The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 14, 1932
Page 8
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PAGE six ____^ro_NJ:^pAY, .SEPl'EMBEjl _!•»,_]932 1 ~ •— r-t ^T~r—^~T/ R. 6. MONTGOMERY CHAPTER 1 T^WE often In th» Enrllr Building •*• ar« apadous and attractive. They hare (he almospher* or auc- e«sfu! business. Th» corner offlcea overlooking Tenth street ire equipped »-ltb mahogany furniture, easy ctmlrs and convenient ash trays. A great glass-topped desk etanda almost In tlie center of the deep rug. Jn spite of fhls atmosphere OD a Friday afternoon at 10 minutes past one the air In Suite 216 was surcharged with something almost explosive. "Mr. Ball from Blind Hirer, fh?" Asper Dclo'a face was purple with anger. "Mr. Ball, you are a dlrly Irish Bnoop!" The owner and operator of the Oelo Timber Company sprang to hja feet and moved ponderously around tile desk. The target of his wrath, a lean, young man with a freckled noso nud wide, firm mouth, looked tho big doss over with nmuscd tray eyes, lie shored his Slolson back M tbo-igh to allow a shock of unruly, dark hair a little more freedom. II was plain that he. was a man more accustomed lo tho Ettddle than to the soft carpets of Sulto 216. "I nerer knew a squarehead who could keep hla temper," Stan Call drawled with nock gravity. 'Asper IXIo smacked tho glass top of his desk with a huge fist and e.iptodei.j wrattifully. "You came here to Insult me!" Ills words choked him. "I came hero to loll you tho truth tnd 1 aim to sot It out of my system." Stan Dal] grinned, allowing « set of even, white teeth. With an »asy swing of his booted leg be seated himself upon tho wide window ledge overlooking Tenth street. Asiier IXlo's bony Jaws- worked until his hlue eyes bulged hut no words came. "Yon have committed several murders and you are a ijrlmo thief." Stan Ball made the Kalcniom easily. As ne spjke Ills eyes wandered down Into the crowded street. He gazed thoughtfully at the (ops of the hurrying cars while llio tlm 0er king spluttered anil strove lo fain control of his roles, • • • A SHINY limousine pulled up at *" thn curb below. Stan's drm mouth twisted Into a sneer as be watched a llierled driver step out of the car and walk acrou the street with two very attentive com pantona. Old Asper Delo, Iwo-nsltd lumber man. bad gone swanky with • town car and * uniformed driver. The young man's thonsbta were rudely. Interrupted. "Ybn'll eat those words!" Asper Delo'a • noae .was thrust almost Into Stan Ball's f&ce. The lanky cowboy slld-from the window ledge and his blgb-beeted booia.clicked on tb» polished Boor beside the ru*. With a short laugh he roused himself and faced Aiper Delo, The amused light left his *«• and.they glinted as he shored the timber king away «lth i lean arm "Maybe you never shot » man In the .back 'yourself but your straw boss up at Three Elvers has blred It done. Not once but three tlmeal" Stan Ball's Jaw thrust out agere* •Iv'ely. ""Ton own thai onim and you're, responsible." H».leaned t» ward Asper Delo ana his eyes were bard. "I'm E oing up there ta get a report of your working*, an honest "tort-set thatr Sun noshed bis hat back a Uttle farther. ""I came DONA DELO up hero (o tell you to tlint jou lould call your man, Sworgln, and invo him hire > breed to suoot me ID the back." Auuer Delo was past words but be naa not pa«t acllon. In Iho days when ho had run bis own crewt bo bad ruled wltb bis flsts. Now bis Viking blood boiled within blm. With t rneplng roar h« swung a Ott at Sum Ball's ebln. That Irritating joung tenn sldiy stepped wltb lightning smoothness. Without Bocmlnj effort ha slid In nearer and in » ««ond Asper Data was neatly tied with bis own big nrms holding tberuselrct. Stan Hall shored blm back against the desk and till wicked jrln returned. "You will tight, won't you? But you kaTen't lh»«»nd to do your own kllllot." Thert was a taunting edge to tbo words. BrMtblng heaTlly, Asper Delo col- feted blmstlf. ti» was not licked )?.