The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, September 15, 1932
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Served by'the .United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP KORTUBA OT ARKANSAS ANU SOUTHEAermsSOUW "^^ * ^ VOL. XXIX—NO. 155 niythevllle Unify News. Blylhevllle Herald, .„ ,„ , ,,, " . _— Mlsslsslppl Valley Leader. Blylhevllle Courier. I>l/\ 1 IIKVIM.K. AUKANRAS, THUItSDAY. SKPTK.MBKK 15 l!i:!° mm EDITION JINGLE COPIES FIVE CEfcTS, LEGION DEMANDS FULL BONUS PAYMENT Find Body of Bern's "Other Wife" Dorothy Mil lotto Dorothy Millette Left Hotel When Producer's Suicide Was Announced SACRAMENTO, Cal.. Sept. 15 (Ul>)—Identification of the scantily clad body of an auburn-haired woman recovered from the Sacramento river as Dorothy Milleltc today lent credence to the theory that thv "other woman" in the life ot Paul Bern had joined the film producer in suicide, Thc body of the woman Bern had for ten years supplied with funds vhtually was idcntitied today by Edward Sullivan, clerk of the Plaza hold in San Francisco. Miss Milletie hurriedly checked out of tr.e hotel September 7 when news that Bern had committed suicide was published. Gordon Dye, a fisherman, found tl:c body entangled in weeds In Gcorglanna s:oi:gh. an arm of the Sncrnmento river. Iat-2 yesterday. The body was clad in a Mack silk skirt, black silk hose, and expensive underwear. Bern, husband of Jean Barlow, film star, killed liimself with a pistol shot tlnomjh the temple, leaving a note to hk wife the meaning of which lins net been explained. For ten years before Bern's marriage to Miss Harluw. two months before his suicide, Dorothy Mi!!ett£ ivas known as "Mrs. Paul Bern." Relatives of Bern, however, testified that they were never married. LONG Will No Trace HE FIGHT TO THE CIIIITN [Will .Abandon Louisiana i Affairs to Wage National Campaign. 110MK, Seju. 15. <UI>i-Tli(. air Itillllstiy ciillvn.w<l l. ;i . whoV o! Kaly mid Wands In the western . MHllieri-unciiu today for Infurma- l:u:i about the Inms-AllaiHIc air- j I'lane American NIIIW, loin; UVIT- ] ''lie on its atleiuiiled riigln ( ro m -.New York to Hume, without re- p ach his "soak tne"S' docl- ^"crln"'^ ^T" '° r te lhc rlnes lo the whole nation, Senator At " cfkf "' N""e .bout «0 mlle.s Gonorosilv Needed lo Mill-' nnr/.e Suffering During Commi; Winli-r. WASHINGTON, Hepl. 15 lUP> — l'r::i(!cul llcnviT toduy lu I" Hie niiliim IbiuUHli the Democratlc i He summoned all leaders of tho I Japan Signs Protocol Recognizing Manchukuo CHANG-CHUN, Manchukno. Sept. 15 (UP)—The protocol extending Japanese diplomatic, recognition [o the "independent government of Manehnkiio" was signed by representatives of Japan nnd Manchukuo here today. Tlie streets of Changchun were profusely decorated with Manchu- kuc ilags and thousands of Chinese thi-ongcd tlie city in a combiner! celcbrntkin of the treaty signing and the fall harvest festival. Signini! of the document occurred in an improvised ceremonial hall in the residence office build- of President Manchukuo. Henry I'u-yi cf Japan's recognition of the independent stale came on the eve cf the first anniversary of the entrance of Japanese troops into Manchuria for the announced pur- iicse ol protecting Japanese lives :ird property from banditry. lit. 3lllllmUlllu 111! IVIH.VJn Vll 111". | Illlrr., .,., I ,| . ----- ,. ..... It./AIIVl, Ib In I LoulEi-ana Democratic association,; ,..,„ "" c ";l". lc)t - »f. U-o t'is-ilui w . Millions of men and wuinen I cf which he is chairman, to meet....,.'., , , , plV«cJnn. uml I lurr Die nuptoacli of winter with juinlSlit »l n bniiquct. It was I "'"'"• .j^'"M«t wuoJeliuck. nr'lnihelr lienrls, the ehlldtcn um.rcri he would oiler his resig- : ...i. ..