News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio on February 24, 1960 · 17
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News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio · 17

Mansfield, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1960
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L-.i.'.Vi-'jjmuii Wednesday. Feb. 2t, HHit Mansfield Newt-Journal 7 Best On TV Today j .Jje 'CVlAlOll cunS Peter Lorrc Says He's Very Well Stars Tonight On Playhouse 90 By STEVEN H. SCHEUER Reginald Rose has a topical drama about Algeria in "The Cruel Day" on Playhouse 99 tonight, and to complement the story a fancy cast has been assembled, comprised of Van Heflin, Cliff Robertson, Raymond Massey, Peter Lor re Phylfis Thaxter, Nehenv iah Persdff and Charles Branson. Peter Lorre seemed to be the one to talk to simply because he has been away from TV for a year and, when last heard of, he was repdrtedly in very bad shape. Mr. Lorre turned up looking round, frog - eyed and very much alive. "I only had a slight case of sun stroke," he said with a smile, blinking his eyes. "The papers blew it all out of proportion. My ticker." Lorre touched his heart, "is like a horse." The room seemed lighter by several shades after this an nouncement. Peter Lorre is going to be around for a while. "I have a small part in a movie you nvight like," Peter continued, "the smell - o-vision one, 'Scent of Mystery.' I'm keeping up with the times." BROKE UP The desire was to go back in time with Lorre and all the old pictures he made with Humphrey Bogart and Sydney Greenstreet. "Sydney and I made so many pictures together we were becoming Abbott and Costello, so we broke up." said Lorre. . "You know Greenstreet was a comedian before he played The Maltese Falcon,' and in that picture his dialogue consisted of seven pages in a row which he memorized weeks ahead. He insisted in his contract there were to be no deviations in the script. "Now I never looked at a script and Sydney never knew what I was up to. Bogie and I used to arrive at the studio at five minutes to nine, and one morning Sydney was there to meet us. 'How did you like the script? he asked me suspiciously. I don't know,' I said, I haven't looked at it yet.' He blinked, fidgeted and went off. "Twenty minutes later he knocked on my dressing-room door and asked the same question. I rolled my eyes and shrugged, 'rfs all right, I guess. But on page five you could say something else.' Well, in an hour we had changed 15 pages. We did it as a team. Sydney was pleased and did it letter perfect." Recently Peter put his team Ideas to work in a picture he made in Germany. "It's the only anti-Nazi picture made in Germany, a story of times without law." he said. "It won't come over here because it will be simply treat ed as a psychological shocker. Apart from that it was an experiment for me, a way to try my team idea. For instance, when we began I didn't hand one actor a script. We talked about the story. thought about it and we used their own words. It worked. To Peter the script is merely a score for the conductor. He feels that if an actor thinks the part correctly it will always come over the floodlights. "Just memorizing and emoting, for that you get paid," said Peter,, "but that isn't acting." HERO IN EUROPE Lorre has been in Europe for over a year, and he s sort of a hero there. "For the type of parts I play I should be booed, but it's odd, fans just adore me. 1 can t explain it. It was different at the begin ning of Lorre's career when s It -1 I -- ' 7:30 p. m. Channels 3, 4. 