«ny means but ba realized that is wu na much for iho lean young, ater who laced blm. lit shook bli fist Impotenlly ind rttreated aromiti hl» desk, breatnlnj! beaTlly. "You'll neTer net foot on the Itre* Hlier» cuttlnrjs, you Ijlnj whelp! .We ha»« that tract Impacted and tlie timber checked by a goiern ment-;mao anfl wt.don't allow toolt medilllng with our buslness.r Ascor grlppeil the top of his desk and bit word* i Jerked fcoin between his teeth.' "Yes?. Inspected and reported! Well, Mr. Delo.'ws ar* go'ttliir; our ortn. report and w» »c« turning 'U ovor to 'th» Department ot the In torlor. 1 Your tuat li up at Thrco niters.T Turning upon bis bed Stan Ball left ths room with the »D«cchles3 timber kln£ jlarlng alter him. Molokai Church Recalls Priest Who Died for Lepers CTAN hailed on tho sidewalk out- 0 eldotho Kqulty ilulldlng, a sniilo t,wlatlng at the corners of his lips. Ho bad Klvon Asper Delo fair warning of what ho was golug to do. ^o doubt tho Umber lilng wna already rushing a long-dlstanca call through to his boss. Swergtn, at Three Illvors, apprising him of the fact that another snoop was on his way to look tho operations over. "I bet ths old hard-flat tells Swer- gin plenty." Stan thought as he nshed Inlo his potket for tho makings of a ctgarcu "The old fire-enter would bo m real timber baron 11 ho weren't a erook." Blan baited at the) edg* of the sidewalk beside tlio Uelo town tar. He frowned upon a package of "tailor-mades" that h» had fished from bu pocket. He'd hav» to get out at town or they would be selling him a eul( of store clothes. The liveried driver of the big car was not at the wheel and his cloco had been taken by a hcary-eet man who wore a driver'* cap. Stan eyed the man for no reason at all except that bo was trained to notice anything unusual. Tho fellow cast & flfottnff glance past Stan anil reached toward tho dash of tho car. An Instant later ,a couple brushed against him. Stan was pushed rudely aside,. As ho moved ho saw a carefully dressed young man nur- rlcdly guiding a girl to tlio open door of the car. Stan stared at the window of the car os the door slammed shut. A pair of shapely nuklca ami two trim slippers rose nliovo tlio sill. A man who hnrt own crouching In tho back of the car roso Into vlow and tient over the girt Thero was a Hashing ot kicking slippers and a multlcJ scream. Then the aar lj»ped away from in* curh. U rocketed Into tho traffic like a mad thing but It did not get away before Scan Bait had leaped on the empty trunk rack behind the spars tiro. Tlio ditto curtain at the back window was up and ho was able to crouch down no ho would not to easily seen should It bo lowered, • • • HP! IK car sped away, darting through the traffic while curious pedestrians grinned at the spectacle of a big town car dashing along with a cowboy riding the trunk rack. Stan grinned at three eu«es- alvo policemen who deferentially allowed llio big car to cut through their warning signals. It was plain nil tho men on tlio beat knew Asper Dole's prkato llmouslno. Two of llio officers waved threatening clubs at Slun ami promptly dismissed htm .'is nn Impudent, httch hiker. Slau <1IU not signal lo any of ttio officers of the law. Ho had caught n Kltmiuio of a tlp-tlltca llltlo nose, a pair of red lips and n mass ot brown Imlr as tho girl had been rushed pant him. lie was t-uro be had a very diverting half hour ahead. Tlio car swerved and shot Inlo a .ildo street. A3 tho trallic thinned Us speed Increased. Tho back