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The Pocono Record from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania • Page 1

The Pocono Record from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania • Page 1

The Pocono Recordi
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

Bishop Corsoii Scores Violence PHILADELPHIA AP) Bish- op Fred Pierce Cm-son, presi- dent of Ihe World Methodist Council, commenting Sunday on the fatnl shooting of Leo llDrvoy Oswald, said "there appears to lie lossoncss of security." "The. assassinaUon of Presi- dent Kennedy carried a very serious lesson to tho American public," snld Bishop Carson In an interview. "Wo now know," he contin- ued, "Unit growing soft alll tuile in public opinion and In tho mtcrprelalion mid admin- i a i of law toward subver- sives, i lawbreakers niul tlic jiliy.sirully dislurhed mid irrc- in America on ton 1 i( oral interpt'iMulion of of Individual rights peace and safety of American life Aged Woman Gels JFK Card Pa. (AP) Ono of llio last persons to rc- i i llic late President, Kenne- dy's personal card of congratu- lations may luivc been Mrs, Wilbur G. Allen, of nearby West Niinlicokc, who observes her IQOlh i a Monday. Kennedy's message reached her last Monday after Rep, Daniel J. Flood, bad no- i i president's office that Mrs. Allen was approaching her centennial, Seek Federal Law On Presidents WASHINGTON (AP) LegJS' lalion to make It federal or fcuse to kill, assault or plot to harm Iho president of the Unit- ed SLatCR will be introduced by Rep. Richard S. Schweikcr, Pa. Schweiker said Saturday in a statement, lie was mazed to tearn that federal law does not cover attacks on tho U.S. Presi- dent, 'A crime of this magnitude a ing the security and tho welfare of the nation most cer- a i should bo covered by out a Sclnvelk- er said. lie said he would Intro- duce such legislation as soon as the House reconvenes. Bomb Threaln Plague Dallas DALLAS A A series oE telephoned bomb threats broke out in Dallas Sunday a ac cusetl assassin Lee Harvey Os- wald was shot and One tiirent delayed a Branlff Etcclra nl Dallas' Love Field; (mother forced evacuation of the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in suburban Car land. A a John Glenn, on lo Washington for Presi- dent Kennedy's was aboard the plane. Police said a person tele- phoned a i and home of Dallas Mayor Karlo Cabell ad- vising a i liumh wns on the pi mi e. ConvbnL Widow Is Threatened ATLANTA (AD--The widow oC n. man killed in combat on John F. Kennedy's PT 109 dur- ing World War II was under po- lice guard Sunday afler receiv- ing a threatening telephone cnll. Mrs. Kirltsoy said that when llio telephone rang Sntur- day i she it was someone i lo console her about the death of the Presi- "Arc ynu Kirksoy connect- ed i i Kennedys?" a man's vnirc askerl. She said she was and quoted Ihe man ax Markets Will Remain Closed YORK (AP)--Tho ma- Jnr markets of Iho i ed a es wi 11 remai closed niiday as al So mou rns slain President Kennedy, The Now York and American Stock exchanges announced that Ihcre will be no trading; In sec LI rl i cs nny i by any brokers their facilities. The Midwest Slock Exchange In Chicago, Pacific Const Exchange in San Francisco, the Boslon Stock Exchange and olh- ers followed suit. Rabbi Praises Kennedy's Life I A I A A a bt J. Harold Romlrowsky of the Oxford Circle Jewish Communi- ty Centre, largest conservative synagogue In the Philadelphia area, in a special eulogy Sun- day to John F. Kennedy said a nan's i is reckoned by deeds not yearm The ing The Local Forecast Mostly lortny and mild- in llio afternoon. Hlsli be- tween '10 nncl 45 degrees. Wnok- iui rainfall, inches. Sun- rise, 6:66 a.m.; sets, p.m. VOL. 75--NO. 201 STROUDSUUUG--EAST STROUDSBURG, PA. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1063 Dial 421-3000 10 Cent? Oswald, Suspected Assassin, Murdered; Burial Today At Arlington WASHINGTON (AP--At tho houri of a perhaps unprece- dented procession of national and foreign dignitaries, grieving Jacqueline will walk he hind, her husband's body Mon- day from a spot near i House to the a cathedral. The cortege from the Capitol will near While House for Mrs, Kennedy and other dig- nitaries lo move from Ihoir au- tomobiles to positions in the walking procession. Beside her an the five-block route to SI. a Roman Catholic Cathedral will be Atly. Gen. Robert Kennedy, broth- er and right-hand man of slain President John F. Kennedy. President To March Behind them in the slowly moving foot procession will come President Johnson and scores of American senators, governors, Cabinet members and mayors phis roy- ally, presidents, prime minis- ters and foreign ministers from dozens of foreign nations. The a mass is to he celebrated by Richard Cardinal Gushing, arcbhishop