The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 5, 1962 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1962
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAY 5, 1962 BlIV SEJJ-TRADE RENT HIR| HELP THE TIPTON DAILY TBIBUNV- Classified Rates insertion insertions insertions insertions insertions 3c per word 5c per worn 6c per word 8c per word 9c per word 6 insertions 10c per word Memoriam 10c per line Black Face Local _.15c per tine CARD OF THANKS — $1.00 FOR CONSECUTIVE INSERTIONS These charges are At a' reduced cash rate and apply if Hie ad is paid within 10 days after the final insertion. Special service charge of 25c will be aoVed after, the 10 day period. Call OSborne 5-2115 before 10:00 a.m. for insertion same day, except Saturday 9 a.m.. Cancellation until 10:00 a.m. deadline. (RATES QUOTED ARE LOCAL) PLANTS — All kind of vegetable. Our own grown including sweet potatoes, also packaged seeds & onion sets. Flowering plants coming on. Tipton Greenhouse, 119 Cleveland. C-tL FOR SALt - REAL ESTATE FOR SALE— 3 extra large lots on North .Main St. Call OS 5-4063 alter 4:30 p.m. P-tf. FOR SALE — Nice building lot on -\Maple St. Call OS 5-40ti3 alter 4:30 p.m. *" P-tf. FOR REAL ESTATE & RENTALS Consult JOE ROSS, JOHN B. BARRUM or RAY PAUL. C-tf. SEE LEWIS D. HARPER for Real Estate Sale and Listing. Insurance Loans. Phone OS 5-6060 and OS 5-6139, 121 South Independence or ice Albert McCord, Ph. OS 5-4063. C-tf. FOR SALE GLIDDEN PAINT SALE Spred Satin . . . $5.69 gal. (Reg. $6.69) Japalac Enamel $1.85 qt. (Reg. 52.85) Many Other Specials! TOLLE^ BROTHERS, INC TIPTON, IND. Ph. OS 5-4635 SALE ENDS SAT. MAY 5TH FOR SALE — Wallpaper. Call C.E. Fitch. 630 North Main. 1962 Patterns. Phone OS 5-4746. P-192 FOR SALE — '58 Dodge 4 door hardtop, auto, trans. See between 5-8 p.m., 906 North Main Street, P-184 FOR SALE — Blue Rug 21' x 12' excellent condition. Mrs. Floyd Ramsay. C-184 FOR SALE — Purple and pink dahlia bulbs. Mrs. Leroy Snow, 416 No. Conde. C-tf. LAWN MOWERS — $44.95 up. All serviced with gas and oil ready to go, as we have purchased. Lightfoots parts stock. We can service most makes of mowers. Wimer Sales and Service. C-189 HELP WANTED WANTED MAN OR WOMAN SPARE TIME To refill and collect money from our machines dispensing Hersh- eyetts, Gum and Sport Cards in this area: Easy to do. Excellent income. $440.00 cash required secured by inventory. Include phone number. Write P.O. Box 476, Evansville, Indiana. C-184 INSTRUCTION? FOR SALE — Good, used recondi- • tioned T-Vs. $29.50 and up. Tice's C-tf. Station Wagons, Used Cars, Baxter Motor Sales, 120 South Independence. C-tf. FOR SALE — Imperial Frigidaire washer and dryer, rebuilt. Matching pair $175.00. Payments arranged. Home Furnishings. C-188 LIVESTOCK FOR SALE—Five boars, 4 Hamps, 1 Duroc, Phone LY 5-4272, Windfall. P-184. WANTED WANTED'— Your vote for Tipton County Sheriff. If you want a courteous, efficient sheriff, VOTE CHARLES F. •. GRIMES, SR., May 8 Primary. Pd.