„-. ITir alio;i tonight. He also withdrew , III I Pni PnillTPT rom his law parlner 3 hl|, wllhj ^M T Rl . M \[ *)[ lugh WilkinsLii. announcing he IILLUUII UUIIILUI Mystery woman In the life ana death of Paul Bern, film producer h band of Jean Harlow, whose body, lias been recovered from the Sacramento river. She left her'hcitef In San Francisco wheii Bern's suicide ivas made"public and boarded a river steamer from which she apparently leaped to her death. Large Crowds Attending Osceola Revival Meeting OSCEOLA. Ark.. Sept. 15.-tl is estimated that larger crowds than have attended a revival inretins here m years are attending the services '«ing held under the revival ten: on Pecan street. The meeting U sponforert by the First I3ap;Ul church, with Itov. C. E - Welch, pistor of the church, delivering regular evening sermons. Rev. Welch is assisted by Mr. and Mrs. prank Short, who recently '•art charge of the music and or- S*iii7at!on no.'k of the Lake Street Baptist revival in n'.yllieville. x 'r. Short has organized 150 children, who meet, in the tent at 4 0 clock eacii aftcruoon for religious wrvlres. it P presents motion y>ic- "irw c.idi evening just before beat Short Other Nations Have Moral Obligations to Germany Says Henderson. LONDON. Sept. 15. <UP>— Military equality of Germany with the other powers was advocated toiay by Arthur HendersDn, former foreign minister and chairman of tte world disarmament conference. Henderson, on the eve of leaving for Geneva to prcsid; over resumption of tlie conference, proposed tliat. the signatories of tlie Versailles treaty nnd assschucfl powers assemble publicly and declare their Intention of restoring Germany to a position of military equality. HendcrEOn. addressing a lunch- Pon of the national psacc council said: "The powers should recognize that what was said in 1SIO imposed glnn binning O r the preaching service .M o dock and with Mrs. Sh direct I; Will Discuss Sales Tax at Meeting Here Tonight A meeting sponsored by (lit Chamber of Commerce for the discussion o! the proposed sa:cs tax amendment to the Arkansas ccn- stitution will' be held at 8 o'cloc! tonight at the city hall. All wholesale ana retail merchants, as well as any others In- teiestcd in the matter, arc invited to attend the meeting, whlcl !s expected tr> result in tlie development cf a program of aclior with respect to the proposal. TlftflQ DEFEIIDHtCBBO Testifies That Governmen' Corporation Has Operated at Loss. No WASHINGTON. Sf|)t. 15 <UP>- ^^aJ. Gen. T. Q. Ashburn. hea lion, defended the corporation record today in testimony befor the Shanncn congressional coin miliee Investigating governmen coni|)0t!llon with private business Ashburn testified the corporatio hcd a net profit of S8.187 for th years 1929 to 1032, but during tha lime haci collecled $3,757,B66 which he raid had been put In the treasury for depreciation. He said the corporation was cs- taulistied by the government to an urgent In- | personally 1 • by ] ad no time for Ihe work. Reports here said the Kingfish as responding to italion extended pcrso overnor Roosevelt and that hei •otild stump the country. ' The fiery young politician from ue Louisiana red hills who came p liom a Shreve[Xin. law office o obtain virtual dictatorship of lie state In five years, was rcport- d 'reluctant io enter the national leld. He was enticed, reports aid, by the opportunity to carry its Tight against "capitalism" into new grounds. II COURT TODS! Judge Killoiigh Hearing Demurrers Filed half of Parish. FOR |D5EVEIT ! Nebraska Republican Senator Explains Political Position. NEW YORK. Sept. 15 (UP) — Senator George W. Morris, liberal Republican senator from Nebraska, explained • tcday lie was supporting Franklin Roosevelt for ^resident because "President Hcuv- Er's ftttiiude toward every vital problem is wrong and on niosl or these questions Roosevelt is right". The Nebraska!!, always