The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1950
Page 11
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THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1950 tLH'HBVlLLI, (ARK.) COimTER NEWS PAGE M'Math Harks Back to '46 Race; Laney Hits 'Police State' Methods Post ond Present Lambasted in Campaign Talks ROCK, July 13. im There's no statute of limitations in political campaigning — and Governor McMath last night, took advantage of that fact. In his home town of Hot Springs McMath invited a comparison "ol the roles played by Den Laney and myself in the elections of 1S46 because I think they have ; ing that goes far beyond mean- the iin- mediate result of any political campaign," Former Governor Laney meanwhile spoke at Clarksville in his campaign to dislodge McMath from the governor's office and return there himself. At Clnrksvilte. home of Lanoy campaign- manager Armil Taylor. Laney criticized what he called McMath's "police state methods-" ' It was In 1946 that McMath and his associates broke the long politi- l refgn of a Gnrland County (lint Springs) organization headed then Hot Springs Mayor Leo P. McLaugblin. McMafh was nominated prosecutor at the Democratic primary. h'it some, other candidates on the same slate were defeated at the primary ran as independents in the general m and were elected. Later were declared Ihe terral Democratic nominees bv the courts. Parly Loyalty Issue Luriey lias raised the "bolting" ?sue in connection with the election. Of this McMath said: "This man (Laney) who devoted his full time In the closing months of liis term as c^vernor to the futile efforts to persuade the Democrats of Arkansas to throw awa; their votes so that a Rcpublicai might become president fa reference to Laney's osnousal of the nrt tional States R'^ts Democrntk ticket In the 1948 election! — thi: man now raises the question of par ty loyalty. . . . ". . That eminent authority on party bolting. Ben Laney. is still crying out that we had no right to challenge the Garland County machine. . even Chough the Sunrcme Court of Arkansas formally recognized that our slato was defen'ert in the primary by fraud and declared fi.i the legal nominees of the Democratic Party." McMath charged that Laney had the indorsement of the McLaughlin forces in 1916 and thai as chairman of the state election commission he was instrumental in preventing the McMath forces from getting representation on the Gar- laud County Election Commission. In his Clarksvtlle speech, Laney 1 charged that state employes were coerced into working In McMath headquarters niter reRiilar working hours and were forced to work for McMath's re-election out in the slate. Hits "nlclalorshlp" "Such methods as forcing em- ployes to work otter hours, using the state's resources In the campaign promising state jobs and generally creating fear among state employes are un-American," Laney said. Laney credited "his (McMalh's) foi mer FBI men" with instigating EDSON nothing more than embryo dictator methods." Three chief McMath lieutenants —Executive Secretary Henry Woods, Administrative Assistant Howard Gladden and Revenue Commissioner Dean Morlcy—are former agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Lnncy criticized the method he ."nicl State Police at McMath's direction had used in investigating rumors of possible irregularities in state purchases and in the widely- publicised stabbing in which state hospital staff members were involved at DeValls Bluff last year. "Governor McMath has used the State Police as a grand jury and 'this policy," which he said "is as a court." Laney declared. Jex Hormone Tests Making Oldsters Younger and Hea!ihier / Doctor Says By ALTON L. LIEGE. Belgium, July 13. (API — Sex hormones are making old persons younger and healthier in a big step towards man's dream of rejuvenation. Hormones have bright startling results in about 50 men and women, all over 65 and some us old as 90. Dr. William B. Kuntz of St. Louis, Mo., told the first International conference on gerontology today. Gerontology is the scientific study of old age. j Women IOIIR past the change of life began inenust rating again alter receiving the female sex hormones cstioen and progesterone, Dr, KounLz rejx>rted. The living cells of the uterus or womb in such a woman again became like the cells of a henllhy young woman, Dr. Kountz si'id. The cells of the membranes in the nose also changed back Lo become more like those of a young person. Patients felt better and often became more active physically and mentally. Tlic tissues in their bodies received more nourishment. Men h!iv ebcon treated R.S long as five years. So far there has not been any skin of a cancer or oilier diseases f rom th e use of hormones. The amount and use of hormones is adjusted carefully to the person's gcncriil health picture. "Good diet i.s another part of the treatment. Only patients have few far of the 50 and these deaths wcer not due to hormones. Autopsies showed that their body organs and tissues were getting an increased blood supply and nour- ?,shment." Striking rejuvenation In rats— their heart, kidneys, and livers made young again — was reported hy Dr. , VLiu'iniir Korenchevsky of the Oxford, Eng., gerontological re- seairh unit. This also was done with sex hormones, but in huge doses. Thoifi were two bad effects, the doctor warned. Some rats developed heart and a few others got. tumors of the liver similar to cancer. "This treatment can not be v.seA on humans with these dangers," he Continued from Pi Re « b«en t tinoere effort to give (lie Uxpiyers of their ititffi decent Soverninenl. And if there Ls one place where the American form of government »c'cms to bog down In corruption and plain everyday inefficiency. 