-185 WANTED — Past election campaign buttons of presidential candidates. Sherrie Park. Box 82, Goldsmith. C-183 WANTED — Upholstering. Carl Miller, 731 North Independence. Phone OS 5-4616. C-tf. ASPHALT PAVING — Drives, parking lots, basketball courts, Carter Construction and Asphalt Co. Reverse charges FE 2-5809, Elwood. C-tf. WANTED —.Used pianos. Please give name, address, and telephone number. Write P.O. Box 1142, Muncie, Indiana. C-203. MEN 17-34 We are seeking men in this area to train and qualify for specialized railroad position. Those accepted will be trained under supervision of expert railroad­ men. Training arranged so can maintain income while training. Demand for' specialized- trained men exceeds supply. If you have High School education, no physical defects and want complete information, about how our training program can help you secure one of these top paying jobs, which offer lifetime securities and more benefits than other industries, give age, race, phone, address, time available. Write Box "A" care Tipton Tribune. LOST AND FOUND ^OST — Ladies white gold Bulova watch., Lost Sunday. Call OS 5-6253. Reward. C-184 MISCELLANEOUS ; 25 REWARD if you can show us a broadcoverage auto policy "with a premium lower than ours. Tipton County Business Service. OS 5-4696, 125 North Main. C-tf. 1 r- I CARD OF THANKS I We wish to thank our friends, relatives and neighbors for the kindness, sympathy and beautiful floral tributes extended' at <jhe death of our beloved daughter, Miss Brenda Susan Mayne, : We especially wish to thank Rev. E. E. Lawshe and Rev. Melvin Seeger for their comforting messages, Mrs. Carl Aldridge for the beautiful music, and the Leatherman-Morris .Funeral Jlome .for their kind and helpful services. Mr. and.Mrs. W. D. Mayne NOTICE Or COMHISSIONEB9 CLAIMS The following miscellaneous claims '.vlil be considered- by Tipton County Commissioners at the regular meeting, May 7, 1962, 9;00 a.m. Tipton Telephone Co., comm & trans 20.47 20.00 60.85 43.79 7.65 28.72 LEGAL NOTICES S&VICB SEWER STOPPED UP. Call King. LY 5-2281, Windfall. P-186 Hours WRECKER SERVICE Day OS 5-4549 HOLIDAY } OS 5-6166 Service Motor Co. NOTICK TO 1IKIRS. LEGATEES AN» CREDITORS ESTATK ot William Michael Tolle, .-"eceased. In Tipton Circuit Court, April Term, 1962. No. 2442. Notice is hereby given that Mil- jred Tolle as administratrix of said -atate, has filed her . account and .ouLhers in final settlement of said slate, and her .petition praying the -ourt to allow said account and or- j^r distribution of said estate, and .;'e same will come up for hearing j;id action in said 'Jourt on the 21st ..ay of May at 9:00 A.M., 1962, in .no court nouse in Tipton, Indiana, JC which time all heirs, legatees and creditors ot said estate, are required .o appear and show cause, if any there -e, why said account, and vouchers >uould not be allowed, and distribu- .lun of the estate be maute as prayed or in said petition;, and all the ..cirs, devisees and legattes of said •icedent -.and said estate, and all oth- ii> interested, are lu-.ouy required to .ppear at said time nr?d piace and nuke proof of their lieirsiiip or claim '.o any part of said estate. • PAUL, H. JONliS, Clerk Circuit lnurt, Tipton, Indiana. iiolton. Holmes & Watson, Attor- :ey. 17S-1S4 Bernard Smith, same ': Tipton Util. Service Bd. util Tipton Util Serv Board, same Allen's Shell Serv, repr .... Ind. Equip. Co., same .... Bill Anderson Spring Serv., same 28.40 Vivtor Smith S. & Serv., same 4.09 Fring Impl. 'Do., same 1.79 KessTer Auto Parts, same .. 