The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 3, 1947 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1947
Page 8
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EIGHT THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA. JULY 3. 1947 Classified Ads Pay ! Iliin.lpM* of Mill* fiiinUnn" r^" : Your Want A'l rvi-ry wrok. i ipfT I!"' 1 . """ InsTilon '"£; Minimum chnren • ^ rt 'j An ri'l.llllnnnl , " f ^. i ' Prl 7', 1 ,. )r j C,^',! „!) l !whirh'"mu''<t"bV'nris\v.'r"cl at Th<! I,, rt'l' r ofllof. . . . ' irhlne Co. All ' f. buy old machines. guaranteed. ?7tt IKK; & I-K; cu-st pies or ho^ do not crow fast. I -ire,. Round Worm* may bn the trouble, ran »,- ^ «-<l>' ^ r hol- r.,-, if not .'becked. KXP"1 th-m [ir. LeGear s t.pGear's Flo? Mrs. Hodges CONTINUED rnoM p»o« ONI B C.' Pat- Riven on this subject. school. Sbf . . . rick of Osceola; three prandrhil- p y F will he an hour earlier faifhful flren A i frert and Phillip Patrick attend. member'of the Church of Christ . of oVrcola, Mrs. Lorraine Grin- Sunday school in th- .«ame com-. dle _ and , wo grea t grandchildren, mnnlty. She often played the «ac~ ..._.,__ •, „„,! cnvnr firlndle. p. Choir practice Wednesday at 8 ^J-pf 1MB FOUNP_! j,,,>,f. Goodyear tirr' on rim. f\f t : 9nfi-2 n . Fteward. I'h. £4''i. A. V. clitf-. Ha'-'tinEs. 'I 1 ! 2 iiiiinii>. •!"•= •'•• •- i— Martha Janp and .. ... red hymns for (heir Church school mottrn hpr death. Mrs. "~" IHTTFRIFS hrrp and church cervices, husband dlf-d Nov. 19. 1939 after vnnr n.\i if.ttir-.. - v . „ , cn . cVlfl ar)ll K^ard thp> . har] shared the home life on liring .. for rharcins: All 0-volt |i|f. Store. Nor. 6. n- C or. . i p> . nar Hodges wor- united in mar- thr ; same farm for 42 years. Her FOR SALE i-nr «nl«". Typewriter. L. ''• Sniitli. *•'"> nn - ( ' :in 1)f ' s '"'" :it 307 North Walnut St., mid .°l"•' i- mp.n of the writing is ^ :>t Mills County Abstract ofl'I'T, Glenwood. Wanted: Custnm ballnc. I'h. 46R, Hastings. Marvin Turner. AVANTKI): Sewing Machine repairing, any make, any model Leave head or phonr. H!o>-lei ' 'we., phone P.«l 1. <M r 'n S- win Thf tlrivi-r wl>" l<e-t a Hempped Tni'k Tire :ind Currier in my yard may have <=am«> by Maimlnu' it I.Min MrNuity. _!''- •_J^ISC|LUHEOUS__! I . 1 ,||,.«- \ Spr-ncer Support of open airy fabric will rid you of l.nU-PS, clve y>« fi« e P"*'"''"- '"'°' t,,t you aininst tired bark and warm' weather f.Uicup. fall Mrs. Mvrrle Kn. kal-lloxv. ph. "-741 or r.^J. ___ JLi'l 4 - S|>r;iy ««" l>:>i"«!n«t. ^"' fo pi|1 " ,„..,, |',,rt. r Alb v. I'hoiv lOCt'.l. ••",'-, sv.aiu'^r- ^t . SV,ei:an.lnah. i.,.-, ' 1-1-:. more Lockers PLANT WILL BE IN OPERATION NEXT WEEK Largent Grocery Phone 216 Hastings pm- . ",=itf riage. They immediately located ' " were the people who . ___ ______ on "the farm northeast of Tabor pav(? Ul this W estern civilization rir-t (l'i^ I'nintina: VO want which has been her home for 52 !(s mora ) anr i religious intesrlty. w >rk and it i- tuaranteed. years. Three children were born Rhp was ve ry much deyoted to her •'"" ' ' ' li. A Snodi;ta«P. Oil Station. - i a and the welfare of her chil- ™ STIH K AM' HA""' " "*' Ml* 1 (Viitrollinc flie= pay? "" In rxua sain? in i".fat and milk. For ca f.. auj . tiv- l!y Mint nd use Dr. Animal and Fiarn Ppray t: HOT. NV.n-irriiatiii5 ery Rohrburc. fileuwood's mound opener, in tiu- top half of the ;;;',;,.