The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 3, 1947 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE MALVERN LEADER. MALVERN. IOWA. JULY 3, 1947 ( Local News 'CJ Phone 5551 A,-vi\i!'.-.- W.rl:-..—-lav . v.tur.c Mr. and Mr*. IV K Fide" nr.d f,,r ;i VIM: in tV> )>r. T. M". <",id- t>a!>v rl,- t nirrit.-r nf nprm.i. K;in. ]fv I'.i-mi 1 \vf•!••• Mr. and Mrs. Paul ;'••« to Malvrrn Saturday at;i! F.' HIM. th.-ir dani:hur. M-?. -pf-rt thp we.-k in th* V.-.-r, Hi- hard Inil'i'Mil!'-. and )]• r ?mall iMinn hom<--. Mrs, Kdr. «:i? for- nr.fl I.t. and Mn= Frank And.-rs .]<.?. ph. Mn . and ;» n:--. P of M;?. <.f £an Kraut isi-o. Cal, iiiinn. Mi*s , Frazji-r is takine a Mi-* I>>-!ori? K'lU-y rU-pr-.', t< d two wpi-k-; vacation from hf-r du- S.i! tirda> for a Mvri TKf../>;a va> a- Ti» e at Tli" I.> a i> r (-tibf ar.fl !? tinr, in California ^*i''> w.'.l \i^it !=pt-ndinc the- tiini j vi = itinir frifnd? flativfo and f:i"nd« in I.i"':::.i in Tf-ntiofi'*' and tourins K^n- Linda. !.<>« A:ici''l«= ar.d Naii^nal tuikv. fity. FACTORY APPROVED SERVICE FOR YOUR FARM EQUIPMENT O UR mechanics are trained by the Allis- ~ Chalmers factor) 1 to give your equipment proper check-up and repair service • Overhauling • Reconditioning • Adjusting • Parts replacement flUIS CHfllMERS SALtS AND SERVICE A -. •; \\ ,:; .-••• K.:«:--.:. h.,:r. to ^:r B'-..'! Vr- i^..- ' ' '••' ^: \ .•:•-•>•• ..:-,', •••-- .1 v: :».••; '•••': t.r. Mrs i. \V .*:;.!-.,• r,=. T>-,. v a; I.aK- <:• ri-^a. ^ >!.;:->;.! l.<-.\f.r.- . " •'.: v.-v.-n .Mr :'.:.,i N'r? Iiarr- 1! Cro"' in :hP A >• T" .';;:"• - K d ' a r d. ••« a" 1-, 1:1 • ' Air ar.;i V.v K* r.r.v th .!(!::'.-•:: ar.d s<. n r> t'::i:i <1 hor:-.' Mr. ;;r.d ^;r* Marion Viihf'im, par. :.;•=. V.r and (' F. I'.irX- <* r Mi«? Thy::;? r.:;:ainvd for a j. ;:t<r iif;T. Mr and M:s Tarkfr ro. .::;:•>- ::'^v.d :,i Ma^c-.Ionia i! « :: f-.-'-:; Oiu:-! 1 :.! fnr a «iek rnd •v:si? with 5-<r rar-r.ts, Mr. ar.d Vr= F.r:wi:i K: F.-r.. ri, k s ?i = !r : Co:--, ar.d Mr* liar \ : .\\>T.. Ma: • of ?: l.onif. >'. V. r and M:-* Mr ar.,1 Mrs i ;;od :h':r mo:!"' tri' 1 . Rt t hf F>V > ,f Mr. and K n-fri' Mrs. ,'. family, I.t. r;:n FalmKn. y.- ar. d Bonny rn- in c,.. nd- ,- and ,.r: -,« C,«y and , Ii.'trd Cloy %is- Mrs. Hei mr.n .;;,d--on hospital • General check-up end repair M~« tnt trrrr job — \ttft or smill —«• most ctrrful »ttrniion. Our lonpltt* h»ticr> c-f modern >hcp equipment »*- iurtj ^oo of Srfttf struct. T. L. Salycrs 1'lnnif Mnlvcin Empress Theater Phone 5521 Malvern THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, July 3-4-5 HONEYMOON with Shirley Temple, Guy Madison, Franchot Tone This is America — The White House — and a Disney Cartoon SUNDAY, MONDAY, July 6-7 THE FABULOUS DORSEYS with Tommy Dorsey and Jimmy Dorsey News Cartoon TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, July 8-9 SCANDAL IN PARIS with George Sanders and Signe Hasso. Comedy. COMING — THURS., FRI., SAT., July 10-11-12 MR. ACE with Sylvia Sidney and George Raft I'lurT? >T i !^> r\ at:o:i and treat•.•:.•'.;• Wi:;- Mrs ?f -iv-Md- hf- was i:>ir-r.c li'-r r.:i';htr. Mr?. Xettir- !'.M-. n\ V.v:;-o, k after a wffk's \i?:t at }iu' v a:i> Onter -«iih Mr. ar.d Mr' C I' i '>';?or! HP be'.amf- I'.l sr.a ':.;' ^' '."• Martin wt-nt \ip to (iriv- !.::•! hi'M- i-n Wednfsday > r. Th'.:r?'.ay h-" « a« taken :o :':-.'• ?..•?; it.-,l >;•» I. A ra:ku? IT- ft laft T!i;;r*i::iv fir l v ?-? Mcine* Mh<r«- «h> i? 5','fridinc i iF d.iys vifitlns b.f-i- s.T.-i;i-law dauphtfr. Mr. .,:.,! Mr* Maynard F.d.