101.50 Grimme Gar., same -67.94 Walsh Rad Rep & Serv, same S .00 Sam Jennings, same 2.00 HOES & Doggett Body Shop, same 15.26 McKnight Farm Equip. Store, same Poe Impl Co, same : 3.S7 Eiirs O K Tire Shop, same . 1 11.45 J. R. Ramsay Prt Co., off ejep 45.00 Myers Welding Co., gar, mtr & pivr. ~ 18.04 Motor Fuel Tax Dlv., same .: 28.02 Myers Welding Sup Co., same 37".31 Knneking & Phlfer, same .... 165.52 Moellering Sup To., oth bpr exp 13.25 Earker Upholstering Co., same 2.00 Naw Brands Mfg. Co.; same 128.73 Yoeman Stone Co, stone 1196.41 Fred Goodler Co., gravel .... 64.31 Ayres & McCarty, same . •; 265.20 Ted McKinney & Son, same, i 1619.27 Logansport Metal Culv Co., tile, sewer pipe 3.74 Ideal Cement Wks, same ... i. 21.05 Logansport Metal Culv. Co., same 16.47 American 'Steel Sup Co., gr & maint bl . ..250.S5 American Steel Sup Co., same 10.0S Mbhr Const Co., bit mat 2442.70 Robert Russell, rents i 112.50 Shell Oil Co., equip :...: 1.50 llarrah Mfg Co., same 42.47 Standard Oil Co., ht, 1, pwr, g. mtr & pwr . 1161.13 Mack Mach Co., repr & equip 917.S2 ( Compton & Son, same 30.56 Allied Equip Co., same 452.24 Tipton Util Serv Bd., util -i 383.96 Ind. Gas & Water Co:, jail fuel 77.68 Roymond Moody, tax refund 18.60 E.dgar Neal, fox bounty 15.00 Robert Calvin, same 3.00 Max Simpson, same :, 3.00 Kichard DeVault, same : •.. J 6.00 Andy Bushman, same .....'. 3.00 Gary Johnson, same . 3.00 Jack Welsmiller, same J • 6.00 Charles McCorkle, same 18.00 Frank Thurman, same .... J 3.00 Wavne VanBriggle, same ...3.00 George Hinds, same :. 6.00 Wm. E. Walsh, same 12.00 Arthur Huggler, ditch view J. 30.00 Itichman Ins Agt, ditch bonds 7o^00 Tipton Lbr Co... prelim exp . J 3.79 Vola Boram, ditch repr : J 164.35 Gerald Rode, same .15.00 W. Bilby, same 20.00 Willard Frey, same •• , _7-»0 Richard Sandman, same .... ! - 20.00 Jesse Davids, same 60.00 Bill Baker, same • 30.00 Mildred Burgan, same 24.»o FOR SALE — Kool-Vent Awnings, Storm Doors and windows, Aluminum siding. A. J. Butz, OS 5-2G46. C-tf.. FOll SALE — Vegetable and flower plants. Dova Bitner. Goldsmith . P-193 FOR .SALE $10.00. E. bia. — 24 inch sirls bicycle. Skidmore, 124 Colum- P-185 PIONEER HYBRIDS SHELL OUT MORE High shenlng percent of grain with small cobs from big ripe Pioneer ears make for higher yield and more profit. Your local salesman has high quality ieed for delivery now, or call at .tie PIONEER PLANT west edge of Tipton WANTED TO PLOW — Gardens. 513 Armstrong. OS 5-4776. P-185 POWER LAWN MOWER repair. Evenings and Saturday. David McNeal, 450" North Main. P-185 WANTED — Ironing. $2.00 full basket. Every week. OS 5-6727. C-188 WANTED TO BUY WANTED — Large house 10 to 20 acres. North'or northwest of Tipton. Jr. Karnes, 521 East Poplar, Kokomo. P-185 WANTED —.To buy feather beds. Send name and directions to Box "F" care Tipton Tribune. P-197. WANTED — sink, 48 to Wittkamper. Metal base kitchen 72 in. long. Ferrill FE 2-6012. P-185 FEMALE HELP WANTED WANTED — Babysitter for 2 children ages 5 and 20 months. 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. OS 5-2755. C-185 FOR SALE — Good used'wringer. - .Maytag washer. Square aluminum tub and agitator. $50.00. Same, model new $189.50. OS 52088. C-185 WANTED — Car hops, 11 - 4, Monday - Friday. Ranch Drive In. OS 5-6019. C-185 SARAH COVENTRY INC., opening full or part-time, car, phone necessary. Write Box "Z" care Tipton Tribune. C-184. KEYS MADE, aead lights adjusi ed. Ebert Sinclair Service. Phou. 5-7125. C-Thurs.