The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 27, 1934
Page 7
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BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.)' GOUH1EH NVWB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally' rate J*ir: line for consicu- Hv« insertions; y, ,, •.-, .;. . (Five average words to a line) , One-time per line"... ... lOe Two times per line per day.. 08d Three times per'line per day ;. esc Six times pef line per diy .. 05c Month r»te per line ;..;.,i ip 60o Minimum charge Mb Adi ordered lor three or ati times and stopped before expiration will be charged lor the number of times the Mi appeared and adust men t of bUl'maoe. All Cla*sine4 }idver«sla« 5 cop y submitted, by persons redding outside of the city must be «ccom- panted by cash Rates > m»y be easily computed from above table No responsibility will be taken for more than' one Incorrect Insertion ol. any classified sa. Advertising draered for Irregular Insertions Uke the one time rate PHILLIPS' USED CARS t 33 FORD DE , LUXE : COUPE. Rumble Seat $47 '32 CHEVROLET COUPE ..532 '33 FORD SEDAN V-8 TUDOR M75 '33 CHEVROLET SEDAN .. $483 '30 FORD FORDOR SEDAN ?105 TRUCKS and TRAILERS '30 G. M. C. 2W TON TRUCK. Large Body $lG9 '33 CHEVROLET V& TON TRUCK. 157 Inch .Wheelbase .. $298 '29 CHEVROLET 1JJ TON TRUCK 5 98 '3fl CHEVROLET PICK-UP Closed Cab $165 '32 FORD PICK-UP. Cab .... Closed $185 •WE PAY CASH FOR USED GARS PfflLpPS 5 USED "CAR LOT Cerner Walnut & 1st Blreet* OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 9 P. M. Phone 813 .'. Larg jest Stock of Used Cars to Select From $445 '.X 1933 FORD V-8 TUDOB .. 1933 FORD V-8 COUPE New Motor ..... 1533 CHEVROLET SEDAN 6 Wire Wheels ... 1333 CHEVROLET COUPE 1931 CHEVROLET SEDANAorr 6 Wire Wheels ij>£ii)3 1931 FORD SEDAN' 19M CHEVROLET ROADSTER :.' 1934 CHEVROLET l',i TON TRUCK 32x6 Tires .. 1933 CHEVROLET \\'~ ' TON TRUCK : ' Tjong \Vhe*t Base ' 1933 CHEVROLET' . PICK-UP Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Open at;Night Phone 633 Automotive J. Ben Clime Battery Service We recharge, rebuild all makes. Generators : <fe Starters Repaired. At Tom W. Jwkson's Station ; ASH * SECOND , Phone 8 '— Residence 277-W. . Ml kinds paint and .body work done,' Cheapest prices. JOHN HEARN Barmtt Auo Sales Co. WE SELL CHEAPER OUR. .STOCK is, COMPLETE: MECHANICS 1 :. SUPPLIES REPLACEMENT PARTS; TIRES, TUBES & ACCESSORIES ' HubbarH "Hardware 'C Automotive Dcpt. I'liont Business 'Directory FARMERS! Have ypunTAX FREE COTTON made ln(o. •excellent mattresses. SPECIAL: PRICES UFHOUjTEKtHS J. W. Jenkins & Son , '•:' ' 116 S^ : Railroad Chitvvbod & Weiclman ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work ; Metal Flues PECIAL PRICES BeUee'n P*O & Orcvrolet Bldg. 