The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 15, 1943
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•VOLUME 51. LE COURIER NEWS ^;."< ,'.;'• THBp OMmANT NEWSPAPER OF NOBTOEA BT AKKANSA8 AND SOUTHEAST MlSflOWtl BIythevlIle Daily Ntws BIytlifvlllc' H*r«!d Blythcvllle Courier . Mississippi Valley Leader BIATHEV|y.K, A'KKAN'SAS,. SA'.'UKDAY, MAY 16, .1943 SINGLE COPIES FIVK CENTS AMERICANS WINI«NG ON ATTU, JAPS HINT "~~ -~~-— -.'...._ ___ : , __^__ : j ' ••••• f Flood Danger Lessens Today's War Commentary Europe Tense Axis Sees JNo Comfort In Future By THOMAS S. DONUHUR of United Frew All Europe is in the grip of iinprcecdeuled tension MS that unhappy continent awaits the first, shock of invading Allied troops. The Nil/is, seeking to prevent a general rc- bfillioti timfed to coincide with the inipeiulinj; Allied onslaught, resemble men trying to hold quicksilver' in their hands. •'•'.... Their transport system is snarl- • .cd. Their production facilities nre' being burned and riutxl by ^lant British bombers. Their, food situation Ls 'deteriorating. Their unwilling captives in the occupied Innds are poised in almost every part of the continent, to strike at the crucial Moment. Saboteurs nre playing havoc with their supply lines. Their own people arc • shocked by the completeness of the collapse in Tunisia. And they are being assailed openly by their church leaders for their ruthless repression of . religions freed. 0 "'Hitler at last Is aware of the (ruth of the old axiom: Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. ' . Balkans Tin'dcfbo'x -•'-. The hottest libtbed'iri'. all 'Europe is the Baikaris—that traditional tinder, box where'ricarly-all; of the continent's modern" : wars'have been spawned. .ReliableV estimate's, by" wKo.V'are.'in.'pOsjtl<m ; 'to ,:kno*.'.. wy; .tHat : \a'.lioleritial^army "pf.hftlf a_'.niillion Balkah-:'p"atrlots stands ready,to.act'as" scion;.as'^Al-; lied ^ .soldiers".,' set : foot-;' onr.S.the 1 soiith'e r n (- coast of. Europe. : i! .',''j ' > Un conq'uerea: and ; un cpnq'Uer«t>le irieii ! of JUfjosiavia, Greece, AlBa- . ilia, .Bulgaria . and ; . .R'umajia'; are .•'. described, as in a pQsitlpn\of read-' incss. r "The''heroic guerrillas of -'Ju-' gosla'via's G«nbral ; -Mikhailovitcli areVVconfldentC'Of'' their :> ability '-.tq .. , "Eoslavla, .Incliidiiig''all ''the cou'rir' .try's airfields," w^lh|n 48 ..hours. '.. There is only one'rail line con' nectirig Germany -witii thV Balkans ,anrt that's the line' : runnmg front Belgrade '"through: "NIs ' and 'ov'eu- titally to Athens.; Guerrillas'liave disrupted this HnK 1 for months in the past and irillftary men 'believe it. could, be destroyed 'completely. This line, over which Hitler thought he would ride'in'triumph to-the Midcile East, some day may mark the route for .victorious. Allied arf njies driving into the heart of Germany.. MUfffl-lilB Unconditional Surrender Their Terms To Hitler, Reds Declare '••;•• By United Prrss . Russia has answered rumors'she. may negqtlate a peace wi'h the ords,^pf the CasabljBica cd'nfcr- ce/^ijncondltlonnr surijeiidcr! . Thei'qfticial Red Army newsp.i 'per says nothing less than complete 'foul of Hitler's army ' and unconditional capitulation of Hit- lerite 'Germany will satisfy -the Kussiahs. • Mast' of Ihe present action in Russia.Js.In the air. Soviet planes arc;, s'weciiing over the German •lilies to; hammer rail supply lines aho/rolling slock. Seventy two German-planes were destroyed while the Soviets lost 23. On : the central und soulliBin fronts,j ;i ,govict artillery continued' jts .blasting/-.p.f^ eiiijmy-. positions' .Numerous' dugouts 'ami blockhouses' :wpre/destroyed ^by ; 'the . blu gunS '•nriri-heast 1 -'o'f- 'Npvorp;« : '-iirv-tlio .western. Caucasus.: • - '• ' ^ .Soviet, .forces ;.drove back an enemy cotinter-attack. in tlic Lisi- cliaiisk area iu the Donct.s. Hcavj losses ^ were inflicted un the enemy, Afi'liek Relative Shown. Iri'.Picture. From Pacific Isle A relative of C. W. mid W. A Afflick, who 'has visited • In utrmany.. . -^- " ' .