of Boston and a long-lime personal i and spiritual guide of the Ken- nedy family. liurlul Today Tho rites arc sot for noon. They will bo followed by burial in Arlington National Cemetery across the Potomac River in Virginia. White House press secretary Pierre Salinger in announcing the arrangements Sunday said the procession will form at portico of the White House the flag-draped caisson boars Kennedy's body hack the a i a lo I executive in a i Monday morning. Salinger snhl the ro- a would remain open Sun- day night as long as there are people wailing lo view the flag- draped casket. The White House earlier had announced the doors would bo closed at 9 p.m. Tho president's casket is closed, however, and there arc no plans (o open it. The viewing is to end at 10 a.m. Monday, tho i House has announced. At 11 a.m. Monday, the cais- son hearing Kennedy's remains, drawn toy team of seven horses, will IPRVC the Capitol for the journey hack to the White House. Salinger said the funeral march will go from the White House down Pennsylvania Ave- nue to 17th Street, up 17th to ConncelitjuL and Connecticut lo Rhode Island Avenue, whore the cathedral is located. Behind the widow and brother of Kennedy, Iho new President will walk, leading chiefs of state, heads of government, and chiefs of special delegations lie re for the funeral. Crowds Follow Kennedy Cortege Ottawny Service WASHINGTON, D.C. Hun- dreds of Americans, gripped with emotion, broke po- lice barricades yesterday in an effort to join In the sari, cortege lhat bore President Kennedy's body along Pennsylvania Avo. from the While House lo Capitol. For several blocks, a growing throng marched nl the end of the cortege, Ihen police, fearful lliat I would be breached, threw up special line of guards across the wide avenue. Emotion displayed by those who wanted lo join the proces- sion was characteristic of a displayed throughout, the. capi- tal yesterday a deep, per- vading Lust Inspects Tens thousands of Ameri- cans converged in Washington to pay their last respecls to I heir fallen Chief Executive. They arrived in Ihe nation's capital by airplane, bus, train and car. In the early morning hours, the city was quiet and in ex- pectation. People anxious to pay a last homage to the body and memo- ry of the late President gather oulsirle i House as early as 0 a.m. After a day of rain Saturday, there was not cloud in the sky for yesterday's 1 in ceremonies. People the i talked quietly about tho events of the past two days and won- lered about the From God One taxi driver saw the hand of God in the assassination of President Kennedy. "H's a sign from Cod. It's a a i lo us. 1 Asked what ho thought about new President, Lyndon B. Johnson, Negro driver re- plied; "I i he's a man. He's us. He'll go along i Iho civil rights pro- gram, and it'll bo easier for him now." Many people who were used to seeing the lale President in Ihe city, felt Washington would never again he tho a for them. "He was more than Presi- dent to us," said one White House policeman, I'urt of Family "lie was somehow a part of family." By inul-momiiiK, there were crowds standing pa- i before the White House. Pennsylvania Avenue, the route over which seven groy horses would pull a simple caisson car- rying Ihc hody of tho President to the Capitol a fow hours later, was lined i people three and four deep. About 1 p.m.-, the casket in which President lay was carried through Die front door and carefully placed on the caisson. A dead fell over the crowd. Oswald Shooting it was a troubled quiet. For Die i reports of tho shooting of Leo Oswald at tho Dallas prison were i through the crowd at the very time the procession was de- scending Iho White House drive way and i down Pennsyl- vania Avenue. As the cafettn and limousines in which I President's family and President and Mrs. Johnson rode reached the front entrance a i rowd swn mod In from al 1 sides. In Funeral Line Striptease Show Operator Jailed IMPOSSIBLE HAPPENING Uuby, un in hand, shools Lee Harvey Oswald as the accused as- sassin is being transferee! from Uie dly to (he county jail in Dallas. Oswald shortly after. (Photo by Jackson via UPI Tclephoto) Kennedy Taken To Capitol WASHINGTON (AP) The sorrowing capital of a saddened country offered up a tribute of ancient pageantry Sunday for fallen John F. Kennedy. The new President, Lyndon K. John- son, joined scores of thousands of his in the acco- lade lo the dead. Across the country people In i houses of worship prayed for the President slaiti at 46-- and for new one i awe- some so suddenly thrust upon him. Seven matcher! gray Iior.sos drawing a caisson approached I the White House in a i and soon Kennedy's hody was on the way down history-tinged Pennsylvania Avenue (o lie In stale i i the Capitol and 1o receive the homage of