The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1955 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1955
Page 15
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TUESDAY, 8EFI'EhBEk IT, INI (AW.) commit KIWI PAGE I'llTEEH OUR IOARDINC HOUJI - I BAT •A* Of HCR DRATT TO/A CHAI*)INS Mi TO A CLOUD/ $Q».t *|f!D OF MEMIAU LAIOR, I'LL WA»K.' "-FAP/; 0H,Ye6,f.0i*f THAT'f rilCI UKf IA4V WORK, AMD I'M sues 60T 6SOUSH BMSINEtR- IhlS ABILITY TO MA6T6R *. THE PAY SOUNDS PAIR SNOUSH.TCO, FOR THAT joe? ERirii ABILITY ? ,:„ y i t/BtMat I H. ., -t. •.-.** »~ 1^- •« OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. YIH.BUTALU \ ( WEKILIEPHIM OHMER-BUT . If IT WAS A HER, HERE cones H*r oveo- 1 HAVE AMY€fl&MU CASAV-.' WATO* JTHU6 Tb DO ME PULVEP2E MM ' f WITH AM' " WHO Ttkvision — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channtl 5, t WHBQ Chaniul 13 WMCT Channel 5 Tuetd*7 Nljtht, iept. JT ti 00 Mil ion B«rle— in color 7:00 J»he Wym»n'« rirestd* 7.30 Circle Thektte 8:30 Grand Ole Opry 9.00 Famous PlavhouM P;30 News Reporter 9.45 Cartoon TImf ?:55 Weaiber A Ncwi He • ditties 10 00 Star Stage 10 30 Tonight 13.00 Mystery Thefctri 11.30 Sign Oil Wfdnpsflty, Sept. M 8:50 Uediuilon 7:00 Today 7 25 New*—'Meraphta RfWl 7 30 Todny 7:55 v.VMhcr— Memphis fcrpR 6 00 Ding Dong School «:30.Ch»rm with Ciihy 8:45 StoryUnd 9:00 Home Show— color tegment 10 00 Shopping n Horn* 10HS World S«rt«*—• In color <tX in We* York irei) 1:45 TtfKi News 2 00 TV Movlf Mtune* 3:30 World of Mr. Sweeney 3:45 Modern Romance* 3.00 Pinky Lee Show 3:30 Howdy Doody—In color 4:00 Movie Time 5:00 Cartoon C&mlv*! 5:11 Interesting Person 5:35 WMthtrmia . 5:30 Eddie Fisher * 5:45 News Ctunrtn 8:00 Superman 6:30 Ct&co Kid 7:00 Television Theatre «;M This U Your Life E.M Mr Dlstrin Attorney 8:00 Eddie Cantor 9:30 News Reporter 9:45 Requwt Performance 10:15 Weather 10 :M Tonight 11:00 Mystery Theatr* 11:30 Sign Off WHBQ Channel It Tueidar Nifht, Sept. 27 8:00 Dinner Theatre 6:35 Do Tou Know Why «:» Warner Bros. Presents 7:30 Wtait Earp 8:00 J«,000 Question 8:30 Dr. Hudaon's Secret Journal 9:00 Danny Thotnfcs 9:30 Catalcade Theatre 10:00 Weather 10:15 Paul Pupe 10:30 Lale Show 11:45 Weather Wednesday, Kept. M 8:00 Ncwi 8:15 Romper Room 9:10 This Is Hollywood • 10:40 Pre Game Warm-Tip 10:45 World Series 1:45 Stu Krwin—Trouble . WUh Father 2:10 Amy VanderblH 2:15 Miss America Matin R 3:00 Bozo And His Friend* 4;QO Adventure Hour- Gene Autry-Roy Rogers 5:00 Mickey MOUM Premier 6:00 Dinner Theatre 8:25 Do You Know Why (1:30 Disneyland 7:30 Waterfront 8:00 Wednesday Night Fight* 8:45 Sports Picture 8:00 Masquerade Party 9:30 Penny To A Million 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Late Show 11:30 Weather —WI SELLUSED: Refrigerator! 49.95 A flp IU>rn M.»5 * ip Wuhtn UM * ip Vacuum ek«n«n 15.M A ip T.Y Scli-nrrrr«.Wit<T Heitcn —WE REPAIR— Ttltrtai.!— R»<I<M— R«ror4 plajeri —Ran^n Refrigerator*— Waah«n Wiier Healtn—IIOM * Snuil Aaptiance* ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. 7M-M W. Main rk. 2-W11 New Homes in Dixie Gardens —Byilt to Your Specification— You Choos* Your Lot and We Will Htrp You Biuld the Home of Your Dreams. Large Lets — Pored Streets — City Sewer System — Close to Down Tewn Go North on Second St. to Missouri For on Appointment Call Kemp Whisenhunt, Realtor 122 W- Walnut Phone 3-4469 '.?!,«?