a critic of the administration, declared in his explanation published today in :he magazine Liberty that- he considered' himself a "belter Republican llinn Herbert Hoover or Calvin Coolldse If fidelity to fundamental principles and basic ideals counts for more than staunch adherence to the slitbbolclh of regularity". "If Lincoln were alive today he would support Roosevelt", he fatd AVrr } ork Cotton '"E Hie music. Dam „.. , U s n i i nal! a age Storm Hits Florida tropical disturbance 8Ulf C095t enriy as reporled mov- an obligation from which they can- ; o! ' the Inland' Waterways corpora not escape." He referred to the provisions f the Versailles treaty that the other pow-irs should starl disarmament aflcr disarming Germany. North Sawba Child Diphtheria Victim Gordon Lott. seven-year-old iin if Mr. and Mrs. John Lott of Hi? North Sawua community, succumbed at Ihc family home about 4 i deleimlne whether Ihe $1,500.000.- o'clock this morning. He was a 000 il had spent on the dcvelop- -=-'•--' •• • ' ' 'mem- of inland waterways had been wasted. It was the corporation's Intention either to make the operation of inland waterway barge so they could be a r _; inKt-d UMJI uy private operators. i or to cease developments of rivers NF.W YORK, Sept. 15 I UP) — Cctton closed steady. open lilsh 719 724 135 740 739 744 748 158 705 Oct Dec Jan March May July 774 771 781 low 695 710 118 732 7-H 754 •Spols closed unchanged at 725. victim of diphtheria. Funeral services were held this nfterncon at Xrrll\ Fawba cemeteiy with tlie Ri-v. Southerman officiating. The Cobb Undc:iafcing co.i; • lines profitabl pany was In charge of funeral ar- '^ r " over b .M from raiigements. The deceased Is survived bv hi? parciils nnd cnc brolhcr, Richard LOU. Negro Cotton Picker Killed in Collision S ' 0nn resulted In to half M Belle, pa$scd .. on (| re gu i f coa ,- t .. oa ,""I the only damage retried ta- c.i.d Hg floating of underground f..soltnc tanks by the heavy rain ..ill and minor damage to some l*-ach collages hy tho 'M B h title. and harbors." he said. "It is primarily a demonstr.i live agency," Ashburn said. "The railroads originally put th: barge lines out of business," tn: witness continued, "but. their recent relations with the railroads have been better than ever fore." Sept. 15. (CJP)_ Isaiah McGlnnls. negro, was killed today and a young white man probably fatally injured when a truck loaded with fltty cotton pickers crashed Info another truck parked on thc highway near Cody, Ark. Tlie body of ti:p negro was taken to Mari.mna. Cecil Burrow, 20. of PalestliY?. Ark., suffered a compound fracture of the right leg and numerous The (ruck belongs to Bennett's bnilses. !le IS In a local hospital. 'Dairy. Car and Truck Meet • A car and truck were turned over In a collision 'at the Intersection of Vine and First streets lost tilglit but (he occupants escaped with minor bruises. E. C. Patton was driver of the NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 15 (UP1- Jotton closed firm. open high Ocl 718 723 Dec 730 7-iO Jan 73fi 741 March 750 759 May 761 771 July 770 770 Spots closed at 717. up 7, steativ low 655 709 715 730 740 757 C. EG 710 775 Clositifj Stock Price* A. T. and T 110 7-1 Anaconda Copper 123-8 Auburn 52 10 1-4 4 1-: Coca Cola 08 1-' Continental Baking 53-' General Electric US-! HAHHISBURG. Ark. (Special!