Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 3, 1964 · Page 35
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 35

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1964
Page 35
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ss«mai 4 SAits co. leased Wire Service of Associated Press STATE EDITION Warm Partly dowdy and warmer 1 through Thursday. Variable winds 5-15 m#.h. Low toniglt 64. High Thursday 88. < Lake: Vefy Jow bacteria ^W • • , _ ,Q Goldwater Captures California Bloc 26 Graduated At fowa High School )\VA I Snl l A rTi*nrl,. n i:».,. n\ r-v 3WA C 'SS Of T ^day night at comfnence- n- t ceremonies for the lowa H ,:i School adult education ses- sn i held during the recently co npleted school year. Principal speaker at the ceremonies held in the school gym- nasurn was C. C. Couvillion, slate director of adult education. A'so on the program was Henry Semple, Calcasieu Parish supervisor for adult education, spoke on the adult edu- - A graduating Chapman Duprc, Mrs. Madelyn ceivcd diDlomas Cummings Faulk, Morris Fusi- fifty* Tii ri siv.i,.-,, * i fi • , - lier Jr.. Bcrkman L. Fruge and Mrs. Billy Jean LcBleu, all from Iowa. Also, Marvin LeDoux, Mrs. Mildred Arsement Lee, Leroy Leger, Mrs. Delores Trahan Leger, Wedney McCauley, Mrs. Brenda Myers Mott, Mrs. Alice Gander Spears and Mrs. Lou Annette Mot!, also all from Iowa. Also, Charles r Board Department of Ed- : frey, all Slrahan, Mrs and from Iowa. W n K»«ng, Principal^ FeSi; Sf Iowa High School, presented dip- ! Kinder: lomas to the graduates. Receiving diplomas were:' Mrs. Betty Ardoin, Mrs. Eula Babineaux Breaux, Mrs. Ronnie Martin Deshotel, Mrs. Fernella Also, Claude Joseph Landry and Mrs. Paula Sue Corbello Miller, Lacassine; and Mrs. Constance Mcrrifield, Marion- and Mrs. Mamie Hughes Evans' Lake Charles. Southern Area Returns Give Barry Victory SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Sen. Barry Goldwater swept to a stunning California victory and a commanding posiuon today in the Republican presidentLTTace ,•,•,.1, M a na , n ;" w , ni , argin> lhe Arizo "a senator captured a uc i bloc ol: Ufa delegates from Gov. Nelson A Rockefeller in California's showpiece primary Tuesday. Rockefeller oiplurcd most of the state's 58 counties, --' tlMsive surge for Goldwalcr in late Southern returns, chiefly .'^•••$rtf'l^*m-n;' •••wm%Mffyiw \ ••f'--..-'/'i •&*... !:.'vu ; '••-'.' Xvl^Vp/- T F £MILY AFFAIR — Three graduates of ihe lowa High School adult education session, all from the same family, get together for refreshments following commencement ceremonies held at lhe T H? sda Y ni 9ht. From left to right are Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Strahan and Mrs. Strahan's sis- ier, Mrs. Leroy Faulk. All are from Iowa. (See other pictures inside). . OAKDALE (Spl.) -A 29-year- j old Oakdale man, Jack Willis, being held in Allen Parish is jail in Obcrlin under of aggravated battery abdominal knife " 20-year-old Objections Delay Decision On Student Loan Program RATnv nnnni? /*n\ c .._.., , , . charge in iha. ". rilv -" 1 'wuuc, \i\f)— aegre- J of afe !! ld , tead ! e r '#«!.« to" BATON ROUGE (AP)- — •• •"****p*~*9etm*mmi* THOMAS Ft&t'CHEIl Ward 4 Post West Lake Man Joins Race For i School Board ihe slabbing look place Tues-i dent loan P r »iram and caused day about 8:30 p.m., accordine ! a Housc committee to postpone the sheriff's department. "'a decision. Sheriff's deputies said the'' T|lS proppsai • to abolish the girl, Jane Billings, and Willis' old Ie 8 islaliv e scholarship and were walking home from a local set up a L° uisian a higher edu- theater where the aaren cation assistan ce program to became involved in an argu- guarantee loans for students is nlnlT^rt stalled. . * ' cul ol KU- ment which resulted in the stab- lnfi> ! Members of 'the House Edu. I cation Committee decided to de; fer action Tuesday, even though ,.