«, ;' nfl ' nh ,.' othcr r)ref . e dpd her fust stanza. Four hits and an er- • f One bvf)theri Xf .i ?O n ror accounted for two Farraput 1)p , evan , of Slo ,,x City, shai-s the runs and the retirement of Rohr- ' J J orrow burs. Edmonds finished the tilt famil > so ' row ' for'Glenwood. yielding 8 hits and She wa« a kind and consider- fannlng six. • f!raves of Karragut ate nr-ichbor. The younp people than upual this g un day, Men quartet will P_w C.rad- A Taint. Out•\* ', Titanium. I'arn Re.l. < Mail. Slia-.v John Deere corn pickers, power mowers and sweep rakea are no longer out of your reach. Breeding Implement & Motor Co., now has these simple-to-hitch implements on hand, or coming in soon. Stop in today see about a labor saving, time saving farm assistant NOW. * * * * ITEMS YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS • 1941 Oliver 70 Tractor with Cultivator. • 1939 International pickup with staked body. Motor overhauled and new rubber. • 1936 Plymouth 4 dr. Sedan. • 1 New John Deere Hay Loader. • 2 New John Deere High Wheel Planters. • 1 New John Deere Low Wheel Planter. • New John Deere Killifer Scrapers. * * * * la., -. Se.-. linlph or Kenneth la 1 ' s - . collected 11 strikeouts. Farragut 2P' 0"! """'x 12 4 1 BaUeries: K. Itohrburp. Edmonds and M. Kohrbur.e: Graves and Howard. s;ilr: M. !>• fi-intr 1" ft. liinl-r. Koy l'ro< to:-, Vli. p. 1-2. f «.;!!••• :'.-burner I'erfertion ,, ,. Al=o electric imn. Mrs. Frrd Neuell. ph. 2^2. Malvern. p. 52-2. Uulvcrn Tuki s Tlirlllrr Ki-iiin llnnihiin; 8-7 Cood pitchitis. timely hittinc and hard base ninuiiii? was combined Sunday afternoon by Malvern to give them an 8-7 decision over the Hamburg Merchants in a thriller at .Malvern. of the community found a pra- II H E rlous welcome and a ready hospt- F, 2 1 tality to her home for she wanted her children to share the youth life of the neighborhood. Funeral services were held In the Mansfield Funeral home in Malvern Friday, conducted by the Rev. Peter* Jacobs of Shenandoah who had conducted the services of her husband more than seven years ago. Mrs. Chfts. Costello sang two numbers with Mrs. J. E. Ellison as accompanist on the piano. Those who carried the casket were- l^ss IMppitt. Harold WANTED \V»iile.l: Halph Custom baling. Ilosplf, Hastlues. Hf. r . Malvern went into the top lialf Grlndle. Charles Wilson jr., Al• of'the eighth innine with a f,-2 fred Patrick. Austin Bass and lead Nick Geaihait who up until Phillip Patrick. Vh. that time had completely stifled Mrs. Hodges will be missed by the Hamburg effort, weakened the nelgnborhood in wheih she ill. Ill* I Irtlll IJU I R '-Il>'ll. "^.- ...... - t ti< ..-.ri --- ..... ---- an d the visitors climbed on him lived so long and by the folks Wanted' A food buyer for wet, fo| . ,. h , ts an ,, .- nm s. taking a 7- who held her in such high cs- 1'h 2M;l, Karl Dash- . , pad n,, W) , V i.r (i»arhart settled ( efm . Quiet and unassuming In ' " down in the ninth and Malvevn. h,»r ways. ?he won the regard of •uded by stnete* from the bats of -M who met her because of her thin I Must Get a Man • it once in this community to work with our District Manager. Must huve. car and be over 2S vears of ago. The work is in line johnny' Paulson and Charles gentleness and praciousness. Coming from a distance to attend the funeral of Mrs. Ilodpes were Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Dela Brewer, collected three runs and the game. Kxci'pt for his weak Inning in _ ori; is in ui.u Uii' eighth Geathart was one of van of Sioux City. Mr. Bnd Mrs with tl'.. program advocated by ,„„ ,hreo things that causht the 11. C. i'atrick. Alfred and I hllliP U,«D.'.'