The Santa Fe Reporter from Santa Fe, New Mexico on February 28, 1996 · Page 102
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The Santa Fe Reporter from Santa Fe, New Mexico · Page 102

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 28, 1996
Page 102
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REGULAR MEETING OF fid, THE GOVERNING BODY FEBRUARY 28, 1996 AFTERNOONSESSKM.^™. CITY HALL COUNCIL CHAMBERS 1. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 2. INVOCATION 3. ROLL CALL 4. APPROVAL OF AGENDA 5. APPROVAL OF CONSENT CALENDAR 6. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Joint City Council/County Commission Study Session — February 13,1996 ' Reg. City Council Mtg. — February 14,1996 6a. PRESENTATIONS a) Mayor's Youth Council. (MayorJaramilto) 7. CONSENT CALENDAR a) Bid No. 96/65/B - Security Partitions tor Police Cars; Duke City Fire and Police Equipment. (Karen A. Valdes) b) Bid No. 96/66/B - Light Bars for Police Cars; Duke City Fire and Police Equipment. (Karen A. Valdes) c) Request for Approval Under State Price Agreement - Street Improvements (Crack Sealing); Dismuke Construction, Co. (Lawrence E. Ortiz) d) Request forApproval of Underground Fuel Storage Tank Agreement; Santa Fe Aviation. (Michael Halpin) e) Request for Approval of Professional Services Agreement • Design Services tor Cerriflos RoacVBaca Street/Monterey Drive Intersection Alignment (RFP No. 95/19/P); Avid Engineering, Inc. (Jon Paul Romero) f) Request forApproval of Monte Vista Street Paving. (Stephanie Truiillo) 1) CONSIDERATION pF RESOLUTION NO. 1996- A Resolution Providing for the Approval ol a Project Agreement Between the City ot Santa Fe and the New Mexico Highway and Transportation Department. 2) Cooperative Agreement - New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department. 3) Amendment No. 1 to Cooperative Agreement - New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department. 4) Request for Approval of Budget Increase - CIP Relocation Fund. g) Request for Approval of Resolution No. 4 for East Zia Road Paring District No. 39. (Jon Paul Romero) 1) CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION NO. 1996- A Resolution Relating to Santa Fe, New Mexico, Special Assessment District No. 39; Fixing the Time When Objections to the Assessments Roll Will Be Heard, and Causing Such Roll to be Filed in the Office of the City Clerk. (Public Hearing • March 27,1996) h) Request for Approval of Professional Services Agreement - Modifications of the Blower Controls for Wastewater Treatment Plant; Hughes Electric Incorporated. (Cornelius F. Knot!) i) Request tor Approval of Public Participation Process and List of Community Impact Projects; Resolution No. 1995-7 (David Coss) j) Request for Approval of Insurance Administrative Service Agreement for City of Santa Fe Self Funded Triple Option Medical Plan (RFP No. 96/16/P); Northwestern National Life Insurance Company (Reliaslar) (Kathryn L. Raveling) (Postponed at February 21,1996 City Council Meeting) 8. Request for Adoption of City of Santa Fe Crisis Response Plan. (Frederick Sandoval) 9. MATTERS FROM THE CITY MANAGER 10. MATTERS FROM THE CITY ATTORNEY 11. MATTERS FROMTHECITYCLERK 1Z COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE GOVERNING BODY EVENING SESSION • 7:30 P.M. A. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE B. INVOCATION C. ROLL CALL D. APPOINTMENTS E. PUBLIC HEARINGS: 1) Request from Sunstone Hotel Properties, Inc. lor a Transfer of Ownership and Location (Expansion) of Dispenser License 12602 from Santa Fe Dispensers, Inc. to Sunstone Hotel Properttos Inc., dba Salsa's. 3347 Cerriltos Road. (Yolanoa Y. vigil) 2) Request from Encore Provence, Inc. for a Restaurant (Beet & Wine) License to be Located at Zazou, 548 Aoua Fria Street. (Yolanda Y Vigil) 3) Request from Blue Com II, Inc. for a Small Brewers License to be Located at Blue Com Cafe. 4056 Cerriltos Road. (Yolanda Y. Vigil) 4) Request from Coronado Ramada Ltd. Co. for a Transfer of Ownership of Dispenser License #2529 from Pacific Hotel Associates, Inc. to Coronado Ramada Ltd. Co. This License will Remain at the Ramada Inn 2907 Cerriltos Road. (Yolanda Y. Vigil) 5) CONSIDERATION OF BILL NO. 1996-9: ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 1996-__ (MayorJaramilto) An Ordinance Creating a Citizens'Police Incident Review Board. 