The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1955 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 27, 1955
Page 17
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KING COTTON EDITION BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1955 KING COTTON EDITION 'King Cotton Days' Are Here Again Cotton Helps Store Nation's Surpluses Cotton may help take care of the nation'* surplus grain. A new type of canvas storage tent can partially solve the problem of protecting surplus grain stocks, according to Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills. Lait year the firm made several of the tents, each with a capacity ot 1,600,000 bushels. Manufactured to hold government wheat under the uniform grain storage agreement, the tents proved successful. At the suggestion of agriculture officials, additional models were designed to fit requirements of the smallest to the largest grain storage operation. Made in Sections The canvas tents are made in I sections. These are joined in either of two ways: One is a combination of lipper and lace covers and the other, lace flapt. After sections are Joined, the tent is raised and grain put through the top opening. Standard grain conveyor equipment can be used to fill the MnU. To Mil Insects some preliminary work must be done on the ground where the tents are raised. A sod cloth is buried in a ditch around the tent to prevent water from backing up under the canvas. OKI Wheat Old wheat should be stored in »is way. for new or wet wheat would not work work satisfactory. Tents can be stored compactly when not In use or folded for transfer to some other point. The canvas is treated by a spe- cial process to resist fire, water, and mildew. With proper care, the wnw should laat several years. Company officials say less than two cents per bushel would pay for a cents per tent in one year. Cottons Give An Assist In Child's Room Many a mother who plans to redecorate hesitates to spend money Cotton Is Top Rated Papering When it comes to refurbishing walls, do-it-yourself cotton fabric takes less doing than other kinds of wall covering, advises the National Cotton Council. Use of cotton fabric wall covering for homes, offices, hotels and restaurants has more than doubled in the past three years. Last year some 25.000,000 yards were sold in the Untied States. The most popular type of wall fabric is a lightweight cotton sheel- ing, similar to muslin, which is coated with pyroxylin and printed m a variety of designs in fast colors. The material is completely washable. Last 10-15 Yean Manufacturers claim that cotton wall covering will last 10 to 15 years in ordinary use. Some of the nation's leading hotels have had printed cotton cloth on their walls for more '-nan two years and expect it will last for many years more, despite hard use. Interior decorators recommend cloth wall coverings as particularly suitable for kitchens, nurseries and other rooms where easy washability is a prime requisite. Many styles feature fairytale patterns for children's rooms. A nursery redecorated with colorful cotton wall covering, cotton carpets and rugged cotton curtains and inmonnL conon picKinc coniGsi BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Jaycees Present 16thAnnualNCPC Thursday, Friday m decorate nesuau* ,o spena money ££ -^ •£„ remaln brlght 8n(l on the children's room, ror the j cheer(ul despite hard use by young children'! quarters will be overflow- children, the Cotton Council says. ing with playmates, pets, muddy feet and other hazards. However, children do enjoy a new look to their rooms and they do! appreciate pretty furnishings. So if mother can obtain both charm and durability, she's Justified in making the effort. One of the simplest ways of giving a little girl's room a big lift Denim Den Safe Retreat For Boys "Johnny, you can put your feet For sixteen years the National Cotton Picking Contest held in Mississippi County, Arkansas,, the world's largest rain-grown cotton producing county, has been one of the leading National promotional mediums for raw and processed cotton as well as one of the na lion's leading agricultural events. Because of its effectiveness in promoting improved quality through, proper harvesting methods, the con• test receives active support from cot- ion producers, cotton brokers, merchants, processors, and civic leaders throughout the Cotton, Belt. The contest annually receives national coverage from an array of visiting reporters photographers, radio, and television broadcasters which result in wide spread publicity throughout the United States and the world. Many Programs In addition to the actual picking contest there is a wide variety of programs and events to give cotton people new knowledge and plenty of good entertainment. Each year thousands of spectators witness the various interesting activities. Last year the two-day program featured a mammoth parade of , It's safe to say this when you use durable blue denim t-u make a boy's and malching curtains. If they're cotton