Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 2, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1895
Page 3
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F. W, KINNEY, 513 BBOADWA-V. V BEAM5BIX ish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. •WWe dress oar own Poultry and therefore have everything 'reso. ot Soie's Soap, ANI> FA^K i KOM CHAFFING SOLD ONLV BEN FISHER'S DRUG STORE INCREASE YOUR INCOME OtUtrs • r • OO\IIK It why not rou? invMjit *10.00 in Dwiwinbar wnwit, Our -y«tBiu manKuniWd tor tow o .new. or Hiniill triifler., tiers ym m> «xiwl «nt .t.ii.rtniilWto try It. Writ-us tod y for mil Inrormntlo.!. PERKINS A CO., HI Uliilio BldK. Chlciusii. 111. NOTICE FARMERS- »xh.b.tn Wlr-I^s DR F. M. BOZrlR'3 DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! HEAL ESTATE. Wnnnxl. alioiip Cott»g'» For Sale, Vuittl tots tin I AcfrtS v *>t 3-tle. Wunteil ^m-ill fnrma Kor -inle. Wan.xj Ba^morf. Bloeus t'nr diilfl. Wanted to Bxctmnce-arm* tor City Property. Wnntml torch-indU* o Tc (laforFiit.ua. M. M. «OH(»OV.3rir- Block Lo^iUisport, Indliina. H. E. TRUAX, M. D. Spoolftl nttontlon given to Nose, Lung, Llvet »n(l Chronic Disunites. Ortloe and Htwldance over State National uanK. Hours 10 ta I-' 11 in., -' to -1 P. «>•, '""I 7 to 8 P. m. :-'Hl calls promptly attended. ^^^^__^_^_ J __^ — ^^^^^•^^^^""•» KKOHJ'iBK & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, G13 BroiKlwsiy. "DAILY JOURNAL " SATURDAY MORNING, FKU. 2. A now wcnooi building- lit Flora, Ind. was dedicated wiih a I tho usual core, monlos yesterday. Addresses wore HI ado oy E \V. rCottip ot tho Siaiu and \V. W. Bin jk of ihe Paris, III. schools. /oi-Phor*—W»miu'» Frlcntl- His a grand rojord aa a remedy (or all dUonflas peculiar to women. Ask your drugntbt for ono o( tho Zoa, Medical Books for women. Sold F. KdUSlinR •* inc ' Coulson & Co. life The *'imor»il 01 H. P W |>t>t>riM»H. Tno funeral ot tionry P. Wippermaa will occur today at 1:SO p. m., from thoEjjrllsa Lutheran church, thoKev. J. C. liautlman conducting tho sor vices. TDO body will rest at tho Shldclor cwme-'Viry ia Clinton township. /-' _ ^' . , t \ ~ i \f ltn - having s-iitTr-n-.l for «i long tim«i from netuu rheumatism without obi-tin it " relief, 1 uS'-il Uaamo^rlain's Ptkln lUUnnaU iv.w iila-.o;tlT»njcdiately relU-vcd. I h'ffhly rucoamoatl this as tbo bc-t CKdieiuo keo.vn—D 'M. Hamilton. For fcalo by B. F. Koeslinj, Dniffslsl. Wart t;iv>-i» a Bort. Michael Sumn. who Is oa bis way from Texas toTolfido, Ohio, was given lodging Thvmddy night, andsouton his w»y yesterday. SraUh claimed that ho lost his family and possessions In the torriolo Johnalown tlood dis. aster. _ As overheard by our reporter: A FrUlndr A Irlco Some four or ti'e .vu^rrfago J- V Gi'idyear. a young m*o full of Ufa aad vlg>r, left the o.d f*rrn in houn county, for ihe more active ia the city. Drifting into me telegraph OublneMd. ha secured a position on tba C & N. W. Railroad, at RJ- pub.lc. Mich. In addition to tiinduiieB as operator, ho wan required W sell tickets, check big!