'Phono 266 Factory AnthorUed FR1G1DA1KE SERVICE Factor; Trained Meduaw. Day 87— Fhone— NlfM '» E. iJ. GEE SALES CO. ,«j Main St. AUTO GLASS AKK-MO LU.MBEE CO. PHOlfE 40 PEHMANENT6 None Belter - - Special Prices Barrett's Beauty Shop 60G N 5th - - Telephone 580 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE Flume 26 FOR BBAtJTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR- SANDER ARKMO- LUMBER CO. Call 115 ft ask tor Pat for demonstrations of gtodetuker, Tem- plane, Hudson, WlllUi *' Austin cars. BUYING IN CAR LOAD LOTS MAKES CHEAPER PRICES FOR THE CUSTOMERS J. F. LIVINGSTON SEEDS,: FEEDS, GROCERIES WHOLESALE &' RET AIL TRUCK BEDS PANEL ^BODIES* TRAILERS' OP AU. KINDS • BUILT TO ORDER 'BARKSDALE;&.PAGE ; 200 N, Second MODERNIZE YOUR COUNTRY HOME WITH A DEMING WATER SYSTEM. $40 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. Restaurants' Best Oyster* i^Klver Cat Flsb Chicken Dinners E«ry D»r ie O'Brien' 106 S,. Second : Cotidn I AM PAYING BEST PRICES FOR PLOW UP OPTIONS J. E. HASSON Grand Leader Bldj;.—Pliono 430 For Sale Why Buy Coal From U»? We will give a cash discount, of 25 wins ( 0| . 'cm us !f you win i -Some KoiW)* wi.y You SlwukI Tracto Will) UB- l-oO years In business.. »-I'rompl service 2-Quallly O f conl Handled. •1-Courleous treatmcm. 5—You BCl all you pay for "QUALITY GROUP" If Distributed ^ GAY & BILLINGS Phoiie 7!! Feeds, Seeds Red) Estate acres wes^ of HOLLAND, i, wonderful Soil. "ALWAYS AHEAD" FEED BEST FEED—CHEAPEST PRICES Obersl Store Co. Filling Stations Have a few more good bargains In POTTERY. 350 S, Division. ;' , ' 27p kl 5-buruer \Vcstlnghoiise ELECTRIC RANGE. Good condition; 1 medium size TRICYCLE. PHONE 645.i For Rent For 1011 West. Hearn St. -Furnished apartment. 27-pk-1 a room FURNISHED APARTMENT, garage. 1315 W. Mnltir 230 klfJCall 335-W. MULES, HARNESS, ' WAGONS & TOOLS for farming 40 acres. $226. M. C. Caughraii, Wlihit? farm on Flat Lake road. 15p klo MCOHJTS AIR TIGHT . HEATER. Cost $65. Will .sen iof $15. Thomas Land" Co: ' - 16-ck-tl Help Wanted MAKE MONEY copying names, addresses for mail order firms, spare time. ExjMriciice Unnecessary i no canvassing. Write United Advertising, 114 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.. V ' '.'-.• Wanted , WANTED—Bids for 4 Inch or fi Inch .'flfell, about SOQ feet. = '.•: CHAPMAN & DEWEY •'.'.' LUMBER CO. Marked Tree,- Ark. '.,-'- ' - lOc Is 10 27c lil FURNISHED APARTMENT. 10B W. Kentucky. Phone 83. 27c ktf THREE Room Furnished Apartment. Call 489. . . • 25c ktf TWO nicely FURNISHED BEDROOMS, moderately'priced. Mrs. E. A. fisher, 101 E. Davis. M-pk-2B GARAGE. Close in, 123 N. Stlt. Ross Beavers. 23o k30 Nice BEDROOM, gentleman "preferred: MO Lake St. 23p k29 NICE Bedrooms, steam heated. Gentlemen or couple. Phone 'SCO. - Garage. 2c Lost Lost—Eyeglasses, name in case, Reward/'J. Nick Thomas. 