**. '• XXIII SCARCELY had Heraux let! thnn the steward summoned u to Mocr's cabin. We lound Viggo Sand and Dr. Lund alread> there. Meor was lying with hi arms outside the single snee which covered him. His lips parted, his eyes half-open, staring at the ceiling. He was breathing regularly, but slowly. I fell his hand. It was clammy. "I believe." Dr. Lund said calmly, "it is nothing serious No fever, so there's no infection Evidently Meer was injure* more than he knew. There also lecms to be an element of shock.' Lynch was counting Meer's pulse and peering into his eyes a s if he knew what he was doing Sand grunted impatiently "How soon can he talk?" Dr. Lund smiled. "Unless there 8re complications, serious complications, I should sar in 48 'lours." Back in his own suite Sand "lade straight for the decanter »' old brandy. As merely tlw "'red help, our nerves were supposed to be in order. We wen lot included. "1 have com* halfway acrow the world. That black man it loo curious already. This fool— '"is blunderer—" "I f ," I interrupted, "I could °"er a suggestion. Why don't Mi" open Meer's instructions?" oand smote his brow a whack. .' nave lost my mind! Go outs™. Jn the corridor. While I ViSgo Sand stood stock still until we were outside and the floor was shut behind us. Several minutes passed. Then S«nd Called us. Sand wa« pressing down on "ic desk before him • large rectangle of stiff p«p«r which nad been twice folded. It seemed 'o be a carefully drawn map. • • • :THERE wi I wrong with it. Theigeneral shape I of the Mole St. Nicolas was long and narrow. This promontory was blunt. The slip in which the Vittoria had tied up, I was certain, cut into the cliffs almost due north and south. On this map it lay east and west. And it was of a different shape. The plan of the fortress was square. Certainly the place we had visited was a long rectangle. "Mr. Sand," said Lynch mat- ter-of-factly, "you have been swindled." Viggo Sand took a handkerchief from his trouser pockei arid dried his forehead. "If you question our opinion,' 1 Lynch persisted, "as very properly you might, I can suggest only that you compare this map with the conventional charts ol Haiti. If that still doesn't satisfy you, then learn if you can find th« location of the chests with this fiction as youn guide." "Do you think these casts of gold art part of the same—fle< tion?" Lynch waggled hi; head In a decided negative. "Most definitely not. What other conceivable purpose would Braun and Meer have had IB fetching you herer- "Something bother* me," I announced. Sand looked, at me with a kind of scornful gloom. "So?" "Thil doesn't fit. That plan la sly. It would fool even a professional tailor If he didn't happen to know this particular terrain and if he didn't compare it with a standard chart. Siegfried Meer Isn't that subtle. I'll eat he Nail medala he no doubt carrlet around with him if he cooked thin up." "I received It," «aid Sand, 'from Mew'a own handa." •Meer wti alow witt youT" •Mt- Ham Briun w»§ wttfc Warn. ! My business understanding was made jointly with them both." ! Sand cleared his throat. "My promise was to assist in the re"- covery of the cases and to return with them to Bremen. I was then to retain 30 per cent of the specie as my commission." Lynch grunted. "Roughly SI,500,000. Can you remember the circumstances? I mean when Meer gave you the envelope?" "Yes. 1 recall perfectly. We had completed our understanding. II was simply a concluding meeting. I was sitting there." He pointed to his favorite high- backed chair across the room. 