-Fri.-Sat.-v SEPTIC TANKS, toilet vaults vacu iim cleaned. Sewer and bast ment drains cleaned with electa cutting knives. Phone Ehvoo FE 2-2684. David Sewer Cleaners C-i GENERATORS, STARTERS carbu re tors, general overhaul. Fret pickup and delivery. OS 5-4946 C-tf. FOR SALE — .Septic tanks. Cai King Plumbing Service. LY 5 2281, .Windfall. P-181 WANTED — Television and raido repairing, service calls. Antenna installation and repair. Parts, and service guaranteed. Ralph R. Beck. Phone OS 5-6782. C-tf. GENERATORS AND STARTERS rebuilt, complete brake service. Ebert Sinclair Service. Phone OS 5-7125. 720 East Jefferson. C-tf. FOR RENT JVOTKK TO. 1IKIKS, M-^ATKKS AM) CKKIHTOKS Estatf ot Mary fcjiia tscaman, De- cased, In Tipton Circuit Court, April erm, 11162. -So. 24*0.- -N'otK 'L* is hereby given that Versa! j- .1 ayne, licaman as executor ol said } .-tale, has tiled his account and | -ouchei 'K in. tinal settlement of said stale, and his petition praying the; ourt to alk>w said account and order ! .istribution of said estate, and that * -ie same will come up for hearing 1 nd jtn-tion in said Court on the 21st J Jay of June, 11)62, ati):00 XM. in .ie court huuse in Tipton, Indiana, at nich time all heirs, legatees and ere- ttors of said estate are required to linear and show cause, if any 'there why said account and 'vouchers tiould not be allowed, and distribution i the" estate be made as prayed for i suid petition; and all the heirs, .evisees and legutees of said decedent -i :d saiii estate, and all others Inter- sled, are hereby rquired to appear L said time and place and make proof i their heirship or claim to any part "» said estate. PACL, 11. JOSKS. Clerk -Circuit uurt, Tipton, Indiana. M. liKJtlilOUT, Attorney : ; ; : ; : I NOTICE TO IIKIKS. |.K(i.\TKKS AX1> iKKiHTORS Estate of Dosie Orr, Deceased, In .-:pton Circuit Court, April Term, lffi2. o. 2452. Notice is hereby given that Kred ;i:ck Hobbs, as udministratur of naid state, has filed his account and .luehers. in final settlement of said Ntate, and his petition graying the ,ourt to allow said account-and or- ier distribution of said estate, and nat the same will come up for, hear- ng and action in said rolirt on the 22nd day of May, 11*62, at U:00 a.m. . the court house in Tipton, Indiana it which time all heirs, legatees and reditors of said estate are required .L > appear and show cause, if any .here be, why said account and vouch- .r.s should not be allowed, and dis- rihution of - the estate, be made as • jtnyed for in said petition; and all Jte heirs, devisees and legatees of said Jecedcnt and -said estate, and all oth- rs interested, are hereby required to appear at said time and place and .nakt* proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said .estate. PAUL, H. JONES', Clerfc Court. Tipton, Indiana. WILSON WHBATLEV, Attornev. lS4-'li*0 FOR SALE — White gasoline for! power mowers, out-board motors, chain saws, garden tractors. In your can, Webb Oil Co., 215 South Main Street. . C-20S MALE HELP WANTED FOR SALE — 1961 Chevrolet Bel• Air 4 door sedan. Power steering, Turboglide transmission. Low mileage, very clean. Poe Implement Co; -P-186 WANTED — Married man for dairy farm work. Experienced. Write or call, Kenneth Russell. Carmel, Ind. Phone Victor 61735. P-185. FOR SALE — '56 Ford. $200.00. 