- «UIUI,R, wnu nsis visucd in my- Throughqul the Balkans, a Nazi tllcv! l |= . Is .shown in this week's is- reign of terror 'is iti'progress. .'.'.' S11 9 '°f' w c Magazine In a photo- Himmli't- Al /airreb ! graph of a Japanese.soldier's crave Heinrich' Himmier, the notorious Gestapo chief, is reported to have MaJ ' p > A - 'Prime arrived in Zagreb:-and touched off J* 0 ?. alul a fr i c '"ily a major purge Ip Croatian cities. ° n '!'P' arc shown „ Greece and Bulgaria rare virtually gra ™ Bycee Island, one of Rus- cut off from the outside wni-lri for spll • chain in the Southwest Pacific. Because Major Grimes (who K.IS a captain when the picture ,v,ib taken), has the name of "Phili'p', relatives here believe that the native may have taken'thc name of the officer. Major Grimes spent n Summer here five years ago as Ihe guest of Mr. and Mrs, C. w. Afflick when a student, at University of Missouri, Columbia, from which he graduated before entering Army. He is having many experiences in the war. having been at Pearl Harbor when war started. He Is In the artillery. was the cut off from the outs|dc world, for Hitler is nervous over what adr • joitiint Turkey has in- mind ' ' It is -said " that th6 Vichy am• bassaclor to --Ankara has been prodded by Franz .Von , Papon to approach the Turkish government concerning peace proposals. Only last week-end, Nazi Ambassador Von Papcn conferred at length with the Turkish president, probably in an effort :to I corn whether -Turkey intends to go in with the Allies. In this connection, the Turks have increased Hitler's jitters by sending stall officers to 'visit Allied positions in the Middle East,- and welcoming Allied mili- lary instructors to Turkey. Hitler is said to be nudging Bulgaria to move in and take Turkish Thrace which forms a ready-made bridgehead between Europe and Asia Minor. And he is .said to have '.threatened that ir the Germans are driven out of Greece, they will leave that country in ruins. N'illis Kvaciia'te Citizens In the Dodecanese Islands, flanking Ihe Turkish coast, all citizens of Greek or Turkish origin arc being evacuated by the Nazis lo head off anti-Axis espionage and agitation. i, . Not only in the Balkans, but in northern Europe, too, the Nazis have their Imnrjs full. So-called police martial law has been declared throughout Holland, a curfew has been imposed, and summary courts established with power to dea! out death sentences even for minor acts of resistance. Across the interior of Europe, the Nazis are alarmed at. the destruction visited upon their transport by Allied air armadas. Tho damage wreaked on locomotives, repair shops and railway tracks is a critical blow to Gerirlan hopes of being able to shift forces at will when the Allied invasion begins. And lo complete the pattern of Nazi troubles, the Catholic bishops ^ G °H?ii5 hav< =P !ubl j?'y Gnomic- . azs-canno ep u Shi i i v ?^ Clig i 01 !? acls ** '"'Passed by this Indignant which they said are building a accusation from the bishops. They l h begin to realize the ""= Rclch ' «*>» Not only in the occupied countries, but within Germany itself. ;,"~; i f,~* T "v..,, n .,j, ,««„ une cannot undertake lo build the: bishops charged, bitterness and a new and fairer Europe and to enmity Is being:created by the destroy Christianity at the same rulhless interference by the Nazi time," „ .