— Demurrers lo' (he contest mil brought by State Senator R. A. Nelson of lilythevllb. charging (hat thc entire Polnsett county vote in the senatorial race al the recent irlmary was Illegal, were being ar-' ued here today before^ crrcilU " idgc Nelll klllough of Wynne. Kelson, us a cantHd'ald "for rc- lectiou, was defeated, on the face f the returns, by J. Fred Parish of Newport. J!e charges wholesale rauds in this ccunly where Hie lo- al vole exceeded Ihe number of poll tax receipts Issued to both 'lilte and negro residents hy about .000. The senatorial district is com- wsed of Poinsclt. Jackson and Mis- isslppi counties. Voiding of the 'olnselt county vote would make kelson the winner. Judge Killough heard arguments opposing counsel and look evidence on several grounds of the Icmurrers this morning mil did not iass on any objections raised by the defendant to trial of the case. Arguments on other issues raised in lie demurrers will bo heard this afternoon, should the demurrers In over-ruled it is likely 'that Ihe court will sel a later dale for actual uial of the contest arlion. Almost a dozen alleged grounds 'or dismissal of Nelson's suit ar< contained in demurrers to thc suit Among them arc the following allegations: That Nelson's supporting artldavi 1 mis not signed by 10 qualified electors. Ti:at (lie coaiplalnt failed lo make John Keel, a Ihird candldale for the office, a parly to the suit. That .service was noi prcj>crly ob taincd as Parish is n resident o Jackson county and (he suit brought in Po'.nseu comity. Hold Man and Woman for Highway Robbery Guy Lytle and Jewel Haincs wer Held in the county Jail to:la charged with Hi? hold-up of I-'ranl Moore on a road near here las i:lght. They will face prcliminar hearing before Municipal Judge C A, Cunningham t!i!s afternoon. Ivfoore was confronted by a ma irt woman as . li? was (ravelin along thc road. The man was arm ei with a black Jack and the wo man with a pistol. They relieve 'mn of about S40 In cash. Moore employed by a local mule dealer, ; said to have Identified Lylle anc (he woman as Ihe ho:dup pair. Lytle and Ihe Halnes woman wer nrrestcd by Hurry Taylor, Cricka sawba township constable. Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Cities Service General Molors ........ 1C 1 -i Middlewesl Utilities . Montgomery Ward .. New York Central .. Packard ............. Radio Corp ........ Simmons Berts ...... Standard of N. J. . . Texas Corp ......... U. S. Steel ......... 111 1- •use dig drr-acl of Ihelr ciders". Haltrr Jit-ails l.'dllfrrrr'.c The president said the federal nci-gency relief program had cien- d » buck log ot support for prl- ate /ihlhinilirony through the io\]s;!ml'i of relief nnd social agcn- es. He said private and public (Torts already were bringing re- ilts In the form or Increased inpioyiucnl mid rising prices. Mr. Hoover addressed the eon- irencs al the White House with four-pDlnt program cf objectives >r relief and welfare organlza- ons. Newton Uaker. conference lalrman. replied \vllh a- plcdjf or ntkn-wldi cllorl. lie said llmt i recent monlhs between 300.000 ml 400.000 grown boys hud lied :eir homes to the open road be- nusc the path lo gainful om- loymcnt Is closed to them, llnovrr Projram The piesldenl's progrruu was as ollows: ' -To see that- no man, woman, r child shall go hungry or un- lieltercd through (he iipuroach- is «Inter. 2—To see'that our great benevo- rnt nancies for character bulld- ii!!. frr hospilalKallon, for care if children, and all the vast, hum- icr of agencies of voluntary sollel- udc for tlie less fortunate are nnlnlalned In full strength. 3—To mnlnlaln the bed rock urinciple of our liberties by the ull innliihV.lion of Individual and oca] resources and responsibilities 4—Maintain Ihc spiritual impul- es In cur people for generous glv- and generous service in Hie •spirit dial each is his brolhcr's ecppr. Hunger Strike Will Win Gandhi Release From Jai LONDON. Sept. 15. (UP)—The British government will let the Mal-.alma Gandhi out of jail when he bjgltis his tlireittencd "fast to death' In protest against the India settls- nient, the Tndian office announced today. When Gan:hl. pitting his frail body against- an empire, actually- begins his fas',, lie vill be removed from jail lo "a