The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 25, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Girls. Eke Out Victor Over Locals; Chicks Play LUXOIM Tonivji! ISV J. I'. ritlUN'j) Smarting under their 43.3-, , it fcnt-thrlr of the season -by - MonetSe, tlie BlythcvllU' Chills !,i night (ptk reveiis-i' on the swi liapless Armorcl cagcis. buiyin them under n 49-1? score. The Armorer girls, however ..-si- them consolation by noslim GUI* Blyiheville si-xlvlt,;, n-io m opcnci'. Thc Clucks am! JJIylhcville ; play I.uxorn lit r.-uxorn t:;i>i;hl Off lo n slow ana nuri'i-liilM start due mainly to wild nosing ant poor sliootln?, Die- Trlbi> '•;. down ouickly ami ''raduallv | away to lead, jfi-6. at the half TJiey turned ,v\ Ih- |, K it in til third period, s^:!i,,, ;j 7 , ni ,,, s (lllr 1113 the te;i im'mites nnd tlip-n iv tired fm- tli/. n\«\\t. The second and (him,. siiin?i>ra nnMie'd' th Job, storing oils' four points <vi,il "Wild Bill" Godwin lived u'n'Yu his monfckor by ruimlng -'win-' in the third quarter. He scored seven teen of his 10 points in Lhnt event fill frame in one of thc mo-t sensational scoring sprees witnessed here In so,,,, || m , T! ^ <..„,., T(11 Vj,,.,. was runnenm with'five field -oils one point ahead of the Armorel star, u v. Boll Danny Wwrlnrjton cxjjerifiicort one cf his wor-;t ahn'il- ing games. He missed ai least t.-n crip shots, man-.- of them >-inmiiii- the basket and then rolling oul. At that, he scored seven points. f;ns- fi\ Mostov continue;! liis i-eninrfc- - nhlc (Iribblln? and fine floo? <;;mic. Arniorel failed to break ints the scoring: column in tlie first period though they hnd six free losses :it thc basket. Two Meld coals by Masley, one by Hii?hcs nnd t\vo charily chunks gave the Maroon MiViler'i an 8 point lend nt the end. of (he qtmrlcr. Hughes and Godwin scored troin the floor before A. D. Morrison can- verted (he second attempt on Jack Jenkins' .foul. I,. V. Bell lot no n - louz one and it was good, n. R. Ryan missed a free throw but Alvin Justice came throiizh with a fielci goal. Ryan c.ime back with a ta-o )'0irt">- nnil T.. V. H»!] v,"i'; ncrnrale on his foul throw. Dun Wan-in-iton sunk two in rapid succession iu-t as Ihe whistle .soiinde.-! for lli». first half. Score: Blylheville Ii5 Anwvv] C. After/the rest the fireworks began. The third (|uart»r 'scorln» was us fo'lows: Hushes started it with a rHd £<oal. Godwin looped four in rapid succession. Hughes got in another and Godwin pitched n free throw. .Ryan broke the monolonv with an Arniorel score. Oaclivin couldn't he stopped and broke loose with a couple more. Hushes missed a free throw nnd it was Godwin again with a pair. n. Warrinsiloi). Hughes and Moslcv took turns at (he lioop before Morrison tallic-cl n foul. shot. A new team. composed of Hush Harbert, Herb Childs. jack Jenkins. Alvin Justice and Charles Hardin. relieved the regulars. Bc- fors it was all over p. T. Ifancv, Carthcl Hyde, ijnyd Florin,™. .Jolin- «m Blackwell had seen service. Tiie girls staged a nip and tirk j battle, featured bv elope siwrdhi". all the K-.IV. The !c".il lassies '.liO'.v- t-d decided improvem-r-n' on th" jlr- fense but the eoil miking romplc-: overshadowed their fine jc-nl stavl ' efforts. The rcore nl n^'siine more than three points apart, morel usually a fin-d" : margin. They led. G-5, at 111" li-ii!'. | Dunlnp, Arniorcl forv.n rrt. pa-.