224 . Ash Street. P-187 FOR SALE — Quality used cars. THROG'MARTIN AiJTO SALES, 704 W. Jefferson St. C-tf. FOR SALE — Steel clothes line] post. 612 Green Street or Phone ^ OS 5-4690. C-188 FOR SALE . One owner — new car trade ins. Used cars, convertibles, station wagons, trucks. We alio trade down. Large selection to choose from. Don Ross Motors/ 120 So. West. Phone OS 5-494L C-tf. 1962 SINGER CABINET $42.10 Complete Price Repossessed, only eight months old. Terms avaiUble. Sews backwards and forwards, over pins and needles, round bobbin, equipped to darn, mend, applique, quilt. Vary modern. Call OS 56062. C-tf. Men 17-34 to train for specialized railroad position. See adv. classification Instruction. E'GR RENT—Semi-modern 6 room close to Tipton. Write Box W, care Tribune.. Ptf FOR RENT — Modern 4 room upstairs apartmept. OS 5-4419. Ctf FOR RENT — 2 bedroom apartment. Heat furnished. 128Vi E. Jefferson. OS 54507. C-tf. FOR RENT — 4 room newly decorated, ground floor apartment, garage, well located. Phone OS 5-4110. A C-tf. Circuit Tipton County Library o^en Mon., Wed., Fri., tilt 8 p.m C-232 MECHANICAL DRAFTSMEN under 30, minimum I year actual experience. Growing company, leader in its field, new product, benefits, equal opportunity employer. Mail resume. Curtis Automotive Devices, Inc., P.O. Box 297, Westfield. '. C-186 SALESMEN NATIONAL CONCERN offers opportunity, married man above 30 preferred. Must have late model car. Knowledge of tractors and machinery helpful. Sales experience not necessary. We train if hired. Drawing account. For personal interview write qualifications, address and phone number to Lowell Johnson, Dept. 5A1, P. O. 'Box 392, Dallas, Texas. P-184 FOR Rg&tiy— 'Modern apartment, gas heat/plenty of closet space, W. OS E. Ross, 415 West' Madison, 5-6404. C-184 FOR RENT — five room semi- modern iiouse in country. 2 miles west of Ekin. Phone Mrs. Emma Hodson, WI 7-3164. P-186. FOR RENT — 3 room upstairs apartment. Furnished. Phone OS 5-2348, Tipton. C-187 ELK'S Cancer Fund Dinner At the Elks Club Sunday May 13th 11:00 • 1:30 P.M. CICKEN & NOODLES OR BAKED HAM Adults S1.50 Children 7Sc . Dessert Extra , PUBLIC INVITED All Proceeds Donated to the Cancer Fund Does Change-off-Life Make You Feel Older Than You Are? h doctor's Urti, special medicine rtUtvtd thou hot flathit, weakness, Mnrautnut fsr woman afttr woman...then tnty could anjef • happier middle-age I Does change of life leave you BO weak, irritable you feel older than you are? Suffocated by hot flashes, constantly tense? In doctor's tests, using Lydia Pinkham's Cnmnoiind. womta utter woman got glorious relief. Hot flashes subsided. Nervousness was calmed. Then they could fa "amiliug through" these trying* years of change-of-lite. If change-af-lita make*,you. Iee\ older thwart you are, get Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. See how fast it helps you feel lika your happy, active self again. KH» INOUM-WMI UP TlUb t Whan due to simple iron-deficiency anemia, take Pinkruim Tablets. Iron-rich, th« start to strengthen your blood in 1 day! Ideal Cement Works, same 308.95 Bii! Baker, ditch rep .24.00 Oner Salsbery, same ' :.. .52.30 Friden. Inc., repr equip .15.00 J. R. Ramsay Prt., oft supp 969.73 Kokomo Blue Print, bl prints 8.24 Safe Guard Sales, serv cl ch wr 15.00 Tice's Keen Kutter, padlocks 15.00 Consolidated Midland Corp; nurse supp . . 