the ordi- nary people of the land. Crowds had been gathering at Capitol, some since mid- night, to view casket at a rest i up; place in center of Iho a Police estimated the crowd along the route and at (ho Capitol at 300,000. More thousand's converged at the White House and along the route of slow-paced i i a procession. A single horse, riderless and with trappings of black, fol- lowed Iho caisson in a centuries- old symbol of i to a dead leader. It was saddled and in the i were empty cavalry boots, reversed. The now President ami olhcr disnilnrk's of government were in Iho procession. And so, of A Farewell Kiss WASHINGTON A Mrs. John Kennedy knoll and issed her husband's cnskct Sunday as It lay In slate In the Capilol rotunda, mourn- ng i tho nation the passing of her husband-president. VVIlh her young daughter he- side her, she kissed Hie casket midnflcrnoon at the close of Iho formal ceremonies a i he placing of the casket on pub- ic view In Iho Capitol. She wont back Sunday night for one more glimpse of the casket, Shortly 0 p.pi. as the Crowds of mourners filed stead- ly past the casket on either tkU of. Ken- nedy walked suddenly through on llio arm of Atly. Gen. Rob- ert Kennedy. Kennedy stopped at the rope holding back the crowd but Mrs. Kennedy walked slowly to the of casket, kneeled hcslde it, placed her a on the flag ami, leaning forward, kissed the casket. She then stood, turned her loar-staincd face lo the crowd which had come to a halt. For a long moment she Jookcd at the people coming to pay their respects fo her hushand. Then she walked hack lo the waiting attorney general and left by iroot door of Uw Capital, FAREWELL KISS Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy kneels lo kiss (he flag cov- ering casket of her husband as if lies in slale yesterday in (he Capital Kotunda. On her right is her daughter, Caroline, who will lie six years olrl oo WtdAMday. (UPI Photo) course, were Mrs. Kennedy, her Iwo young children and others of Ihe Kennedy family. Wifo In Mourning Mrs. Kennedy's Spartan bear- ing was strained when it came lime to join the procession at the north portico of the While House. Her eyes were under- lined with dark circles and brimming with tears. She was dressed completely in black i a black scarf on her dark hair. One on cither side, her daughter Caroline, and son, John 3, clung lo a hand. Mrs. Kennedy had to lug at lil- lle John, who apparently was too young to know the signifi- cance of all the ceremony anrl sorrow but not to a an inter- est in all a was going on around him. Monday, John F. will come hack for last time lo a spot near tho i House, pausing there on way to fu- a services at St. Matthew's Roman Catholic Cathedral and burial in Arlington a i a Cemetery. 10(1 I'iires The i i i procession, with flags, honor guards, a i troops and Jed drums mnved al TOO parrs a i from tbe i House to I Capitol. Casket hearc-L s. i men of all armed ires, inok the hody laici Presi- up hroarl front steps of the Capitol and i the a It was cen- tered beneath the vast dome. DALLAS A Lre Harvey Oswald met a merciless death amid a i-rowd Sunday as President John F. Kennedy did 'IS hours earlier. The accused presidential assassin was shot and killed during a jail transfer. Jack Rubinstein, alias Ruby, 52, a bachelor owner of a down- town Dallas striptease joint, brooding since Kennedy's un- timely death, stepped wordless- ly forward from the a of onlookers outside City Hall to -send a single pistol bullet into Oswald's abdomen. Tbe 24-year-old Oswald, a self- styled Communist, dropped un- conscious at Ruby's feet, i in a cordon ol eseoring police officers. (ioing To Jail Thai was a.m. while Os- wald was being taken from City Hall detention quarters to a permanent a i security cell in Dallas Jail, there to awail trial for Kennedy's as- sassination. OswaUl died at 1 p.m. In the same hospital where Presi- dent expired Friday, i two of Ihc same dolors working over him who labored a i lo save the President's life. Ruby was charged with murdering Oswald. Tbe alleged assassin's death was an historic footnote three days of high drama--be i i about noon Friday whei sharp crack of a sniper' bu llct t-u I down 4 -y a old Kennedy as he rode Irium phant in a Dallas motorcade while thousands cheered him along (he route. The same assassin wounded Guv. John Conn ally of Texas, riding wilh Kennedy. Police said they were convinced Itiller was Oswald, and lliat i an attempted getaway he also shot and killed a Dallas policeman, J. D. Tippit. Kennedy dropped unconscious into tho arms of i wife, Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, and died 30 minutes later in Parkland Hospital. Unanswered Mystery Oswald's death may have left the nation with an enduring mystery the black- haired ex-Marine, who once tried to become