'in a two-part story of an! 13, Wagon Train The rigors American family dynasty. of western life further a riftj 11:15 p, m. Channel 4, 5, 4 P. M in the marriage of an East ;n Jack Paar -r Guests are Comedy, it. em couple traveling with the a r t h u r Treacher. Eileen Could Be You. 4. Wednesday Tciniglit'S TV Movies Wagon Train. June Lockhat t Christie and Hugh Downs. ana James Gregory are starred. 8 a. m. Channels 8, 10, 11, Playhouse 90 Van Heflin, Raymond Massey and Peter Lorre star in "The Cruel Day," the timely and intimate story of a man who attempts to triumph over factional hatreds in French-con trolled Algeria through love and understanding. 8:30 p. m. Channels 5, 6, 13, Ozzie and Harriett Rick finds he is no match for a pret , l:3 P. M. New, Weather, 3, 4, Bandstand. 5. 13. Superman, o Brighter Day, Cochise1, 10. 8, 10, 11. Thre Stooges, 11 4:15 P. M. Deadline. 13. Secret Storm, 7 P. M. 8, 10, 11. Rescue Light, 3. Ozzie, Harriet. 3 6,13 Men Into Space, j Dawson, li. j IP.M. Perry Como. 3, 4, j Hawaiian Eye, 5, , 13. LORRE RETURNS TO TV Van Heflin and Peter Lorre are shown from a scene in the "The Cruel Day", a drama about Algeria tonight on Playhouse 90 at 8 over channels 8, 10 and II. It will be Lorre's first appearance on TV in more than a year. i 5:30 p. m. Channel 3 "'Flight Command," part II, with Robert Taylor. 5:30 p. m. r- Channel 8 "Twenty Thousand Men a Year." with Randolph Scott. 11:15 p. m. Channel 3 j "Dr. Gillespie's Criminal1 tv coed who is determined to Case." with Lionel Barry- snare him. especially whenmore-his girl friends aid in Bet-! 11:20 p. m. Channel 13 ting "A Trip For Ricky." "The Bride Goes Wild." with 9 p. m. - Channels 3, 4, Van Johnson. j Perry Como Perry's guests 11:30 p. m. Channel 10 are Anne Bancroft, comedian r scarieu tmpress, wnn Bert Lahr, songstress KaylMarlene Dietrich. ; Starr and the Mills Brothers. U:45 p. m. - Channels 5, 6, 13, Hawaiian j"D a u enters Eye Tom Lopaka, engaged with The Lane by Young Ginger Martin to lo-l cate her missing husbandj , ; y j Johnny, finds the man em'i'lWHSlIPItTf'r ployed by a wealthy woman T?pcp:vps V(lrole as captain of her luxurious attnira uimi- CASTO INSURANCE AGENCY : Krnmar lr. - Channel 8 Courageous, Sisters. 4:30 P. M. Adventure. 3. 4. Bandstand, 6 Edge of Night 8, 10, 11. 5 P. M. Barnaby, 3 Matinee. 4 V- Tombstone, 4. Special. 5. Frisco Beat, 9 City Camera, 8 News. 10. 11 Deputy. 13. 7:15 P. M. Huntley-Brinkley, :30 P. 51." ' Sot a Secret. 8i 10. II 10 P. 51. ' Star Parade. 3, 4. ' 21 BeacpnSt., 5. ; Boxinfc,6. 13. ' ' Steel Hour. 8. 10, II. yacht in "Fatal Cruise 10 p. m. Channels 3, 4, he 'made the movie "M" in the French and the Arabs. Stories like this fill Lorre Europe. He was a real heel lt's only a small cameo bit,!with nostalgia. All or the stu-'gtar Parade Beatrice Li! and when people saw him inut that's all Lorre needs, dios, though busy with TV and lie, Cyril Ritchard, Tammy the streets they threw stones Ina movie called "Beat the a few pictures, seem likeiGrimes and Tony Randall are at him. Now all this is forgot-. Devil," directed by John Hus-ten. He's remembered for hisjton, Lorre played a talkative Bogart and Greenstreet pic-jbore who was a slippery wea-tures. "They like my mis-sel. The picture was written chief, '? is the way he puts it, from day to day and Peter n . -J r : I r I Raymiinu oimiuii wunai a-WorM Tx,TM g role from the London Prison jFlippo, 10 Farm effective March 17 aft-Big show, ll er serving one year of a one-.Popeyc. 13 to-three year sentence in the! 5:30 P. 51. Ohio Penitentiary for non-sup-jEarly Show, 3 WE SPECIALIZE IN FORDO-MATIC, MERCO-MATIC. STUDEBAKER AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE CLARKS GARAGE 741 N- wmwe m. n 7-$o: There aren't so many parts picked up extra change by, around." said Peter. moreues to Peter today. He siarrea in rour lor ionigm. vearns for his nals Bosart and Channel 5. 