-l Ki'.iclit » a* 1'ititicht hoine from '.}:f K-ltniir-df-i''!! ho?V'iial in fi'iimil |::uf:? '..-•>: Tl:;irsday and wi'.l miTii-lvt*' hi* ci.r-.v.ilvf.-i T.iO fron: tl;>- r<->-nl auto aifidr-r.t at his h^.ir.e. Mr*. O. M l':f>vM>r arrived faily Saturday niornir.c by plane fri'in 1'i.rUar.d. Or* 1 ., called by the :!lnrs.« of h>-r nioth-T. Mrs. M. K. Pell. She arriied hert- before her motht-r passed away. Mrs. Mureau Bailey and son Ji>hn tiepaitcd Saturday for their homo in Albert Lea, Minn., after a 10 day visit with her mother, Mrs. Rachel Davis. Airs. R. W. Mansfield will return Thursday from San Dimas. Cal.. whore she has spent a tnr.nth with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hertz, and incidentally made the acquaintance of the new grandson, Karl Mansfield Hertz. Janet Anderson who underwent an appendectomy at Mercy hospital in Council Bluffs last Wednesday, was brought home Sunday and Js completing her recuperation at her home. Friends from a distance attending the funeral of Mrs. Eva Wainwright Sunday were Mr. and Mrs Clyde Wills, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Pease, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Garland. Gerald Zika, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thomas, all of Des Moines; Mrs. Howard Tippee of St. Louis. Mo.; Mrs. George Masters. Mrs. Gertrude Beaver and S. M. Criswell of Glenwood; and Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Leonard of ^!r< .Hairy A Ni '?on *r''rit r.con wjib hrr ;-..tlirr, Mrrs. Mal f-1 tioy. who ;? a vntif-nt at the PInfTs. di:r to .••: J.rnit nilinpnt. Mrs O. M. r-.-cw*trr •who wa« i.".i;p.; hrrp b\ ;Vi rlfatri of hrr tnothtt. Mr*, 'y F. V!< 11. will return !>y plnnr- ;<• hfr honip in Portland, drr , S," :urda\. Mr. Htid Mr* Pslrymplp ar.d dati.chtfrs. .isTIP find Kath- rjn. attrnded ihc nnminl AVPS rfiinii.-n in Mi 'iboiirnr Sunday. They t>rrp ovrr nil-fit gup.'ts of Mr?. IiBlrympif ? 'nroibrr. Clifford A\f«. retiiri.ii-:C hornr Monday. Mr?. Fiohfrt K";i:->n rptnrn^d to ?ipr horiip in Df • -\ t r Monday aftfr B r-ionth'? vi*it ir. ihp Oths K. Hyde horn P. Mis? Ruth I,<>ui?> and William Lnvrrr.f- McCor.i .;- ( -, Arrndia. Cai . drovp in if:-: ~l l.i;f?.",a> for a visit v.j:h Ma'i\*rr, rf;;r.i\r? f,n.: frif i.d?. Mis? FMr.a H":t.- and Mi?s r. i'.': [>..:;in~ r\r.->vv in lY"i;t Cali;,,.-, ,-, ,,, : .|,: I.P days a-'". !• avir,;: •:-,•.•;•.•••'!;.•'• iy t'roui h^'v f ,-rn ].•" a «'h- re ilv :• fi-i.-nd? and rpl.-tiv.-? iiinipd Saturday and at ir.e this iv.-.-k with rfla friend? hov and in Glf-nwuod. Thpy will Ipavp latf thi. s wffk fur California wh.-'ro Mi." H-'-rtz will attf-nd si.-inin.-r ?> h<"->l. r:o;h will tpai h nf'\t in California. Mr?. Franks Kline- p.tnl daueh- if-r P.arhara Irft \\'rdnc-day fur OFhorno. Kan. wlure ih'-y i v i!l visit ovc-r th> Fourth with Mr?. Klir.p's t>roth.-r and wii>. Mr. and Mr?. Harry fharpe. Mr, ar.d Mr?. .1. H. Loncstref-t and (hildrfn. Ann and John. uprp dinner ciif?t.= of Mr. nnd Mrs. Lotiis Knop Friday eveninc. Mr. and Mrs=. A. G. I.awrie fle- 1'irtPd \\"fdnf?day for thpir hornf in l.ak.-- (Jenf-va. \Vi?., after a visit hfrr- with Mr? Lawrif-'? ?i?- trrp. Mr?, Pi nil Kline and Mrs. P. M. Klinr. F. A. Wortman and siFter. Mi?? Jpssip Wortman, of Council niuffs. fpfnt thp week end in Wapf-llo. Mrs. Wortman, Rill and Carol, who had been vi?itinsr thprp for thp ra?t two weeks, rptnrnpd homp w-ith them. Miss Jessie re- turnpd to Council Bluffs Monday MT. VERNON Mr and Mrs. C. F. Wills a-- vi^itinc in thf Vandorpool homo. .Mr? Wills rani" in Saturday evo- ninz on tho train to attend tho fnn-ral of Mrs. Kva Wainwrieht Saturday in Malvoin. Roiatives and friends from out of town who came for tho funeral an..', took dinner with the Yan- derpools Sunday wore Mr. and Mrs Clyde tt ills. Mr. and Mrs. i,!ovd I'Viise. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Garland and Gerald Zeka of rv,. Moin^p. Mr. and Mrs. W<'?| f y Leonard of Perry and Mrs. George Mastoi-s of Glen wood, Mr. and. Mrs. n. F. Wills of Los Anp«.)^, Cal.. Mrs. Miley Schmidt and Mrs' Ralph Flower assisted Mr?. Vnn- rlprpool at dinner, Mr. and Mr«. Alton Alberts and family drove to Hancock Sunday to visit Mrs. Albert's parents. Mr nnd Mrs. Sam Shaw. Ruins Ailalfa Early and frequent cuttings dur. ing the growing season will ruin an alfalfa stand in one or two years Card of Thanks T wish to thank the friends and relatives for the kindness shown »nc! for tho cards and f!owor? sort to mo during my ro- for>t iHnos? in the hospital. They were croatly appreciated. 3-1. E. P. Plumh. EMERSON for Added Vacation Fun .. A void Car worries When you take your vacation you want to get there and back — avoid all vacation car worries by having your car checked and put in top shape by us. EXPERT SERVICE FOR ALL CARS AND TRACTORS I New Steam Cleaner | M;.ke your car or tractor run cooler in summer by having us dean thr motor with our new STEAM CLEANER. Car Motor? Steam Cleaned — $5.50 Tractors Steam Cleaned ready for painting — $10.50 * BLACKSMITHING * Here is the place to come for ail types of General Blacksmithing — Electric, Ga* Welding. The Best of Materials • Best of Service CRUM & DJUREEN SERVICES HELD FRIDAY FOR MARION EDIE Fur.cral servins wore held at tin 1 Mfthodist ihiir. h at 2:nr> p. m. Friday for Marii':; Edie. Rev. <". H. Bud? was in i harce. T'.'ilDiearers «•• :>• H"!>ert Beals, Marlin Alk-n. F.uc»-no Lane. Pon- aifl B«-;:)«, Charie* Karris and B« rt Burmeisti-r. Those in charge of ihe flower* wf-rp Mr?. Ray Field?. Mrs. V. K Johnson. Mrs. M. D. Lang and Mr*. W. V. Mor- rifon. Music w,-i= furnished by R. R. Honeymin and Frederick Larson, accompanied by Mrs. R. R. Houeyman. The following obituary was read: Marion Robert Edie was born at Emerson April 11, 1926 and passed away June 14. He attended public school in Emerson from 1932 to 1943 when he enlisted in the United States Navy on March 25. 1943. He was honorably discharged three years after his enlistment on March 22 of this year. During this time he served actively in the South Pacific. He attended the Methodist Sunday school and church in Emerson the years prior to this service. He leaves to mourn his loss his mother. Mrs. Hebe L. Edie, two brothers. Roland L. and David A., also many near and dear relatives and a host of friends. Burial was in the Emerson cemetery. MiliUary honors were given by Darwin Mrrritt Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Red Oak. Emerson Couple Wed in Omaha Saturday Mi?s Georgia Huntsman, daughter of Mr .and Mr*. Doyle Huntsman and Wayne Bullington. son of Mr. and Mrs. 1.. C. Bullington. were married Saturday in Omaha at the First Congregational church by the Rev. Harold Jansen. They were accompanied by Carolene Huntsman and Dick Carson. Mr. and Mrs. Bullington will make their home in Red Oak. EmerMin llaptist Cliurcli Her. r. H. Shnnklin, Pastor Sunday, July 6: Patriotic day service, 11 a. m. Bible school, 10 a. m. Working for a large attendance. All our choir members asked to help at 11 a. m. service. Wedding at the church, 