- of a Japanese.soldier's grave being Inspected."'-. : ', Maj. P; A. Grimes .of Ccntraln I' native, called looking at the Joe Huffman Dies At Hospital Here Joe Huffman., who spent his last days alone, died yesterday afternoon at Walls'Hospilar He was 83. Born In Carml. 111., where he was reared, he came to Blylhevillc a number of years ago. He was employed by the Chicago Mill and nlso farmed at Flat Lake. For several years he had lived on the'BIythe- vlIle Oil Mill road. services will be held Hits afternoon at Cobb Funeral Home by Uic Rev. H.' E. Simms, pastor of lhc Assembly of God Church, with burial In Maple Grove Cemc- lery. He had no near relatives. New, York Cotton open high low close 1928 1932 1922 1032 19?9 1922 1935 1922 1D27 2053 Mch. May July . 1977 1990 1071 1974 1976 Oct. . 1951 19^8 1944 1950 1952 Dec. , 1936 1951 1929 1938 1935 party In the religious life of lhc people. The plain people of Germany— not the Nazis—cannot help but truth of the bishops' charge: Far East Chief LEVEESYSTEMS Lieut-Gen Joseph W. "Uncle Joe' Shlwell ot the Chin i- Burma Indiqj'front rejaxe- in jacket and loin pants at his Carmcl, Calif,( home, before heading back \o the front (From -Ft Ord Panorama ) Lewis May A^reeTo New ( Parley 01 fcVLLAtJt), May 11 iUP) —The CIO has, dqntmiiccd John I/ Le»js — but not his mine workers The C'lO's- executive committee adopted i resolution chirping that byViallin* the- recent gcncral-coa!- strike duri'iR llic' war (ime. l.twis jcojardizci! tlic just demands of Ills United Mine. Workers .union. WASHINGTON, May 15 <UI')The War Labor Boaid's most severe critic—John L Lcuh is cxpxected to agree lo its demand for a new wage pirlei ulth soft-coal operators The board-has ordc'red-.Lewis and the.operators to iron out their dlf- liciiltirs with ah implication that the WLB is favorably • Inclined toward a miners six-day \\cfk for the Uis- not bcheved lint the board would aulliorirc a str.nghl wage incrcnse bcciusc the inuieis hate already received a|l Ihcj have com- mg under the' Lillle Steel wagc formula ' Iu ordcr,n« the ,,, CW -conference thc WLB chidcri both the Untied Crest Of Flood To Ready Little 'Rock Tomorrow; Fall At Fort Smith" : .' •LITTLE -ROOK,- May -15. (UP) — Outlook on the flood . situation srcincd a . little less dismal .this morning as U. 8.' Enalneois : >n- 'nounci'd lhnl : they niay-.vavc Faiilk- ncr Levee Systems 1 and 2 and Perry County Levee ' System 1 TIOOIB and' c(luipmcut are being moved Into the arm to tagln the light. ..... The crest of (he ilood-sald tin be the worst in' Arkansas .Valley history— Is exiwcted lo he rcatlicd in Litlle Rock, tomorrow..'' , Rcport.s froiii the IJt tie' Rock office of the U. S. Engineer;; show that ,612.000 ncres of fium.lanit: In Ihe Arkansas nivcr Valley and 388,000 in the White fllvcr section nre under water. Another '150,000 nei'cs of urban .property Is flooded. . Port Smith city officials' .sny'-ihal althciigh 'the river there |.s'.. falling the town silll'ls in a grave situation 'I'wo. natural -gas' pipelines near Fine Bluff nre smashed, but aiixill nry-.'tlucji have been put Into service. A possible natural gas. ishoflago also faces Lonoke, Stuttgart, Carlisle 1 and England. About 13 oilier Arkansas towns .that use the .sam'c line, :-pX|>ect. to .obtnln emerBCJicj supplies '• . v '-..' Tlic Farm -Security Administration and the extension service -of the' university .