-,-. Norman Ordoneaux, Jefferson Davis Parish, a McKeith- The girl was first treated m an Oakdale Clinic before being i» transferred to a Pineville bos' 1 - '' pital. WEST LAKE (Spl.) - Thorn-j J^rL 8 te 1 '""^ , leader, asked approval. McKeithen promised during Rep. Parish, MflPMi'i whrh rruin rns»r t c i-» — ' *•»•*• »ui*v-uun msofacollpm hJ,V" S " CC and Harrison '! Proposed junior college system P°wer of the Kennedy ima >ns oi a college. bu.g ! or up to a dozen institulioiis. It used heavily by the press s I'ord blmson, Bossier] Committee members deferred is not an administration meas-i rclar y to the latc president rvtnrv\Un.* ~C *l- _ 1 _ ! . Hf*! iml HIT 0 /-I/A tioi 11 itl I,..,,, t ' . 411V-WO „,. J • , member of the Joint announced his candidacy today for a position on the Calcasieu Parish School Board from Ward •4. Fletcher is employed by Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp. in the i operations department. He has! been employed by the company! for the past 12 years. He is a member of the International Union oi Operating En- WASHINGTON gineers, Local -107. ' government is considering a pro 'program. designed for New Job Training Program Studied ! .., w ... v ^,, V4 nit, uUHll Legislative Committee on Segregation, warned the Education Committee, "We could hot water with this .... „„,, foresee Negro students getting nearly all these loans." Stinson suggested revisions so the proposed loans could be ha».ded out percentagewise according to colleges. Rep. Sidney Sylvester, St. Landry Parish school principal urged the McKeithen floor leader to postpone action while the bill is given full attention. Sylvester objected to other! iG3turcs, provisions, ssy inc' "Here we would set ourselves ler what a child could do—this is a serious thing." Ordoneaux defended the administration bill. But he agreed i to withhold action. He said he would discuss the problem with the governor. •The Education Committee , • ) action on a constitutional pro- i urc ' posal to establish a stale junior college board of five members get in to bc a PPomted by the goveiv 1 can i nor ' wi!n Jurisdiction over a from Los Angeles, nailed down the bitter contest for the Westerner. Results from 2!l,80(l of ;i2,86l precincts showed; Goldwater, 969,957; Rockefeller, 938,380. The victory in thc last presidential primary before the July 13 GOP National Convention brought Goldwater within striking distance of the 6G5 votes ! he'll need for the nomination. i He called it a "giant step" ! toward his quest to lead the He, publican ticket in the November election. Pierre Salinger, former White House press secretary, trounced •State Controller Alan Cranston i for thc Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate scat held by ailing Democratic Sen. Clair I Englc. Thc Salinger victory dealt a ,sotback to Gov. Edmund G. j Brown and other party elements ;who supported Cranston. It showed, too, the vot power of the Kennedy image, used heavily by the press sec"'Hary to the latc president. The 39-year-old former San — • j -- »• -— - «.«. *v>kJllv.|. Mtlll Action on thc junior college I , ncisco newspaper reporter, ' assertion (hat his views represented the GOP mainstream. NBC's Electronic Vole Analysis center noted that Rockefeller ran strong in the San Francisco Bay area, farm and mountain areas, and that Goldwater did not come up to expectations in oan Diego County. The EVA center report spotted a trend to Rockefeller among minority groups. Firsl returns from San Francisco's Chinatown, for instance, favored the governor 5 to J. A similar swing was evident among Italian-Americans. The NBC analysis emphasized Uldwater's strength in the stale's high population centers. Rockefeller was favored in the north, and that's the way the vote went. But GO per cent of the population lives in the south. Little Modoc County, a bellwether in 25 state elections, was giving Goldwater a plurality of better than 54 per cent. 