plis*. They'll wash like ^^^^ o^sum,. couch ™ver drenm. dry quickly and need no "" ^' l ironing. They',, su.nd the hard } '"^ h "* J» ^ ^ 1S - rMm wear they're sure to get, but sti"' H * -- . look pretty and fragile enough to suit any feminine tastes. from little-boy bedroom to manly TV den. using a nautical theme with — ""j -- navy blue cotton denim and white A reasonable facsimile for a rope or fringe trim. He'll like it. be- boy's room is cotton seercucker orj CflU 5e children need a "very-own" sturdy sailcloth. Either of these place that suits personality as well is a machine washable frabic. And that means less work for mother, ktplng them clean and fresh Sponsored by Junior Chamber of Commerce If you enjoy crocheting, you can , make an attractive throw rug heavy cotton yarn that can add '' charm and room. color to any child's For a baby's room, you might ap- plique the surface with colorful little animals cut out of felt. For o personal needs. Set the main theme of the room with a simple, box-type studio couch cover. About two yards of 36-inch , fabric will cover the top. with another three yards (cut In half lengthwise) to go, all around the sides. Make a box pleat at each corner, and use thick white moss fringe as welting. Another few yards makes the of felt. For bolsters, with the fringe repeated a novel rug, you might borrow an (for trim. Matching draperies are amusing idea like this—bare foot- practical too, and need no lining. prints embroidered in the center ol the rug! PARISIAN CHIC Th« 195S Maid ot Cation, lovely DC Loin Faulkner, of S«lli»w, Okla., wean a chie eollon created enpecially for her by noted French dtMftiwr Jacqm Heira. Th« youthful coat-draw ttrled »y the Park fxhion anthorilr to made of Ever(art print*! UrdHy* jiqw and featma a flattering open neckline. dramarleaUr Wrdered I. . . Most blue denim has a neat white stripe at the selvage that does away with hemming, if you like. To complete the nautical theme, drape cotton fishnet, hammock- style, on another wall, for his baseball bat. books and all the "things" boys always collect. Sudsing Reveals Organdy Beauty The saucy crispness of rufiled cotton organdy curtains results, from know-how in laundering. Your organdy curtains will give you more satisfaction for less effort if you watch the following points: 1) Wash organdy curtains often to bring out their beauty and fresh crispness. If in doubt., gather several layers together in your hand and look through them against the light, 2) If you do them in the washing machine, first enclose curtains in a mesh, drawstring bag or in a pillow slip busted loosely along the U>£ to prevent snagging and roping. Put only two or three • curtains in each bag so that soapsuds and rinses can circulate freely. 3) Non-crisped organdy curtains need to be starched. Starch all the curtains from each room at the same time so that they will be uniformly stiff. 4) Hang organdy curtains "half- and-half" over a rod or line so that top and cotton hems are even with each other. Smooth out wrinkles nnd pull hems and ruffles gently Into line with your fingers. 5) Iron on a large, plastic-top or enamel-top table, If possible. Pad it with a folded blanket and cover with a sheet. Curtains are easier to maneuver on this wide surface than ,011 an ironing board. Quilts Made Of Cotton Washable The family quilts and comfort, ers, being among the more endur- I ing of cotton hou/fhold goods, seem to go on forever. When washday comes around, they are apt to be (left behind like Cinderella while the 'sheets and,.towels go dancing at a Soap and Water Ball. Actually the freshness of your bedrom depends on much more than fresh sheets. Regular washing 'of quilts, mattress covers, and pads insures pleasanter sleeping and makes these items endure. The task is all the easier since none of this bedding needs ironinc. The air spaces in a quilt or pad are what give fluffiness and warmth, and pressing would destroy these qualities. Easy to Wash Cotton quilts will wash in a jiffy, especially if you don't let them get soiled enough to need soaki: -j. or nibbing. Use more generous suds than for other laundering, A handy tip for hanging quilts and pads is to use two parallel clotheslines a foot, or two apart. Hang pach piece over the two clotheslines for quicker drying and avoid that crease down the middle. Reverse its position at least once during drying, nnd shake .once in a while for real fluffiness. Square off the corners with your hands while the quilt is still wet. When you buy quilts, remember that the closer the stitching, the better. This keeps- the padding from shifting. But if the padding does shift a bit, just "message" the lumpy spot with your hands once the quilt is dry, and U will respond by smoothing out satisfactorily. Domestic Interlude DALLAS, Tex. (.