21 Beacon Street port Greenstreet. Dennis Chase tries to pre-1 Bishoff was sentenced to the "I still can't get it throughivent a man from murdering penitentiary on Feb. 26, 1959, my head that Bogie isn't his brother's son in a move. by former Judge G. E. -Kalb- 7:30 P. 51. Wagon Train, 3,4.13. Man With Camera, 5 Bluck Saddle. 6 , History, 8, 10, 11. 10:30 P. 51. Wichita Town, 4, 3. 11 P. 51. v News. Weather,. 3, 4. 5, 6, 8, 10,11. 13 in "I ha vp for rpvpnpp. Channels 8. If) fleisch. He was indicted around now for Lorre to in-jselling lines to Italians who'an urge to pick up the phoneill, U. S. Steel Hour Rich-May, 1955, for non-support and dulge his odd sense of mis- wanted to be in it. He alsoiand call him and then I have ard Kiley, Mona Freeman, was placed on probation tor chief. In "90" he plays an AI-sold camera positions in to wake up. We used to have Mary Astor ana Mtt-earicjiive years, iiowever, last gerian cafe owner who doesn't crowd -scenes and split his'a table at Romanoff's. LHardwicke star in "The Worn-(February, he w a s arrested want to take sides between'take with director Huston, ihaven't been there since." len of Hadley," initial drama and sentenced. woo wis WITH PROFESSIONAL RESULTS ...SAVE HALF THE COST mm IJL $S Iff j Open Friday Night Till 8:00 LA 4 2111 , In your interest. rass lads ww$ (Soipgid airs by GEORGE ROMNEY tresidtnt, American Moton Corporalit w :fi P.F.TTER TV WITH A '- BRAND NEW PICTURE TUBE ' (Made and guaranteed by Zenith - Sylvania C.F.i WK HAVE TIIK RIGHT ONE FOR VOtR SET Regular Slfi.SO i Retular S31.30 27 I NOW '17M Other Sizes as low as $14.95 Lexington Ave. BRICKER TV NOW Three Stooges, 5 Flicka. 6. 13 Big Show. 8 P. 51. Highway Patrol. 6. Comedy Theater. 10 Brave Stallion, 13, 8 P. 51. Black Saddle. 5 Charley Weaver, 6 11:15 P. 51. Sports, 3. -nancy ncavcr, o i- a g in it Playhouse 00. 8,10,11 y.&vVx 11 Not For Hire, 11. Jack Paar, 4, 5. 11. 8:30 P. 51. lee Is Right, 3, 4. Thursday 11:30 P. 51. Movie, 3 6 A. 51. Classroom, 3 6:30 A. 51. Classroom, 4," 13. Love Lucy, 8, 10, 11. 11:30 A. 51. Concentration, 3, 4. Stu Erwin, 5 House Party. 8,10,11. I P. 51. Dr. Malone. 3, 4. Beat Clock, S, 6, 13. , WE ARE A MEMBER "You know you have the best , i when you have a member service your sett" HERSCH W LA 2-4013 7 A. 51. Science Fiction. 6 Millionaire. 8. 10, It, Face Nation, 8. Dec. Bride, S, 10, 11. 3:30 P. 51. Farm Time, 10. 12 P. 51. These Roots, 3. 4. Today, 3. 4, 13 Truth, Consq., 3. Casper Capers, . Automobile history has been made. A new l class or cars has achieved unprecedented public acceptance. This new class is the compact car class. For 8 years, Rambler was the only compact car. Now every major U. S. car manufacturer offers his version of the compact car. Because this class of cars is so new and because so many conflicting claims are being made, there is understandable puzzlement in the minds of many people as to what these compact cars are. How docs each compare in price, in economy, in performance, room, comfort, features? How docs each measure up by the basic yard-stick of value usefulness to the user? As the originator of the compact caras the first company to heed motorists demands for a more economical, less bulky six-passenger car we know you need facts about compact cars to clarify the confused picture which has arisen because of the many conflicting claims. That is why we present these facts. In our 10 years of building compact cars we found the necessary room cannot be provided in a vehicle less than about 170 inches long. The maximum length is about 200 inches. Beyond that, excess sheet metal adds nothing to comfort-only to parking problems. See chart at left, below. How many- kinds of compact car? Everyone realizes "that there are major differences between big cars in size, price, quality, comfort and performance, but few are aware