.t of Agriculture. I'-rma- «.y C8 of Mulveni fans; the other „( Osceola and Mrs. Llnnie Moses unit work-gooil pay for man who two being the hitting of Charles of Omaha. •' '- Firewer and the all around a.g- «r> sslve path ventures of the C a rd of Thanks young Malvern crew. Nick allowed a total of K! hits, fanned 14 and walked one. Brewer proved We will hold no more sales until August 5 We will continue to buy fat hogs daily Ph. 2471 O. F. Groff & Sons, Mgr. Malvern, Iowa Ph. 3701 has lived on farm. Write r. o this ! 'aper. ___ ] _____ 111: \Vuntcd: Custom hay baling. Joe Martin. Hustings. ,"-^ 1 ' :! : sMJ-'SM\\ with car wanted '~-* t * 1 "- 1 The familv of the late Mrs. M. • , . K. | ^ »«- l f() ,. Write Sales Mtn\. 6SI Standard Bldg.. Cleveland 13, Ohio. p.l-L Mills County SPORTS GLENWOOD PLAYS AT MALVERN SUNDAY Malvern jumped on Kingery, Hatubui-K's starting pitcher at Ihe opening, getting 'i runs on 4 hits in the first try. 1 run on 2 hits In the second effort and Z runs on 2 hits In the third go. After allowing 9 hi's Kingery retired from the Hamburg mound In favor of Bower who, finishing out the affair, was nicked for only 4 hits. Malvern's extra base knocks came from Noaekable, always a leading Malvern hitter, with a Gearhart with a double Sherman Hell Mrs, O. K. Can- Mrs. O. M. Brewster News of the Churches I'res.byterlan Church J. M. Strong Minister Church school, 10 a. m. Common worship, 11 a. m. The Mariners club held Ua first Malvern baseball fans will get a chance to see their undefeated town team at work against their stiffest competition of the season hurg . g lone ex[ra O ase try came .- _, „,„„.. Sunday when Bob Moore's power- when thft catcner Callett belted 12 rnember^present. Jhe^mee^ ful Glenwood Independents jour- ou( a trlple i, ut was ou t whe ney to Malvcrn for an afternoon f ai i e( j to touc h second base, fray. Glenwood will tangle with Tabor in a Fourth of July game Friday night at Glenwood and entertain the Council Bluffs Browns on Memorial Athletic field Sunday night. wini a double Ham- monthly meeting at the Presbyte- burg's lone l^\^lr y ^e ^^^ ^^ S *™ ing was presided over by the ie club's skipper, Edward Wearin. H R E The next meeting of the group is ESS? °-" ss; in \i 11 S'^'^'^i -r Ktte, i,° em . BO..P and •.»•«'" P"«"' ">' I""-'-" Catlett; Gearhart and Dan Zan- period. ders. (ilrnwood Juniors to Huwkeyt- Holidays Presbyterians will be privileged to hear on Sunday, July 6, at the 11 o'clock service, conference delegates. Impressions of the recent youth conclave held at Be related by Leonard Boehner Donner. (ilpuwood Junior Tak«'s County Title weyt- oays The Glenwood Junior Legion • The Glenwood Junior Legion baseball team won the Mills coun- J 11 * 1 ' 1 - ," baseball team will join 31 other ty chBm pionsh>p and the right to Lois Geari teams in quest of a silver trophy play thf , j, a?e county champion an<1 Donaia plus an all-expense-paid trip to j n a district tournament, by " some major league baseball game crus hi nK Malvern's Junior Legion St. Johns Lutheran thurrli this afternoon when they tangle ninei 17.3 at Qie^wood Sunday. I'""' GUlin, Pastor with Ottumwa in the Hawkeye Glenwood jumped on Malvern Sunday, July 6: Holidays baseball tournament at j n three Innings to score all their Sunday school, 9 a. m. Ues Moiues. Tops runs. They collected over half of Church service at 10 a. m. the counters in the first frame. Voters' meeting at 2 p. m. The first six Glenwood stickers No Walther League meeting crossed the rubber, dealing Mai- next week, vern a blow that couldn't be over Visitors are always welcome (ilcmvooi! Nint Lincoln Club <i-Boh Moore's Glenwood Independents buccessfully repulsed an CO me. liefore the fatal first was here, out-of-stati; invasion last Thurs- over 9 Glenwood men had coun- Haptist Cliui-ch day night when they trounced tered. In the third Glenwood W, V. linker, Tastor Sandy's Goetz Country Club beer aKaiu opened with their heavy ar- Sunday school, 9:45 nine of Lincoln, Neb., 6-2 at tillery and grabbed seven more Classes for all. lilenwood's Memorial athletic runs . Their final run came in the Morning worship. 