curtain, was raised a llttlo but Stan could seo no fucca. For 10 minutes thoy raced west, then mado a right turn ami sped Into a treo-llned ore- nuo. from tho avcnuo tho driver swerved Inlo a country Inno and the (lust began to roll up In clouds. Stan shut tils eyes and clung to his pro- carious seat as tho car lurched and bumped aloug. Tlio dust was stilling but lie grinned and hung on. When llio car turned again tho Uiist clouds lessened and lio opened his eyes. They wcro sliding along <in old road cliokeil with grass and wecdo. Thick brush and willows crowded closo on each ajdo ns though striving to closo tha trail. Their branches switched Stan with a slinging sharpness as he leaned out to see vsliat was ahead. 11* ilucked back when ho saw thai His road ended abruptly al tlio door of a dilapidated cablu. Picking a thick clump of willows. lie unloaded feet Jrs: mill rollnl Into cover beside iho road. In- stautly bo scrambled to bis feet and peered after tlio car. A wide grin crocked through tlm dust around bis mouth. Tho car was stopping nt tho door of tho cabin. Doth Its doors swung opon aud the tfirea mon leaped out. Without delay they pulled the girl after them aui rushed her Into tho cabin. Stan slapped his belt with a sign «f regret. He had not thought ho would have uso tor his gun in itio city and had left u In a saddia jockot at the homo ranch. Now ha found himself about lo tangle with, three armed kidnapers. Ho slid !>ack Into tli« willows and headed, tor the cabin. "Elegant!" t» multered as h« thrust aside tbo loug willow [cares and looked Ihrough ttiora. Two of tho thugs ran out of tbe cabin, n. well dressed fellow aud a tall com- panlon. They leaped Into tlio Mg car and stared thje engine. With tho motor racing madly they swung around and headed back down Iho narrow roail. Stan gavo them only, a glance. "Now for the rescue nt Iho fair one," ha grinned and bcgau a alealthy approach to Ihe cabin. It was In Ihii little wooden church In tbe harbor of Molokal, Hawaii, that Father Dimlen. right, cour- agwns Brijian priest, admlnlstmil rtlijtous comfort io his flotk of lepers, for whom he wV>rlced 1C years »*f«re he s««»mbed lo the dreiu BY MILTO.V BRONNER European Manager, NEA Service ROME.— The devotion of the lepers on the bleafc, bare, rocky island of Mologai, Hawaii, as tlvcy atlcnd a little wooden church on the harbor, is a constant tribute to the courage ami unselfishness ot the Belgian priest, Patlier Damlen. Many Americans ol the elder generation remember the rugged missionary who, back In 1813, asked to be priest to the leprous outcasts of Uoiokal, who served his stricken nock until he himself was claimed -f UK t«trW« «M*a«el In Rome at the present time preliminary steps arc under way for the bcautificalkm of Father bnnt- len. While the Roman Catholic church has beauliflcd men and \vo men vho have led holy lives of re «ctt«j »hd bcayer, arid oil)- ers wto liavo gone into the wilderness to prp.icli the Gospel to (lie heathen, tlie lejwr priest ;^ in a class almost by himself. By Im own desire, he went Into the nwfei dreadful exile imaginaWe—life in a leper camp. Joseph Dalnien de Veustcr was born Jan. 3. 1840, in the li'.llo Belgian village of Tremeloo. jon of lH»r, liarti-worklng fanner jyeas- ants. With some schooling, obtained at Brnlne-!c-COiiite. Joseph started his studies In (he Uiilvrrsltv Of Louvnfn. When his pricsl-broth'- cr, rnmplillc, through Illness, was unnblc to nccompany a party of priests to Hawaii. Joseph plcatird to go. Permission was grnutod. ami Joseph set. snll Nov. I, \f<a, for ironohiln. For nhie years he solve.! n parish of native Hawai;nns. Then, in 1813. when llawai- established a leper colony on .