2:30 p. m. No evening service this Sunday. Much of YOUR Farm Down the River? The past month has definitely demonstrated that Terraces Are the best flood control that can be practiced on rolling land. In practically every case where terraces have been built prior to the flood, they completely controlled soil erosion in Southwestern Iowa. WE OFFER A COMPLETE TERRACING SERVICE, ALL THAT WE NEED IS LAND FOR TERRACING, OURS IS A COMPLETE SERVICE. Palmer Terracing Co. Howard T. Palmer, Agricultural Engineer Phone 2791 Malvem, Iowa Emerson MrthodM Ohurrh Rev. Clare H. Boos, Minister Sunday school, 10 a. m. Morning worship service at 11:15. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Rhoads of Glenwood visited relatives here Sunday. H. C. Hicks remains quite ill at his home at this writing. H .C. Hascall is improving and is able to sit up in bed. Opal Bayes started working Tuesday morning for the highway commission. Pkoo« 3521 \V. A. ?!;;ith came the past week from S.ui Antonio, Tex., for a few weeks visit with his daughter. Mrs. \Vm. Douglas, and other relatives and friends. Mrs. Harold Culver and two sons of Rtd Oak spent Friday here in the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Potter. Mrs. Mary B. Gibson spent the past week in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Owen Fogarty, and family in Council Bluffs. Mr. and Mrs. Harry "Whipple of Long Beach, Cal., visited friends here the past week as they were enroute to the east. Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Sawyers and Mrs. Estella Sawyers spent Sunday in Glenwood in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Andrews. Mr. and Mrs. Georgie Graham, Mrs. Clyde Ervin and Mrs. Kenneth Kt-rnoii of Yillisca visitc-d Friday in the home of Mr. and Mr;. V. H Jonnson. Emerson j= still without train service bemuse of the bridge at Red Oak A truck has been carrying the mail part of the time once a day. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Eldon Nutting of Milo Ef»<rnt Saturday night and Sunday here in the home of the latter's t'raridparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Ginger. Other gut-su Sunday -tre Mr. and Mrs. Letter Shook and daughter. In tiit afternoon they aU visited Mr. Ginger who remains a patient iu the Red Oak hospital. He is much better and i- able to walk aroucd some. H* tad as other gutou Sunday, Mrs. Tresa Howe!) acd Mr. and Mrs. Rae Jackson of CUricda aad Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Long <4 N>w Market. Mifcs H.yiils Snod({rak» return- td to hi-r »orli la Goihtaa MOB- day after a weekb vacation Mr and M r ». Eliiou Hick* and l»o frocs r,f £j Mocte, Cal , taint Mutiday ji.r a vUit tr> ih* JICIBK Of Mr kbd Mrs G \V r»rl»on oth*r H Yird»ni»o Keep Attics Clean Keep attics, closets and basements clean end free of rubbish. HEARING-AID USERS! BURGESS BATTERIES , ' r fit all instruments. "a$y to buy from c BLOEDEL HARDWARE Phone 3611 Malveru We have the Items You Want • Stock Spray Special: 69c gal, 5 gal. $2.95 • Ice Coolerators, convertible to electric • 7 & 14 qt. Pressure Cookers, $17.50 up • DeLaval Separators, $35.50 up • Nesco Ranges • Perfection Table Top Ranges • Electric Irons • Sandwich Toasters • Waffle Irons LANDIS HARDWARE J L Ulp Show & Dance Hastings - - 8:30 p, m. Friday, July 4 Bunch from KMA 7 Entertain* from KMA — Admi*- tion 25c and 75c — include* both Dance and Show. Avoid the tremendous crowd* At celebrations have fun with friend* here,

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