>*i,'e aod make himcslf fjenernlly useful. Bot*een the exacting offioiile on tbe one side and tbe incousUtent publio on tbe other, he w»s worked aud worried to such ao extent that his health gave out and one day he was carried to his home, after having a severe nervous spasm; he grew from bid to worse until he had to relinquish his position, a physical wreck. The doctor oould not cure him and told him so, but advised him to go to Ann Arbor and place himself in charge of that world widd institution of learning, which he did. He con. tinned with, their treatment constantly and faithfully for four long yara. receiving little, if any, benefit. While In this condition, a friend gave him a boit'oof Dr Wheeler's Norvo Vital. Izor, with an urgent reques: to use it. Not wishing io oflend his friend, he promised todoeo, But did not, because, as he argued with himself, '-What is the use of taking that 'Stuff' if the most learned nerve specialists in the world can not cure me?" But as time passed ho would occasionally think of the neglected bof.loof medicine given him and bU promise to uee it. Ono d»y he picked it up and mechanically pulled tho cork, manured out a doao and took it; a chao«o foamed to come ovor him, his nervousness ab*ted, his mind became clear and ho thought he felt something of bis old tlma vigor. Ho continued la'tclng the ViUlizar until he was able to sit up, then to walk a few steps; the sluffgt.-h blood Io. hi-veins became active, color returned to bis tlt^h and he felt the need of more food, tie sooo improved so that he sought nod became engaged in light labor and earned the first dollar in nearly f.vo yaa-s; hope attained its lone vacated position in his brain and his friends rejoiced at is now lending a thoroughly acl'.vaand successful life which ho sa\s ha is proud to attribute to i)r. WQoslsr'd Narvo Vttn.li7.3r, the greatest nerve builder ^var produced for nervous pro-tratluo, s:mstns flis, sloeplcssnos?, mental depression, exhausted vitality, duspondoiio.v and general docility. For salo by Bt-n Fisher^ T..IJPS Toe W .-stood. Fred V*u Gvm->u of Lafayolt-.', has. finally b-on prrswaded to take "Taa Hotel \Vesicott." now beinjr erected at Richmond by tbo Commercial Club of that city, at a cost of $100.000. Vj.u Onuau bus leusad the establisb- iiiof.t for ten years. Ho is an old hotel man, and was at ooo time the proprietor of tbe Murdock Hotel of this city, tho Coulter House at Frankfort and tho Linr houco at Lafayette. In a recent editorial the Salem, Oregon, Independentsays: "Time and again have we seen. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy tried and never without using tho mo*t satisfactory results Whenever wo see a person Efflicted with hoarseness, with a cough or cold, we invariably advise thetn to get ! Chamberlain's Cough Remedy; and Poo li>c rrjK'ive of tbe •turn around" came in *' bout a cab ojorDlnST. A buz Car that Blood on a aiding wo e»r the ODiiin track tore it off fortunately without h juriug any of ihe ere* A fe« nigb'B ago a 'a-t train on the ran into a drove of cm )e near III., killing aod maiming forty-iwo head Strao»;e to say the euKt'ne WHS not derailed, oeiiber was tnere any material damage done to the train Snmuel Cutsball who some years eg" u-rd.to rie H f'rijbi c ndudor on tbe Wi-ba-b b-tweeo here and Bu ler, U said io be i>fog at d- a'-h's door at bid borne ID Detroit, with pneumonia. For tho IIHSI, year be ba* been running a passenger train bmtvceD Chicago and Detroit. Tne opftrHlion perfnrmfd Wadnes- dny on Mrs G-eOrte W. Murphv, wife O' a well known P.n Handle brake- mt.u was sucees-ful and bopes are no* eoteria ned for her raoovp.ry. Sne in siiil very weak ar,d will be com- pulled to remain at the hoeplial for BBVoral weeks yet An fxch oge says: E iplneers fi>rm a cias-i of exoeptioailly temperate men. O'course ternpa r ate habHS are ri-qulred on all r'vilroad", but there ara many englnebrs who, thuuuh they may nevi-r oave taken aoy pledge, are more than temperate—they are lee- lutalers from personal choice. Wtiai is said io b-i