-have been -added .to the list; of agencies lielping figif the ; flood waters, The KSA s«5K that Hural Rehabllitallon supervisors report that, -loans totaling rrioic lhan t'i60,00n: \v)|l- be •needed- flcod7strickcn fatnllies.- Ifowevftr, as ltd A- funds, arc limited, -grants w.lll bo :JiiadD. only.'in casps^o/ r cxlrciiie ' -' 1 '''''•'' '"•" , Tlie extension service and the Red Cross ;inc making .plans 16 obtain donations of 'garden and field seed for the use of /load victims. ing In Vain Hilt Mrs. T. G. Meets Old Friend "No beef, no veal; no lamb, no salt pork" -. '...'. Ihe same words were told Mrs. T. G. Seal, formerly ' of .'Bly'thevlllci ' as; she trudged from 'shop to shop of 'New York .suburbs in .search .of meat. Friends in Blythevllle had written hc'r' they 'found very good meat in stores here and she went from shop to shop, she yearned for her former home. Where you cotild get eggs ami salt oprk to season those southern dishes. • She didn't ^find tho meat but as s ! lc :il ' rllc(1 from, the- past butcher ^"P.* 8 f ™" ^J?.. MrS ' HU " ter | C ' ns ™ f Blythcvil c. .._ ( .' ?° 11 ' of -" 1e .meat-seeking wn- ' mcn forBot lhc r desire '• for suit I pork as they; .discussed the good ' And the operators were called i""", while Mr. Seal-, holdsa down for not olfcr'hig the UMTW 1B " U ' 18 ^°" * llh "„ " limics constructive siiBBCSllons for a c™in-, comll[ln y '" New York City, tci'-proposition. to 'the two-dollSts- ; ;' a-elay wanled by'.the union. I MUt' ' t Resident The mine operators have aErced to tlic continued conference nnS the parley is expcclpel to get underway Monday in New' York. Any agreement reached ijchvecn 'I-cwis and the soft coal owners will be retroactive, to' March , 31st when the last contract expired. TIhe hard coal mine owners are ttill .negotiating, 'with the UMW. But one union -local in Pennsylvania has notified president Roosevelt that unlcjfs s coiitract Ls signed by next Tuesday they will strike. . It's the Tain a qua Colliery employing about 1000 members. On Capitol Hill, the GOP Is selling Its sights for the House lloor battle on the Senate-passed modl- fi.'d Ruml tax bill. The bill was passed by the Senale after the senior body had lui'iicd down a 75 per cent forgiveness measure' House. sent up from the ' The new plan calls for the skip' piiiB of a fid! year's taxes and withholding [ax to start on 1st. ' Fatally Stricken Removed to Walls Hospital 10 days ago when stricken with a heart attack, A. II. Stevens ot Manila died this morning. lie was 74. lie is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Jessie Webb of Marianna. Funeral services and burial will he held al Manila where he long had lived. Livestock ST. LOUIS, May 15 (UP)--HoS rccclpU I,SOD head, with 200 sal- nblc. Not enough on sale lo make a market; few good and choice 130-240 pounds 14.10; around ISO pounds 13.50. Compared with close last week, market generally fiO to 60 ccnls lower; some heavy hogs off slightly less. July Cattle receipts 200, with none . . salable, calves none, compared with H is expeclcd"'tq reach the floor close last week: steers and heifers of the House by Tuesday. ,25 to 50 cents lower; cows, veal- The OWI. has a'' new domestic crs and replacement stcer.s steady; director to replace resigned Gard- sausage bulls sleariy lo 25 cents nor Cowlcs. Jr. , lower; lops for the week; 1288 He Is Pal.m'erV.Hp'il, publisher ol pound steers 16.15; 08D pound the Portland ottgoman. . yearling steers 16.10; 851 pound Cowles resigned because of the mixed yearlings 16.00; 755 jwund press of his publishing business. heifers 15.85; cows and bulls And, In the .vWhlle ' House, Trbsl- '14.00; replacement, steers 15.25; dent Roosevelb and -Prime' Min- ccalers 16.00. Bulks tor Ihe week: ,ist«r ChurciU 'Wpjcpntimjlng their steers 13.50-15.15- mixed yearlings weekend war conference. Both lead- and heifers I3.Cfl-I5.25; cows II.CO- ";>.'' av =, w » r n?