-Pi - It was a tense moment in a civil suit In Justice Bill Richburg's court. "Let's quit a minute," the judge said suddenly, banging his gavel. "My wife's on the phone and she's liable to hold me in contempt if T don't talk to her." Strategic Placement of Fabrics Good Way- to Hide Some 'Sins' Once merely decorative, fabrics | today are functional too. Decorat- ! ors have discovered that well-placed i cotton? can control heat, light and i noise and hide architectural defects. S Often it is possible to "remodel" 1 a house with fabrics alone, chang- i ing the shape, size and — thruogh. : the use of fabric room dividers— I even the number of rooms. | Unsightly walls can be camouflaged with wall-width curtains that i stretch from floor to ceiling. Sub; standard radiators and other fix• hires can be blocked off into a sep| arate alcove by draw draperies. Slid- i ing panels of fabric can make an j extracloFe or hide bunk beds in ; a playroom. 1 Sheer cotton stretched across a ; framework like a Japanese panel i can screen off a cluttered view ] without shutting out the light from I a window. Either a sheer or an 1 opaque cotton canvas screen makes j a decorative room divider to space I off a dining foyer, or separate a living rom into sitting and study sections. Drapes Hide Radio, TV Draperies can be used to mask radio and TV sets, being drawn ,in front of this equipment when it is not in use. Fabrics also can help to deaden unwanted sound. Along with noise- absorbing cotton carpets on the floor, heavy draperies along a wall can soak up sound from a piano, television set or Hi-Fi system. Recording engineers recommend covering the wall directly opposite a loud speaker with a closely woven cotton drapery material. This absorbs make the sounds bounce back in'co the room. Wall-to-wall cotton carpeting is recommended for its insulation qualities, which prevent base tones from being carried through bare floors into rooms below. Decorators also prescribe cotton fabrics for controlling room temperature, blocking out sunlight in summer and drafts in winter. Diving on Its prey, a duck hawk often travels at a speed of 180 miles an hour. This, pretty hotncmaker shows off her apron featuring n brand new development in cot ion fabrics — permanent pleating. A f.iliric finisher, « plnuling companj, iind textile resin chemists have worked out a new technique that achieves per mime nt plealiiip for cotton, the National Cotton Council repot*!*. A plastic resin, applied with the right amount of heat, sots the pirating. When the pleniod cotton fabric is washed, it requires no ironing. The Caspian Sea, between Russia and Iran, is the world's largest Inke. It covers 168,890 square miles. Consider Home, Then Pick Cotton Buying a trousseau is fun for the bride-to-be—but it can be confusing too. To do the job right, advises the Cannon Homemaking Institute, a girl should try to anticipate the kind of home she will have. No one cotton trousseau can fit the needs of every bride. So much depends on personal plans. A city apartment calls for one type of living, a farm home another. Laundry Service Facts In choosing your household cotton?, consider whether a short stretch of apartment life may be followed by building your own home in the suburbs. Perhaps your husband's job may involve a great deal of traveling, or at least moving your home frequently from one part of the country to another. Another consideration is how much entertaining you plan to do after marriage. Visiting relatives, overnight guests and frequent family reunions can have a real effect on your requirements for bedroom, bath and table cottons. Choosing Household Cottons Frequency of laundry service at delivery. Home economists advise purchase of quality towels, sheets and blankets, even if a limited budget means buying fewer items than would otherwise be possible. Michigan Is Picture Puzzle DETROIT (.fl — Have a look at Michigan on the map. It's a picture puzzle. The Lower Peninsula is a mitten, with the fingertips reaching out to touch a rabbit's foot. The rabbit is the Upper Peninsula, with its face far to the west (Iromvood), its ears In Lake Superior (the Kcwcenaw Peninsula). its front feet touching Wisconsin and Lake Michigan (nt Menonit- neo* and Its hind feet at Detour and St. Ignace. Artful Cottons Assist Hostess In Art of Talk A dramatic decorative scheme can break the ice at a party and inspire stimulating conversation, advises the National Cotton Council. Unusual fabric patterns themselves often encourage newly introduced guests to start talking. If conversation is becoming a lost art in this age of gadgets, the experienced hostess can help to revive it by providing a relaxed atmosphere and also by controlling the discussion. "The hostess should act as catalyst, blending the ideas of the guests. She is not there to express her own views," according to Dr. Samuel Hayakawa, internationally known social scientist and expert on word meanings. Good conversation, he says, grows out of subjects where, the participants agree on large principles but disagree over particular details, and its the hostess' job to lead the conversation in this direction. • "Six or eight is the best number of; at a party," Dr. Hayakawa says, "That's small enough