'The northeastern county has only 1,491 registered voters. CBS, shortly after the polls closed, projected a Goldwater 'ORDERED TO BED Mumps Stop Gov. McKeithen flcuon on nic junior co ege ' u "^" newspaper re-porter, sweeo on vntpVfnmV^ •• i f.' bills took up most of the com- Nv *' £° uldn l even vote for him- ££&£ mh$P? modcl f mittcc hearing. None contained !* e . If hocaus ? he's registered »n f^S'A VlthAI H. ^ c . cnt . of Virginia, will face (he Republi- !°,. l n \ . ABCs projection can nominee, onelime after ~° tabbed "»" as the winner. - mittee hearing. None contained provisions for financing. BATON ROUGE (AP) - The governor's office said today Gov. ,.- ^ uuiocivea ^ ohn McKeithen definitely has up as judges of human charac- llie mum Ps and will remain in '" '-•* - - 1 -"- 1 •• • • : bed a week on doctor's orders. rm • — »««-v«. j Vinci*, i minion oonci is The illness struck at a critical | South Institute tune, just as major portion of; administration's program began i Tlle research center would be •'"- "-- ' " legislature a nonprofit affair, and Talbot fan nominee, onelime actor '•• George Murphy. Brown, however, won another inlraparty squabble. His 154- slate of delegates to the Democratic National Convention defeated a rival slate headed by Mayor Samuel W. Yorty of Los 1 Angeles. | Goldwater's presidential primary sweep came only after a chflhanging count of votes that sion calling lor tidelands reve- had Rockefeller ahead for -i nues to be used to retire slate ! while. bond debt, and (hen asking the i GOP National Chairman \Vil- i legislature to approve the $10 : Ham E. Miller said the Califor- ; Sl° n f.^J d J ssuc for the Gulf i' lia rc : sults P. ushed Goldwater i Even so, Sen. Thomas II. Kuchel, Rockefeller's state campaign chairman, said it was still a cliffhanger, and "I think we'll wait a little longer" before any conceding. . A native of Oklahoma Fletch-i pos{ iL x - vhich l )ro P° nen ts say ' - voul - d gJve . America n Job train"~~" er moved to Louisiana in 1930 He received his education in at. Landry and Acadia Parish schools and graduated from nigh school in Crowley. He is a Sunday School teach- pr and active member of Trinity Lutheran " boost since the memoers - carries consider- and Negro two-vear cornm, tpr ^ UUJMa ' iaJ J" nan able weight. Its recommenda- colleges in the Shreveoort -Bos i n \ e | C £ * • glsl Uons have led to federal equal i sier City area, and two - vear ' i McKeiU> en sail employment policies and other ! colleges in three oil er places i ° ? S " e * g important programs in iob train- Evaneeline Parish "fn/'f.? 8 ' a , rouild m J' thl ™ ticeship, is to treat job skills like capital investments and , give employers tax credits for m &ui- j training new workers and up! grading the abilities of present lias participated in I employes. f'lSf 1*1 llfnu.l A I A '>/' 1 i i i I t-ost to tne employer is the single bar to an ade- and train- America," important programs in job train- Evangeliiie Parish mg in the past. The committee said employers should be encouraged to undertake more job training bv granting them a tax write-off af i x-» • , east as great as the 7 per cent ( I l/f f rf n C they now get for certain capital V / Vj/U/IO and t h I «// I PPC\//// *-^*v7^ Y 111 decided to 0 a luncheon speech yesterday, despite his illness. He ! addressed a joint luncheon of the (Louisiana Chamber of Corn- legislators, said yesterday, "1 ling of the glands -. - ...j throat — I think it's the mumps. I took a shot for