<! the, people of the 13.00; canncrs and cullers 1.50- _li i " atltms : aea'nst premature 10.75; replacement stcor.s 1.1.35- optimlsm over ;turrent victories. • 14,90. '' • l^lopds Cause Great Damage lii Midwest , _ , T R Gicgoiy aboic faimu leluscd lo sll bj ai,d sr- his, polnto ciop mined hv hlijh wateis He liKclied his team to n tinning plow mid soon had n fimow whl hcited the walci fioin his poln loe.s .shown in the bnektionmi. Ills (aim Is locate, near- 'lulsri, oklr. mirnv, Clark tipcuif shows what the wcll-drcsscd man woru In'Oklahojiia'(luring the high walcis as he 1 pciilu-i, nlop »|, huin- . cialed uutoinoblle ill -.rciiks, pkln.', where ho aided In .rescue woik (NP'A Icliphoto). ' Arkansas Briefs HOT SI'KINtt.S, May. IS. '(Jll'l— Attnrnr'y ' (icneral Ouy F. Willhms rays dfniocrai;.)- is a rallli as writ as a fiirni or government. • • Williams continued:; "To maintain' di-moir^iiy »c musl take rare to preserve :ind develop au-.inicenirnls by whkti private citl/en.s can fuiicllrrn rf~ fecllvcly hi governmental prou- csscs^' Me adrird that WaKliingtini Is,- not so rf mole that H is entirely unrcspoiiHjvc to (he popular will. Williams was one of Hie main *|tc»kers al the 13rd :iiiiin:il eonvehllon nf Hie Arkansas AssfM-liilinn of IiiMiramr. AE'llls In Hot Springs. MONTfCBI.I.O, May r, ICII'I — WAACH at Camp Miindrcl- In Indny ainl loniiirroM- arc celebrating tlicir yrur r>t military Mrvice. A liill ere- aling the WAAC was sifiucd May IHIh, ini2. Tnilay's program inclmlc.s a jwjradc, npcn house antl a ilaix-c. A liaml concert will be held Siim?:iy. fjnc.sls Jil the anniver.sAiy ccirljrnlinn .-ire bitislnl nini and 'avintidn cadets vtiilionrcl al Oridcr Field, I'inr Bluff, Selmnn Firlil, Monroe. I,:i., Slutlgart Air ISasc lit Hlult- B.irl, and at Camp Kohlnsnn. iNIa.v 13. (IJT) — Rf.rnic \Vebh. 43-year-olit newspaper distributor, iliril Inday from injuries .suffered ThurMlay nifilil when his truck was hit hy a (rain. His wife, nml Miss flnliy Mayrnrd of lirnnkl.inrl, also Tiding in llic truck, nre in a fcrinus condition in a Joncs- rMiro ho.snllal. Educational Director Appointed For Church OSCEOLA. Ark., May 15.—Miss Ruth Walters, who will be graduated from Southern Baptist College^ Pocahontns, In June lias-been Our Ships Ply Mediterranean Now With Comparative Safety By llniterl Prrsa i Koiu Inindicd rind ninety with on,, Mcdilcrrancan 'liiis. become liiLhldlni; a ncrnian geiicrAI, «eic rescued. Admiral. Sir Andrew ilrpwn Cuniilnjjham congi atulnfcd llie . nn Angclo : Aincrlcan Inke. Chief Air'.Marehal Tedder,ot the warships' officers; pointing.but they had been so vlnllriiit : tho'' miciny liad not dared attempt a blB^sc cviicualioh, Rnillo Homo .noonncc'd bftlclally Ihat llnly had lost 18,SOO i'lraiiicd nli'mcn Iu Africa. Meanwhile nu Alulcrs annomiccmcnl .says the l-'reiicli cruiser Georue .Leyeun; hn. sunk n German blockade runner In tin: Atlnntlu. This means llic for mcr Vlcliy tlccl Is now refitted and In ndion iiKiiinst the Axis. It Is Ije- iiiB predicted tluil nritlsli, Ainer- it.'an anil Frcncli warships .10011 as\\' lie shrlliiiK Hnlian cities. 