suitable place of private residence," and deleted to Find War Service Does Not Carry Tax Exemption Two negro war veterans who .nought, (heir monthly checks from Ihe government entitled them I blanket exemption from taxes found out. differently in municipal court The negroes were arraigned 01 charges of failure lo pay the count' Per capita road tax. They sel uj their defense (hat government compensation checks are not subject to taxation. Judge C. A. Cunningham pointed out that the road tn\- i: against (he individual and that upon failure to pay he is subject t< a fine. Whether fines ot $10 each five dollars suspended, are patrtxm of government checks or from olhe sources is up lo thc defendants.' The iH'sroes. Sam Collins H-.K John Collins. r,-Eld:nLs of Canadla: township, were Iho flrsi iried I municipal co-.irl this fall for fall »re lo pay roru! tax. were nr rested by Constable Buller of To mato. The annual fall road [ a drive Ls usually carried on by con scabies of (he several townships. Shrapnel Shell Kills Youth Near Little Rock LITTLE ROCK. Sfp!. IS (UP)— One boy was killed and another hand was amputated tcday, th result of the explosion of a shrap nel shell In Park HIM. a suburb. According to reports the youth, found the shell In s field an threw It against a fence, explodln Adrel Young. 14, was killed In- IL'is Edna Newcomer, the "flyini .itrse". co-pllul of the plane Am ilciin Nurse, urrlvnl of which wn u\va.,cd In vain In Italy tcduy. EDUTION )re\v $75 a Month Frotr Highway D cparlmen Besides 'Regular Salary. LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 15 (UP) — Claude Duty. Arkansas asslstan ttorney Rcneral, testified today be ore the highway sudlt commlsslo Imt. for the- Insl live years 1 inn drawn two salaries from tl slate. ' Duly was Hired in 1027 as .is sistanl attorney general lo ' -vise the highway department a lo Ihelr contracts and other leg affairs." at a salary of $MOQ year y. He tcsllfied that since he was ired the lilglniuy deporlrnent hud paid him $75 per month as "living expenses." He said lie felt as though he Is an "employe of that department". It was not until 1330. however, that Duly collected In a lump sum his $75 monthly living expenses from the highway dcjiartmcnt. Since that time he has been paid each month. Two accounts totaling $^.: - i9."> rre due tlie highway dcpa-lment from railroads yet no efTor'. has been made lo collect them, (m- hljlv.vny M'dit commission revsiej loday. It was shown that the highway c'epn.r'wcnt entered into an a^ree- men'. with the St. Louis aii'l southwestern railroad c-fir.pnny in 9 to build a hurdle d!k.\ ~Tlw railway was to pay SlE.Wj upon r,otifi<ai!on that the nrcji'd lud b'-en acccpleO. .\ . l imilar ugreeinent \i;is ^\idc- with the Kansas Civ Sontl'.cin rail;, whereby they -.iv.-(- to p;iy C1010. MCE Convention Also Goes on Record Against Prohibition Law. n OHTI,ANl>, Ore.. Scirt. 15 lUl'l ' In 1 American Ijinlan convcliLloa tci'i ,y demanded full nnil itmnedi- :'.'-. payment of the bonus by (ho -envlu'lmliy vole of 1.148 to 103. Only stales votinx against Hie resolution v.sre Connccllcnt, llixw- [>ll, NelmiRka and South Carolina.. Pomes \olos from Delaware, Florla, Mlhsnurl. New York, Vermont nil Wyoming went Into the no Qluinn en split state delegations. A le.vilutlon censuring the war. ei:ailment for tending out nntl- omis |>ro|»i|jt)i>th< In KOVcrrmieiit nvclojirs wua ado|)lccl by » close ote. The aliened propaganda was u clter sent to each department oninmnilcr at the convention and Ij.ncd by Secretary of War Patrick . Hurley. The Legion adopted a resolution iskln^ outright ic[jeal of the na- lomil |)iohlbillon- law nnd repeal ot the 18th amendment. Calls Propwu! l)angcrou» WASHINGTON, Sept. IS. (UP) — Summoning Die Wrongest words In his vocabulary President Hoover lias branded the proiwsal Jor immediate cash bonus payment as one Involving "a falnl threat to recovery," a "deadly blow" at the nation's welfare, anil "an act of moral bankruptcy.' 