a Russian citi- zen, really killed Kennedy, and if so why. Despite i i questioning, and despite assertion of au- i i a they had enough evidence to send Oswald to the electric chair, the accused as- sassin never wavered in his in- sistence ho was not Kennedy's killer. "I did not i President Ken- nedy," Oswald declared when ie was arrested shortly after ho assassination. "1 did not kill myone." But Capt. Will i said aft- er Oswald's death: "We don't know of anyone else who was involved in it, and as far as we arc concerned the case is closed. There is no ques- icm in my mind that Oswald vas Iho man. who shot Presi- dent Kennedy. never quit ecking evidence. We have plen- but if we find other ev- dence, of course. Here the officer's voice railed off and he did not fin- sh his sentence. The Ruby Case DEsl. Atty. Henry Wade de- red: "We had plenty of evidence convict Oswald--fingerprints and everything. But I've told tho police. the Oswald case is moot (not subject to dis- agree, mcnl) now, and we have to pel on with the Ruby case." Wade said Ruby will be pro- secuted for murder in an at- tempt to send him to the elec- tric chair, just ns Oswald would have been. The night club oper- ator was held for a court hear- ing Monday. Ruby owns a strip tease joint in the heart of Dallas, about four blocks from police headquarters. He also a dance hall hi another section of Ihe city. Heartsick Citizrnj Like many a citizen of Dallas, Ruby was known to be heart- si t-k the assassination of President Kenncdy. He closed his downtown i Imme- diately upon word of the chief executive's death and has yet to reopen it. But a close asso- ciate said Ruby's grief was more for what be felt would be ost holiday business as a re- sult of the assassination than ir tbe President's death. Ruby, a stocky man of me- tium height, had a reputation as a good friend, but a quick- tempered foe, ready to lay about with his fists at the slight- est provocation. Ho kept him- ielf firm with almost daily mus- building exercises, and ha neither drank no smoked. Oswald had emerged from be- lind prison waits for tho first limo since his arrest. He wore a dark sweater, gray pants and i white, open-collared shirt. He out of City Hall a few behind. Capt. Fritz, his lands handcuffed In front of ilm, with detectives holding ilm by either arm, Continued on Page 7 Inside The Record to liold memorial wrvhvs I'll 5. Area residents sliockoil nl jmmler of (HwahT, sm- jK-ct in assassination I'npo 5. Monrof! Comity closed twcnuso of president's dentil--I'njff! Mntiy local firms nnd stores lo close (o 2 during hours of Kennedy's Itincnil--1'iiffo Mayors of four iMiroiigtin in county declare day of of- ficinl mourning--Piijfe A. Monroe. County clergy- men John F. Ken- nedy, 6. Kviilenco drains! profile of Jack Ruby, 1'aicn 7. 1'icture of Jacqueline Kennedy and children, more torlM, Fae 13. PlacedltlnHisHands 9 WASHIXflTON- A i.s Ihr lest of a i lo President delivered by Son. Mike Mans- field. i There was a Mound of in a moment, it was ninre. A sn, slio took a ring from her i and placet! it in hi.s a There wa.s a wit in nii.ii neMIiei- nor old; but a wit of an old man's wisdom and of :1 diild'i wisdom, and I in a it was tn; mm o. A so Mic look a rinff from finger and placed i in his hands. There was a man wilh Hip sears of his of country, a hotly m-live i tho SUI-RO of a life far, far from spent and, in a it was no more. Anti so. she look a ring from her finger ant! a it in his hands. Falhrr's There was a a i a little boy. a i girl and a joy of oaeh in Ihe other. I a moment it was no more, nnd so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his There was a who asked much and gave mut-li, and. out of Iho giving anrt Ihe asking, wove with wnmnn what could not he broken in life, and, in a moment it was no more. And so. she took a ring from her finfjer and placed It in his bands, and kissed him and closet! the ltd of a coffin. A piece of each of us died at that moment. Yot, in rtcnth he gave of i lo us. He gave us of a good heart from which tho laughter came. He gave us of profound i from which a great leadership emerged, lie gave us kindness a fused i a a courage to seek pence without fear. Hatred And Kove He gave us of Ills love lhat wo. loo, in might (jive. He gave lhat we might give of ourselves, whnl he give, lo one a i there would be no room, no room at nil, for Ihe bigotry, the hatred, prejudice nntl the arrogance which converged in that moment of horror to strike down. In leaving us these gifts. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United Slates, leaves with us. Will we Mr. President? Will we have, row, tho sonso mil tht responsibility Iho courage lo lake Ihem?" pray to God lhat we shnll, and under Cor! wo will."

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