11. Held. a. m. "God's Electric Service is always ready at. your nearest convenience outlet to save you time and labor. Just flick a switch and Electric Service goes to work for you. There is no waiting ... no delay. While the price of nearly everything you buy has gone up in recent months, Electricity still works for you at low, pre-war rates. Any way you look at It, Ueddy Kilowatt is your best and cheapest hired hand. IOWA POWER 1 LIGHT COMPANY Malvern "Electricity it Cheap in Malvern" Gearhart and Kunier combined to give the Lincoln club a ti-hit fifth. Malvern collected their tallies in the third and fourth innings, ration. Gearhart, pitching the getting two iu the third and one lirst five frames, whiffed rive and j u the fourth. H n E Malvern 002 100 0 907 010 x was nicked tor an equal number of hingU's. Ktzzter finished the stint and fanned three while lim- oienwood ilint; the Nebraska stickers to one hit. On tlu- rise for Lincoln throughout was Jacobs who duplicated the Glenwood duel C-hit Hattries: Ashbaush; 937 12 17 1 Olsen, Wilson and G. Bird, McGiunis and Special Big Irwin McClure. ^====== COWS Williams Hurls Two-Hitter job, while gaining five K's on the us (jicnvvood Annexes at the Salet Barn — Caraon, Iowa books. Cots of Lincoln and Hietmau of Gleiiwood both collected trip- Johnny Williams was back in top form Tuesday night as he haudcufted the strong Elliott BREEDING IMPUMENU MOTORS JUHN Of m PlYWOUTH * DODGE OiAUR .^ .., J , . PlPfR CUB ' *"*"*' in tlio game's biggest display town team on a two-hit performance to let his Gleuwood mates annex tj-2 at Glenwood. Breaking up the ball game in the sixth aud seventh stauzag, with three runs In both trys, the Gleuwood team relied heavily on the veteran Williams. Besides holding the visiting crew to two hits, he also collected seven Ktiiki'ouu. Freddy und Chuck Welch uurtoruu'd In the pitchers »lot. Freddy. wus nlckud for live hits fimiu'd attveu. Chuck guvo up two and whiffed ">"'. llfiimuu of (ili-uwood, ulwuy* mix ul Dob Moons'* Hiouditwt l>vv- loiuu'is, puundud out tho Kuuif'd imlv > \tftt ba*«' kiu'clv \vlu-u lu i U U K of power hittiiiK. H UE Lincoln 000 020 000 026 Glenwood 200 UU3 Olx 6 C 1 lluitcrie.": Jacobs and Kinnaman; Gt-arhart, Kizzler and Hol-.i'bt-rg. (iloivwuod <<u Wednes at 8 o'clock la rYiduy two runs Iu u wild Hr«t InnliiK, r'arrunut wuit ou t« nlrk Gli'iiwootl 4-2 hi u night mix ul l-'invaKUt t'l'lduy, lii'Ulnd lUc> fi-hlt twlrlhiK or Gruvt'X. Tin- luuiu- ''lub lumped on Kin- ATHLETES FOOT ITCH NOT HARD TO KILL. IN ONE HOUR, II v.ut plfUM'il, your •'""' buck liny ill ut; hU>ii> TK Ul., v> • IT "l 1 K N »•: 'I' H \ ' l ' l; > s \HlKK k-inii- l" KILL I (\i|lit.» llUlk, ill r.:»iierl«!»: Wvkh, it SmltUi WilU»m» w WvK-U 70 hd. Dairy Bred CATTLE 70 45 head of Fine Milk Cow», 25 freth with Baby Calve«. 20 Cloie-up Heavy Springers, calving daily, 25 Baby Calvet, •ome Heifer Calve*, will be »old separately. Gene Callan, owner of Branch, Ark, Cd. W. H. Pip«r Mid Ai*i»tM*U, Auctionuor*

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