DEPOSITS ... and $1.093.8 , -.Bo ..,..!.» Ip008 .09 nated obligations below Dorman Bern-diet poured. Walt- ""= £ "numbers and the committee were Mitdene Weaver. Mar- »' ... _...„». . garet Halloeik and Martha Bodlak. Girls in charge of the gifts were Betty Greenwood and Betty Lewis. Mrs. James Sliger was in charge of the guest book. The hapy couple left for a short wedding trip after which they will be at home on a farm near Curson. July's the month for those family picnics, ti'nd the trip to the old home town. July's the month for sports wear, so bring in your sports jacket, slacks and other items of casual wear and let us clean them. Mrs. I. N. Cheneny received word Saturday of the death of her father, George Kuter, who has been ill for some time. He was 86 will have charge of the refreshments to be served at the close of the evening. Come and bring sompone with you and enjoy this evening. Xrwly Weds HonoivU at I'icnk- anil Shoucr A surprise picnic and shower was held Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burmelster In honor of the newlyweds. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Burmeister. Those . present were Mr. and Mrs. Frank years of age. Mr. and Mrs. Cheney and daughter Kathleen left to attend the funeral which was Tuesday with burial at Ellisvllle, 111. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Myers have moved into the Curtis home on west hill. Mr. Myers is employed at tht compressor station. Mrs. Charles Parker and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith and son of Macedonia, Miss Phyllis Wilhelm of Malvern, Mrs. J. C. Clausen of Treynor and Mr. and Mrs. Waym: Parker of Silver City were callers in tin- home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pottt-r Sunday after the. McKce-l'arker wedding. Mrs. Howard Cheney is rooming at tht- home of Mrs. H. O. .Smith until she can get her farm home which is now oo-uplfd. Mr. and Mrs. Li-roy McKee and family of Carson, Mrs. Sally Shook and Hugh Shook of Macedonia. Kvelyn Shook and Iva Aurkenbaugh of Ked Oak were guests Sunday evening in the Maassen and family of Lewis, Mr and Mrs. 'Harris Heft and family, Mr. and Mrs. Will Maassen. Robert Maassen, Mrs. Eggerss and Maxine, Alma Burmels- ter, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Maassen and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Maassen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bircher and family, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson and family all of Avoca, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stamp, Mrs. Ida Davis and Shirley of Walnut. . Mr and Mrs. Lester Marsden and boys, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Baker and family and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Marsden all attended a picnic supper at Dclbert McClott home Sunday evening. ThP young people held their monthly party Tuesday evening with 16 present. Robert Hicks and Dean Warren served. Mr. and Mrs Paul Woods entertained. ' Mr. and Mrs. Norris Triplet! and baby were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Trlpletl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schilling of Red Oak. CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital* \._~_~_ Surplus Undivided profits ---TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS —------.: "" 20,000.00 9,410.18 64.416.18 1G9|2 9 9 .S2 that the above statement t hat hereta lief. u H vardaman, President. Max \VhlBler, Aast. Cashier. My commission expires July 4th, 1948. Greenwood. J. FranU Durbin. Director HUBBELL CLEANERS .. . 1$ home of Mrs. Klla Stephens. Ph. 2131 Malvern j£j Ml . unA Mvs K(i H()Sslo T^fS^^f^i Ames have been visitiiiK here 'fm&fl&JeJ , h( . h(imi , ,, f Mrs. Eliza Hossl WHEAT We still have space available for wheat. You will find us paying top market prices at all times for all types of this grain. If You have wheat to sell, call us. Bates-Collen Elevators EUjv*tor« *t M«lv«rn, Stratum, Clark, Sidney 5021 «uui 4551, M«lv«rn The fire department was called to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hall late Saturday afternoon following a gas stove explosion. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Vogt, booster station people, who had rented rooms at the Hall home were quite badly burned and taken to the Red Oak hospital. The house was damaged and also part of the furnishings. Charles Carson, son of Lester Carson, underwent an appendectomy in the Council Bluffs hospital the past week end. Mrs. Irving Shapcott underwent an operation at the Methodist hospital. Mr. and Mrs. George Jones at| tended the Jones family picnic on Sunday. * George Ginger returned home , Sunday from the Red Oak hospital. Betty Shankliu is vacationing with the H. Borrc family at Ten Mile Lake. Minn. A group of friends enjoyed their annual picnic this year at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Smith July 4. Mrs. Tre.ssa Melendy of Waterloo came last Thursday for a visit with her sister, Mrs. Eliza Hostile. Mrs. W. D. Smith went back to her home at Carson Sunday after a visit here In the home of her sou Amos and other relative*. Mrs. F. D. Suodgrass and daughter Bonnie left Sunday for Denver, Colo., to visit In the home of thb former's sister. L. V. Hicks haa been under the care of u doctor the past week and put to bed for a six weeks rest. The AmtrlcttU Legion Auxiliary meets Friday of this week at the Uouie of Mrs. Lloyd Hlcka la Ked Ouk. j A uumbt-r from this community tujoyeil a sktttlug party ut Huudersim lust Wednesday night. Mr. attd Mrs. Leo Uouvyiuun und duuiihivr Uuvo moved from HIM CoppUKi' properly to tht'lr J.uiu luauv Mr. und Mr*. Qvlth of Red uuk »r» muvtiiK luio Ou> Ctn.niuitv piuuvrty. Mr. Gt-lth is (MU'Uiy.Hl ut thw SouluwuBt Uil MUlloll Mm t.juwulUi JuUuouu uud i Mlmvu utu-udi'J a i.tmUy illii- lit'f SvtuUav ut Itvt? luuuu iif Met* Jnhiisi.1. » i>arvLH«, Mr. UU4 Mi* CUU'Utv \1|»<UV'»OU. Ul UvJ Electricity Is Cheaper Than MANPOWER On the farm, electricity is more than a convenience — it's an economic necessity. Let electrical equipment help make your farm work easier, more enjoyable and more profitable. For reliable equipment and appliances buy General Electric, the leader of the field. GE products are proven and respected the world over.' GENERAL ELECTRIC FARM NEEDS Welder. — Compre*sor« — Pump» — Milker* — Water Heaters Home Freezer* — Mower* — Hammermill* Stick to Established Names STICK TO G. E. Powell Electric M»iv«r

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