6.06 Journal of Nursing, same 5.00 Physicians Clinical Lab, autopsy .135.00. S'arjorle Warner, typing 135.00 Tebco Fertilizer Serv., inf fertil 100.66 Farm Bureau Co-op, same ; ,• • 22.57 Suite Home & Equip, fuel inf 22.26 R. K. Kincaid, M.D., inf mtd 4.00 SI B. Gossard. M.D, same 11.00 J. V. Carter, M.D., same .... 43.00 Hue Front Drug Store, same 14.42 Tipton Produce, inf food 110.31 Dletzen's Bakeries, same'....,- 23.13. 'Carter's, same 215^56 Dean Milk, same 49.42 Danner's, inf & aud supp .. 13.21 Gene Mitchell crthse equip .. 162.75 Walter Hillan, mop wash ..,. 15.00 Al-Jax Chemical, crthse supp 58.66 Windfall Plbe, & Htg„ repr crthse stoker 73.00 Robert Durham, serv fire ext 22.50 Kinder Coal Yard, fuel inf., crthse 557."iO Ralph Henderson, mile - ........ 10.00 Koral Dark, same : ; • 9.44 Max Bowlby, same ............ 14.40 Myron Bowlby, same 6.24 Mona Haskett, • same "26.30 Maude Welsh, same ..: 5S.72 Owen Ratcliff, same & post 27.74 Early Elevator Co., crthse elev serv ; 20.00 Sodora Clark, trav exp .29.52 Mary Thomas, same . ... -17.15 McAdoo Clouser, same S.70 W, B. Saunders, wel off supp 12.50 R. K. Kincaid, M.D. jailmed S1.00 Sanco Prod Co.. jail supp 281.39. Compton & Son, inf, jail, crthse Hupp 51S.50 Mitchell Fiineral Home, sold bur 100.00 Home.. • ... • 109.00 .. ' 100.00 1 .6S : . . 4 ;00 42 .00 959 ->(; 6.'" Ralph McMullan Funeral same I.^atherman-Morris, same .... Orville Click, post .... -. .* Paul Jones, same i.oyd Huffer. same ........ Knneking & Phifer, sh car serv Don Ross Motor Sales, same R. S. Martin, Ins., after.dep ins 5.S3 Joseph Schmid, sher antenna 21.50 Jack's Uniforms, sher supp- 21.59 Harry Tidier, sher serv ' S.30 Ross Motor Sales, sher 1962 cr 1743.57 '.-iyde Overdorf, pris meals 22.1.K0 Irene Byron Hosp.. inm care 458.50 Museatatuck State School, inm. cloth 10-53 P.utler, Fairman, Seufert, replace •brdg. .. : 1391.40 Respectfully submitted, OR\1L,LE T. CLICK- NOTICE OF CO.UMI9SIOXEKS' AIXOWANCKS The .fojlowimr payroll claims, were allowed, by .the Tipton County Commissioners at a sx>ecial meeting. May 1, 1962, 9:00 A.M,. Bernard Smith, hwy supt .. 300.00 Udith John^On, hwy sec 250.00 Lester Amsburj', hwy lbr .... 264.75 Don Barr. same ...- '.. 277.50 -italptT Bogu'e, same ...- 2SS.75 Harry Boyer, same . -228.00 Andrew Bushman, same . .* * 273.00 Wilbur Collins, same 252.00 Wilbur Fishback, same .... 253.50 Meredith Grimme, same .... 272.67 P. C. Hussey, same . ' 33,6.00 Jack M. Lee, same ' 253154, Harry,. Quear, same ....... .-„- "2ff2:0a r | Audra Richer, same ........ 240.00 Laurence.Sanders, siinie .... .240 .00 Lawrence Shook, same ...... 321.00 Fay Smith, same 247.50 Philip Smith, same S5.50 Everett Stout, same .. ... Micheal Teter, same " 9S.25 Maurice' Tolle, same . ... 96.00 Homer. Yeary, same ........ 217.50 l'iiul H. Jones, 'Clerk; 45S.:!3 Betty Clark, dep el , 275 .00 Linda' Goar, clerk cl • 250 .00 Ruth Maines, sch elec «' elect 2S4.00 Margaret Re^nier, same .'1. 54:00 Orville T.-Click, auditor 45S.:i:i Mary "Kemper, dep and 275.00 Martha Purvis,, aud cl-.,.-... 250 .u0 Ruth Keel, treas 45S.33 Margie Thorp, dip treas .... 