'Braun there. Meer was standing. I believe he made a speech at me. About how it was my ! privilege to assist in the regeneration—" Sand shrugged. "When he had finished he turned to Braun. Meer put out his hand like this . . . Braun opened a briefcase which he had been holding on his lap. He took out. the envelope . . . and gave it to' Meer . . . who gave it to me." Viggo Sand's words had com* . more and more slowly. The last ones left him with hii mouth open. Lynch chuckled. "It may turn out that Meer was as easily takeft in as you were yourself." • * * SAND'S hard blue eyes popped. It filled the great international financier and highbinder with no enthusiasm whatsoever to be told h« had been taken In. By twitched envelopes. "What are we to do?" "I suggest, sir," said Lynch briskly, "that Mr. Deane and I go ashore and look for the chests ourselves." I looked impersonal and de- ached. "Captain Heraux now cnows of our presence here. Though this part of the island Is ;parsely populated, someone might see us poking around. If Mlsi Wyndam was with us it would give the impression we wer* simple tourists exploring an ild ruin. I strongly advise," I itrongly advised, "that we take Blue Crosi - Blue Shield Cat) representative WAYLIN CHESSER F.O Bui 307 Blytheville, Ark. Phone FOpUr 3-3106 WE'VE GOT IT! Over 33,000 different items in stock! HU BBARD HARDWARE NEW WOOLENS Make Clothes With A High Fashion Look, at a Low Fashion Price The Howard Cloth Shop North Franklin Road Phone 3-4208 Kirby Drug Store $725 For Your Old I ELECTRIC RAZOR on a new Remington, Schlck, Sunbeam, Ron»n or Norclco BUFFORD SHOE SHOP REPAIRING - CLEANING DYEING 112 S. Broadway Attention: Men of the 461st Wing! Hudson Can Supply All Your Clothing Needs • Uniforms • Belts • Caps • Ties • Slacks • Shirts • Cheverons • Jewelry Cleaner • Clothier -Tailor Blyth«Tille. Ark. T. M. Rif. y. ft. Pit Off. Otfr. 19SS by WEA Str>««, hH. "Let's buy Mom something besides a birthday cake! Remember how she bawled when she btew out the candlet last vear?" -JL - Csct- 1955 by HEA Ztrnct. In "Okay, Daniel Boone, you can explore the forest between her* and the corner—but be back at the settlement by five sharp!" I GfrWV, I HAVE TO AOWKF TO«,!U. tocv FOBWASD TO SESNG VOU FRO* TWETO TIME, BECAUSE 1 / VMY NAME > ISN'T > AARON f AAROMSON MUST H»/e HAP IT ON H6B g\VAUO\VH3 IT WHEW WE WEREN'T LOOKIMS: ,, PA WAY BRD OF PARADISE BROKE POWN, EVEN THO HEP SISTER HAP BEESJ TBV1N' TO HUWE HER A5 _1 F8EEOOW.NUNZIC SAIP HE WILL HIRE A DETECTIVE IP VOU PO NOT SHOW UP AT REHEARSAi./ SWELL, SKAN01 VOU 5M HB HAS NO O.05E FRIENK OR FMMLY WHO COUlP SPOT ME ft AN IMPOSTOR? THAft WV UOfES ON FOR YOU TO STUDY, COKE! ALSO THB5& WIRE RECOKDIM6S OF- HI* VOICE 1 NOME 6XCEPr A 5BT£K UP IN MAINE * SELPOM 5665. | WITH ROYCE AT VOU WON'T HAFTA SET Wrntkl /BOSUILLW OM TH' A THOU5AMP MILB5 OF HEKiy MEXICAM 5IPE. If'lL se SASY TO woe It* SOOY W THAT WILP couwreyi I. ITS FASOIATIWiS, BUT t oo HOPEWR. SHAUOV YEH...GOSH,HE'S/ YES, [ KNOW-IT'S A MENTAL aECUMGTANCE, NO DOUBT By TH' TIGERS TAIL- TSK.T5K.' YES,SIR.. SAD CASE/ IN AWFUL SHAPE... ACTS LIKE HE THOUtHT HE .WAS A TIGER.' YEH, FLL SAY WE SAW GUZ A WAY OUT THERE.TH' WAY HE'S ACTIN! SAVE LB A SCARE) MR.WOlMW.W3Oi TVVt MUS\C fcOX AS GMvtt 1 W\ f\ AWKliV CY.\C\4-CV.fSCV. ftK>' OPMVV SPNS \VS SOMt SORT OT ft

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