that differences between compact cars can be equally varied. There arc three distinct compact car fields, based on over-all length. Sec chart below. What is a compact car? Webster defines "compact" as "firmly united . . . solid . . . arranged so as to economize space . . ." A compact car offers big car room and comfort for five or six passengers, without needless bulk. By avoiding excess bulk, a true compact car provides high level economy with performance, maneuverability and driving ease. THE THREE TYPES OF COMPACT CARS Small All-Round Luxury Compact Cars Compact Cart Compact Car RAMBLER J J RAMBLER I I RAMBLER AMERICAN SandV-a AMBASSADOR 178.3 in. 189.5 in. 198.5 in. C0RVAIR No other Ho other FALCON car in car in LARK this field this field VALIANT COMPACT CARS 170 200" OVER-ALL LENGTH CAR TYPES BY OVER-ALL LENGTH SMALL CARS 145 to 170 inches FIAT 143.6 in. METROPOLITAN 149.5 RENAULT 155.8 VOLKSWAGEN 160.2 HILUBAN 162.0 COMPACT CARS 170 to 200 inches I ARK .....175.0 in. RAMBLER AMERICAN , 178.3 C0RVAIR 1S3.0 FALCON 181.2 VALIANT , 183.7 RAMBLER I and -1 189.5 RAMBLER AMBASSADOR V I 193.5 BIG OR CONVENTIONAL CARS-200 inches AND UP THUNDERBIRO '. 205.3 in. CART 208 6 PLYMOUTH 209.4 CHEVROLET 2108 FORD 2137 - OTHER BIG CARS 212.6 to 227.2 Only Rambler offers a full choice of compact cars. New compact cars on sale are small compacts, like Rambler American about 17S to 184 inches long. While some of these small compact cars claim six-passenger room, they lack enough room in important dimensions to ride six big men in comfort. Above this class is the optimum compact car the Rambler Six 189.5 inches long. Optimum because it offers the ideal balance of qualities to provide optimum usefulness to the user. The ideal balance of big car room, with small car handling case . . . fine performance, with top economy . , highest quality, with low price and top resale value . . . modern styling, with easy-to-enter doors. If you want these Rambler advantages with V-8 performance, but slightly less fuel economy, there is the Rambler Rebel V-8. AMBASSADOR V-8. ..Compact Luxury. For those who want luxury car performance and features with the extra luxury of compactness, we offer the Ambassador V-8 by Rambler America's first and best compact luxury car. (Imitations of the Ambassador have recently been announced by our competitors as the first of this type.) Which is lowest priced? Probably the greatest area of confusion is in the wild claims of "lowest price." One small compact car claims to be priced "up to S124 less than other compact cars." The facts, according to manufacturers suggested factory delivered prices, show this: Rambler American is lowest priced of all U. S. cars by at least $ 1 1 7 on 2-door sedans, $ 130 on 4-door sedans, $205 on station wagons. Facts, not claims, show the Rambler American, with room for five big adults, is lowest-priced by far. What about economy? Conflicting claims have now been settled by the first official economy test between the compact cars. A Rambler American Custom Sedan ftith overdrive averaged six-and-tno-thirds more miles per gallon than any other compact car in the recent Pure Oil Economy Trials, at Daytona Beach. The event was under the strict supervision of NASCAR. Compare total economy. Rambler not only saves you money on first cost and gasoline, but also on upkeep and lowest depreciation. Rambler leads in total economy. Rambler owners America's happiest Impartial surveys show Rambler owners are happier than owners of any other make. They report fewer service troubles. More say they will buy the same make again than owners of any other cars. The reason is Rambler's Basic Excellence that pioneered lighter, stronger, safer, rattleproof Single-Unit construction and Deep-Dip rustproofing. Basic