The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1937
Page 2
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PAGfe TWO (ARK.) COtJkffiR JANUARY 23, ;f , Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS Circles of the W M U., First Baptist cWiifcrr J, Mrs. C, : W. At- Hick, 2, Mrs ThcodOiC Logon, J, Mia. iMfl SllcXmon; 4, Mrs W. J Rodgers, 5, church. Y W A, first Baptist church, meeting 7'30 p in. TUESDAY'S KVENTS Mrs W. C, Hlggliison having Young Motions' Bridge club Intermediate O. A meeting First Baptist 'church, 4pm, Junior O A meeting nrsl Baptist church, 4 p m Mrs. M. A. Isaacs having Tuesday Bridge club WMJNFbDAY'S EVEN 13 Mrs C A Cunningham having Wednesday BrWgc club Sunbeams meeting First Baptist church, 4 p in Chuich Night, First Bnpllst church, 7 p in. THURSDAY'S EVENTS President's Bull, city auditorium Mrs A. B. ralrfletd cntcrlnlnlirs Mkl-Week Bridge club. Mrs. P. B. Joyher having Thursday Conlrnct club Mrs Loy Welch having Thursday Bridge club Filmy Fashion Business Women Oiganizo Circle In spite of the rain Thursday night eiElil women ot the Fiul Methodist chinch met nt tlie cn.ll of the pastor's wire, Mis H Lynn Wade, and organised themselves into a circle , of the Missionary • Society which will be iknown as tlie Business nnrt Piofesslonal Women s Circle or Ciiclc No 5 More than 25 women have slgnl fleet theli- iiilention of joining nhd will attend the ne\t inonthlj meeting The following seven women constitute the Ohnrtei members Misses Annij. Fisher, Dorothy Rogers, Maiy Hubler, ^ Laura Ilatt, Pauline Lee, Mniy Cuinmlnss, and Mrs Hoiate Walpolc Mi's Mav> Ciu'imlngs was elected piesldLii nnd Miss Anne rishei secielary Other officeis and committee, chaiimen will be elected at the next meeting Refreshments v,oie served b> Mrs Wnde, assisted bj hei sister, Mrs H E Curclon ol Conwaj Mrs A O Hudson, pros ident of the Missionary Socictj was a \isitoi nild made a talk Bits of News , Mostly Personal . CONTRAST if 11 » IN Mr and Mrs J L Ihompran Ji are spending several wecXs In Quit port and Biloxi, Miss Miss Grace McParland, wno I attending business college at Capi Qirardeau, Mo, Is spending Hi .weekend with her parents, Mr.-anc Mrs W M McFailand Mrs H. A Billlngsley, of Joiner is a pitient nt St Joseph's hospital, Memphi- Miss Mildred H alley, of Cnruth ersville, has been admitted lo the St Jo^ph's hospital, Memphis ' Joe Isaacs Is' ill 'at his home on West- Walnut stcret. Dr. p. L. : Husband is ill at Ihc Hotel Noble from-bronchial pneumonia. He hns been ill for a wccl from influenza and last night de- \clopsd pncumonh < Mr and Mn A ConVvav, Mr and Mrs.-A. O. Little and Mrs. J A L"ech, who are in Mexico Cits plan to return home oy tne wai 'of New Orleans, not reaching her* until Febiuary 5 Billy Louise--Galnos,'who under- "\\cnt an operation Wednesday a v the .Memphis .Baptist hospital to a kidney ailment, was brought horn last night. Her parents, Mr. am Mrs. R. L. Gaines, ncconipanict her. She is much Improved. Harold Williams, of Osceola. is c patient at the Memphis Methodist hospital. 'Mrs/\Y. F. Cooley, of Joiner, is at the Aftmphis Methodist hospital , HolljiivSxJ picsentc a new claim to being the nation's him capital -a diaphanous lace evening go\vn that is hardly more llia'n n fabric Win, fiagllc ns Ihe smile llial Illumines the pietty realmes of stal el Rosinn Lawrence, tiirned model foi the movie center's big Spring fashion ehovv. declarer Takes Gambler's Chance and Makes Big Slam liy.WM..E. SlcKENNEV Secretary, American Bridge League The score justifies many bids hat cold anal$sls dhcto-cs late 1 - •houM have been defeated. In a -ubbei ginie, paitlcularly, each land is .influcncecl to a greater or .ess extent by what has gone bc- Tore. Thus placers who nre vvell •.head on the balance.sheet.hi rnb- er brHgc aic Inclined to plas .he cards, they get "close to the best," .while the- poor ..fellow who 'ooks at tiic master score and knows the L session,'is.> Hearing its nd, while'he has a.-, minus of 15 r 100 points, goes about-things In i much .more venturesome mood. Vnothcribad result can 1 add little o his. misery; but the music of a Tinnrt slam bid and made will do nnch to relieve his .distress. It was iir.thls'mood lhat North The jack of hearts v, as cashed, fol owed by three lounds of 'diamonds Now West was' snuecml for Ihc hlrtcehtlr trick between his his! heart and his spade.defense. Lucky," you say?