-!: 'the scorers with three Held io.-il:. j Pickett and Thomp-ra scored f.%nr t TJOlnts each for the losers, nn-11 Smith. Armorol forward, combined i a fi?M <iTil and !"o foul fnrr/.vs f.->r j th fi s^me amount. i Th? lineups: j Girls i Blvihcville (10) PCS Pickett, 4 r. ..F ] I lli' jiirk of !!i ( ('.'hill for years. I Mi) o;» (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 1938 BUMPER CROP \\ FiyillU' chilli's : iviilslu-d tin- elii wre-sllini! i';n\t region .'<iv(J:t. u '.>>' ihe rmlidmi's , pilatc-d a near riut ill the j'teldi 1 . W:ii'(-i'l:ui wm. strtlcl: lit li\r,t nvii :• by excited funs nnd jjnrrmvly iuis.««| beinx crowned with n chair ':-'• inner ii!i(;iit [Min- illlinulii.r iii;ii| i|n-.'i) Qui.'.t, >:n it v,j^. lh;d. when Uv 1 !n'.<> ' l!; "- 1 i!!l II'.':''' 1 Ihv.l Ill-Oil :lit !lis KIP -hifr lo Atwi'it-j ;v; an aiiiat'.'iir in Ifi'-'ii. li' 1 cunlcu-ti'd <Jiti':t. He I'.'nnled liis woiut.T I'irl prcnn'rly '.Mlnrd and nerilrd advice tioin ii I »ii< : li'. Tims il win Hun. Qnisl. |,m| th," Inside track v.'licn Mlhs fienl.' linn- vil r ;-c:!'i'.v.:i>!i:u lullimini; thc Wiulci- Olyjiiiiii's n[ i!)::(i, Qlllsl I'lil'i Hiulj.-i API-OSS Qni.M had a number of IPHII Rlyllicville and jonesboro Arcs Moot In Tourney TlmrsOfiy Nitjlil Aunthi-r amateur boxing s i, OVl di - ''iif!'-it :is "'rhi! I'ruade of Cliain- PJ..IB" :uwl li-nlitrid;.; winners ' in I the variiiiv; c'lHwcs of'tho Hortiieast Aik;insir>!-;<imheast Missouri Qold- i i <;Iiivi•': inuviiaiiK-nt liehl here I nt '.u-ck, will atlract fisht fans to I In' Aini.'i'li-iin Ij'fiuii arena Tliurs- 'Ilic card will be nitidc ii t) of incnilX'i;; of (lie (cmi wlilcli will n-preiii-jit thc WiicJtu.sim- Athletic Club in id tin; Courier News in thi. C <iimnercial Alipeid's 'I'lininainent C'hi>ui'iion>; in Mi'inntiis January ., and iiii'inbei'.s uf Ihe Jonesljoio iniateiir buxlng team which recenl- ) diopiied :i 3-1 di-i-Lsiim to the Ideals. It, will lie (lie fir.-.t appeiir- mee of an out-of-toun tiMin in tin 1 Icsial arena and will lie of particular interest in view of Ihe fact (hut several of the Ci'iU:<iiiM(l county leiillicr pushers n,ive the locals i hoi contest in their renent meet- in;; at tlie Community Center at Joueslioro. Herman Horton, director of the Jonesboro team, and Oscar Mortimer, trainer, today served notice that n greatly improved team will be brought here with iiiRh hopes Bears "They were the best, To this Holland calmly replied. "I was Just waiting for them l<° ' turn on the lights" ... To I)'! 1 * . .-- v .. ,.„.,„ ,,,.,, good day Holland still insists that ' been fortunate to have hung on to someone played him a dirty trick the pass In the second quarter He by flashing off the lights ... He team we played all' year . . . Au<l much bigger . . . Tackled harder" He s«ld Hint If Holm hurt aiv.t ifi ---'1 •• ) >Ji- IJi\ni^,ll'j l ll-l v \\ Illl Jll^JI ilU[Jt knnw wliat Jac;bsj ,, r avenging Ihe recent defeat. jnimoteiY, are goin-j; | one of ihe feature mutches wi "ii»>.-i. II ivV ili;^ L.) IMS [|< U \vll I) It t'll;\lJ . •• l .i.i"i iimi .i i i ti:iiifVJ '*l LI : (111 V 1 HI > -ifler he hud knoel;e:l Ills opijmi- i Between Niirini rnwl Miss lir-sile 'lit. Eddie Mnlone, tnnu tlie ropes' '''' riii'.e eiHHi'.;h money to into roiy IT v.-hi knocked uii'.:ouL:cious. N'av.orhw to the dre.