Excellence that builds up to a standard, not down to a price. Rambler's superior quality control. The Rambler plant produces more complete cars than any other single U. S. plant. With production in one plant, it is much easier to maintain uniform quality control over every process. Now Rambler production has been expanded again to three full shifts, six days a week. But be assured, we will not sacrifice quality for quantity production. Every Rambler built will be as carefully made and inspected as the Ramblers which have built our reputation in the past. FREE facts on all compact cars. If you would like a thorough, factual analysis of all the compact cars (and how they compare with the leading low-priced cars), we have prepared a helpful booklet which we will be happy to send you free. Just mail the coupon below. Shoe Repairing Whife-U-Walt Kufschall's Shoe Repair. S Mln. Heel Service 26 E. 4th St. 7:30 A. M. Today In Clevc, 3 Rex Humbard, 8 Pow Wow, 10 Burns, Allen, 11. 50-50 Club. 4 Noon Show. 5 Restless Gun, 6, 13 Love Life, 8 News. 10, 11. Verdict Yours. 8. 10. 11. Do You Trust. 5, IX 4 P. M. Comedy, 3. i MORRIE BLOOM CUSTOM TIRE TREADING 1 118 N. Mulberry LA 2-5011 VVal 'If If. 8 A. M. Sounky, 8 Tom Gleba, 10 CBS News. 11 ! 8:13 A. M. iKangroo. 8. 10. 11 8:30 A. M. Romper Room. 11 9 A. M. Cash on Line, 3 Telecourse. 5 Pun Fair. 6 Movie. 4. 8. 10. 13 9:30 A. M. Paige Palmer, 5 Morning Show. 6 Ding Dong School, 11. 10 A. M. C'mon 'n Play. 6 Life of Riley. 11. 10:30 A. M. Play Hunch, 3. 4. 13 Ding Dong School. 6. Medic, 8. On The Go, 10. 11. 11 A. M. Price Is Right, 3. 4. ivlargie. 3 12:30 P. M. It Could Be You, 3. Love That Bob, 6, 13 Search For, 8, 10. 11 12:45 P. M. Guiding Light. 8. 10. 11 1 P. M. Playhouse. 3 1 O'clock Club. 5. Susie, 6 Movie. 8 Kindergarten, 10. Love Life, 1 1. Matinee, 13. 1:30 P. M. Truth, Consq , 4 Life of Riley. 6 World Turns, 10. Misa Brooks. 11. 2 P. M. Queen For Day. 4. Day In Court. 6 I Married Joan. 10 For Better. Worse. 11 2:30 P M Loretta Young, 3. 4. Gale Storm. 5. 6. 13 Could Be You, 4. Bandstand, 5, 13. Brighter Day. 8.10111 4:15 P. M. Secret Storm. 8,10,11 4:30 P M. Adventure, 3, 4. Bandstand, 6. Edge of Night. 8. 10. It. CHANNELS 3. KYW. Cleveland. 4. WXWC. Columbus. 8. WJW. Cleveland. 5. WEWS, ? Cleveland. C. WTVN. Columbus. 10. W BNS, : '- Columbus. 11. WTOL. Toledo. 13. WSPD. Toledo. ONLY 18 MINUTES a WHITEST WASH in Town! and the Quickest Dry in Just Minutes all at less cost ORANGE STREET THRIFTY-WASH 263 Orange Street Open 24 Hours 7 Days a Week r on rams I AMERICAN MOTORS SALCS CORPORATION, P. O. SO MS j J I42SI eirmeuth Dttrv.l 11. Ml!M j Please mail free booklet to me. I I I NAME. I I I I CITY. ZONE STATE. I STREET. Ptomttrt4 by AmtrkM ktotori TUNS IN NtC-TV "JOURNEY TO UN0ERSTAN0IN6" PRESIOENT EISENHOWER'S TRIP TO SOUTH AMERICA. SEE TV LISTING FOR TIME AND CHANNEL KYW Wednesday r m 2 00-V ally Kin t ( Tom Manning 6 Oj VVsliv Kine 9 OV-Pmsram P.M. 10 OO-PIrk Revnoidi Thursday V M. (mR's Wilson 10 Spem Howard P. SI. i 00 Wat iv Kln W'LW Wednesday v M. 00 B"U Braun i w Roll In Alont uo-Suorta 6 15 Olvnumn 6 3 -John Uaiejr 6 45 Extra : Olympic 7 3 Back Blb t Muaie 10 00 Newt 10 30 South America Thursday a. tt. 8 OO Clock Watcft 9 OO-BreakfaM Qua 10 00 Emphaiit 11 3 Karm Hour 12 0030-30 Club r. N. 1 v C Krderlcka 2 0") Emphasia J 00 Bob Braun WJR Wednesday r m. 3 00 Comuoaita a vt Mua.e 5 iw Na S 15 Muaie l-Na 3i Dinner 7:00 Cuest Houtt 7:45 rieaitli S o Composite 9'Ou World new 9 IV Income Ta 9 30 Portraits 10 OO i trntvrx Thursday A M. l-New 8 JS Bud Guest 8 3iv Music Hail 9 t New 9 30 Portraits 1(1 on Music 11:00 Chorus 11 30 Music r at. 12 on.Newt 12 15 Farm 12 30 Music 1 On Shourasa 2 00 New t 2 15 Snowca-i OO Composite

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