6) CONSIDERATION OF BILL NO. 1995-43: ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 1996(Councilor Farber and Councilor Delgado) An Ordinance Amending Subsections 14-17.9,14-18.13,14-18A.9,14-1914,14-20.9,14-21.9,14-22.11,14-23.9 14-24.9, 14-25.10,14-25.13,14-26.4,14-26.12,14-26.18,14-26.28,14-26.38,14-26.43,14-26.48,14-26.53,14-2657,14-26.67 1429.77,14-26.87,14-26.92,14-26.97,14-26.107,14-26.112,14-26.117,14-26.127,14-26132,14-26.137 14-26147 1426.152,14-48.1,14-48.2,14-53.5,14-55,14-57,14-70.1,14-70.4,14-70.19,14-70.20,14-70.22, and 14-90A.2, SFCC1987 Providing Standards for the Historic Design Review Board's Authority to Limit the Height of Structures in the City's Historic Districts and Confirming the Historic Design Review Board's Authority to Regulate Height in the City's Historic Districts; Adopting an Official Map of Building Heights in the Historic Districts. (Mary Grzeskowiak 7) CONSIDERATION OF BILL NO. 1996-11: ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 1996- Case DM 1995-16. Villa de Paz Annexation (Formerly La Paz Neighborhood). Courtney Malhey, Agent for David Stanley Requests Amendments to the 1984 Annexation Agreement and Plan on 9.9 +_ Acres. The Property is Zoned RM-1 PUD and is Located on Henry Lynch Road Behind the Agua Fria Elementary School. (Greg Smith) 8) C959IIM1995-3Q, Las Acequias Phase til, Tract 3. Linda Tigges, Agent lor Campos de Sueftos Joint Venture, Requests Revision to Planned Unit Development Preliminary Plan to Allot 24 Residential Lots on a 3.5 Acre Site. Property is Zoned R-7 PUD (Single Family Residential, Seven Units Per Acre - Planned Unit Development) and is Located on Rufina Street. Northwest of Calle Amanda. (Greg Smith) 9) CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION NO. 1996- (Mayor Jaramilto) A Resolution Amending Chapter IV and Chapter XII of the Santa Fe Area General Plan to Provide Additional Land Use and Housing Policies Regarding the Construction ol Affordable Housing Throughout the City ol Santa Fe. (Tabled at February 21 1996 City Council Meeting) ' 10) CONSIDERATION OF BILL NO. 1996-7: ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 1996- (Mayor Jaramillo) An Ordinance Relating to the Establishment of an Industonary Zoning Ordinance Being Section 14-96 SFCC 1967; and Amending the Appropriate Sections of SFCC 1987 in Relation to Such Ordinance. (Tabled at February 21,1996 City Council Meeting) 11) CONSIDERATION OF BILL NO. 1996-8: ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 1996- (MayorJaramilto) An Ordinance Relating to the Establishment of the Housing Opportunity Program Ordinance Being Section 26-1 SFCC 1987; ^ y^SSSS&SS^ M ;l, SFCC 1987 "" Rela!ion to Such Ordinance. (Tabled at February 2t, 1996 City Council Meeting) 12) CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION NO. 1996-__. (Mayor JaramUto) A Resolution Adopting Administrative Procedures for the City of Santa Fe Housing Opportunity Program. (Tabled at February 21,1996 City Council Meeting) 13) Budget Increase for FY 9S-.96 of $25,000 for Administration of the Proposed Housing Opportunity Program (Joseph Montoya) (Tabled at February 21,1996 City Council Meeting) F. PETITIONS FROM TiHE FLOOR W G. ADJOURN ^ -Spanish trai^andtor interpreter lor Iha hearing impared are available thtou^ City 016^5 Orfc« upon 5 dayancto. j m •»l— •imp* Is There Room In Your Heart? Become A Foster To Become A Foster Parent Or For More Information, x Contact Your Local County Protective Services or Call 1-800-432-2075 fii .1 «;* IS BLOWIN' IN, - , TO 77% ~"J OF SANTA FE HOUSEHOLDS^ Publishes: / . April 3rd, ;' Wednesday before Easter ^•--- Deadlines: —— — - — — • - - > v*v*s 77T~~~ Space "... Reservation: I — Friday. •Hwvvvn ' * . * £.071C ir: 5PM Spring Into New Business with your advertisement next to SPRING FEVER STORIES., Homebuilding, New Technologies & Remodeling Projects Home Care & Repair Spring Gardening Fashion - the Santa Fe look} Spring Festival Foods . Hiking & Day Trips Car Maintenance Refurbishing Your Pet Renewing the Spirit Personal Therapies & Workshops Reserve Early - For Advertising Information Packet Call 988-5541 TODAY! February 28-March 5, 1996 »*MTA FI KErORTIR

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