the longest! railway car in tno world paired ihrougn the city Toursday evening, going wedt over tbe Wabash I'ne car Is seventy feet long, in haodsomoly decorated on tbe outside and conveniently arranged inside. It was built at me L. E. & W- shops at Peru (or El. Dtvta, manager ot an Uacle Tom's CuOln Company. It seems that the C. I. & E. railroad people mean business, says the Marion Chronicle- Notwithstanding the cold weather tbe engineers have bten hurrying their preparations for work on the line Toe huge pile driving apparatus arrived yesterday and was immedia'oly sent out 10 F-ilrmoisnt for putting la bridges. Before long smoke from C. I. & E. engines may be Been. A bill will eoon be introduced in Congress making train robbers answerable 10 the federal authorities, it being argued that tho U-ited States govern- md»c coaid more tffaciually cope with tain class of criminals than toe State authorities. II tbe bill passes train wreckers will charged with murder where they cause the loss of human litd and when no lives are loat they must be sent to tho penitentiary from two 1,0 twenty years. Too territory o( Arizona has a law making train roobory puoUhablo h y death whether it results in the IO-B nf life or not. What is tlio work uf the KiilucyKl To remove from tno cloud us im purities. The products of call wusies wniuli have been burned up in sustaining Ufa and giving strength to the syoiom. Every • particle of blood in tho body goes through ibo kidneys every three minutes, and if these organs are unablo to perform i.heir work fully, sooner or later the system is poisoned. Therefore, San Jak is tha iadteamed blood remedy. Scrvoua Di'bllily. 35jBry pei'soD havlog nervous debility, organic vs-oiik-nerS, or f*ilinsr mem ory iseatltledto sympathy ol evory honest porsnn, and' should have ex- tondf-d medical aid sucji as is found in San Juk. Sold by Ban Flshnr. druggist. Ll��t of transfsrs of roal cstaro In Cnss coanly rfinrtwl by Vrin'K It. Wl|ip ( >nti:ip. absrrart?r nf titles, cnnveyitnwr mil n.>t.tr>- unnltc. Insurance ami Ion u n-'t'iit. Utles to r.al cst;it.i cxinnlneil ini.l il- IV;'t'W tltit-s pi'rfei'i-il. Minify t' 1 li'iin ;i1 ! lowfst nut's. Oflls? 2-J3 Kourib stn-e:: directly oi'po.-Uetim Court Uo.i-c ontrmrt, LO^Mnsport V" 1 "; 11 -;- srorrl , on , 0 t .T y, r <l.v.k tract W rf,xlM lil's^in or Liipwr'-.-i J.l M.H! '....i; 1 00 C -. H:i:.- id Vi'm. H. iiil»on lot L Alk-n I RV'I'inlS'Mr* -M H'M • CKJU LU 1 C. ri liiileCoii tD Tlio». fi'\m ami J;iit>'> E. B-cK so <K see. 1J, i'fe' JiS 'E-'fe i''. TiiosV'FiynTi'wii ab-Vv, we must b.Q careful to get our money's worth of everything—and Oh! John, don't forgot to stop at Ben Fisher's druff' store for a bottle of Brant's Balsam, it only costs a quarter and it cured my cough so quickly before, I have conadence in It, besides Us eco- norotcal to use; the bottles are extra large while the dose is only a half •.tM»pooniuL n Get Brant'a ol Ben .Fitter. Druggist. Bucklen'* Arnica Salvp. The boot salve io the world for bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum lever sores, tetter, chapped hand?, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup. tlons, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It- is guaranteed to give perfect 8Mii<factloa.or money refunded. •• Price 25 deou.ger"bor.' "" ««le.bfB. F. KeealinR. 5 00 5 00 ison oo 75 00 IVIM 'f 1 •'**'• '* ^~ ** vl " ••-.••• "' - ,, D. • K>mps to HeriJ. .M. Tlimhln lots S to 11 B»«sirs»,l to \oui.K Amerlcn.. 1S» 00 Ct'ni'k JtcCiVinh'i to .Ii'hii Klsil-r se qr iwqrsoc. ^ B.)'iiii> t[i ............ •• ..... •••• J. '. UdimtTiiiii ;i»ltf«'0 to Ji'ljn ». n i? 'sab v<- — .. Mary K i'nnr;er to Wm. LKKlcl plswqr sei Is' Hiunsun tp 00 a . ........ ••• -...•• L'icv uwen to ramut" -;. Helvlrt lot 4oS pi'casant Hill sirtrt. Mt. Ho «• ................ ges died uggresaung ....... 190000 ff) M 225>J05 Ohamtierlain's Eye and SUn O.intment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt- Kbeum, Scald Head, Sore Sipples, Chapped Hands, Itching Piles, Bums, Frost Bitea, Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids. For sale bv druggists at 25 cents per box. TOHOSSE For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try £>r. CnaVs Condition Powders. They tone up tho system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy -worms, giving new life to an old or over-worked horse. 2o cents per padage. For sale bydragjists. S. M. Clossoa has a few hundred dollars private local funds, also Eastern monev in any amount fo j'loanon mortgage /security. . Office STo. 319 FEBRUARY Month When ' Tis Easiest to Regain Health. Get Strong Bn«'ore Denilitatlnjj Comes Feed the Worn Out Braiu With Paiue's Celery Comi>ouud. Let Changing S ason Find System in Health. DISCUSSIONS OF DOCTORS. Take the Great Remedy That Makes People Well, A perfectly healthy body has its parts completely nourt-hed and its; nerves constantly refreshed and stored wiih energy from ihe vigorous blood tbal all tne lime b-itbed H. But to doih>8 important work of conveying *uQljieno nutrition to the tissues, ihe blood must be kept rich and full of red coracles. The o ly trouble with two thirds of trie CBOD and women whom the coming j spriop will claim f.ir Its victims is a pinful lack of proper nerve food. Wnat these weak, nervous people need Is a more general feeding and ' storing ofthelr b.oud and t.ssues with fresh, highly vitalized material, .'here.is uodoub-edly nothing that can com Dare whh Prof Pbe p=' remarkable discovery, Paine's colery compound, for restoring health and strength. ' The great body o! physicians throughout the Uilted S;ate=, Eugland and Cunada bolleve profoundly! in it. and prascrlod it in all cases of narvous we*lctie<8 and debility. In preparing loU greatest ot all nerve ionics aad blood renewers, the emU nent professor of Dartmouth college Ed ward E Pnelps, M. D. LL. D. bad in mind the countless men and women with brains overworked and nerves unstrung by worry and lack of proper nutrUloa. Clerks, their employers, lawyers, docto 8, motners of families, bard working men and women in every State and countv, and hosts of brain workers—the most Intellectual part ot the community—are today taking Paine's celery compound, with the happiest results, to relieve themselves of rheumatism, neuralgia, nervous ex, haustion, dyspepsia, sleeplessness and low spirits. Palno's celery compound cures dtacasoj of the important organs of digestion, circulation and excretion by purifying the blood, by regulating the entire nervous system and Bupyijinu tbe body wiih strength to comoaidisease. Paine's colery compound makes people well it takes away all the tremor and Irritability from the nerves, and gives that calm, strong feeling Of assured baaIth that iovari ably accompanies a perfectly well nourished bouily system. Get rid of languor, cioar the muddy, unhealihy skin, plump out the body and gat b*ck to normal vigorous con dicion with Pdiotru Cdlery compound, and begin now. ,V UousclioM Treasure. .'">. W. Fulier, of Oauajjoarie, X. 1'., says that he alwayo ke^ps Dr. King's Ne-,7 Discovery in iba noaso and his lamily nas always found toe very besc results follow us uac; tout ne'would not be witcout it, il procurable. IT. i.. Dykeuian, Druggiot, Caiskill, N Y.. eajs that Dr. King's New Discovery i* undoubtedly the bust cough remedy: that b6 has used It in his family for eight J ears and Unas never failed to do all that Is claimed for it. Way not try a remedy io long tr'.c.d andtes'ed. Trial oodles freo at B F. K*sslinK'.