11 U al the stale level. Why Senate Rwa Shunned The reason* why these three good governors have not. been tapped for the U. S. Senate are similar In o:ic respect. All three governors may have their eyes on senatorial race, in 1952 or Liter. The guiwrnatorial terms of Stevenson and Schrlcker rim until 1953. Lattsche must, run for a two-year term re-election liiis year. Otherwise, their situations differ considerably. Governor Lausche Ls frankly an admirer of Senator Taft, and would not want, to campaign against him. Governor Lausche's frank slale- mcnt at the governors' conference in White Sulphur Springs. W. Va., that he had not made up his mind whether to vote for Tan or Ferguson is an indication of this nonpartisan admiration. But in 1952, Ohio's Sen. John W. Brlcker's term as senator will expire. And beating Bricker should be duck soup for Lau.sche. In Illinois. Governor Slevcn>ou lias Just begun lib cleanup and re- lorm program. For him to walk but ~ on this job al this early stage would popular candidate. After this year'* race, Illinois will not elect another U.S. senator unHl 1954, when Democratic £cn. Paul Douglas' present term expires. Senator Douglas has been popular, and can probably have rcnomina- tion If he wanl.s it. Democrats Split In Inilllliu Both Gov. Stevenson and Sen. Douglas, however, may be headed for men hisBfr things, polilav.lly. Both have Uecn mentioned ns vice presidential material, am! PVCLI us presidential material tn rase I'usl- lient 'minimi should not lie a candidate in 1952. Gov. Slcvi'll.son hns been mentioned as a possible secretary o( slate. The ludlann tonatorlal picture is contusion compounded. Governor Schrlckcr could hava had the Democratic senatorial nomination by » mere nod of the head or « Hick of the fine". Cut he told hl.i many friends and suppliers not to present hi? name to the Indiana Democratic convention. Senator Cnpelinrt has a good cliancc to beat Campbell. Senator Capehart coulil probably not beat Governor Schrlcker If he had to fnce htm. The Indications arc now that Governor Srhrlcker has nis tycs on 1952. Republican Sen. William E. Jenner wants to retire from the Senate atul run'for governor of Jn- dlaim in 195'J. He dues not like Washington. And In 1952, Schrlcker would bo almost unbeatable. Wreck Blamed on Reds TOKYO, July 13. (/!>)—The Jap- nese Press said today police blamed Communists for sidetracking a 7-car freight. The train ran into a tatlon building near Yuzawa In \kita prefecture Tuesday. The engineer and one other per- be a great political mistake. Also, as long as Democratic Majority Leader Scott Lucas wants to retain his seat, it would create a major party split to try to take it away from him. But there Ls no denying that Sra- ator Lucas has not been an unqualified success as majority leader in the Senate. Smart political strategy for the Democrats might nave been to pick a new and more ILL BE THROUGH IRONING IN f\ MINUTE, HONEY." Don't overload your eleOric cirtuhs. When you build or modernize provitU ADEQUATl WIRING, Ark-Mo Power Co. ton were hurt, The engine, tender and two box cars overturned. The population of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area Is estimated by the Census Bureau at 1.402,000. fftVORfTE STRAIGHT BOURBON Ihu Wnsky is A Yeats Old EARLY HMfS DISTILLERY CO. LOUISVJLII l, KY. receiving the male sex hormone said, "but it is only a matter of testosterone showed similar improvement. "This is Just the beginning," Dr. Kountz said, "If yon can return the uterus to normal function, then some day we will be able to (to the same with an aged heart—perhaps using other hormones. "We are interested in the muin- tcnancc of health and in combat- ting degenerative tissue chances. If we can maintain the organs and tissue. 1 ;"" (n normal function, then we can maintain health for many years. "Hormone studies are being mnde by groups of scientists al Washington University and Infirmary Hospital, St. Louis. Some patients time until science works out methods and i>c:s.sibilitira of doing It without causing harmful effects." NOTICE OF GISAXTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenue of the St."tc? of Arkansas has issued a permit No. 216 to B. S^ Simmons Lo sell and dispense vino as or spirituous liquors for bcvreage at retail on the premrcs described as 109 S. Division Street, Blythevillc, Arkansas. This permit issued on the 39 day of Juno IC^O find expired on th(j 30 day of June 1951. B. S. Simmons 7-20-50 First oftheFh^ NEVER BEFORE PRICED SOUTHERN AUTO STORE TRUCK LOAD TIRE SALE Rugged Puritan Tire Made by 600 x 16 Only $ 8 $300 Exchange Plus Tax Diamond Superlux TIRES 600x16—4 Ply Only Plus Tax Generous Trade In Allowance 21 Month Road Hazard Guarantee 1'ltis the Manufacturer's Guarantee YOUR COMPLETE AUTO STORE 'SOUTHERN AUTO STORE 113 W. Main Blytheville Phone 3421 course you recognize it. Who doesn't know that those four Ventiports, that graceful sweep of fender-chrome, mark ROADMASTER— best of all the Buicks, unquestioned "big buy" of the fine-car field? But have you tried it? .Have you matched this sweet- stepping bonny against the (all hills, and the call of the straightaway? Ever tooled it across town—and seen how Dynaflow's quick surge and smooth take-off slip you through traffic with minimum of fool-motion and maximum of timcsavigg? Ever known the good feel of a light and easy wheel, swinging almost at a finger's touch— the soul-satisfying lift in a big 152-hp Fireball engine just . . , . , waning for the release your toe- pressure gives it? Jiver sampled that famous Buick ride -steady, level, unperturbed, soft with the special gentleness of coil springs on all joi/r wheels, sweetly restful in both front and rear scats? 1 here's no reason, really, to wait Only Buick has longer for such satisfying experience. r , . * J here's a Buick dealer near you. lie ' delights in showing off ROADM ASTER. He'll arrange— unless all his demonstration cars have been snatched away from him by cagcr'btiycrs-to put you behind a ROAIJMASTUU wheel. Wh >' " ot scc ninl »«w-to find out what's finest in today's fine cars, and how little it takes to buy one? and with it goes: HIGH£R-COMPR£SSIOH H,,kM ,ol,..| n . J, 0 rf po »,, /„ H te . , ng ; n , t . (II,, f.l(, 3 ,„„;„, ;„ Suf £s mo( / e /,J . 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