for each person to have some contact with all the others." Good listening is as important as good talking. Listening involves more than merely remaining silent while you try to think of what to say next; it means actively projecting yourself into the speaker's point of view, momentarily sharing his thoughts and drawing him out with questions. "Most of us most of the time are chiefly concerned with getting our own views across, and we tend to find other people's speeches a tedious interruption of the flow of our own ideas," Dr. Hayakawa observes. floats, depicting many th«m« in cotton. Also included were street dances, a "Cotton Court", and a Cotton Ball which, last year, featured Tex Beneke and his dance band. This year Don Reid and his orchestra, with Gwen Parke, will play for the Cotton Ball, scheduled for the Main Exhibit Building at Walker Park, Friday night. Each year a beauty pegeant te held with entries coming from several of the Mid-South states to compete for a much sought-after ti lie. The queen is awarded an all expense paid kip to Havana, Cuba and a $250.00 cotton wardrobe and many other prizes. Last year twenty-one beauties competed. 36 Entries Last year thirty-five entries from five states in the "clothing from, cotton bags contest", competed for top honors with items such as bathing suits, evening dresses, play- cloths, street clothes' and children'! clothes. All items in the contest were made from cotton bags. Included on the program will b* speakers of nation-wide reputation. Last year the principal speaker was Governor Prank Clement of Tennessee. Principal speaker for the 16th, annual contest will be E. C. (Took) Gainings of West Memphis, Congressional Representative from this district. Also on hand will be various quartets and hill-billy bands. The two-hour picking contest, which is open to "anyone from anywhere", features over two hundred top pickers from all cotton state* in competition for $$2,500.00 in cash awards. First prize to the World's Champion picker is SI.000.00. A special prize of $200.00 goes to the winner in the women's division. Judging Contest judging is based on thre« phases of the hand picking art: 1. Amount of cotton picked. 2. Condition of the rows after .picking. 3. Cleanliness of the cotton picked. The BIytheville Jaycees have received many State and National awards for their sponsorship of this contest. The continued growth and scope of the event proves conclusively that it is making an outstanding contribution to the agricultural, economic and social interest of our great nation and to the great stata of Arkansas. Corduroy New Glamour Fabric "But this can't be coruroy!" That's a typical reaction at, yard j goods counters to the new prints, 1 weaves and textured surfaces now appearing in this old favorite among cottons. Finer, lighter weights, wide color ranges and many special corduroy account for the recent introduction of this once-mundane material ] into the drawing room. This sea] son, corduroy can be found so fine it's translucent and so soft it can be pleated without bulk. Traditional treatments have been abandoned in the corduroy prints. Designers have simply used the characteristic pimvale as a basic surface and gone on from there. Brush-stroke techniques, high style print effects, off-beat colors, large and small scale designs—all are used to achieve new fashion significance. Textures are produced by cross-cutting the ribs to achieve pigue or waffle weave effects, by appliqueing designs on the surface and by alternating cut and uncut pile to make velvety stripes in any desired width. Corduroy bedspreads, couch covers and draperies present a real opportunity to the home decorator. If you like modern, there are inspiration, combining prints with vivid harlequins or stylized mobiles. If you're a traditionalist, the silk print florals are for you. Or, you can choose designs with Oriental inspiration, cobining prints with solids in hot pinks or cool greens. Patrick Henry made his famous "Liberty or death" speech on March 23, 1776, in St. John's Episcopal Church, n comparatively small structure still standing on top of Richmond Hill In Richmond, Virginia, PillowsCanAdd Color to Room Interesting pillows add a decorator note to any room:, they give it an air of comfort, a touch of color and make wonderful conversation. pieces. With the aid of McCall's Paterns, it's now easy to slipcover standard pillows or make your own from. scratch. Designs include giant playing cards, a compass, a clock, daisy, rose, Chinese money, a star and a flanged square . They're particularly pretty (and practical) in a washable cotton or in a cotton felt. The pattern includes iron-on transfer designs for appliques. GINGERBREAD MEN Thie »umnw gingerbread •»• are in the fwim—on ration bathing suits. Thin Kmart one-pier* mffltt flounce »U !• d*»i Kited by €*!*• Una on » cotton fabric printed with row* of gingerbre*d men. Thrv* low rufflm lire eiiged in »oW wbr am the UOMMT Mylv .

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