'Hie his Ixiinbcrs of the RAP li Kni;tnnd stayed home last liljjht lint ri|>litcr-lioiiiljcr.s attacked com- mtnilciiMon facilities In the occiiplcc countries wllli good results. UAF's Norlrf African comiwind mmoimccd/.foflny Benlto Mussolini's .cherished "Marc Nostrum' ; . all'the way to Allied ship- pint;. " '"f> •'.';• , He says thiVt Axis alijxiwer was destroyed so"'thoroughly (hat even the Sicilian''ilralehls-arc safe lor Allied shipping,- although there will continue to be some losses Uo U- boats and occasional 'Axis planes. Tedder also disclosed that (lie Allies captured 525 Axis planes'on the ground In the closing • dnyx of the Unlllc of Tunisia, many of them in condition. The Axis didn't ha've the' fuel to net them off the ground and was loo disorganized to destroy limn. Tedder said 2SO of the planes were captured [irpii|id El Aounim, 90 iicrir fllrarlc arill 180 on Cap 13on penin- J.iin»'aff B May Crack Flrwl Tedder predicted the German lutlwiiffe will, be the first ami of Hitler's forces to crack, lie sii.vs Nii/1 pilot morale nlrciully is ba<lly attested (lien he ndds—"we flatter (he Hun loo much. He'uses the ail- badly. He docsn'lr understand It Jis following ncccjilnncc by the coim- n weapon." | V cour t Wednesday of scaled bids leditcr's announccnicnl c.'itnc The apporllonmcnt of lhc funds while (he Allies were busily cxlend- are as follows: The National Bank lug their air offensive asalusl Italy.'and the First Slate Bank, both ot General Elsenhower • niiiioiinccii Cnnitlimvlllo, each receive four- American Flyin? Forces carried out tcntlis of the funds- the Dank of a bin raid yesterday against ;iti llnyl.l and tlic Hank of Stecle each Importnul port^S miles noHhWest receive onc-lcnlh of the funds of Rome. ^Several ships were lilt i, :l sl year, the distribution was in the hnrlior and an n in in unit Ion nine-tenths to the First Slate ' 'I' an<l °" l<">lts were blown n,mk line, and the remainder lo up nio flomc radio says many iiic Hank of Hnyll. buildings were wrecked. Cnnnly tumU mvfK . tmm $iwiao II. In more 11 the peak of Conner Jap'JWinistcr Ouot- 1 '"- cd In Broadcast; Washington Is Silent - i '• By United 1'rcM 7iidl(iitloii', nre jdcvcloplmj tint hr> Auicrtcnns arc winning, Ihe i ' )nltlc rf Atlu , "J i There Is iwiuinouhwmciit'-fi'Oinl , .ViiiJiliiBlnn, but the Tokjo, i.«ll') > ' iDlicnis lo rip pierarliri In'ndnili, '" .ho low, of Ihof vital Island nt the 'lid of Hie, Al«i}l«.n cjialn * ,' I'lrsl Tokyo bioidcast' an Imix.-* rial toiniiiiinl(|im (hut dldh I men- ' Ion Attu '(hut' holltuk as If the , v ll»|ll^np^e touldnl llncl unvthln? •luournelni; about (he sltuallon In :ho Alrullain , ' Liili'r, Berlin rebrondcifil n To- ' cyo ciLspalch hft)ln>t'that Ihe llghl- i\K hotwcen tlic Vnps"ami Amcrl- «iis on Attu, wns flcrbe Berlin ll»s 'Hay* 'Hits hroiidcnst quoted the ftti-* ncr Jap minister, QniwrBl Arakl is warning of a posUljlo icveinc on_ Allu And for ?4 hours the ' iJc'rlln rndlo has been ricurUjjiii; he Atncrlcan forpcH that l,itidc,d on Attu Tuw.dav as numoiluilly Knot wijiolor, lo I he Secretary of the Navj 'Iso IIQI, |nip]lcd 'Ihat our Invniloi) roitc 11 lurgc H»d iktweriul Kno* u\lh (lint wo can extra only mcn^ ftcr Inrarnmtlnii from Atlii until the ue |^ dculdc^l , , NBV.I, of the nttiuk on Atlu « B>1 hnllcil by the pfllclal retituil Cliluii Dnlly Nc\\h hi plijn l(! kliig as tho prelude to minis bmnblni; qf Jnp.iti Allu h only 1ST, ah riilles trom the ilmdi Jg|iaii 'naval ln% ot miiu-ihlui-nncl a htcpplng stone 'loKyo; which K 2000 nlr >nlle.7 liom Altu f lose ir> Planes A(. At, ;;IP,other end. qf'oui IVIflu front, OerjerHP MftLAillmi'i Illei, knocked ' fionn'fioven Jiitnnci«e boiAbeis nAii nlpe fighter Wtlr'ij out^pf ujoite of jr, tl M l nlU,U.i:<l rin.. . fnodcrafo pud |hnt tho "H ors "Tomjiltkhetl rolafiirl/ tto riRniHge Allied' tanlicr, raldrd fiaimata, Wc«nk mid oth"i enemy buses north of Auilrallu All ItjUlnn bioadcnsl, utterly iLonnnti^l, claims thui two Jan cohmlHs fpllowl tIK up u,e nrllish Wlthrtra«al from Mailngdnw In .""""