\iolo- sai \vlicre. through simcriiij; nncl want, 2000 lei>ers had been reduced to 800, the compassionate priest asked permission to mlnlslcr to these unfortunates. Again, his was granted. For 10 years Fiuhor Damlen dwelt with the lepers !lr nol only worked with his' nYnycr book bill with Ms hands. Ho lidpcd build an aqueduct to assure a decent water supply. Ho hol)K-,j them in building decent houses and .an efficient hospital. He rlre.<.vrl tlieir horrible wounds, nurwd them brought rollglOR'; comfort to them] buried llieni and. on April 15 1889 himself succumbed a victim lo the awful plague. Penn College Students Earn Cash and Credits OSKALOOSA. la. (DPI—Each student at I'enn College. Quaker Institution here, may have an opportunity Ihls fall to earn $135 toward his e\penses and receive credit toward graduation by working on the school farm. A propos«l that the college be- come self-supporting by raisins all food for Us dormitory table on farms owned by (he liiMltutlon was considered by the annual mwliiig of the Town Socirt)- o f Friends. The scheme has iinwcil Hie college directorate. Under the plan, students would Oiicrafe (lie farm and receive 15 credits toward graduation, ;iius S135 to apply on their college expenses. Those who did not desire to do farm work would pay the regular cash board and room Ices. Profits from the enterprise, i'res- Mcnt, If. Clnrk Hertford believes would be sufficient to offset decreases in the school's endowment fund. Penn last year had 473 MEMPHIS Dolhr-ssving fates to practically every city in America, good tvcry rlay. v.-ilh full 60-day return Privileges. Frequent, conveniently-timed rhily trips—luxutions buses—most beautiful highway routes. Low Round-Trip Fares SI. l.oilis Jarkson, Mis* Nf w Orleans ... . SO.CD . ID.SO . 16 SO . 12.33 . 13.SO I3.6D UNION «US 1)KI>OT • 2nd A Ash Slrccls. I'honc 600 GREY/fi' CHAPtER I-A J.JE advanced upon a c-rc.l sld« o! th« building and WnncU forward lo peer llirough u «rack llitt hnd lost ita chinking. What be eaw mada hla llpa pull tl§ht and his eyes darken. A slender girl eat on x backless clialr facing a heavy-set man with Ijcctlli,* browi. TOO tellow had la':en tLo oulv chair wltli a back for Himself and waa tilted b*ck «tclilm hla carilva w m, evident enjoyment Ho was armed with « eliort black tutomalla and looked callable or using It. "You most likely won't get mussed up nono. lady. L««stwlso not fer a spell. When the boye get back will) a flivver you can write a little noto to your olj rtiim telling him to Blip Hi 25 grand." Tlio thag spat accurately througl a knothole In tlio floor. Stan IJall'ii liando closed hard aa bo aliltlHl his eyes to sec. tlio girl. Slio was shaking her Lead mj her feet. H«r hands wero tied ivltli a silk scarf «nd aer mouth was gagged with a handkerchief but her tlu» eyes wero uncovered and tlioy wero wide and angry while tier nosa was tipped up defiantly. Even In tils liaste lo go to ber aid Stan paused to noto tlio Ouely chiseled coso and tlio curved tliroat ei: posad below [t. Tlia girl was not afraW. Sln» nolfccd that at once, but she was furiously angry. Nolsa- Icssly |] 0 Biij around to tlio door »'})i<;li stiod oiren and lin-ltliig. Tho lieavy-sct tliug had placed hlu chair close to the opening and his hack wns partly turned. U «toi evident tliat this enloyrueat of hla captive's Irritation had diverted him from lila Job of n-ntclilng the clearing and tlio road. Possibly a feeling of security mado him lai. At any rato be was totally surprised aa a lanky form shot through the open door and descended upon him. Stan landed at tha fellow'i nldo M OD8 leap. With a smashing blow to tbe butt ot ttie ear he 1 sent ths kidnaper 'reeling from his chair. GrluolDg a hard smile, and »ltb a boot rtady to kick ths automatla out ot