-Ifis one of the uckiest hands I havo'cver seen, bu It certainly cheered IU holder. Reiser News Mrs:; R. -H. Robinson '^entertained hei bridge d\fo Thursday afternoon Mrs Fred Crockett held high score and the visitors' prize Tvenl to Mrs Merrill Polk ' Besides Mrs" Polk the visitors \\erc Mrs W. W Wall, Mrs spence Williams, Mrs Ansll Montgomery and Mrs C E Cook Dick Watson attended the John tractor bchool m Memphi' last week Mrs Watson spent the \veek with her mother, Mrs Myrtle Bourland, of Blythevillc Ths junior play, 'Tea Topors Tavern," u-hich \vas to have been given in the school auditorium Thursday night, •was postponed on account of the weather. Wilson Knight, director, announced that the postponement is indefinite, depending upon tteather conditions 4 K 10 7 4 V D 8 7 2 »2 65432 VAK63 4AKQ 4 A 10 9 Rubber—All vul. South West Norlh East 1N.T. Pass V3N.T. Pass 7 N. T." Pass Pass Pass Opening load— * 4. 23 Today's Contract Problem South opened Hie bidding on his Ihree-card club suit, because ot his 314 tricks. After all four suits were bid at the level of one, he signed oft with one no trump, and over three diamonds, he again signed off with three no trump. What response should he make to his .partner's four-diamond call? SOUTH 4K02 VA87C '* AK6 E. & W. vul. Solution in nexl issue. 23 HES I-'IKST METHODIST CHURCH II. Lynn Wade, 1'astor We 'see: no good reason why all he services of thechurch should lot he'carried out oh the Sabbath. There Is a little'water'In'vestibule, of churcli liul that, may be cleared by.time for service. The rooms will be comfortable. We .hope''our] loyal folk and jrlcnds and visit-' will come to' worship at the stated hours. ..., : . The pastor will : speak at both hours. Sunday school nt 9:45 and Young people's meeting nnd League at G;45. : We have offered oiir church, with the other churches in the city,' for use by those in charge of relief to be used lo care for the unfortunate flood sufferers, if the churches should be needed to house them, or to care for them >n any way. LAKE STREET METHODIST , : CHtmCH > M. N. Johnston, 'Pastor Church school, 9:45 a.m. Classes for all asjes. You ought to go to a Sunday school somewhere. We will gladly give to you a .welcome. Preaching, 10140. "Tu r o Men Went to Pray." ' Young People meet at 0:15. Preaching at 7. The town will soon have many lefugeMi. Let every one do all he can lo help these unfortunate people. Our prayers, are for all who need help. charming' suit in natural wool crash \silh blouse and scar! of pmk and blue h;miLf v oven wool was designed by vlnybcllc Manning and . featured n her southern resort collection. Notice hovv the unfilled lines of' he reefer jacket contrast charm-' ugly with the slim ones of' the' skirl. The natural beige felt bat las a'peakcd crown and band lu match. blouse and Ascot. " riLGIllN LUTHERAN CllDKCH Sixth uriil Walnut Streets II. J. Klcindiemf, 1'astor Sunday school, 9 a.m Morning service, 10 a.m. Sermon topic: "That Bread of Life. The Lutheran Hour over enlarged national hook-up. Hear Dr. W. A Maler 12 noon over WLW and 3:30 p.m. over KLCN. ; : Congregational meeting n c Sunday, January '31. jcstis says Luke 11:28: "Ulcsed arc they tha hear the word of Qod and.keep it.' | FIRST I'ltESHVTElUAN CHUKUI S. II. Salmon, Pastor "Services as usual tomorrov morning at' this church" is th decision of the officers, 'since -th basement hns drained; : We \vl have Sunday Church School a 0:45 A. M. and • morning worship at H-n. in. The pastor will preach on "Men, Money, arid Qod." We urge as full an attendance at these services as possible, especi ally in view of the: fact that there will be no services the lest of the day, due :to the extreme weather conditions, into which we do not feel we ought to insist on members going but from their homes Magic Maps ''' By Helen Wclshimer T HE gipsies who come trundling by In cars wjlh colored wheels, And stop to trade their Imc-a-brac For gasoline or meals, All open'up their packs for me Just like a country fair, And I examine critically Each Hicce of gaudy ware. Vf Otthat'l want an amber cup, V 1 Or need a peacock fan- I couldn't use a bright green shawl, Or silver incense can. Hut every time the show begins I tell myself, perhaps This time I've found a traveled man Who deals in niagic maps. A MAN who'll plot a chart for me, •L*. By hill, by date, by star, Across the world, and up and down, To show me where you are— Hut all the errant peddlers do Is register surprise That I should think that any man Could ever be so wise! ^ : isi»? : :» _ Congressman Turns Columnist ROCHESTER, N. Y. (UP) —" George B. Kelly, freshman congressman from this district, has turned Journalist.. He writes a daily column for a local newspaper on i1 "doings" in the nation's capital, His '! first contribution invited friends '!