1 Regardless of the American Lc- glo|i's expected action In 'sndors- Ing 11, Mr. Hoover has glvon nollcj lie will oppose U to the end. Us consummation, he teltevcs, would te a calamity to the other 21,000,000 families .not .aS-cted by yetcraas.. gran!? »nd ' mb's't. VJMk C tlie currency 'nnd"nnnncTal'systems Of the country. J Mr:'Hoover set 'forth hls'vlews [n a statement Issued while tlie American Legion convention «-ss considering the question. Russell Easy Victor in Georgia Senate Race ATLANTA, On., Sept. 15. (UP) — Late returns In the Georgia Democratic .senatorial primary Increased the overwhelming victory of Gov. Richard Russell Jr.. 34, over Congressman Charles Crisp. 62. Tite staft's boy governor was virtually assured victory in 100 ot the state's 159 comitbs, and Crtsp in 49. That gave Russell 278 of the slate's unique "county unit" votes, Or 12 more than the required majority of 206. Crisp had 122. Reports from 153 counllr.; In the Biibcrnalorial race showed Eugene Tnhnadgc, state commissioner of agriculture, holding a lead cf 278 coucily unit votes over n field of six oilier candidates. " Cardwell Real Estate and Cotton Man Dies 3 5-i 8 7-: 8 7- Sl l- H 41 1-21 remain (here. stantly, and his companion. Aly.i Vint, suffered a mutilated hand which was later amputated at St. Vincent's hospital. Thc shell was supposed to have been one that failed lo explode during Hie recent mock war of the Arkansas national guard. Three other youths were said lo have been slightly cut but Ihelr names \vt-re not obtained. CARDWELL. Mo.— Thomas H Ehlpmon. of this eity, died at the hospital at Parogould. Ark.. Wednesday. Sept. H. following a strok' cf paralysis. He was first stricken Saturday at his home, and was taken to the hospital Sunday afternoon. Mr. Shlpmon lived In Cardwel for a number years. He was engaged In real estate nnd cotton business. He was 60 years of age. He Is survived by his wife three daughters. Miss Deulah Slilp- mon, Mrs. ^f. L. Fuller nnd Mrs licnnle Meredith, oil of Cardwell one son, T. H., Jr.. six grand, children and other relatives. Funeral services were held today at the family home. Rev. \V. T. Stubblefield officiating. Burial was In Cardwell cemetery. Funeril arrangements were In charge of Howard-Anderson, Circuit Clerk Receives' Blind Pension Warrants Twenty-five |Kiisions warrants for the Indigent tllnd. the first Is- d under a pension lnw passed by the state legislature Ia5l year, have been received by R. L. OainM.' Circuit court clerk, and are ready for distribution nt his office in the county courthouse. The warrants are for S10 each and arc believed to represent monthly payments althoug',1 they ore (he first received since the law was pa.rod. A local boird passed on the claims of blind persons without aid or support hire last' year In anticipation of help to be sj- cured through the pension fund. Little Girl Breaks Arm While Playing at School Mary Grace Hill, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E. V. Hill, broke her right arm near the elbow while playing on the Central Ward school campus j today. . : She Is nt the Blylheville hospital j but will probabjy be removed to her horns at Number Nine tomorrow. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Partly cloudy to- tiljrlit and Friday, cooler In northwest portion Friday. According to the official weather otaerver, Chartc.s Ptllllps Jr., thrf maximum temperature hero yesterday wns 89 degrees and the minimum 61 degrees, clear. Today * year ago (lie maximum tempera, lure was 92 degrees and the mini- jrmjm 71 degrees, clear.

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