the mumps three weeks ago." But a mansion reception planned lor visiting movie stars on location here will go ahead tonight on schedule, the governor's office said. ! , mentioned this, d e m a n ding, "nonprofit to whom? Police Patrol Is Increased In New York very close to the 655 convention votes needed for the nomination. Gov. Mari O. Hatfield of Oregon, who will serve as convention keynote speaker and temporary chairman, said the senator appeared to have clinched DeQuincyOil Man Named To State Board (Spl.) - A De- to Washington poin DEQUINCY Quiricy indepei._. ptltuul and real estate owner has been appointed to the Louisiana State Board of Institutions. Frank E. Jameson, 53, was ap by Gov. John McKe then "".iveunen. after watching early results tlow into his Los Angeles headquarters. He claimed victory at Jameson, father of five chil- S p.m. Tuesday on the basis of dl 'en, assisted in acquiring the electronic computations. 'property on which th* in,,;,,. in \Vard 4, man- r"~ii. T," - J SUe baseball and football teams in the ward and er^fffi^^^f^WesSithe commiUee said JTmakSg to spur I mg program The candidate is the son of -a^ftars^ iu A-"Y-, "L£*" '"* ove ' - seas in the Air FO«CP in World War 11 and presen pilot's lie Fie former way and sons. >ly holds >e. r - married to the fee Hetzel of Hatlia- the recommendation to Secre" tary of Labor VV. Willard Wirtz High Labor Department officials view the recommendation as an important proposal in their efforts to combat growing ioohnnlnoio-il i^k ,J:,...t , expenditures designed business investment. But, the committee indicated, an even higher tax credit would ; be justified because of the risk' NEW 1,000 • ill r~lr\lri I IL//U LEESVILLE (Spl ) - The p cnvolved in training a man for a ! L eesville Civitan club, job and then losing him to adopted the Leesville l'finino»!*n^ O..U,,.,l r__ i, .. ..F5'DAY -rtvlMU MEAT SAUCE "•He Breod «at SI.00 *• *•** •»* < "•-—•* *.*»V41^> uj L-uaimdi Kl OWJJiS private (technological job displacement and persistently high unemployment. ' J competitor. The committee said the gov- e BOV- - ernment has made no 1 a r g e' Tues ^ ay scale contribution to on-the-job " l ^ ^' Jrainincr v ; nna . /-. c ' which 4 _ -..>, »jw\-o * *ut olcltC School for Boys as its major project, made plans for the boys Tuesday at the regular noon * nv I tcu J/UI/JJ J3 ill lllJllUi t>l i Robert Aldrich, movie producer, land film stars Joan Crawford, (Bette Davis, Agnes Moorehead ; and Cecil Kellavvay. They're here tor location filming of "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte," a 20th Century-Fox 1 electronic computations. The final outcome wasn't definite, however, until Los An- igelcs. with 40 per cent of the 4 o . ,^.,, A vi *\ v/*l> o streets and subways on an overtime basis in a campaign to halt attacks by Negro hoodlums on whites. The additional patrols were —— —•—-«v*vf**«i jywt* uia »vci c ordered Tuesday by Mayor Robert F. Wagner, who said: "I lead there. In the Republican presidential race, Rockefeller was carrying most of the state's 58 counties But Goldwater offset it with solid majorities in Los Angeles nr>H f\***% ...MO ^. it " training since Congress Hasj the GI Bill after World War » to tram and educate war veterans. apprenticeship committee | T "e committee's unanimous i e UD 01 OOP Piwarnmnnl reri>nilT)cn/<Q»iV., . I f fl 7h" n "* ;Tu"' a " j commtee tather of three -made up of one government, management and five labor VACATION SPECIAL $20.00 Permanent Wave $10 MILDRED'S BKAUTV SHOP 5^3 Division Si. PI)one HE 6-9U77 I'.'veuings B.v Appointment _ i • * — --- -• "-p""» ««iu aaiu. i; and Orange counties re S e ' ... . ahm d f te ™«fd we are going to I The pollsters, to a man had The governor ,m his speech, j have law and order in this city given The edee to mentioned the proposed Gulf iff ours." 6 South Institute, a scientific re- ! The order came two davs alt- search center for economic andier the Memorial Dav " " IV """'"""'" ' '" u '"''" " inism on four and a Staten Island fer- .