•' and constituents to visit him at No. :« '' 323, Congressional Office Building, -, Washington. ) Read Courier News Want Ads. OXY Adm,— Always -!0 & 25c— lo Tax Show livery Nijfhl Matinees Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday & Sunday ulatjuecs— 2;15 Saturday Matinee:— Continuous Showing — 1:00 Till 11:00 F. M' Last Time Today '\ Kuek Jones in . j "The Deadline" ! With Lorctia Siiycrs Desperate deeds and daring dans-. crs in this thrilling outdoor action drama. Also Cartoon ana Serial— "The Fighting Marines" No. 1 Continuous Showing Saturday FLAPPER FANNY after nightfall. iperation nt'St. llnnsday Mr. and Mrs. f her granddaughter, Evelyn Waters, who underwent a major Joseph's Hospital Arthur Nelson ire expected today for a visit with •frs. Nelson's parents, Mr. : an'd tits. A. L. Bo'yce. Mrs. A. P., Mrs. R. H. /ones, Mrs. D. A. Slier mid Mrs. George Cone were in Memphis to- lay to attend a factory exhibit ind sales meeting of the Cal-Tex jarment Co. of Los Angeles, Cal. Mrs. Spiese is the local represen- .alive of the'company. ,'Woman, 101, Is Weary, Lived Under Six Kings SARNIA, Olit. (UP)-Mrs. Hiza- oeth 'Vyard, ivho has lived under BI\ British'kings,-is tired of Ih- Inter'vicwed on her 101st birthday, she said she was "waiting lor the Lord lo take me," and refused to give a recipe for long- nd South picked up today's hand. They. were- playing r a set gam;. ind lh«- opponents had had all he -cards,, had played them vvcll, \nd ' were; far ahead. - . I do not defend, but merely rc- :ord, tlie bidding. Of coursi, llit tfand slain an overbid, . nnd South, who felt hi? luck \vas bad Tiust have trembled when he was 'orced to take the spade fincose in the very first .trick. When, this held, them : was stir much to be done. South could count 11 Irlcks, and needed l\vo more. There was no nncssc in the heart suit/ so he banged down Hie tee and ths. king, nhd th; que dropped on the second round. This was break number one. '. ;l nie~.. vlO.-'off clutK/Avas led, and overtaken with' the king:' When the lack of clubs ;ciroppcd on the second round, two more rounds were .., r . *, The-Uistancr from-th« taHh to the planet Venus vaiies continually. At times it is 26,000,030 miles dtelant; at other tlmea, 160,000,000. taken, South discarding a spade. 'Osceola Society, — Pei'sonal- .''ree Shaves Offered With Bible Reading PITTSBURGH (UP)—Deserving down-aml-otit mcii wlio go to Joe .Jnglich's barber shop lo get slmv- :d llslcn" whllo Naglich intone: prayers and Scriptural quotations And if they don't hear, they sec -for Naglich hands them a Bible ind points to the quotation he rants to impress upon them. Tlie beneficiaries 'of Naglicli'i, goodness haven't any complaint because they gel a shave and haircut free. . • ; Most of the men lie lectures soflly arc transients mid seldom return,'but he recalls a few who when better days have come, have returned, paid him and thanked him. MagUcl! said he knows what it means to be "up 1 ' and to bo "down" and that's why'-.he offers his special .bargains. liKISTIAN SCIENCK SERVICES 70S W. Main "Truth" is (he- subject of the Lesson-Sermon which will ba read In all churches of Christ; Scientist, on Sunday, January 24lh The Goluen Texb is 'The Lord Is good; His mercy is -everlasting, and His truth cntlureth' to all generations." Psalnis 100:5. Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon'is the following from the Bible:'"He is the Rock, his work is perfect God of truth and without mlqu..,, just and right is he." Deuteronomy 32:4. , The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following passages from the Christian Science textbook. "Science and Health with Key to the Scrlplurcs" by Mary Baker Eddy: "Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, combine as one,—and arc the Scriptural names for God." page 275 (a .nits, FIRST BAPTIST-CHURCH Alfred Carpccnicr, I'asior Sunday school, 9:30 a.m. Church, 10:35 a.m. Subject The Inflamed Heart." -B. T. U.'s, C:30 p.m. Church, 7:30 p.m. "A Safe Refuge in Time of Flood. The male quartet will sing at thr morning and night services. Sunday - Monday "Crack-Op" With I'cter Lorrc -> and Brian Donlev . Also Fox Movietone and Comedy News Everything For Your Entertainment and Comfort 'Get out.'Brail I don't eavesdropping. 