« drug store. Regular elze 50c. and $1. TUe Ca»» County M«llc»I Society H*B » Ke«nl«r Mumh y H<-e> InK—The Proce •< «HK*The Cass County Mac ical Society met Tnursday eveolng. Dr. Stevens presented specimens of varlan turoorB, which he hid removed the day be'ore. Dr. Thomaa related the history of a case of hemorrhaclo diathesis, from whlcb be had eoeuUled an eye. Dr Bradfield introduced ihe auhject of "Typhoid Fever," which occupied the attention of the society until a late hour. The subject of ' Pneumonia" will be considered at the next meeiing and Dra Bunta, Coleman and Holloway were selected to prepare papurs and lead in ihe discussion. Adjourned to meat Thursday evening, February 28. J. Z. To WELL, Sec'y. ENGINEER'S ESTIMATES. Ov<-r TWf»iy-Thr«e IIunar<-d Cubic Varil« Oi Htimc T-keu Vrow. Tuo Kate At Oiio 1'0'lur IVr Cubic Vnril. City civil oDgiueer R*y has made an estimate o( ibe amount of etone takt-n out for the new race. The anuouutis 300 cubic yard.- less tban the orlyluai estimate. Tnu number of ci: hie yards n-moved waa. 2 321, and itia cost «»s ifl (or each cubic yard. Tne cost for tbe earth excavation will miike t&e totnl expense of tbe work considerably more tnaa if'2,321. Tbe exposure to till sorts and con dliii.nriof weather that a lumberman is called upon to endure in the camps often pivouces' severe colds whicb, if not promptly cbuoked, result in congestion or pneumonia. Mr. J 0. DiVeDporl. ex-miuagur of the Fort Brug£ Redwcod Co.. an immense' institutional Fort Bi-agff, Cal , sa\ s they sell large'quantities of Chamber Iain's Cough Remedy at the company's store and that he himself ustd this remedy for a severe cold and obtained immediate relief. This medicine prevents any tendency of a cold toward pneumonia and Insures a prompt re oovery. For Bale by B. F. Keeeling, Druggist. ClBlniM To Have Wealth. James Atfurd, an old man who has been ordered removed to tbe county infirmary by Trustee Jackton, and wno baa been sick and helpless for uome tim-a, claims that be o«na $1,200 in morlgago notes, whicb a Kokomo lawyer has In his keeping for safety. There Is no one here to look after the old man's nUalra, and ho is unable to manage for himself in his present condition. He claims to have a niece at New VVaverly. STATK or Onio. rirv OF TOLEDO, ) S;J I.Ur.»s COfNI V. ) KIUKK- 1 . CIII-'NKV m ikusontli ih.'it h« Is tlio Sd.lur pnrtn- r of tlnstlrm or K. .T. nmssKT it Co . c!ol i|:b'sm«si m t!it>cicvof Tole:l >, C Hint., an i Siiisp iifori'siild, u" 1 mat said ilrm «lll p.".}' tno sumo ONE H 'NDBBO DuLLAKifor 0.1 h ami cveij C'."CiirC:it.i-r!i tli;u cannot be cured by tfieuseot HALL'S CATAIIHH CI;HK. FRANK J.CHESKY. Sworn to before me and nihscr'uml In my pn-scnce, tills 6tli daj o; Dcccinbi-r i. U. W*. ('Tr'rT ' Notiiry i'ublic. J^IL'J HII) I'.H Cutarrlj Cure is tax on limrniilly aril arts d rect y on tb.« blnou. ;in 1 inucmis suifaces ot itcsrsu-m. S no fonc>tlmoiila:s Jn-o. F. J. I'llKX r.Y & CO., Toledo. 