-.;-.-: [y. Bands of Negro teen-agers McKeJthen spoke ol his terrorized, robbed and beat 'Uie-lOb ^"wni Aii^bivutv, a O^ICUUUL. ic- : lilt: 01(1 cassed i The club wil1 su PP'y fislu'ng i search center for economic andier the M \V ar ii: equipment, T. L. Berry Jr i other developments which would i hooliganis ar vet-' P^ esident reported. Tte Civitaiis! b . e backed by a state $10 mil-1 trains am | will buy some of it, and rods, i lion bonc l issue. ry. Bands . , j poles, reels, lines, sinkers, baits. While McKeJthen spoke of his terrorized nimous and other neressitioc iuiii Koihonc for hcaw lpni«lati»io nm. • u-hitoc . . nei : e , ssities wilj be , |h ° pe for heav >' lesis ^ tive from the surplus sup- port, Rep. Richard Talbot, Ter», —. ^I But all indicated the outcome . : would hinge on the sizable un- weekend decided vote they detected. subway, Goldwater called his showing a "victory for the mainstream of Republican thinking." H e thus tossed back Rockefeller's property on which the ^uu lsl - ana Correctional and Industrial School here is located. In accepting the appointment, Jameson said he did so to try and improve the state institutions and help the inmates in the various institutions throughout the state. He will be the only board member from Southwest Louisiana. The new board member is on the official board of the Methodist Church and has been active ui the Camp Fire Girls' program. -..v. mvuuo. , rebonne Parish, later spoke to 'm a 7-riT M * J i ll ^L w ? JVJn Roberts ' chairman of i the House in a personal privi- time spenTin <5? b v',^1 '7 MS H!? ati 2 n ban< 5 ue ' set for liege talk and voiced concern tices dSrin- oaid uL^ ^^ I T 1 V? sday at Jini ' s Fine I about the administration plan. aS a Srfein 0 1^ g hf °,T S ^' said ail ^ lans were toni - He said Iie ™* "puzzled and stuS 82 " s - &\«sas!ssr- tu - - - - Ryan S»- «md MEN'S SUITS-Ovw 1,000 & 4}% Woo* (vTJJr /oi DISCOUNT SHOPS LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU MEN'S SHOES-Over 5,000 Square. Edgcrtun by c , Croib/ Slacvs. Sole Prlc« »ii.jj IN THE STORE WAREHOUSE SALE See Our Ad Oa Page 13 Save Oo to 60% «nd More ernor of the districir Dr. Ro- StoJccr of Many, he said. TH1S WEEK ONLY! 12" Vinyl Armstrong & Saadraa rftc™?,^ RBtq " Pric » *'»• DISCOUNT PHICE $125 Floor Covering & Discount «oo s. cpm r n u|( CR „«, Se* Our Ad in Th* Clqwilied Section Foiher'i Day Special One jj.\H Bronze-tone Portrait Kegular $18.98—only 99 C LAHKY ROBINSON'S STUDIOS Oltcr expires June ltt~«nng od. VACATION TIME! . Why wolt until f(i« Lost Minute. Ofinfl your car to ... BEN'S AUTO SERVICE complete check- on T • - * v i" i . -Ot-Uci ..i*^ i j 011.1^. \*iic' ivictnni-3 Louisiana was backing House way line i s expected to Bill 2o, a constitutional provi-!asystem in four to six I Wagner also ordered all 20000 patrolmen to wear their uniforms to and from work. Most travel by subway. He ordered a speed-up iii the installation of an experimental two-way radio network in subway trains. One Manhattan sulj- KOGDLAM) SUPKK iMKT. -'309 Hyaii Slewing Hens Ib. i; c E^iro Loigo Caiitaluupi'.'- ea .IDc St'e Our Ad on Page 27 DRY CLFANING SALE Tucs, Wed.. Thurs., Fn PANTS. SKIRTS. SWEATERS O DRY ,-,^ CL Vo NREO 93c ACMF CLEANERS 2200 R*an VARilTY CLEANERS 'Ail Crainwicn Boulevard JUNK CLEARANCE! Plum V llUI J $1.00 yard i?' 1 I f° t|on B itc - Pa«tei s . oa 58c yard O L P E ' t>'30 a.m. til q : BJG SA!,K »CII PCJHIOS. cftice Otur' Kitchen blnki SEE CLASSIFIED si 10). 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