the- rulQan'a hand aliould he to for It, Stan' Ball sioori over the willed nun and waited tor him to rise. The prostrate enemy failed to move a muscle. Slan's blow ba/1 hcen a-knockout punch and what had looked fair to bo a he-man Hgbl had frlziled. • " • • • QURGL1NG sounds from tlie car, live caused Stan to start guiltily. Hr- sprang across the. room and frail her. She did not falat or fall Into his arms.' Instead she stamped o'er to tho prostrate thug and bent over n'lin. With a savago Jerk sbe relieved blm ot hla gun. Sum Uall »«rst out laughing and hli fv«ckled »«•* arlnkled until tfa> bro^ij loote 'W' Bella Id a men from [/ie roosrtoi/is have thai got 'You Ma'm." had to pay." Sh» snlled tip at bltn iave a way with gunmen, so radiantly that SIM iiecaiue ut lie bowed ivilh n Bourlsli onco awar e of his iliist-covcrecl"cloth- of bis wldo IKIU tlieii held out his land for tlio gun. "Bcller let a ru»n 'rom the mountains have that tat. Miss." They faced sich other for a oca- ond. tlien U« joined Stan's augh wltli a aott alto voice. "It roally fuuny, isn't li?" Sho passed him tha gun \vltlinin iicsliailou. "Great tun. but wo better nerd ourselves out of here. Miss - 7" Stan waa no sllb-tougued modern 'outh. Women were beings to be met properly In his little world. £ven such unusual circumstances did not alter tbo caso. "Delo. Doua Delo." Tliey wore at the door as she sroke. Stan h?d his Int olf aeala and ffaa about to present himself tnn ler words halted him abruptly. He ooked upon lier slender beauty ana ' wlnu- blown ton Iliat had not ca'me from city air ninl lip* ing. parted as he realized who aho iv.i». "Old Asper'a daughter—wiih all t!i e old boy's, spunk," he thought as he followed Her outslile without speak'~B. Uona Delo. did not notice Uiuj omission. She wna mu nm;ry mid welted. Slio wheeled and' fala u •small band upon his arm. "You must not think me silly or niiatiprc. dative but I'm mail clear tbruu^u That cad. Cnihum. put it over un tno Ihnl he was a college chum ol Uudley'i and go; me out tu tlie car Ill-ply I HE. bis frccklea aojd his sliock of unruly hair. out of the waj thai 1 did," he siammerKj upeasily. "I low did you hapjien to be liere?" She removed licr baud but coutiiiucd to smlla Slau opened bla nioutb. llien hc-r •• aa to' W rtta <* ••• b«i ante. OT uourfo ili< waj unaltal* »We for ono tt his gtahilliig hnt h« • ai «ure sbo wo'ild bo friendly. H« Just sat and IcokcJ at her for ivl»t seemed onlr a few mlnutca. Sb» woke into his llionglits abruptly n > leaping up. "Tiioro'a iiad!" With a wave o« n«r hand sho darted outsldo. Slan looked through tbe window anil saw Asuer Delo stri<llii B across Uio patch of gravel between two red Dumps. j io watched Dona smothered In her father's arms and saw her tako bis In/id and lead him t°'vara tlio lunch room, with a Unit »m«o at tbo turn ot I,1 3 i uck El!m slipped through tho had. door, toss- r °" "* ^'^ to Kct to a telepliono and call her at a lunch rtaml ami Bll,, 8 and Dona rushed insltlo wit!) Stan at Lcr lit-els. » • • A Sl'BR DELO was apprised ot the kjliliniMllr nnri rn?»n<t n, . l. _ lijiio. and rescue at Ugria turneii rroui phone nnci ciilled to Stan. Lavcn't tgid me your nanie;" "Stanley Black," Stan lied vrltv out battlni; a slnglo [recitle. lie was nut uolns to have Asper Dob tinnd Inrn llio keys 'to Thrco Rivera on a lilnticr. He would get 11)3 report omko tho olil wnr horse like It. Ten minutes later he wa3 kicking "J-JE'S fono." There was more. > than Eiirprlso In Dona's voice, > es sho entered the lu:icb room wltb. her father behind her. "What's his name?" Asper Delo pulled a ereen-backeil memo bock from bis pocket. "I'll ala ii him a check. Ho Elumped doivn heavily beside ono of the tables. "Ills name la Slanley Black but I didn't aak bis address." Dona v,aa close to nervous tears now. Old Asper gruuled and wroti ilowu tho uame. "llo'll bo underfoot from now ou. don't worry. Ho and Ontllcy will be lighting a duel." lit squeezed Dona's band atrcctlonatelj This had been * bard day and hi was tired. Dona shook her head, -lie's not « kind. Cad. I won't sco him again miles* i r, ni i i,[ m .