0. :rugglsta, "01 Well Alouix l» Veer". Henry P. Wipperoiun wa^ tbe man who evarlived and died in Cars county. JEio would have been ninety- eight years old the 21-st of this month, February, Another old man TO pnss «,«?ay here PUS Capt, Vipus, who was cincly-ihreo. Sisveru.1 years a<?o Mrs. IJdfjan, said to have been occ hundred and nine years old, d'ecl at Walton. The Railroad ntid nil oOi«r men who bnvc to look neat while at work, should Uuow about "CELl.ULOnV'Cor,- LARS AND CUFFS- They look ex- nctlv like linon, \vc.ir well and heiiii; walerprouf do not wilt down with l:f.it aixl moisture. They do i-ot foil easily mid can bccic:m«l i:i <» moment by sim- oh- wipiiia; o.T u-itli n w*t sponge br'clotli. Do r.ot coulusc these >n -our iuiii>l willi ooivposition 'ods. Kvcry jiiccrr.i" ihcgcnu- issuuapcfl like iliis . Ask for llicsc nnrt refuse .-inythi-R t = eAc if yon wish f-atisfnciion. Ro- S H r.icnihcr ;'.j:it a^^is so inarkc-d = S arc llic cnlv v.vitcrproot -ooi.s j. 0 made by cunlins :i li»c;.i f oUur | S wilh\v:i;cr])roof"Co!l«loi<l. ^nus i g mvin" !itr?:iatli •i:"l durnbilily. | s If v*vir ilcnlcr should not linvc j c th^'-Ccllulokr 1 scr.il ninoniin'-i- : S rcot to us :md «c wiil mail you : S sample pos'.-oaiii. Collnrs 2.Sf. = « cnoh. Cu-.Ts, 5^- P :lir - State si7C j Si anrljtfvhetbcr sl.niul-iip or turned- | : J do%vu oblinr i:; wanted. • ITHE CELLULOID COMPANY,; 5427-29 Broadway, Now York.: timmiiiiiiiiiiiiiHii'ii 1 " 11 "" 11 "" 1 """""""" 1 ""' 1 ""' Skim Milk for c»lvc». There is an impression with raany, farmers and dairymen that skim milk is a rather thin diet for calves; and w* see constantly in the dairy papers rec-j ommendations that it should be reln- ( forced with llaxsccd meal or jelly mada, from the ground seed or cake. So far as oil or fat is concerned, says J. Me- Lain Smith, ia the Farmers' iJomft Weekly, this addition is all right. But. flasseed. and especially the eround ( cake, is exceedingly rich in protein^ and this is just the troublo with the skim milk. It is deficient, not in pro-', tein, but in carbohydrates— fat and t starch. The best single addition to skim milk for calves as soon as they.- can eat is corn or oats. Two Rich Cold Dlttrlct*. The Wtwatersrand district in South Africa is about, fifty miles long and produces about one hundred and forty; miLliou dollars' worth of gold every year. The four square miles comprising- Cripple Crock's producing are* make up the richest tract of gold-yioJd-' Lug- ground of the western continent. Did You Krcr Try Electric Bittern aa a remedy for your trouble*? If no», get a bottlo cow and got relief. This meOlclna bus been found to be peculiarly adapt. ed to the relis-," and cure of all female complaint.*, exerting a wonderful di- ri?ct ii.fluence fo giving strength and. tone to the organs. If you have lost or appetite, con-tipaiion, headache. fiiotinc epells, or are nervous, sleep- loss. excitable, melancholy or troubled with dizzy spellf, E.cciric Blitera la the medicine you nc-c-d. Health and strength are gimrameed by its use. Lirge bottles only fifty cents at B. F. .- . Two carloads of hleigh^ from the celebrated .fuller Buguy & Sleigh Co.. Jnckfou. Micbignn. Come one, come all. come everybody; wo have sleighs for tbo millions. Prices below the lowest. Call »t GEonoi: HARRISON'S, 617 Broadway. The Joui-nAi h ;.- a fey blrdsoy views of Logans sort left. They can bo bad in pas'.eb.'Mi-J ii;beo/or mailing or preservation for fifty cents. The JournairtM a fe* of the I eaatifnl birds-eye vie^ of.Logansport left. Parties i^- • <>" h n if they V wish ? "et'them in| pasteboard- tubes for . mailing or preservation. Size^SSiX 44 inches.

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