275.00 W'aneta, Devault, treas ul 200.00 ;Kina Aldridge. reo 4)6.66 'Wilma Bowlby; dep rec...-.. 275.00. Clyde' Overdorf, sher 45S.:;3 Allen Overdorf, sher dep -":..'' 370.00 MaiT Overdorf, jail mat 100.00 Evelyn Landis. jail lbr 46.50 Max Bowlby, surv 2S5.15 Myron Bowlby, surv heper .. 275 .00 Clvde Burris. same '. 17S .00 W". M. Clary,' co »Kt„ .: ,... 1S3.3S Riith Wimer, home d agt .... -150.00 IX-.vid Troyer, asst agr agt ' 137.50 Nancy Andrews, agr sec .: .275.00 Patricia Schniidt. ext agr lbr Owen Ratcliff, sch supt - .. ErnestVhe Cline, att oft" Betty Bunch, dep assr .... I.oyd Huffer, assesor Luther Beck, re-assm't ...... Motor Tune-up Cole's Service General Auto Repair Day Phone OS 5-4075 . Night Phone OS 5-4025 24 Hour Wrecker Servcie " ! i • White table covers in floral design, 40 inches by 300 feet $4.35. TIPTON TRIBUNE.. VERL GRIMME for SHERIFF Republican Candidate Subject to May 8 Primary (Pd. Political Ad.) t . • PAGE 5 Maxine Clouser, same ...... 278.00 Lvda Conway, same 240.00 Xellie Richter, same 143.00 Ardell Richter, same 143.00 VviiJiam Henderson, same .... 143.00 Vernon Harlow, same 143.00 Harry Oilar, same -.. 78.00 . •toe Kamsaver. same 30.00 Vernon Harlow.. Pra Twp Assr 400.00 Robert Euhison, Mad Tp Assr -40<v.a<> V.-It. Cage. Ci Twp -Vssr .:-.. 300.00 John De Witt, same • 300.00 Ernest '.Weismiller, same 300.00 Fdna Amsburv, same 300.00 FJIa Sandman, same > 60.00 (Oliver.Wheatley. judge 133.33 -rjtura Law. crt rep : 333.33 •"^ule Qufck. ert bit- 170.00 ;ona Haskett, prol> off 333133 Iter Hillan, i-rlhse cstn . . 250.00 Naomi Hillan, same ,." 100.00 Luster Dudd. . inf supt 150.00 Olive Dodd, inf mat 100.00 Nina Mcfartv. inf help .. . .* 90^00 'Hester RoUr.same 90.00 Ivrothy ^iuon. s;une 60.00 Joseph Kotvasz, same ' 50.00 John Cardwell. co comm .... 191.66 George Hartley, same , 191.66 V.obert Stoops, same 191.66 Koral nark, vet serv off 250.00 Linda Pav. vet serv seer . 100.00 Maude Welsh, nurse <. 270.00 >iarietta Hiatt, nurse seer .. 100.00 Richard Regnior. -co att . ..(. 115.00 I*hi!Hp Nichols, cor S3.33 Robert Heron. Ci def'dir .. 250.00 SeOora Clark, wwl dir .. S50.00 Marv Thomas, wel vis iSn.OO -McAtlOo Clouser. same-.. ' 2S5.00 Linda llowery. wel seer .. 225.00 Wilson 'Wheatley. wel legal . 50.00 • Rt -soeotfullv submitted, . ORVILLE T. CLICK, Auditor Tip- SEED, BULB EXCHANGE IS PLANNED BY SILVER BELLES - Seeds and biubs will be exchang- ios '-'S' ed - by roembers of Silver Belles aeii'.tiV Home Demonstration club when 250.00 t h ey mee t at 8 p. m. Thursday 2 SSJIO at the home of Mrs. Elbert Harper. •NOMINATE! WALTER (Red) HUGHES Republican Candidate For SHERIFF of Tipton County Subject to The Primary Election May 8, 1962 YOUR SUf rutv'1! APPRECIATED THIMBLE THEATER By ALEX RAYMOND 7#EMCWST£R Hf LANDED MISTAKE. WANTS TOFX3HT! I AIDING iYA IWeULKlM' COWARtSS.'.' COME OM OUT AW F1SHT / WHAT INTME ^ WOWLD IS FOPEyS DOING? YELLING. . SVVIM<SINJG AMD TALKINJ3 "TO HIMeELP? ( COM£OM,VA SVMBSJ LE'S K1SMT.') RIPKIRBY A NEW YORK CAB RACES . AGAINST TIME. RELAX, VESMOtiP. WE'LL RAPIO THE SUPERINTENPENT FKOW THE SHIP... BLONDIE by CHICK YOUNG A/AKB IT SOUNP THAT k<e PIOM'T ASMtOON A THeM .,...o *;Ay, you've ~* MA .ce vafc* tour, wetioyl GO-V/rTH YOUl no v3 I 4

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