^.siu^ KM.HH '.wo ameers. Malone was curried 3iil. fold ;i.s a v.'fdgi.. > The luuimotiiJii .sturled -liter Helcire Mike' Meraney bt'camo cn- liiiif.Iefl with Ihe two p.'ilormer.i .mil nil tlii'i'i! i ;unu fnnibiiiii; over !hc ropes to liind in a JK-II'I <ui tin; lloor »t tiic aivna. f.U'inncy .1111! Nigerian relurncii ta tliu rinj; ;nit[ Muloiit! \vus ^liuibin^ thtYiiH:U •'lie ropes (to resuim: (lie mulch A'hen Nu7efi!in rushed ai. htm ;,m| Innded with toih hands, Ojiiy Lait UaU ijt(:ll tkiiii- .ilctcd when the match came to ii.'i sudden mid drnui.uii; ciidiiib'. I'.'.'i- !cne had U:u beiit <if Ihe I'.i.i'.ig, .vinnini: tlii: tumble in 15 mln- .itcs with llyiiv; mcules :uul liodv pin. ' by' hy Jack Kearns;is jijsin.: .limniv Adrtinick ii!'rr.-yv.'l'i»li(, ... IVO i'i Itl":.':0|l(-Cl. Iliere ni'vi'r \vas a more favnr- nl'lt> sp-:t ii \'/C.!idl'l- •, ^ui hidin-T in Detroit? Why \Vilfnril Wi'hrln Was Nut Seti-i-lcil No jMilfer who !];!•; failed to <(« il- Ify lor (lie- National amateur rhaui- pionshlp has been ,,i.'ked for a Walker-cup (earn in trie year fdl- nolf AsMitlutio'u committe candiclatos for (he t-j'X were selected. He didn't. match pl;iy bracket at l)ii»;f Ihe liolden tilrl of th. /:1; . j .-'!.,ues and her parent:; li j >v , I eouniry. Jtailisoii S<iu«vc Ciarden ^" 1 n ll " l ,,^ YOriS "lh-u'"he'™! P< ^T K ;' °"'". ^'^^. iii.n. MU. nu] \vdirle:,- Miio'qiieut victory in ii' We.stern ainateiir was" <lis- tr.'ie'l hy ihe Committee us some- fliiUr of an iiiilii'Hinax. H was p'li flint a player who couldn't quaUfv Simons; the Ion- B-', at Aldcrivtiml 'DiSlit not he dcp'MHlnbli; in mi ; a - - ----- --------- _ ill be 11 UIITC round contest between Riifns McDaniel, former Jonesboro buskeiiial) sia)- mul now a te.'icher at Valley View. McDaniel weighs in nt 108 pounds and is rated by the visitors as n scrapper. Director Joe Craig of Ihe local lean) will send either Homer Eesliarse or Leon ^'afford aaainst McDanicl. Bc- slinrse reached Ihe (inais in (he midcllowelglil divisions here last week. Heiu Chil'.ls. fust little wclter- (veijhl, is scheduled to battle Glen .Spurlock, who made an impressive , ' •• ".» »>MJ". i ,i|jtn jui.h, \\iiu iiiaiiL 1 au impressive \Vi-iirle was ianored by the United ! showing at Jonesboro nnd who lost ...tale-, rsnir A,«,,,. by a scant marsin to Ihe local boy. Joe Soever, the lightweight who .scored Joncsboro's single win in the erlieil a biiokln-j. nut (.>,iisf | an:l linallv .she' was li'nked , , ™ r ""I, T«! Bell, the rinsli.'l he cinl.i !<u-j::< v.'hn iLirpt) Marx, provc.-l lo nd .smart, ukini; tin- ;. .Shy the filnt ml. :::\: l'.:n:iiiu;ham bad num. Uynl .'/en the Ji.''.-"t in 1;1 minima \vifh i iiyiui; 111:1 re HIM! body Din, tiv n I'in Hie :.'vi,'U'.l iu e for another vear '^"""n '" be^nc thc Univemtyof from .' Yoj !; i B^.^ . . " CiCtH''',!'! 1 , llli:; ,^irj n; 1 ^ i~i •> tv.(ii'.;ti . I .'iji'Vl | competition lie.' only American .-.VLr^lih',.;^!?^*; 110 i!ii;hl '»v"«"=™«t I . l; ;;ec 'i' is n-taiiiiii•; his an'ia- ] lenr sta.tiis until ai'lcr Ihe eastern • huloor mei'ls. It' 1 v.ill not. h;v.vever. inn tin teO-yard event ou'di'ors • I hi- \i\ir. • Cls'icyi'JV. vcrord has been criti- il. He m.itle i', in a driving rain. •,<• 'I'huni'.i;; T. Hcilly. new eliair- ) of the .\'nti(pn.-il A. A. V. track iniillp.'c. :;.P,H| (lie appravnl of >•'•[}'•• ivnKd -caiv.iOi'riH 1 ^ \\eatli- tM 'l to lii Armorcl (tn ,„,.,,,, — Simlh. 