26-pk-31 Key ring with three:Ford and one lost Office bo\ keys. Reward. 'Courier News. 26-pk-29 Southern Service Station Stcole, Mo. Phillips 60 Products ANTl-KNOCK GASOLINE LAND FOR SALE we^ of IK>UI Wonderful Sol $50 Acic 80 acres west of QSjOKOLA. HIHJ Tract, well Improved. $50 Acre 100 acres, i mile pf HL\"l'ilE- V1LLB, Fine Ti'Ml, Busy terms. $100 Acic 130 nci«> vest ot OSOtOLA. Unproved, $75 Acre GOOD LAND AT LOW PRICES 400 ucic. 1 . nil In wood, )>ct»ccn nothing, van .sell foi c«5)i, 01 i»)rt citbh mid teims for Imlaiicc, pr|ic froin fiaoo to jieoo iw «crc, \viii tell 20 nctci 01 moro to one jiarty, *ood mid timber on laud enough .0 pay foi If plucert on inaikt'l 11° Hour Service TAX PAID Shoo Repairing May We Uye I'nur Show? ,'. BEE OUR SAMPLES :: E. ;D. Ratcliff " Across frbm; Huubard' Hdii: Co.' Try our 3000.'mile SOLES—proof of the pudding -is 'the 'cntlng. W(icn you get a-:good thing• remember where yoil got It. - •'• • •. PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP l<» South'2nd r'Bt. o ...~«~ M klr$dsi' of 'shoes . lor- ABNORMAL fe6t;'oah;re'pilr shoes lo correct ABNORMAL' feet Room & Board ; i!D:; Rooincrs and- boirders'. .'. Reasonable Crates. ; Mrs. Snyder. 301 Lake. . ' : • We ImVc-ariy Slxetruclnniwliere, CO. FOR SALE 2 «)>li>ndltl HOMES, can'move In the day you sign tlic coiHvnct. 102 E. Kentucky, Corljei 1 nrj,, UeauUfill libino wltft. Imrdwoorl floois 3 bedrooms Slitidy lot Price reduced Irom 5JBOO to 52,500. *259 Cash - ?2!SO Mouihl) Farmi tor Saiel ETHEL B. THOMPaON, Carutnersvllle, Mq.. Und lies bclnccn Lcveo inntb, Ark. To- W. M. Bums Agency Phone 243 01 aia Olllce Grand Loader Building Se« Ug About Your Coal Biytheville Gin Co. "Kadiant Aliiljama" Tretnllim Kentucky" CALL 214 Hardin-Barron Coal Co, AT HTKRNBERG'S GIN PHONE IJS QU1CK-KIRE, ALABAMA, BUOK ' ORBBK, KENTUCKY COALS (VE SATISFY OUR i POll KENT Suburban Home & Acreage. Most choice. Right In l!|j lne . Parks Bios. Coal Co™ I'HONB ail •. H>B "Hl-Lo Alabama" "Bliick Koyul Kentucky" ' A GLEAN COAL - LOW PRICED lent payable nioiilhl y 'ni> ( j |IQ y,-, acre ,./or land. Good Icoeo, Call Courier News. 10 Missouri, Corner Frai>'Klhi. 6 room etlicco with 3 bcd/ooins. Illgli 'pretty lot $1 800 H'i ?!00 Cash - »10 .Moiilhly Let us'show jou tl,c«; Thomas Land Co, ^ Sote 1-'i"f *"" BARdAlNB In the' fouafring i real fetgte offerings:, eirill iicreago' tracbi practically In lilythcvljlc, but outsUe olW iimlUt - ^ 42 acres land near hard road routines!, Boyiitou-, 20 aores land, ' all improved, near concrete highway, mllo of Manila, E. M. Terry _ Goal & Wood BUST COAL KOR MONEY J ( "Aumo Alabama" "Black'Royal Koiitucky" N, $, Trantham CoaJ Co, PHONE »01 My Coil Is Blank but I trc.H jon white. Fill up now. JOHN BUCHANAN - I'HONK 107 Position