." l«ve ,tlie Uei,g,.l f .™ ntl ", Into India 'I he Home m- Mm '° Pcmiscot County Funds Will Go Into Four Banks In China, Jup troops btlll arc ivln ff tn work their «aj around IIP wctl shore of 'lung i| ng | !lko fn the central 'ciihm rice bowl Diplomas For 49 At Cantthersville CAHU'niEIisTlilE, Mo, M,,y »— Fortyriilnc Senior's will Br ,id- unlt here next week, wllh b>c- cnlnnrent scheduled for Sunday Mny 16, and graduation llnnsiiav night, May 20, Of the 49, nine lire on the four-year honor roll, having mrilnlalncd an avcrflgc In all studlta for the (our years of DO or better'. : .• ;•. ..• :, . . : •. The ticv. Elmer!-.Peal .will deliver the baccnlatirealc 'senncin Sunday eycninij. Tticre '.will be ho prlnclpal,,speakci", for . the gradua- tton .program, the local school hav- iiiB dispensed wllh tills some years ''° t -i-> ... :•' '. • '- ' The niiTe:..four;'ycar honor; students nrc : .RRC .', Allciic- Etlwards. Mary LoulsuJ,'. Losslug Gallaher, Eunice Andy Johnson, Peggy Payne, Iris Snililij!' James Skclley, Betsy noss Taylor Sayre, Allcen Hobinson find Winifred White. • l. r >.--.rour Mo., May Pcmlscol' Coniity banks ' will share county ile'ixislu thlr; yciir c lee led Osccola tbc Sardinia |»it of Olbin. 'Hie nlrlleld al Porto Atchcro nnd the harbor of Porlo Torres. Another raid made Thursday night on Caellnrl. And Rome reported a raid on another Sardinian clly, lh« port and university town of Sassarl. Our Culro communlqitc lolls of a successful raid by British bombers at Messina In Sicily and Rome adds that Palermo was raided again hy mil $200.009 ta-i collec- educational director ot American plnnes. Baptist Church for thC| Cairo also says lhal long range Summer months until her entrance RAF planes attacked shipping off In Otiacliita College in (lie Foil. | the Greek coast, and hit a mlnc- Daiightcr of the late Dr. if.. E. sweeper. '.••., Watter.s, for many years president Axis Loses of Union University In Jackson, General Elscnhowe Tenn., and of Joncslioro liaptlsl College, Miss Walters will also direct the church's Vacation Bible School to hi Juno. be held /or livo weeks Shins . also disclosed that Allied warships have sunk 10 Axis ships, including an Italian destroyer, that attempted lo evacn- nlc enemy troo|K from Tunisia between April 30th nnd Moy 12th. New York Stock* Amer Tobacco 151 1-3 55 1-2 Airacomlu Copiiar 28 5-8 Beth Steel '..... 03 1-3 Chrysler .;... 73 3-8 Gen Electric 37 1-8 Gen Motors 513-8 Montgomery Ward 41 3-4 r* Y Central .,.;......... 18 3-4 Int Harvester ;.., 67 Norlli Am Avlallbn ...... 121-2 Republic Slccl 17 1-4 Radio . U 1-2 Standard ol N J ............ 55 Texas Cort) 49 5-8 Packard 4 7-8 U S Steel ., 54 3-4 Invited To Meeting L. S. ncnlsli, recently clectsd president of the slnlc Junior 'Jhnnibcr o fCommcrcc, has, been Invited Ip attend a' board incet- Ine of t!ie Young Men's Club of Kus(cni Arkansas. ' Tht meeting, scheduled to have been/Suiidoy. in Searcy, lias been postponed until Junci'o because of flood - conditions. .-'.•• PemUcot Man Dies Clark Matthews pi' Carutiiero- vllle.-Mo., died early today at \Valls Hosptta.1 ' where he was admitted late Thursday' for treatment. He was 54.'. V. ' ' ' .. .-' ' Tlic body .was'returned to Ca- rnthcrsvllle for funeral services and burial. ' ' ' Cole Re-elected CABTJTHERSVILLE, Mo., May 15.—T. R. -Cole; Pascola, was rc- elecled a member of the Board of Supervisors of Ihe Pascola Special bcrs of'the Town Board of Pascola. Chicago Wheat open high low close July.. 141 142 140TM4l« I41>S Sep . 141S4 U2VL 14115 142',<i 141%

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