4' , n ,,, n Thompson. 4.. McLc-od (c) Grimes ,, roster . .Fin'Kler, 1 : • .F Diinlap. i; i! r,ily '' n r;rccn Vows ilrlil Valid 'JOM il!P»--A niitirinl man ent through a form of inar- t Greliui Oieen w:\s ioniKl uf Ma.irny by an Olil H.nlcy si- previous meet over Sonny Llo.vd, will again light thc local lightie who battled his way through the division in the recent tourney hero. to promise (his time . is said by Jonesboro fans a knockout over Lloyd .. Aaron Byrd, Blyilieville welter champ, and Adrian Taylor, who fought a fast three round draw, will take it]i where they left off before in a match that should provide picntv of fireworks. Atlas James, hard-punching flyweight, from Holland, Mo., will be outweighed by his opponent, Hugh Herd, but Ihe shortage of n few pounds is not expected to prove a groat handicap. James won the lly- wcicht division here nnd will be on (lie Jocal team participating in Memphis. Nets almost caught fire when Jim Murdaugh, above, scored u staggering tola! of 78 points, or practically two a minute, ns Frced-Hardermm Junior College .of Henderson, Tcnn., crushed Bethel College, 115-30. Because it was established in junior college- competition, the. mark probably will not be accepted as n new collegiate record. The Dope Bucket By J. P. Friend Porkers To Dedicate Field House Feb. 4 FAYETTEVILUS, Ark.. Jan. 2-1.— Wans nre under way for the formal dedication of the University of Arkansas' ne\v field house on Feb. -I when the Texas Christian University basketball learn comes here for the opening game of a Uvo-gnme SERIOUS—These amateur boxers take their leather slinging seriously . . . Glen Spurlock, Joncs- Ijoro 140 iwimder, National Guard champ for two years, has come out with the statement that if he doesn't whip Blytlicville's Herb "Cue Ball" Chllcls when they meet Here Thursday night he is going to hang up Ills gloves for good . Ho, hum! . . . That's just another way of saying, "Look out. Mr. Childs. Ip'm ngunnln' for ye" . . . The three round setlo is expected to be the highlight of the rc'turn inter-city match between Jonesboro amateurs anc! Blylhe- ville's Simon pures . . . Don't fail to jot January 27 down on your 'must see' calendar. . . . HERKY—Herschel "Herky" Mosley. erstwhile Chick star now a full flcdgerl Alabama luminary, is slicking his feet under "Pop's" table for a few days after crams—pardon me—exams. Flerschel is looking as nt as tlie proverbial "fiddle" and seems none the worse olf after Ihe gruelling football season topped by (he Rose Bowl . . . We managed to (jet a ivord In sideways while lie was acting ns timer for the basketball game, last night but right hi the middle of a budding conversation he had a long distance phcne call, dumped the stop watch right In my lap and hustled oft ... He did, however, t'et to explain about the fumble play on the goal line ... . inquisitive like. I asked him if there believed Alabama "would have won \viis right", by two touchdowns." . . . BOTHERED — Randolph Gregson. Jonesboro Sun sports editor, seems all "hot and bothered" over Hie failure of the Chicks to book the' Hmrtoine jn haskettell . . . He comments: "NO DEAL — Not only has the Blythevllle Senior High Schoul refused (o book a basketball game with ote Jonesboro Golden Hurricane but -so ,, have thc Junior Chicks . . . Word i,.. was sent liill Ruckintm, Whirlwind I _ Coach, llirtmgh ijicmljers