Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 3, 1964 · Page 33
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 33

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1964
Page 33
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f4SQN ON Test Success Requires Skill Jjy LESLIE J. NASON, Ed. D. •Unfoefsity of Southern Calif. I Year - end examinations are Just around the corner, and nat- Irally every student wants to do tis best. Merely knowing the subject .natter doesn't guarantee a high trade however. Tests measure Ivhat the student can pot down bn paper, not everything he ^dually nows.. More tests are failed because if lack of skills for taking Ixams, than because of lack of Jtudy. There are different techniques Ind skills Involved in taking Bifferent kinds of tests — essay, Irue-false, multiple choice and problem solving. If the student leeps a basic plan in mind as ke faces each test, he will be kble to approach the exam with tonfidence. Essay - type tests, for exam- ble, require organization and Manning. The work should be Hivided; one thing must be done bt a time. The first reading of: Ihe test tells the student what lype of answer is needed for lach question. He then can plan jmd write the answers as clear- and concisely as possible. During the second reading the fctudent can check for errors ipof Checking Inderway In Vaffic Survey More exact Information is heeded by the survey team making the continuous study of Lake [Charles and its metropolitan [raffle conditions for the Louisi- fena Highway Department and Ihe bureau of public roads, the local survey headquarters said Tuesday. Homeowners will be interviewed all this week and the next on matters pertaining to Kraffic. Business places will be pecked to determine the num- Jber of vehicles, routes used and |lype of vehicles. Cooperation has been "great" during the first few weeks of the field listings, during which every location in town and the metropolitan area was plotted on survey charts. This set the stage for spot checking now underway. About five months more will be needed to complete the survey, the initial one in a continuing study Lake Charles will make in the future. The state highway department is financing •the initial study which covers Qsix months. h\ grammer and spelling. The turd time through the test, he should expand his answers, with appropriate examples and illustrations, so the teacher wfll know exactly what is meant The key to taking true-false tests is accurate reading. Each question must be read and reread carefully to be completely understood. Such quizzes usually include «large number of questions and the value of each individual question is smalL For greatest success therefore, the student should not spend too much time on any one problem. He should answer each question to the best of his ability, forget it and go on to the next. If there is any time left over, the student should try going over the questions, this time using a completely new approach, thinking of something the teacher said in class or a fact from the textbook. Success on multiple-choice tests also Involves getting just the right approach to each question. This kind of question is often tricky and a slight error in the way the student looks at the problem may lead him to make the wrong choice. The first step is to read and study the question thoroughly. The student should decide what type of answer is required. Then, and only then, should he look at the proposed alternate answers. Such effort calls for sustained attention and complete concentration. Problem • solving tests require a different outlook and present somewhat differ e n t problems. The answers are not usually provided. First the student should study and analyze the problem, learning what he has to find, what principles are involved and -what steps should be taken to get the solution. _ Students frequently lose credit on this type of exam for failure to use proper notation and method. Skipping steps on paper can lead to careless error. Everything should be written down. Again, attention should be centered on the task at hand, and the student should think in words as he works with numbers, keeping sight of the basic aim of the problem. A final check can be made after the test is finished to look for errors in arithmetic or other operations. The main tiling to remember when taking tests is that the teacher is not a mind reader. He cannot grade a student on what a student meant to say — only on what was really said. Knowing the subject is only part of the battle, presenting it is the rest. (You can get Prof. Nason's helpful booklet for parents, Help Your Chile Succeed in School," by sending $1 to Help Your Child, Box 1877, General Post Office, New York City.) AAA DISCOUNT * * HOUSE * * »pecial»! 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HISTORY/ SHE WASSTARINfl AT THE SAME RA6E J=OR HALP AN HOUR! I MIGHTY NEARLY STEVE CANYON SORRY, MISSUS FORCE OF ANDY CAPP HERBERT-WIU- YOU THROW • THIS PACKAGE OF GARBAGE IN THE CAN FORME? THAT TOOK • A l_OT OF WILL. POWER 6LORY BEL' I JEST COME BV CALEB'S HOUSE, MAW, 'HE'S PASSIN'OUT STORE-BOUGHTEN SOEGARS!! SNUFFY SMITH wrw&tv nK JO TH&l! INFANTS AND THEVWHYtSITMOSWf MARRIAGE! k*. BRENDA STARR THAI'S EA5Y!~COPEIAND WRENN UVE5 HkXT DOOR TO THE BRENT6! -W6 WHEEL IN BRENrt TOY FACTQRyJ MR-WREMN"? A M6 TIPPER, TOO.'- WHENI6£JWM57AJati) TALWN6 ABOUT WHERE TO HMD 50ML IAOY? M AND TWO SMALL CHILDREN.' ^ "HX THE WREKNS"-! HOT SURE WHETHER I'M MARY WORTH .. Homage Paid To Pope John XXIII VATICAN CITY (AP)-Pope PtaA VI led the Roman Catholic Church todny In homage to Pope John XXIII on the first anniversary of his death. The pontiff descended Into the crypt beneath St Peter's -Basilica to celebrate a memorial Mass before the flower-decked tomb of Pope John. Then fie knelt for several minutes in silent prayer. A succession of Masses followed before the tomb. One was celebrated by Msgr. Loris Capo villa, who was Pope John's private secretary. Another memorial service was scheduled at Sotto 11 Monte, Pope John's native village where his brothers still \rork their farms. Pilgrims by Hie thousands thronged to the pope's birthplace in the north Italian mountains. A petition with 50,000 signatures, asking the start of a beatification cause for Pope John, was brought to Bishop Clcntcnle Gaddi of the Bergamo House Rejects Credit Charges Percentage Bill BATON ROUGE (AP) - A House Judiciary committee rejected a bill that would have required creditors and retailers to disclose charges on a percentage basis. About SO businessmen from around the state appeared in opposition to the bill. Ben Welner, New Orleans furniture dealer, told the committee computation of the annual Inter e s ^ charge would be extremely complicated for large businesses and alrttast impossible'for smaller ones. William Doran, member of the Louisiana Retail Association board of directors, said charges are now disclosed to the customer In the form of dollars and cents, and computation of the annual percentage would be impossible, Doran said existing laws cover credit fraud. He said the proposed bill, introduced by Rep. Philip Ciaccio, Orleans Parish, would materially reduce the extension of credit. Ciaccio asked the committee to defer action to allow him to amend the hill, but the body voted if, down 10-6. diocese, which Includes Solto il Monte. Beatification is the first step i toward possible sainthood. I* was at dust? last June 3 that Pope John died at (he age of 81 after four days of agony from a stotnec initmor. He baft reigned less than five years, but the work he began- Ibe i"eu6wal and transition of Roman Catholicism—lives on. Few pope sin the Church's nearly 2,000 yean made so profound an impression. He summoned the Ecumenical Council to let the fresh air of modern times into the Church. He hoped renewal of the Church would help the growing movement toward Christian unity. Through word and deed he showed himself an unconventional pope. He ventured freely from the Vatican. He received a top Communist in private audience, Soviet Premier Khrushchev's nephew Alexd Adzbubei. He said in his encyclical "Peace on Earth" that in certain situations Catholics and Comnmnists could work together for the common good of man. This brought him criticism, particularly in Italy after the Communist party made strong gains in a general election. But < Pope John once said the pope • bad to be a father to all. *j SLACKS Continental pleated and traditional slacks. 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