« "Well. I havea'l ilmo to look him "P now. i ,, ave , 0 K0 to nna ers OD business. A dirty-rnunitiej wlilnonappcr Instilleil me not two "ours ago and i nltii to settle ivltl, I'm personally." As ,, cr - s al ,i ecn ros» 03 no. remembered bis conversation will, Mr. Uall of nilml Hirer. Hut you have Swcrgln at Three) Klvora anj you've always said ha was your most efficient man! Von ' Ksc-j up tlieca SIIIM the work started. Why go now.'" Dona irotested. She was more Interesled Ing (lira In a proper manner [|;ar- I" having i,,^ father rush off m U u obscure limber camp. She fell bo would bo Just Hie person to liamllo Stanley Black. They seemed lo Save many traits In common. , "Swergin Is nil right hut this la personal mailer." Asper Dcli>'» face began lo purple as;aiii as uo remembered. "What was It all about?" nona Iho Three Klvers affair would liavo to bo heard tiefore anything else could b« considered. "A whipsnappcr nosing nrnunf. for a, report on the Tliree lilvera tract," Asper grunted. "Thai u supervised timber. Why net let blrn help himself?" Dona was Impatient 'The Three nivers tract la pay- Ing and It'a been hnnitleil right, but that brat tluesn'i get to chect It ~"~r or nnylxidy else! It Is a tonsa Hi to make n profit on. •.Mi's • i bavo Swergin there." Sini- deuly Asper Lent over and palled — —-i... mm 11—...oi^u. one mis more mterecipn closed I, and K rl llpe j her arm. "I in locating Stanley Ulac and renay hear a car coin lag. We'd better bli '"- '" • '* lor cover." Wltli a strong orm to unshed her Into the n-lllows. lie struck through the timber In the direction ho remembered, the highway to be. A hnlt hour's brealliless hiking brought them to a main road ami Stan (lagged a passing motorist. Don:i himself for what tic had done. Her Uona's hand. "I'll leave nrilers to gone. Dotia IJclo was a very:" nrj -^l r - nificis and hrive n',:s alluring, femttilno creature. As she i slli l>pcd out to Iho huuse tomorrow " iirunchcil n hoi ring and sipped soila j Ua rose ami belli mil his am: "N'.» tnixi a tioltle Slau thought her itie we nntst get linck ami report Uia most attractive girl he had ever [mesa to Hie police." ti ., ,, t r o a ever lied up and Dat would h«»«l se en. !lo mado up hh mlr.3 to tell) pupils, and operating expenses were G108.4C8, compared with cash receipts of $91,160. Squad Gtls Clolhfs for .\fedr BEND. Ore. i UP) -A flying! Voon,r, 5t Gramlmolher I Her snimdron of 19 a,,tomobilo s s,c,,r- BATTLEFIELD, Mo. ,UPi-MrJ c the ™«ly " **«* R«««™ claim, to te the opu,-. one day to fill overflowing. room to fjeadaches jonngest grandmother Th ; great She is in llvs; grandmother, Mrs. Clinrti Jones, 31 years old.' Is only 53. Here's Smiling jRelief. .. Lumbago Sciatica Muscular Pains Periodic Pains Most of your suffering from common cvery-day aches and pains is unnecessary and unwise. Unneccssnry, because Dr. Miles' Pills relieve quickly anil without unpleasant after ellccls; unwise, because pain makes your physical condition worsa instead of better. One pill usually brings relief In a few minutes. U you suffer from any of the disorders listed above, take Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills. If they do not give you greater relief in less time than anything else you have used, go to your druggist and get your money back. 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