Wanted Will do STENOpnAPHld . night. Reasonable rates. Call 3mj or 'I9i. "' Argentine Oats Reach r U. S. Through N'Ofleans NEW ORLEANS (UP)—AJgcn- nc is tlilpplii; lingo q|ian(IUe<! of* oats to tlic Uhltcd Stale's through tho port ol New Orleans, Tne first shipment, rcachu'd litre in SepUm-' wi and cpnilstcd of 500,000 bush. SliKo Ihen smaller shipments iglng from 15,000 |o busli- clb Inne.bccn tmporte'd Iinporleis stated the -Argentine product was bolng imported bo- cause oMhe American drouth'amt tlic ^oioiniif.nt's acrcnt'O icducKon Drogriuu. ' ' N«w Locatce| at ^utSeiu^ODrilor ^ftftVaiujl..]!^,!!,! I ADDING MACHINE f &TYPEWRltM" t: ; SERVICE BUREAU \ DON EDWARDS, Proprliior • '• ' ill Utkeaof itbulltTyiMwrlten, Mi[nf Matbioe* «nd Cllcilalon Repairing—P»rl»-BIbboii» • • Phoni 71 SAW FILING of all kinds With automatic filing machine BARKSDALE & PAGE .300 N. Second BE ECONOMICAL BUY IT RIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OF FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, PRODUCE, FLOUR, MEAL, ETC., AT THE ROE PRICE GROCERY ?K^~ In Old P. o. Bldg. Biythevllle Phone 234 ^~ We Deliver COLD WEATHER COMING! BEST PRICES ON STOVES, PIPES, TAPERS' -AND TEE JOINTS, DAMPERS, SCUTTLES, SHOVELS, ETC. OBERST STORE CO. COPPER WEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at small tost Arkmo Lumber Co. ELECTRIC. 'WASHING . ' MACHINE "Simmons Polly-Prim" Makes, Work Funi EASY TERMS. OIL STOVES, WOOD STOVES, COAL STOVES SPEOIAL PRICfeS SEE OUR NEW LINE PAUfBYRUM Opposite Old Postoffice Phone 252 Salesmen Wauled Salesman with car. Sales expert* I cncli-'deilfftblia.'$100 jsc'ekly.- ' : 1)7' E. Broadway—P."O:''B6j( '143 Personality Essential OUT'OF HER SYSTEM! S.'- \ J06 HAVE TSET V ^M'TW^W.'.'.'.Eyt c^f>,N(ito».a\ S WftU. •-1 CMVT ^ ,NOW — TBSA. BETTER WASH T"H1W r HOMBAQAIW. W6U.WELL! ANV tMPORTANT MAIL, JEK1KIMS? SEViRAL SIS. AMD HER£)S A CABIEERAM FOR' MR.' TUBBS JADA? OVER IN — WHAT'S THAT occ yyizf i VOPEW'iT>'V6u> MEV%R;cjorAl SAP, SEE WHO FROM. KANDELABRA. AN' MV TROUBLE; CABLEGRAM BEFORE IM MY LIFE. SALESMAJV SAW COURTESY BENT ! 'GET SOME CIGARS FOR Hi-lSBAWDf ' VES,MflDfl.Mf MILD ONES OR STRONG ONES? sHflME ow YOU KN6W HOU) OLD GOG ts,' vpa'oft I NEVER PULLED iff BUT ! StROUB OWES VOU'LL GET.I ' FRECKLES AND HiS FRIENDS . FRECKLES GST ID TAKE THIS ON TViE CHIN...1TLL .BE TDLK5H, BUT •YbUVE SOT TO DO IT .' NOTE FROM THE SCHOOL PRIKiaPAtl...l'LL READ.1T TD Yop! "THIS iS TO .'ADVISE YOU'THAT FFZECK- LES M^SOOSEY. HAS FAILED IN HIS HISTORr EXAMINATION,AND IS -THEREFORE IM6MGJBL.S ; » Ir/REGRETlLOSfws HIM T>= THE TEAM BUT.'HAVE:ALWAYS ; cNsioefie'ACADEMIC V/E WAMT FRECKLES.' WE WANT FRECKLES// i GUS.SS i-vvoNT • es IJEEDIMis THE AK/Y. '' kKlOW HOW A FEELS VvHEN f . nrot? )

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