'Awvvttl Ivvasntcven lisUmnjj Andanjwav jouvcgot t|ic tory all wrong/ to give Call 486 for other seivlce;, j Read Courier News Want Ads 50U may render Saturday Only Wtf^k . Also Cartoon and Seriai7-"Ace - Drummond" —Admission-— Until S P. S!.—10 '& 2Gc After 5 P. M.—1C & 36<; —Continuous Showing— P. E. O.,Meets ,!"'• Mrs., D. Fred Taylor..;]['., .was hostess to chaptcr>':O' of: the;P. 3. O. at her home; north .of to'vvn m Wednesday afternoon. In the absence of the president. Mis. Godlrey White, the business ies- lon was conducted'by Mrs. L.' 8. Young. A Pounders' Day. program, recounting the original organization st Manmiouth ColicBC G6 years ago, was led by Mrs. C. I!. Driver. Mrs. James Driver tvnd Mrs. W. J. Driver jr. transfciicd Ihelr, memberships from the Blyllmville chapter'to. the Osceola chapter. Tlie regular meeting days are the first and • third Wednesdays of each month. , • I * * * ' Mr. and • Mrs:.' Godfrey White' are expected home tonight from a business trip to .Crawtordsvllle and Indianapolis, Ind., and Chicago.' .They were joined at Cravv- fordsvtlle by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fatilkelrt of Oakland, Cal., who accompanied them is> Chicago. Mrs. William Stewart Is in Memphis this week at the tcctsitie Canadians Healthier Than Ever Before OTTAWA. Out. (UP)-Canadtani are healthier today thnn at n nv lime in the country's history. A ,si:rvcy of Department ot National Health figures shows that only 0,261 Canadians died ot communicable disease during 1935, compared with 19,743 in 1935, and' 14,141 in 1932. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Carroll Cloyd, I'aslor Bible school, 9:45. W. O. Guerin, Snpt. Morning worship. 10:50. Sermon, "The Great Obstacle." Because o! the ;in;i5iial \vcAiher mid tlie work being done for thoss marie homeless by the floods thero will be no evening service, neither preaching nor Young people's meeting. The Council meeting for Monday has also been called off for this week. Members of the church are asked to offer clothes Or money or the use of their cars for the people thn.t arc in lown because the water has driven them from their homes. Call 325 if you have clothes English Vicar Does Houdini Escape Act LONDON (.UP)—rhe Rev L A Ewart of Earls Baiton, North- amptonshire is Great Entail) s most versatile'Vicar. The pastor, a.friend of»the laic Houdim and student of the world- famous magician's escape methods, can; escape from polled handcuffs. ' put. on. a good sliovv as , a .'enlriloquisl, free himself from opes "and three pairs of handcuffs and . perform baffling • conjuring • tricks.. The 'vicar recently mystified his parishioners • by cs'caplng from handcuffs .as used by the Welling- j borough and•/Northampton police] force. '.''.-. '..'.' TABLETS for. Liqiild-TaMcls Salve-Nose Drops COLDS and HEADACHES Price, 25c Today .. . \i LUTHERAN JOUR! 3:30 O'CLOCK Sunday - Monday DR. WALTER A. MAIER Ccncordin Seminary,' St. I.nuis Music'by. flic Lutheran Hour Cho/u-s Over Ccast-To-'Coast cf- 27 Slafipn Hook-up NOTICE TO MY FRIENDS I have accepted ;t position as Chevrolet sixfes- ninn for the Tom Little Chevrolet Conipany where I will be pleased to greet old and nevr friends. ROY CALVIN for Whiter, longer wearing clothes • Our .scientific methods of washing your clothes in zero hardness water ' . . with pure soap, every garment handled by expertly trained laundry workers assures your clothes being returned to you snowy white and perfectly ironed . .-. the gentle care, they receive assures their longer wear,- too! All buttons sevverl . on and minor're- pairs madcl YOU'LL - LIKE OUR - CLEANING ' SERVICE, TOO! BLYTHEVILLE LAUi \ t-e^,^ DIETRICH <GA«>i&4 BOYER LJ t>,i\n>o.s*:i7Mik r* (An tMTtD ARTDTI Also 1'nrainonnl News. Mickey's fclcpliitnt and Movie; Snapshots —— ; Sumla.v—All Day—1C & 3Gc Mcnd'ay Jlatince—10 A 2Gu Monday XisM—16 A 3fic. Continuous Siioiving Smul.-iv TUESDAY, JAN. 26— 875.00 HANK NIGHT!

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