of the Hurricane tlmt witne.sted the game between Moiictte and Hlythevllle at MoiicUc by officials of the Bly- I lliciriljc Junior hign iliat they would not play the WWrlivl'mls In basketball this year ns the Junior ; Chicks were not trying to sponsor « team . . . TI, C . junto,, chicks and tlie WhiihvliKls hnve met regularly in years p a sl in basketball with tlie Whirlwinds winning every game" . . . n e wouldn't, by my chance, bo hinting that tlie i locals are "skceu'd," would lie? • • . The Hurricane mav eel a crack at tlie Chicks in the" district tournament, provided,, of course they make the guide In t!y> conn-' ty . . . UGIITS - The Incident about Johnson lilackwcll in the Golden Gloves tournament last, week recalls an amusing situation lo Patrolman John Foster . . it occurred way back when Foster operated a grocery store at Sandy Ridge . . . John had bought a •set of gloves nnd much interest had been worked up among the youngsters of that community . After a period some began to imagine themselves quite thc "stuff" with (lie padded mittens . One, -Dub" Holland, insisted on securing n fight [„ Blylheville with "anybody" . . . And went so far as to assure not only a victory but by the kayo route . . .<jo John did match him W itli s'ome unknown from Missouri . . . The fight stalled . . . Holland dashed out of his corner, fists flying in all direclions . . . During the melee the unknown bounced a right on tlie "button" n»d Holland bounced on the floor . The referee started his count as "Dub" raised liis weary bones to one Knee ... He was counted out In that position . . . Aftel . lt was a]] over Holland came in the dressing room and Poster proceeded to "eat him out" for ;-,o t . getting up His opponent did. Hirer Suva Sweetly Flows BELGRADE (UP) - The river i Sava is probably the "sweetest" river In the world. All Hie saccharine which Is detected being .smuggled into Yugoslavia is brought to Belgrade and then (brown inlo the Sava. In the lost • two months alone half u ton has •D thrown Into the river. Originally scheduled as the first S»ulh»esl 'conference ijnmes in the Mlllsluvc 11KS- , llsl!ea n]m , new eyiunasinm. tlie T. C. U. series was a bungling of signals ».-us preceded by the nice games Quickly,- he said "No" 'lie this week v.-hich were transferred \ jmt Jy,,.,, see Amlmon ^ the bore from Houston when there \vns| otncl . i n , lu | rcd wno lut , llm no gymnasium available in lhe| Hc ha(| ,, ccn wo , kin „ ,_,''„{, Texas city. The original dedication (lurtn , |10 nf(crlloo ^ ^ Vcon ' plans \\ill stanii. however, nnd thc local athletic authorities are nr- vangtiK.; a program to be held just before (lie start of the Feb. 4 »ame between the Rcv/orbacks uncl the Horned Frii«s. ' Walpolc, -Salib^. lAnanvc-Ii rfnne. Referee; Marvin fir.ive.-. IJoys Bl-,thavl«e (49) PJ-.S. Armorel <17> Hujhes. 10 P Movrison. '.: D. V.'ar'ton. c 7.F Graham Godwin. 19 C....L. V. EeH. fl Mosley. 7 G Ryan. 5 T. W£rringtc<ri... G K. Hell Substitutions: iBIytlici-llle) Har- bsrt. f; Chllcls, f; Fiormaii. [• Tlvdc f; Jenkins, c. 2; Haney, c- Hardin ' g. 2: Justice, g, 2-, Biackveli. r. ' ?o1 nrl) n ' s "" """" <Armorell Rebstori:. f o .\!i-!i>r- son. f ; \v. o. AndersI)!!. cj. Referee, Marvin Grave'.' - lie A stnm'.e ami r ! ti'-.n is Soni.i HI ; Quiet. ' Qiiist u-o:>l>;;>> i walks en, and >. ( Kiihiinie faiili hi th Quist rjrcrttiie wi;U"i-, l!le l:ack "" ll nfUl't " b: ™^'t • 1^ ii:;"'.i;n .Ni;rmi to Ai:ierii-R in ' ; wliere he went, Nnrm Miiin:-poif"tiou Initn Thl Fishing Year Profitable GLOUCESTER, Mass. (UP1 Though the fishing noct brought only one-tenth of their catch home. 1B37 was rated a good year. MiKOil In the 12-moiilh period. Olcuce.s- I j icrmcn caught 1Q.8SV.OOO pounds j ,jdf fish but. most of it was landed! Vis. .ai Boston or New York. I success But Hubert Utley's Service Station •, -y and Cafe 4T All I.faiJiiij- Hrands at Beer, W'l'iskey, Wine, dins And CotdiaJv DKAt.Elt IN €oal — Hny _ & _ Grains riiii.ui-s nc GAS l^iac 1'A.V PAJ1J 2 pk. 2, r >e or §1.15 per Carton 24 Hour Service "•VV. Cl, HOLLAND, MO. Everything for your enter", iainment and comfort. TOINGHT time Anderson was laying in wait . . . Hcrky faked to the fullback and darted to the right . . . The line, 1 opened beautifully . . . Justi as suddenly the cyclone struck • . . Mosley found himself some four yards back, minus the ball • . . He said it was by far thc bardr.rt he had ever been hit "Mose" complimented the Golden Let Us Make YOUR Car Look and Run LIKE NEW BODY and FENDER Repairing REMEMBER . . . Our V/ork Is GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Slh & Walnut Phone 810 •AhMlj' A Dresden. Gf-rmanv. recently invented r, nn.-.ic typewriter. n prosperous amoni'>'i)il" : ; : .,;'., r his native land. When Quisi arrive:] i;: v;.-. v v IrtTil Kllll.llld i.'l IS!!, lie (PI :;.;;: the Flniiifh-Amevic'.ui A. c . •.; v.'as nuthiiii: move liiaii Qvt' 1 -. 1 • a ur«iup of k'ii-.;-v.m.ii',-1 ,.] L -,' \vho bv.u a)] the eolhvo j.'.iin. QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES \Ve pay highest prices on poultry at all limes. SAVE £ MONEY AT 0 118 W. Main Tlione BOWL FOR FUN FOR SPORT Bring Your Party ALL WILL HAVE FUN Sadbary's Playhouse Pfomingos' legs nro specially made i"i ' For birds who specially [ ove , 0 wac)e . And CALVERTis specially made for you- A blend tlmi's smooln, and fasty too! CALL FOR LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Dealers For GliC Trucks and Trailers Offers A New and Modern Auio Repair Shop K CAN MEET EVERY AUTOMOBILE NEED Including - . . BODY, FENDER REPAIRS ' WELDING LEE MOTOR SALES, inc. Oldsmobile and G. M. C. Trucks Sales and Service " I'. MAIN ST. PHONE 329 WHAT HIDDEN TERMH , | LIES BEHIND THAT DOOR? }] Also selected shorts Admission Matinee lOc & ZGc Admission Night IGc. & 3Cc. Weds. - Thurs. , A Stage HIHH 25 Couniries!.. HOfeTHEUUGHHITOFTHEWORlO ^- ' CLAUDET'TE ^COLBERT ...I CHARLES BOYER "TovaVich" BASIL RATRBONE . AKITA LOUISE mtTOil cioni . nun ivaa - «.,,ii etnmf, «rtM ULM.U IMIKt UTVJW rtOJCCIIlH.I mjeu e«*. PKTWf . term ruj fcj tori tfUnut • («• tt« hn br Also Paramount ff e \rs & Leon Navara Admission aiatinec 10c & 2Gc Ailmission Night 16c <fc 3Sc Coining Soon: HURRICANE EVERY DAY'S A HOLIDAY BUCCANEER HAPPY LANDING STAGE DOOR .MANNEQUIN EVERYBODY SIXG ROX Admission Always lOo & 260 Show every night. Matinees Frl- day, Saturday * Sunday Only. Friday & Sunday Matinees start 2:15 p.m. Saturday Continuous showtng from 1 to n : 3Q p.m. Night shorn start 6:45 p.m. Tue. - Wed. - Thur. PAL NIGHTS! 2 adults admitted for 'tbc price, of I 3 children admitted for prjcc of 1 Living On Love ivith James Dunn & Whifncy Bourne \ A rtcllghlfnl comedy roman«'

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